LG TV how to tune channels manually

Preparing and setting up the TV

Technology from LG has long conquered our market. They are popular for their unique qualities and superior performance. But it is often difficult for the user to set up the channels correctly on these models, especially the IPTV on the latest LG Smart TV.

tune, channels, manually

How do I properly tune the channels on my LG TV for watching? Before starting to use and change the parameters, you need to perform the simplest operations. To get started, you just do the first power-ups without any program. It is necessary to examine the screen itself, the quality of color reproduction and the absence of dark spots. Only after checking the quality of the screen, you can proceed to direct use of the device.

So, if you checked your LG TV, then now you need to understand how to properly tune the channels on it. First, you need to connect to the media. For this, the following options can be used, including IPTV for LG.

Satellite dish and receiver Using these tools, you can watch digital TV anywhere in the country. Devices are not dependent on cable networks or the Internet.
Cable connection Through the cable, you can receive both digital and analog channels, it all depends on your operator. The advantage of this method is that long-term installation is not required, but only cable laying into the apartment.
Through the Internet In this case, the model is connected via WI-FI to the router. It does not require buying a receiver and other equipment, and you can only use the worldwide network to view.

Each option has its pros and cons, and how to properly set up an LG TV to work with a specific network depends only on the solution you choose.

About installing TV channels

You have now figured out how to prepare and connect your device, and now you can set up programs on your model and start using your LG TV fully. To do this, you need a remote control, it is always supplied in the kit. All operations are carried out only with the help of this important element.

To set up digital or analog TV on LG, you need to press the “Menu” button on the remote control. In the latest Smart TVs, access for digital TV can be carried out through the “Home” button, after which you must select the item with the settings.

An additional access code may be required to connect a digital signal. As standard, the devices are delivered with a preset PIN 0000, 1234 or 1111. This combination will need to be entered from the remote control.

Go to “Options”, define the country and language. This is an important factor for the correct and correct operation of the device, because modern models take into account the set parameters.

Setting up digital TV on an LG device involves stream selection. If digital television is provided via cable, then you select the appropriate item. Next, start a quick search, but to determine the channels, the device may need additional data:

  • Modulation type.
  • Flow rate.
  • Start, end frequency and some others.

Where can I get this data? They are always provided by the direct service provider. If these parameters were not specified during the installation of the equipment, then you should contact the operator to connect digital broadcasting. It will provide you with all the parameters you need to enter during your search.

Built-in dvb receiver in the device, its use and sharing

The built-in receiver, which is installed in the LG TV, can greatly facilitate the process of receiving the signal. The receiver in most of the latest Korean models supports the modern dvb t2 standard.

But what does the dvb t2 give on LG TVs? The most important thing is the ability not to buy equipment from the operator and significantly save on this moment. You will need to purchase a dvb antenna, and then connect your own receiver to it.

Naturally, this is not all the operations and setting up the TV on the LG model will require direct contact with the operator. You need to purchase a cam-module to decode the signal and convert it into an image, and an access card from the company.

An alternative option is also possible on models with dvb-cardsharing. For it, you need to connect your model to WI-FI, because all data is transmitted via the Internet. How to set up WI-FI on a modern LG TV. just go to settings and find your network. But what are the advantages of cardsharing using a dvb module?

  • Sharing on a TV from LG allows you to connect to the signal through the access cards of other users.
  • Cardsharing for TV from LG company reduces the cost of payment for services.
  • Cardsharing is easily carried out through special servers, a WI-FI connection is constantly required.

All about LG TVs and how to set them up

If you have purchased a TV from LG, it is very helpful to know how to set it up. In our article we will tell you about all the intricacies.


Setting up IPTV on a modern LG TV is a welcome solution to getting rid of TV operators. Setting up IPTV begins with connecting to LG WI-FI in order to receive digital broadcasting through the worldwide network. To do this, go to the settings and find your router.

To watch IPTV, you do not need cardsharing to LG TV. You simply use network resources and receive a signal from online services via WI-FI.

