LG TV does not turn on indicator flashes

Technical problems

Time negatively affects boards, transistors, capacitors, fuses and other spare parts for a TV-set. To concretize the cause of the malfunction, the device should be disassembled.

Important! When you suspect a technical malfunction of the TV, it is recommended to contact an LG service center.

Wrong source selected

The main reason for the display to stop working may be the standby mode, which does not turn off the device. In this case, the TV works, only its work does not manifest itself in any way. This problem can be easily eliminated by using the remote control and switching the mode by pressing the “Standby” key.

This option does not block the power adapter, leaves the screen always in a ready state.

Attention! The constant presence of the monitor in a ready state is reflected negatively on its performance indicators. As a result of abuse of this state, the device becomes very vulnerable to voltage surges.

Another reason that the TV is silent and does not turn on is the wrong source. If the user previously activated AV or HDMI, then in order to watch TV broadcasting, you need to switch the source using the remote control. This is often observed after connecting the TV to a laptop.

Remote control malfunction

If the remote control does not work, you can use a special application for smartphones and tablets instead, which turns the device into a full-fledged remote control. For example, you can use the free TV-Remote utility, which should be downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play. As a solution to the problem. replacing the batteries or the battery in the remote control, which does not work. this can also help.

Failure to comply with operating conditions

Failure to follow the rules of operation often leads to equipment malfunctions. Before you connect your TV and start using it, it is important to study the instruction manual for its operation.

The most frequent breakdown of a TV set through the fault of the user is mechanical damage to the screen, due to which it is necessary to replace the matrix and backlight.

Problems with firmware

TV devices supported by LG webOS may fail if there is a failure in the firmware. As a result of the next update of the operating system, if it was unsuccessful, a situation may occur with a repeated reboot of the device. It can be fixed by manually updating the firmware from a USB stick. This can be done by any user who has read the instructions for the TV.

does, turn, indicator, flashes

Situations when Smart TV does not work on the webOS platform are somewhat different from the previous ones. These models malfunction due to operating system problems. To avoid such cases, it is recommended to update the operating system in time.

Important! An incorrect device update is eliminated by downloading the firmware installation files to a USB flash drive, and from it the TV-device OS is updated.

Matrix and backlight burned out

If the TV has problems with the LCD matrix or LED backlight, then this is noticeable by the fact that there is a sharp deterioration in the image quality, its darkening.

The main signs of backlight and matrix breakage are:

  • no picture, but the presence of sound;
  • the appearance of black and white or colored stripes on the monitor;
  • beating pixels, ripples;
  • LG logo does not appear when turning on the device.

Important! When you illuminate the screen with a flashlight, you can see the image on it, you do not need to look for other problems. this is a burned-out backlight.

  • ability to check the parameters of chain sections;
  • know the basic values ​​of the operating voltage of semiconductor crystals;
  • show accuracy, dexterity and skills in soldering with an air dryer.

In the absence of the necessary knowledge and skills, it is better not to start an independent repair.

In a situation where the backlight of the LG TV does not work, the cost of repair will be significant, it is recommended to contact the seller of the device and request a warranty repair.

Power indicator is blinking

Important! If the LED indicator is blinking, it means that the machine is trying to determine the type of malfunction. In most cases, the light bulb is red and can blink a number of times. in this way, it conveys a symbol for a breakdown.

To decode the signal, you just need to read the instructions included in the basic package. It is recommended to find the section that describes all types of breakdowns and find the reasons why the light bulb may blink. Owning the information received, you can independently normalize the launch of TV by taking appropriate measures.

But there may be another reason for this state of the device. the device is connected to computer equipment and is used as a monitor. When the computer has switched to sleep mode or turned off automatically, then when you try to turn it on from the remote control, a situation will be observed that the indicator is on.

Solving this problem can be elementary, you just need to wake up the device from sleep mode by pressing any button on the computer keyboard or by jerking the mouse.

TV-set is working, just connected to another image source.

The case is not excluded. the protection has been activated, and the LG TV cannot turn on, and the indicator flashes. The reason for this is either device breakdowns or software failures. It is possible that the device was not simply taken out of sleep mode.

