Replace glass on Samsung A 30

Replacing glass (touch screen) on the phone

The minimum amount of repairs is 500 rubles, by paying for which you book the time of the master and the necessary details. In case of refusal of services, a full refund is guaranteed.

Replacing glass (touch screen) on the phone | How much does it cost to replace the glass on a smartphone. Service center

Mobile devices with a touchscreen are popular, functional and quite reliable gadgets, but if you are faced with a problem when you need to replace the touchscreen, you should not be upset ahead of time. This is not surprising, since fragile glass is the Achilles heel of modern phones. If such a nuisance happened, experienced craftsmen will certainly be able to bring your mobile friend back to life.

The most common reason for replacing glass (sensor, touchscreen) is careless mechanical impact. The phone can fall from a height, it can be accidentally stepped on, crushed or even thrown against the wall with anger In all these cases, replacing the glass is the only way to extend the life of the gadget.

The sensor consists of several layers, and if there are violations in at least one of them, the system will not work. If the touchscreen does not respond to touch and the image persists, the problem may only be with the top layer of glass. If the picture is blurry, indistinct, there is blackout, or there is no image at all, you will need to replace the entire touch panel. The price of replacing glass depends on the model of the device and the complexity of the upcoming work. However, replacing a sensor is always much more economical than buying a new device.

The following problems are encountered with the touch glass of mobile phones: The device remains functional, but the display remains permanently white. In this case, most likely, the controller on the board is broken, the program is broken, the loop is damaged, etc.; The screen is dark blue. it means that there is a problem with the display itself or the controller; Ripples on the screen; The image appears, then disappears. and so on for a long time; The screen began to work worse, the picture is poorly visible; The phone “hangs” during the touchscreen calibration; The touchscreen responds incorrectly to touches or does not respond to them at all; There are cracks in the glass.

If you have any of the described malfunctions, you should not postpone the trip to the service center. the sooner you replace the glass, the higher the likelihood that the phone will work correctly in the future. In no case should you try to repair or replace the touchscreen yourself, otherwise, most likely, you will have to change the phone itself in the near future. Remember that only experienced craftsmen can professionally replace the touch glass in a device as complex and fragile as a mobile phone.

Samsung A5 glass replacement

Our customers often call us to ask how much it costs to replace the glass on Samsung A5, ask about the repair time, and also ask if it is possible to save money and replace it without replacing the entire display module. Specialists of our service center “Kharkov-repair” will try to answer these and many other questions you are interested in regarding the repair of Samsung gadgets.

To begin with, in our service center you can not only replace the glass of your Samsung Galaxy A5, but also carry out other types of repairs for gadgets from this North Korean manufacturer. Qualified masters of our service center in the shortest possible time, and this is one or two days, will replace the damaged glass or change the entire display module.

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When is Samsung A5 glass replacement required?

Replacing glass on Samsung mobile devices is performed even if the design features of your gadget do not provide for this possibility. That is, if the manufacturer has combined the display, touch screen (touchscreen) and protective glass into one part: the display module. Our technicians will perform a separate glass replacement without changing the entire display module. In this case, replacing the Samsung A5 glass involves removing it by carefully cutting it off the display, which is carried out using special profile equipment. By replacing the glass in this way, you do not have to buy a new display module, which will save you money.

Samsung A5 glass replacement is required in the following cases:

  • If scratches, chips, cracks appear on the surface of the screen, but the display has no visible damage in the form of matrix smudges, and the mobile device works in the same mode.
  • If there is visible damage to the protective glass, but the sensor functions flawlessly and reacts to your touch.

Replacing the Samsung A5 screen (display module) is necessary in the following cases:

  • If there is no visible damage to the sensor or glass, but you observe image problems.
  • If the sensor does not respond (or does not respond correctly) to touch.

Samsung Galaxy A30 certified glass is the best choice!

Quality display overlays from leading brands have the following properties:

  • Serve as reliable protection against scratches, abrasions and chips.
  • Minimally affect sensor sensitivity and color rendition.
  • Covered with an oleophobic film that repels fatty contaminants.
  • Harmoniously fit into the factory look of the mobile device.
  • Easy enough to stick and remove at home.

