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ways to get sound back on your phone’s headphones

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In most cases, the problem can be solved independently and free of charge, without resorting to the help of specialists.

Most of the time, sound skips when using headphones. And it happens, on the contrary. Sometimes everything is much sadder. there is no sound either in the headphones or in the speakers.

But don’t be in a hurry to get upset. In most cases, you can solve the problem yourself: this does not require any special knowledge. We will list 10 popular methods. We hope they help you.

NB! If you are unsure of your actions, do nothing. Better give your phone to specialists.

Incorrect settings 1. Scroll through the settings of your phone, looking at the tabs “Audio”, “Music”, “General”, “Additional”, etc. You may have accidentally turned off the sound.

If there is no sound from the headphones 2. Try plugging in the headphones, hold down the volume up button and pull the plug out of the headphone jack. Also try pulling and inserting the headphone plug several times. You can also gently knock on the case near the connector (but this is only for shamans. a joke).

Take a cotton swab, soak it in alcohol or aseptoline, and wipe the inside of the audio jack on the phone. You can try to gently clean the connectors with toothpicks or sharp matches with cotton wool (cotton wool needs to be tightly wound so that it does not stay in the connector).

Try blowing out the audio jack (dust or dirt may have gotten there). If you have a miniature vacuum cleaner, try cleaning the headphone jack with it (they say it often helps). Just in case, wait 20-30 seconds.

If there is no sound in the speaker 5. You may have jammed the “antennae-clips” in the audio jack, so the phone thinks that you have headphones connected and does not provide sound to the speakers. Try to unclench the “antennae”.

Filled the phone with liquid 6. If you have filled the volume control buttons with any liquid, the sound will simply stop being regulated. Or it will be all the time at the maximum, or at the minimum. In this case, it is better to carefully open the device and clean the contacts on the buttons with alcohol (do not forget to dry the contacts later). If not possible, dry with a hairdryer using cold air.

IPhone 7 Switch. On iPhone and iPad, you can set the side switch to turn sound on and off. Check if this parameter is set.

Reboot / Flashing 8. What is needed is not a simple reboot (although start with it), but a hard reboot. For iPhone / iPad, you need to simultaneously hold down and hold the power button and the Home button for a few seconds. For Android devices, you usually need to hold the power button and “volume up” or “volume down” for about 10 seconds (after that you need to select restart in the boot menu). Sometimes it is recommended to reflash smartphones by installing factory or other firmware. But in this case, the device will return to the state in which it was immediately after purchase. So we do not recommend: the sound will return only if it disappeared due to problems with Android or applications.

Other headphones 9. Or maybe your headphones are just broken (for example, the wires are broken). Test the sound with other, known working headphones.

Just wait 10. Sometimes everything comes back to normal by itself (for example, the liquid dries up and the contacts start working). So just wait. It may take more than one day to wait. Sometimes after using the phone in very cold weather, the speakers may temporarily fail.

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Friends poured coffee on the iPad. The volume control with the buttons stopped working. The speaker did not work. A few days later, the speaker worked, there was no button. Fortunately, it remains possible to adjust the volume using the pop-up menu. A few days later, the buttons also started working. Since then, the tablet has been working for three years.

How to turn off headphone mode in iPhone

In iPhones, as in iPads, there are two volume modes. Headphones and Ringer. On the one hand, this is convenient, since these two modes exist each on their own, which allows you to remember the volume level of each mode. For example, we listened to music in headphones with a volume level of 50%, turned off the headphones and got into the Call mode, where the volume level set earlier is 100%, and you don’t need to turn up the volume to hear the ringtone of an incoming call well. After some time, I decided to listen to music (instructions for downloading music), plugged in the headphones and did not go deaf, since again the volume level went 50% on its own, i.e. the value last set for this mode. The volume mode is displayed on the screen in the form of a pop-up window with a bell (or speaker) when headphones are connected and disconnected from the iPhone.

But sometimes, iPhone users are faced with the problem of automatic mode change. It happens as follows: after disconnecting the headphones from the iPhone, the phone does not go into Call mode, while remaining in the Headphones mode, while there is no sound in the iPhone. There can be several reasons for a failure in volume modes. dirt, dust, water, excessive moisture getting into the connectors, and finally mechanical damage. In such cases, users have a question. how to turn off the headphone mode in the iPhone on their own?

