Photos are not saved on iPhone

iPhone or iPad duplicating photos? There is a solution!

Hello everyone! The iOS operating system is full of surprises that do not always please the unprepared user. Pop-up windows, errors, the inability to perform this or that action all these horrors cannot even be listed! 🙂 But today we will talk about a slightly more relaxed topic. So, quite recently, a friend approached me with a very simple question: “Why is it when I look at photographs I see two identical pictures? I photographed once! “.

However, we figured out this problem more or less quickly, and the person again believed in Apple’s technology. And I, in turn, believed in the need to create instructions on the topic of repetitive photographs in the iPhone and iPad.

Are you ready? Its time to begin. Let’s go!

So, here are the main reasons for the appearance of duplicates:

  • And the most common of these is HDR (high dynamic range). It is this option that is responsible for the fact that after photographing you have two identical images. Although if you look closely, you can see that they are not exactly the same and are slightly different. this is how it should be. Because one photo is the original and the other is an HDR enhanced image. To enable or disable the function, you don’t even need to open iOS settings. just launch the camera and click on the HDR icon.
  • If your iPhone is duplicating photos from another iPhone or iPad, it does so through one of two features: iCloud Music Library and My Photo Stream. They work this way. you take a picture on one device, and it is sent via the Internet to all other iPhones and iPads in which your Apple ID account is entered. Don’t want to see the same pictures on all your gadgets? Open “Settings. Photo and Camera”, find “Media Library” and “Photo Stream”, turn them off.
  • When creating a photo, is it accompanied by a short dubbing video? This is not surprising if a special mode is turned on. “Live photo”. Like HDR, it can be turned off right in the camera interface. even the icons are next to each other. Click on the icon and deactivate the “LIVE” option.
  • Remember about burst photography. if you press and hold the shutter button, the device will take many photos in a row. Of course they will look alike.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural. the most common (I would even say. basic) functions of the iPhone and iPad are to blame for the distribution of duplicates.

By the way, a situation is possible when you open the “native” application “Photos” and see exactly the same pictures that are in different folders.

Photos located in the “Camera Roll” folder can be duplicated in other albums. both standard (selfies, faces, etc.), and those created by you. But “physically” their number does not increase and they do not occupy memory. That is, roughly speaking, there is only one original and it is located in the “Camera Roll”, in all other albums there are only labels.

For example, if you have the same photos in the folder “My Photo Stream” and “Camera Roll”, then you do not need to worry. this is not duplication of files. Just iPhone (iPad) displays one picture in two albums at the same time.

Finally, one more important point or answer to the question. how to get rid of duplicates?

In fact, there are not so many ways:

How to Auto Save WhatsApp Photo or Video to iPhone Gallery (Camera Roll). HINDI

  • Delete manually. It is more convenient to do this by simply connecting the device to a computer (what if it does not connect?). iPhone or iPad opens like a regular flash drive. select the same photos and delete.
  • Download one of the applications in the App Store that is designed specifically for these purposes. Hint: better search for the phrase “Photo cleaner”.

The first method is reliable and free, but the second is faster (with a large number of objects), but developers sometimes want money. It’s up to you! 🙂

Disable autosave photos in WhatsApp

This process is so simple that anyone who has mastered the basics of using WhatsApp can handle it. You can disable the option both in the application itself and using an additional utility. the.nomedia file.

Let’s consider both options for solving the problem in more detail.

Where are photos from “WhatsApp” saved by default

When a user is sent a photo for the first time, a folder is automatically created in the gallery. Media can also be found by entering the link / WhatsApp / media / WhatsApp Images in the active line in the file manager.

Most of these images are not needed by the user, so it is more advisable to disable this function, saving what is needed manually. You can also create your own folder in the gallery with the appropriate name and copy the necessary photos there, deleting everything else along with the automatically created folder.

