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How to Fix Application Stopped Errors on Android

Sometimes the “Application stopped” or “Application stopped” error may not appear during the launch of a specific “optional” application (for example, Photos, Camera, VK). in such a scenario, the solution is usually relatively simple.

A more complex version of the error is the appearance of an error when loading or unlocking the phone (com.Android.systemui and Google application error or “The system graphical interface application has stopped” on LG phones), calling the “phone” application ( or camera, error of the application “Settings” com.Android.settings (which does not allow you to go to the settings to clear the cache), as well as when starting the Google Play Store or updating applications.

Application stopped error or application stopped on Android

One of the problems that you may encounter when using an Android phone or tablet is a message that some application has stopped or “Unfortunately, the application has stopped” (the option Unfortunately, the process has stopped is also possible). The error can manifest itself on a wide variety of Android versions, on phones Samsung, Sony Xperia, LG, Lenovo, Huawei and others.

In this manual. in detail about the various ways to fix the “Application stopped” error on Android, depending on the situation and which application reported the error.

Note: the paths in the settings and screenshots are given for “pure” Android, on a Samsung Galaxy or on another device with a modified compared to the standard launcher, the paths may differ slightly, but are always located approximately in the same place.

How to fix system application errors com.Android.systemui, com.Android.settings,, Google Play Store and Services and others

If a simple clearing of the cache and data of the application that caused the error did not help, and we are talking about some system application, then additionally try to clear the cache and data of the following applications (since they are interconnected and problems in one can cause problems in another):

  • Downloads (may affect Google Play).
  • Settings (com.Android.settings, may cause com.Android.systemui errors).
  • Google Play Services, Google Services Framework
  • Google (linked to com.Android.systemui).

If the error text says that the Google application, com.Android.systemui (graphical interface of the system) or com.Android.settings, has stopped, you may find that you cannot go to the settings to clear the cache, uninstall updates and other actions.

In this case, try using Android Safe Mode. it may be possible to perform the necessary actions in it.

The easiest way to fix

In the first case (an error appears when launching a certain application with the message of the name of this application), provided that the same application previously worked normally, a possible way to fix it will be as follows:

  • Go to Settings. Applications, find the problematic application in the list and click on it. For example, the Phone application was stopped.
  • Click on the item “Storage” (the item may be absent, then you will immediately see the buttons from item 3).
  • Click on “Clear cache” and then. “Clear data” (or “Manage space” and then. clear data).

After clearing the cache and data, check if the application is working.

If not, then you can additionally try to return the previous version of the application, but only for those applications that were preinstalled on your Android device (Google Play Store, Photos, Phone and others), for this:

  • In the same place in the settings, selecting the application, click “Disable”.
  • You will be warned about possible problems when disabling the application, click “Disable application”.
  • The next window will offer “Install the original version of the application”, click OK.
  • After disabling the application and removing its updates, you will again be taken to the screen with application options: click “Enable”.

After the application is turned on, check if the message appears again stating that it was stopped at startup: if the error has been fixed, I recommend that you do not update it for some time (a week or two, until new updates are released).

For third-party applications for which downgrading the previous version does not work in this way, you can also try reinstalling: i.e. uninstall the application, and then download it from the Play Store and reinstall it.

Additional Information

In a situation where none of the suggested options helped to fix the “Application has stopped” error on your Android device, pay attention to the following points that may be helpful:

  • If the error does not manifest itself in safe mode, then it is most likely due to some third-party application (or its recent updates). Most often these are applications in one way or another related to device protection (antiviruses) or Android design. Try to uninstall such applications.
  • The “com.Android.systemui application has stopped” error may appear on older devices after switching from the Dalvik virtual machine to the ART runtime if the device has applications that do not support ART.
  • In the event that it is reported that the application “Keyboard”, LG Keyboard or similar has stopped, you can try to set another default keyboard, for example, Gboard, by downloading it from the Play Store, the same applies to other applications for which replacement is possible ( for example, instead of the Google app, you can try installing a third-party launcher).
  • For applications that automatically sync with Google (Photos, Contacts, and others), disabling and re-enabling synchronization, or deleting a Google account and re-adding it (in the accounts settings on the Android device) can help.
  • If all else fails, you can, after saving important data from the device, reset it to factory settings: this can be done in Settings. Restore, reset. Reset settings or, if the settings do not open, using the combination keys on the switched off phone (you can find out the specific key combination by searching the Internet for the phrase “model_of_your_phone hard reset”).

