Samsung Smart TV How To Watch Movies

Ivi service

Samsung Smart TV How To Watch Movies

On the territory of Russia ivi is one of the most significant repositories of television programs and films. There are over 60,000 different files, which are mostly free. Although users are prompted to subscribe.

How to watch movies, TV series and IPTV channels on Smart TV TV absolutely free

Today’s realities are such that the market is literally flooded with new TV models, which we could not even dream of some ten years ago. This made a large number of people think about how to watch movies and series on Smart TV TV absolutely free of charge.

Smart TV technology is found on almost all modern TV models produced by companies such as Philips, LG, Samsung, Sharp and many others. With this very useful function, you can watch movies, and sometimes some IPTV channels for free. And do it online, using only the TV. How can this be done? Let’s figure it out.


ForkPlayer provides the ability to find and watch movies online using open sources. This opens up access to a significant amount of content on a variety of topics without any payment. over, they can be taken either directly from the Internet or using a flash drive. And besides, for this purpose, M3U (IPTV), XML Playlists of channels can be created.

Today Fork Player is especially popular among Samsung Smart TV owners. But even in the not too distant past, it was impossible to even imagine that some kind of widget for Samsung Smart TV would appear that could compete with NstreamLmod. ForkPlayer was never taken seriously. But its active development over the past years has brought it to a leading position. You can download the ForkPlayer widget here.

TVigle service

Megogo service

Setting up Internet connection on Smart TV

To set up Smart TV, the TV must be connected to the Internet. Most often, home Wi-Fi is used for this purpose. To understand the nuances of connection, let’s take a specific model and let it be Samsung MU6400.

Smart TV setup aLGorithm:

  • After pressing the Smart TV button, the user will be notified of the need to connect to the Internet. Click on the “Next” button.
  • We stop our choice of the method of connecting to the World Wide Web on the one that is most convenient. We can talk about both a wired version (via cable) and wireless (Wi-Fi). In the first option, the connection is made using an ordinary cable, at the end of which there is an RJ connector. But we will focus on the wireless option.
  • To find your Wi-Fi, click the “Update” button.
  • A list of available networks will be displayed, among which you need to select the one belonging to the user. Enter your password and click on the “Finish” button.


This is the name of the application for devices that support Smart TV. It combines a variety of functions. There is a section Cinema hall, which presents a lot of sites offering films. The TV section contains both paid and free services that allow you to watch IP-TV. Users can add their own Playlists here using the Personal Account and use the cloud to save bookmarks. You can download XSMART widget here.

How to watch movies, series and IPTV channels for free on Smart TV


In addition to films and TV series, users of the GetsTV widget are given the opportunity to enjoy watching digital television absolutely free of charge. Since you don’t have to pay for watching various TV channels. In addition to the main channels, there are also cable channels. And all this despite the fact that GetsTV is ready to please its users with a huge number of films, including the freshest novelties.

For the convenience of those who like to spend time watching TV shows, GetsTV uses a function that allows you to automatically switch episodes. With a weak Internet, channels can be viewed in low quality. The TV section offers the opportunity to choose low or medium signal quality. Download the GetsTV widget here.

Setting up the connection between TV and smartphone in the TV-Cast app

Before setting up applications, make sure that both devices, TV and smartphone are connected to the same access point, and TV-Cast is installed on both devices.

Before using the TV-Cast application, you must configure the connection on both devices by entering the IP address on the TV, obtained from the application on the smartphone.

Launch the TV-Cast app on your smartphone and then click a button or link to get the current IP address.

Now start the TV-Cast app on your TV, and using the remote control and the “/ up / down / left / right / numbers /” keys, enter the IP address obtained on the smartphone.

Once the connection is configured, the “Not Connected” icon will change to “Connected”.

With each subsequent connection, only the last digits of the IP address change.

Connecting devices to a Wi-Fi hotspot. How to watch movies from the Internet on a Samsung SMART TV

I bought a Samsung TV with SMART and 3D technology, somewhere in 2012, at that time it was a flagship model that incorporated all the latest technological innovations. If I began to use 3D technology almost immediately, then the functions of a smart TV Smart TV quite recently.

