Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30 Electric Scooter

Electric scooter Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30 (Black)

Electric scooter Ninebot KickScooter Max (G30). a new flagshIP with improved performance

With the release of Ninebot Max, the popular models Xiaomi M365 Pro and Ninebot ES2 faded into the background.
The developers analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of these two electric scooters, and with this in mind, they developed a new Ninebot Max G30: increased mileage, improved speed characteristics, added new functionality.

KickScooter Max Features:

Features of Ninebot Max G30

The developers paid the main attention to the running characteristics of the electric scooter. The engine power and sufficiently large wheels make it easy to climb up to 20 degrees, which makes it possible to ride comfortably even on light off-road. 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires make the ride smoother and more comfortable. Disadvantages of the road surface are compensated for by a modern shock absorber system and a special tire device, into which a special sealant is poured, eliminating the need to use cameras.

The model is equIPped with a built-in charger, so the electric scooter can be charged on the go. The battery charges up to 100% in 6 hours. The power reserve is 65 kilometers. Mobility expressed in a one-stage folding system.

Controlling the Ninebot Max scooter using the app

Every important parameter while driving can now be controlled and configured through the app.

Summing up, it should be said that the presented electric scooter is the most optimal option for those who want to purchase a modern and functional model in the premium segment. The Ninebot Max scooter is versatile: the stylish black body design makes this model attractive and suitable at the same time for informal teens and managers on the way to work.

KickScooter Max: Ninebot Electric Scooter

The KickScooter Max electric scooter model provides an excellent opportunity to move comfortably within the city or outside of it. It is a very reliable device with many advantages, including a considerable running stock.

Advantages of an electric scooter

In such vehicles, people appreciate many benefits. Long battery life, large shock-absorbing wheels that do not fall into cracks on the pavement, compact design and foldable.

The KickScooter Max takes away agonizing choices by combining all the important advantages of scooters. The company’s engineers used advanced solutions that are used in scooters from Xiaomi and Ninebot. In addition, the cost of the device remained at a fairly affordable level. And now travel satisfaction is available to you without worrying about possible problems.

Capacious battery

Often, trying to save money on the production of electric scooters, manufacturers equIP them with batteries with a low level of capacity. At the most inconvenient moment, such devices can suddenly discharge.

The KickScooter Max model has no such disadvantage. The built-in battery allows you to cover 65 kilometers without recharging. Taking into account the cost of the scooter, this figure can be called a record. You can go to work and then return home without recharging the device, or take a long walk with friends in the park.

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Large wheels

Ten-inch wheels perfectly demonstrate themselves both in urban areas and outside the city. Cracks in the asphalt, crushed stone or gravel. the scooter will successfully cope with any road surface. Excellent shock absorption to reduce vibration transmitted to the steering wheel.

The engineers decided to equIP the scooter with tires without tubes, which did not affect the overall cost. Improved suspension provides soft cushioning. This will allow you to comfortably cross curbs or overcome bumps in the road.

Powerful engine

Many electric scooters have an overclocking problem. Low power levels prevent the unit from easily climbing hills or gaining good speed on straight sections. This model is equIPped with a reinforced motor, thanks to which the scooter can reach speeds of up to 30 km / h.

A comfortable scooter built for life

Among other advantages of the new model is increased mobility, coupled with a comfortable charging process. If necessary, the device can be quickly folded: for example, if you are going to travel by public transport.

The charger is integrated into the body of the scooter, which saves you space and energy, as you do not need to constantly carry the charger with you. You just need to plug the cable into the outlet.

The scooter will be fully charged in 6 hours, and in case of incomplete discharge. literally 3-4 hours.

Waterproof aluminum housing

For the manufacture of the frame and other strong elements of the electric scooter, an aluminum alloy was used. The increased strength of this alloy allows it to be used in aircraft construction. Such material copes well with vibration and withstands human stress.

Also, the developers paid attention to the isolation of the main parts of the scooter from moisture, dirt and dust particles.

Full control with the app

By installing a branded application, you can use a number of important functions:

full blocking of the scooter wheels, which ensures safety and protects the device from theft;

get information about engine heating, battery charge level or mileage;

Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30 Electric Scooter

select a performance mode: economy, sport or drive;

view training information, which makes it possible to set up a scooter and learn how to operate it in a short time.

Electric scooter Ninebot Kickscooter MAX G30

The Ninebot Kickscooter MAX electric scooter gives MAXimum of unlimited possibilities to any rider. Experience maximum mobility and freedom in incredibly fast and busy city traffic.

KickScooter MAX is ideal not only for riders on perfectly flat paved roads in the city, but also for off-road riders and travel of all kinds.

The model is the perfect combination of everyone’s favorite electric scooters Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot ES4. He took from them only the best characteristics and parameters, while managing to become even cooler and more ideal.

Ninebot Kickscooter MAX has more mileage than any other model.

65 km on a single charge. It is equIPped with quality 10 inch tires. And its body is so durable and comfortable that the model is suitable for driving on any terrain.