If you need most of the incoming media files, but there is a critical lack of space on your phone, you can turn off autosave and connect backing up data to Google cloud storage. Thanks to this, you can recover deleted photos in WhatsApp at any time.

  • go to settings;
  • select the section “Chat settings” first, and then “Backup copy of chats”;
  • determine the frequency of backups;
  • select the Google account to which the data will be saved;
  • select the “Use” item and wait for saving to disk.
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Through the functionality of the program

The easiest way to disable the function is through the application settings.

  • open “WhatsApp”;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • select the “Data” section first, and then “Mobile network”;
  • uncheck the boxes, thereby preventing the application from downloading media files over the mobile network;
  • press the “back” arrow, and then select Wi-Fi;
  • repeat the manipulations, this time banning the messenger from copying data over a high-speed network;
  • confirm the changes made with the “OK” button.

If this is an iPhone on the iOS operating system, the first steps will be the same, only in the settings you need to move the “Save incoming files” slider so that it is in the inactive position.

Using the nomedia file

This option takes longer as the user will need to install another application. You will need a file system manager called ES Explorer, which can be downloaded from the Play Market. It can already be installed automatically, so in the market you only need to click “open”.

Then you should do the following:

  • find and select the WhatsApp folder;
  • go first to Media, and then to WhatsApp Images;
  • on the application panel at the top, click on the function button, select “New”, and then “File”;
  • name the file.nomedia and confirm the action to complete the operation with the “OK” button.

How to turn off autosave photos in WhatsApp

The standard settings of the WhatsApp messenger assume the automatic saving of content that comes from other users. This is not always convenient, as the phone may run out of space for more important files, and permanently deleting photos, videos and audio recordings takes time. Therefore, many are thinking about how to disable saving pictures in WhatsApp.

How to disable auto-uploading of images in “WhatsApp

There are two easy ways to disable picture auto-download for Android phone owners. Owners of iOS and Linux can do this only through the Votsap application itself.

To activate autosave, the described actions are performed in the reverse order, that is, they cancel the changes made. In the case of.nomedia, this file is simply removed via the ES Explorer manager.

How to save Instagram photos to iPhone

For all the years of active use of the social network, developers of utilities for iOS have not bothered to develop a product or service that would allow iPhone owners to download photos directly. Although the market for programs for mobile devices already has a wide range of products that allow not only downloading photos from Instagram, but also reposting, sharing the received files with friends.

For iPhone owners, having a large number of applications does not make sense. they all have to be downloaded from the App Store. Alternative sources are available to the owners of “apples” only with the installed jailbreak. IOS has two systems for saving Instagram photos:

  • screenshot of the screen with an open document;
  • third party software utilities.

How to download Instagram photos to iPhone: step by step instructions

How to save photos from Instagram to iPhone and why does the popular social network not provide such an opportunity directly? Indeed, saving documents from someone else’s account is impossible here due to the protection of personal data of users. Exceptions: special programs, browser extensions, user-invented tricks. Such methods depend on the device to which the files are saved: a personal computer or a mobile gadget. How to save Instagram photos to iPhone? Let’s take it step by step in this article.

photos, saved, iphone

iPhone PC Transfer Missing Photos & Videos Fix (iOS 12)


Taking a screenshot on an apple gadget is simple:

  • enter the social network;
  • go to the desired account and select content;
  • on the mobile phone press the combination: “Home” “Power” (simultaneously).

If you hear the sound of the camera shutter, then the screenshot has been taken. The screenshot is placed in a special section. As a rule, it is designated as “Film”, “Media library”. The downside of this saving method is the need for further editing.

Apps for downloading from Instagram to iPhone

If you don’t want to bother with editing each file, you will have to download special utilities. There are many software products on the content market, we will single out the most popular and analyze how to download a picture from Instagram to an iPhone using it.

  • log into Instagrab using your social media profile data;
  • open a picture or video for download;
  • poke at the icon depicting an arrow in a rectangle at the top right;
  • under the appeared image or video, tap “Download”;
  • follow the hint. save in a new window with the image using the touchscreen of the gadget.

