Samsung phone won’t turn on or charge

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The phone does not turn on. problems with the firmware

The Samsung Galaxy c4 phone may not turn on due to problems with the firmware, a symptom is if the device can be started, but then the device “tightly” hangs on the Samsung screensaver. most likely, the firmware has flown.

Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t charge or turn on

The Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s flagship 2013 model. This smartphone is actually not outdated, and to this day it is in great demand among consumers in the CIS countries. However, like most modern devices, it did not work out without problems. from time to time Samsung Galaxy s4 does not turn on for many owners.

Despite the powerful “stuffing”, speed and durability of the device, such problems arise quite regularly. Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t turn on or charge for several reasons, including:

  • banal “meeting” of the firmware
  • physical damage to the phone
  • lack of memory.
  • In addition, it is worth checking the charger or replacing the micro USB cable that usually comes with.

Let’s see why the Samsung Galaxy c4 may not turn on. There are a number of reasons, trivial at first glance, but quite real. What is described below can be attributed to the entire line of these smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy s4 zoom, which sometimes do not turn on.

Charging connector damaged or clogged

Everything is simple here. If the power from the cord does not “reach” the battery, Samsung c4 will not turn on and I will not charge because of the “zero” discharge of the battery. You cannot solve this problem with your own hands, since expensive special equipment is used for diagnostics. Therefore, diagnostics and repairs must be carried out in a service center. the price of the issue is low, the time for repairs is even less.

It is worth trying to fix the plug clogging yourself, since the Galaxy s4 is not difficult to do this:

  • We take a cotton swab, preferably dipped in alcohol, and wipe the micro USB connector. You will be surprised how much dirt can be pulled out of such a small connector.
  • We try to plug in the power cable and wait for charging.

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Power button defective

  • In cases where your Samsung Galaxy c4 phone won’t turn on, it’s worth checking the power button. She can corny “sink” as the plastic “legs”.
  • The contacts on the motherboard of the phone may be damaged, for example, by dropping onto a hard surface.

In such cases, the charging indicator is on, but the smartphone cannot be turned on.

Physical impact: falling, “bathing” the phone

If your Galaxy s4 won’t turn on. remember if you dropped your device on the floor lately? Or maybe there was a fall into the toilet or sink?

Contacts with water are especially dangerous for modern phones. it is urgent to disassemble the device, dry each of the parts, it is highly desirable to wipe the contacts on the boards (it is optimal to use alcohol to wipe small parts). Corrosion develops quickly enough, and besides, be prepared to replace components, sometimes costly. When handling fragile equipment. caution is paramount!

Reasons why the phone does not want to turn on

The most common cases after which Samsung s4 does not turn on are the following factors:

Possible Solution:

  • press simultaneously: volume, menu and After holding it for 10 seconds, the Android logo will appear;
  • select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”;
  • agree with the warning;
  • waiting for the “Data wipe complete” status;
  • restart the phone.

If the smartphone is running, the applications will have to be reinstalled, as the factory settings will be restored. Be careful! User data will also be erased.

If the Samsung phone does not charge from the charger, I will tell you why and we will fix it together

Good time, my regular blog readers and subscribers! Often, mobile technology users are faced with the fact that their device does not charge. Sometimes the device does not display the charging process, and in other cases the indication is present, but the capacity in fact remains unreplenished or the battery gains 100%, but quickly sits down. Why Samsung Phone Won’t Charge, I’ll Explain in This Article.

Choice of accessories

If you look at the accessories for phones five years ago, it is easy to see that the power supply often has a charge (current) of 1 Ampere. Later, blocks with increased power began to appear, and in modern gadgets from the Galaxy A and S series. A70, S8 and above, you can see the most powerful chargers. The reason is the appearance of the fast charging function. It is achieved through increased current flow and it is wrong to assume that this works with any accessory. Sometimes the power supply and cable included in the kit are not designed for quick replenishment of capacity and the necessary accessories are sold separately.

If a proprietary charger cannot be used, then you should not just replace accessories from a third-party smartphone or buy the most inexpensive options. They are highly likely to do a poor job, for example, the phone will remain discharged, although it shows that charging is in progress. The reason is that the current that flows through the incomplete accessory is enough only for minimal actions, and the device cannot send something “to the reserve”. A similar situation is often observed if, while charging, you play or watch videos on YouTube, you do not have to be surprised that the charge remains in one place in this case.

Also, do not charge a modern mobile phone, especially if it is an expensive device like Samsung A80 from the USB connector. they are not designed to recharge the capacious batteries of modern phones. But, if you find a Type-C connector in your laptop or PC, then feel free to connect the appropriate cable. this is a new standard with increased current supply, which is able not only to read data, but also to power the phone.

Physical reasons

The first thing that comes to mind when the smartphone does not charge from the charger is a broken cable, block, or the gadget’s connector itself. In this case, it is worth checking everything. An important point. you should not check the functionality of the cord by pulling it out of the power supply and plugging it into the laptop. Due to insufficient voltage, the new Samsung models. A50 and above may not receive power or do it too slowly, which will make the user think about damage to the cable. Ideally, you should take a power supply and cable from a similar Samsung gadget. If they are not available, third-party accessories with the same parameters on the adapter will do.

