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Tricolor TV writes No signal. what to do?

I think many users of Tricolor TV satellite television are familiar with the situation when you turn on the set-top box, but there is no signal from it on the TV. What to do, where to run, who to call?
Don’t panic! Now we will figure it out on our own, identify the cause and possibly even fix it.
First, see if the TV and receiver have turned on for sure. Then look at the TV screen. what’s going on there.
There are two options for the development of events. First, let’s define what is meant by the concept of “No signal”.

Case 1. The screen says “No signal”

This is the most common situation. It is caused in 75% of cases by the fact that the wrong source was selected on the TV. This is most often done by children when playing with the remote control. To rectify the situation, you must first look at the back of the TV case. in which of its connectors the Tricolor TV receiver is connected. All ports are signed and even have their own numbering.

Next, you need to pick up the remote control and find the button that switches the signal sources. Usually this button is called Source or Input.

In response to this action, the TV should display the following or a SIMilar menu, which will list all available inputs:

We choose the one that includes the Tricolor TV prefix. Usually after that the problem is successfully solved.

Note: On older TV models, where, besides the composite input (tulips) and SCART, there are no other connectors, the output is switched by the “TV / AV” button. Switch your TV to AV-in and check if there is an image from the set-top box. Some TV models have several AV inputs (for example, front and rear), then the “AV” button will have to be pressed several times to switch between them.

Also, be sure to check that the satellite receiver is correctly turned on and working. Sometimes it can happen that the power indicator on it is on, but the device itself does not start. Then the inscription “No signal” on the TV will also be lit. Try restarting it by unplugging the power supply and plugging it back in.
If this did not help and the message and when you try to turn on the Tricolor TV, it still says “No signal”, then try replacing the cable between the receiver and the TV. He usually lies on the floor and is exposed to the destructive effects of children and pets. he is either squeezed or chewed.

Case 2. Do not show TV channels

If the receiver interface itself is available and a list of channels is displayed, but there is no image and Tricolor writes “no signal” on all channels, then there is most likely a problem in the equipment.

over, the reason may be the fermented settings of the satellite receiver, a damaged transponder, an incorrectly installed antenna. Begin by checking the antenna itself to see if it has been bent by wind or something else. A broken or kinked coaxial cable from the antenna to the receiver can also be the source of the problem when there is no signal. Examine it carefully for damage.
If the inscription “No signal” is displayed only on some channels, while others work without problems, then this may be caused either by technical work at the operator, or by changing the frequency of the TV channel. Try to go to the operator’s website and read in the news. are there any maintenance work or changes in the work of individual channels.

Why is there no signal on the TV and how to solve this problem

What if there is no signal on the TV? First, you need to diagnose the cause of the failure. You can do this yourself. Much will depend on the signal source: cable, digital or satellite TV. Secondly, you need to fix the problem on your own or turn to the provider for help.

Now let’s analyze the most common reasons for the lack of a signal. Sometimes the receiver does not receive a signal due to hardware breakdowns, and in some situations, system errors have become the catalyst for the failure. Sometimes external factors, especially weather conditions, affect the signal quality. However, everything in order.

Equipment out of order

The most common reason that a TV does not show certain or all channels is hardware failure. Breakdowns in this category can be roughly divided into three groups:

  • mechanical damage to the connecting cable;
  • breakdown of a satellite dish or TV antenna;
  • receiver malfunction.
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Now let’s look at all the problems in more detail. Let’s start with the cable problems. If the TV says “No signal” or it is very weak, which is why the channels are actually poorly shown, then the connecting cable is most likely damaged.

Diagnostics involves a thorough check of all plugs, as well as wires for breaks and other mechanical damage. Remember that the signal quality is directly affected by the cable. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the right cable.

Another justification for why there is no signal on the TV is a breakdown of a dish or a conventional TV antenna. If you are using a cymbal, first make sure that it points in the right direction. We will talk about this in more detail a little later. It is possible that the TV antenna is covered with a thick layer of dust and dirt. In the cold season, it can be covered with ice. Naturally, all this negatively affects the signal quality. Clean the surface of the device gently.

Damage to the antenna itself cannot be ruled out, for example, after a gusty wind, a certain element of the device broke. In this case, the TV antenna or satellite must be replaced.

Sometimes the prefix writes “No signal” due to a receiver malfunction. This is a very common breakdown. The main task of the converter is regulation. The decoder lowers the frequency of the satellite signal. As a result, the loss of signal quality is automatically reduced to zero. The only way to solve the problem that appears is to change the faulty receiver.

The possibility of a malfunction of the TV itself cannot be ruled out. Even devices from brands such as Philips, LV, Sony, Samsung are not immune to breakdowns. The breakage may be minor. For example, the contacts of the connector for connecting the antenna cable have oxidized. Such a malfunction is eliminated by re-soldering the damaged areas.