Buyers of used (second-hand) Apple phones, be sure to check if the automatic volume mode switching in the iPhone works.

For this, it is advisable to have any headphones with you. We turn on the headphones and listen to the clicks of the virtual keyboard (or the sound of blocking) in them, and the sound of the clicks should sound only in the headphones (if, in addition to the headphones, the sound of the clicks is emitted by the phone itself, then this is a malfunction). Unplug the headphones, now the click sounds should be emitted by the iPhone speaker. If you do not have headphones with you to check, then unlock the screen and press the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone, while the volume indicator should be in the Call mode. If, when the headphones are disconnected from the jack, as a result of pressing the volume buttons, the indicator displays the mode. Headphones, then this is a failure or malfunction. If there is no sound in your iPhone without headphones and by adjusting the volume level we see the Headphones mode, then it is advisable to contact the service center for help. But, at your own peril and risk, you can try turning off the headphone mode in the iPhone yourself at home. Choosing the method below, first analyze the previous failure of the manipulation with the phone and remove the case.

  • Charging cable and reboot. The first thing to try is to connect the charging cable to the iPhone (without headphones), turn off the phone and turn it on again. If it does not help, then we do the same, but with the power adapter plugged into the outlet and instead of off / on. applying a hard reboot.
  • Toothpick. If you practically did not use headphones, then the iPhone connectors may be clogged, they can become clogged with dust and even pieces of clothing, and the contacts may become dirty. In good lighting, examine the headphone jack and remove it with a toothpick, as well as the charging connector, clean the Lightning with a corner of paper. In addition to a toothpick, they use a corner of paper, a needle, a cotton swab, alcohol, the main thing is not to make it worse.
  • A vacuum cleaner. If the iPhone could fall into the snow, get wet, then a vacuum cleaner will help, in general, we vacuum all the connectors. Thus, pulling out moisture. If a lot of time has passed since the moment the snow or water hit, then the contacts may oxidize and the vacuum cleaner will not help. You can use a vacuum cleaner to collect dust residues even after a toothpick.
  • Reset. How to reset settings and content read here. “Reset to iPhone
  • Hair dryer. In the case of water and snow, a hairdryer is sometimes used after vacuuming to dry the connectors.
  • Refrigerator. Well, the most frostbitten option is to put the iPhone in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.
  • Readers’ advice. Some readers of this manual suggested their own ways to solve the problem: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.
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All these methods have helped people to turn off the headphone mode in iPhone 4, 5, 5s 6, 7 and other models without resorting to the service. The main thing is to do everything carefully without fanaticism and pressure. If you are afraid, then bring it to the SC. About which method helped you, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to remove the headphone icon on your phone

Sometimes it happens that a symbol of the presence of an active (that is, connected) headset or headphones may appear on the display of your mobile phone. But at the same time, your headphones are disconnected, that is, you cannot receive calls, and the player does not play the scale (when you change the volume, you will still not hear anything). At the same time, no matter how hard you try, this icon does not disappear anywhere. This is a fairly common bug that spoils the nerves of many. There are several reasons for this problem and a number of options for its removal. How to remove the headphone icon on your phone. we’ll tell you further.

The headphone symbol is constantly on. How to remove?

This software error causes negative emotions for smartphone users not only because they do not want to see anything superfluous on the screen. Unauthorized appearance of an additional sign (symbol) may indicate incorrect operation of the program, which can interrupt the regular operation of other applications and even the entire OS of the phone.

For example, it suddenly turns out that all calls are switched to speakerphone.

The fact that the headphone icon does not disappear (although it should) is a symptom indicating some software metastases on your phone. It is possible that this could have happened due to the following reasons:

  • Moisture penetration into the smartphone body.

This is the most popular reason for all possible software glitches on the phone. Careless operation leads to oxidation of microcontacts inside the protective case and to temporary or permanent incorrect operation of the software.

  • Dirt gets into the socket.

Another popular reason why expensive smartphones fail and, in particular, why the headphone icon appears and does not turn off. Here, the situation can be corrected only by a timely appeal to the service center.

However, the headphone icon may appear and not disappear for more complex reasons related to bugs in the software, related to incorrect firmware or installation of “pirated” applications. It also requires the help of qualified specialists.