The power indicator has gone out

It happens that the device cannot turn on at all, the light does not light up, there is no TV reaction to the remote control and the buttons on the front panel of the device. It is likely that the electricity has disappeared.

Important! It may happen that the indicator burns out, but then the TV should still turn on.

Based on the facts that the light does not light up and the TV does not turn on, we conclude that there is a problem with the supply of electricity.

A power outage occurs in several situations:

  • there is no electricity anywhere in the house;
  • knocked out a machine gun in the dashboard;
  • the socket where the plug of the cord from the television device is connected is broken;
  • the extension cord was damaged if the TV device is connected through it to the outlet;
  • having problems with the wiring.

The first thing to do first is to check if the outlet and extension cord are working properly. It is also necessary to look at the flap, change the position of the toggle switches.

If the previous action did not help, then you should look for the cause of the problem in the broken outlet. To do this, it is recommended to simply plug the TV plug into another outlet.

When it is not working, there is no electricity. Call an electrician to fix the wiring problem.

When the TV model is a CRT, then the reasons for its breakdown are a blown fuse. A blown fuse can be replaced with a new one.

The most common reason for the impossibility of turning on a TV device is a breakdown of a TV device of more modern models (for example, a breakdown of a microcircuit, a power adapter or a capacitor).

All equipment in the complex should be diagnosed. Having decided on the part that does not work correctly, you just need to replace it. After replacing a broken part, the TV set should, in theory, turn on.

Matrix and backlight burned out

LCD and LED backlight problems are visible to the naked eye. The picture quality degrades immediately and becomes too dark. The main signs of a broken backlight and matrix:

  • there is no picture, but there is sound;
  • black and white or color stripes appear on the screen;
  • broken pixels, ripples;
  • LG logo does not appear when turned on.

Software problems

We should also consider the situations in which Smart TV does not work on the webOS platform. Such models do not function correctly due to problems with the operating system. To avoid them, you need to install updates in a timely manner.

If the user updates the device incorrectly, then the TV will constantly reboot or will not turn on at all. The crash is eliminated by downloading the new firmware files to the most common USB flash drive, from which the TV OS is already being updated. Everyone can handle this work, there is nothing complicated, just follow the instructions.

Power indicator is blinking

Blinking of the LED indicator indicates that the TV device independently determines the type of malfunction. As a rule, the red light on the TV screen flashes a certain number of times. this is a way of transmitting a symbol of a breakdown.

To decode the signal, you just need to use the instructions that are included in the basic package. Find the section with the designation of all types of breakdowns and their indication. Based on the information received, appropriate steps can be taken to normalize the launch of TV.

Another reason for the appearance of this symptom is that the TV is connected to a computer and is used as a monitor. If the PC has automatically switched to sleep mode or was turned off, then attempts to turn on the TV from the remote control will be accompanied by a blinking indicator. Probably, the TV acts exactly as a second monitor.

As you understand, the solution to this problem is elementary, just wake up the computer by pressing any key on the keyboard or moving the mouse. The TV device is working properly, it just receives an image from another source.

Sometimes the protection will work and the LG TV will not turn on and the indicator will flash. The reason is hardware malfunctions or software failures, it is possible that the device was not trivially woken up from sleep mode.

Power indicator is off

In the event that the TV does not turn on, and does not react at all to the remote control and the buttons located on the front panel, then there is probably a problem with electricity. If the indicator burns out, the device will still turn on. Accordingly, the lack of indication and the fact that the TV has stopped turning on indicates that there are problems with the electricity supply.

  • there is no electricity in the whole house;
  • the machine located in the dashboard is turned off;
  • the socket to which the TV device is connected is broken;
  • damaged extension cord through which the TV is connected to the outlet;
  • wiring problems.

Of course, you should first check the serviceability of the outlet and extension cord. Be sure to look at the machine, change the position of the toggle switches. If the cause of the problem is a breakdown of the outlet, then you can simply connect the TV to an alternative power source. It is clear that to fix wiring problems it is better to call an electrician.

If we are still talking about a picture tube model, then the reason for the breakdown of the LG TV is a blown fuse. This part just needs to be replaced with a new one. In principle, hardware breakdowns are the reason why more modern TV devices do not turn on. For example, the microcircuit is broken, the power adapter or capacitor is out of order.