Firmware update on Smart TV

If all the elements of the connection: TV, receiver, cable, antenna are working correctly, but there is still no signal, it is likely that the Smart TV firmware was the cause of the malfunction. Samsung regularly releases software updates for its technology. Each service pack is aimed at optimizing the TV performance and fixing errors. Therefore, in no case should you ignore the installation of a new firmware version.

To restore your TV to work, update the software. Mostly devices with Smart TV support are updated automatically, if not, then the firmware will have to be installed manually. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Just follow the step by step instructions:

  • Connect the device to the Internet, for example, to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control, and then open the panel with the basic settings.
  • Switch to the “Support” tab, and then go to the “Software update” subsection.
  • The specifics of further actions will depend on which TV model you are using. You need the item “Online” or “Update now”. Commands may differ in name, but the principle of their operation always remains the same.
  • The operating system automatically checks for updates and then prompts you to install a new firmware version. You need to click on the “Yes” button.
  • Wait until the installation of updates is completed.
  • At the end of the installation process, the TV will automatically reboot.
  • Check if there is a signal. Re-tune all TV channels if necessary.

External causes

Partially this topic has already been touched upon earlier. What if I have problems with the signal after strong wind, rain or snow? First of all, you need to establish the initial direction of the antenna or satellite dish. It cannot be ruled out that a bad picture is a consequence of the obstacles that have appeared: buildings, branches, trees. If possible, fix the problem, for example, cut the branch of a tree that is interfering with signal reception.

What to do in situations when there is no signal on TV due to the fact that there are obstacles that you have no right to remove? For example, neighbors built a new building or expanded the house. The easiest way to solve the problem is to change the location of the TV antenna or satellite dish.

If the antenna / dish was initially installed correctly, but after the wind its direction changed, then this can also be considered the reason that when you turn on the TV you see the inscription “No signal”.

First of all, you need to adjust the turning angle of the dish or antenna. Pay attention to the direction of your neighbors’ antennas, do everything the same as theirs. To carry out the most fine tuning, use the angle calculator. You can find it on the official website of the provider. First, enter the location details. To get the most accurate information, use the information obtained from the GPS of your smartphone. The program will automatically calculate in which direction you need to point the antenna to improve signal reception.

Sometimes the quality of the image can deteriorate noticeably during heavy rain or wind. This is a completely natural phenomenon. Bad weather negatively affects the signal quality. Unfortunately, you will hardly be able to achieve perfect picture quality. You can try to move the antenna or dish to a more secure location if it matches the values ​​obtained using the angle calculator.

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Repair work at the operator

This reason is more related to those cases when the user is a subscriber of a satellite or cable TV provider. Where to call to find out why there is no signal on the TV today? Of course, you need to contact the Support provider, but first make sure that exactly those. work caused no signal.

You can find out about the time and duration of maintenance work on the official website of the provider. Also, such a temporary problem is defined as follows:

  • Take your receiver remote.
  • Open the settings menu.
  • Check if there is a notification about no signal in the decoder menu.
Prefix Says No TV What To Do

If the channels do not turn on, and a notification about no signal appears in the receiver’s system menu. This means that the reason that TV does not work is the preventive work carried out by the provider.

If you are a cable TV subscriber, then problems with signal quality may arise due to the fact that the set-top box itself is frozen. Reboot your device. Unplug the device from the mains for about half a minute, and then plug it back in. The crash may be gone.

To completely exclude the prophylaxis carried out by the TV operator, call the hotline. The managers will explain to you whether you correctly diagnosed the malfunction.

Not all channels are showing

Weak signal is the reason that the TV shows only some of the channels in poor quality. Why is this happening? First, as mentioned earlier, you might have ignored the system update output. Some packages are designed to restore signal quality in certain regions. Secondly, we cannot exclude the fact that you have set incorrect settings, as a result of which the signal constantly disappears.

It is very easy to solve the problem that has arisen. However, to a greater extent, this failure is characteristic of satellite TV. Open the settings menu and then select the desired satellite and frequency. Detailed information about specific channels can be obtained by hovering over the TV channel, and then clicking on the “OK” or “Info”.

Now you need to find a suitable port. Mostly a 4-port DiSEqC is required. Select the desired port. Colored bars will appear on the screen. signal quality, save the set parameters. By analogy, we set up other satellites. Also, sometimes it is the tuner that constantly loses the signal. In this case, you need to reflash the decoder.

Now you know for sure what causes problems with the signal, as well as what is required to eliminate them.

If one or more channels are missing

Cases when several TV programs are not found in the search process are considered not typical. Common reasons:

  • technical problems on the side of the service provider, since one operator can provide several channels;
  • the termination of the work of the TV channel, you can check the information on the Internet;
  • half of the channels are also due to the fact that only the first multiplex is available in the place of residence.

Checking the coverage

Before connecting a digit, the coverage map is checked. Provides information about the tower location and signal quality. You can view all the data on the official website of the service, all you need to do is specify the area and enter the address of residence. After downloading the data, it will be possible to understand whether the purchase of an amplifier is required.


