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How to blacklist a number on Samsung Galaxy using standard methods

Method 1:

  • Open the dialer on your phone
  • Click on the number in the magazine or contacts

Galaxy A50/A30/A51/A31 How to Lock Apps and Use Secure Folder [Hindi]

In the upper right corner, click on the “Menu” button, and then select “Blocking / unblocking numbers”

If you want to block both calls and messages, then slide both switches to the on state, or only one that you need.

Method 2:

    Open the Messages app

Click on the “Options” button in the upper right corner and then select “Settings”

Go to the “Spam filter” submenu and then to “Manage spam numbers”

Next, enter the number in the field, and then click the plus

  • You can also add a number to the blacklist either from inbox or from contacts.
  • How to add a blacklisted number on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    Both methods allow you to block not only incoming calls, but also messages.

    How to block numbers and messages on a Samsung smartphone using the program

    If you also want to manage your list of blocked calls, then try the free Blacklist app. It allows you to replenish the blacklist with a saved contact, number from the journal, or simply add it manually.

    By blocking, the phone stops informing you about an incoming call or message, but their history is stored in the application itself, so you will always know about an attempt to call or write to you.

    The main advantages of the Blacklist program:

    • Blocking all unknown numbers (which are not in contacts)
    • Blocking numbers that start with a specific digit
    • Notifications about numbers you have added to the blacklist
    • Export of the list of blocked numbers
    • Block all SMS
    • Blocking private, that is, hidden numbers.

    The application is very lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of resources to work in the background. If you use programs to speed up the smartphone system, then you need to add this tool to the exceptions, since they can conflict.

    How to block calls from unknown and hidden numbers on Android

    Good day!

    Lately, it’s just some kind of epidemic of voice spam: they constantly call with an offer to take a credit card, connect to another Internet provider, some polls, and sometimes just silence in the phone.

    Honestly, it is a mystery to me why they still do not prohibit doing this (at least for all large companies), or block such dealers at the operator level. Although, “If the stars are lit, then somebody needs it.”.

    In general, one of the solutions to this problem can be setting up the phone in a special. mode: it will drop all calls from unknown numbers. that is, those that are not in your address book (that are not entered in contacts).

    All the necessary settings can be set quite quickly: everything will take about 2-3 minutes to complete. Actually, in this article I will give several ways how you can do all this.

    For Samsung

    I’ll start with Samsung. one of the leaders in the mobile gadgets market (if I may say so.). over, their modern smartphones (after 2019 release) already have a built-in function in their software.

    How to use it: first you need to open the phone book (see example below ).

    Then click on the “three points” in the corner and open the call settings.

    In the section “Blocking numbers” there is a special. option to restrict unknown and hidden numbers. it must be switched to on mode.

    Using the service of a mobile operator

    Most mobile operators have in the personal account there is a special. services to help limit “annoying” numbers. For example, Megafon has Blacklist and Super-Caller ID services.

    For a small fee per month, you can activate such “things” and significantly relieve your fishing line.

    This method (in my opinion) is more relevant for those devices on which you cannot install third-party applications.

    For Huawei (Honor)

    One of the most popular devices on our market (along with Samsung). Their software already has built-in functions for solving such a task (which is good news ).

    • first you need to open the call log (just click on the “tube” icon);
    • then select the icon with “three dots” in the top menu and go to the “Blocked” menu;
    • then go to the section “Call blocking rules”.

    In this section, you can enable blocking of all unknown and hidden numbers. After that, all calls from numbers that are not in your phone book will be dropped (they will receive a line busy signal).

    Thus, these calls and you will not be distracted, and no one will occupy the line.

    Universal version (using special applications)

    If using the built-in functions (presented above) you did not manage to solve the problem, you can resort to special. applications. Their arsenal of functions is much richer than simple blocking. I will give a couple of them below.

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    Block SMS and calls from unknown numbers

    The “Blacklist” application is designed to quickly and easily block any unwanted calls and SMS (both from unknown numbers and your created lists).

    I would like to note that calls are blocked quietly and without any notifications on the phone screen (i.e. you can not be distracted and calmly work at the device at this time).

    Also, it should be noted that there are filters that allow you to block all calls from numbers starting with certain numbers (sometimes this is also necessary).

    Do not call me. call blocker

    Blocking all suspicious numbers

    This application is distinguished primarily by the fact that in its arsenal there is a database of “bad” numbers (including it is formed by other users when they rate (however, you can do this too)). Thanks to this kind of “social protection”, all bad numbers very quickly get into the stop list, and you are protected from them.

