Microphone not working on iPhone

Reasons for the quiet sound of a telephone microphone

Very often during a conversation, the interlocutor complains of poor audibility, interruption of words, asks to repeat a phrase or speak louder. This is due to a problem with the microphone. All problems can be conditionally divided into two large groups: hardware and software.

The first are associated with the influence of external factors:

  • The accumulation of dust or small debris under the body of the smartphone, as a result of which defects in voice transmission appear, and interference, wheezing, crackling occurs on the mowing line.
  • Ingress of moisture, which leads to oxidation of the contacts. If droplets settle on the system connector or near the microphone, the interlocutor will hear a quiet voice that is heard as if from afar.
  • Mechanical damage. These include being hit or dropped from a great height. As a result, the microcircuit may be damaged or the track on the board may break, which is responsible for the transmission of sound.

The latter are caused by software glitches and bugs. In this case, the sound becomes quiet, distant, and slight interference appears on the mowing line. To verify that the violation is software-related, it is advisable to restart the device, remove the battery for a few seconds, and then reinsert it.

Depending on the phone model

The descriptions below are relevant for devices of such companies as. Huawei, Meizu Lenovo, as well as LG, Sony, ZTE, including Fly, Alcatel, Samsung, HTC Xiaomi, NoKia, many others that have the Android system installed. 9.8. 7.6

A malfunction can occur due to a program failure, users often fix the problems themselves. To do this, you need to reset all settings to factory settings. You can also flash the device. Hardware problems are much more difficult to fix; this requires contacting a qualified service center for help.

In the event of a device failure, due to water ingress or mechanical influence, independent elimination is impossible. A common case is poor-quality soldering of contacts, blows, falling devices. Under such circumstances, you cannot do without disassembling the gadget. For disassembly you need:

  • screwdriver (Phillips).
  • soldering iron;
  • flat screwdriver;
  • rosin, solder;
  • stationery knife.

The back cover is removed, the battery is removed, as well as the installed SIM and flash cards. Screws are removed with a screwdriver, all parts that cover the board are removed. Next is a small round piece that is a microphone. It resembles a pill, is fixed with a barely noticeable train.

There is a special groove in the body for this element. The broken part is removed. Unsoldering and replacement with a new microphone is carried out carefully. This leads to the elimination of the breakdown. As a rule, it is impossible to carry out these actions by yourself, since it is possible to commit more serious malfunctions that will entail expensive repairs. It is better to immediately take the phone to a service center for diagnostics and repair.

Attention! Sometimes you can cope with the blockage, program errors on your own. For example, a blockage is indicated by the fact that the functioning of the microphone occurs partially, for example, poor audibility occurs or sound distortion occurs. If a similar problem occurs, try to carefully do such manipulations. cleaning the microphone hole, which acts as a sound detector.

It is not recommended to forcefully clean to avoid serious damage. If, as a result of these procedures, the malfunction has not been eliminated and it is sure that there is no hardware cause, apply software methods to correct the error:

  • You need to go into the settings and reset, before that, files are backed up to prevent their loss.
  • You should enable contact synchronization and move to the memory card installed in the device or reset to PC.
  • The firmware must be used official in order to avoid a conflict between the hardware and the system.

How to increase the microphone sensitivity on an Android phone through the engineering menu?

Access to the engineering menu on all Android devices occurs using a set of a special USSD command. But, manufacturers of Android devices present a unique set of combinations for accessing the engineering menu.

If in the table above you did not find the manufacturer of your Android device, then use the search engine. Yandex or Google.

  • After you have typed a special USSD command and entered the engineering menu, familiarize yourself with the interface and menu. Then find and go to the “Audio” tab.
  • Now click on the “Normal Mode” item. to open the settings for adjusting the speaker and microphone on calls.
  • After that, you will be taken to the menu for adjusting the speaker volume and microphone sensitivity. In the column “Type” select the parameter “Mic”.
  • In the “Level” column. which means the volume level, you can select the microphone sensitivity from the value “0” to “6”. If you want to make fine tuning, then use the two columns below, specifying values ​​between “0

172 “.

  • After adjusting the microphone sensitivity, be sure to press the “Set” button. to save all settings and then restart your phone.