When the set-top box does not find channels, the problem may be in the cable. The problem is observed with the owners of the cable search format, in such cases, the first thing to do is to check the integrity. Kinks, loose plugs cause connection problems and, as a result, equipment not working correctly. In cases when all the channels were shown, and then the broadcast was interrupted for some of them, then the reason may be the performance of technical work at the station. If after several hours of waiting the list of programs has not changed, the search is repeated.

Antenna and television cable integrity

Living in a large city, the need for an additional purchase of an amplifier disappears. For digital TV, you can use an outdoor antenna, as the range will be further. For small towns, an option with an active amplifier is suitable. The presence of an amplifier will improve the signal quality and provide a stable picture. Before buying, it is better to check the connecting cable, the presence of twists or kinks will negatively affect the quality of work.

If a defect is found on the wire, it is better to replace it. If it does not work, then the places of the creases are connected with an F-plug. It is not recommended to use adapters and tees, as the reception quality will be impaired.


Antenna malfunctions are a key cause of digital malfunctions. An indoor antenna is not the best choice for connecting to digital broadcasting; during operation, picture interruptions may occur. A turn towards the tower broadcasting the signal will help to eliminate the problem. Obstacles in the form of trees or buildings interfere with the purity of broadcasting, in case of obstacles it is recommended to raise the device to a height.

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Antenna location

The location plays an important role in the quality of the received signal. Indoor indoor antenna can show different broadcast quality. What to do:

  • move across the entire area of ​​the house and put on heights, manipulations will help when the device is without an amplifier;
  • place a street street above the level of the crown of trees, as obstacles interfere with a high-quality signal.

In the case when the tower is far away. an additional amplifier is bought.

Why does the digital TV box not find channels

The first thing that is done when connecting DVB T2 is autosearch, the absence of channels after completing the option indicates a malfunction. There are many reasons for the problem, it can be either a weak signal or incorrect antenna settings. To find the right solution, you need to find out the specifics of the problem.

Why does the digital set-top box not find and catch channels: the reason for what to do?

TV is a gathering place for the whole family. Watching TV, movies, or the background for doing household chores. Technology has become an indispensable attribute of modern man. When connecting a digital for the first time, new users may face the problem of lack of programs. A logical question arises as to why the digital set-top box does not find and catch channels. In the process of searching for answers, an article was written.

Correct channel setup

Customization is key. A properly executed autosearch will ensure the availability of TV programs. How does it work:

  • through the main “Menu” go to the “Settings” section;
  • choose the type of connection and antenna;
  • click “Autosearch” and wait for the download to complete.

After successful saving, assign a number on the remote control.

The prefix does not turn on, what to do?

First of all, you need to make sure that the power supply is working properly, check that the power cable and cable are connected correctly. In the TV menu, the corresponding input to which the set-top box is connected must be selected. All TV set-top boxes have a light indication of operation, if there are no light signals, then the power supply is faulty or incorrectly connected, or the set-top box itself is faulty. If the set-top box malfunctions, you can try to do a hard reset or reflash, or contact our service center.

Unstable internet connection.

If you are using a wireless method of connecting to the Internet (Wi-Fi), then the problem may be in the distance or obstacle between the router and the set-top box itself. For maximum speed, it is desirable that both devices are in the same room. You can check the Internet speed on the set-top box with the Speedtest program, if the result is much lower than the real speed in your network when connected with a cable, then the distance from the router is too great. In some cases, the problem is solved by manually changing the Wi-Fi broadcast channel in the router settings, as well as by changing the encryption type of the router.

Picture jerky when watching HD channels.

If such a problem occurs, first of all, you need to check the speed of the Internet connection with the Speedtest program. It should be sufficient to download the file for real-time viewing. As a rule, 2-5 Mbps are enough for viewing average quality. For HD and FullHD quality with a high compression ratio (mp4, mkv format), you need at least 5-10 Mbps. For a low compression ratio (original BlueRAY, DVD) or UltraHD resolution, a speed of several tens of megabits is required.

If there are no problems with the Internet, the problem may be caused by the player you are using. It is recommended to use one of these players: MXplayer, ACE player, BSplayer or VLC player, but you can try others. In the player parameters, hardware decoding must be selected, as a rule, this type of decoding is enabled by default, only hardware decoding can ensure smooth playback of high resolutions.

When connecting a TV set-top box via HDMI, the image does not appear on the TV screen

You can solve the problem in one of several ways:

Check if the ends of the HDMI cable fit tightly into the connectors of the set-top box and the TV (it happens that the contacts do not fit well together, so the image does not appear on the screen).

Try to connect the HDMI cable to another HDMI input of your TV.

Having connected a TV set-top box, you need to select the corresponding HDMI input in the TV settings using the remote control.

Connect the set-top box to the TV with another HDMI cable.

If none of the above helps to solve the problem, you need to do a hard reset of the TV set-top box.

An attachment without a remote control, how to control?

Regardless of whether there is a remote control included or not, any TV set-top box can be controlled using standard manipulators, computer mice and keyboards with USB connection, wired / wireless (complete with a USB adapter) or Bluetooth.