To understand how to further configure IPTV on LG, we follow a simple algorithm:

Automatic tuning

To tune your LG TV to receive digital TV, you just need to have a connection to the most common antenna. You will also need a T2 receiver, but modern models of equipment from this manufacturer are equipped with a built-in module. This means that you don’t have to buy an additional set-top box.

Autosearch allows you to find both analogue and digital channels. The main advantage is speed. You do not have to enter additional values, adjust the frequency, etc. Just open the main menu, select “Automatic channel tuning” and wait for the TV-device to do everything for you.

In general, the whole process takes no more than 5 minutes. Of course, you first need to choose source of connection. a cable or an antenna. Now you know how to tune channels on your LG TV automatically.

Basic LG TV settings when first turned on

Setting up your LG TV starts right after it is turned on for the first time. Of course, this is not a prerequisite, so you can ignore the setting of such parameters as time, date, language, sleep timer, etc. However, it is better to do everything at once so as not to return to this issue in the future.

We bring to your attention a step-by-step guide, after reading which you can set all the necessary parameters. In total, you will spend a minimum of free time on everything. The main thing is to follow the suggested recommendations.

Step. date and time

Sometimes it is the incorrectly set date and time that cause various software failures. Therefore, before you tune the television, you must first set these parameters. For this:

  • Take your remote control.
  • Click on the “Home” button. the icon with the image of the house.
  • Go to the “Settings” section. the gear icon.
  • Click on “”. the ellipsis icon.
  • Select the “General” tab.
  • Go to the subsection “Time and date”.

Should I consider adjusting the sleep timer and automatically turning on / off the TV as a mandatory setting for LG? In principle, each user chooses these parameters based on their own preferences.

Step. choice of location

Using the parameters of the remote control, the user must select a country. If this is not done, then it will be impossible to set up digital TV broadcasting. The region and city are configured here. You can select a country from the drop-down list or simply by specifying the postal code. Modern models are equipped with the option of automatic location determination. However, if there is no Internet connection, then you will have to do it all manually.

  • Take your remote control.
  • Click on the “Home” button. the icon with the image of the house.
  • Go to the “Settings” section. the gear icon.
  • Click on “”. the ellipsis icon.
  • Select the “General” tab.
  • Go to the subsection “Country”.

How to search and tune channels on LG TV

A TV with a bright and rich picture is the most optimal way to spend your daily leisure. Mostly a modern user prefers to watch movies and favorite TV series online, but fans of the classics have not disappeared either, so knowledge about setting up television broadcasting will undoubtedly come to the court.

How do I tune channels on my LG TV? Devices from the popular South Korean brand have no distinctive features, at least in this matter. Therefore, TV channels are tuned according to the standard algorithm. The only difference is that, depending on the brand, the name of commands, parameters, options will change.

The paper manual included in the basic package of the TV-device contains all the information necessary for setting up channels. However, this process is described there superficially, now we will consider the most basic commands and the specifics inherent in LG technology.

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Step. configuring language options

Allows you to set the menu display language as well as the track for digital TV. Provided that the channel is broadcast in several languages ​​at once. Also, the user will be able to customize the main and auxiliary language support.

It is imperative to configure the language for voice search and keyboard. Absolutely all of the options listed above can be edited in one menu. How to enter it? Follow this step by step algorithm:

  • Take your remote control.
  • Click on the “Home” button. the icon with the image of the house.
  • Go to the “Settings” section. the gear icon.
  • Click on “”. the ellipsis icon.
  • Select the “General” tab.
  • Go to the subsection “Language”.

It is clear that if the default language is Russian, then this step can be skipped.

Manual setting

If you do not have the desire and time to manually tune the channels, then you can always contact the specialists. However, everyone can also do it on their own. There are no significant difficulties on LG, the process is the same when compared to TVs from other manufacturers.