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Therefore, it is so important to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of all equipment units. Once you have identified a malfunctioning part, simply replace it. After that, the TV turns on.

Technical problems

Over time, various boards, transistors, capacitors, fuses and other hardware elements stop working. To concretize the reason for the malfunctioning of the device, it is necessary to disassemble. It will not be possible to do with improvised means, because this will only aggravate the malfunction, it is wiser to seek help from an LG service center.

Wrong source selected

Standby mode is the main reason for the display to stop working, but it does not turn off the device. That is, the plasma works, but it absolutely does not manifest itself in any way. It is extremely easy to fix this problem, just use the remote control and switch the mode by pressing the “Standby” button.

Immediately, we note that this option does not block the power adapter, so the screen always remains “ready”, of course, that this negatively affects the performance of the device, since it becomes too vulnerable to voltage surges.

The wrong source is another reason why the TV does not turn on. It is possible that the user has previously activated AV or HDMI, respectively, to watch TV broadcasting, you should switch to the original position. Sometimes this happens after the user has connected a laptop to the TV. You just need to switch the source using the remote control.

Why LG TV won’t turn on and how to fix the problem

Absolutely all types of equipment are subject to the risk of premature failure, of course, television equipment is no exception to this rule. For example, sometimes the TV does not turn on, while the indicator flashes, and also the relay clicks. Of course, there are other signs of a malfunctioning device, but this is perhaps the most common symptom.

Of course, before trying to fix a breakdown, you first need to identify the cause of its occurrence. Already on the basis of the diagnostic results, it is possible to make any decisions aimed at restoring the correct operation of the TV.

As practice shows, problems with the launch of television equipment are often accompanied by the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • LED indicator blinks;
  • the relay clicks, a characteristic sound appears, but the device does not turn on;
  • indicator is off.

Televisions in their own type are divided into 3 basic categories: CRT, plasma and LCD matrices. All these types have their own characteristic features, both external and in the hardware component. However, the reasons why the TV does not turn on are identical, regardless of the type of device used.

It is absolutely not necessary to contact the service center, self-repair, performed accurately, also has the right to life. Now we will consider the main reasons for the incorrect operation of television equipment and ways to eliminate the breakdown.

Failure to comply with operating conditions

The human factor should never be ruled out. The point is that non-observance of operating rules will undoubtedly lead to breakdown of TV equipment. Therefore, before connecting and starting to use the TV, be sure to read the instructions and the quick start guide. Here you will also find helpful tips on how to troubleshoot problems that have occurred.

If we talk about the human factor, then the most common breakdown of this type is mechanical damage to the screen. Often after that you have to change the matrix and backlight.

Do not forget that the TV may not turn on also due to a malfunction of the peripherals, in particular, various cables and wires. Of course, in such situations, the TV itself does not require restoration. It is not difficult to change the damaged wire.

Now you know everything about why the TV does not turn on and how to fix this breakdown. It is still more reasonable to entrust hardware breakdowns to specialists who have professional equipment at their disposal.

Why LG TV won’t turn on and what to do?

When the LG TV does not turn on, its owners immediately set themselves up for expensive repairs and related expenses. The reasons why the indicator flashes before switching on and the red light is on, there is no signal at all, can be different. from user errors to technical failures. What to do, how to troubleshoot if the TV does not want to turn on. these issues should be dealt with in more detail.

User errors

The breakdown of complex electronic equipment is always expensive. the cost of repairing plasma or LCD screens is often completely unprofitable for the owner. When your LG TV won’t turn on, don’t immediately suspect the worst. Most likely, the causes of problems are elementary errors or accidents, which are quite easy to eliminate.