All technologically correct armored glasses for Samsung Galaxy A30 have the listed consumer qualities. At the same time, each manufacturer wants to distinguish his product against the background of analogs by means of “point” or complex improvement of its characteristics. What determines the existing range of and the variety of the lineup. The package usually includes all the necessary accessories for self-installation.

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Samsung A30s broken glass replacement without mobile open

Overview of possible designs

Classic products are a flat multi-layer panel. it covers the flat area of ​​the face of the smartphone. 2.5D marking indicates high-tech grinding of sharp edges (edge ​​rounding). An even more advanced solution is 3D glass for Samsung Galaxy A30 (A305), which completely covers the front surface with a rounded perimeter. And it is these protectors that are fixed by means of a contoured adhesive frame.

The average thickness of the armor plates is in the range of 0.26-0.33 mm. Ultra-thin modifications are almost invisible on the device, but only famous brands are able to truly keep their protective functions at the proper level. The higher the manufacturer’s Mohs hardness rating from 1 to 10 H, the better. The design of the overlays, created specifically for the phone model in question, is complemented by functional cutouts by default.

Terms of purchase of the interested accessory:

  • Favorable retail value of products promoted by TM.
  • We provide professional services for gluing bulletproof glasses.
  • The sold protectors are already stored in our own warehouse.
  • We provide additional discounts to regular customers.
  • We advise on issues of interest in a convenient mode.

How to replace the glass on your smartphone yourself

From the above it follows that the replacement is carried out by two different methods, depending on the type of connection of the matrix with the touchscreen.

Replacement on the OGS screen

The separation of the two constituent components in this case is a very complex process, which is carried out only in service centers, and even then not all. If you decide to change it yourself, then it is better to purchase the complete OGS module (along with the matrix).

The service centers use the following set of tools:

  • stand for warming up the screen with preliminary fixation;
  • thread for separating display elements;
  • stencil. after placing in it, photopolymer glue is applied to the phone;
  • UV lamp for bonding.

It is quite difficult to carry out the operation of separating the elements and gluing them without the presence of the specified equipment. Currently, this type of screen is used in most smartphones.

In general, the replacement of the touchscreen on the OGS-display is carried out in the following sequence:

    Removing the SIM card and memory card, removing the back cover. If the cover is non-removable, then you need to pick up the case near the screen with a plastic object. You can try to find a detailed disassembly of a specific model on YouTube or other video hosting.

Removing the display module. The procedure involves warming up the device with a hairdryer and pulling the part.

  • The next step, how to change the glass on a smartphone with your own hands, will be to prepare the module for disassembly. It is placed on a perforated metal sheet and bolted down. It is important to avoid further displacement.
  • The detachment of the matrix from the touchscreen is carried out at a temperature of 80 degrees. The surface gradually warms up, a nylon thread is wound under the edge and separation is carried out.
  • The matrix is ​​cleaned of adhesive residues with a cleaner, then degreased.

    The matrix is ​​covered with a layer of glue and matched with a touchscreen. It is important to match as accurately as possible, otherwise the sensor may not work properly if skewed.

    Samsung A30 Glass Replacement

    Dry the glue with a UV lamp. The process takes 10-30 minutes, until the adhesive component hardens.

  • Reinstall the module, connect the loop.
  • Assemble the body of the smartphone, check the functionality of the touch screen.
  • This completes the procedure. In the case of replacing an integral module, it is enough only to disconnect the element and the wires suitable for it, then install the new one in the old place and connect it.

    How to remove a protective glass from a smartphone

    First of all, you need to remove the old protective glass. Replacement is often done after it has been broken, so the procedure will be described from this perspective:

    • There is the most intact corner on the glass, at which there are no signs of damage (usually the farthest from the impact site).
    • A sucker clings to this corner.
  • Carefully insert a plastic pick or similar thin object between the screen and the protective glass. Gradually, the pick is pushed further, and the suction cup is pulled towards itself. Often, after peeling off one edge, the glass can be easily separated by hand.
  • When performing the procedure, the most important thing is not to damage the main glass of the phone.