To receive channels on your TV, take the remote control and open the main menu. Then select the “Manual search” command in the settings. After that, select in the parameters “Cable digital TV”, and also specify the frequency. 170,000 kHz. Set the speed to 6900, and the modulation to 1280 AM. Then click on the “Start” button.

When the tuning of the channels on this frequency is completed, a notification will appear in the menu, how many programs have been found and stored. After that, you need to change the frequency: set 178000, the speed and modulation remain unchanged. Run the search again. Increase the frequency gradually by 8000 kHz. This is how HD broadcasting is configured.

Setting up IPTV on LG Smart TV

The main feature of the LG Smart TV platform is that the user can not only tune TV channels, but also surf the Internet using a pre-installed browser and other applications. How to set up IPTV on LG Smart TV? Before you start searching for TV channels, you need to connect to the Internet.

Connect an Ethernet cable to the TV via the LAN connector or use a Wi-Fi wireless connection. When the TV device is connected to the Internet, you can set up cable broadcasting.

  • Go to the “Settings” section, and then select the “Network” tab.
  • Select a network connection and tap on the Select screen.
  • In the proposed list, you need to select a wired or wireless connection, and then click on the “Update” button.
  • Now the television equipment is connected to the Internet, you can click on the “Finish” button.
  • We register an account in the operating system, enter a login and email address, come up with a strong password. To confirm the actions, follow the link that will come to your Email.
  • The account has been created, which means you can log in. Download a special application from the LG APPS market. SS IPTV.
  • Run the installed application, it will give you a connection code. Then you need to go to the official website of the application and open the playlist editor, where you enter this code. Then click the “Add device” button.
  • Download any IPTV playlist from here. Then, in the playlist editor, click “Open” and select the downloaded file. You will see a list of channels. Now click “Save”, and on the TV in the application. “Update” (2 round arrows). Choose your playlist and enjoy watching.
  • In the same way, you can add a playlist by link without downloading it. To do this, in the playlist editor on the “External playlists” tab, click the “Add” button and paste the link into the “Source” field. Don’t forget to click the “Save” button. See the video below for more details.

Setting up cable TV on Samsung equipment

Cable TV is one of the most popular ways to instantly transmit signals from a TV tower to an apartment or house. In addition to cable TV, there is also more modern satellite and digital TV. Thanks to such technologies, the viewer is offered a wide range of channels at an affordable price.

To display the channels on the screen of “Samsung” equipment, you need to set up signal reception. Each channel broadcasts at a specific frequency. The tuning procedure consists in recording in the TV’s memory information about what frequency is necessary for demonstrating various information to the viewer.

Antenna types

Those people who are interested in the question: “How to tune the TV to receive channels?” you should be aware that there are several types of antennas for this household appliance:

  • The signal received from the terrestrial antenna should be tuned on TVs using the remote control.
  • Tuning TV channels of a TV that is connected to a satellite dish is carried out using the remote control from the satellite receiver.
  • On a TV that is connected to a cable antenna, you should tune in TV programs using the TV remote.

Not so long ago, television could only be watched using an over-the-air connection. The signal was then transmitted to the TV from the TV tower. The design of the antenna in this case had large dimensions, it had to be installed at a height and directed towards the nearest TV tower. The signal quality was poor, so the picture displayed on the screen often disappeared and noise appeared. In addition to all this, the number of channels was limited. Tuning channels on a TV for high-quality signal reception using an terrestrial antenna in an urban environment is not an easy task.

Fortunately, more modern cable television is available to most Russians today. Using the latest technology, you can tune your TV to show several dozen analogue channels of flawless quality at once. As well as over 100 digital channels. However, the questions are: “How to tune channels on the TV?”. not less. The image output is carried out using a cable laid in the apartment. If you use this method of connection, no additional equipment is required, such as receivers.

Setting up your TV

But in order. and more often people ask the question: “How to set up TV channels on TV? What should be done?” To set up your newly purchased new TV for watching satellite TV, you need to find all the channels that are available on the satellite equipment. To perform this operation, you must connect the receiver to the TV using a special cable. Then the digital equipment needs to be switched to monitor mode.