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Choosing the new Ninebot Kickscooter MAX electric scooter you will get:

  • MAXimum mobility;
  • MAXimum quality;
  • MAXimum versatility;
  • MAXimum portability;
  • MAXimum range;
  • MAXimum power;
  • MAXimum endurance;
  • MAXimum comfort;
  • MAXimum control;
  • and MAXimum savings!

And now about everything and in more detail.

MAXimum mobility

You can charge your Ninebot MAX electric scooter while on the go with a more efficient and more convenient built-in charger. You no longer need to carry a large charger with you, just put a small lanyard in your. which is similar in size to a telephone charging cable. To fully charge the battery, you only need 6 hours of connection to a standard power supply.

MAXimum quality

The design of the KickScooter MAX electric scooter has become even more reliable and durable. Now you can ride the scooter in any bad weather even more confidently and safely, because its main parts have almost maximum water resistance, corresponding to the IP7 standard. Overall water resistance meets IPX5 standard.

You no longer need to worry about having a spare wheel, because the manufacturer has decided to make the electric scooter even better by equIPping it with tires with an innovative self-healing function. Each tire is filled from the inside with a special hermetic compound that automatically blocks holes at the puncture site of the wheel. This self-healing feature of tires is able to quickly and efficiently repair multIPle punctures at the same time without leaking. The function perfectly copes with the elimination of punctures, the diameter of which does not exceed 6 mm.

MAXimum versatility

The model can be safely called universal, since it allows you to ride at the most convenient speeds for the user. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, this electric scooter will suit everyone.

The maximum speed that the Ninebot KickScooter MAX electric scooter can provide to its user is 30 km per hour. The scooter also has four preset speed modes:

  • ECO. economy mode with limited speed up to 10 km per hour. suitable for beginners and children;
  • D. standard mode with a speed indicator up to 20 km per hour. suitable for experienced riders;
  • S. sport mode with a maximum speed of up to 30 km per hour. ideal for professional users and extreme lovers;
  • as well as the power amplification mode when pushing the scooter with your strength.

MAXimum portability

The KickScooter MAX electric scooter has a low weight and compact dimensions, thanks to which it provides its user with MAXimum mobility of movement. In addition, it is equIPped with a one-stage folding system that allows the device to fold in half in seconds. Thanks to this, you can transport it in the trunk of a small car and on public transport.

MAXmaximum range

The main disadvantage of most electric scooters is the limited range and short battery life. Ninebot Kickscooter MAX has no such drawback. The model is equIPped with a built-in 551 Wh battery, which is capable of providing a cruising range of up to 65 km on a single charge. Such mileage will allow you to easily get from work and to work for almost the entire work week. And you don’t even need to recharge it.

MAXimum endurance

The main structural details of this scooter are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, which provides the device with the highest quality performance indicators (strength, wear resistance, moisture protection) and good durability.

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The scooter has its own light weight of 18.5 kg, but at the same time it is designed for users with a body weight of up to 100 kg.

MAXimum power

The manufacturer has equIPped the Ninebot MAX electric scooter with an improved powertrain, which will allow you to feel more freedom of movement on long and long journeys. High-torque electric motor with 350V-700V power will allow you to accelerate to MAX speed of 30 km per hour on a flat road.

The rear wheel of the Ninebot Kickscooter MAX electric scooter has an advanced power system that allows you to easily climb slopes up to 15 °. The increased power in the rear wheel also provides better acceleration, ride stability and braking performance.

MAXimum comfort

The manufacturer tried to make this model as comfortable and easy to use as possible, paying attention to every detail.

Spacious footrest

Has the most optimal dimensions, which are ideal for comfortable placement of two adult legs. And also has an anti-slIP surface for added safety.

Wide vacuum inflatable tires

Rough roads with poor quality surfaces are the biggest problem for almost all electric scooter owners. But not those who chose Ninebot Kickscooter MAX. 10-inch front and rear tubeless tires provide extra cushioning for a comfortable ride. Driving over uneven terrain has become much easier, even on poor-quality road surfaces or when crossing over speed bumps.

LED information panel

Allows you to select one of three riding modes, turn on lights, and track any service signals, power levels and Bluetooth connectivity.

Dual braking system

Mechanical drum brake of the front wheel. The rear wheel is equIPped with an electric brake with a recuperation system that generates and stores energy when going downhill and during braking. Simultaneous double brakes provide maximum stability and controllability. IPX5 waterproof.

Wheel reflectors

High quality reflective decals on both sides of the front and rear forks provide increased safety in low light conditions.

High quality lighting

The 2.5W LED headlight provides high-quality illumination at night and at dusk. Rear brake light ensures safe driving even in heavy traffic.

MAXimum control

The scooter is controlled using a special proprietary application installed on a mobile phone (Android, iOS). Using the app, you can monitor and control your scooter, check its performance, set a lock, and even communicate with other riders. The scooter is synchronized with the phone via Bluetooth.

MAXimum savings

As you can see, this electric scooter is really MAX in all respects. But the main thing is that Ninebot Kickscooter MAX will allow you to significantly save not only your time when moving around the city, but also money. After all, the model has reduced power consumption, providing a good driving range on a single battery charge. And if you count in the ratio of “price-quality”, then the MAX model is the most economical type of personal transport today, which provides the most comfortable and fast movement around the city.