Cleaning and Drying the Headphone Jack

But the user can do this on his own (with certain reservations, of course). So, how to disable the headphone icon by cleaning and drying the headphone jacks:

  • The best way to dry the connectors is to place the phone on an absorbent material (such as toilet paper) in a well-ventilated area. It will be very effective to leave the phone under the air conditioner (no closer than 0.5 meters from the blowing blinds) for a day. At the same time, it will be better to turn on the air conditioner for heating.
  • It is preliminarily recommended to twist the phone in your hands (only without fanaticism) in order to try to shake out the moisture that is possible.

Also, practice shows that you can independently successfully clean the connectors (including for headphones). To do this, use a regular cotton swab, the volume of which can be reduced as needed. The cotton head should be moistened with alcohol or nail polish remover and gently clean the contact. Important. the wand should be almost dry, otherwise you risk flooding the phone. If the matter was in contamination, then traces of it will remain on the cotton head. This means that the dirt has been removed. After drying (you need to take at least half an hour for this), the phone should turn on correctly and start working normally, and the headphone icon will turn off.


What to do if an unnecessary icon (indicating that the headphones are connected) is on, and besides, glitches are already starting to appear in the phone, that is, other applications? There are 2 types of recommendations here:

  • Things You Can Really Do On Your Own.
  • Activities that will not be 99.99% successful in the conditions of artisanal performance.

Specifically, within the framework of this section, it is proposed to dwell on the latter.

For example, you can definitely never use such tips and tricks:

  • “Try to install a new OS firmware! I know a cool site: if something doesn’t work on my smartphone, then I always take applications from there In general, everything is free! “
  • “Look, buddy, take a clerical knife and carefully undress the halves of the apparatus. Take off the top panel, in short “
  • “Did you drop it in the bathtub? It’s okay: take a hair dryer and blow it through the jacks. Hold the hairdryer a little longer “
  • And even: “Try reinstalling the system. Himself, of course. why spend money! “

Modern devices are ultra-compact gadgets. These are far from those push-button phones that were disassembled and reassembled like a designer. As practice shows, opening the smartphone cases outside the conditions of a professional workshop leads to irreversible mechanical damage.

Using a hair dryer is also not a safe method. Since the air in the device also passes through the incandescent spiral, getting very hot (therefore, the hair here dries quickly). Modern smartphones contain many parts and plastic, so that plastic damage (melting) can be inflicted on them with the help of “blowing” a hair dryer to one point much faster than many initially thought.

It is also better to trust specialized specialists for any actions with the software. Even if your phone is on Android (and here the principle of open source code is used), then most users still do not know how to properly perform even the initial installation of the OS.

The principle of open architecture has long become a convention, since the very device of applications and systems contains too many nuances that must be consistent with each other for the applications to work correctly.

An untrained user can never cope with the proper installation of all settings.!

Cleaning with special liquid

This method of removing contaminants is professional, so it is not available for the vast majority of users. Such equipment is very expensive, and in order for its purchase to be justified, it is required to put such cleaning literally on the stream.

Connecting a wireless headset

Connect a wireless headset (or any other Bluetooth device for audio playback) to iPhone. In this case, it is worth observing the following sequence of actions:

  • Connect wired headphones;
  • Create a pair with a Bluetooth device and output sound to it;
  • Disconnect wired headphones;
  • Disable the wire-free device.


Sometimes, simply restarting your iPhone with a wired headset connected is enough. If a regular reboot does not help, it is worth resorting to a Hard Reset. Usually, for this you need to simultaneously hold down two buttons: Power and Home. It is necessary to keep them until the brand logo appears on the screen.

Change of headphones

If you have used inexpensive (very inexpensive) headphones, then the problem is most likely with them. Connect another device and restart iPhone. To avoid such problems, use branded original headphones and headset.

Causes of the problem

There can be many reasons why the iPhone does not play audio through the speaker. First, let’s figure out how it works. The smartphone “knows” about the state of the headphone jack by measuring the resistance of the circuit. When the contacts inside the connector are closed, the phone “understands” that the headphones are connected and the sound needs to be output through them, and not through the speaker. Accordingly, the speaker is muted and the signal is sent to the connected headphones. However, false short circuits are also possible without connecting devices, then the speaker of the phone is disconnected by it itself, and the sound empty sound jack.