To tune the TV to receive terrestrial, cable, analogue or digital channels, connect the TV plug to the TV jack. It is usually located on the side or back of the case. Then click on the “enter the menu” button. After that, you need to decide how to tune the channels. in automatic or manual mode. In the first mode, the technician searches for all available channels on his own. After completing this operation, a message will appear stating that you can enjoy watching TV. Choosing the second method, you have to configure each channel independently and separately, which will take more time.

How to tune channels on TV manually?

To find out how to tune channels on a TV, you should know that this process on modern models is divided into two stages. The first is to set up the input source. The second is to adjust the sound and quality of the image displayed on the screen. It is also necessary to assign numbers to TV channels and adjust the functional parameters. If there is a function of connecting the TV to the Internet, you need to connect your digital equipment to the network.

Automatic screen adjustment

Most TV models allow you to adjust the screen in automatic mode, using factory settings optimized for certain programs: bright screen, soft, for movies or watching sports programs, and more.

In some cases, TV owners are faced with a problem with the geometric proportions of the screen. This becomes noticeable when watching programs and films, when people become very fat or, conversely, thin. The reason for this disadvantage is the incorrect setting of the screen aspect ratio. For modern broadcasts, you should use a ratio of 16 to 9, but for old films, a ratio of 4 to 3 is suitable.

Adjust the image using the remote control by pressing the appropriate buttons (on each TV model they are located differently) or by pressing the “Menu” button. In order to correctly configure this parameter, it is best to use the corporate logo of the television channel, which is located in a circle. The MIR, EuroNews and TV Center channels have such an icon.

Disadvantages of automatic search

To figure out how to tune channels on a TV, every home appliance user should be aware of the disadvantages of automatic search. These include the fact that the channel numbering is carried out by the TV independently, so you have to remember at what frequencies this or that program will be broadcast. It is also possible to accidentally persist interference.

Screen image

After buying a new TV, it is not enough to know the answer to the question: “How to tune channels on the TV?” Note. Any settings in modern digital technology, whether it is screen resolution, setting the quality of the displayed image or setting the sound level, are made using the “Service menu” function. To open it, press the “Menu” button on the equipment control panel.

In addition to answering the question: “How do I set up digital channels on my TV?” it is also important to know about the quality of the image. This function is launched by pressing the “Menu” button. Then you should select the sub-item “Image”. This section adjusts the image to the optimal quality for the digital TV screen. In this case, the following parameters are used:

  • definition;
  • color;
  • contrast;
  • brightness.

By controlling these parameters, the value of the scale of the required parameter is changed up or down, achieving the optimal picture quality, pleasing to the user’s eyes.

Setting up Smart TV channels

In order to set up Smart TV you need:

To get started, the TV needs to be connected to the network, it doesn’t matter here, WI-FI or wired connection. After that, you can start setting up:

  • Find their address and register manually in the TV settings.
  • Synchronize TV and laptop via the Internet, and control them through the latter.

To watch free TV channels on Smart TV, follow these steps:

  • Open settings on TV.
  • Select “Channels”.
  • Activate automatic search.
  • Specify the source of receiving the signal: antenna or cable.
  • In the field “Supplier” select “Others”.
  • Set frequency range.
  • Select search: digital or analogue channels.
  • Click “Run” and wait for the search to complete.
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But best of all, if you have Smart TV, choose exactly its package of channels. In addition, instead of SS IPTV, you can choose other programs for work: Forkplayer, Vintera.TV, PeersTV.

Free Channels for Samsung TVs

How to tune digital TV channels

To tune digital channels, in most models of TV receivers, you must specify the connection type “Cable”, and then start an automatic search. However, depending on the manufacturer of the TV equipment, the type of connection may be in different tabs. For example:

  • Sony. in the menu “Autosearch for digital stations”;
  • LG. “Autosearch”;
  • Samsung. “Auto Tuning”;
  • Philips. “Digital Mode”;
  • Panasonic. in the “Add TV signal” menu, check the box next to the “DVB-C” item;
  • Dexp. “Tuner type”;
  • JVC. “Tuner Mode”;
  • KIVI. “Antenna Type”.