Note that the program is shareware and has limitations. a watermark is automatically installed on the saved content. The restriction can be removed by purchasing the Pro version.

Photos and videos are not saved in the gallery

Recent questions

OlgaX Yekaterinburg Cell phones Huawei P8 Lite

Good day! Tell me how to solve the problem. Huawei P8 lite phone. No photos or videos are saved. The next day after shooting, I go to the Gallery, and there I write “no miniatures” and gray squares. They saved the same picture both on the SD card and in the phone’s memory. Where does this data “merge”? New phone, great camera, but I can’t use it. We’ve been toiling for a month now, not a single new photo (

02/29/2016 11:46 Repair of washing machines at home

If not displayed in galleries, then try installing an alternative gallery for viewing and navigating photos and videos for Android. QuickPic (link to Google Play).

photos, saved, iphone

02/29/2016 12:06 PM Olga

Installed the QuickPic app, nothing has changed. It does not reflect 2 photos out of 3, video does not play. Everyone was filming today. over, in the main gallery of the photo everything is reflected, and the form is also no longer reproduced, writes “Video playback failure”.

02/29/2016 12:12 PM Olga

Now I have downloaded 2 videos, and they did not open immediately in the Gallery, it simply writes No thumbnails and a gray square.

If I’m not mistaken there is a problem with access. I also have Huawei, only honor, in the settings you need to look at the rights manager item. Most likely there are no rights, and also check the Launch Manager and Protected Applications items. But if there is no data, it is better to reset the phone and set it up again. in addition to these settings, some service may be disabled.

Good afternoon, maybe resetting the phone to the factory settings will help, or re-flashing it, you can also Hard reset.

02/29/2016 12:46 PM Olga

If you choose to save the video to the SD card, then it is played, i.e. Do I have viewing rights? As I understand it? But at the same time, after some time, it becomes unavailable for viewing. And if we select the phone memory for saving, then it does not open immediately. And with the photo it is generally incomprehensible, after all, they also disappear somewhere.

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02/29/2016 01:21 PM Alexey

The folder for saving in the root of the phone or flash drive is called DCIM / camera. But in any case, there are 3 options: 1. Incorrect permissions are set for the application or the save folder. 2. Non-standard settings 3. Some application conflicts. You can try to reset the camera. Go to settings and at the bottom click restore settings.

02/29/2016 14:22 Olga

Alexey, I reset the camera settings, took a new video and a picture. I went into DCIM / camera through a cable, this folder on the SD card is empty, and in the internal memory there are just taken photos and videos. over, old photos and videos that were opened and those that did not open are nowhere to be found. Where do they go? I just don’t understand what’s going on. Some kind of vicious circle. What rights can be set for the Gallery application (I see everything through it)? How to check it?

02/29/2016 14:25 Olga

Apple iPhone X problem:Can’t save photo & Can’t record video

I will also add that photos and videos from WhatsApp are saved in the same Gallery in a separate folder and do not disappear anywhere. Those. only what has been filmed on the phone disappears.

02/29/2016 14:33 Alexey

And try to download the “ES Explorer” application and look through it

How to Recover Photos on iPhone Even After Deleting

Sometimes, for any reason, we may lose a photo on our beloved phone iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 4, iPhone 7, iPhone 5, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 4s, iPhone se and so on.

It may also happen that, for unknown reasons, the photos themselves have disappeared from the system gallery. How then to restore the photo?

Of course, you will not do anything if you have not created a backup of your device and they are not in the trash (by default, recently deleted photos are saved in the trash).

On the other hand, if there is a copy (regardless of your computer or iCloud), there are several ways to recover photos and even data such as voice memos, contacts and call logs.

Before doing anything, it is important not to try to sync your device with iTunes after you lose access to a photo on your iPhone or iPad, because then your computer will overwrite the previously used copy and delete the previously saved photos.