Here are the most common reasons for this:

  • The problem with the headphone jack itself on the smartphone.
  • Poor quality headphones coupled with software glitch.
  • Software glitch right at the moment the plug is pulled out.
  • Unlicensed software.

These are the most common causes of a problem. We will analyze how to eliminate.

When the iPhone thinks it has headphones in it

Apple smartphones are known to be some of the most reliable. However, even with them, problems sometimes arise. A fairly common failure is the lack of sound from the speakers. At the same time, the gadget writes that headphones are inserted into the smartphone, although the connector is empty. This problem occurs in the iPhone 5, 6 and others, in all where there is a jack for connecting a wired headset. We will understand the causes of the problem and how to fix it.

How to fix

So, the sound on the iPhone disappeared, it says that the headphones are connected, what to do in this case. Most often, the problem can be solved literally within a few minutes by following the tips below.

Cleaning the connector

It boils down to cleaning the headphone jack (for the iPhone 6 it’s 3.5 mm, for the seventh and older Lighting). Dust can simply get into the connector or it can oxidize if moisture gets in.

For cleaning, you can use a cotton swab, needle or toothpick. Additionally, the walls of the connectors can be treated with alcohol.

Another option is to blow through the hole. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t mind spending money, you can buy a can of compressed air, which is designed to clean electronics.

Another option: several (possibly up to 10-15) times turn on and off the headphones in the phone. This operation will also allow you to clean the connector, because the headphone plug fits snugly into the hole.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer’s technical support recommends the latter method, since in this case there is no need to insert foreign objects into the connector, which means that the risk of damaging the inside of the smartphone is minimal.


The problem with sound playback may be related to the installation of unlicensed software. If the Jailbreak was installed by an inexperienced user, it often becomes source of problems. All tweaks will have to be removed. If none of the proposed methods helped, you will have to contact the service center. Perhaps the cause of the problem is an internal failure of the iPhone. Trying to fix it yourself is not worth it.

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IPhone / iPad or iPod Touch earphone stopped working, how to fix ?

Switching the system language from Russian to another language

You can switch the system language of the device from Russian to another and then restart the device. If iPhone returns to normal, change the language to Russian.

Reset all settings

How to turn off headphone mode on iPhone? If the above methods do not help you turn off the headphone mode on iPhone, you can reset all settings. Go to settings. Basic. Reset. Reset all settings. This method can fix other iPhone problems too, such as black screen on iPhone, iPhone not showing incoming calls.

Clean the headphone jack. (Does not apply to Airpods)

Prolonged use without proper maintenance can damage something as wonderful as the iPhone’s headphone jack. You need to clean the headphone jack regularly. You need to get the most ordinary toothpick, a piece of cotton wool and a little alcohol. You can also use a cotton swab.

Headphones do not work on iPhone 11 Pro / 11 / XS / XR / X / 87/7 Plus / SE / 6s / 6, what to do ?

Owners of iOS devices face a variety of problems in the process of using their gadget. For example, after connecting headphones to an iOS device, the sound is heard from the speakers and not from the headphones, the iPhone does not see the headphones, or after the headphones are disconnected, the headphone volume indicator continues to be displayed on the iPhone when adjusting the volume. But, as a rule, they are all solvable, and in this article, we will provide several methods to fix iOS device headphone problems.

No sound (disappeared) on incoming call on iPhone, what to do?

If the sound of an incoming call or messages has stopped playing on the iPhone, this does not mean that it is time to run to the service center. There is a chance that you have stumbled upon a rare, but not a single bug. A banal reboot or turning on / off the silent mode switch may not help, which is why try using our instructions.

Check your sound settings

It is possible that problems with the ringtone arose due to incorrect sound settings. Open “Settings”, select the section “Sounds, tactile signals” and set the appropriate ringtone and notification volume. Here you can also enable “Change with buttons”, which will allow you to adjust the volume of the ringtone using the volume button on the left side of the iPhone.

iPhone needs restart

If the volume switch is in the correct position and the ringtone still does not sound, your device may need to be rebooted. A hard restart will fix software bugs that could have caused the ringtone to disappear. We talked about how to restart iPhone (4 ways) in this article.

