Mi remote does not work with TV

Mi Remote

You can even use the Mi Remote as a remote control for Smart TVs that receive commands over Wi-Fi. Expand standard features with the Peel Mi Remote add-on, which adds a TV guide and personalized recommendations.

If you use a smartphone from Xiaomi, you can associate different remotes with a specific location so that they are automatically displayed on the lock screen depending on whether you are, for example, at home or in the office.


Yates is the most popular XBMC and Kodi management app. It supports streaming from Plex, Emby, UPnP, AirPlay, Chromecast and Smart TV. There are widgets for quick access to management and integration with Tasker. Uses cloud backup to save settings.

The main functions include control buttons on the lock screen, quick search using sorting, filtering and global search. There is support for Wake on Lan (WOL). You can use SMS or calls to launch Kodi remotely. You can also send any YouTube video to Kodi.

IR Universal TV Remote

IR Universal TV Remote. this remote that works both via infrared port and via Wi-Fi, with the ability to directly connect when you enter the IP address of the Smart TV. It is possible to read infrared codes from other gadgets, but most likely it will not be needed, because the application already contains a large database with the codes of most devices.

After installing it, you can edit almost every element of the remote control: change the panel color, position, transparency and text on the buttons. To quickly change the channel on Smart TV and the volume level, two widgets are available. You can use macros to send commands to multiple devices at the touch of a button. For example, when you turn on the TV, automatically turn off the lights in the room. If you are watching TV with a DTV antenna, the best direction for it will be shown.

SURE Universal

SURE Universal uses infrared to control TVs, cable TV and even air conditioners. In total, over 1 million devices are supported. There is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support for Smart TV control. Easily integrates with various smart home technologies. RF, Z-wave, ZigBee. In addition, with the help of SURE Universal you can play photos and videos from your phone on Smart TV.

Keep in mind that during installation, the application asks for personal data to pay for the paid version without ads, access to the file system for playback from the phone on Smart TV, as well as to the microphone for voice commands.

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Unified TV

Unified TV is a paid app that can be used as a remote control for your TV, game console (Xbox One, Nvidia Shield, and Playstation 4), computer, and projector. It is worth noting that it uses a different approach to work compared to other applications from the review.

Firstly, it works only through the infrared port. This means that you will need one of several Samsung, LG, or HTC phones. Second, the developer has manually created profiles for over 80 TVs. All this eliminates the need to figure out which commands are supported by your TV and create separate profiles for each of them. There is support for widgets, NFC, integration with Tasker is available.

8 remotes per smartphone to control TV from Smart TV

Smart TV is an internet-connected TV that gives you access to streaming services such as Netflix, IVI online cinema and YouTube. The connection is made to the same Wi-Fi network that you use to access the Internet on your computer or smartphone. Therefore, they can interact with each other.

There are many applications that can turn your phone into a universal remote control. However, not all of them are good enough. To save your time, we have selected the best ones. It’s important to note that if a TV has been released in the past few years, it most likely has its own app on Google Play or the App Store. This applies to almost all manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic.

Peel Smart Remote

Peel Smart Remote is such a powerful app that you can control not only your Android TV or Apple TV, but other household appliances as well. In addition, Peel will compose a personalized TV guide for you based on your views. The more programs you watch with Peel, the better the recommendations will be.

It doesn’t matter where you live or what TV you use. you can easily set up a reminder so you don’t miss your favorite show. Unfortunately, recently, the application is exclusively available on the Samsung Galaxy Store on an exclusive basis, but you can always try to find and install the APK file.

Android TV and Philips TV Remote even work with iPhone. Checked

Even a smartphone as simple as the Philips S395 can become the heart of a smart home. But in this role, there may be an iPhone.

The iOS version of the Philips TV Remote has the same functionality. Even more. this is the best iOS app to control Android TV. Used to Apple TV? Nothing will change. it will only be more convenient. Philips 49PUS6412 eliminates the need for an Apple TV.

It independently “digests” any multimedia files, organizes access to all streaming audio / video services are available in full and can run most Android games.

Apple limits us within its ecosystem. Philips and Google are broadening the horizons by allowing you to use everything without limits. Is this not a reason to update?

How AirPlay and AirDrop work on Android TV?

Native AirPlay is only activated through a third-party application. for example, AirScreen.

Transfer files using AirDrop via DLNA or other applications such as Android TV for iOS.

What comes in handy for Android TV?

While many of the ways to stream and control Android TVs seem more familiar, the Philips TV Remote has all of their functionality.

But the following list of applications will definitely not be superfluous.

ES File Explorer will become an indispensable assistant: the application is deservedly considered the best file manager for TV.

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If you install Sideload Launcher, you can install smartphone or tablet apps on your TV that are not available directly from Google Play.

Plex cross-platform is the best choice to bring all your media-loaded devices into one network. In fact, it is a network player with a library function, available on all platforms: TVs, smartphones (iOS, Android) and desktop systems.