And finally, if you cannot fix the error in any way, try to describe in the comments what exactly causes the error, indicate the model of the phone or tablet, and also, if you know, after which the problem arose. perhaps I or someone from the readers will be able to give helpful advice.

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His daughter went with him. She loves to pump herself without knowing what.

If there is nothing important on the phone, then, in principle, you can reset it to the factory settings: you can do this using the buttons from the switched off phone (exactly how you can find it in Google on request: phone model hard reset)

Samsung j5 phone today all applications do not work all day (mail, contact, bitrix24, etc.). Writes: In the Appendix…. an error has occurred, please try restarting. Rebooted, will not help. Free memory 1.3 GB. What to do? Do not want to take drastic measures and reset to factory settings

Didn’t you pose any new applications before the appearance of problems? Especially related to memory cleaning, antivirus, VPN / proxy?

I reset the Samsung Helexi tab to factory settings, the phone stopped application error occurred during the download. I can not press anywhere, neither turn off, nor restart, nor go further. What to do, please tell me

Try turning it off like this (I don’t know if it works on the tablet, but it can):

On the Alkatel pop 4 phone, in the phone settings, when you press the function, the battery knocks out the settings are closed, what can it be, and the battery optimization also fails

Perhaps some built-in application that is responsible for this item is disabled or removed, so you click on the item, it tries to start it, but cannot.

Hello! I have such a problem, a Samsung A5 phone, after restarting the phone it is not possible to make a call for a long time, I dial the number, then “call”, and an error appears in the form of “the phone application has been stopped”, and it exits without stopping, only restarting helps, after which again I can’t call, because the same error comes out again, a rare case this error does not come out if someone calls me

Check, and an error appears in safe mode (about Android safe mode here.
If everything is in order in safe mode, then some recently installed third-party application interferes. Remember what you installed (especially all sorts of memory cleaners, optimizers, antiviruses) and try to remove them.

After cleaning the applications, the keyboard and the Play market stopped, made a hardware reset, but after vibration and the appearance of the logo, the download does not occur, the explanation in English is about a reset and a USB cable, based on my superficial knowledge, I realized that we are talking about firmware, what could have caused the crash I don’t understand what you think, answer.

And can you put a photo somewhere, where you can see what exactly writes and give a link? The reset shouldn’t actually result in some firmware requirement, so I’m guessing it’s something else.

Hello! Yesterday my son tried to hack a game from a YouTube video. It didn’t work, the hack didn’t work, in the evening he used the tablet, everything was in order, and today all the games and gmail mail won’t start! Write The application has been stopped. It’s the same in safe mode! Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 6. Is there anything you can help without doing a factory reset?

I can’t say for sure, because I don’t know what exactly was done there. It is quite possible that it is impossible. But first, he should try everything that he did, turn it back, if possible.

Thank you for your answer, but we have already reset, everything works. Have a nice day!

Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped problem. Quick Fix. How to fix. Android

Hello! The “Diagnostics Stopped” window appears. Made data cleansing in these applications. Downloads, Settings, Google Play Services. It did not help. The only thing I noticed is that this window appears when the phone is charging. Now I tried to switch to safe mode. In it, the situation is the same, the window appears when charging. You wrote that these are most often applications related in one way or another to device protection (antiviruses) or Android design. Can you tell me what these applications are? Antivirus software is understandable, but what kind of applications related to the design of the device? Thank you in advance)

Hello. In your case, it looks like some kind of system diagnostic and maintenance application. Why does it behave like this. I don’t know.
Now I looked on the Internet, they write that this happens to Sony and then it helps to simply disable this application in the application settings and seem to have no particular effect on anything.