    With regard to locks, an application can:

    • block all unknown and hidden calls;
    • block outgoing calls to paid and foreign numbers;
    • block work with numbers that have a low rating from other users;
    • use and operate on your own blacklists.

    Important: the application does not block numbers on your contact list.

    Changing the access password: a practical guide

    In the case when all attempts to remember the unlock pattern or symbolic code were unsuccessful, and the answer to the question of how to unlock the Samsung phone is urgent, do the following:

    • Turn off the phone and remove the memory card and sim card from the Android device.
    • Press the Vol, Power and Home buttons in sequence.
    • Wait for the Samsung logo to appear.
    • In the engineering menu, select the Wipe data / factory reset item and confirm your choice with the Power button.
    • In the next list, use the same key to activate the delete all user data line.
    • Use the Reboot system now item and wait for the reboot process to complete.

    All of the above actions will allow you to return the phone to its original state, since, in fact, this is nothing more than the notorious Hard reset. Therefore, unfortunately, your data will be completely lost. Nevertheless, one of the answers to the question of how to unlock a Samsung phone, you, dear reader, still received.

    Remove the Nokia security code using software

    The example below will help resolve the issue of how to unlock the Nokia phone. The only difficulty in the implementation of this enterprise. this is the need to manufacture a certain device that will allow the device to enter the special Test mode access mode. However, everything is really achievable and is going to be absolutely elementary.

    • The special cable consists of three “crocodiles”, which are fixed on the contact terminals of the battery phone. You also need to have a standard DATA cable.
    • Two contact pins “” and “-” are soldered to the USB “plug” (observing the polarity of the port).
    • Make a branch from the negative wire through an intermediary, which is a 4.7 ohm resistor. This limit switch will be connected to the BSI-contact of the device (usually this is the rightmost tab, closer to the middle). However, you can always navigate by the graphic marking of the battery.
    • Download Nokia Unlocker, then install it on your computer.
    • Connect the cords and after the process of recognition by the software of your device, press the button “Read the code”.
    • Congratulations, the question of how to unlock your phone has now been solved, so to speak.

    How to unlock a Samsung phone? How to unlock your phone

    What makes us mobile phone users put a security graphic or enter an incredibly complex security combination on a cellular communication device? Chances are, your answer is safety. At the same time, in the numerous “ranks of the mobile army”, the naturally arising question of how to unlock the “Samsung” phone does not lose its actual acuteness (in view of the forgetfulness inherent in human nature). As you may have guessed, the “hero” of our story will be the products of the Korean brand Samsung, well-known to the world community, and we will focus our attention on an important operational point. software protection of a mobile device and ways to restore access to its functionality.

    SIM-Lock blocking: old problem

    How to Remove SIM Lock from Samsung Phone? This is, so to speak, a timeless question that requires a software solution. Only programmatically it is possible to defeat this type of “malicious protection”. Usually this problem occurs in older models of the Korean manufacturer. The time-tested program “Samsung Unlocker” is used to remove the SIM-blocking of a cellular device. However, even if you, dear user, do all the actions correctly and according to the instructions, a positive result is not guaranteed. The only surefire way is flashing.

    It is worth noting that for an uninitiated person, unlocking is an incredibly difficult task in practical implementation. The usual blocking of the phone and “unlink” from the operator disparately different problems. Therefore, it is recommended to contact specialists, since there are great chances of ditching a known work phone, even if it is an old edition, with not fully conscious actions.

    Reminder of something important, or Remembrance of the “insidious rake

    Of course, none of the phone owners is immune from an extremely undesirable manifestation of our consciousness. forgetfulness. And everything would be fine if each user “got” an account in advance, and kept their identification data in a safe place. But not everything is so cloudless, since many of us forget to write down secret symbols, and some are completely deprived of the possibility of “Internet safety net”, since “slightly” outdated models do not have the ability to unlock using an account. However, you will find out how to unlock your Samsung phone, which has served you faithfully for a long time, in just a few minutes.!

    A practical solution to the question of how to unlock the phone using standard Windows tools

    In the command line (menu “Start” / “Run” / cmd) write:

    • Cd /
    • Cd adb / progbin
    • adb shell
    • rm /data/system/gesture.key

    Another option for restoring access:

    • cd /
    • cd adb / progbin
    • Adb shell
    • Cd /data/data/com.Android.providers.settings/databases
    • Sqlite3 settings.db
    • Update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lock_pattern_autolock’
    • Update system set value = 0 where name = ’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’
    • .Quit
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    Remember that the phone must be connected to the computer, and the drivers must work correctly with the synchronized device.