  • Lack of power supply. If no power is supplied to the TV, it will not work. An indirect confirmation of the problem can be a complete lack of indication on the case, lack of reaction to the remote control signals. It is worth checking if the button on the surge protector is not turned off, if the connection is made through it, make sure that there is a plug in the outlet.
  • The mode is selected incorrectly. In the case of switching to Sleep Mode, the screen goes out, but the device itself continues to function as usual, only without external manifestations. You can make sure that this is the case by pressing the Standby button on the remote control. the TV will not respond to other commands. Only when changing modes will the device be ready for use again. Do not use the “sleep” function too often, in this state the equipment is more vulnerable to short circuits and other network failures.
  • Wrong signal source. Sometimes the TV itself is turned on, but it is impossible to watch live TV or other content on it. Checking the signal source is usually enough to fix the problem. Instead of TV, there can be HDMI, AV. You just need to go to the correct mode.
  • Protection against unauthorized access is activated. In this case, the TV cannot be controlled from the buttons built into its body. But from the remote control, all functions will work. The option is positioned as “child protection”. they will not be able to turn on the equipment themselves.
  • Lost brightness settings. If, by setting this parameter, the user has chosen the minimum values, the screen will remain black. In this case, you need to perform the adjustment and return to normal brightness values.

A detailed study of the manual supplied with the TV is usually enough to fix most user errors: it lists many common problems.

Technical difficulites

Among the technical faults, due to which the TV does not respond to the switch-on command, fuse breaks are most often detected. They are designed to protect expensive equipment from voltage surges and, for obvious reasons, can burn out. If this happens, the TV turns off, does not respond to commands from the remote control and buttons for a long time, you need to contact the service center specialists for a more accurate diagnosis.

The reasons why LG TV equipment does not turn on may lie in other technical malfunctions.

  • Damage to the power supply. It is located inside the case, in case of failure, it can give such symptoms as a long screen load, extraneous sounds (clicks, whistles), an intermittent indicator signal. it blinks, the contact is unstable. A breakdown can be associated with overheating, overloading, burnout of the power supply. And also after a strong voltage drop, a thunderstorm, a protective blocking against a short circuit may work.
  • Software glitch. If an error was found in the firmware or the user himself violated the correct algorithm, the TV goes into an eternal reboot mode, does not respond to other commands. This sometimes happens when updating the TV system to webOS. If this happens, you need to download the correct version to an external data storage source and install the update from it manually.
  • Malfunction in the backlight or matrix. At the same time, the logo does not appear on the screen when loading, there are stripes or light spots on the dark panel, cracks appeared on the glass. Sometimes there is sound, but the picture is not broadcast.
  • The remote control does not work. In this case, the indicator on the body flashes in a regular manner, the buttons on the TV itself turn on and switch functions. Commands do not pass from the remote control.
  • Unstable voltage. In this case, the indicator glows red, flashes intermittently (in normal mode, this happens before the image on the screen turns on). The power system of the TV signals a weak current in the network, it is not enough to display the picture.


It doesn’t matter plasma or CRT TV, breakdown can manifest itself only in the following ways:

  • the screen will not light up although the indicator is on or flashing as usual;
  • the indicator, when turned on, immediately lights up and goes out;
  • after launch, clicks appear, unusual sounds.

You need to search for a malfunction in stages. First of all, we inspect all external elements, and only then the internal details. We start with the remote control, which often breaks, and the power cable. If you have the skills, you can open the TV and inspect the interior. If no damage is visually visible, then the diagnosis should be carried out by specialists.

Firmware flew

It should also be noted that LG Smart TV models running on the webOS platform may break due to a software error. It happens that this is after an unsuccessful installation of the update.

The problem is solved quite simply. a working firmware is installed from the flash drive. Any user can handle this. We carefully study the instructions for the TV, get acquainted with the recommendations on the Internet. If they are categorically not confident in their abilities, then it is better to immediately call the master.

Extraneous sounds

If, when starting the TV, various specific sounds, clicks are clearly audible, the display does not turn on for a long time, then:

  • overheating of certain components has occurred;
  • an overload of the power supply has occurred;
  • the power supply is completely broken.

a safety lock has been triggered, this can happen during a thunderstorm.

The fuse could well have blown. over, such a breakdown is typical of all LG TVs.

Quite often, a breakdown occurs after a severe thunderstorm, since it is during this period that strong voltage surges are observed. As a result, a safety interlock is triggered, which prevents serious damage to the microcircuits. Only specialists can repair the TV.

