LG TV remote control does not work

Why LG TV backlight doesn’t work?

Missing picture on TV? Do not rush to panic, perhaps this is not a malfunction of the matrix, but just a malfunction of the backlight. It is easy to determine the reason if the device responds to the remote control and switches channels, but there is no image on the TV screen. the problem is related to LEDs or lamps.

The lack of screen backlighting may be the result of:

  • a burnt out line of LEDs (due to a serial connection, a breakdown of one element leads to a malfunction of all the others);
  • problems with the LED driver, as a result of which the voltage is not supplied to the LEDs and they do not light up;
  • factory marriage;
  • incorrect settings, often users set the maximum brightness of the image on the TV, because of the high voltage, the LEDs do not withstand and fail.

Common malfunctions

Tv disassembly

Disassembling an LCD TV is a complicated and time-consuming process, so if you are not sure that you can do it carefully, do not risk it. If other parts are damaged, you will not only void the warranty, but also increase the cost of repairing the backlight.

First of all, prepare your work area, preferably a large empty table on which you can neatly lay out all the details. Be sure to wash your hands so that grease does not remain on the filters and matrix.

  • The TV is equipped with three key boards: main, T-CON and a power adapter. They will be the first items you see after removing the back cover.
  • Disconnect the cables and unscrew the bolts between them to disconnect and remove the T-CON board.
  • Unscrew the bolts to remove the protective elements from the decoders. Be careful not to damage the rubber mounts.
  • To remove the front frame, you need to unscrew the screws located around the perimeter of the device.
  • Turn the screen over so that the decoders are on top and remove the rubber mounts. Do not forget to hold the matrix while doing this.
  • Remove the die and place it gently on the table. Now you can start repair work.

Identifying faulty items

Detach the fasteners and remove the plastic frame. There will be scattering films in front of you, they must be removed.

The structure of LED backlighting may differ depending on the TV model, it can be 5 LED strips with 10 lamps, 3 strips with 6 diodes, etc. If the mounts are not burnt, then to search for a faulty diode, you will need to recheck absolutely all the diodes one by one, which is long enough.

LG Remote Control not working Fix it Now

For replacement, it is necessary to disconnect the strips of the old diodes. To do this, you will need a powerful household or soldering hair dryer. with its help, double-sided tape is heated, which is used to fix the lamps.

If you bought a ready-made line, then the replacement is not difficult, it is enough to replace the burnt tape with a new one. Replacing individual burned-out diodes is more difficult. it is necessary to cut them out together with the section of the substrate with conductors and place the same part in this place. After that, it is necessary to restore the tracks, that is, to solder a pair of short conductors into the gap.

Do not forget to prepare a place for a new diode. remove excess tin on the conductive pads and get rid of the leaked flux, after which a new layer of tin is applied to the contact points. The diode is installed on the prepared platform with tweezers, trying not to displace the part. At the same time, the substrate is heated from below with a hairdryer. Once the tin has melted, the hair dryer can be removed.

Be careful when working with the lenses located on the lamps, you should not damage its legs when removing. After installing the diode, the lens should be replaced, its legs must be installed at the same points so that the optical axis of the lens passes through the center of the semiconductor crystal. At the factory, they are attached using a compound, but you can use superglue, and to restore the coating, it is enough to purchase a can of paint.

Backlight does not work on LG TV

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Screen backlighting is one of the most important components of modern LCD TVs. It ensures the appearance of an image on the screen. The backlight consists of lamps or LEDs. If you turn on the TV and the screen does not light up, the problem is in it. But other nodes are also involved in the work of the backlight. a driver, an inverter and a power supply. You can find out the cause of the malfunction in the LG TV repair service center.

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Magic Remote does not work. what to do in such a situation?

What to do if suddenly your Magic Remote (also known as Jedi Remote or Magic Motion) from LG TV stops working? No need to panic, our instructions will help you!

Understanding the problem

If you take the remote control in your hand and wave it, then usually a pointer appears on the TV, which can be controlled by movements. But what to do if the pointer does not appear, how do not shake this remote?

The remote control can refuse to work for a huge number of reasons and it is not necessary that it is broken or out of order. The more complex the technique, the more chances it has to fail.

One of the main causes of the problem may be ignorance of the instructions for the TV. Tell me honestly, have you read at least the main points before using? Most likely not, but trust me. there are the answers to almost 90% of your problems.

Let’s take a look at a quick guide to using the remote control, maybe this will push you to the right ideas (the remote control in the pictures is old, but nevertheless, the principle of its operation has not changed since then):

Possible reasons

If the instructions above did not help, let’s look at the main scenarios, after analyzing which it will be possible to understand what happened to the Magic Remote.