How to set up sound in headphones on honor and huawei

When wired headphones are connected, the Huawei Histen audio effects become active in the phone settings. What is this application you will find out below.

Huawei Histen is an application that allows you to customize the playback of a melody in the headphones in accordance with the music you are listening to.

In its settings, you can choose one of three types of headphones:

  • intracanal;
  • plug-in;
  • waybills.

All settings are divided into 2 categories: 3D audio and Equalizer.

The first allows you to enjoy surround sound, has three types of settings. close, front and surround. Close is recommended when listening to classical music, front will allow you to enjoy stereo sound when watching video, and surround simulates the acoustics of a concert hall.

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The second one has 5 ready-made settings, each of which corresponds to a certain type of music:

  • pop;
  • classic;
  • rock;
  • jazz;
  • dance.

In addition, there is the possibility of self-tuning 10 equalizer bands. This allows the Accent to take advantage of the strengths of the headphones and solve the dull sound problem. Boost bass can be added if desired.

Equalizer setting honor purity

To adjust the equalizer yourself, you need to connect wired headphones and follow these steps:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Select the item “Sound”.
  • Next, the item “Audio Effects Huawei Histen”.
  • Turn off 3D audio and select “Equalizer”.
  • Click “Configure” in the main window and in the additional.
  • Adjust 10 EQ bands by moving the circles up or down.
  • Add boosted bass if needed.
  • Save settings by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting “Save”.
  • Assign a name by typing it in the appropriate window and clicking the “Save” button.
  • After the done actions, the mode will be added to the rest.

Similarly, you can adjust the sound on the Honor 10 Lite.

Microphone does not work when making a call

Problems are sometimes related to glitches in the Xiaomi device itself. Overloading the system can malfunction. If you recently used a headset, and then noticed that the microphone does not work, then pay attention to the top panel of the display. for the presence of the headset icon.

“Sound amplifier” by feniksenia

A simple, convenient and effective application that allows you to maximize the volume of the built-in speakers on your mobile gadget, bypassing system restrictions. Adjustment is performed using sliders in the items “Volume” and “Gain”, which you can drag depending on what level of sound you want to set.

How to enable huawei histen audio effects via bluetooth

You cannot use Huawei Histen audio effects when connecting wireless headphones. They become active only after connecting wired headphones.

Turning the microphone on and off

Sometimes, the user accidentally mutes the microphone with his ear during a conversation. This is due to the fact that the proximity sensor does not work well on some budget smartphones. If the sensor is working properly, the phone screen will automatically turn off during a call and the sensor will not respond to taps. Otherwise, false positives are possible.

Anyway, during a call, check if the microphone is active. If disabled, just enable it:

Many instant messengers and video conferencing software have the option to mute your microphone. Be sure to check if your microphone icon is crossed out:

Prevent apps from accessing the microphone

In Android, for security purposes, applications receive permissions to access certain functions. Let’s take a quick look at how the permission system works on an Android smartphone.

Mechanical faults

If the microphone malfunctions in any application, it may be clogged or defective.

Note! We’re talking about the main microphone now. However, one of the additional microphones, which is most often used to implement active noise cancellation, can also fail.

Microphone performance test

To check if the microphone is working, use the standard Voice Recorder application that is available on any phone. Depending on the model and firmware version, its interface may differ slightly.

Launch the “Voice Recorder” application.

Press the record button and say something into the microphone.

Stop recording. To do this, click on the appropriate button.

Go to the Saved Recordings menu.

Select the one you want and listen to it.

The further plan of action depends on what exactly you hear. If there is no sound, most likely the microphone is damaged. we will talk about this at the end of the article. But what to do if you can clearly hear yourself?

Disabling microphone access for the voice assistant

Note! This instruction can be useful if, during a conversation through a messenger or a video calling program, along with your voice, the interlocutor hears extraneous sounds and noises.

Below is a look at how to disable Google Assistant access to the device microphone:

Open “Android Settings”.

Go to “Applications”.

Open “All Apps”.

microphone, working, iphone

In order to quickly find the program you want, start typing “Google” in the search bar. Then open the Google app. it is it that is responsible for the Google Assistant.

Go to “App Permissions”.

