Reset iPhone DO factory settings via computer

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How to log out of all services

Before erasing all information completely, it is recommended to delete passwords and exit applications on your cell phone. The client must quit programs such as:

  • In contact with;
  • Viber;
  • Face time;
  • FB;
  • WhatsApp;
  • Instagram.

This will allow the owner of the gadget to avoid possible problems with the delivery of messages and notifications. You will also need to log out of the App Store, Icloud and iTunes. This will allow you to secure the user profile and protect his personal data.

How to reset the installed settings through the iTunes program

You can reset the iPhone DO factory settings in several ways using the iTunes application. The user can delete all files completely or download the latest copy that is saved in the system. To take advantage of these options, you need to charge the gadget to at least 70%. You can quickly clean a smartphone using the first method, but after the operation is completed, the client will have a “clean” cell phone. It will not contain contacts and photos. The second option is used if the system has crashed. So, in order to clean the device, you need to perform a number of actions:

  • a cell phone is required to be connected to a computer with a cable;
  • then the iTunes application is launched on the PC;
  • if the client looks at the top corner, the smartphone icon will be located there;
  • as soon as the owner clicks on it, the list will open;
  • the “Review” item is selected from it;

reset, iphone, factory, settings

  • then select the “Restore” section;
  • as soon as the application installs the latest software on the phone, all settings will be restored.
  • note
  • If the user does not want to lose all contacts and files, he can download the copied version to his cell phone.

To use the created backup, you must first create it. After that, you need to perform a number of such actions:

  • you need to connect the device to a computer or laptop;
  • then the iTunes application is launched on the PC;
  • now the item “File” is selected;
  • when the client clicks on the section, “Devices” will open for him;
  • on the new page “Restore from a copy” is selected;
  • the user must choose the save option that he wants to use.
  • Interesting information
  • In order not to constantly tweak the gadget, it is recommended to create new copies regularly. If there is a problem with the system state, you can easily delete all settings and then restore the data from the copy.

6 Easy Ways to Reset iPhone Settings

Sometimes, gadget users need to remove all installed settings by updating them to the factory settings. Such actions are usually required when a customer wants to sell a smartphone. Also, this function allows you to get rid of some problems with “glitches” in the system. To perform the operation, the owner must know how to reset the iPhone DO to factory settings.

Tenorshare 4uKe

New customers may forget the access code provided by the previous owner. You will first need to install this application on your computer. Next, the gadget is connected to the PC and the “Start” button is pressed. The Tenorshare 4uKe application opens. The user has to say the latest iOS version. When the operation is completed, you can click on the “Start unlocking” button. The procedure takes a few minutes. When formatting is over, all data will be completely deleted.

Using third-party programs

If the user needs information on how to reset the iPhone, then he can use special applications. Through such programs, you can eliminate saved passwords and other personal data. There is also a decoupling from gaming profiles and social networks. There are two programs you can use.

How to make a backup and check Have

There are some additional tips to follow before you start deleting settings from your phone. First you need to charge your smartphone, the battery must have at least 30% charge. If the clearing of information is delayed and the gadget sits down in the process, there may be problems with the operation of the software.

Before deleting parameters, the user must check the gadget using the Name. This is required to determine if the gadget is not locked. You can use special online services to obtain such data. For example, a client can use the portal, for this you need to follow the following scheme:

  • enter your phone number into an empty window;
  • check the “ReCaptcha” data;
  • click on the “Check” button.
  • note
  • To find Have a smartphone, you can look at it on the box of the device. The client can also get the parameters through the cellular settings. To do this, go to the “About device” section and select the item.

When the verification operation is completed, and the system will indicate in the results that the phone is “Unlocked”, you can start resetting the parameters. At the same time, you cannot perform the procedure with the jailbreak installed, as this will entail a complete blocking of the gadget.

Also, the user must make a backup before resetting the settings on the iPhone. There are several ways to create a backup copy on an account:

  • Through the Cloud in Icloud. All smartphone owners are provided with 5 gigabytes of free memory in the cloud storage of the gadget. To create a copy, you need to be connected to the network via mobile or Wi-Fi. The user must open the section with the smartphone settings. Then he opens the item “Aycloud”. Now you can start creating a copy, for this, select the “iCloud Backup” sub-item.
  • Using the iTunes app. First, you need to connect your cell phone to your computer, you can use a laptop. Next, the iTunes application is launched. The system selects the “This computer” section and creates a new copy.

How to reset through the “Settings” section

To delete all data from iPhone, there is an option to apply a simple option. To do this, the user needs to perform a number of such actions:

  • on a cell phone, open the section with settings;
  • then the item “Basic” is selected from the list;
  • if you scroll the page to the very end, then there will be a button “Reset”.