Before you start, do a simple test: point the remote at a digital camera (for example, the one on your phone) and press any key. If at the same time you see a flashing light in the camera display. the remote control is working (and the problem is most likely in the TV) if you see nothing. remote control problem.

The remote control has run out of batteries. when you press the buttons on the remote control in its upper front part, the red indicator should light up. If this does not happen, the batteries may be dead (or not at all). Check (preferably in another device or using the indicator on the batteries themselves) and replace them if necessary.

  • Check the remote control functions selectively. if nothing works at all. most likely the batteries are dead.
  • Make sure the batteries are working.
  • The polarity of the installed batteries must be observed according to the indications on the remote control.

The remote has lost its connection to the TV (or has not yet been connected). This is one of the most common cases. The Magic Remote works via Bluetooth and in order to control the TV with it, you need to “introduce” them.

But even if you have already done this, the TV may forget your remote control due to a malfunction or if you hold down the BACKHOME button combination for a while. after a few seconds, the functions of the magic wand will stop working and there will be only the possibility of using it like a regular remote control (only buttons). Naturally, pressing these buttons could happen by accident without your knowledge (for example, someone sat down on the remote control with the fifth point, or the children were indulging).

To connect the Magic Remote back to the LG TV, you need to hold down the center button (the wheel, it’s the OK button). If you did everything correctly, after a moment the following message will appear on the TV display:

Registering a New Magic Remote.

And after a few seconds, if the connection is successful, you will see the following message:

Registration successfully completed.

If something else is not clear, watch the video, which contains instructions for connecting the remote control:

  • Make sure that there are no interfering devices (electronic devices, bright lamps, etc.) near the TV or remote control (even in neighboring rooms).

The control panel was filled with liquid. this also happens. No need to panic, remotes, keyboards, phones, tablets and other devices very often take a shower from water, tea or other drinks.

If you immediately noticed that the remote control was flooded. you need to quickly remove the batteries, wipe and dry it. If it has been under the influence of liquid for a long time or something viscous has been spilled that just cannot be dried (beer, compote, etc.), then it will have to be disassembled. If you can handle it yourself. you need to get to the microcircuits and thoroughly clean and dry everything.

The batteries are leaking. not a very pleasant moment, not a single device is immune from this. If this happens, then when you open the battery compartment, you will see a white coating. In this case, even if you replace the batteries with new ones. the remote control will most likely not work. As in the previous paragraph, it will have to be disassembled and cleaned. By the way, I recommend using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning (you just won’t buy alcohol, but a plaque remains from vodka and other spirits).

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Honor also says that if the batteries run out, the remote control may be completely out of order.

The remote control stopped working after a year and a half and no matter what you do, nothing helps. This is a known issue that many buyers have encountered. It is believed that in the early versions of the remote control (2012, early 2013) there was a factory defect.

To cure this problem, you will have to disassemble the remote control and solder it. Read more about this here. If you yourself are not versed in soldering, it is advisable to take the remote control to the workshop, providing them with instructions at the specified link.

The remote control slows down. In addition to a completely inoperative remote control, there is still a problem when it does not work adequately. the pointer moves in jerks, very slowly or indistinctly repeats your movements:

  • it can be like a short-term glitch, which is treated like this. leave the remote at rest for a few seconds so that the pointer disappears from the screen, then move the remote again;
  • if it does not help, then you need to re-register the remote control in the TV (point 2 of this manual);
  • change batteries if none of the two options above helps.

Alternative to the remote

If you have an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, you can download a free LG Smart TV app called LG TV REMOTE. With this program, you can easily control TV using your phone, for example.


In Samsung TVs, there is a problem with the failure of the sensor that receives the signal from the remote control. To check the malfunction, you can connect any other working remote control to the TV and check the ability to receive an infrared signal. If it works, then the cause of the malfunction lies directly in the remote control. This fact can also be easily checked through any digital camera or mobile phone camera: when you press the button of the operating remote control, a red LED beam will be visible.

If the LG remote does not work, the batteries should be checked first. The presence of many functions “sags” the power supply faster. There may also be problems with the TV remote control setup. If you press the “back” and “home” keys simultaneously, the connection between the devices is lost. This can happen by accident: for example, if you didn’t notice and sat down on the remote control or threw a pillow on it. A lot of everyday activities can imperceptibly disable the remote control. To restore the commands from the remote control to the LG TV, you will need to reconnect the device.

The most common breakdowns of remote controls from different manufacturers

Any consumer has repeatedly faced the problem of unsatisfactory operation of the remote control. The failure of the device in many cases is associated with mechanical stress. After it falls, buttons can fly out, the integrity of the structure is violated. It can become a pet toy. It is not excluded that liquid has entered the body of the console. And this applies not only to cheap TVs, but also to equipment of well-known brands: Philips, Samsung, LG, etc. Violation of the remote control functionality can be of varying degrees.