LazyIPTV will help you watch Internet TV in IP TV format. If you try, it’s free.

Need more? A subscription to the SPB TV streaming content aggregator service will do. Replaces both online cinema and cable.

PUBG Mobile can be streamed or run directly on your TV. The second option is preferable, because then the smartphone can be turned into a gamepad.

How to control an Android TV from an iPhone without a remote control

Most of our readers use the entire Apple ecosystem, from a smartphone to a TV set-top box. until recently, the iPhone simply did not work with smart TVs running the Google operating system.

Now TVs and media boxes on Android TV fit perfectly into the iOS ecosystem: using the iPhone and several applications, you can transfer content between devices, watch photos or videos on the big screen.

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And even use your favorite smartphone instead of the remote control. The main thing is that the TV has Android TV.

How to turn an iPhone into a TV remote?

Google plans to turn Android TV into the basis of the “smart home”, so TVs under its control are crammed with a wide variety of functions.

But a smart home needs to be controlled, and the most convenient way to do this is using a smartphone: it is always at hand.

Everything is the same as in iOS TVOS: you can control your smartphone and control your TV, and display the image from your smartphone on the big screen. Even more. all TV settings are available with the right collaboration app.

What do you need for this? Smartphone, TV and Philips TV Remote branded app that works on all mobile systems:

As with other Smart TVs based on Android TV, our test Philips 49PUS6412 TV only needs to connect to the same Wi-Fi network to which the smartphone / tablet will be connected.

There are no differences between the versions of Philips TV Remote: everything that is written for the Philips S395 smartphone is true for the iOS version. IPad option fits more controls on one screen.

What is Android TV and how is it different from Android?

Android TV is a version of the Android operating system for TVs and multimedia set-top boxes. The control in it is adapted for the remote control and is easier than in smartphones.

Thanks to its many applications, the Google platform can be taught to use any third-party device for a variety of purposes: a smartphone can become a gamepad, a computer can become a network storage of movies, a laptop can become a catalog of photos.

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Philips TV 49PUS6412 based on Android TV

The possibilities of Android TV are limited only by the owner’s imagination. I can’t believe it, really?

We tested Android TV on the new Philips 49PUS6412 TV by connecting an iPhone and a Philips S395 Android smartphone.

Fact: cheap Android Android TV works as cool as Apple technology.

How to transfer photos / videos from smartphone via Philips TV Remote?

The Media Browser tab expands the list of network devices with access to drives. DLNA is used, so devices must be connected to the same network and pre-configured.

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Philips TV Remote allows you to watch content on your smartphone screen and transfer it to your TV, as well as move content between them.

How to use voice search on Philips TV Remote

Philips TV Remote has a voice search that allows you to quickly find an app installed on your TV, regardless of which app is currently running.

It can also be used inside applications. for example, to quickly launch the required video file.

AnyMote Universal Remote

AnyMote Universal Remote is somewhat similar to the previous application. it can also be used with any home appliances.

It is even possible to program some commands for simultaneous switching on, by pressing one button.

Mi Remote Controller

A distinctive feature of the Mi Remote Controller is that it can be used not only with Xiaomi TVs. The roster of brands available is huge.

But there is a small drawback. He belongs to the owners of “apple” devices. Since Xiaomi is a company that manufactures equipment on Android OS, it will not work to find an application on the App Store. There are no problems with the Play Market. write the name in the search bar, download the program and set up the pairing of the TV with the phone.

SURE Universal Remote

Suitable for any Smart TV. Also, it can be used for any other equipment: air conditioners, projectors, set-top boxes, etc. One of the serious advantages of SURE Universal Remote is the display of audio and video materials from a smartphone on a TV screen.


The TV remote on iPhone represents a similar setup, minus some minor changes.

The fact is that the American company did not bother and implement an IR sensor in its iOS devices. To avoid this drawback, special devices were invented that remove this drawback. They are somewhat reminiscent of a flash drive and are inserted into the “Lightning” charging connector. Of course, this requires additional costs. But as an alternative management than not an option?

Then the required application is installed on the iPhone:

TV Remote App for Smart TV

Did you know that a smartphone can be used as a remote control for a Smart TV? And, we have to admit, this is a great alternative to a regular remote control. All you need to do before starting work is to install the desired TV remote application.

How to make a remote control from a smartphone running:

The remote control application for a smartphone for TV implies installation on two popular operating systems:

Below will be considered the installation steps for each of them.

LG TV Remote

Another company from Korea, which followed the example of fellow countrymen. LG also created an original app to control their appliances. There are two versions of the program: LG TV Remote LG TV PLUS. This one is suitable for earlier versions of the remote control.

Installed through third-party sources, since there is no official support anymore, due to the obsolescence of the software.

After downloading the application and running it, you will need to select your TV model from the list provided.