Checking the cord, power supply and connector does not give unambiguous answers about the presence of physical damage. Sometimes the reason lies in a burned-out power board or microcontroller. He realizes that the battery capacity is full and stops supplying current. This node is extremely important in the phone. if it is broken, then the device may think that the battery is discharged and does not turn on, but in fact it is full, or vice versa. the battery does not charge although the capacity is at zero. It is really impossible to establish whether the matter is in the internal nodes in the home environment. Having tried the methods listed below and not finding a solution, you should contact the service.

It is important to know that degradation is characteristic of any battery. This term implies that during use, the battery gradually deteriorates. it charges slowly and autonomy decreases. If the phone is more than a year old, and it began to charge for a long time, but the power supply and cable remained complete, then 100% of the reason is in the battery. it should be changed.

Software problems

What to do if Android Samsung does not charge from charging or does it slowly, but you have established that the cable and the unit are working properly. The reasons for this behavior may be in a damaged battery, but sometimes it lies in the software. For proper charging, you need to unload applications from the memory, if there are a lot of them there, reduce the brightness of the screen. If the device is synchronized with something via Bluetooth, then you need to temporarily turn it off, a similar situation with access to the network via Wi-Fi and LTE.

It will not be superfluous to look into the power settings of your smartphone. Look for the item “battery” and make sure that the maximum performance mode is not activated. By itself, it is more needed by gamers, but even without it, a good device provides a comfortable work. If you have power saving, then activate it, but first go and check what it is, sometimes the processor hard cuts off the work of applications, and you will face the fact that you will no longer receive notifications. You will eliminate slow charging this way, but you will get other problems. Power saving mode is not always useful.

Do not forget that any running applications are a drain on battery power. If you closed all the software, but the phone still sits down quickly and does not fill the battery, then the reason may lie in viruses. Do not neglect antiviruses, but if you do not use them constantly, then make it a rule to completely check the memory of the device with some frequency. perhaps cleaning will solve the problem with slow charging or its absence.

Many users are wondering why the phone does not charge up to 100 percent. Technically, this shouldn’t happen at all. If you see that the device has reached 99% and then nothing happens, then everything is working as it should. In modern mobile technology, battery protection is implemented. when it is full, the phone stops being powered directly from charging, as this leads to rapid wear and tear and forcibly stops the current supply. This is possible with branded accessories, so this is another reason not to change them for cheap Chinese counterparts. over, in the modern world it has been established that for long-term battery operation, it should be kept between 20 and 80% of its capacity, that is, you should not discharge and charge it completely.

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Clearing the cache

Formatting the phone memory partition that stores the entire cache.

  • Enter the recovery by holding the “Volume up” and “Power on” buttons on the switched off device until an inscription with the name of your phone model appears on the screen
  • After starting the recovery, using the volume buttons, select “Wipe cache partition” and then press the power button to complete the process
  • When finished, select “Reboot system now” by pressing the power button.
  • The attempt was unsuccessful? After rebooting, the device didn’t work properly? Moving on to more complex ways.

    Samsung tech support tip

    Following the advice of Samsung technical support, we suggest trying the following very effective way to restore your mobile phone to work:

    • Press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons
    • Hold them for 7-12 seconds
    • If after that your device started working, then a very common failure occurred in its operation.

    If the problem persists, then move on to the next solution.

    Flashing with ODIN

    If after resetting the parameters, the device does not work, then you should try to reflash it. We are looking here for the firmware for your smartphone model, download the ODIN program from this link and install the drivers for Windows, and then proceed to the instructions.

      Launch the ODIN application by unzipping it before

  • In the off state of the device, we hold down the “Volume down” and “Power” buttons, and then press the volume button up
  • We connect the phone to the computer, press the key with three dots opposite “AP” and select the firmware file, which is in the.md5 format
  • After a minute or more, the “Start” button should become active. Click on it when it becomes possible and then the firmware process will go.
  • In a few minutes, the gadget should automatically reboot. If you get stuck on loading animation then try doing a factory reset again.
  • Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on. we restore the work of the smartphone

    Sometimes Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets may stop turning on for no reason. The Android operating system crashes, but more often than not, users have problems due to the pre-installed ROOT rights. Now you will learn how to revive the device, if, of course, this is not a hardware failure.

    There are several ways and we will start with the most obvious and simple ones.

    Check charger and cable

    Perhaps your Samsung smartphone is dead and won’t turn on. You plugged in the charger but nothing happens. First of all, try to take charge from another gadget, and if the phone reacted to it and began to receive a charge, then the problem is in it. The next step is to change the USB cable to determine what exactly stopped working. If, after replacing the wire, your charger starts charging the smartphone battery, then the reason is its malfunction.

    Factory reset

    All data will be lost, including unsynchronized contacts, messages, call history, application data, and files in the phone memory. The contents of the memory card will remain intact.