Select “Microphone”.

Click “Deny”.

A warning will appear on the screen stating that the basic functions of the device (including voice search) will not be possible. Select “Deny anyway”.

Reboot the device and check if you can hear well when talking through instant messengers.

Closing the last running tasks

However, there is a less drastic solution to this problem. To ensure that applications running in the background do not interfere with your microphone, do the following:

Click on the button with the image of a square in order to see the last running tasks.

Close all recent tasks by clicking on the special button.

Note! The screenshot shows that the Google Assistant is running in the background, which can affect the operation of the microphone.

The phone will inform you that there are no recent applications.

Try calling through a video calling program such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Skype. Ask the other person if you can hear well.

Important! The disadvantage of this method is that it is necessary to close running applications before every audio or video call. In addition, this method does not work for everyone.

If none of the tips helped solve the problem, try doing a factory reset after saving important data. This will help fix a software problem, such as a crash due to virus or other unwanted software.

We recommend that users do such a reset themselves, because if you contact a service center, the first thing they will do is reset your device to factory settings. Once again, this will eliminate the likelihood of a software problem. How to reset to factory settings was discussed in detail in our article.

App Permissions

In older versions of the Android mobile operating system, permissions were given to the program during installation. However, this was not safe. In addition, such applications could interfere with the correct operation of the smartphone.

As mentioned, one application can interfere with another. For example, a smartphone microphone can be used by a couple of dozen installed programs. But what happens if one of them is constantly accessing the microphone, even when it is not necessary? The microphone will malfunction, hence the choppy speech in messengers and video conferencing programs. At the same time, as a rule, this does not affect the Phone and Voice Recorder applications.

If you are faced with a similar problem, you are most likely wondering what kind of application crashes? What program is constantly accessing the microphone? We are talking about voice assistants: Google Assistant, Yandex Alice and others. Some users can no longer imagine life without voice search and this is undoubtedly very convenient. However, if the microphone malfunctions due to the voice assistant, you will have to choose one thing.

Erase IPhone

If resetting all settings didn’t fix your microphone problem, try erasing your iPhone. This method will not only allow you to reset all iPhone settings, but also the applications and contents inside. Therefore, it is recommended that you create a backup of your data before starting the process. To erase iPhone, go to Settings General reset all content and settings enter password on the pop-up window, click erase iPhone.

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Check Microphone Settings in IPhone

If the problem only occurs when using certain apps, check your iPhone microphone settings. Make sure apps have permission to access the microphone. Open privacy settings click on microphone.

Remove IPhone Case

Try removing your iPhone case, screen protector, and anything else that might be covering your iPhone speakers and microphone. Check if the iphone microphone works after the above steps.

Restart IPhone

The reboot process can clean up an application that has a bug or is stuck. In many cases, the problem is not working iphone microphone, can be solved by restarting the device. To do this, press and hold the sleep / wake button until the red slider appears and slide to the right to turn off. Wait a few seconds, then turn it back on by pressing the same button until you see the Apple logo.

Troubleshoot microphone problems on iPhone, iPad

Before we go any further on trying to do what troubleshooting steps, check your iPhone microphone first. There are various ways to do this.

Using Voice Memos

  • Open voice memos of the app that you can find on the home screen.
  • Make sure your fingers are not covering the iPhone microphone.
  • Click on the record icon (red circle) and try speaking. Once you’re done recording your voice, click on the red button.
  • Now, play the voice recording by clicking on the play icon next to the red button. Make sure you can hear your own voice recordings clearly.

Try to access Siri and ask something. Press the home button a little longer until Siri appears. Try talking to Siri and asking her something. If Siri doesn’t answer your request or question correctly, try again louder.

Using the app’s camera or FaceTime

You can also use the video function in the camera or FaceTime app to record audio. Launch the camera app and install it on your video. Then record your voice and play it back to check if you can hear your voice clearly or not.

Reset All Settings

If you have done all of the above, but nothing helped, and the iphone microphone does not work, try resetting all settings. This method will reset all settings on your iPhone, including microphone settings. The steps are so easy. Click Settings General scroll down and select reset. Then choose to reset all settings. You may need to enter a password before continuing with the process. Then click “reset all settings” on the pop-up window.

