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What are the advantages and disadvantages of dual SIM phones

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dual SIM phones

The first dual SIM phones appeared five years ago, in 2006. Samsung was at the origin of this trend in our country, and Fly began to work in this direction practically in parallel with it. Today models with support for two SIM-cards are available not only from these manufacturers, but also from Fly, Philips, Acer, LG, Gygabyte. The demand for such phones is steadily growing, and, as a result, the supply is also increasing. Let’s consider the main differences between phones with two SIM-cards, as well as their main advantages and disadvantages, knowledge of which will help to make the right choice between several models.

One or two radio modules: what’s the difference

How to insert two sim-cards into the Samsung Galaxy S10

Dual SIM phones are very different from each other. And it’s not about the form factor, screen parameters or electronic “stuffing”. the main difference lies in the number of radio modules. In a regular phone with one SIM card, there is only one radio module. A dual SIM phone can have one or two radio modules. In practice, it works as follows. In a phone with one radio module, both cellular operators can work simultaneously only in standby mode. When the phone receives an incoming call, the second number becomes temporarily unavailable (as if the SIM card was in the switched off phone). The same goes for Internet access. while one operator is sending and receiving GPRS traffic, the other is inactive. But keep in mind that some budget phones do not even have this option, and as a result, you have to constantly reboot the phone to select another active SIM card. They have only one merit. there is no need to open the case and rearrange the cards from place to place. Fortunately, such phones are on sale less and less, and new models with such a “feature” no longer appear.

In a phone with two radio modules, both operators are available at any time. If an incoming call arrives on one of the SIM-cards, the second call will be on hold, and you can always quickly switch to it and continue communication with another interlocutor.

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Dual SIM phones Philips, Fly, Samsung

Each mobile phone manufacturer solves the problem of switching between two different operators differently. Some models have a toggle button on the side, other models have two buttons for calling a subscriber at once, while others have it done at the software level (the selection function is activated only where it makes sense to choose in the phone book or in the browser). By the way, all phones with two SIM cards have two IMEIs at once, this fact should be taken into account when searching for a stolen phone and when registering a phone.

The benefits of dual SIM phones

The first advantage of mobile phones with two SIM-cards is precisely that they really allow you to save on communications. The tariffs of mobile operators often allow communication within the network for a purely symbolic fee, but calls to other operators are usually too expensive. Therefore, the purchase of such a phone and two SIM-cards will help to stay in touch simultaneously in two networks and at the same time not spend too much money on calls. The second saving option. the use of one operator for the call service, and the second. for surfing the Internet.

samsung, many, cards

The second advantage is that when buying one phone, you get rid of the need to carry two devices with you at the same time or periodically rearrange two different SIM-cards on one mobile phone. In the first case, it will save space in your s and bags, and your hands will be freer if you do not have to hold two phones at the same time. In the second case, you simply save your nervous system. if you need to urgently call from the second SIM card or not miss an important call within the network of the second operator, every second can be decisive.

samsung, many, cards

Often you can save money on buying a phone with two SIM cards. Recently, more and more budget models have appeared in this segment. A special merit here belongs to the manufacturer Fly, in whose assortment you can find a lot of devices in the budget and medium price categories. It is noteworthy that this particular company has almost completely abandoned the production of ordinary phones with one SIM-card, but the variety of models with two SIM-cards is impressive. The assortment includes modern touchphones, budget monoblocks, universal sliders and clamshells, some of the models are decorated with rhinestones and are aimed exclusively at the female audience of buyers. And here is the main competitor. Samsung. is in no hurry to bring budget solutions with two SIM-cards to the market, so its models are traditionally more expensive. The most famous devices from this manufacturer are the D880 Duos, C5212 Duos, C6112 Duos and B7722 Duos. The first in this list of models. D880 Duos. became really the first two-SIM phone from this manufacturer and the first phone in this segment to gain popularity in Russia (although Fly officially took the lead, this event did not receive due publicity).

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Famous Samsung D880 Duos

Speaking of inexpensive dual SIM mobile phones, we cannot ignore the phones made in China. In particular, the Anycool trademark. At a very affordable price, Anycool phones have almost everything that a modern phone should have: a touch screen, a Wi-Fi module, support for microSD memory cards, a module for watching mobile TV and much more. Therefore, if you are not confused by the origin of the phone and the little-known brand, you may well become the owner of such a phone. By the way, among the “Chinese” you can find phones even with three SIM-cards.!

An example of a China-made dual-SIM phone Anycool T808

Disadvantages of Dual SIM Phones

If you become the owner of a phone with two SIM cards that work at the same time, you will surely notice how quickly the battery will drain. over, the decrease in the charge will occur faster even when the phone is in standby mode. The fact is that both cellular operators exchange signals with base stations at certain points in time, and this just requires some activity, which leads to depletion of the battery. If you regularly use your mobile phone to make calls, send messages, surf the Internet or watch multimedia, you will need to recharge it even more often.

Most phones with two SIM cards will need to be recharged every one to two days, even if they do not have a huge touchscreen (as you know, the display is one of the most resource-intensive parts of the phone).

There are exceptions to this rule. manufacturer Philips, famous for its Xenium line of devices, also makes dual SIM phones. The peculiarity of this line is that all models in it are capable of working for a very long time without recharging. In practice, dual SIM Xenium phones under moderate load can last 4-5 days until the next recharge. The X806, X503 and 9 @ 9w models have this feature.

If you use the services of two operators and have two phones at once, then in case of theft, loss or breakdown of one of them, the second one will always remain with you, like one of the SIM-cards. If you have a dual SIM phone, you will lose everything at once. and a phone, and two SIM-cards, and the ability to quickly make an important call. Therefore, some people still prefer two separate phones over one.

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The next point cannot be considered an obvious drawback, but it can still bring some inconvenience. The fact is that among the devices with two SIM-cards there is a very small selection of smartphones. The only exceptions are the manufacturers Acer (model DX900), Gigabyte (model GSmart S1205) and Philips (model V816). That is, if you want to have a phone with two SIM cards and simultaneously use multitasking mode, an advanced organizer, a functional mail client, view and edit documents created in the MS Office package, your choice will be very, very limited. By the way, fans of NoKia can also be upset. this manufacturer has never previously released a dual-SIM model for sale in Europe, although recently there was information about the release of a budget phone with two SIM-cards, which will be sold here too.

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What the future holds for the dual SIM phone segment

Given the current trends in this segment, a few simple assumptions can be made. For example, phones of the budget level and mid-range price category will continue to appear on sale. In parallel, we should expect the emergence of smartphones on two SIM-cards running Android OS and the expansion of the range of smartphones in particular. Therefore, if you want to have more options for choosing a smartphone with dual SIM cards, it may be worth waiting for the appearance of new devices in this segment. In general, the fashion for dual-SIM phones does not work, this is evidenced by at least the fact that many well-known manufacturers are trying to introduce at least one or two such devices into their range of models. Therefore, if you strive to save money on mobile communications or the mobile Internet, but are tired of using two different phones or rearranging SIM cards, dual SIM phones will be the best choice for you.