    • Enter the recovery by holding the “Volume up” and “Power on” buttons in the off state of the device.
    • Select “Wipe data / factory reset” from the list and press the power button
  • After the process is complete, select “Reboot system now” and wait for the device to start.
  • We carry Samsung Galaxy to the service center

    If none of the above solutions to the problem suits you and the phone still does not turn on, then you need to go with it to the Samsung service center. They will probably find out the reason for the loss of working capacity.

    Faulty charging. Of course, the second thing to check is the health of the charger. Everything is simple here. we take a working charger and try to charge our smartphone. If the process has started, then we buy a new one and rejoice. Although it sounds trite, it helps one in five.

    This method is applicable if your phone does not really turn on, but does not turn on completely. For example, it hangs on your Android logo and nothing else happens. This happens due to a malfunction in the smartphone software. Then a hard reset or, in translation, a hard reset will help us. For each model of the device, it is made in different ways. To find out how, enter the name of your phone and the words hard reset, for example LG G3 hard reset, in Google or Yandex and follow the instructions. In the future, I hope to create a separate section on the blog on this topic.

    Unfortunately, not all smartphones support hard reset, it depends on the recovery installed in the device. If you are interested in knowing in more detail what it is, look on the Internet.

    For example, there is no such function by default, in many sony phones, but the manufacturer has provided the ability to restore the software using a special utility Sony pc companion.

    Android phone won’t turn on. 5 ways to solve the problem.

    From my own experience, I will say that in 80% of all cases, if they come to me with a problem that the phone does not turn on, the whole thing turns out to be in a discharged battery. And I perfectly understand when they tell me that they have been charging the smartphone all day, but it still does not turn on. Some devices have one unpleasant feature. if the battery is very badly discharged, then it will not charge, even if you keep it on charge all day.

    In this case, a frog-type charger will help us, which allows you to charge almost any battery directly by removing it from the phone. It is enough to recharge the battery in this way for 15 minutes. Then insert it back and put the phone on charge as usual, everything should be OK.

    If getting a frog is problematic for you, then you can use any old mobile phone charger. Cut off the old plug and protect the wires.

    Make sure that the charger is not plugged into an outlet at this time.

    My Samsung Galaxy A20, A10, A50 won’t turn on or charge (Resolved)

    We fix the bare wires on the battery with tape for a few minutes.

    Android smartphone does not turn on. Guaranteed solution to the problem.

    Hello everyone. Today I would like to analyze all the most common reasons why an Android smartphone may not turn on. I will not touch upon those situations when disassembling the phone and interfering with the electronic stuffing is required, since this is the work of completely different specialists.

    If your smartphone or tablet suddenly stops turning on, it is not necessary to immediately run to a service center or workshop and send it in for repair. Most likely, there is a chance that you can do it yourself and save some money (programs for home bookkeeping on Android will also help you in saving, look for them on the blog). Below we will look at the main measures that you can take if your Android smartphone or tablet does not turn on. And so, let’s get started.

    If the phone does not turn on, then it may simply be frozen. To revive your device, we will apply a long-known, but still relevant method. take out the battery and insert it again.

    Unfortunately, this trick does not work on many modern phones with a non-removable battery. In this case, to reboot, you need to find the reset button and press it with a paper clip, for example. It can be anywhere, but it is usually located near the SIM card slot or on the back of a smartphone or tablet. There is sometimes an inscription “reset” or “off” near the reset button. The photo below is an example of the location of such a button in the Sony Xperia M5 smartphone.

    Not often, but even so it happens that the smartphone does not turn on due to the fact that the contacts under the battery do not reach. To fix this, you need to bend the contacts with tweezers or a small screwdriver to improve the connection with the battery. The main thing here is without fanaticism, otherwise you will only make it even worse.

    If none of the methods helped and your phone still does not turn on, then the problem most likely lies in the hardware itself and only the service center can help you.

    I would be grateful if you share in the comments with your own ways how you can revive your smartphone.

    Best regards, Ivan Derbenev.


    Unfortunately, there may be such an option. And here, given the factor of the non-removable battery, you cannot do without visiting the service center.

    over, for this procedure, it is advisable to choose the official Samsung SC. There are two very important reasons for this:

    • Battery can be replaced under warranty.
    • They will definitely restore dust and moisture protection, which will be violated after assembly and disassembly of the device.

    How can the average user know that the Galaxy S9’s battery is dying? There are several ways:

    • View information in Android system files.
    • Download app from Google Play.
    • Assess the malfunction “by eye”. if everything is very bad, then a swollen battery will deform the case.

    The wire

    You say. wire and wire, what is there to invent? In fact, it can also cause charging problems. Especially if this cable:

    • Damaged.
    • Very long.
    • Thin.

    The last point was tested on personal sad experience. unoriginal (this is not so important), but a very thin wire (this is important), completely refused to charge the Galaxy S9. I had to fork out and take a “decent” cable. all the problems disappeared.

    Checking the connector

    No matter how carefully you treat your Galaxy S9 (and you need to treat it carefully. after all, the device costs a lot of money), during operation, dust and dirt will clog into the USB Type-C connector. Required. There is no way without it.