When the user clicks on the button, the system will immediately offer him a choice of several options for deleting data. You can do it like this:

  • Delete network settings. This option will be required if the customer has replaced the SIM card on the cell phone and there are problems with finding the network. After cleaning, the personal parameters of the owner of the gadget will not be affected.
  • Reset cellular settings. The operation takes no longer than one minute. User data will not be affected. All photos, videos and contacts will be saved. But the removal will affect alarms and standard applications. The procedure can help if the gadget sometimes freezes.
  • Eliminate settings and files. This option is used if the subscriber wants to donate a smartphone or sell it. After the procedure, the buyer will receive a phone without files and contacts. You will also additionally log out of your Apple ID account. Deleting files this way may take longer, especially if the phone memory is full.
  • note
  • Before completely resetting your iPhone, it’s advised to charge it to 40%. Also, do not turn off the device, this can lead to malfunctions. When deleting files on a smartphone with Jailbreak, the gadget may be locked.

What is deleted when you reset all settings?

Resetting the settings to factory settings is necessary for the user if, for example, he wants to get the device in its original form, since when the settings are reset, absolutely all data is deleted, including photos, videos, applications and other files, and the system returns to its original state, including all …

How to remove a device from the previous owner’s Apple ID?

  • Sign in to with your Apple ID.
  • Open Find My iPhone.
  • Click “All devices” at the top of the screen.
  • Select the device you want to remove from iCloud.
  • Click Erase [device].
  • Click “Remove from Account”.

What happens if you reset all settings on iPhone?

What happens if you reset iPhone via iTunes

You can reset all settings, delete content, and install the latest version of the operating system through the “Restore iPhone” function. There are no more options here. After completing the procedure, you will be able to set up your device as new. May 14, 2020.

How to turn off syncing between Apple devices?

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Select “Settings” [your name].
  • Click iCloud.
  • To turn iCloud on or off, click the toggle next to it.

How to Delete All Data from iPhone from Computer?

  • Go to iCloud Settings and turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Go to the menu “Settings → General → Reset”;
  • Select the item “Erase content and settings”;
  • Enter the lock screen password;
  • Confirm data deletion.

How to reset iPhone DO to factory settings without password?

While holding the volume down button, connect your iPhone to your computer. Hold the volume down button until the recovery mode screen appears. If you have a backup of iPhone data, after removing the password, restore the data and settings.

How to Clear iPhone for New Owner?

Removing personal information from your old device

  • If your iPhone is paired with your Apple Watch, unpair.
  • Back up your data on your device.
  • Sign out of iCloud, iTunes Store, and App Store.
  • Return to the Settings screen and tap General Reset Erase Content and Settings.

How to clean iPhone

You can clean up your iPhone drastically, i.e. completely, or partially, by removing individual applications and their files. It is quite simple to do this in several ways at once.

How to remove an app and all its files from an iPhone

Above, I have already noted that there are several ways to delete an application from the memory of an iOS device: from the desktop, through iTunes, from the settings.

There is nothing easier than removing an installed application (programs or games) from your desktop. To do this, just hold your finger on the iPhone screen anywhere for at least 2 seconds.

At the top left of the icons (icons) of applications that can be deleted (downloaded from the App Store), a cross icon will appear, the icons themselves will begin to “dance”.

Tap on the cross and confirm the deletion.

The same can be done from the iPhone settings in the “Storage” menu.

    Go to Settings. Basic. Statistics. Storage “.

Tap on the desired application. A window will open with information about its aggregate (including data) size.

Tap on “Remove program” and confirm. Done, the application and all its files will be deleted.

The third and final method to uninstall via iTunes is to de-sync it between the PC and the iOS device. I talked about this in the article “3 ways to install applications from the App Store on an iPhone or iPad” (link).

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    Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable or Wi-Fi and launch iTunes.

Select the device in the menu located next to the “iTunes Store” button (top right).

Go to the “Programs” tab.

Opposite the application to be removed in the list of downloaded programs, click on the “Remove” button. If the application is not installed in the device memory, instead of the “Remove” button, “Install” will be displayed. Then click “Sync”.

The app you marked demolished will be removed from the iPhone. Similarly, it can be reinstalled.

In addition to applications, free space in an iOS device is consumed by photos, videos, music, contacts, notes and other important information. But there is another secret (for many) memory eater. Safari.

The mobile web browser from Apple works like any other: when the site is loaded, it loads its content into temporary storage (cache). This is done in order to speed up the loading of pages when re-accessing them.

When re-accessing the web pages loaded into the cache, the cached data is not downloaded from the servers again, but is retrieved from the cache. On the one hand, this allows you to save on traffic and get fast loading of web pages, on the other hand, you have to put up with the fact that the cache “eats” memory.