And all because all the delights of a smart TV are reduced to nothing without a good high-speed Internet. Therefore, as soon as I had a “normal” Internet, I immediately thought about the possibility of viewing various kinds. on the TV screen.

In general, I want to share with you (step by step) how to watch “any” from your favorite sites on the TV screen 3D Samsung Smart TV Model UA40D6600WR.

In order to set up a connection, you must have:

  • Smart TV with Wi-Fi connection
  • Smartphone for Android or iOS
  • Configured access point or Wi-Fi modem router with Internet access

Installing the TV-Cast app on your TV and smartphone. Smartphone

Launch the Play Market by clicking on the shortcut in your smartphone. In the search box, start entering TV-Cast, then select the found application and click the “Install” button.

And so, you have installed the TV-Cast application on your TV and smartphone, it remains to set up the connection and start using.


I hope you already know how to connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi access point, if not, then just click on the “Wi-Fi Connection” icon, then select the desired network, in my example this is ASHW, you will naturally have another one, enter “Password” and click “Connect”.

Be sure to wait for the connection message, otherwise, restart your smartphone and re-enter the password.

Here are screenshots for the MEIZU smartphone, which are logically easy to adapt to any model!

And so, you connected both devices, TV and smartphone to one ASHW access point with Internet access.

TV set

Turn on the TV and press the Menu button on the remote control.
2. Go to “Menu” on the “Network” tab and select “Network Settings”.

Click the “Start” button, then select the type of network connection “Wireless“, the access point is “ASHW”, in my example it is ASHW, you naturally have a different one, enter the Password and upon completion “OK”.

After a successful connection, the wizard will inform you that the Internet connection is complete, otherwise, it will offer to restart the access point and check (re) enter the password!

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Here are screenshots for Samsung TVs, which are logically easy to adapt to any model!

TV set

Turn on the TV and press the SMART button on the remote control.

Work in the TV-Cast app

Let me briefly remind you what needed to be done before starting to watch from the Internet.

  • Connect TV and smartphone to one Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Install the TV-Cast app on your TV and smartphone.
  • Set up a connection between TV and smartphone in the TV-Cast app

You may ask how to use the TV-Cast app to watch movies, TV shows, clips, etc.

Launch the TV-Cast application on your smartphone, set up the connection, then enter the site address in the search box: for example, and click the “Next” (Enter) or “Search the Web” button.

In the search results, click on the link

Going to the site, select the desired film or episode of the series by clicking on the link or picture.

A link to play will appear, click on it.

Click on the text AD TO CAST

Close the ad window

Click on the text IT WORKS. Playback should start on the TV screen within 30 seconds.

Click on the text NO THANKS

Press the / Enter / OK / button to expand the image to full TV screen, for / Start / Pause / Stop / Left / Right / use other keys on the remote control.

In the paid version of the TV-Cast application, you can block ads, edit the home page, change User-Agent, and an unlimited number of bookmarks (in the free version only 5).

How to work with them

Most of these services require registration, and after this step, each user gets access to the free content of the site. The content can usually only be viewed and not downloaded. And why should you keep a free movie in memory if you can watch it at any time??

Movie Watching Software

Every Smart-TV comes with a set of software, but you can also use third-party apps to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. You can, of course, use the built-in browser, but they usually do not work very well, and therefore it is worth taking a closer look at the special software and find out how to watch programs for free with their help.

Most of the services offer to view for free only an excerpt of a program or a movie from the existing collection, but in limited access you can also find what interests you entirely, although you should not count on new items. The most popular of these applications are the following:

  • Zoomby;
  • Megogo;
  • RuTV.

The range of content is constantly growing, as is the number of sites, and therefore, after looking through each of them, you will almost certainly find what you want.

Built-in applications

A number of manufacturers have separate contracts with media platforms, and therefore owners of TVs of these brands can watch the content for free. So, if you decide to buy a device with support for the Smart-TV function, the first step is to find out what free options will be available to you with this or that model. Smart TV LG has a contract with Megogo, so all owners of technology from this brand immediately get premium access to the platform.

