Locate iPhone by Phone Number

How to find iPhone location by phone number

In the age of total, widespread use of gadgets, new problems arise. And the owners of the most popular “apple” brand, due to the high cost of any unit of Apple technology, have plenty of troubles. After all, if the thing was inadvertently forgotten somewhere, as soon as it is discovered, it will be extremely difficult for the owner to return it back.

That is why the developers of the most popular and best-selling technology today have taken good care of the safety for their customers. Nowadays it is not difficult to find an iPhone by phone number online. Of course, if the attackers have not yet had time to commit any fraud.

How to find iPhone on a map by phone number?

So, let’s summarize. If the rescue function of the search was enabled on the lost Apple device, most likely it will not be difficult to find a mobile phone. just follow the instructions offered on the manufacturer’s website.

If the function has not been activated, unfortunately, the search will be difficult and it will have to be transferred to law enforcement agencies.

And when using various additional programs, the search for the phone will be productive if the SIM card is activated and a cellular signal is received. otherwise it will not be possible to find the phone.

How to find iPhone by phone number online now?

To date, many additional programs have been invented that allow you to connect to a satellite and receive data directly from space. Despite the fact that the iPhone manufacturer does not provide instructions on how to use such features, you can independently explore the search services.

iphone, phone, number

They are pretty easy to use. If the gadget is turned on and the SIM card is in it, the satellite simply tracks the position on the map and transmits the geolocation.

There is also a variety of spyware. these are bugs that are installed in the phone immediately after purchase, and if the mobile is suddenly stolen or lost, it becomes possible to track in detail not only its movement, but also all calls, messages and, in general, operations performed by the thief.

It is not always necessary to search for a phone by number in the event of a theft. sometimes you just need to find out where the owner is. In such a situation, all search programs will be useless if the signal from the SIM card is not transmitted, and the universal application “Find iPhone” is disabled.

How to find your serial number?

Depending on the Apple device, the serial number can be printed on the case, it can be found in iTunes, if synchronization was performed, in the menu, in the settings. But if the device is far away from you, all this data is useless. And you still need to provide the code. In such a case, there is a different plan of action.

To help law enforcement agencies in their search, the serial number of the device can be found:

  • If, nevertheless, this is not possible, when searching for an iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch or iPod, pay attention to iTunes. open the “devices” and find the numbers we need.
  • The program has never been activated, and the box was thrown away long ago? A receipt, a purchase receipt will help you. the serial number is always indicated there.

The next step is to delete all personal data. This is a necessary measure to ensure your safety. Most likely, your personal phone contains a lot of information regarding your place of residence, the numbers of family members, not to mention access to electronic money. To avoid additional troubles, we remove all data remotely. After this step, it is impossible to track the mobile device.

After all the information has been erased, you can remove the iPhone from the account. This cannot be done. the lock that you set will be removed and the attacker will be able to freely use your phone.

Further, we advise you to be sure to inform the operator that your number is no longer used by you and has been stolen. Thus, you will protect yourself from potential bills. after all, the SIM card can be used, for example, in roaming.

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These steps will help you if Find iPhone has been activated on your lost device. What to do if you didn’t turn it on?

How to find iphone by phone number without search function?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find your device guaranteed without activated search. Nevertheless, the company offers a number of actions that can secure your data as long as the phone is looked for by law enforcement agencies.

  • Changing the AppleID password. This will protect your iCloud and other services associated with the device.
  • Change passwords for all accounts that have been activated on the phone.
  • We notify the mobile operator about the loss and disable our number.
  • We report theft or loss to the police.

How to Find iPhone Location by Phone Number for Free

The first thing that every Apple device owner should remember is that the “Find iPhone” function should always be turned on. If there was a check mark on the lost device, it will be much easier to detect the loss. So, what actions have to be taken?

First, we try to find the iPhone through a computer by phone number: from a PC we go to the Apple icloud.com/find page or run the search program on another device. Phone, iPad.

Now we find the lost phone. We launch the search program, select the required device and check it on the map. When the desired geolocation is found nearby. call the number and by signal it will be possible to find the equipment.

If the search did not bring any results, we activate the Lost Mode. This method was invented specifically to protect data and the gadget itself. What are the benefits of this search method?