    Therefore, if at one “fine” moment you put your smartphone on charge, but it did not react to this action, be aware that contamination of the USB port may be the culprit. It is not necessary to run and rinse it under the tap. take a toothpick or a folded piece of paper and carefully remove the “excess” dust.

    By the way, about rinsing under the tap. After water gets into the Galaxy S9 connector, the smartphone may also refuse to charge with the following wording:

    Moisture detected on port check. Moisture is detected on the charger port or USB port. Make sure your device is completely dry before charging.

    What to do? Wait until it dries, and do not run for a hairdryer and try to dry it yourself. you will only make it worse.

    Software glitches

    It would seem that the year is 2018 and it would be possible to “finish” the system to such a state that no serious “glitches” would occur. But no, just the other day a curious story happened to us.

    We wrote ourselves an article about Chinese copies of the Galaxy S9, and the real “nine” was on wireless charging. We remove from the stand, connect to the computer. the charge does not go.

    We connect to the original charger. it does not charge. Twisted, twisted. zero reaction.

    Rebooted and lo and behold! Charging started. Here is such a “glitch” of the software, because of which we are almost going to run to the service.

    Galaxy S9 won’t charge? Causes and solutions to the problem!

    Charging problems are serious. Without energy, the Samsung Galaxy S9 (like any other smartphone) turns into a brick. True, with much less functionality. if a real brick can still be attached somewhere, then a fully discharged and not charging Galaxy S9 is unlikely to be of any use.

    It turns out, we have only one way. the service center?

    Take your time. The workshop will not run away. we will always have time to hand over the device for repair. And it’s not a fact that we will need it. after all, the Galaxy S9 may not charge for quite simple reasons that you (and we) are able to fix on your own.

    Well, it’s time to figure it out in more detail. Let’s go!


    Similar to a wire. The Ninth Galaxy is quite demanding on the power supply (who would have thought! :)). For some reason, the Chinese “cube” at 100 rubles per kilogram does not suit her. Use, if not branded Samsung, then at least “normal” (from well-known manufacturers) adapters.

    The battery will thank you and will last much longer.

    It is also worth mentioning fast charging here. not every adapter supports this function. Be careful when choosing and buying!

    Other “iron” breakdowns

    The battery is not the worst thing yet.

    Most likely, in the near future they will be changed almost at every corner.

    There are options that are much “tougher”. Galaxy S9 may not charge due to a broken connector, flex cable, charge controllers, etc. And here you don’t need to go to the “tent on the market”. Only an official service center. under the guarantee they will do it for free, without a guarantee. for money, but of high quality.

    However, we sincerely hope that it will not come to “tin” and your Galaxy S9 will begin to receive energy after simpler manipulations, which are discussed at the very beginning of the article. Let it be so!

    Why Can’t Charge Your Samsung Phone

    Unfortunately, today, people who own Samsung phones suffer from the fact that the phone does not charge or does not charge, but with a lot of interference. This problem has recently become quite common.

    This article is for those people who also encountered this problem. If this problem is detected, it is necessary to immediately take the necessary measures, because this problem cannot be left to chance. Further in the article, we will take a closer look at why this happens to the phone (does not charge) and what to do in such cases.


    If you are trying to charge the phone from a computer device, or using the standard method via an outlet and the Samsung phone does not work, then the reason for this may be faulty cables. First of all, you need to carefully review all the cords on the phone. If you checked, and they turned out to be intact and working, then the reason is not in them. It is necessary to continue to look for the reason.

    • It is quite probable that the connector itself is not fixed in the phone. If this is true, then it will need to be replaced;
    • In the event that the same connector is slightly torn out of the so-called printed circuit board, the phone will also not charge;
    • The food controller may be broken. In the event that this is indeed the case, then it is necessary to replace it;
    • If the phone takes a long time to charge, then this indicates damage to the power circuit. This detail is quite essential in the entire system, therefore, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics before its direct repair;
    • A small enough percentage may account for other problems.

    It is also very likely that the problem is that the phone is quickly discharged, but very slowly or does not charge at all. Then the problem is in the battery itself.

    Such problems are quite common and people do not know what to do in these cases. Therefore, we provide a solution to problems.

    Elimination of breakage

    First of all, it should be noted that if the problem is not with the charger, then it is best to contact a specific service center. There they will quickly carry out the necessary diagnostics and determine the cause, which you could not determine.

    In many centers, all the parts are in stock in order to replace the breakdown and provide the highest quality repairs. Often in all centers the price for phone repair is acceptable. over, the advantage of the services of service centers is the provision of a guarantee for the entire phone.

    A fairly common reason a phone won’t charge is a breakdown of certain electronic components in the phone. In the event of such a breakdown in any service center, the person must be explained what is the reason for this malfunction and what to do to prevent this from happening again. It is also worthwhile to understand that when they say that the phone is not charging, they also mean a quick discharge of the phone’s battery.

    A fairly common and common reason is the breakdown of a battery due to long-term use. In such cases, you can simply replace the battery with a new one, and it will last for a long period.

    Very often, the phone turns off due to the discharge of the battery when a sound or vibration signal is given. This is justified by the fact that the phone once fell, and such a breakdown happened.