Pros and cons of programs

The main advantage of the applications is the huge database of films that you can get through their use. All services differ in terms of subscription costs, menu design and collection, and therefore you can choose the option that suits you best. By putting enough programs on your TV, you will practically cease to feel the need for paid content, and you will also learn how to watch movies in HD for free with their help. By the way, you can even watch Youtube using Smart TV, if you first install the application of the same name, which means you will not experience a lack of content.

The downside is obvious. sometimes you have to part with your money for the sake of watching a series of interest, because if you can use pirated content on a PC, then such a trick will not work with a TV, for example, from Samsung.

How to watch movies on Smart TV

Smart TV technology, which recently seemed like a gimmick, is becoming more widespread every year and today has already become a full-fledged alternative to television.

After a SIMple registration, each owner of a TV with SIMilar technology gets free access to some channels and free programs. The advantages are obvious. no advertising, any movie can be paused or rewound, and the Internet speed practically does not drop. How to watch movies on Smart TV for free. read in our today’s review.

Now you know how to watch movies on Smart-TV for free on a Samsung TV or another, which means that your home leisure will become much more diverse. Now you do not have to wait until the management of the TV channel deigns to put the movie you are interested in on the broadcasting grid or watch a pirated one. just spend a couple of minutes looking for the material of interest. No need to fiddle with flash drives or connecting a TV as an additional monitor, a TV with Smart TV is a full-fledged independent device with access to the Internet.

It is quite possible that once overpaying a couple of thousand for a well-known name, later you will save tens of thousands of rubles thanks to contracts available to large companies with various sites that provide access to media content. Get the most out of your Smart-TV experience!

The situation, of course, is not at all pleasant. Until you run it again. You find that movie, you find the place where you left off. it takes a lot of time. Not to mention the comfort. Naturally, this state of affairs is no good. And I started digging on the Internet in search of a solution to this problem. As it turned out, almost all Samsung owners have this problem. Some say that the problem was not with the earlier version of the firmware, but that the problems started as they were updated. I can’t personally confirm or deny it, maybe it’s really a matter of the firmware. But be that as it may, it is also unlikely that it will be possible to update to the old firmware version. And, as I understand it, there is no way to solve the problem with watching online movies through the built-in browser! And it must be accepted.

But of course there is a way out.

And as an alternative, the developers suggest that we use applications from Samsung Apps to watch movies online on TV.

There are really a lot of applications out there, but here are really worth watching movies. just two and countless.

And in this article I want to share my set of applications for watching movies. Perhaps some of you will find this information useful. And if you have a desire to share your set of applications, unsubscribe in the comments.

So, the best Samsung Apps for watching movies.

  • In the first place, perhaps, I will put TVZavr Apps. I like it the most. Large selection of films. And most importantly, the mouse is supported here, which is very, very convenient. In other Apps, the mouse is unfortunately not supported. You have to move using the remote control, which is not very convenient:
  • Further, perhaps, I would put Megogo:
  • Zoomby also has a good selection of movies:
  • And also at TVigle:
  • Well, for a snack, there is also an application for watching movies:

This is my set of apps for watching movies.

It is also worth noting that there are two more services with which you can watchs on popular hosting YouTube and Vimeo.

How to Watch Movies Online on Samsung Smart TV?

Somehow I was setting up the Internet connection to a Samsung TV and ran into certain problems when browsing online through the built-in browser of Samsung TV. The problem was as follows: when watching a movie after 10-15 minutes, an error crashes in the browser and further viewing is impossible, you have to start watching from the beginning, or you will have to rewind the movie to the place where you finished.