So, if you actively use your iPhone or iPad for “surfing the Internet”, be prepared for the fact that the Safari cache can take up a lot of memory space. This amount depends on how much data the server hosting the site has allowed to be cached. The iPhone owner cannot limit this size, all that remains is to periodically clean.

How to Clean iPhone: Erase in iCloud, Delete Content & Factory Reset

Oftentimes, the reason why iPhones and iPads start to perform significantly worse than usual lies in the lack of free space in the device’s memory. If you notice that your device has become “brooding”, often freezes, involuntarily reboots without a command, then it’s time for a “general cleaning”. It’s time to clear the device memory from extra megabytes, or even GB of software junk. Agree, it is not professional to delete each application and its files by “handles”.

Today I will tell you how to quickly clear the device memory in whole or in part, as well as how to reset the iPhone to factory settings.

In the settings of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the menu “General. Statistics ”there is an interesting section.“ Storage ”. This menu contains information about how much and what the device’s memory is busy with. Take a look, you may be very surprised that even the most harmless, at first glance, applications, such as social network managers, can store gigabytes of useless data.

Recently we were contacted by the owner of an iPhone who faced the problem of insufficient memory. When updating iOS over Wi-Fi, this caused the device to get caught in a recovery loop. Restoring iPhone was not considered a solution to the problem. the user did not want to lose data from the device. Fortunately, everything ended well, the person still had to restore the iPhone via iTunes, and the information was restored from an iCloud backup, which he did not even know existed.

This precedent pushes to always keep the device memory “clean”, or at least periodically clean it of information “trash”.

How to erase content and settings on iPhone

This procedure is carried out very simply, in just 5 “taps”.

Select “Erase content and settings” and if you set a lock password, you must enter it.

Confirm the request by double-tapping on “Erase iPhone“. Do not be surprised that you need to confirm the erasure 2 times, the action is not reversible and can lead to the loss of important data, you must be sure of what you are doing.

If Find My iPhone is enabled in iCloud settings on iPhone, you need to enter your Apple ID password. You cannot erase content and reset settings without this (this is how activation lock works).

  • After you turn off Find My iPhone, the iPhone screen will go blank, then the Apple logo and progress bar will appear. Depending on the device model and the amount of space occupied in its memory, the reset can take from 2 to 15 minutes.
  • To erase content and settings on an iPhone, it does not need to be connected to a power source, but make sure that the battery level is at least 25%. Otherwise, if the battery is completely discharged during the wiping process, you may need to restore iPhone using iTunes.

    This is what happened with my iPhone 5s jailbreak with Pangu. It’s good that the backup in iTunes and iCloud remained. I had to restore the device from Recovery Mode, or from DFU mode, there is no difference.

    Ways to Clean iPhone

    • Recovering your device in iTunes.
    • Erase Content and Settings on iPhone.
    • Erase iPhone to iCloud.
    • Removing an application from the desktop.
    • Removing an application in iPhone settings in the “Storage” menu.
    • Removing App from iPhone via iTunes.

    The first 3 methods allow you to completely “zero” the device’s memory, as a result of which you will have an iPhone with “clean” iOS at your disposal. After cleaning, you will need to re-configure it and restore the necessary data from a backup to iTunes or iCloud.

    The last 3 are classic, allow you to manually delete individual applications and all their data.

    We have already written about restoring the iPhone and in sufficient detail, I see no reason to repeat myself. Let’s try to erase content and settings on the iPhone and see what it threatens.

    How to erase iPhone to iCloud

    Another way to completely clean the iPhone “in one fell swoop”, you can do it remotely from any computer, tablet or smartphone (the operating system does not matter). The only thing is that the device must be connected to the Internet.

      Go to, log in with your Apple ID and launch the Find My iPhone web application. You can just follow this link and log in.

    In the “All devices” menu, find the required (if there is more than one) and click on it.

    In the window that appears on the right, click on “Erase iPhone”.

    Confirm the request by clicking on “Erase”.

    Activation Lock will prevent you from erasing data from your device until you enter your Apple ID password.

    There is no need to enter a phone number and a text message, just click on “Next” and then on “Finish”.

  • Immediately after you click on “Done”, the procedure for erasing iPhone will begin.
  • You can also erase an iPhone that is not (currently) connected to the Internet in iCloud. The request will be queued and executed as soon as the device appears on the network.

    My iPhone 5s had Find My iPhone turned on and, as a result, after erasing the Activation Lock, it locked it. To activate it, you had to enter your Apple ID and password, if you don’t, you will have a “brick” at your disposal.

    The radical methods of cleaning the contents of the iPhone are over, now we will focus on more liberal ones, or rather, on deleting applications and their files.

    How to clear the Safari cache on iPhone

    To delete all temporary files, tap on “Delete cookies and data”.