Disable Noise Cancellation

Noise canceling is a useful feature that you can find on iPhone. This can help reduce ambient noise when making a phone call. To disable it, go to settings and click. Then select availability, scroll down and you will find “Noise Canceling Phone”. If you see a green button next to it, just click on it to turn it off.

microphone, working, iphone

Clean the Microphone

If there is dust or dirt blocking your iPhone microphone, the sound quality recorded with the microphone may be affected. She can block the sound, preventing him from reaching the microphone. You can remove dust from it with a brush or tissue. Alternatively, you can use a toothpick or needle to remove any dirt, but do it gently and gently.

Dust and dirt

The next reason why a microphone on a phone may not work well is dust and dirt. Microphone holes on the body of your device are quite small and often clogged with small dust and dirt particles. As a result, the sensitivity of the microphone is significantly reduced, and with very heavy pollution, it almost disappears altogether.

This problem is fixed quite easily:

  • First you need to try blowing air into the microphone. You can try to blow it yourself or use a can of compressed air.
  • This may not always work, as dust and dirt particles can build up quite hard. In this case, you will have to use a thin needle (or any other thin object). It should easily penetrate the microphone opening and can be used to remove any dirt that has accumulated there. Only you need to act as carefully and carefully as possible, not pushing the needle too deep, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the microphone itself.

Bad contact

Actually, why are device drops dangerous for the microphone? It’s simple. In case of a fall, there is a risk that the microphone cable, which is connected to the main board, may lose contact or completely disconnect from its connector. As a result, the microphone will either work with serious interference, or it will completely stop.

There is only one way to fix this problem. You need to disassemble the device and connect the ribbon cable to its place. You can do this yourself or take the device for repair.

Moisture ingress

Moisture is also becoming a common reason why the microphone on the phone does not work. It is not even particularly worth explaining how moisture gets inside: wet hands, using the device in the rain, in the shower, bath, sauna, etc. If it gets inside, moisture can not only disrupt the operation of the microphone, but completely disable it The only way to fix this problem is to replace the microphone with a new one.

Microphone malfunction

And finally, the last reason why the microphone on the phone does not work is a malfunction of the “micro” itself. It often happens that the microphone simply breaks down for no apparent reason. Of course, sometimes a factor for breakdown can be a defect during production, but, as practice shows, absolutely correctly assembled microphones also break down.

The way to fix the problem here is exactly the same as above. a complete replacement of the faulty part with a new one.

Iphone 7 / Iphone 7 Plus Microphone Not Working Fix. Fliptroniks.com

The microphone on the phone does not work: causes and solutions

Very often, smartphone owners face a problem when the microphone on the phone does not work or works very poorly. There are actually several reasons why this happens, ranging from a banal software failure to a hardware failure. Actually, this is what will be discussed in our article. The question of why the microphone on the headphones does not work will also be additionally considered, which is also a fairly common problem. In general, it will be interesting!

Software glitch

The first reason why the microphone on the phone does not work is a malfunction of the operating system. It does not matter at all what OS is installed on the device. “Android”, iOS, “Windows” or any other, failures are everywhere and they happen spontaneously.

How can the malfunction be dealt with? There are several options here, and the easiest one is to reboot the device. As a rule, in most cases this will completely eliminate the malfunction and the microphone will begin to function again. The second option is more radical. resetting the settings to the factory state. Sometimes a software failure can be much more serious than it might seem at first glance, and a simple reboot will not fix it.

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Microphone on headphones

  • The first reason why the microphone on the headset does not work is a banal malfunction of the microphone itself or the 3.5 mm input on the phone. The easiest way to check if this is so is on another device.
  • The second reason is that the sensitivity of the microphone through the headset is set to almost 0. Such a malfunction occurs very rarely and is corrected through the engineering menu.

Access codes for the latter must be searched for a specific model, since they are all different. Once in the engineering menu, go to the Hardware tab and select the Earphones and Mic item there (the name may differ).

FIX Mic Not Working Apple Iphone IOS 14 Microphone Issues

The Speech Enhancement item is responsible for adjusting the sensitivity. You need to experiment with the parameters and find the necessary values ​​at which the microphone on the headphones will begin to function. It is also a good idea to write down the original settings in the menu in case something goes wrong.