    Smartphone display elements

    Before studying the direct instructions, you should figure out what modern displays used in most smartphones consist of. Their components include:

      Matrix. a panel of liquid crystal or LED type that contains an array of pixels that form the final image. On the back there is a stainless steel case, and the front is covered with thin glass. The design includes a ribbon cable that connects the screen to the board of the mobile device.

    A touchscreen is a panel that is placed on top of the matrix and registers the user’s touches. The software combines the received information with the arrangement of elements on the screen and performs the appropriate action. When falling, it often takes a hit on itself, as a result of which it cracks. Replacing this element is cheaper than matrices.

    These components can be attached to each other in two ways:

      Through the air gap. This is a simpler design used earlier, which means easy glass replacement without the use of special tools.

    Without an air gap. the so-called OGS-display, which is a single whole, combining a matrix and a touchscreen. The replacement can be carried out independently, but it takes more time and requires the use of special devices.

    Air-spaced screen replacement

    Now let’s figure out how to replace the glass ourselves on a smartphone, the screen of which has an air gap. In this case, the procedure is not so complicated and can be done quite simply at home. In this case, you will be able to save a decent amount. Before starting work, make sure you have the following tools:

    • small Phillips screwdrivers;
    • plastic scraper (how to pry the elements);
  • a suction cup made of silicone and equipped with a ring;
  • hair dryer for heating;
  • glue B-7000 or similar;
  • medical rubber gloves.
  • Glass replacement is carried out in the following stages:

    • The phone is disassembled.
    • The screen is detached.
  • It is warmed up with a hairdryer to a temperature of 80 degrees. It is important not to exceed the specified temperature and not stay in one place for a long time, so as not to damage the component.
  • After warming up, the display is attached to the suction cup and the touchscreen is separated.
  • The body is cleaned from glue residues.
  • The touch screen is being prepared: the film is removed, double-sided tape is glued around the perimeter or glue is spread.
  • The touchscreen is pressed against the matrix, the excess glue is removed with a napkin.
  • After the glue dries, the components of the phone are assembled and checked for operability.
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    These are the two main methods of replacing the touchscreen on a smartphone on your own. And to avoid further damage, a protective glass is glued to the touch panel. Let’s analyze this procedure in more detail.

    How to change the main glass of a smartphone?

    Touch screens have seriously expanded the functionality of mobile devices, but since the beginning of their use, technology had to be treated more carefully. Almost any fall from a height exceeding 1 m can damage the main glass of the phone or even the matrix. Tempered glass is used to protect the screen, and the phone itself is often worn in a case.

    In the current article, we will figure out whether it is possible to replace the glass on a smartphone and how to do it depending on the design of the display. We will also consider the process of removing and gluing the protective glass, which will save you from the occurrence of more serious problems.

    Switch To Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy official website

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    2 _ Image simulated for illustration purposes.

    3 _ Available only in F1.5 aperture mode.

    4 _ Super Slow-mo only supports HD resolution. Limited to 20 frames per video, approximately 0.2 seconds recording and 6 seconds playback per frame.

    6 _ Available features and functionality may vary by country.

    7 _ Samsung account and data network (Wi-Fi or Internet connection) required. Translation speed may vary based on internet connection and word count. This feature is limited to selected languages. For a complete list of languages, visit

    8 _ Infinity Display: Near Bezel-less, Full Front Edge-to-Edge Glass Screen.

    11 _ Wireless charger sold separately. Samsung Wireless Charging Stand is compatible with other charging cradles that support both WPC and PMA.

    12 _ Knox container is optional.

    13 _ TIMA. it is an integrity measurement architecture based on TrustZone.

    14 _ Other phones with IP67 rating (submersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes) compared to Samsung Galaxy S8, S8. Note8, S9 and S9 with IP68 protection.

    15 _ Google Play Music availability varies by country or region.

    16 _ Upon purchase. For new customers only. Please activate the Google Play Music app on eligible devices between April 21, 2017 and April 29, 2018. Except for some carriers. Currently 9.99 / month in the United States or as indicated on the offer landing page in the Google Play Music app after the trial period, unless you cancel before the trial period ends. Full terms:

    17 _ Samsung Pay availability and features may vary by country or region.