Best Samsung Apps for Watchings on the Internet

  • Of course, YouTube comes first. Indeed, today it is the most popular hosting in the whole world. You can find anything here if you search well. Any, on any topic:
  • Well, about the Vimeo service, I think it’s also worth mentioning:
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And that’s all. In the next article, we’ll look at how to install these Samsung Apps programs, where to find them, and how to uninstall unnecessary ones. In general, let’s try to understand in detail how to use this Smart TV.

yes no you do not understand, I meant protection from damage the screen seems to be laminated. I shot the film.

and if you know any travel application for free watching TV channels besides the pier, please advise

VinteraTV has 255 channels for free, NTV football all paid channels are completely free. I like. Minus, lags in the evening, probably flock for free))) Advertising jumps, but it does not interfere at all, also a minus that you can not flip through the list in the menu and so that the switched on channel works further.

So I don’t understand this is browsers or programs in which there are already films? Can I install a different browser? Since there have long been normal sites with free movies and new products online?

Smart TV is not a computer and you can only read news through the browser. Movies can be watched using widgets from, for example, SamsungApps (or, respectively, in other brands of TV)

Let’s say “read the news” I’m in contact with the TV in the browser (that’s just 1 problem for some reason big movies the screen is black and there is sound) but I had to download the program to my phone on my phone and turn it on online and through the program with discounts on the TV

Read here

If you watch movies through a browser (Yandex), the memory will decrease and as a result, you won’t install more than one widget, but it’s problematic to clean.

Tell me how you sit on ?

Yandex browser is being blocked. Yandex music does not open, Yandex program, Yandex news They write that there are problems with the security certificate. Everything worked well before. Help

The author is lying and does not complain. TVzavr is 50! Films. All Samsung services suck.

If you google “watch movies online” there are 1 million pages

there is such an application as pulls in
. hd quality. recommend

it’s finally difficult to get in touch after the update, and even there it is a problem to watch films. still a problem. Nakhera have developed such TVs, but have not been able to improve.

I have a Samsung smart TV; in addition to the Samsung widgets, I installed a dozen others: now I can watch more than 600 TV channels (most in Russian), of which more than 70 are in HD quality, any movies and music, etc.

olbert, please share your list of third party widgets.

Can anyone tell me how to watch Samsung streaming. which requires flash player to be installed. The built-in browser in smart TV does not show (requiring the installation of a newer version of the flash player) and accordingly does not update the flash player. It is clear. But how can you install widgets that will allow you to do this, namely that I would launch the application, just enter the address and go ?

Read up the comments

Looked, found nothing concrete. Tell me exactly where to look. It’s just interesting to actually do it or not. I read on the forums that people register IP addresses somewhere, then install third-party widgets. which are not in the Samsung store. And only after that it seems that something turns out. But I have no where to register it, finally it is not clear a damn thing. I saw instructions on how a file is downloaded to a flash drive from the site, then it is installed in the TV itself and then it should work, but this site writes that “download is impossible for your country”. I called Samsung support. they answered: the browser cannot be updated to the next version of the flash player, see the description for the applications, you may find something. Something like this. By the way TV model UE48JU6400U

The same crap! Samsung operators once again tell me that

And why then is he needed there? Not in social networks, I sit with the remote control! But the brother LG and so far the same problems with the browser have not been noticed over the past six months. There is only one way out, either change the TV or use it as a second screen via HDMI. pulls from a regular browser, but the problem with rewinding, if you start from the beginning and watch, then a great alternative, plus the list is very often updated with new items. Website for 5

Thanks Sanchez for the comment. why there is no way to watch movies here in the HD player. help to solve this problem.

It normally shows on the computer and if you drop the bookmark on the Smart TV TV, then it works there too

Good afternoon. I have a Samsung UE40F7000AT TV. Connected with a cable to the gigabit port of a Linksys WRT1900AC router (WRT firmware, actually it’s Linux). The TV has an IP address on the router. A white IP was purchased from the provider. Nothing else is wired to the router. A smartphone is connected via Wi-Fi, sometimes a laptop, but no downloads / uploads are carried out there, there is no extra traffic (I looked with WireShark). Copper comes into the apartment. The tariff was purchased “20 megabits” (I realize that this is the speed “to the Internet”). This is a preamble. And the plot is as follows:

Recently, it has become impossible to watch The picture constantly “freezes”. Especially recorded transmissions. Shows 10-15 minutes, then freezes. You need to re-enter, find what you were looking at, rewind forward, well, in short.