    If you want to delete cached data for a specific site, go to the Add-ons menu. Site data “.

    This menu provides information about all sites using the Safari cache: the total space they occupy and the size of the data for each site. To delete data for one site, tap on “Change”, and then on the red icon in front of its name.

    Confirm the deletion by tapping on “Delete”. All data for the selected site will be deleted and the next time you visit it, they will be downloaded from the server again, and not unloaded from the cache.

    Here you can also delete the cached data of all sites. To do this, tap on “Delete all data”.

    So, in fact, everything is simple. Now you know how to remove the “problem” application from the iPhone or completely clear its memory.

    If you have any difficulties or questions about the article, welcome to the comments.

    How to reset iPhone using a computer

    If for some reason you cannot go to the iPhone Settings (the firmware has flown, iCloud Activation Lock, you forgot the numeric unlock password, etc.), then the best way to reset the iPhone would be DFU mode. Use this instruction for iPhone 4s. 7, or this instruction for iPhone X. 8.

    If everything is OK with the iPhone, follow the steps below:

    STEP 1. If you value the data on your iPhone (iPad), be sure to make a backup before proceeding to the next step.

    STEP 2. Connect your iPhone with a cable to your computer and launch iTunes. Click on the device icon (see the picture below):

    STEP 3. Click the Restore iPhone button on the right side of the screen. If you see the message “You need to turn off Find My iPhone before”, turn it off in Phone Settings here: iCloud Settings Find iPhone.

    You need your Apple ID password to disable this feature. This is done so that no one except the last owner can clear this device, for example, in the event of theft by intruders (who do not know the password of the Apple ID account).

    STEP 4. After disabling the “Find iPhone” function, confirm your intentions by clicking on the Restore and Update button.

    STEP 5. The latest version of iOS will be downloaded from the Internet and then installed on your iPhone. All personal data will be deleted.

    STEP 6. The next time you turn on your iOS device, you will be prompted to set it up as new or restore from a backup.

    STEP 7. The described procedure for resetting iOS devices does not unlink it from your account. In order for the restored device to no longer be listed in your Apple ID account, go to with your Apple ID and delete the required device in the Find iPhone section.

    How to erase content and settings from iPhone

    If you have access to the iPhone menu that needs to be reset to a new device state, the method below will work for you. To complete the following steps, you do NOT need a computer with a cable and iTunes software. All the necessary functionality is already included in the iOS Settings.

    STEP 1. Since we will be doing a complete cleaning of the iPhone, make sure that there is no important data left on it. As in the first part, if necessary, create a backup copy of the iPhone.

    STEP 2. Make sure Find My iPhone is off: iCloud Settings Find My iPhone.

    STEP 3. Now go to Settings General Reset and click Erase Content and Settings. Confirm your wish with “Erase iPhone”.

    STEP 4. All personal information and iPhone settings will be deleted. IOS version will remain the same as before the reset.

    How to reset iPhone to factory settings [Instructions]

    If you have finally decided to sell your iPhone or are experiencing some difficulties with the firmware, then this manual will definitely come in handy in which I told you how to reset the iPhone to factory settings. As a result of the reset, the latest version of iOS will be installed on your device. All data from the iPhone will be deleted.

    I often advise friends and readers on the site to reset the iPhone in situations when the device starts to glitch or work slowly. The same steps must be taken before selling your iPhone.

    You don’t want someone to be able to view your photos, home videos, and get a list of all your contacts and personal messages as well? Below I have given several ways Depending on the state of your device, you can perform at least one of them.

    You can reset the iPhone both using a computer and on the iOS device itself. Therefore, we will divide our lesson into two parts according to your choice.

    Can’t reset iPhone

    Both methods above assume that your iPhone is in working order, i.e. recognized in iTunes or you can go to the phone settings. What to do if your phone is frozen or none of the above methods can restore your iPhone?

    First of all, try restarting your device. If the reboot did not work, use the instructions for restoring iPhone firmware in DFU mode (links above).

    In this article, I showed you how to reset iPhone to factory settings in two ways. If you have any questions regarding linked accounts, write in the comments. Well, if you have learned something useful for yourself, be sure to like it in social networks (buttons below).

    Resetting Xiaomi Phone via TWRP Recovery

    Some users install third-party Recovery menus on their smartphones. They are most often used to flash the phone and get root rights. One of the most popular is TWRP Recovery, which can only be used on a phone with an unlocked bootloader. If your device has the TWRP Recovery menu installed then you can use it to reset your Xiaomi phone:

    • Turn off the smartphone completely, and then simultaneously press the volume up key and the power button.
    • We are waiting for the recovery menu to load and select the “Wipe” item. By the way, touch control is available in TWRP Recovery.
    • Move the slider located at the very bottom of the screen. If you need to perform preparatory procedures, for example, select data to be deleted, then click on the button “Advanced Wipe” or “Format Data”.
    • If the reset is successful, “Done” will appear on the screen. Exit the recovery menu and reboot the phone by clicking on the “Reboot System” button.
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    As you can see, resetting a Xiaomi phone to factory settings via TWRP Recovery is not difficult at all. You may also have a recovery menu with a Russian-language interface installed. In this case, the task is even easier.