  • First, there is a remote blocking of equipment.
  • Secondly, you enter the password and you can display on the screen any text message and number by which you can be found at the moment.
  • Third, geolocation is tracked.
  • And fourthly, you do not have to worry about the accounts to which the device is connected: if your credit card or debit card details have been entered into ApplePay, when the mode is activated, the buying opportunity is blocked.

That is why we do not recommend turning on the loss immediately. if a mobile device is nearby, it will take some time to unfreeze your accounts.

The next step is to inform the law enforcement agencies. Since all the “apple” equipment is quite expensive, most likely they will be engaged in the search for your loss. Police officers will most likely require a serial number from you. This is necessary to ensure that you are the real owner.

Actions to ensure safety

What can you do to avoid such stressful situations? Be sure to keep Apple Search enabled. this is your opportunity to stop thieves from using your device. In addition, an attacker will not be able to sell a stolen iPhone that is on the wanted list. A message will be displayed on the screen stating that the gadget was lost and no buyer wants to buy it. How it will help you find the missing?

There have been cases when stolen phones, which were promptly put on emergency mode, were simply thrown to the owner.

Be aware of your safety, take the right steps in advance!

How to track your location with Google

Today there are 2 ways. respectively 2 applications. You will need to have access to the device that you are going to track, as well as data for authorization in the Google account that is used on this device.

How to track the location of your phone?

We already once told you how to monitor your phone over the Internet. Today we will focus on determining the location of the phone. There are a variety of ways to determine the location of an Android phone. I will tell you about the best in my opinion.

This can be useful not only from the position of secretly tracking a person or finding a lost or stolen device, but also in the case, for example, if, for example, it is necessary to track the whereabouts of a child or another family member.

Friend locator

This application got here not only because it is very simple and convenient for tracking the location and getting information, but also because it is completely free.

Track location using Google Maps

The function for tracking is built-in as standard in the Google Maps application (hereinafter GM). And it is called “Geodata Transfer”.

To track the location of your phone, you will need:

  • this application, both on your device and on someone else’s
  • access to someone else’s device
  • data of the Google account used on the last
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So, go to GM, on the phone you want to track. Open the settings tray and go to the “Transfer of geodata” function.

Track your phone‘s location using Google Maps

Here, click “Get Started” and choose how long the device will show its location. Now mark who will see it (from contacts).

Before that, be sure to add your account (to which the location data will be visible) to the contacts on the device.

Track your phone’s location using Google Maps

You should see a message stating that you are showing the other person where you are.

Track your phone’s location using Google Maps

All that remains is to log into GM on your device (it must be connected to the account that you specified in the contacts on someone else’s device). At the top, select the icon of the person you will be tracking. Everything, you see its location.

You can also allow another device to see your location.

Previously, the tracking feature was also on the Google social service. And in GM, using the Show Where I am command, you could reveal your location to someone. Now the developers have improved the command “Show where I am” into the new function “Transfer of geodata”. When you select the item “Friends on the map” in Google, you will be automatically transferred to GM.


This application helps you track the movement of your family members. In fact, you are creating a group where everyone can see the location of others, as well as their message and call history.

Tracking by phone number

It seems to be not the most popular program on Google Play, you say. However, this is not at all the case. Since the application is paid, many functions are closed. Therefore, people, without understanding, give underestimated ratings.

This is actually a very functional application. You can track any device by phone number. And if you install this client on the device, then you can:

  • make it invisible
  • remotely receive records of conversations, messages
  • remotely receive screenshots
  • monitor application usage data

How to track or locate any mobile number in few seconds | Infotainment Hub

Track location with Find My Device

This is already a specially developed tool, which consists of two parts. an application on your phone or tablet and a corresponding web resource in the Global Network (site).
The first works in conjunction with the second. If the phone was stolen, for example, then you can go through the browser to the Google website, in the Find My Device section, perform a series of actions, which will be discussed below.

Also, which is very important, if you install the application on someone else’s phone and know the data of the google account (mail and password) to which this device and the application itself are connected, you will be able to track it both from another smartphone and from a PC. Now I’ll tell you more.

The first thing to do is install the Find My Device app in the Play Market. Then log in to it using the account that is connected on your device. Be sure to give access to location data.

Location by phone using Find My Device

All of you went to the application interface. Here you can see information about the battery charge and connection on your phone. You can also perform a number of actions: for example, ring your phone or block it. The item “Clear data” is not displayed, since the application “understands” that it is running on the same device.