Hello again! In general, I have Alcatel, I forgot to write. Can you tell me which applications I should pay attention to? We can also clean the data first, we can help

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you about Alcatel. But again, you can look at the list of applications (including system ones) and see what happens if you just turn off the error causing.

Go to settings / about device / use diagnostics, and disable it. does not affect performance. verified

Super. Thank. On an old LG G4 (model H815), it reported that “The Camera application is stopped.” There is a working mother of the same G4 (model H818 two-SIM), on which the same message was displayed. I took it to the service center, the camera was changed and everything worked. Recently, the camera did not work again. I reset to factory settings and voila!. working. Probably, the old camera worked, but I gave 120 shekels (in current rubles, something is about 2 sput.) For a replacement. Thanks again.

Hello! Several applications stopped working on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A in the morning. Clearing the cache, reinstalling did not help, keep stopping. over, most of the applications are non-system, podcast application, Clean Master, Chrome, radio application. Of the recently installed only the game, it has already been removed, it did not help. There were no updates. What can be done?

To begin with, uninstall Clean Master (it has already been removed from Google Play) and do not install it again, there are a lot of problems from it and after that if the applications have not started, try reinstalling them again.

All applications on the Android phone desktop are not working. No dialing calls, no folders, no sites. Nothing at all

Hello. Help me please! The phone popped up “Voice command stopped.” I press “OK” in 0.5 seconds it comes out again. I tried to do everything as written in the article, but it didn’t work. I reset all the settings to the factory settings, it still crawls out. Maybe you can help?

The same problem with the Alcatel onetouch 7251 phone only with YouTube

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Good day! LG G4 phone. There is a background. The screen was broken, I bought a new one with a frame, I threw everything, assembled, checked. everything worked fine (calls, camera, etc.). I tightened the screws, turned it on, started checking again. it displays the message “Application stopped” on the camera and on calls. I reset it to factory settings. it did not help. This error can be caused by a hardware problem, such as a bad display, or it can be hooked during assembly?

P.S. this is the third such case with this phone (I mean problems with “Application stopped“), in the past 2 times, resetting to factory settings solved everything.

Hello. The hardware part of mobile devices is not quite my specificity, therefore the answer is only from experience: I know that some applications can definitely crash due to problems with the hardware (for example, if the audio codec chip malfunctions, the “phone”, voice recorders and anything else that works with microphone or audio output, but may not close, depends on the implementation of functions in the applications themselves). But so that from behind the screen. not hear.

Good day. On the tablet, Prestigio reset all settings to factory settings. After the reboot, the logo is displayed and the inscription “unfortunately, the setup wizard has stopped” immediately flies out, and does not react to anything else. What in this case you can try to do?

Hello, Honor 7c phone, I bought it for work, I need the Fp audit application, installed it, crashes. Writes suspended and does not respond. I erased the cache and data, reset it to the factory, reinstalled it still crashes. What else can you do? please tell me

The same problem with almost all Google market applications, all the same actions roll back settings reset update safe mode, it does not help, Google, chrome. vk, and many others

Are there any considerations, after which the problem appeared? No antivirus or “device administrators” installed?

Hello! Help please, Since yesterday, all applications on the tablet do not work for me, they write stopped, Samsung Galaxy tabA (2016) is very urgent! With gratitude Natalia

Hello. Didn’t you install anything like antiviruses, memory cleaning programs and the like yesterday? They can influence so much.

Hello, I downloaded from the VK link the game Granny chapter that new mod clicked on the link, downloaded when I entered the application 1 time at first it worked, but after 2 hours I went into it again and there appeared the inscription “the application of the granny chapter is stopped. I cleared the application cache and the application data does not help, then I reinstalled the bestolku, and my parents do not allow me to reset the settings. Please help me as much as possible to get rid of this stop without resetting the settings please help!