LG TV does not turn on, indicator blinks in red

LG TVs stand out for their advanced matrices and high functionality. Unsurprisingly, the majority of users purchase products from this brand. But sometimes there are complaints that the LG TV does not turn on, the light is red. Various breakdowns can cause this problem. In the future, we will consider all of them, note which ones can be eliminated on their own, and in which situations you cannot do without the help of a master.

No indication at all

If the TV is connected to the mains, but does not show signs of life, most likely it will need to be taken for repair. However, beforehand, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Power button.
    All models are equipped with a power button. It is located near or close to the power indicator. To turn on the TV, just press it. After that, the indicator should start to glow red or green, and the device itself will respond to commands from the control panel.
  • Sleep mode.
    LG is concerned about its customers by making its devices as economical as possible. Therefore, the latest models have a power saving mode. It activates automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. Sleep mode is also triggered if an inactive AV / HDMI / TV connector is running.
  • Power supply voltage.
    Check that the outlet to which the device is connected is working. Connect another electrical device to it or use a screwdriver indicator. If special protective devices against voltage surges or extension cords are used, be sure to check their functionality. over, you need to check not only the devices themselves, but also the wires.
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If all these actions did not give a result, then the TV requires professional diagnostics. It is possible that the power supply has failed or the motherboard has broken.

The indicator is on, but the TV does not start

Quite often, users wonder why the LG TV does not turn on, although the indicator is on. This happens when the device is in standby mode, it must be turned on. For these purposes, we use the control panel or press the button on the device itself.

If the TV continues to ignore the commands, and the control panel is in a completely healthy state, then the breakdown is associated with the power system:

An example of swollen capacitors

  • damaged microcircuit;
  • blown fuse.
  • This is what the fuse looks like

    In such a situation, the power supply may indicate that energy is being supplied, but there is not enough energy to start the device. In this case, you need to contact the service center, unless of course you have the knowledge for self-repair.

    Indicator flashes

    Now let’s figure out what to do if the LG TV does not turn on, but the indicator is flashing. In almost all LG models, the indicator flashes red several times before the image appears. If the picture still does not appear on the screen, most likely the problem lies in the voltage.

    For stable operation, the TV must be connected to a network with a stable voltage of 220V. Regular jumps can help the protection work. Even if the subsequent voltage is brought to the required value, the device will not turn on. It will need to be completely disconnected from the network for 30 minutes and then re-started. Although this approach will not help with all models, in some, only the master will be able to disable the lock. You can avoid such problems by installing special protective devices, for example, a voltage stabilizer.

    Checking the power button

    As you know, the TV can be completely turned off by pressing a special button. After performing this action, the indicator light goes out, and the TV stops responding to the remote control. Try pressing the power button and make sure it is in the active position.

    If after such an action the situation has not changed, then the problem lies in something else. Also, it cannot be ruled out that the button could be stuck or contacts have moved away from it. In this case, it is not recommended to disassemble the TV yourself. Better take it to a service center.

    Disable sleep mode

    The latest LG TVs have an option to put the device into standby mode. It turns out that the TV screen and indicator are off, but power is still being supplied. This feature can be compared to hibernation, which is available on all computers and laptops running the Windows operating system. To turn off the standby mode, press the “Standby” buttons on the remote control.

    Despite all the convenience, sleep mode negatively affects the performance of the TV. If any serious voltage drop occurs, the device may completely fail. If desired, the standby mode can be turned off in the settings.

    LG TV won’t turn on, indicator blinks. how to fix?

    Checking the availability of food

    Any household appliance, and of course a TV set, works thanks to the presence of electricity. If power stops flowing to the device, then of course, it will not show any signs of life. Therefore, initially you need to make sure that the electricity in the house is not turned off. It’s easy to do. just turn on the light, and if the lights are on, then the current is supplied. Another issue is that power may not be supplied to the outlet to which the TV is connected.

    In this case, you can conduct a simple test. we disconnect the TV from a specific outlet and connect another device to it, for example, a smartphone. If the phone is charging, then it’s definitely not the outlet. Also, the current strength can be measured with a special device. a multimeter. Its readings should not be lower than six Amperes.