On the other hand, if you are using a copy of iCloud, do not allow syncing with Apple’s server.

How to Recover iPhone Photos via iCloud

To recover files from iCloud, we need to use the website. After deleting files, they are saved in iCloud, they remain for another 30 days and you have so much time to restore them until they are lost forever.

How does this happen? You need to go to the website and go through the identification (login and password). Then select the “photo” icon.

Now on the left click “Recently Deleted” and click on the desired photo. After that, the “Restore” option will become active. In a moment, the picture will appear on your phone.

How to Recover Recently Deleted Photos on iPhone Phone

Recently, a friend of mine deleted a photo on an iPhone, but how to restore, like most, does not know.

It is not difficult and if the pictures are gone, then in many cases it is possible to restore to a new iPhone and even, after flashing, after updating or after restoring (additional programs will be required).

The easiest option is to open the photo application, go to “Albums” and click on the trash can.

Then select the required photos and click on the option at the bottom left “Restore”.

It couldn’t be easier. This way you can restore old photos as well. they are saved after deletion for at least a month.

How to Recover iPhone Photo from Computer Copy

If you saved a copy on your computer, all of your images are stored somewhere deep in the application data.

You could try to get to them, but that would not do you any good as every file is renamed to a file with no extension, no name, and the attempt to open will fail.

In this case, you must use an additional program that will “decrypt” your files and save them as regular images.

To recover photos this way, I recommend using the free MobiSaver tool.

After installation and launch, go to the “Recover from iTunes” section b click “Scan”.

When the scan is complete, the program will show the files found, which it can extract from the copy.

There will be contacts, WhatsApp messages, call log, notifications, notes, calendar entry bookmarks, but you should be interested in the photos that the program has sorted.

To save in regular format, create a new folder (preferably on your desktop) and one by one (unfortunately, the free version does not allow you to recover all your pictures at once), click on the photo in the program, select “Recover” and point to just created folder. It may take a while, but it works.

Once your photos have been successfully restored, you can put them back on your iPhone or iPad. If you do not know how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone, then see the instructions here.

Why can’t I see photos on my phone from my computer

Good afternoon, dear readers! It’s a shame when, when downloading photos from a smartphone, it seems that you are doing everything right, but suddenly the process is interrupted due to an incomprehensible error. It happens that the computer sees the phone, but the pictures are not shown. Due to frequently asked questions, we decided to devote our article to the main problems associated with viewing images taken on a smartphone on PCs and laptops.

Why won’t phone photos open on Windows PC

Errors when trying to open and view photos from a smartphone on a PC occur for several reasons. Some of them depend on the method of importing images, others. on the compatibility of operating systems, the quality of communication.

  • incompatibility of operating systems. The error is most often encountered by users of meizu, Xiaomi. However, it also occurs for other users with an Android phone. You can solve it by temporarily renaming the camera folder on your phone. To do this, connect your mobile to your PC, open dcim, find the camera folder in it, rename, view and copy the photos. When the process is complete, return the previous name;
  • USB cable connection problem. If the integrity of the wires or the socket is violated, the data transfer is interrupted, the image from the mobile computer does not show. Even if you see the contents of the phone, the connection may be interrupted, the device will disappear, pictures will become inaccessible;
  • problem with the card reader. Contamination, damage to the contacts leads to a breakdown in the connection, the inability to view photos;
  • slow Internet. The problem is relevant when trying to upload images to the cloud storage and view them on a PC.
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In most cases, images are saved in jpg format, which does not cause errors when reading it on a PC. Therefore, viewing errors associated with viewing incompatible formats usually do not appear.

Why doesn’t my computer see photos on iPhone

The problems described above are also faced by iPhone users.