When you log into an account that is on the same phone, then all these functions seem useless. However, if you log into the account of another device, you can perform all these actions remotely.
This will be especially useful if the device has been stolen or you simply cannot find it. Go to the Find My Device website. Log in with the account that was connected to the device.

Location by phone with Find My Device

You see the same features and location, of course. Now everything is simple: you cannot find your home. call, stole or lost it on the street. at least block or completely erase the data.

Find iPhone via Apple Watch

The method is suitable if the geolocation service is turned off on the iPhone. If the device was lost within the apartment and at the same time is paired with a “smart watch”:

  • Turn on Apple Watch and bring up the watch face (press the Digital Crown).
  • Launch Control Center. To do this, swipe up on the touchscreen.
  • An interface with available functions will open. Find the smartphone icon here and click on it.
  • After that, the iPhone will play a melody (even if silent mode is enabled).

When the phone is found, be sure to activate the Find iPhone service on it and allow the transfer of the last location to the server. This will help if next time you leave the device outside the apartment.

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How to track a friend’s iPhone via “Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a free mobile application that allows you to share geolocation data with your friends. Allows you to remotely search for a device in case of loss. How to see the location of another iPhone:

After that, you will be able to find your friend’s iPhone and vice versa. The application allows you to find out where the person is (user permission is required) and can be used to search for their devices.

An attacker can reflash a found iPhone. Then you can track it by IMEI. To do this, you will have to seek help from a mobile operator, through law enforcement agencies.

Programs for finding a mobile phone iPhone: installation features

Setting up the standard Find My iPhone application does not require any special actions with the phone or any specific skills. But with the installation of specialized third-party software, everything is a little different. You will need to bypass iOS software restrictions, for which you need to jailbreak. This is the name of the process of flashing or “jailbreaking” an iPhone phone, as a result of which access to previously closed opportunities appears.

  • installation of software for finding an iPhone using GPS, recording conversations, SMS, Internet messages, etc.;
  • use of other useful applications, the installation of which was previously not allowed by the iOS system;
  • improved lock screen window;
  • expanding the capabilities of the telephone control center;
  • refusal from automatic system updates, which often annoy users.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

If the device has run out of power or has been turned off, then you can find it by Apple ID. To do this, use the official “Find My iPhone” application. It shows the location of the iPhone at the moment or sends information to the server before disconnecting. Instructions:

  • Download the Find My iPhone application to another Apple device and search for it using your Apple ID (requires authorization). Or go to the service via iCloud from a computer.
  • Turn on Lost Mode through the Find My iPhone service. This can be done through another phone or computer (after authorization in the iCloud service using Apple ID). Then, after connecting the device to the network, the screen will display information with a request to contact the owner.

iPhone sends location data before shutting down. If after moving the device is connected to the Internet, the information on the map will be automatically updated.

There are many ways to track down a stolen or accidentally forgotten iPhone. The easiest way to do this is to use the built-in Find My Phone service, but if it has not been configured in advance, you will have to seek help from law enforcement agencies. Police officers will be able to find iPhone by IMEI.

Today’s iPhones are sleek, feature-rich, and expensive devices that are highly popular. And not only from buyers, but also from amateurs to appropriate someone else’s property. Unfortunately, theft of an iPhone is not such a rare occurrence, and just losing such a phone is extremely offensive. Therefore, iPhone owners should take care in advance that in case of loss of the device for one reason or another, it will be possible to find it.

To do this, you can use different methods, the most popular options are searching through the Find iPhone application and searching using location tracking programs.

Finding the location of an iPhone phone using specialized software

A much broader range of iPhone features can be remotely accessed through dedicated cell phone monitoring applications, often referred to as “spyware” applications. This significantly increases the chances of returning an expensive phone to the owner, as well as saving important information in the event of a final loss of the device. Therefore, spyware is sometimes installed on one’s own device to provide effective remote access and the ability to automatically record telephone conversations with other subscribers.

There is also a second option for using programs for remote access to the iPhone: searching for a phone, recording conversations and SMS of another subscriber. In fact, we are talking about wiretapping. the main way of using such applications. Depending on the goals of the user, the spyware can be installed on the phone of a child (parental control) or an employee of the company you own, etc.


An accidentally lost or stolen iPhone can be found using built-in features or special apps. over, this can be done from a computer or another smartphone. Next, we will tell you how to find an iPhone using another iPhone and analyze other possible methods.