    Not so often, but the phone is discharged due to internal problems, namely, some kind of virus. This reason only happens on smartphones. To prevent such a problem, you must remember that antivirus can be applied not only on computers, but also on mobile devices.

    There are also malfunctions inside the phone, after which the phone itself cannot recognize the charger. In this case, it is unrealistic to recognize the problem and even more so to eliminate it. Consultation and help of specialists are simply needed here.

    The minimal problem is that the screen crashes. For example, after flashing the phone, the screen may not display the fact that charging is in progress, and the battery itself safely receives the necessary charge.

    Why the phone won’t turn on and what to do about it: 6 tips

    We figure out what to do if the phone does not turn on, and find out the most common causes of the problem.

    Sometimes smartphones get into trouble. For example, if the phone falls down and does not turn on. what to do in this case? It is even worse if the gadget did not fall and generally worked fine, and now it charges, but does not turn on. Fortunately, you can fix many issues yourself by resetting your smartphone to factory settings or by updating your charger. We will tell you more about what actions you need to take if the device does not respond to pressing the power button.

    4 Check the battery

    How to turn on the phone if it does not turn on and does not charge with any charger? In this case, it is worth checking if the battery is connected correctly. Remember. have you dropped your device lately? If dropped, the cover could be damaged, which presses the battery to the contacts. This is especially true for older models with removable batteries, which are not very securely fixed in the case.

    If the phone has not been dropped and the battery shows no signs of damage, try restarting or resetting the gadget to factory settings.

    1 Dry the device

    If your smartphone stops working after you drop it into water or get caught in the rain, most likely it’s all about moisture that has got inside the case. over, if the gadget does not have water resistance, which would help it survive swimming.

    In this case, you need to open the cover of the device, remove the SIM card and memory card, wipe all parts with a dry cloth and leave to dry disassembled. We do not recommend drying the apparatus with a hairdryer or hiding in rice.

    For more information on what to do if you dropped your smartphone into the water, we talked about it in a separate article. It also happens that even IP68 certified devices “sink”. We figured out if they can be repaired under warranty:

    3 Recharge your smartphone

    The most common reason why the phone turned off and won’t turn on is a banal battery drain. If the smartphone has not been dropped in water or exposed to extremely low or high temperatures, it can be immediately connected to the charger. Just in case, check different sockets and chargers. perhaps the adapter or cable that you use with your smartphone is out of order.

    2 Warm up or cool down the smartphone

    Sometimes your phone won’t turn on or charge due to unfavorable temperatures, for example, if you’ve been out in the cold for a long time or left your device in the sun on a hot day. In the first case, he could pass out due to the cold. some phones still do not tolerate low temperatures, especially iPhones. In the second scenario, the battery will not charge until it cools down. this is necessary to protect the device from overheating.

    Try to warm or cool the phone DO at room temperature. To do this, you do not need to use a refrigerator or put it on a battery. just leave the gadget in a room with a constant climate and wait a little. If the failure was related to the temperature regime, then the smartphone should quickly recover and start charging. This usually takes no more than half an hour. If it still does not turn on, try other methods from our material.

    5 Restart your smartphone

    What to do if your Android phone or iPhone won’t turn on? If you have tried all the methods, you can turn to another one. forced reboot. Perhaps the gadget has turned off and does not want to work due to the last installed application or a firmware update that caused the system to crash. The smartphone could simply freeze and stop responding to button presses. making it seem to the user that it will not turn on.

    To restart your old iPhone (up to the sixth line), you must simultaneously press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home keys until the Apple logo appears on the display. On the 7th series iPhones, you should use a different combination: the side power and volume down buttons. IPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE, and all new devices without a Home button reboot with the following combination:

    • press the volume down and then volume up one by one;
    • press and hold the side button.

    Android devices usually do not require such tambourine dances. they can be rebooted with a long press of the power button. However, some models use a key combination to force a restart: “Volume up” “Power on” or “Down” “Power on”. Try different options if necessary.

    6 Reset smartphone to factory settings

    Any malfunction can be rectified by restoring the factory settings. However, this option should be used only as a last resort, since when you reset the device to factory, you will lose all the data that was stored on it. If the information could not be saved somewhere else, it is better to turn to less stringent methods.

    Nevertheless, even a person far from technology can reset a smartphone to factory settings. We have made detailed instructions to help you restore the parameters of devices on Android and iOS.

    If, after all the manipulations, the smartphone still does not turn on, contact the manufacturer’s service center. perhaps they will repair it under warranty.

    Why the phone won’t charge or turn on

    There are many reasons why the phone does not charge or turn on, ranging from the simplest. due to a strong battery discharge and ending with physical or software damage.

    In this article, we will look at the most common problem. severe battery discharge, and how you can give it a “second life”.

    Often there are such cases when the phone itself turns off due to the almost complete depletion of the battery charge, and we turn it on again and again until it stops working at all. DO NOT DO IT IN ANY CASE.Or it happens that the phone in a charged state will lie for some time somewhere on a shelf or in a drawer, and after a certain period we will want to use it. First, we will try to turn it on, but it does not give any signs of life, then we try to charge and here the reaction is zero at best (in some models) the charge indicator can only blink. Then we begin to understand that something is wrong with him. What to do to carry to repair or try to do it yourself? Everyone will answer this question differently.

