Missing sound on Xiaomi Mi TV

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 65

Color, sound, ease of control, price and quality

Very good TV for my money

Many people swear at the picture quality in reviews, I checked everything, it depends on the quality of the content. See new items 30 gigs, the quality sucks, 7 gig of blurs Rip, it’s amazing. Very good TV

Big, good picture, light.

Sometimes the android is stupid, you have to reboot

Overall, very satisfied at home. whole cinema

missing, sound, xiaomi

Matrix quality. It makes a lot of noise in dark scenes. 4K goes hard

cheap with modern remote control

not suitable for home use at all, no more than for displaying photos for advertising purposes or presentations.

Android TV, big screen. Even 360p is watchable

Mi TV Sound Settings

Not exactly flaws, rather just good instead of great.
Was taken instead of 8-year-old LCD Sonya 46. It just feels like something is wrong with the image compared to Sonya. But even today, 65 Sonya is 2 times more expensive.
The sound is also flatter, lacks bass, but not critical, just good.
It turns on slowly (10 seconds) and at the same time there are no indicators that it turns on, and the button on the remote control is tight, you will not understand if you pressed it or not. I would kick after clicking, there would be no problem.

For the money, the telly is excellent. The toad would not have taken Sonya. I wanted Androyd TV, after all, 2020 is behind us. 4K has not yet been eaten. Private sector, blunt internet, 100 gig torrent download for a week.

I watched a lot of reviews and read comments, many people write that the remote control flies when updating, someone writes that after the update the voice assistant does not work, people do not write nonsense, I have already updated many times and everything works with a bang! The telly works just fine, in general, there are no jambs at all, take it you won’t regret it.

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Well, for this price of 65 inches, there is no choice. Only old stocks.
The remote didn’t look very good, but it sits perfectly in the hand and works too. Normal channels look blurry, of course. Watching only HD is comfortable and higher. This is not a minus of this TV, but in general. I did not find any more minuses. Loudspeakers for 26 sq.m. enough with a margin.

I can’t connect only 100Mbps on a 1Gbps cable. There is no plain description, it is generally possible or not.
I have not yet been able to connect an Xbox game controller to play games with children. It is installed on a smartphone without problems, but here something does not cling by default. I haven’t figured out why yet. Mouse and keyboard clings without problems.

Excellent image, 4K with a bang, watching movies, TV shows is a pleasure. Wi-Fi at a frequency of 5GHz works with a bang, at first I thought to connect via ethernet, like Wi-Fi it and Wi-Fi in Africa, friezes, etc., but refused this idea, everything works as it should work, no cables except for the power cable. Android OS, as always, pleases, third-party applications are installed with a bang, puts any APK without problems (problems start further, in case of incompatibility =)).

The most basic drawback. sound. Weak, low frequencies are lacking in particular. If you are a lover of watching a movie, joining the atmosphere of the movie it is immediately necessary to take additional equipment. how much is the budget. At least with an external subwoofer, it’s a completely different story, already much more interesting.
The second drawback is the remote control. Yes, this is an excellent remote control, bluetooth, no IR connection, but it’s rather simple, it lacks even the same mute button. although for that kind of money, is it worth complaining.

In general, I liked the TV very much, especially for this budget, after a couple of months of use I would take it again if I had such a choice without hesitation, and it was 165 cm.On the wall of a small room it looks great.

What to do if sound disappeared on Xiaomi Redmi?

Many users face the problem of audio playback on Xiaomi Redmi mobile phone. What to do in such cases and how to fix the problem? First you need to determine the reason for the incorrect operation of the device.

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Hardware failure

The bottom line is that the speaker of the smartphone is out of order. It is extremely simple to diagnose such a malfunction, often at first the sound is reproduced, but accompanied by various interference, and then it disappears altogether. The solution is to replace a broken component.

Missing sound on incoming calls

The essence of the failure lies in the fact that a call comes in, there is vibration, but there is no sound. First, you need to determine what caused the failure:

  • mechanical damage;
  • ingress of moisture inside the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone;
  • software glitch. player installed.

We found out the reason, it’s time to talk about solving the problem. In the event that you downloaded and installed any application for playing music or for incoming calls, for example, a player, then most likely, the program triggered a reset of the default settings.

To remedy the situation, you need to enter the following code “###”, then go to “Hardware” and “Audio”. We select a mode in which there is no sound (speakerphone or normal speech). After that click on “Headset Mode” and select “Type”. We adjust the appropriate volume level for the following parameters “Ring”, “Media”, “SPH”.

The second way is to use a special program. You just install the application on your Xiaomi Redmi smartphone, and it will set up automatically. Download the “Sound About” utility. Open the application, go to the “Media | Audio” section, and select “Speaker”. A new window will open, in which you should select the “Phone Call Audio” command. Wait until the program completes, then you can safely test. Sound will appear.

In some situations, there is no sound for incoming calls due to damage to the speaker antenna, and it can also oxidize due to moisture ingress. In this case, disassemble the mobile phone, clean the speaker and correct the antennae.

Dust sometimes accumulates in the audio jack, causing a short circuit. As a result, the smartphone displays a headset connection indicator on the screen, of course, it is not connected, and there is no sound. In this case, just clean the socket without turning off the mobile phone.

Missing sound after firmware update

Many users complain that often after updating the MIUI operating system, the sound on SMS messages disappears. There are several ways to solve this problem, now we will take a closer look at each of them.

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Select the subsection “Resolution”.
  • Go to the “Resolution” tab.
  • Open the category “Messages”.
  • Find “Messages” and put a tick next to this command.
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An unusually simple but very effective solution. If the problem persists, then it is possible that you accidentally prevented the Messages application from playing sound files. Therefore, use an alternative troubleshooting method.

  • We go to the “Settings” of the smartphone.
  • Open the section “Sound and vibration”.
  • We put a tick in front of “Incoming SMS”.

After these simple steps, the sound will be restored.

  • Opening the settings of the Xiaomi Redmi mobile phone.
  • Select the section “All applications”.
  • Go to the “Messages” tab.
  • We erase absolutely all information.
  • The “Messages” tab will appear in a new window, go to it.
  • Opening access to the application to audio files.
  • Opening the smartphone settings.
  • Go to the section “All applications”.
  • Go to the “Messages” tab.
  • Choose “Notifications”.
  • We put a daw in front of the “Sound” command.

Software glitches

Much more often the sound disappears due to software glitches. In principle, this is not as scary as hardware malfunctions, because the user can eliminate breakdowns of this type on his own. How to do it? Now let’s define.

There are several universal ways to solve the problem:

  • Reboot your mobile phone.
  • Factory reset.
  • Dust cleaning the headphone jack.

These powerful techniques often help bring sound back. However, there are other types of software glitches that are much more difficult to diagnose.

If you have lost sound on Xiaomi Redmi, you need to understand what is the reason if it is a hardware breakdown, then it is best to take it to the workshop, and if this is some kind of software failure it will be useful to understand what exactly it happened after, in any case ours will help you the instruction described above.