How to set up pictures on your TV

Analog broadcast

This year, the country is undergoing a full transition to digital broadcasting, and the work of analogue television is discontinued. Therefore, setting up such channels should not be considered.

Modern TV models (for example, as Samsung introduced in 2017 UE-32M4002 and even budget models) already have a built-in digital tuner that transcodes the air signal into digital.

Setting up digital channels

You can tune channels in LG TV by manual search or automatically. Autosearch is very simple and is done as follows.

  • In the settings section (opened with the “home” or “house” button on the remote control), look for the “channels” tab.
  • We select autosearch and indicate the type of signal. digital or analog. In 2020, the first option is relevant.
  • Click “start search”.
  • We are waiting for the end of the procedure and save the result.

The list and numbering are generated automatically. if desired, it can be further corrected.

Manual searches are a little more complicated. For residents of remote areas, you should first go to the official website of Russian digital TV. karta.rtrs.rf. Here in the “search” line you need to enter the name of your settlement and make sure that it is in the broadcasting area. If everything is in order, then the procedure is as follows.

  • In the settings section you need to open “channels” and select “manual search”.
  • The connection type will appear in a new window, you need to specify the “cable”.
  • If the region was previously set correctly, then a window will appear in which data for the search is entered. Frequency search. from 247000 to 770000, modulation. 256, LD. automatically. These are the parameters for searching in the Russian Federation, in other countries they differ.
  • Next, do not forget to mark the item “skip encrypted channels”.
  • It remains only to start the scan and wait for the end of the procedure and save the result.

This method will help residents of remote areas where auto search may not find or find not all free channels.

Tuning channels on LG TVs

According to statistics, a modern person spends up to 5 hours a day in front of a TV screen, and in order to provide the necessary comfort for watching programs, it is necessary to make all the settings correctly. We will look at how to self-configure digital channels on LG TVs and satellite channels that provide high quality broadcast.

IPTV setup

Modern LG Smart TVs allow you to watch TV over the Internet. This will require concluding an agreement with the provider and setting up the TV. The device pre-connects to the Internet, wire or Wi-Fi. it doesn’t matter. After that, you should do the following.

General setup

The first step of setting up your LG TV is setting the language.

  • On the control panel, press the home button (house) and scroll to the side to the tab with ellipsis (sometimes a gear is drawn).
  • The settings menu will open. we are looking for the “general” tab.
  • We select the item “language” and find Russian.
  • By analogy with point 1 of the previous section, enter the settings.
  • Select “date and time” and set the current time and date.
  • We go back one step and in the “system” section, open the “country” tab, select Russia.

Important! These parameters should be specified correctly, since the possibility of using some functions depends on the correctness. for some regions something may not be available.

Satellite TV

LG TV models can broadcast satellite channels. the image will be of very high quality if the user correctly performs the necessary actions, according to the instruction manual. Satellite channels are tuned up after installing the antenna in a previously prepared place. this is a spacious loggia for houses with increased comfort or a balcony in an ordinary apartment building. This choice is not accidental: there must be constant free access to the satellite TV antenna for the necessary adjustment of its position. It can be installed independently, but after a mandatory consultation with a specialist in charge of satellite TV from the nearest service center.

Important! In order to calmly watch channels from satellites in any region of Russia, a digital tuner must support the DVB-S2 standard.

Here is a sample guide on how to set up satellite TV on your own LG TV.

  • We insert the antenna cable into the connector on the tuner, and connect the product to the TV receiver. Press the Settings key on the remote control, go to the main menu. the “Channels” item. OK.
  • A pop-up window opens. program mode. OK. In the list that opens, put a tick in front of the Satellite. OK on the screen and the control panel.
  • We enter the Satellite field. select EUTELSAT 36 A / B 36.0 E. OK.
  • We go back and enter the frequency for 2-band converters. 9750/10600, and for 1-band, respectively 10750.
  • Turn on the power.