    The main causes of breakdown

    The TV may not turn on for many reasons, among which it is very difficult to find a real one. First, the problem may be in the power cable, which has been accidentally damaged by physical shock. Secondly, the device may not show signs of life due to the lack of electricity in the outlet or in the house. You also need to be prepared for more serious breakdowns, including a blown fuse or an important microcircuit.

    In any case, it is possible to eliminate the problem that has arisen, sometimes even without contacting the service center.

    Solutions to the problem

    So, to eliminate the problem that has arisen, you need to find the cause of its occurrence. This can be done most quickly when checking the main components of the TV. As practice shows, in most cases, it is not the internal unit of the device that is damaged, but some external device (for example, an outlet).

    Checking the internal components

    Quite often, the TV will not turn on due to damage or failure of any internal component. For example, as a result of a sharp voltage drop, a transistor or capacitor on the board burned out. It is almost impossible to find a damaged part on your own without certain knowledge, so it is better to seek help from a specialized service. However, the problem may not be in the breakdown of any element, but in disconnecting the screen cable from the board.

    In this case, it is enough to remove the TV cover by unscrewing the necessary screws. Next, it remains to find the loop and connect it to the right place on the board.

    Checking the selected signal source

    This solution can be used when the TV turns on but no picture appears on the screen. Please note that the indicator may light up or not emit any signs of device operation. To fix the problem, just press the “Source” button on the remote control and select the correct signal source.

    Most often, users encounter the absence of an image on the screen after connecting a laptop, smartphone or camera to the TV. It turns out that the HDMI or USB port is selected as the signal source, but not the antenna.

    Samsung Smart TV

    Common problems with Samsung TVs include unable to turn on, signal detection, power-on delay, and no picture or sound. Other errors: fast shutdown, screen flickering, faded images and capacitor leakage, after which the board may burn.

    A defective capacitor may cause a power-on failure or cause the TV to pop repeatedly at startup. A faulty cable box or satellite can cause signal detection to fail, resulting in a noticeable delay between changing channels or searching for an image on the screen. Defective capacitor on power supply makes Samsung TV take a long time to start up when turned on.

    A defective fuse on the wrong input channel will make it impossible to display images when the unit is turned on. The TV cannot play sound when there is no power. If the TV has programming irregularities, it turns off for no reason. Firmware that is out of date can also cause this error.

    A worn out jumper on the power supply causes the screen to flicker. Problems with LCD technology or poor TV settings can cause Samsung TVs to show deep blacks and discolored images.

    Checking web sources

    It is performed to determine if the problem is with web sources. To do this, use the remote control by pressing the “Menu” button. If it is displayed on the screen, then the TV is in good condition, and the problem is related to sites such as SAT Box, Cable Box, DVD player, Amazon, Roku and others.

    You should double check the above information source web pages to make sure they are working properly. To do this, it is recommended to turn them off and then turn them on again. This will solve the temporary connection error and black screen problem. If this does not help, you need to try connecting another web source to the TV, or the same source, but on a different TV. This will allow the user to find a likely solution to the failure.

    Checking if the cable is connected correctly

    Many users understand that there is a problem when the LED constantly blinks in different colors, while the TV does not turn on. In this case, it is required to check the functionality of the main control blocks. If the indicator flashes randomly, without a specific sequence, then this also indicates damaged hardware blocks.

    Non-working external nodes also lead to the fact that the TV screen is black. This is due to the power line of the device, which needs to be checked first. You will first need to make sure that the correct cable connection is established between the external sources and the TV. This will let the user know if there is a connection problem. Therefore, it is necessary to disconnect all cables from the device, reinstall them firmly and connect them correctly to prevent loose contact. In addition, you need to make sure that the power cable and PSU are in good working order.

    After completing this stage, they begin to check the performance of the cables in order to understand whether they are working or showing a malfunction. Coaxial cable and HDMI should be in good condition. If the user finds a damaged cable, they need to take another one and check if the problem is resolved. You can also try switching from one HDMI port to another to see if the port will work well. If he still does not respond, be sure to proceed to the next diagnostic step until a solution is found.

