LG TV won’t connect to wi-fi

How to connect the Internet to an LG TV: setting up Wi-Fi

LG Smart TVs are used to connect to Wi-Fi through a router or to a special LAN cable. It is important to properly connect the Internet to your LG TV for a stable connection.

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Direct connection via LAN cable

If necessary, you can set up a Wi-Fi network on your LG TV using a LAN cable. There is no need for auxiliary devices. Connection is possible using technologies:

  • L2TP, PPPoE;
  • Static or dynamic IP.

In the future, it is required to set up TV taking into account the technology used, since the list of necessary equipment depends on this and the specifics of connecting television equipment is determined.

  • Dynamic IP
    . The TV is connected to the Internet directly. The method is simple and does not require special equipment. A router is not required for the procedure. The cable from the Internet can be inserted into the TV connector. Then the connection will be made automatically. Additional parameter changes are not required. The setting is carried out in automatic mode. Dynamic IP configuration is automatic
  • Static IP
    . You will need to set up TV for the Internet to work. Take into account the network parameters from the Internet service provider, and they must be entered correctly. Be sure to use the LAN cable provided by your ISP. The cable is inserted into the Ethernet connector of the television equipment. Then go to the network parameters. This requires a TV remote control: Settings (gear drawing). Network. Wired Ethernet connection. Remove the check mark from the parameter responsible for automatic settings. The control is carried out in manual mode. They register the parameters from the Internet provider and click the “Connect” button. With a static IP, enter your Internet settings
  • Binding by MAC address
    . The setup process becomes more complicated, since it is required to take into account the MAC address of the television equipment (indicated in the support, product or service information). Then they contact the Internet provider and provide the necessary data. The provider changes the binding from the personal computer to the used TV. In some cases, the Internet is connected using L2TP, PPPoE technology, as a result of which the use of a network cable will be impossible, it will be possible to connect only through a router.
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Connecting via a router

This option assumes no direct connection. Thanks to the settings, TV is connected to the network and provided with the Internet. No special router settings are required. For Wi-Fi to work when watching TV, a DHCP server is used. Its activation is carried out in the connection parameters. In the future, the TV will be connected in automatic mode if you set up a wireless network.

LG TV is connected to the router. For this, a network cable is inserted into the standard LAN port. The supplied TV or router cables are short, so the longer ones must be purchased separately. One end is connected to the router into a free LAN type connector, the other to the Ethernet port.

Connecting via a router

A cable connection guarantees a stable connection compared to a wireless one. The main disadvantage is the presence of wires in the room. When using wireless, the signal quality is checked to prevent problems with video transmission.

A window will open on the TV screen with a message confirming the required connection has been established. The internet will now work. No additional steps required.

The final stage of configuration through a router

Wireless connection

Sometimes television equipment can connect to the Internet wirelessly. A prerequisite is the presence of a built-in module. The relevant information is contained in the TV manual. If there is no built-in module, use an external adapter. The device is purchased separately, taking into account the technical parameters and is used for installation in a USB connector.

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If there is a built-in module or an adapter is connected, go to the network settings. Actions are carried out through the wireless setting item. In the future, they act according to one of the following options:

  • List of access points for connecting to the Internet. The item is used when the name of the network is known and the password combination is established, with which you can turn on the Internet for TV, by analogy with other devices. In this case, all networks to which you can connect will be available. You need to choose a suitable name and enter the correct password. If the names of the networks are presented in encrypted form, the name of the desired Wi-Fi is entered independently.
    A branded Wi-Fi adapter will come in handy if you don’t have a Smart TV
  • Easy installation. The router must support WPS mode (confirmation will be the presence of the corresponding button). They select this item, hold down the WPS button on the router for 15 seconds. The parameters will be determined by automatic mode, so that additional actions by the user are not required.

Instructions for models on webOS

The manual is suitable for modern models running on the new LG webOS system.

Internet setup on LG webOS

Initially, the settings are opened. The quick settings section will be available. You will need to go to the “Advanced settings” item. Go to “Network” and select a Wi-Fi connection. Select a home network, enter a password. When connected, a checkmark will appear confirming the connection.

After you manage to properly set up the Internet on your LG TV, a stable connection with the network will be provided for watching videos on available sites and on YouTube.

The TV does not see the Wi-Fi network at all

The most common problem that users have is that the TV does not see the Wi-Fi network. There can be many reasons for the problem. First of all, check if there is access to the Internet, and also if the router is working at all. You need to take a smartphone or other device and try to connect to Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to activate the Wi-Fi module in your phone by selecting the “remote access point” function. Then use the device as a means to connect to the Internet. If it works out, then the reason is different.

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Factory reset

If the above methods of solving the problem did not help, then you can try resetting the settings to the factory settings. This can fix Wi-Fi connection problems. However, during the procedure, all settings and accounts will be completely reset. The TV will be the same as immediately after purchase. Resetting the settings returns the device to the “default” mode, so you will have to reconfigure what you previously set.


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Poor signal due to long distance between router and TV

If the restart did not help, then you need to pay attention to how far the TV and the Wi-Fi router are from each other. The problem may be due to poor signal quality. You should try moving the router closer to the device. Sometimes the problem is interference. In this case, it is better to place the router next to the TV.