You can tune in manually. go to the digital (satellite) TV section. then “Transponder”. add, enter the required parameters. OK. Then we configure all transponders in the same way. If, at the same time, the network of Russian operators was immediately identified, then we set the autosearch. When setting up, you need to specify which channels to receive. only digital or even local TV channels in order to watch regional programs.

Automatic installation lasts no more than 10 minutes, then the new list can be sorted, removing or saving the installed channel at your personal discretion.

Setting up digital channels on LG TVs

Digital TV is very popular among the residents of Russia. Free channels are available to many people around the country. In addition, you are protected from interference that can occur with conventional terrestrial television, since the digital signal does not depend on any external factors, including the weather.

After the advent of DTV, companies began to form that are ready to set up a TV for a certain amount of money. But the fact is that you do not need to contact their services, since if you follow the instructions, you can set up digital and terrestrial channels yourself.

In order to watch free TV channels, the TV must have a built-in tuner. TVs of the LV company, both new and old, mainly support these parameters, so it will not be difficult to configure them. However, if you are not sure about the capabilities of your own TV, then you need to open the characteristics and find such parameters as DVB-C or DVB-T2.

There are 2 ways to tune digital channels on LG TVs: fast and long. In this article, we will cover both methods.

Quick setup for LG TVs

  • Go to the website of the TV company that provides digital TV signal transmission services in your area.
  • On the company’s website, find the parameters that you need to enter to configure;
  • Go to settings and go to the “Channels” menu;
  • Select “Cable TV” reception mode. It is worth noting that there may not be such a “Cable TV” item in some more modern models;
  • Now select “Manual Configuration”;
  • In the window that opens, enter the parameters that were indicated on the TV company website;
  • Run search.

After the data is found, you can watch all the free channels that are available in your area.

Long way

  • If you have an LG Smart TV, then you need to press the Home button on the remote and go to the settings mode. In older models, you just need to go to the Menu;
  • Go to Options and select your country. If the TV was released after 2011-2012, you can safely choose Russia, if earlier, then it is better to install Switzerland, Finland or Germany;
  • If you have chosen one of the European countries, then you need to go to “Language” and install Russian;
  • Now go to “Settings” and click on “Autosearch”;
  • A window will appear in front of you, in which you will need to select “Cable” as a signal. If there is no such parameter or an additional window does not pop up, then you have chosen the wrong country. Also, nothing happens if the TV does not have a tuner for T2.
  • If everything went well, set up a quick search and enter the following details:
  • initial frequency. 274,000;
  • final frequency. 770,000;
  • modulation. 256;
  • speed. 6750;
  • Network ID. Auto.

Some data will not need to be driven. It depends on which country you have chosen.

  • The TV may then ask you for more information. If you agree, check the box.
  • Digital only. will only search for DTV channels. Otherwise, theirs are ethereal;
  • Auto numbering. will automatically order the items found;
  • Skip encrypted programs. won’t tune paid channels.
  • Run a search. After a while, the available TV and radio channels will be displayed. It usually takes 15-20 minutes.
  • Almost all LG TVs have an auto-update function. If you do not want to constantly reconfigure your TV after it automatically resets everything, disable this feature. To do this, you will need:

    • Go to settings;
    • Go down to the “Digital cable settings”;
    • Turn off auto-update.

    We prepare the equipment

    Setting up channels on a TV begins with its connection to a signal source: for analog and cable TV, we connect the cable to the antenna input (see photo).

    If you have two or more TVs in your house, they can also be connected to the same antenna. But for stable distribution, you need to use a special splitter or splitter that has two or more outputs, depending on your needs.

    Setting HD channels

    High Definition Television (HDTV) is a completely new standard that provides much better picture when compared to analogue and digital versions. This format allows video and audio signals to be highly compressed, and only digital technology is used to transmit signals. the result is very impressive picture fidelity and surround sound.