    Resetting Xiaomi phone through settings

    The most convenient way to reset your Xiaomi phone to the factory state is through the settings. Of course, this method cannot be used in case of serious failures that prevent access to the necessary partitions. In other cases, there is no better way to find it. All you need to do is follow the steps described in the step-by-step instructions:

    • Opening the settings.
    • Go to the “Advanced settings” section.
    • We go to the menu “Recovery and reset”.
    • Open the “Reset settings” tab.
    • Click on the “Reset settings” button.
    • We confirm the procedure by selecting “Ok” in the window that appears. If your smartphone has some kind of protection, then you will need to enter a password or pattern to reset the settings. You may also need to authorize in the Mi account.

    After completing the last stage, the phone will turn off, and after that it will reboot with the initial settings. In difficult situations, performing the steps described in the instructions can be quite problematic. Then you can use another reset option called “Hard Reset”. First you need to completely turn off your smartphone, and then follow the recommendations of the guide:

    • Hold down the volume up key and the power button at the same time.
    • After the Xiaomi logo appears, release the keys and wait for the recovery menu to load. Please note that all control and movement between tabs is performed using mechanical buttons. The volume keys are used to scroll through the sections, and the power button is used to navigate or confirm an operation.
    • Click on the item “Wipe Data”.
    • Select “Wipe All Data” and confirm the action by clicking on the “Confirm” button.
    • We are waiting for the end of the reset procedure, which usually takes 2-5 minutes and depends on the amount of saved data. If successful, the display will show “Data wiped Successfully”.
    • Click on the “Reboot” button to exit the recovery menu and restart the smartphone.

    The described actions are suitable for Xiaomi phones, where the stock recovery menu from the manufacturer is installed. Mi Recovery. If you have not changed anything in the system, then this instruction will most likely suit you.

    Resetting Xiaomi phone via computer

    In fact, there are quite a few ways to reset a Xiaomi smartphone to factory settings. For example, you can use the special MiFlash program on your computer. It allows you to install a different firmware on your phone. You can download this utility from the official website of the developer by clicking on the button “Download”.

    Several software versions are available on the download page. We recommend downloading the newest one, as it corrects the previously found errors. After downloading, open the archive and click on the file XiaomiFlash.exe.

    After the installation is complete, we proceed to reset the Xiaomi phone, or rather to reflash it:

    • Turn off the smartphone completely, and then put it into bootloader mode (press the volume down key and the power button until a special icon appears on the screen).
    • We connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable. Run the MiFlash program and specify the path to the firmware file. It must be downloaded in advance for your smartphone model. At the bottom of the window, select “Flash All” and click on the “Flash” button.

    Usually, the firmware procedure takes 10-15 minutes, after which the smartphone turns on and boots by itself. During the procedure, it is strictly forbidden to disconnect the phone from the computer. If this rule is neglected, then you can simply turn the device into a “brick”.

    You can also use the Mi PC Suite program to reset the settings, which can be downloaded from the developer’s official website. After the installation is complete, connect the phone to the computer via a cable and launch the utility. Next, we authorize in the Mi account by entering the username and password. If there is no such account, then it must be created on a smartphone. Then an additional window will appear on the screen where you need to select “Delete data” or “Wipe All Data on device”.

    The smartphone will turn off, and then it will start with the initial settings.

    How to reset Xiaomi phone to factory settings

    Resetting the phone to factory settings is a special procedure that is most often performed before selling the device or to eliminate an error that has occurred. This operation deletes all data from the smartphone, including saved photos, videos, text documents and applications. Experienced users recommend that you transfer all important information to an SD card or other medium before starting the procedure. This will allow, if necessary, to return the necessary data to the device.

    In this article, we will explain in detail how to reset Xiaomi phone to factory settings in various ways. We advise you to carefully read each of the methods, and only then proceed to the actions.

    Resetting Xiaomi phone in case of loss

    If you have lost your phone and do not want the person who found it to view your data, then a smart solution would be to remotely reset your phone to factory settings. This can be done using two services: Find My Device and Mi Cloud. First, we’ll look at working with Google’s Find My Device:

    • Go to the official website of the service.
    • We perform authorization in the account that was linked to the lost phone.
    • On the map we see the approximate location of the device, as well as the charge of its battery and the time of the last access to the network. Click on the “Clear device” button and view the possible consequences.