Troubleshooting with AssistiveTouch

Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch.

Go to the AssistiveTouch section and activate this function through the corresponding toggle switch. A virtual button with additional menus will appear on the screen, which can be positioned anywhere on the display.

Tap on the AssistiveTouch menu and select “Apparatus”.

On the right there should be a “Mute” icon with a crossed-out bell (if not, then put this function in this position), and on the left, tap on the “Louder” (volume up) button to increase the ringer volume.

Disable AssistiveTouch as unnecessary.

No sound on incoming call on iPhone. headphone mode is turned on by mistake

If you have tried all of the above methods, but none of them helped, then the problem is somewhat more complicated. For example, your iPhone may have remained in headset mode by mistake. This can be easily checked in the Music application or Control Center by clicking on the “Devices” icon.

Try plugging and unplugging headphones several times, gently cleaning the audio / Lightning connector with a toothpick, restarting your iPhone.

Why is the sound in the iPhone headphones bad?

Bad sound can be through poor-quality recording or through none of the quality of the headphones themselves.

Another situation is when the sound is weak. Quiet sound may be due to the fact that you have enabled restriction in the settings.

To turn it off, go to settings, select music, then “Volume Limit” and in a new window move the slider to maximum power.

Why iPhone doesn’t work with headphones

Despite the positioning of Apple devices as the most reliable, failures still happen and they, for example, have lost sound in their headphones in the iPhone.

The problem when the sound does not work on iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and so on can be divided into several parts:

  • no sound without headphones;
  • there is no sound in the headphones;
  • bad sound.

This is most often found in smartphones with a decent lifespan and this is due to clogged connectors. Then it happens that the sound does not work without headphones.

What to do? Just clean the connector, but if oxidation of the contacts occurs, then the damaged elements may need to be replaced.

What to do if there is no sound from the headphones on the iPhone

One of the main reasons when there is no sound in the headphones is the connector for loosening or the ribbon cable.

Why? This happens in case of mechanical damage or moisture ingress. What to do? As a rule, you cannot do without a service.

After repairs, in the future, do not insert and pull the plug out of the socket unnecessarily, as this greatly affects wear.

Sometimes it can help to abruptly plug the headphones into the jack. just don’t overdo it.

It happens that the iPhone sees the headphones, but does not play sound. the problem may be in the headset itself.

What to do if iPhone has no sound without headphones

The reason iPhone won’t play sound without headphones may not only be a breakdown in the hardware environment. If the sound appears only when you connect the headphones, then a software failure is not excluded.

Often this problem can be resolved by simply rebooting the phone. You can also insert and remove the plug again.

Most often this happens through a breakdown of the nest. There is a contact in it, which, with prolonged use, may not “contact”. then usually it is necessary to replace the connector.

The last way is reset or flashing. If you are sure that everything is fine in the hardware part, this almost always fixes the problem.

If the iPhone plays sound only through headphones, then the problem is almost always a worn out connector.

IPhone Headphone Tricks

Easy Fix iPhone Stuck HeadPhone Mode after 2 Minute

How to turn off vibration on iPhone

You can guess how to turn off vibration on the iPhone from the previous paragraph. To do this, you need to enter the “Settings” menu and go to the “Sounds, tactile signals” item. At the top of the screen, you will need to configure the first two lines responsible for the vibration mode. To change the setting, you need to drag the slider to the left, which will change the green highlight.

Note! To restore the previous settings, you will need to enter the item again.

16 Easy Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

There is a second way to turn off vibration. To activate it, you need to turn on the “Do not disturb” mode. To do this, just go to the quick access menu. The difference with the previous method is that in this case the phone can stop vibrating any actions, and the setting will take effect instantly.

You can find the desired item on iPhone 5, 6, se models with the usual movement up the screen. It is important that the backlight is on, otherwise no action will occur. Later iPhone users (x, x r, x s) will need to do the same, but from the upper right corner towards the center. In the menu that appears, you need to click the icon representing the moon. If you make a quick touch, activation will take place instantly and will remain in effect until the user turns off the selected mode.

Important! On all iPad models whose owners have updated their device to iOS 13, swipe to gain access must also be done from the upper right corner.