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    If you have already tuned digital channels on your new TV, then to add channels in HD mode, you need to perform an automatic rescanning. they will appear in the product list.

    Setting up cable TV

    You have finally had modern television and are now wondering how to make a high-quality setting of digital channels on your TV. When setting up, it is better to adhere to the following recommendations.

    • It is necessary to conclude an official agreement with a provider that provides cable TV services in your area of ​​the city.
    • When turned on, the screen displays “digital channels are not tuned in.”.
    • You need to take the equipment control panel, enter the Menu by pressing the corresponding button.
    • In the “Channel setup” section, select the “Auto tuning” sub-item, then press the “OK” button. the product starts scanning the signal and tune itself to all existing channels. At the same time, twins and variants of an incorrect image are recorded: stripes all over the screen, poor quality, distorted sound, or even its complete absence. Such channels are deleted manually after the download is completed by selecting the appropriate items from the menu of your TV.
    • Automatic download ends within a few minutes, depending on the number of received channels. After the end of scanning, the device will show all the saved channels in sequence.
    • You can also tune TV channels manually, but then you will have to search for the appropriate frequency for a long time. Spend the same amount of time on each tuned channel as a full auto tune would take.

    Each user should understand that we have offered an average option for setting up television channels, each TV has its own nuances, which are spelled out in the instruction manual. For example, setting up and ordering channels on Tricolor TV is extremely easy for the user.

    Often users ask the following question: is it possible to set up a TV without using a remote control? Of course, you can, if there are corresponding buttons on the body of your product.

    Satellite channels

    Users who have a parabolic antenna are interested in the question of how to tune satellite channels? We warn you right away that these operations are slightly different from the actions described above.

    So, the dish (as the people call a satellite dish) is already installed and directed in the right direction, it remains to figure out how to set up the TV. Together with the plate on the balcony, a receiver or tuner appears in the room, connected to it by a cable. At the same time, your equipment is transferred to the normal monitor mode.

    Few of the buyers know that a satellite dish, due to the influence of natural conditions. strong winds, heavy rain, etc can change its original position, so you need to periodically check the device and correct the position so that there is a stable signal without distortion.

    The tuner has its own remote control, on which you need to press the “Menu” button. Following the prompts, which are described in detail in the instructions, satellite channels are tuned in. There are many of them, so choose only the ones you need, which you will at least occasionally view. From the practice of using satellite television, it follows that many channels are offered, but the most popular are educational, about travel and the mysteries of the planet, sports. Therefore, when setting up, do not get carried away by the abundance of stored channels: as a rule, you simply do not have enough free time to watch everything.

    Setting up channels on TV of different brands

    Some models run on proprietary operating systems. For example, Samsung has Tizen, LG has WebOS, and Sony and Philips have Android. Let’s analyze the features of tuning terrestrial channels with an eye to the TV brand.


    Android TVs are more flexible in terms of individual settings, but certain difficulties still arise. As in other cases, the first step is to update the operating system to the latest version.

    • We activate the menu by pressing the Home key on the control panel.
    • Open “Configuration” and go to the “Installation” section.
    • We select the item “Channel settings”.
    • Click on the line “Automatic mode” and “Start”.
    • Select the signal source from the drop-down list. TV antenna.
    • At the end of the search, click on “Finish” to save the results.

    In some versions of the operating system, country selection may be required. If Russia is not on the list, then click on Germany or Finland. These countries use similar broadcasting protocols.

    Sometimes the system asks for a password. Typically, this is “0000” or “1111”. The specific code will be indicated in the “Channel Setting” section.

    How to tune digital terrestrial channels

    Setting up TV channels on modern TVs is noticeably simplified thanks to intelligent automation. But users who are inexperienced in these matters experience serious difficulties. In addition, in some cases manual adjustment of values ​​is required.

    You can put on-air channels both using a TV and using third-party equipment: set-top boxes, console, receiver, etc. Consider the settings in automatic and manual mode with an eye to the TV brand.