    If the smartphone is currently offline, then the reset will be performed immediately after connecting to the Internet. You can also use the proprietary Mi Cloud service to remotely reset your Xiaomi phone:

    • Go to the official website of the platform.
    • We perform authorization in the Mi account.
    • Go to the “Find device” section.
    • On the map we see the location of the device. Click on the point and select “Erase data”. We confirm the procedure by clicking on the corresponding button.

    As in the previous case, all data will be deleted immediately after the smartphone goes online.

    Thus, there are various ways to reset your Xiaomi phone to factory settings. It is most convenient to use the built-in capabilities of the system, but you can also use third-party programs.

    Formatting smartphone via PC

    There is an option to reset Android to factory settings, which involves installing an additional utility on the PC and using the command line.

    This Android formatting option is more complex than formatting through recovery, and is mainly intended for advanced users.

    It will take most of the time to install the ADB utility itself. After downloading the archive with the application to your computer, you will need to unpack it, and make sure that there is an executable file named adb in the “platform-tools” folder. If the file is not in this folder, you need to run the SDK Manager, which is located in the “Android-sdk-Windows” folder and download the Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform-tools to your computer.

    After installing Android Debug Bridge, you can start deleting all data on your phone. To do this, do the following:

    • Run the command line using the cmd command.
    • We connect the phone to the computer (first enable the USB debugging option on the gadget in the For Developers section). To make sure that the phone is connected to the PC, use the command “adb devices”.
    • Go to the ADB directory by entering the “cd” command. To do this, you need to put a space after “cd”, and specify the path to the directory.
    • Enter the command “adb reboot recovery” in the command line (without quotes) and wait for the phone to start in recovery mode.
    • We select using the physical buttons on the phone, first the item “wipe data / factory reset“, and then “Reboot system now”.

    The use of this utility is relevant when the device is locked or malfunctioning (for example, the sensor does not work).

    Resetting the smartphone to factory settings through the “Settings

    The easiest way, which does not require the owner of the gadget to install additional software and connect to a computer, is to format directly on the “problem” smartphone.

    To do this, you need to follow these simple steps:

    • go to the “Recovery and reset” section;
    • click on the item “Reset settings“;
    • click “Reset phone settings“;
    • confirm the action by clicking “Erase all”.

    If your phone has a security lock, you will be prompted to pass authorization before resetting.

    Hard reset iphone 6s/ 6s plus, SE, 6/ 6 / plus, 5s, 5c,5, 4s,4 (reset to factory settings)

    You can clear the gadget’s memory in this way only if you have access to the settings. If the phone is locked, the screen is damaged, or for some other reason it is impossible to get into the “Settings”, then you can use Recovery.

    What you need to do before formatting

    Formatting the internal memory on Android does not take much time (5-10 minutes). It takes much more time from users to save personal data, because after a hard reboot, contacts, photos, videos, programs (except for pre-installed ones) will be deleted on the phone.

    The accounts entered on the smartphone will also be lost. Therefore, it is advisable to remember or write down the logins and passwords from them before formatting.

    Attention: it is important to remember the registration data from your Google account, because after formatting (when you turn on the device for the first time), the user will need to go through authorization without fail.

    You can save information in any of the following ways: use programs to create backups, cloud storage service, or transfer photos, documents and videos “manually” to your computer through the explorer.

    How to Hard Reset on Android

    Hard reset or resetting your phone to factory defaults is one effective way of troubleshooting. Many people, both experienced and inexperienced users, resort to this option of “treating” their smartphone. In general, the process is safe and does not contradict the warranty obligations, requires special attention from the phone owners. After all, not all of them know how to reset the settings on Android correctly.

    What are the ways to reset the settings on Android

    There are several ways to format the memory of a gadget on Android. The most popular ones are:

    • Formatting using the “Restore and reset” section on the phone;
    • Hard reboot through the Recovery Mode menu;
    • Clearing internal memory through a computer using the Android Debug Bridge application;
    • Deleting all information on the phone via a Google account.

    When rolling back the device to factory settings, the user may encounter problems. For example, the physical buttons on the smartphone may be faulty, or the sensor may not respond when pressed. If hardreset fails in one way, you need to choose another.

    Why do you need to Hard Reset Android

    Hard reset means deleting all user information on the phone, except for the preinstalled system programs, melodies, pictures and Android OS startup settings. After a successful “hard reset” on the smartphone, there will be no trace of its use.

    Resetting Android to factory defaults helps to solve many problems that arise when using your phone. Namely:

    • remove malware, especially annoying ads (often the user downloads it along with the application to his device);
    • speed up the work of your gadget;
    • delete unnecessary files that take up space in the device’s memory;
    • eliminate errors in the Android operating system that appear as a result of failures or incorrect updates of applications of Google services and much more.
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    You can also resort to this troubleshooting method in cases where the device suddenly turned off and does not turn on. Such situations are not uncommon, and a common cause is an erroneous application update or a malfunction of one of them.