Additionally, when working with an iPhone, the following errors may appear:

  • pictures are no longer displayed after updating the smartphone settings. The function of viewing and transferring photos has been disabled. If so, turn it back on;
  • the computer on which you are trying to open the snapshots is not authorized. Go to accounts in iTunes, authorize your PC. After that, unplug the USB cable, plug it back in. The pictures should start to be viewed again;
  • device cannot be found. The problem is related to “trusted connection” devices. As a solution, we recommend cleaning the lockdown folder.

Problems when viewing photos from a mobile on a computer arise due to incompatibility of operating systems, malfunction of PC and smartphone connection devices, software errors, weak Internet.

And because of what prohibition photos are no longer saved in the Android gallery

When we take photos on the phone, we do not even check whether they are really saved. And why check. after all, they should be saved in any case. But no. there are situations when the user notices that all the “photos” he took recently are simply not in the “Gallery”. Why this can happen and what to do about it?

Why photos are not saved in the “Gallery” on the phone with “Android”. reasons and solutions

Let’s start with the most harmless reasons and end with the most serious.

Method 2

In the same settings as in Method 1, try to find the “Default” command and click on it to reset the default settings.

The same command can be executed through the global Android settings by clicking the “Erase data” button in the properties of the “Application Settings All Camera”.

If the software solutions did not help, go to the hardware solution.

Why this might be happening:

  • The most obvious situation is that there is not enough space in the phone’s memory. In most models, data is saved to an internal drive, the resource of which is much less than a removable one. In the system settings, you can define the default save location on the memory card, which will increase the performance of the device.
  • System failures are also a negative factor affecting the retention of personal data. Some errors can be corrected by yourself, for others you will have to contact the service center.
  • Filled cache downloads can also create file saving problems. A similar feature is often observed in Samsung smartphones, as well as Huawei honor 6a models.
  • Files are often deleted by the user by mistake. Regular “cleaning” of the phone is, of course, important, but you should not get carried away and be sure to look at the files before deleting them. It is also advisable to install on your smartphone an application similar to the “Recycle Bin” on your computer. So you can periodically view deleted files, as well as undo an erroneous deletion.

If, in addition to failing to save files, your device “sins” and other problems, the best option would be to contact a service center. Diagnostics of the device and updating the system will help to solve a number of system and software errors.

No photos are saved in the memory card

Often the reasons why pictures are not saved to an external drive are extremely simple: a phone or tablet simply does not see a removable device.

Why photos are not saved on Android in the gallery or on the SD card

One of the advantages of modern gadgets is the improved image quality. Such devices will successfully replace the amateur camera, allow you to keep vivid impressions and share them with others. However, such a purchase can be frustrating when there are problems with the quality of images or their saving to the memory card. Why photos in the gallery are not saved on Android, as well as the main methods for solving the problem, are discussed in the information provided.

No photo can be saved on the tablet

Problems with saving photos can also occur on a tablet computer. Often the cause is external storage failures, when the device simply does not identify the memory card. If the previously saved photos are visible through the connection of the CD-card from the card reader, the signal conduction from the drive socket may be broken. You can fix such failures in the service center.

To recover accidentally deleted photos from the gallery, you can install special applications. The most popular of them are: Dr. Fone for Android, DiskDigger, GT Recovery and similar. The principle of operation and features of use for each program is different. Some of them require superuser access (root). At the same time, the capabilities of such programs are very limited, so it is best to synchronize your device with a valid Google account or cloud storage in advance in order to avoid similar situations in the future.

What actions help to solve the problem:

  • Select the “Storage” item in the camera settings and set an active checkbox in the “Save to SD card” mode. This option is not available on all devices.
  • Find the data reset in the camera settings. The command might sound like “Restore default camera settings?” or similar option.
  • In the phone settings, select the “Erase data” section, and in the proposed list, select the camera from the applications.
  • After carrying out all the above manipulations, it is recommended to clear the cache memory and then restart the device. So the changes made are saved.

It should be noted that when the memory card is full, the device may not work correctly and the files are either not saved at all, or are lost during the update process. To prevent such situations, it is advisable to regularly transfer data to a computer or cloud storage.