    18 _ If you don’t have a USB port, open Smart Switch Mobile in Settings on your Galaxy S7 or later, or download Smart Switch for PC / Mac. For bank transfer, your device must be a Galaxy device with Android 4.3 or higher, iOS 5 or higher, or BlackBerry 7 OS or 10 OS. Other devices do not support wire transfer and must use the Smart Switch wireless transfer option or download the Smart Switch PC software. If you don’t have a USB cable from your old phone or a USB wired data connector on the GS8, you can use the wireless options.

    19 _ To avoid interruption of text messaging when transferring from iOS, please change your iMessage settings.

    20 _ The type of data transfer from non-Android OS to Galaxy may differ depending on the OS version.

    21 _ Availability may vary by country or region.

    Samsung Galaxy s3 glass replacement. DataSheet

    Let’s say you dropped your phone and the glass is now cracked, but the display is still working. You do not need to change the entire display (199), you can only replace the front glass (6-10).

    Step 1

    • If your phone has a screen protector, you must leave it on.
    • If not, cut a display-sized piece of packing tape and glue it on top.
    • This will further help you remove the broken glass.

    Step 2

    • With a plastic tool, it will be very easy to remove the back cover.

    Step 4

    • Press your finger on the SIM card, sinking it a little deeper into the slot until it clicks.
    • Then we remove the SIM card

    Samsung Galaxy A30 Glass Replacement | Crack Screen Repair | Technical Ustaaj

    Step 5

    • After that, you can proceed to the next step, which is performed with a hot air gun. However, it will be better to remove the motherboard first.
    • If you decide to remove the motherboard, it has parts like this.

    Step 6

    • You must be patient to complete the following procedure. Do not hurry!
    • Using an infrared thermometer, heat the glass surface to about 70-80 ° C. This will loosen the adhesive but not damage the electronics.
    • Hold the pistol about 7 cm away from your phone (as in the picture, closer to the upper right corner). With a hot air gun, warm up the borders around the perimeter of the glass for 3-5 minutes, depending on the power of the hot air gun.
    • You must be careful when using a hair dryer. If the device overheats, the digitizer can be melted and discolored. If you see any color change on the display, turn off the hot air gun immediately.
    • Using a hairdryer can take up to 1 hour.
    • It melts the glue that adheres the glass to the frame and to the display.

    Step 7

    • Using a pick or plastic instrument, very carefully begin to peel off the edge of the glass.
    • Gradually move from top to bottom.
    • You will need to heat the glass several times as you go from top to bottom. For glasses with a lot of cracks and splinters, you will need to walk extra carefully to avoid damaging the LCD with splinters.

    Step 8

    • When you start to separate the screen, you should start at the top and work your way down gradually. Insert the tool into the resulting gaps to prevent re-bonding.
    • Be especially careful when approaching the bottom as the menu buttons are glued to the glass.
    • Do not tear off the glass immediately, this may damage the cables. Pull the screen from the top towards the buttons until the point where the button stubs are visible.

    Step 9

    • Be especially careful not to damage the buttons or the cable! Use a spudger to detach the buttons from the inside of the glass. This may require additional heating. Start in the middle, under the black tape that connects the two buttons, then work your way out to the sides to separate each one.
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    Step 10

    • Remove broken glass.
    • If the glass is broken into small pieces, it is best to remove them with tweezers or together with a protective film.

    Step 11

    • Remove the metal trim from your old glass, you will need to attach it to the new one.

    Step 12

    • Clean the edges from glue residues with microfiber and a little WD40.
    • Make sure not to use too much WD40.
    • Do not try to remove all the adhesive from the gaps between the LCD and the bezel. As the backlight can be damaged.
    • Cut out two small strips of duct tape (1mm) and glue the buttons to the phone to secure them.
    • Make sure the buttons are positioned exactly below their image on the glass.

    Step 13

    • Glue the pieces of tape along the inner frame of the phone.
    • Clean the digitizer with a lint-free cloth or clean microfiber.