    Hard reset via the Recovery menu

    To reset to factory settings through recovery, the gadget does not need to be loaded until the desktop appears on the screen. This solution to the problem is suitable even if the phone does not turn on.

    The main condition is a charged phone and working physical buttons on it. It is with the power and volume buttons that you can enter Recovery and format.

    The combination of buttons to be pressed may differ depending on the manufacturer of the device. On some phones (for example, HTC), you need to hold down the volume down and up and power buttons at the same time.

    On Samsung phones, just hold down the volume up and power button.

    In order to perform a hard reset on Samsung smartphones via Recovery, you need:

    How to Hard Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

    • on the switched off phone, hold down the combination of buttons: volume up and on. We are waiting for the phone to vibrate, and then we drop the power button, while be sure to hold down the volume up button;
    • when the list appears on the screen of the gadget, go down to “wipe data / factory reset” and press the power button;
    • confirm the action by clicking on the corresponding item (in order to go down to the desired section, you must use the volume down button, and use the power button to make a choice);
    • restart the device by selecting the appropriate item;

    How to clear all data on your phone remotely

    There is an Android formatting option that does not require “direct” contact with the phone. using a google account.

    In order to do a full reset on Android in this way, you can use absolutely any device that has access to the Internet.

    In order to be able to delete all information from your phone in the future, you need to properly configure your device. To do this, do the following:

    • go to the “Security” section, which is located in the device settings;
    • click on “Device Administrators”;
    • put a tick next to the “Find device” option;
    • enable mobile Internet and the option “Transfer of geodata” on the phone.

    In addition to the above conditions, the Android device must not be turned off.

    Note: in addition to formatting the device memory through an account, the user can remove the lock from the screen if he forgot the password, and, in case of loss, “see” the location of the phone on the map.

    To perform a full factory reset using Google, you need to do the following:

    • Open a browser on the device and go to
    • In the right corner, click “Login”.
    • Go through authorization and click “Next”.
    • Click on the “Google Apps” icon, which is located in the upper right corner.
    • Select “My Account”.
    • Click on the “Proceed” link, which is located in the “Phone search” section.
    • Select the gadget you want to format.
    • Confirm that the user is the owner of the account.
    • Click on the link “Delete all data from the device”.
    • Confirm the deletion by clicking on the “Yes, erase” button.

    You can do a factory reset in one more way. using a secret code.

    This method does not always help and is not suitable for all smartphones, therefore it is used less and less in practice.

    In order to reset Android using a secret code, you need to enter the combination ### or 27673855 # in the dialing menu.

    You can format Android in this way if the phone is locked. To do this, select “Emergency Call” on the locked screen and enter one of the combinations.

    Factory reset iPhone

    Owners of smartphones from Apple more than once faced problems when the device began to slow down or software glitches appeared. The surest way to fix such a problem would be to factory reset your iPhone. Apple developers have implemented several hard reset methods specifically to implement this function. All Hard Reset options will be described in detail below in the article.

    You may need to reset your iPhone DO to factory settings for several reasons:

    • clear the device from the accumulated data;
    • reset all settings to factory level;
    • remove corrupted files or software.

    The operation performed allows you to reboot the device and return it to all factory parameters that were at the time of release. The following versions of smartphones support system rollback:

    • 4-4s;
    • 5-5s;
    • 6-6s;
    • later models released after 2016.

    Reset via iTunes

    You can drop iPhone DO factory settings through iTunes. This will require:

    • Go to the main section and select the tab at the top of the “Restore iPhone” window.
    • The application will notify you that you need to disable the “find iPhone” function, which is located in the main menu. To do this, on the iPhone, you need to click on the “Settings” icon.
    • In the new window, find the “iCloud” section.
    • To disable the setting in the iPhone menu, you need to move the lever to the left.
    • The system will ask you to confirm your choice of action. To do this, you need to enter the password for your Apple ID account and click on the “Turn off” button.
    • You need to go back to iTunes and click on the “Restore iPhone” button again. The system will automatically scan the iPhone and perform a factory reset.

    After that, the data from the iPhone will be backed up. There will be a complete rollback of the settings to the factory level and the deletion of all system information. The system will download the updated version of the OS to the smartphone.

    After this action, the installation of the downloaded system on the phone will begin. The smartphone will reboot several times. Do not disconnect the device from the USB cable during installation. This can damage the download and the procedure will have to start over.

    After completing this action, the program will display a notification that the download is complete. The phone will restart for the last time and the welcome screen will load, after which you need to configure the device from scratch.