I called the provider, they say, we give you your 20 megabits, your equipment is shit, your Smart-TV is shit too, and you yourself. If you don’t like something, buy a set-top box from us and pay more money for a package of channels. They offered to download a certain tool from their website, which, as it were, “measures” the speed and shows 20 megabits.

Communicated with There they asked in detail what and how it was connected, all the models (everything that I wrote in the beginning), asked what kind of provider, then said that the problems are on the side of the provider. The provider says the problem is on my side.

I live in Estonia, I have internet optics 50/50, IP white, the port is open in the router, an ASUS computer with Win 10 x64 and a Samsung TV UE32F4500AW are connected to the router via a wire.
I often watch different IPTV channels at the same time without problems, I installed more than a dozen different widgets on the TV, such as TorrentTV, SmartPortal, etc.

And how is it to drop a bookmark from a computer to Smart TV?

And what if, Samsung Smart TV does not open at all. although you can look at pictures, dig deeper into the internet, etc., but it does not even open in youtube and nambe. I wanted to download the plugin but TV says loading is not possible (not enough memory)

The TV is not a computer (yet), so forget about the browser on TV, use widgets in Samsung Apps

In general, I’ll write, maybe someone will come in handy. I bought Smart Samsung. I connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Further. When watching (films,s, etc.) after 20-30-40 minutes the picture freezes. As many write, you had to go back to the beginning and then rewind, etc. By the way, this concerned viewing from built-in widgets in TV. As for the browser (any, but Yandex is built in) then. viewing was almost impossible. Or rather impossible. Read the news, yes, but no more. In general. with such problems, we cannot talk about a pleasant evening watching a movie in good quality, and the evening turned into a sheer hassle. I had to figure it out.
I call the provider, then the technical support of Samsung, then again the provider, then again the technical support. In general, probably like everyone else, I went through seven circles of Hell. And now to the point. Maybe my infa is really useful to someone. Any Smart TV will plow when a signal arrives from 10 Mb / s. It is important. If the connection is via Wi-Fi, then the speed can cut the location of the router, but SIMply the walls and partitions if the router is in another room. Further. the speed can cut the presence of several devices connected to the network. Thirdly, your router does not distribute, for example, speed. sufficient for Smart. Fourth, the contract with the provider was concluded for the supply of speed to you, for example, only 20 Mbps. If all four items are excluded, your Smart will not only show, but everything will fly there.

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What I had. The contract with the provider, where it is written that the speed will be 35 Mb / s. The old shit router. which at first stood far from TV and distributed only 10 Mb / s, was not capable of more. Well, a bunch of devices connected to the network. As a result, no more than 2-3 Mbps came to TV. After I bought a new router (also Smart, which is designed for just such devices), because it was stated that it distributes up to 300 Mb / s, and after also switching to another Internet tariff, where high-speed Internet from 100 Mb / s is mine the problem was solved. I calmly now watch any of any applications, as well as from any browsers, through a search in Rambler or Yandex. everything loads and quickly. So test your smarts and speed.

Speed ​​is, of course, important, but for me personally, even at 2mbit everything showed fine, HD of course you can’t look at that speed, but you could watch it with average quality. Now the speed is only 5 Mbps and I watch everything except HD without problems. Of course, we are talking about viewing through applications. So speed is speed, but you say correctly, the main thing is that you have with the equipment.

Yes, and you wrote everything right. When fed at Smart speed of 5 Mbps, you can watch movies, but only through applications. Nothing will be downloaded from the Internet at all. Well, watching movies will not be in HD quality. Everything you wrote correctly.

Sorry who can tell! I bought a TV, connected Wi-Fi, everything works, I watch movies only on YouTube and then find out of all the slag that is there) Apps Apps are almost all paid TVZavr, Megogo, Zoomby. A small part of the films is free, but in the browser, as you understand, it is no longer included, it throws it out on the main page. If anyone can tell I will be grateful!