  • The remote control only works in close proximity to the TV.
  • Only some buttons on the remote do not work.
  • The operability is restored only after a reboot. TV pairing loses regularly.
  • When you press a certain key, a completely different function takes place.
  • Sticky buttons.
  • Insufficient battery voltage.
  • Defect or flaw in the manufacturer.
  • Malfunction of the sensor on the TV when using the remote control with an infrared signal.

Why does the TV remote not work

Modern electrical engineering is equipped with a remote control option. The time when you had to press buttons on the TV to turn on and switch channels has long been forgotten. Like any device, the remote control can break, which creates great inconvenience in the operation of equipment. Why the TV does not start from the remote control, or a number of buttons does not work, there can be many answers. it all depends on the causes of the malfunction.


There are many comments among Philips users regarding the operation of the remote control, namely its settings. To establish pairing with the TV, you need to hold the remote control near the Philips logo at a distance of 10 cm and launch it by pressing the “OK” button. Due to the fact that one remote control can control more than one TV, pairing must be established with each separately. For these purposes, at the same close distance from the Philips logo, simultaneously press the blue and red buttons.

How to restore the TV remote control to work

Before proceeding to repair the remote control device, call the service center or buy a new one, you must make sure that the reason is not in the power source. Batteries may fail in an elementary way. In the absence of a voltmeter, you can check the presence of voltage in them through any other electronic device, clock or musical children’s toy. Further, malfunction can be caused by factors such as moisture ingress or mechanical damage. It is possible that there is a defect in the development.

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If the TV stopped working from the remote control, and at the same time there were no prerequisites in the form of a fall from a height or immersion in water, then the reason may be contamination of the remote control inside. During operation, dust and grease particles get in, which leads to dysfunction of the mechanism, and the TV remote control does not work. To eliminate this reason, it is necessary to disassemble and remove dirt, observing the rules for cleaning the remote control. With a high degree of probability, after these manipulations, the remote control will work again.

How To Fix a LG Remote Control That’s Not Working

When clear separation of contacts is visible in the soldering points, if you have a soldering iron, you can independently eliminate such a defect. If over time the graphite inserts have worn out or the board itself is out of order, then it will be necessary to select a new remote control.

Remote control devices from different manufacturers. LG, Philips and other brands. are very similar to each other, the only difference is in design, number of keys and functions.

A situation may arise when, when pressed, the remote control indicator lights up, but the TV still does not work. In this case, you may need to flash the software to install the official latest version. If there is no experience in these actions, it is better to contact the wizard.

In the absence of the ability to control the TV remotely, do not panic, but follow the step-by-step recommendations for restoring operability. If it was not possible to fix the malfunction on your own, you can measure the cost of the repairman’s services and the price of a new remote control, and make a choice towards an effective solution. By the way, an alternative to the traditional remote control can be a smartphone, from which you can also control the TV.

LG Magic Remote for LG Smart TV: Conquering TV

Hi everyone! Today I will try to fully tell you about this magic wand. If the first Smart TVs were produced, with a conventional remote control, which was not very convenient to operate a complex system. And in the future I had to purchase the “magic pointer” separately. Now, all new LG TVs come with two remote controls: regular and LG Magic Remote.

Today in the article we will analyze some of the problems that may arise during use. I will also tell you about the compatibility of TVs for those who have not yet purchased this remote control, and who did not have it in the kit initially.

Solution of problems

  • If the remote control stops responding to your commands, then check the batteries first. You can try to get closer to the TV. If the problem is in the power supply, just change the batteries;
  • Another option is to reconnect the bullets to the TV. Just move closer to the screen and hold down the wheel until a message appears on the screen about pairing two devices;
  • Turn off the TV again;


Then you just install it and use it. This application is a little more convenient, since the cursor can be controlled by touching the smartphone screen. From there, it is also more convenient to enter text, for example, for queries in the search bar of the Internet browser.

Connection and configuration

Nothing is complicated, you just take the remote control in your hand and press the buttons to control it. To enter the menu, you need to click on the gear. Also, when you take it, then just move it to the right, to the left. After that, you will see a cursor on the screen, which will move along the trajectory of the hand movement. If you do not use the control panel for a long time, then the cursor control mode is turned off to reduce power consumption.


But with the MR500, everything is much more complicated. Most users complain that the remote dries up quickly. I think the problem is in the system, which should put the remote on standby when the transmitter is not in use. On the 600 version, this is all fixed.

Also, most people complain about the scroll wheel, which just starts to slip. This is due to the cheap gum material. Many also write about the price, since initially the MR500 cost 2500-3000 rubles. But now the price has dropped to 1700.

  • Insert the batteries into the remote control and turn on the TV. This requires two standard AA batteries. They are included.
  • Point the Magic Remote at the TV and press the wheel (13).