Thank you very much for the clear explanation! I was completely desperate, did not know what to do, I have all the recipes for baking a loaf on YouTube. I deleted it, although there was a warning about the possibility of some terrible problems, but deleted and restored, and most surprisingly, my entire library has not disappeared anywhere! Hurrah. THANKS again PEOPLE.

On my Sony Experia E5, when transferring files from an internal drive to a memory card, the message “Memory application stopped” was constantly popping up.
Did everything as it is written here. it did not help. Then, I went to Settings. Applications. Memory, and then clicked on the additional menu (three vertical dots on the top right). DELETE UPDATES. Everything began to work normally, the Memory application stopped crashing, files began to be transferred normally. I think with other applications there may be the same story. One “BUT”. Now the application “Application” has completely disappeared from the settings. But since everything works, it suits me.

Hello! Chery has an Alcatel Onetouch 7041D phone. I don’t know what she did,
but the phone stopped working normally. As soon as I do not try to use the application, the error “application stopped” appears. Returned to factory settings, cleared the cache. I did everything according to your instructions, it didn’t help.

If the reset was done and at the same time the daughter did not get root access before that on the phone or did not flash it (or they didn’t install new firmware for her, it would be better to check with her), and until recently everything worked fine, then it is unlikely that software something- then, rather. hardware.
Try this option first:
1. Turn off the phone completely.
2. Remove the memory card (if any) and SIM card.
3. Turn on without them, check if the problem persists.
If the problem has disappeared, then we return the SIM-card (so far without a memory card) and look at the result. Well, further according to the situation.

Hello! The daughter did not sew it for sure. She only plays games, no SIM card. I took out the memory card, it did not help. When trying to connect a Wi-fi or Play market, the same “application stopped” error, the launch of a browser or Gmail mail, the Gmail error is stopped.

Hello Dmitry! I checked my phone in safe mode, when I tried to start any application, the same error “application stopped! or when connecting to the Internet via Wi-fi, refuses to connect or “connection stopped”.

Then I’m afraid I ran out of ideas. If after a reset, without a SIM card and without a memory card, it still stops, I don’t know what else to think about (except for firmware or hardware problems).

Why in my phone Alcatel onetouch 7251 constantly displays a message that the YouTube application is stopped and it is always impossible to use the phone

If you don’t need the app, you can simply uninstall it. If necessary, try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it.

Hello! I got such a situation, I bought myself a new phone, and gave the old one to Mom, Well, in order to delete all the old information from the phone, I threw off the factory settings, after that an error occurred, the black display and the writing “the settings stopped for the robot” I entered from the safe mode is useless, I dropped the factory settings through the BIOS, and the result was zero. Help please!
Samsung Galaxy j3 2016 phone

Updating applications

For the normal operation of Google services, you need to monitor the release of new versions of certain applications. Failure to update or remove key elements of Google in a timely manner can lead to unstable use of programs. To automatically update Google Play apps to the latest version, you need to do the following:

Go to solution:

Now, in a nutshell, how to clear the cache of a problematic application in Android OS:

STEP 1. Open the settings menu and find “Application Manager “(If you have not a Galaxy, but another Android smartphone, then in”Settings »Open«Applications “);

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STEP 2. Tap the tab “ALL “At the top of the screen and find the problematic application in the list (in our case,” Samsung Galaxy “);

STEP 4. Restart the smartphone and remember the procedure in case the Galaxy stops something again.

Samsung mobile phones are initially characterized by a high level of functionality. The manufacturer has made sure that the cellular technology is pleasing with the presence of numerous applications. It is not surprising that a convenient keyboard is immediately installed on any smartphone from the Korean corporation Samsung, which can be used from the very first moment of buying a phone.

However, not everything is as perfect as we would like Often, owners of Samsung mobile phones note serious errors during which the keyboard stops. What is the reason for this and what is the best way to solve the problem? Do not buy a new gadget, for example, from.

What is the mistake?