    Step 14

    • Take new glass from the packaging and make sure not to touch the inside of the screen.
    • A protective film is glued on both sides of the glass. Remove it before installing the glass on your phone.

    Step 15

    • Check the glass for light. Make sure there are no streaks. If there are any marks, remove them with a glass cleaner.
    • Remove any paper from the adhesive tape and install a new glass.
    • Press down on the edges of the glass to ensure adhesion.

    To assemble the device perform steps 1-5 in reverse order.

    If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

    What is the peculiarity of the full screen replacement Samsung Galaxy A30 2019 and in what cases is it necessary

    Most often, this method of restoring the functions of the phone is offered by masters if the screen is seriously damaged by a fall, exposure to water, or if you yourself damaged it while trying to replace the protective glass yourself.

    The peculiarity of the complete replacement of the display module is that it does not just change the glass separately or the assembly separately, but replace everything completely. Such repairs will cost much more, but thanks to our democratic and constant promotions, you will restore your Samsung Galaxy A30 2019 with high quality, professional and cheaper than in other SCs.

    To accurately determine the way to restore your mobile device, bring it to our workshop into the golden hands of real professionals in the field of phone repair.

    After the completion of the repair and the issuance of a tested and refurbished smartphone to your hands, we will also issue you a guarantee. The warranty period starts from 30 days and, depending on the material and components used in the repair process, may be given for a longer period.

    Professional and quick glass replacement for Samsung Galaxy A30 2019 in Kiev

    Despite the durability of this smartphone model declared by the South Korean brand, it, like many modern mobile devices, is highly susceptible to external physical influences. In case of an unsuccessful fall, squeezing, moisture ingress under the body of the device. often damage, both external and internal, cannot be avoided.

    As a rule, all Galaxy A30 2019 breakdowns are caused by careless and incorrect handling of its owner. Even a simple “thrown on the sofa” or “fell off the table” can result in damage to the protective glass, breakage of the display, dents on the case and much more.

    When this happens, you should immediately carry your gadget into the hands of real professionals, such as our qualified engineers from Mobitool.

    In what cases do we offer exactly the replacement of glass on Samsung Gelexi A30 2019?

    This rather popular smartphone has one very weak point. the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen. Although it is equipped with third-generation glass and is considered quite durable, given how sometimes the gadget is used carelessly. also prone to breakage. Frustration due to damage is superfluous here, because there are professional specialists from the Mobitul service center who will cope with a breakdown of any complexity. The main thing. do not try to fix the problem yourself, otherwise you will only complicate the recovery process and may irreparably damage something else. Amateur activities can lead to even higher repair costs in the future.

    Here are some of the reasons when the best solution is to contact our SC for professional help:

    • The phone fell from a height onto a hard surface and does not turn on;
    • The device has been exposed to sudden temperature changes, in particular overheating;
    • The upper protective glass began to crack, crumble or become covered with scratches;
    • The smartphone has been dropped into water or a drink has been spilled on it;
    • Scratched and wrinkled case;
    • The sensor does not respond or “slows down”;
    • The image has become blurry, etc.

    But not in all these cases it is possible to do only by replacing the glass on the Samsung Galaxy A30 2019, since the nature of the damage may be more serious than it seems at first glance. To resolve the issue and find out the nature of the breakdown and its severity, professional diagnostics of your smartphone from professional experienced masters of the Mobitool service center will help.

    The diagnostics service is carried out by our engineers to clarify the breakdown described by you, to correctly search for ways to restore the operation of the device. Diagnostics in Mobitul is absolutely free and it’s up to you. whether or not to agree to further repair the smartphone.

    Why do residents of Kiev and all of Ukraine choose the Mobitool service center??

    It’s actually very simple. only professionals with higher engineering education work for us. All our specialists have colossal, many years of experience in the field of restoring mobile devices, and also constantly improve their skills by visiting exhibitions and master classes.

    Mobitul uses only the best, latest and highest quality professional technology to recover faulty mobile devices. You can be sure that it is in our workshop that only the highest quality, reliable and original components in Ukraine are used.

    To clarify any information on our services provided, you can contact our manager at the specified phone number. You can also find out a lot of useful information and clarify for repairs on our official website.