    How to set up Tricolor TV on LG TV?

    Tricolor TV is a company offering high quality television broadcasting. However, configuring the hardware to work properly can be difficult. The digital technology market is very large, and each manufacturer brings something different in both the receiver models and the TVs themselves. Most devices are configured automatically, while others require a more “personal” approach. LG TVs belong to the second group.

    Why LG setup is different

    In 2017, many companies changed their broadcasting conditions. channel delimitation was introduced, which they now decided to sort by lists. This affected the users in such a way that the list of offered Tricolor TV channels simply did not appear in the system, or did not appear in order / incomplete. LG TVs were particularly susceptible to this problem, whose software was unable to maintain the new order.

    Difficulties arose mainly in those cases when users tried to search for channels using the “Quick Search” option. At the same time, LG TVs perceived signal decoding algorithms incorrectly, for which the company has repeatedly apologized. Almost all product lines of the company for 2014-2018 were “amazed”, and some still demonstrate the presence of this problem.

    LG is actively developing new software that would support the formation of such lists that Tricolor TV uses. Its launch is tentatively scheduled for July 2018. However, this does not mean at all that Tricolor TV subscribers who have LG TVs at home should refrain from watching TV programs, since there is a way to get around the problem on their own. and it lies in a slightly different sequence of settings.

    In addition, most LG TVs were equipped with a CAM module, which replaces the standard receiver. the connection and setup are somewhat different from the usual algorithm.

    How to set up channels

    Important! All of the following works on webOS TVs.

    Installation of equipment should be carried out in accordance with the instructions of “Tricolor TV”. mounting the antenna and dish, laying the cables. The company offers customers a full set of necessary devices to properly “dock” with the satellite and pick up the signal.

    One of the main steps is the installation of the CICam module. In this case, the TV must remain off. It should be turned on after correct installation. In this case, the screen should display information about the equipment. about the card and the module itself.

    Important! In some cases, at this stage, error 7 may occur, which indicates that the equipment was connected incorrectly, or the subscriber forgot to register in Tricolor TV with the card data.

    Before proceeding with the setup, it is recommended that you make sure the TV software is updated to the latest version (on the LG website).

    After all these preparations, the channels are set up like this (manually):

    • You need to go to the menu, where you should find the item “Advanced settings”.
    • Select “Channels”.
    • Select “Channel search and settings”.
    • You should choose the “Autosearch” option, despite the fact that you configure everything manually. Here you can enter unique settings for the Tricolor.
    • The search mode should be set to “Satellite”. If not, select it from the list.
    • Choosing a satellite TV operator is also an important option. For Tricolor today you need to click on “Other operators”.
    • Exit autosearch. click on the cross, or press EXIT on the remote control. If you have a 3 or 3.5 version of the LG axis and a Magic remote, press the Back / Exit button while holding.

    After that, you can start manual channel search.

    • Re-enter the “Channel search and settings” through the advanced options menu.
    • Press Manual Search, and make sure the Receive Mode is set to Satellite. If not, change it to this mode.
    • Open the “Transponder” settings item and select ANY one from the list, avoiding the number 12226 / L / 27500.
    • After that press “Transponder” again.
    • Now select option 12226 / L / 27500, and check if the Add button appears on the side.
    • Turn on “Search for network”. click on this item and change the value to “On”
    • Click the “Add” option you found earlier. Wait for the end of the search, and press EXIT.

    Important! In some versions of the software, instead of “Add” there will be “Update”.

    After that, the search for channels in the network will begin. during the search, the LG TV will check 22 transponders, and the result of such a check should be more than 300 channels, including radio and service arrays.

    The list of channels will be formed in a special way due to the fact that the new software has not yet been released for Tricolor TV. It will contain:

    • Present digital and satellite services and radio channels;
    • channel order messed up.

    However, the list editor will be available, and you can easily select and mark those that the TV will have to skip in the future. The “Skip” function will help to hide them from the general list for easier navigation.