    To download previously copied files, you need, without disconnecting the smartphone from the USB cable, in the program, click on the button “Restore from a copy”.

    iTunes will automatically download all the files you copied earlier and restart the iPhone. After that, the device will be completely updated.


    It is up to the user to decide whether a backup copy of the data is needed. It is recommended to use special means of storing information when carrying out the procedure for rolling back the system to the factory level.

    To do this, you can choose one of the following methods:

    • Saving to iCloud.
    • Copy and Restore via iTunes.

    Actions are performed in a few clicks. With these methods of saving data, all information after a system rollback will be restored to the mobile device. At the same time, you do not need to upload files yourself and distribute them to sections.

    iOS and services working with this system allow all actions to be carried out automatically. A full backup of the information is made. When you reset the settings, all data is deleted and the operating system is reinstalled.

    When the recovery mode is activated, all programs and multimedia files are downloaded to the device again using the PC and USB cable. Additionally, iCloud cloud storage service can be used.

    Reset via iPhone

    You can reset everything to factory settings on the iPhone through the system menu. How do I completely clean my device? For this you will need:

    • Open the “Basic” tab in a new window.
    • In the iPhone menu that appears, click on “Reset”.

    You can’t completely reset your iPhone. There are several ways to choose from to reset the factory settings.

    It is worth noting that to completely reset all settings and delete files on the iPhone, you will need to disable the password set in the system. Without this action, the system will not be able to perform a data reset operation.

    iPhone can be reset to factory settings via a keyboard shortcut. This method is called Hard Reset. A hard reset erases all data on the device. The operation will be useful if the gadget does not start or a system error appears.

    To do this, turn off your phone completely. Next, on the iPhone, you need to hold down the Home and Power keys together and hold them for up to 15 seconds.

    The iPhone branded logo will light up, and a download bar will appear below it. After releasing the buttons, you must wait until the files are uploaded. The iPhone will then start up with factory settings. When performing such an operation, it is necessary that the battery charge is at least 50%, otherwise the recovery process may be interrupted.

    Copy and Restore via iTunes

    What does it mean to restore iPhone to iTunes? This is the standard procedure for rolling back and updating the system, with the transfer of all files from the device to a personal computer.

    This step requires a PC, USB connection cable, and iTunes software. After synchronizing the gadget with the software, controls are available that allow you to configure the device from a computer.

    To activate the smartphone control system in the main window of the program, you need to:

    • Click on the thumbnail image of the phone.
    • To copy all available information on the gadget at the bottom of the screen, click on the “Create a copy now” button.

    Recovery via iTunes is as follows. To do this, you must have a copy saved through the program on a PC. Next, you need to click on the “Restore from a copy” button. Factory reset can delete all data on iPhone. Recovery will protect against information loss.

    ITunes will then automatically upload all saved data to your device. It is worth noting that the copy will replace the information previously posted on the smartphone.

    Saving to iCloud

    Through iCloud, saving occurs remotely. You can do everything through a smartphone. The application is system.

    • The menu that opens should be scrolled to the “iCloud” tab.
    • To access the online storage, you must enter your Apple ID, password and click on the “Login” button.
    • Immediately after logging in, a notification about the merging of contacts will appear. To save the information, click on the “Combine” item.

    Save mode will start. Depending on the speed of data transfer and their volume, it will be necessary to wait from 1 to 5 minutes.

    After that, a window will appear where the user’s choice will be presented to all applications and information sources, the data of which can be copied in automatic mode.

    Saving is activated by swiping to the right. Scrolling down the window, the “Storage and Copies” tab will appear.

    By clicking on this item, a new menu will open. It displays the total available and used amount of copied data.

    To create a full backup of the device in the cloud storage, you need to click on the “Create a copy” item.

    To quickly copy all the information, it is better to use a stable internet connection. Provides high speed data uploading Wi-Fi network.

    How to reconfigure to another user? All you need to do is sign out of your Apple ID and enter other login details. As a result, the gadget will have access to information and programs that were used by another person.

    Summary and comments

    Apple has many options for restoring the functionality of its devices. The procedure is not much different on different iPhone models. Resetting to factory settings will help both when selling a phone to delete all confidential data, and simply to clean the smartphone from accumulated software junk. If you have any problems when trying to carry out a Hard Reset or have questions, ask them in the comments, and our specialists will try to give them the most detailed answer.

    Users can draw their own conclusions about which of the above methods suits them best. Each of the options discussed will help you reset your iPhone. You can also perform this action through a personal computer.

    Regardless of how you perform a factory reset, it is recommended that you back up your data. It will save information and quickly load it after resetting iPhone. The listed methods are suitable for all gadgets running iOS mobile OS from version 7 and above.