During a conversation, the interlocutor does not hear me

The microphone of the iphone, located at the bottom of the phone, near the charging connector, does not work. What to do read above.

I can only be heard on speakerphone

Again, the microphone is not working on the iPhone 5 located at the bottom. It is he who is used for hands-free communication.

Why does the microphone not work??

Why isn’t the microphone working on my iPhone? The answer is not so simple, let’s figure it out. With the growing popularity of iPhones, the number of complaints about the quality of the sound recording properties of an expensive gadget is growing. The manufacturer is not always to blame, usually the microphone does not work on the iphone 7 plus due to dirt and dust that accumulates on the mesh, as a result of careless use by the user.

On iPhones starting from model 4 and 4S, several devices are installed. This was done for the comfort of the user, the devices have acquired active noise cancellation systems. Now it has become possible to talk without any problems in a crowded or noisy place. A system of two recording devices intercepted the noise, processed it, amplifying the user’s voice, and transmitted the sound to the device’s speaker. Thus, greatly reducing the percentage of third-party noise. But you have to pay for comfort, with the increase in the number of mini recording devices in the iPhone, the number of user complaints began to increase that the microphone does not work in the iphone 5.

  • Dust and dirt on the mesh covering the front speaker and microphone
  • Loop break
  • Software problems
  • Recent fall of the device into water, oxidation of contacts and microcircuits

In 80% of cases, if the microphone on the phone does not work well, you need to contact the service center to replace the latter. Usually the loop breaks, or the contact on the board comes off, and you have to change the entire assembly. There is nothing scary, spare parts are not very expensive, and it takes no more than 30 minutes to replace the front microphone on the iPhone 6.

In the remaining 20% ​​of cases, you can try to reanimate the speaker and microphone on the iPhone on your own, but first you need to determine which of the microphones stopped working.

Frequently asked Questions

Here are some examples of frequently asked questions.

Solution to the problem

If you find a problem where the microphone is not working properly on your iPhone 6, it is recommended that you take a series of actions before going to the service center.

  • Using a cotton swab, gently clean the holes of the recording devices.
  • We remove non-factory covers, films, stickers, other accessories from the iphone 7 case.
  • Removing the headphones from the jack
  • We take out the charger, if connected
  • You can try to restart your iPhone, it happens that the problem goes away.
  • Trying to install the iOs update
  • When talking, pay attention if you are covering the main microphone with your hand and the iSight located near the camera on the back side.

After carrying out these procedures, the microphone on the iphone models 6, 6 plus, 5, 5s, 7, 7 plus should come to life, if this did not happen, you will still have to carry the iPhone to the service center, most likely the case is in the loop or in the microcircuit.

How much does it cost to replace a problematic part on an iPhone?

Usually, the replacement of this part is not very expensive, up to 1,500 rubles. But if it comes to a microcircuit responsible for coding speech and recording sounds, then you will have to buy this microcircuit for installation work. It will already come out in 3000-6000 rubles. Taking into account the cost of the phone, this amount is quite justified.

We check the performance

First, you need to understand whether the interlocutor does not hear you, or you do not hear him. If you cannot hear you, the microphone does not work on the iphone 5s, if you cannot hear you, then the speaker does not work on 6. Now let’s find out which of the three or two speakers (depending on the phone model) is not functioning. This is done by built-in software.

  • To test the main microphone (located next to the charging connector) on iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, open the standard Dictaphone application. We start recording, say something on the phone, no need to read the volume of War and Peace, three seconds will be enough. Now we turn on the playback, if the voice is heard, then the recording device is working in the desired mode.
  • To test the upper microphone (next to the iSight camera), you need to open the Camera and switch to the Video mode, turn on the recording, again, 3-4 seconds will be enough. Plays video, if there is no sound or it is very muffled, then the upper microphone does not work.
  • You can check if Siri understands you, if not, then the upper microphone is definitely not functioning.

Solving the problem of not working microphone on iPhone

In this article, we will analyze why the microphone on an Apple phone does not work, we will also touch on the topic of non-functioning speakers. We will give clear answers to questions with instructions and a detailed video on how to troubleshoot yourself.