You can also activate vibration off mode for a specified time, when any loud sound will interfere. To do this, you need to press and hold the same icon depicting the moon. After a second of waiting, the phone or iPad will offer three options for the time interval. for an hour, until the morning of the next day, or until the current geolocation changes.

System errors

In some cases, the lack of sound is a system error that can be corrected without intervention. A reboot is required to check if this is the cause. On the top panel, you need to press and hold the activation button. The screen will display an offer to turn off, which is made after dragging the slide to the appropriate position. The inclusion is carried out by the same holding.

Additionally, you can try more drastic measures. resetting the settings. It is performed through the “Settings” menu, where the “Reset” sub-item is hidden in the last line of the “General” item. To reset to the original parameters, you will need to reset all settings. After that, the personal data saved in the phone will remain, and the parameters will be updated to the factory level.

Also, sometimes a problem arises during the launch of a certain application: the sound begins to disappear or is immediately absent. If the issue is not in the silent mode, then, most likely, the problem will not disappear until the next version of the program is released. It will either have to be removed or put up with a malfunction.

Note! The sound of a malfunctioning application can sometimes be adjusted. reduced or increased. For this it is worth trying the volume control buttons.

Setting errors

When the sound on the iPhone suddenly disappeared, most people try to remember if this could have caused a breakdown, forgetting about the settings of the device itself and the microphone. Often they were changed by accidental movement, as a result of which the sound now does not work.

  • Silent mode. The most common mistake of users who have only recently become the owners of such a technique. Developers and designers have tried to make it easier to turn off silent mode on iPhone. For this there is a separate button located on the side. This is often forgotten, especially in the early days of using the phone. However, as a result, the device can only vibrate when called. To check if this is the reason, you can carefully look at the button: a red line inside indicates silent mode. You need to put it in a different position. Another test option is to try to play any melody in the player. It will turn on with sound.
  • Configuration error. Sometimes the user notices that the sound is lost only on the call on the iPhone. At the same time, the reproduction of music does not affect this. Such behavior of the phone indicates a failure of the notification settings. You can find them in the “Sounds” tab. In the third line, the line will be visible, which indicates the volume level. Moving the pointer to the right will help increase it. Additionally, you can set permission to change the volume with the buttons, which will help you not to return to this item in the future.
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What to do if iPhone shows headphones when not connected

An activated headphone mode without actually plugging it in indicates a malfunction that makes it difficult to use the phone. Indeed, in this case, it is impossible to hear the conversation of the interlocutor during a call, since the external speaker is inactive. You can try to correct the situation yourself by cleaning the connector with a toothpick, blowing into it. To test the operation, you can try switching to the speaker by playing music or a voice recorder. Also, it will not be superfluous to restart the gadget. And it’s better to do this with headphones really included in the jack.

Note! Some models may freeze, which disappears after such a shutdown and restart.

If the phone has recently been in a situation where there has been mechanical damage or contact with liquids, most likely it will not be possible to correct the situation without contacting the service. It is worth choosing only checked places or, if the phone was bought recently, use branded service centers for repair.

Why iPhone audio is missing: what to do

Sound problems are not always a factory defect, often the reason for such a problem is the wrong actions of the owner, the installation of third-party applications that cause crashes.

It will not be superfluous to check the volume, which can be reduced inadvertently.

How to turn on vibration on iPhone

The question of how to enable vibration on iPhone is asked when setting up sound. To do this, you need to enter the “Settings” menu, where you need to select the “Sounds” item. In some models. iPhone 7, 8, XR and later. the item is called differently. “Sounds, tactile signals”.

At the very top, in the first two lines, you can change the vibration setting by turning it on or off by changing the position of the slider. It is worth noting that this applies to modes with and without sound, that is, you can turn on vibration separately. To check the option, the color of the switch, which turns green, will help.

Important! There is no need to save the setting or re-enter the menu for the changes to take effect.

Why iPhone audio is missing. what to do

When working with an iPhone, a variety of difficulties and questions can arise. Users are especially concerned when a problem arises regarding the direct functions for which the device was purchased. Therefore, it is worth learning more about why the sound on the iPhone does not work.

Reboot your device

If increasing the volume with the button did not help, then something is wrong. First of all, restart the phone, and then check the sound first of the native speakers, and then in the headphones.