    How to remove the screen lock on Android if you forgot your password or is prohibited by the administrator

    In order to protect personal information, the screen of any Android smartphone can be locked. And this is done in different ways. This is necessary, for example, when you have lost your device. But sometimes there is absolutely no need for such protection and it only takes time when the device is turned on. In this article, we will tell you what kind of screen locks are on Android. We will also find out how to remove them or, on the contrary, install them.

    Samsung and TouchWiz

    This add-on or shell from the Korean manufacturer visually differs from the unmodified Android. Therefore, at work with her, it is also worth focusing attention. To remove protection here, do the following:

    • As in the case of Xiaomi, we lower the “curtain” and press the settings button.
    • Scroll down the contents of the window and tap on the item marked on the screen.
    • We see the item “Blocking type” and immediately observe the type of installed protection. In order to change it or remove it altogether, click on the line circled in red.
    • To confirm, enter the pattern.
    • Select the item “Swipe across the screen”. this is the disabling of the security check.
    • Here we will be warned that the previously saved data will be deleted (meaning the pattern itself). We confirm our intentions by tapping on the “DELETE” button.

    After that, the password will be reset and the phone’s power-on protection is canceled.

    An example is shown based on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, but it is also suitable for other smartphones of this brand.

    What to do if prohibited by the administrator

    Sometimes a person knows his PIN-code, pattern or password, but still it is impossible to remove it. In order to solve this problem as well, we do this:

    • Go to the applications menu. In this case, this is Android 6, but in other versions of the OS, the sequence of actions is similar.
    samsung, lock
    • Next, we need the item “Device Administrators”.
    • Let’s see what applications are on this list. For example, remote shutdown and locking can affect the prohibition of changing the password. You may have other functions here, you can also disable them for testing. Click on the checkmark indicated in the screenshot.
    • Below is a list of powers. There is also a screen lock, perhaps it is she who interferes with us. Click “DISABLE”.

    In each specific case, the set of applications in the administration center may be different. Act according to your particular situation.

    Xiaomi and MIUI

    Let’s also consider disabling protection on a proprietary shell from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, namely MIUI. In our case, this is its 9th version.

    • Move the notification bar down with a swipe and tap on the settings launch icon. It looks like a gear.
    • Since our phone supports fingerprint, we select the advisory section. We marked it in the screenshot.
    • Then we go directly to the lock itself.
    • We will need to enter the password that was set earlier. If this is not done, the settings cannot be changed. Therefore, we register the code and press the enter button.
    • Click on the line with the inscription “Disable blocking”.
    • The system will notify us that if we continue, the lock will be removed and we will no longer be able to use the fingerprint. If this does not scare you, then click “OK”.

    That’s all with Xiaomi, but not everything with a lock. Let’s consider how to remove it in Samsung’s notorious TouchWiz.

    Android 2.x

    We will review the OS editions from Google in the order of their appearance. Let’s skip only the very old Android 1.x and purely tablet 3.x.

    • To remove protection in Google Android 2.x, you must first go to the applications menu. Its icon is indicated in the screenshot below.
    • Next, we are interested in the settings. Tap on the gear icon or something similar.
    • At the next stage, click on “Location and protection”.
    • We pass to the item with the name “Change the blocking method”.
    • Since we had an active PIN-code, it will be necessary to enter a cipher to disable it. If you have other protection, for example, a pattern or password, respectively, specify them. What to do if you do not know this data is written at the very end of the article.
    • So, when verification is done, you can disable protection. To do this, we simply click on the item marked in the screenshot.

    Also below you can see the rest of the blocking methods supported on the second Android.

    We rise higher and pass to the consideration of the 4th version of OS.

    Proven Ways to Change Screen Lock on Samsung Phone

    Screen lock protects your phone’s contents and prevents SMS, photos and apps from falling into the wrong hands.

    Samsung phones offer several lock options, which are most commonly used with PIN, pattern or password.

    If you are already bored with the existing one, you can easily and quickly change it. change the type or simply change, for example, a picture or a password.

    Just do not forget to remember it, otherwise you will most likely have to part with your data, if synchronization is not involved.

    How to Change Screen Lock Password on Samsung

    You can change the password on Samsung at any time. Below I will show you how to do it.

    Open “Settings”. Go to My Device, then find the Lock screen section.

    At the very top of the screen there is a tab, by clicking on which you will need to enter your existing password.

    Then select the “Password” tab and enter a new one twice. I won’t even show pictures, because everything is the same with the first section, just remember (write down) the new one.

    How to Change the Lock Screen Pattern on Samsung

    You can only change the lock screen pattern on your Samsung phone through settings. You can get there in different ways.

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    Samsung Galaxy A50s A50. How To Set App Lock and Hide

    The easiest way is to click on the blue “gear” icon and immediately go to the “Settings”. The next step is the section. “Lock screen and behind”.