    The fact is that the battery in mobile phones has its own threshold charge level. 3.3 volts up to which the phone feels fine, i.e. turns on and charges. If the device has not been used for a long time or, after the automatic shutdown due to the discharge of the battery, the person tried to turn it on repeatedly, but it was turned off again, a strong battery discharge occurs, after which symptoms such as the phone does not charge and does not turn on are possible. How can you tell if the problem is with the battery? For this we need a multimeter or an ordinary voltmeter.

    We remove the battery from the phone and measure the voltage with a multimeter or voltmeter.

    If the voltage is below 3.3 V. then the problem is in it.

    In order to restore the normal operation of the device, we need to bring the battery charge level to the threshold level, i.e. 3.3 volts and above. To do this, we need a regular power supply with an output voltage of 4-6 V. Ideally, Chinese power supplies with a voltage regulator from 3 to 12 V are suitable.

    ATTENTION. In this operation, it is important to observe the polarity, since this can permanently damage the battery and damage the power supply.

    Then, after establishing the cause of the malfunction, we take the power supply, set the voltage to 4-6 V. (for those power supplies that support it) and connect with bare contacts to the battery contact pad according to the polarity (plus the power supply to the battery plus, minus to minus) and hold 1. 5-2 minutes.

    After that, we carry out a second measurement with a multimeter or voltmeter.

    If the value of the threshold level is not reached, but the voltage on the battery has increased, then we repeat again until it becomes 3.3 V.

    If, after the performed action, the voltage on the battery has not changed, or is absent at all, then the battery must be replaced.

    If the value of the threshold level is reached, it is desirable that it be slightly higher (3.4-3.6 V.). insert the battery into the phone and connect it to the charger without turning on the device. If charging starts, wait 10-15 minutes, then unplug the phone from the charger and try starting it. After it starts, check the charge level on the phone indicator, it should increase slightly. If so, the problem has been resolved. We connect the phone back to the charger and make a full charge

    Samsung phone won’t charge

    Mobile phone owners often face problem when Samsung phone won’t charge. If you also faced a similar situation and stopped charging Samsung, urgently take action. You shouldn’t run this problem.

    First, you can do the primary diagnosis yourself. Remember after what actions the mobile stopped working. If liquid gets into the device, then we do not recommend continuing its further operation, since when you try to charge it, you can damage the board. It is better to contact our service center for help, where they will make a diagnosis and determine the cause of the breakdown.

    Why Samsung is not charging and what should I do? If your Samsung phone is not charging from a computer (computer) USB or a charger, first you should check the cables themselves. If they are serviceable, then the reasons may be as follows:

    • the connector itself is faulty. In order for the device to work again, the part will have to be changed;
    • Samsung phone battery does not charge even if the connector is partially torn out of the printed circuit board. In this case, it is necessary to do diagnostics in order to determine the degree of damage;
    • faulty power controller. If it is really damaged, then only replacing it will help;
    • Samsung takes a long and slow charge if the power circuit is faulty. This part includes many elements, in order to repair it, it is necessary to make a diagnosis;
    • about 5% are occupied with other problems. It is possible to identify such a breakdown only after diagnosis.

    It is normal for Samsung to get warm. Samsung heats up while charging or talking because there is an increased power consumption.

    Do not repair your cell phone at all, as this can only make things worse.

    • We issue a warranty for the entire device for any repair, and not just for the replaced part.
    • After repair, the device undergoes Free quality control.
    • There are permanent discounts for repairs.
    • Spare parts. original.

    Question. Answer

    Stopped charging, charged a couple of percent, then discharges on charging, eventually turned off and does not turn on

    Good day, Andrey. Bring for diagnostics, let’s see what the problem is.

    Battery does not charge, replacement cost and battery warranty period. the phone was purchased a year ago

    Good afternoon, DMITRY. Usually, the batteries last for 2-3 years and for a year it should have been out of order. Bring your device for diagnostics.

    The phone stopped charging, tried to charge both from the outlet, from a portable device and from Nokia, charging does not work, tell me the cost and how much repairs will be done!?

    Hello Alexey. Estimated cost of repair 1300-1500, during the day.

    The phone stopped charging from the original unit

    Hello Daria. You can bring it to us for inspection, along with your memory.

    Charging is not in progress how much will it cost to change?

    Hello Ilya. Estimated cost of repair 1300-1500.

    Good day, Saina. Estimated cost of repair 1500-2000.

    Stopped charging, the screen changed a month ago

    Hello Nikolay. Bring it to us for inspection.

    After replacing the display, it charges slowly. Before replacing the display, the phone was bent crooked (fell on the phone when the phone was in your ) when the phone was opened in the service to replace the display, the battery was also slightly bent, adjusted and put back and assembled.

    Good day, Aydin. We need to look for the problem in the subboard with the charging connector.

