Playstation 4 does not display images on TV

Playstation 4 drive problem

If the Playstation 4 does not accept discs or the disc does not insert into the Playstation 4 at all, then there is a problem with the set-top box’s optical drive. This problem most often occurs with early console models where the eject button was touch-sensitive. The rubber component inside the attachment pushed the disc out. If the console overheated, then the rubber increased in size and pressed itself against the disc. Sony solved the problem by replacing touch buttons with mechanical ones in later models.

place the console upright. Drive problems usually occur on set-top boxes in a horizontal position.

eject the disc manually. If the disc remains inside the set-top box, press the power button and hold for seven seconds. The system will shut down. Disconnect the power cable and other wires. Follow the instructions from the Sony official website.

turn off and turn on the console. Do exactly as described. Turn off the set-top box, disconnect all wires and wait a few minutes. Then turn it on again.

Select the fifth option from this list to reconstruct the database


install the latest software. Check for system and game updates.

initialize the system. Sometimes a fresh start helps. Make a backup of all saves and other important files. In the system settings, select initialization. The Playstation 4 will revert to factory settings. Attention: this method deletes all your data from the hard drive!

FAQ. PiterPlay answers frequently asked questions

The gaming industry is vast and multifaceted. Almost as much as the virtual worlds created by developers. So that you do not get lost in it, we have prepared answers to popular questions from gamers regarding PlayStaion and Xbox game consoles, licensed games and accessories for consoles.

Picture and sound disappears on Playstation 4

If the Playstation 4 does not display an image on the screen, it may indicate a damaged HDMI cable. Sound and picture fading and output problems. the result of a bent contact inside the wire. The reasons for the damage may be different, but the effect is always the same: a faulty connection and the inability to display data on TV. Also HDMI cables can be damaged in other ways.

check the HDMI ports. Take a close look at the picture outputs on both the Playstation 4 and the TV. If possible, try connecting another HDMI.

peel back the contact. If the bent part inside the wire is clearly visible, then try to put it back in place with the help of available tools. pins or screwdrivers.

Blinking red light on Playstation 4

This problem is similar in symptoms to the previous one, only instead of blue, the console blinks red. Also, when turned off, the system will emit three characteristic beeps. This problem indicates overheating of the console and possibly a malfunction of the built-in fan.

let the console rest. Hold the shutdown button for seven seconds until the console turns off. Unplug the power cord and leave the console on for a while. It is advisable until the case has completely cooled down.

give your Playstation 4 more space. If your Playstation 4 is flashing red, the system may not be able to cool effectively. Place the console in a more spacious place. Do not place the unit on carpet or in recesses on a shelf. Placing the Playstation 4 upright also contributes to better cooling.

Blinking blue light on Playstation 4

This problem is more typical for the very first version of the console, released in 2013. If the Playstation 4 is blinking blue, then this is a pretty serious sign. It can mean problems with the technical “stuffing”, and in the worst case. Playstation 4 crash.

When you start up your Playstation 4, the LED strip running along the side of the console should blink blue briefly and then change to white. If there is a problem, the blue light will flash continuously until the set-top box itself turns off. What to do in this case?

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Sony has put together a special guide to solving this problem. A blinking blue color can indicate various technical problems. Most often, it means that the Playstation 4 cannot send the signal from the console to the TV. Try the following:

check the HDMI output. take a look at the cable itself and the port it connects to. The wire or console could be damaged. To check this for sure, try using a different HDMI.

check the power supply. press and hold the console power off button for at least 7 seconds. The system will beep twice before shutting down. After that, disconnect the power cable from the console and inspect it for damage.

check your hard drive. The Playstation 4 must be turned off. Unplug the power cable and other wires and open the hard drive bay. After pulling out the hard drive, inspect it. is it damaged? Also make sure it fits snugly in its compartment.

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Another option is to connect your Playstation 4 to your computer monitor. But even here everything is not so simple.

The newer and more expensive the monitor, the easier it will be to establish a “connection”. It is best to connect via HDMI cable, but sometimes it happens that the monitor does not have a corresponding port.

You can find a DVI to HDMI adapter. It would seem that I found an adapter and the problem is solved, but in practice, problems will only be added. DVI can only transmit an image, so if the monitor does not have speakers, you will have to play with headphones, which is not always convenient.

TV set

The classic option is a TV. Of course, a large “plasma” is best. These TVs are connected with the usual HDMI cable that comes with the console. After unpacking the Playstation 4, it remains to connect the corresponding connectors on the devices and enjoy the beautiful picture.