Many owners of Samsung mobile phones note that they often experience an unexpected stop of the standard keyboard. Only in some situations, which almost never happens, do you have to worry about loading a new keyboard. In most cases, the functionality of a standard application, which is also convenient, can be successfully restored.

Samsung‘s virtual keyboard features a thoughtful layout that resembles a typical computer layout. In this case, in a matter of fractions of seconds, you can change the language to whatever you need. Such functions are obtained absolutely free of charge and, of course, are available to any mobile phone user. Despite this, even if the application stops, the chances of a successful solution to the problem remain.

Account deleting

One way to resolve the error is to delete your Google account and then add it to your device. To delete an account, you must:

Subsequently, the deleted account can always be added again. This can be done through the device settings.

There is one problem that beginners and advanced Android owners face: a damn mistake “Sorry, (app) has stopped.”. It appears when you are using an application and then forces that application to close. Annoying, right? Fortunately, there is a way to fix this problem. Here’s how to fix the error“Sorry, the application has stopped.” on Android.

Clearing the cache

Cleaning the application cache is a common thing when it comes to unstable operation of specific programs. Clearing the cache often helps fix system errors and can speed up the device as a whole. In order to clear the cache, you must:

Removing and reinstalling the application

If the app is not built-in, you can also try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it from the Google Play Store. Just open the Play Store app, open the menu bar on the left side and tap “My Apps “. Find a suitable application and click “Delete “. after a few seconds you can install it again.

Samsung keyboard app stopped what to do

Samsung mobile phones are initially characterized by a high level of functionality. The manufacturer has made sure that the cellular technology is pleasing with the presence of numerous applications. It is not surprising that a convenient keyboard is immediately installed on any smartphone from the Korean corporation Samsung, which can be used from the very first moment of buying a phone.

However, not everything is as perfect as we would like Often, owners of Samsung mobile phones note serious errors during which the keyboard stops. What is the reason for this and what is the best way to solve the problem? Do not buy a new gadget, for example, from Huawei.

Individual applications

  • Launch “Settings” in any convenient way and go to the “Applications” section. On the page that opens, you need to find and touch the line “Google Play Services”.

This action must be confirmed through the pop-up window using the “Delete” link. As a result, if everything is done correctly, the data on the application will be cleared, and the error in question will no longer appear.

As mentioned, the same must be done with the “Google” program, which also needs to be found in the list of installed software and in the “Memory” section to delete work data.

Restart your phone

The “Google application has stopped” pop-up notification appears on the screen on many Android devices, including Samsung smartphones. This problem may be associated with the incorrect operation of certain system components, the restoration of which can be performed in many ways.

First of all, you need to reboot the phone using one of the available methods, be it a combination of several buttons or a special section of system parameters. After a successful restart, the problem in question should be gone.

How to fix “Google app has stopped” error on Samsung

Global cleanup

Alternatively, especially if clearing the Google Play Services and Google app performance data did not work, you can delete the cache globally. For these purposes, the system “Settings” provides the appropriate sections, the location and name of which may differ in different versions of the OS.

Whichever method of clearing work data you choose, after completing the described actions, be sure to reboot the device. In this case, the problem will most likely disappear.

Clearing job data

If the restart did not affect the error that occurred, you can try to clear the data on the operation of the system application “Google Play Services” and directly Google itself. This procedure will be demonstrated using only one of the Samsung shells as an example, while other options may differ slightly in terms of the naming of items.

Sign out of your Google account

The least effective method to resolve the “Google App has stopped” error on a Samsung device is to deactivate the linked Google account. To solve this problem, you will need to use the system settings and, in particular, the “Accounts” section, by completing the exit procedure. In more detail, this method, as well as auxiliary options, were described in a separate instruction.

Manual update

  • In order to install the latest version of Google Play Services and the Google application, you can use both the system “Settings” described in the previous method, and the page in the Play Store. We will use the second option due to its versatility, so follow the links below one by one and click “Update”.

The download and installation of the latest version of the application will begin. When finished, be sure to reboot the device.