    Hello, the bodies are completely discharged now, no matter how they do not accept charging two weeks ago, there was already such a situation, I somehow grabbed it and I did not bring him to completely undress, he worked fine and then he did not put him on charge, he was completely discharged now, no matter how not to start

    Hello Dmitry. Bring it to our service for diagnostics, we will figure out what the problem is.

    Samsung A5 2017 phone not charging, connector problem, replacement is required

    Good day, Oleg. Replacing the charging connector costs 2000.

    Everything was fine, the phone did not fall down, it worked as it should, but one day it just stopped charging

    Hello Vyacheslav. Bring it to us for diagnostics.

    Good day, Sergey. Repair of the charging connector costs 1500-2000.

    Good day, Anyuta. Speaker repair costs 1500, charging connector repair 1500-2000.

    Hello. Stopped charging from any charging, shows that it is charging, but nothing.Charges only via USB (machine / laptop / PC)

    Good afternoon, Roman. Possibly the problem is the subpayment. replacement cost 2000.

    Hello! Rinsing (Cleansing with wet swabs) Stopped charging what to do about it? please tell me!

    Good day, Alina. Bring it to our service for diagnostics, free of charge.

    The phone does not get infected, when it is turned on it does not get infected, and when it is turned off it shows charging, it turns off and immediately starts showing it like that. help me please.

    Good day, Kirill. Bring it to us for repair, we will help you solve the problem.

    Hello, such a problem. I bought this phone. For a month everything was fine, it was always charged without any difficulties. A month later, he stopped charging. precisely, from time to time, it charges, then no. What could it be? I charge again from the computer, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. I don’t understand what the problem is. Handled the phone with care, did not drop it. Please, tell me how you can fix this? I don’t understand how to be.

    Take out the battery and put it back

    If your phone has a removable battery, remove the cover and slide the battery out of the device. Wait at least 30 seconds and replace the battery. Then try to turn on the phone in the usual way. using the power button.

    How to Force Restart iPhone

    On iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or later, hold down and immediately release the Volume Up key and then the Volume Down key. After that, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo is displayed.

    On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, hold down the Side key along with the Volume Down button for 10 seconds or more until you see the Apple logo.

    On iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or older, hold down the Home key with the Side button for 10 seconds or more until the Apple logo appears.

    How to reset iPhone to original settings

    First of all, connect your phone to your computer using the original cable. If you have a Mac with macOS Catalina, launch Finder. If you’re using an older version of macOS or Windows, start iTunes. If it is not installed, download it from the Apple website.

    Then force restart your iPhone (see step 1). When you see the Apple logo, continue to hold the buttons until the recovery mode appears on the smartphone screen.

    Immediately after that, a window with further instructions should appear on the computer monitor. Click “Update” and follow the system prompts.

    iTunes will download the correct software for your phone. If this process takes more than 15 minutes, the iPhone may exit recovery mode. In this case, hold down the forced restart buttons again and hold them until the device returns to this mode.

    If the update works, the phone may turn on without resetting the system. If not, then in the iTunes window, click “Restore” to restore the factory settings.

    How to force restart an Android smartphone

    Press and hold the power button and volume down key at the same time for 10-15 seconds. If successful, the device will restart automatically or display a menu on the screen in which you will need to select the restart command.

    To reboot some Android smartphones, just hold down the power button for a few seconds. Sometimes there are gadgets that are restarted using other keys. If the smartphone does not respond to the listed actions, type in the search engine the query “how to force restart” and add the name of your model. Then follow the instructions found.

    Force restart the device

    Your phone may be on, but just frozen. In this case, the screen may be dark and unresponsive to any actions. So first try restarting your device using the hardware keys.

    Put your phone on charge

    Connect your phone to a wall outlet using the original charger. If within an hour the charging indicator does not appear on the display and you cannot turn on the device, check the integrity and cleanliness of the connector, as well as the condition of the power cable and adapter. Try different sockets if possible, replace cable and / or adapter.

    Reset the machine to factory settings

    If after trying to turn on the smartphone does not respond at all or the screen lights up, but the device does not boot, try restoring factory settings using the hardware buttons.

    Remember: during a system reset, you may lose personal data that has not been synced to the server. Do not do this if you are afraid to erase important information.

    What to do if your phone won’t turn on

    Do not rush to take your smartphone for repair. Perhaps these simple steps will help revive the device.

    If problems arise due to water getting into the device, do not connect it to the mains and stop pressing the buttons. Dry your phone as soon as possible and only then follow the advice in this article. If you are sure that the inside of the smartphone is dry, feel free to continue.

    Why the phone won’t turn on

    To the most common reasons for not including mobile phones include:

    • Discharged battery.
    • Problems with phone contacts not receiving battery power.
    • The power button of the device is broken.
    • Problems with the cell phone screen.
    • Mechanical damage.
    • Put the device on charge.
    • Remove the battery, then reinsert it into the device.
    • If you have any problems with the screen, it is better to contact the service center.
    • In case of mechanical damage, when the phone has been dropped or moisture has got into it, it is necessary to return the mobile phone for repair.

    What to do if your phone won’t turn on or charge

    Many people don’t know what to do if the phone won’t turn on or charge.