Some people are sure that the TV is no longer needed and all its functions are performed by a computer. Often such users do not have a large widescreen screen at home, but an old TV set. It is unlikely that an HDMI input will suddenly appear on an old TV with a picture tube. In this case, you will need an HDMI to RCA adapter.

Another way. With the help of a tulip adapter, you can connect a Playstation 4 via VGA, but hardly anyone will be satisfied with the picture quality.

“Tulips” are rarely used, they are not always produced by conscientious companies, so you should not count on something good. The picture may not be displayed correctly, in addition, problems with sound may be added. This option is suitable for the first time, but you should think about buying a new TV.

There is only one conclusion. You can connect your Playstation 4 to an old TV, but don’t even think about a comfortable game.

What Playstation 4 connects to

This question often worries those who are just going to buy a console or have just purchased it.

Adjusting the image on the Playstation 4

First of all, you need to go to the settings and go to the “Sound and Screen” menu, where you should select “Video Output Settings”.

On the screen, you will see the setting for Maximum Resolution, RGB Range and Deep Color Output.

We set the permission depending on the capabilities of your console. On Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Slim. 1080p. Provided that the set-top box is connected with an HDMI cable. On Playstation 4 Pro. 4K if the TV supports this resolution.

The maximum picture resolution depends on the type of connection:

  • VGA. 640×480;
  • DVI Single Link. 1920 × 1080;
  • DVI Dual Link. 2560 × 1600;
  • HDMI 1.3. 2560 × 1600;
  • HDMI 1.4. 4096 × 2160;
  • Display Port. 4096 × 2160.

VGA and DVI can only be connected through a special adapter.

Set the RGB range to full. Next, move down to Deep Color and set the value to “Automatic”. Setting up a TV directly depends on its model and capabilities. Find out the exact name and search the internet for information. The first step (if available) is to turn on the game mode.

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In our workshops, the Playstation 4 is repaired. You can safely rely on the many years of experience of our specialists. Call and sign up!

How to connect Playstation 4 to a monitor or TV

Published by the VP Editor, 09/04/2018. Posted in Articles and News

On the forums dedicated to the topic of game consoles, we often find topics where people ask for help in choosing a display for the Playstation 4. Many have asked if it is possible to connect a Playstation 4 to a monitor, what methods exist, what problems you may encounter, etc.

We decided to collect all the information in one article, describe the basic steps for working with the console and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

playstation, does, display, images


The laptop also has a screen, which means, in theory, you can connect a prefix to it. Most models have an HDMI connector, but it doesn’t fit.

On laptops, they put an HDMI output to transmit the picture to other devices: monitor, TV, projector, etc.

A special adapter, which is inserted into USB, will help to resolve the issue. With such a connection, the picture quality will be poor. There is another option. the Remote Play program. With its help, you can transfer the image from the set-top box to any device based on Windows, iOS or Android (PC, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

If the Playstation 4 does not display the image on the monitor or the picture freezes up badly, make sure that the quality of the Internet connection meets the minimum requirements. Also check if the given model is suitable for streaming video, for example.

Good to know

Before buying a TV or monitor, you need to know some of the nuances. All this will help you make the right choice.

If you have a regular console, not the Pro version, and you are going to buy a 4K monitor, we hasten to upset you.

If you want the ultimate smooth gaming experience, consider buying a 60Hz or 120Hz screen. The higher the value, the smoother the image will be.

Input-Lag is a characteristic that reflects the processing time of a signal by a TV. It is measured in milliseconds. The less time it takes to process, the better. The optimal value is 25-35 ms, the best indicator is 13.5 ms. The record figure is assigned to some Sony TVs.

To reduce Input-Lag, you can enable Game Mode on your TV.

TV manufacturers rarely talk about this parameter, but experienced gamers always pay attention to it. We advise you to spend a little time and find information about this on the Internet.


The 2018 50U750TS LCD TV delivers high picture quality by automatically adjusting brightness, saturation, color, and screen-pulling. The diagonal of the device is 50 ″ (127 cm), the resolution is not bad. 3840 × 2160, 4K UHD. Two 8W speakers reproduce average sound, for better sound quality you may need a speaker system. Average refresh rate. 50 Hz.

How to choose a TV for your Playstation 4

  • diagonal (40 “requires a distance of at least 2 meters, 37”. 1.5 meters, 26 “- 1 meter);
  • resolution (Full HD for Playstation 4 Slim, Ultra HD and 4K for Playstation 4 Pro);
  • image quality (with high brightness and contrast);
  • sound (the best option is 4 speakers);
  • frame refresh rate (better. from 100 Hz, the lower the parameter. the worse the quality of dynamic scenes, but already at 60 Hz a pretty decent picture is obtained), etc.