    Now open the first tab. “Screen lock type” and draw your picture. Next, select the tab again. “Picture”, draw a new one and repeat it.

    It’s all. Now you have changed the drawing. For clarity, see the picture above. There is no difficulty, depending on the device, your options may not completely coincide with those provided by me.

    How to Change Screen Lock Type on Samsung

    Why use a screen lock? First of all for security reasons. If you lose your phone or get stolen, your data will be difficult to access due to the screen lock.

    Not so long ago, the choice of locks was limited to a PIN, pattern and password. Nowadays, in more and more Samsung phones, we can additionally use the face function and the fingerprint scanner.

    While the basic options require you to remember, the new ones work faster, more efficiently and you do not need to remember anything.

    Drawing is a simple system based on drawing a picture on the screen. Its biggest flaw is predictability and timing.

    The PIN code must contain at least four digits (they can be repeated). Of course, longer is safer.

    Unfortunately, many users use dates of birth, which increases the likelihood of unlocking your smartphone by third parties.

    As far as the password is concerned, this method is very similar to a PIN. In fact, the difference is that letters can be added to numbers.

    Unfortunately, as you probably guessed, in this case, users create simple passwords, for example, consisting of the names of their loved ones.

    If you choose to use this security form, be sure to create a password that does not include your family, animal or car model names.

    To change the type of lock, go to Settings Security Screen lock (the security section may not be available).

    For security reasons, it is usually necessary to enter the current code, password or pattern to unlock the phone. if, of course, they are already installed.

    Next, you just need to select the type of interest and lead it twice. That’s all. I wish you reliable protection. success.

    Problem four. Samsung a50 turns off unexpectedly

    This problem is common among many Android smartphones. If it does occur, consider the following steps.

    How do I fix a sudden shutdown? First of all, if you run into this problem, look at the temperature.

    If it rises to the maximum level, then you may encounter this problem.

    Second, fully charge your phone and let the battery drain until it shuts down completely.

    You can also do a factory reset. Do not restore your backup, but manually restore your data instead.

    Problem nine. poor Wi-Fi connection on Samsung a50

    If your phone has low range or wifi problems, follow these steps.

    How to fix WI-FI connection problem? First things first, check your router or modem. Try resetting its settings.

    Make sure there are no obstacles in front of him. Also, turn on airplane mode for 1 minute and turn it off again.

    If the steps above did not work for you, try connecting your phone to a different Wi-Fi network and see if it is the same or not.

    Problem one. Samsung Galaxy A50 gets very hot

    If the temperature of your phone rises, which causes extreme heat, then first of all you need to take some precautions.

    What to do? Don’t let your phone charge for too long. Once it is fully charged, remove the plug.

    samsung, lock

    Do not use it while charging. Using for a long time while charging may result in a heating problem.

    Playing too long can be the main cause of the heating problem. You better take a break.

    Recommended: turn off mobile data and GPS during a call. Calling requires constant power and various smartphone services can lead to a heating problem. Also unlock the bootloader.

    problems on Samsung Galaxy a50 and how to solve them

    The Samsung Galaxy A50 is another budget phone from the company, but is it perfect in every way? Obviously not.

    So I’ll go over some common problems now, and then I’ll go over a proven solution. So stay until the end.

    I found the following to the most common problems of Samsung a50: with the Internet WI-FI, more precisely with communication, with a camera, with a screen, more precisely with a fingerprint, with charging and with a front camera.

    There are a few more small ones, and I will also try to disassemble them and provide a solution. Therefore, carefully study all the topics that I will cover.

    Problem three. Samsung A50 is slow

    Although the company claims that the Samsung a50 is one of the faster phones than the previous generation, you may experience some lag in the phone.

    How to fix? First of all, if you have installed any third party launcher, consider uninstalling it.

    Because most are not optimized for a particular BOM sheet. Next, do a hard reboot.

    Also, if the problem still occurs, you need to do a factory reset.

    Go to settings. Backup and reset. Factory settings of the phone. Be sure to make the necessary backup.

    If for some reason the problem still persists, then it should be considered a software glitch. You may have to wait for the next OTA update from the company.

    Problem eight. the screen is cracked and the sensor does not work on the Samsung Galaxy A50

    Your phone display is cracked and you want to access your data. Do the following.

    How do I access data if my touchscreen phone is not working? Connect your phone to your computer or laptop with a USB C cable.

    You can access your data from a PC. If you want to use some applications, please purchase an OTG cable, wireless keyboard and mouse.

    Connect the OTG cable to your phone and connect the wireless cable to the cable. You can access your phone like a computer.