    It would seem that there are no apparent reasons for such a mobile gadget to work, but one day, far from being a fine day, many owners of mobile phones may face such a problem.

    Why the phone won’t charge

    To the main reasons that the phone does not charge, refers to:

    • Broken charger or unsuitable for current model.
    • Problems with the connector, where it is simply impossible to insert the charger.
    • The electronics of the mobile phone is out of order.

    how solve the charging problem phone:

    • Check resistor. If it is defective, then it must be replaced, after which the device will start charging again.
    • In the event that damaged charger cord, it is best to buy a new original.

    There is no need to take risks and use the damaged one, this can not only affect the functioning, but also harm both the smartphone and its owner.

    If a the charging connector is broken, it needs to be changed. It is advisable to contact the service center.

    You can also go there if you do not know what to do if the phone is locked and you cannot unlock it yourself.

  • If a the battery itself is out of order, then it’s time to get a new one. Do not skimp, and take the original one, its charge will last for a long time, rather than if you buy a cheap analogue.
  • In cases where your device a system failure has occurred, then the phone may stop charging.
  • In this case, it is advisable to visit the service center, since the problem may be not only in the software, but also in problems with the central board.

    In any case, if the device refuses to respond to any actions and even turn on and even more so to charge. it is better to contact the service center to inspect the device, identify the problem and help solve it.

    At home, you should not try to resolve this issue. can only be done worse.

    Hidden defects

    Some users believe that physical damage is when the phone fell on a hard surface and shattered to smithereens. Prior to this moment, he also fell twice, but only “slightly” scratched and wrinkled. Meanwhile, it is impossible to exclude the appearance of hidden defects from the impact on the body of the gadget. Damage to the internal contacts will result in the Android phone not turning on or charging, and sometimes working and suddenly shutting down. So if your phone has fallen, it is impossible to fix the motherboard malfunction on your own and you will have to contact a specialist for a complete diagnosis and possible replacement of components.

    Adapter defective or missing contact

    The most common reason why a phone won’t boot or run out of power quickly is a malfunctioning charger. To verify this, you need to connect the gadget to another power supply. If it starts charging, then you have found the cause and the problem was in the charger. You can do the opposite, connect a known working phone to a suspicious power supply. Thus, you are guaranteed to be sure of its malfunction.

    If the smartphone does not charge from a working power supply, check the connector of the contacts. A clot of dust or pet hair can get into it. Gently use a wooden or plastic toothpick to clean the connection socket on the phone and try again.

    If your phone has a removable battery, check the contact fit and condition. There is a possibility that they were oxidized by moisture or bent when the battery was inserted after being dropped.

    Another possibility to “revive” the battery or make sure it is working properly is to use a universal charger. In common parlance, it is called “frog” and is capable of charging any removable battery from a household electrical network.

    SD card

    One of the reasons an Android phone won’t turn on is to use a larger SD card than the manufacturer claims. The craving for experimentation is in the blood of users. If the specification says that only 32 GB can be used, they will definitely try 64. With a high degree of probability, the device will recognize the card. It will work normally until the recorded amount of information exceeds the one declared for support.

    If, after a software failure, the phone stops turning on or does not boot, it is enough to remove the problem memory card from it. A forced reboot will bring the smartphone to a working state.

    What to do if your phone won’t turn on or respond to charging

    Modern smartphones devices are complex and delicate enough. One “fine” morning, you may find that the gadget, which was put on charge, refuses to work. Today we will figure out what to do if the phone does not turn on or boot, as well as how you can fix this problem at home.

    There are not so many answers to the question why the phone does not turn on, what may be the reason for its rapid discharge and what to do in such a situation. Let’s consider the most common options and solutions.

    System errors and failed updates

    System errors, or a resource-intensive application that is not completely unloaded from RAM, can lead to the fact that the battery starts to drain rapidly, as a result of which the phone turns off and does not start again. A malicious program can behave in a similar way. The virus, if its task is not ransomware, runs in the background. At the same time, he tries to use all available resources as quickly as possible. If your Android phone runs out of power faster than usual while in standby state, you should check it for infection and perform a forced reboot. Further actions depend on the results of the anti-virus scan.

    If the smartphone is clean and charged normally, there is no cause for concern. Otherwise, if the device does not start, or the phone runs out of power again quickly, a full reset and re-configuration will be required.

    An unsuccessful software update can lead to the phone not responding to user actions or simply turning off. Usually, this behavior is easily “cured” by a reboot.

    In case of a failure when flashing to a new version of the OS, the situation is a little more complicated. When the phone starts up, but the download does not go beyond the splash screen, the situation can be saved by the recovery mode. What to do and how to enable Recovery Mode for a specific phone is best found on the manufacturer’s website or in the documentation for the device. When this is not possible, try generic methods. The vast majority of smartphones based on Android support it by pressing the power and volume keys. It will be an Up or Down button, depending on the manufacturer of the device. You can try both options sequentially.

    If the phone does not turn on even after you have gone through all the probable reasons, you should contact the service center. Without showing excessive initiative in attempts to revive it, you will save yourself time and nerves for specialists.

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