  • Nice and clear sound
  • Clear and vivid image
  • Doesn’t freeze or slow down
  • Black display technology is pleasant to look at in the dark
  • Slim display
  • Flexible image settings
  • The picture is equally good from different viewing angles
  • Realistic image: 4K UHD, HDR10

OLED55B7V is a quality TV with OLED technology from the 2017 lineup. The diagonal is 54.6 “(139 cm). Screen resolution. 38402160 (4K UHD). Notable features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 24p True Cinema support. There are 2 TV tuners, 4 speakers of 10 W each and a Dolby Digital system are built into the device. It is especially worth noting the high refresh rate index. 120 Hz, so that the image, even in dynamic moments with camera turns, will not be torn and blurry.

Samsung UE-50RU7140

This is a 50 ″ (127 cm) LCD TV from a good company. Screen resolution. 3840 × 2160, 4K UHD, HDR. Among the features of the model are TimeShift, Smart TV, 24p True Cinema and Wi-Fi support. Surround sound is provided by two 10W speakers and a Dolby Digital system. For watching movies it is better to use a digital signal, with a conventional antenna the full color depth is not transmitted.

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Rating of TVs for Playstation 4

We will consider two types of devices. five simpler models, since the Playstation 4 Slim has fewer TV requirements, and five more expensive and functional TV options for the Playstation 4 Pro console.

LG 49LK6100

  • Nice appearance
  • Good sound. bass with low frequencies
  • Convenient to operate from your phone
  • Connects to a computer and allows you to run files from it directly
  • Large, bright and high contrast screen
  • Easy to transport
  • Thick screen
  • Doesn’t play videos from the Internet through the browser
  • Low function remote
  • Complex operating system

The LG 49LK6100 is the 2020 LCD TV. Screen resolution. 19201080, 1080p Full HD, 48.5 ″ (123 cm) diagonal. There is support for Smart TV and Wi-Fi. The device has a webOS operating system. 2 TV tuners work. The “Tru Motion” function at 100 Hz is present and, according to the manufacturer, is automatically connected. However, it does not improve the reproduction of dynamic scenes, which is confirmed by testing with special programs.

Repair of the Playstation. Playstation 4 does not output images to HDMI

Playstation 4 is a relatively new set-top box, and they are not often brought in for repairs. However, this is not the first time this year that there is no display when the Playstation 4 is turned on.

At the same time, the behavior of the consoles changed during various repairs.

For example, in one of the cases, the set-top box could turn on and boot in safe mode, and when turned on normally after the logo, it began to show stripes.

In the second case, on different HDMI cables and different monitors / TVs, the image could be present, but with vertical stripes, while the effect on the cable did not bring results.

Let’s figure it out in order! If you have already tried another HDMI cable and monitor / TV, then read on.

Display problems on Playstation 4 can be caused by:

  • Malfunction, i.e. mechanical damage to the HDMI port.
  • Malfunction of the HDMI port controller, located on the printed circuit board near the last.
  • Defective graphics processorAMD “Jaguar”
  • One or more GDDR5 memory modules are defective.

The photo above shows the AMD graphics processor for the Sony Playstation 4. as well as the GDDR5 memory modules. The processor may fail for the following reasons:

  • Using the set-top box in unsuitable conditions, such as rooms with high humidity and temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius
  • Falling the game console from a great height (for the same reason, the hard drive of the console can also fail)

The repair of this unit is rather difficult as it involves BGA soldering of memory or processor chips, but if the service center you are contacting has an IR station. such repairs will not be difficult.

This photo shows a general plan of the Playstation 4 motherboard. Here you can see the HDMI controller (below, to the left and above the HDMI connector), as well as the HDMI connector, and everything else 🙂

If there is a problem with vertical stripes on the screen. repair of the controller power supply, strapping and repair of the HDMI port in conjunction with a new microcircuit solves the appearance of vertical stripes on the screen.

Mechanical damage to the HDMI, careless handling of the HDMI cable, or reconnecting the HDMI plug too often will damage the HDMI controller.

In this photo. the cause of the troubles of any electronics, dust. When the game console is used, it deposits on the fan and other parts of the case. Considering that the Playstation 4 GPU is coated with thermal paste just like a regular PC / laptop. it also dries up.

Both dust and dried thermal grease can cause the GPU to overheat with its subsequent “blade”.

It is recommended to change the thermal paste on the Playstation 4 once a year.

By the way, our service center repairs SONY equipment