Initial Smart TV setup

Manufacturers of equipment provide for the placement of a key on the remote control that activates Smart TV, therefore, there should be no misunderstandings with the inclusion of the option. In particular, this applies to the owners of Samsung, Sony, LG and products of other popular brands.

With TVs of less well-known companies, the platform is turned on through the menu with the activation of the corresponding command.

If you want to choose and watch movies for free through the app, you need to set up your Smart TV correctly. After connecting the TV to the internet, you need to insert the network wire into the LAN connector, and connect to the wireless LAN.

All steps are independent of the TV model. As an example, consider setting up Smart TV on Samsung MU6400:

  • After activating Smart TV through the button on the remote control, information about the network connection will appear. Confirm your intention by clicking on the “Next” button.
  • When wired, plug the cable into the LAN connector.
  • For wireless settings, use the network settings, where as the type of connection click on the “Wi-Fi” column. Then click “Update”.
  • From the list of networks that appears, select your home network and enter the password. Click on “Finish”.

The setup does not take much time and can be done on your own without assistance.

Watch movies on SMART TV for free

Free Watching Movies on Smart TV

For those who do not like advertising that regularly interferes with broadcasts, it is quite natural to want to find a platform where films for Smart TV are placed. Thanks to this technology, TV owners can choose what to watch from a large amount of entertainment and educational content.

The world famous companies LG and Samsung are constantly working on updating the software, filling the database with world film premieres. For some pictures, 3D is available, but it should be borne in mind that the TV itself must support this function. Another advantage of Smart TV is the ability to rewind or pause while watching a movie.

Popular services for watching movies

There are a large number of repositories with popular novelties. It is worth paying attention to the most popular applications and dwelling on their features.


A Russian-made product, which, according to the creators, has increased the number of users and views by 7 times over the past year. At the same time, the trend of growth in demand for the application continues to be observed. The Zoomby portal contains not only broadcasts of well-known federal channels, but also more than 15 thousand hours of top content. The entire library can be used by Smart TV owners for free.


One of the most popular online cinemas for smart TVs. The catalog presented in the application contains films and television series of various genres. If you want to see some of them, you will not need investments, while others will have to be bought by subscription, which implies a monthly deposit of funds. After its registration, not only access to the content opens, but advertising also disappears.


An application for TV that allows you to watch movies, series and programs from open sources absolutely free and without ads. over, each user can create their own individual Playlists. The program is in demand among TV owners of different brands.


The application was created specifically for owners of Samsung TVs. It is characterized by a lot of opportunities, including access to YouTubes, as well as to cinemas where films are presented in high quality. In addition, you can watch content directly from the torrent without downloading, but this requires the combination of TV with a computer. The widget belongs to paid programs, so before purchasing it, you can use the test option.


Free widget thanks to which it becomes possible to comfortably view various content. In the “Cinema” section, the user will find a large number of sites with films, as well as the “Television” section, where there are channels, both on a paid and free basis. It is possible to create individual Playlists and “cloud” bookmarks.


Allows you to use the TV to watch movies online, and to install interactive applications. The Russian audience prefers the program because of the large number of classic Russian films. As such, there is no subscription for users, but there is advertising. You can install the widget from the official website or from the list of applications for Smart TV.


One of the largest movie platforms for TV users of various manufacturers. The film library is represented by a huge number of TV series, films, as well as new products that regularly replenish the resource. than 200 popular world channels are available via IPTV. Content is provided free of charge, but some services are only available to paid subscription owners.

The service can be compared with the already mentioned Megogo, but still it has its own differences. For example, you can watch movies through, but the main focus here is on sports broadcasts. Users can enjoy online viewing of the most significant football events. The screening is carried out in very high quality.

Each service has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some programs are aimed at watching movies, others are designed for connoisseurs of sports programs, etc. To get full access to a resource, a subscription is most often required. Of course, there are free services, but they are filled with ads that few viewers like.