Moisture ingress

Moisture getting inside the phone is unpleasant. Both certain functions and the phone in general may fail. The same goes for sound.

As soon as the phone is taken out of a humid environment, you must immediately do the following simple steps:

  • de-energize the device;
  • remove residual moisture.

What to do in no case:

  • dry the phone on the radiator of the heating battery;
  • check the phone for performance after self-drying;
  • put the device in a container with rice. This is a myth, rice will not help you in any way.

Sound control IC

There are only two chips inside the iPhone that are responsible for sound. It:

  • audio codec;
  • sound control chip.

They can be damaged both when water gets inside the case, and when it is severely hit. In case of damage, you only need to replace it, there are no other solutions. By the way, if the above microcircuits do not work, then the sound when you call will work on.

How to configure TP-Link tl wr741nd router? All information is here.

The main signs that there are problems with the mini jack (3.5) connector (headphones with the following parameters must be disconnected):

  • the phone does not record sound through the voice recorder;
  • your interlocutors cannot hear you in speakerphone mode;
  • by pressing the volume button, you do not adjust the volume of the call, but the volume in the headphones;
  • music does not play through the main speakers, but when headphones are connected, everything is in order;
  • the headphones broke and the plug remained in the jack. This happens, of course, rarely, but it does happen. If the plug remains inside, then the iPhone thinks that no one has disconnected the headphones, that they are working.

If you have the above listed problems, we advise you to carry your smartphone for repair. Do not try to do anything yourself, Apple’s equipment is very delicate, it needs only professional repair.

Increase the volume

If this is your first time using a smartphone, then you probably don’t know yet that the volume buttons are on the end. Just press the top button, it is responsible for adding sound. This is the easiest option.

It should also be borne in mind that the volume for standard speakers and headphones is adjusted separately. Also, headphones can only be configured when connected to a device. If not, then you are adjusting the volume of the phone.

How to Exit Stuck HeadPhone Mode on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s & Plus

It often happens that the headphones have already been taken out of the phone, but it still shows that they are connected. Try cleaning the socket gently, this should fix the problem.

Increase the volume

If this is your first time using a smartphone, then you probably don’t know yet that the volume control buttons are on the end. Just press the top button, it is responsible for adding sound. This is the easiest option.

It should also be borne in mind that the volume for standard speakers and headphones is adjusted separately. Also, headphones can only be configured when connected to a device. If not, then you are adjusting the volume of the phone.

It often happens that the headphones have already been taken out of the phone, but it still shows that they are connected. Try cleaning the socket gently, this should fix the problem.

Reboot your device

If increasing the volume with the button did not help, then something is wrong. First of all, restart the phone, and then check the sound first of the native speakers, and then in the headphones.

What to do if sound doesn’t work on iPhone

If you are a happy owner of an iPhone, you probably noticed that you use its functions every day. Now imagine for a second that your iPhone sound is not working. Unpleasant and uncomfortable, not right?

Such a misfortune can happen for a variety of reasons. It is the reasons for the loss of sound and their solutions that we will consider today.

By the way, the sound can disappear both in the phone itself and in the headphones. The problems are inherently similar, but at the same time, from the technical point of view, they are completely different.

Headset jack problem

If the sound on the iPhone only works through the headphones, then there is a problem with the jack. Clean it up, look inside. Be sure to inspect for mechanical damage.

The main signs that there are problems with the mini jack (3.5) connector (headphones with the following parameters must be disconnected):

the phone does not record sound through the voice recorder;

your interlocutors cannot hear you in speakerphone mode;

by pressing the volume button, you do not adjust the volume of the call, but the volume in the headphones;

music does not play through the main speakers, but when headphones are connected, everything is in order;

the headphones broke and the plug remained in the jack. This happens, of course, rarely, but it does happen. If the plug remains inside, then the iPhone thinks that no one has disconnected the headphones, that they are working.

If you have the above listed problems, we advise you to carry your smartphone for repair. Do not try to do anything yourself, Apple’s equipment is very delicate, it needs only professional repair.

Mechanical deformation

In case of mechanical damage to the phone, there is a high probability that either the speakers or the sound control microcircuits will fail. In both the first and second cases, it is better not to try to solve the problem on your own, since you most likely will not be able to disassemble the iPhone correctly the first time. Damage something, and repairs will cost several times more.