    Phillips brand TVs

    Occasionally, the Philips Plasma TV screen may not light up, or there may be a red and white flash at the bottom of the TV screen, while in other cases, the Power LED may have a blinking error code or be steady on. Typically, these symptoms are common in Philips plasma, and they are due to a failure in the power supply, main board, scan cards or plasma panel. While some of these violations can be easily corrected through troubleshooting, others may require professional assistance.

    The main reasons for the failure of TVs Philips, Thomson, Supra, Sony:

    • Distorted image. It occurs due to the fact that the TV panel could fail. Usually, in this case, it is impossible to repair the panel yourself; you will need to replace it.
    • Philips TV constantly returns to the settings menu, even after exiting the menu. In some cases, it could be a firmware bug. Therefore, in such a situation, all the user can do to fix it is to update the firmware using a USB drive.
    • No sound. In many cases, the failure can be in a faulty SSB board. If so, your best bet is to replace the board. In this case, expert assistance is recommended. However, the user can replace the board by himself if he has the necessary experience.
    • The red power indicator of my Philips TV flashes continuously. The most likely reasons that can cause this problem are: power supply, main board, scan driver.
    • Horizontal red lines appear on the Philips TV. There may be several possible problems: faulty buffer Y, logic board, or TV main board. In such a case, the best technical means is to seek help from an expert who could conduct the necessary testing of the nodes inside the device.
    • Philips TV enters standby mode when the power indicator blinks six times and then quickly three times. The error code on the TV indicates that the power supply or support and buffer Y boards are faulty. Therefore, to fix the problem, you need to visually check if there are bad capacitors on the power board. If available, replacement of faulty components will be required. If after this the error still persists, then the cause of the failure is a defective buffer Y board, in which it is necessary to measure the voltages at the outputs of the power supply. If the readings are correct, both the buffer and support boards will need to be replaced.

    In most cases, if the user does not know how to fix the problem with Philips plasma TVs on his own, then it is best to contact a specialist.

    Restoring your Smart TV to work should begin with diagnostics. It is extremely important to install the failed hardware section in time. There are times when at first the light diode shines green, but literally a couple of minutes later, the blinking turns red. This code indicates a breakdown of internal components. Once connected, the processor sends a signal to the appropriate blocks. If at least one of them does not give an answer, the technological process is suspended. The TV will not light up until the damaged unit is repaired.

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    Diagnostic work should be carried out with the involvement of specialists. It requires not only knowledge, but also the appropriate equipment. However, before contacting the service department, it is recommended to perform a simple check of the correct operation of external components, power lines, indication and communication.

    Problems of TVs of different brands

    Most plasma TVs are manufactured by three well-known brands: Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. Typically this is a flat panel plasma display (PDP) that uses ionized gas or plasma to produce images on the screen. These device designs have their own differences, but many of the basic setup operations are similar.

    If there is no picture and no sound on the plasma TV, the standard steps to take to troubleshoot the problem are:

    • Turn off the TV and unplug it from the cables.
    • Wait 5 minutes for capacitors to discharge.
    • Disconnect the connector going to Z-Sustain and then reconnect the TV.
    • Check the sound. If there is sound, then the Z-sustain fails. If not, continue with the following steps.
    • Unplug the TV and wait 5 minutes. Then disconnect Y-Sustain and reconnect Z-Sustain.
    • Plug the TV back in and check the sound. If there is sound, then there is a problem with Y-sustain.
    • If the error occurs due to Y-sustain, then you need to check the buffer.
    • Turn off the TV and wait 5 minutes for a full discharge to occur and the LED cannot blink.
    • Clear the buffer and check if there is an image with sound.
    • If TV has two buffers, detach the top buffer and see if there is an image on the bottom screen.
    • Then turn off the lower buffer and see if the image appears on the upper screen.
    • If, after removing one of the boards, the user sees an image, then there is an error in the removed board.

    Turn off power saving and sleep timer

    A black screen may appear due to the user accidentally turning on the sleep timer or power saving mode. The timer function can automatically turn off the TV after a set period of time. Power saving mode can also cause a similar problem in Smart TV.

    To resolve the black screen error on the TV, you will need to disable these features. To turn off the sleep timer, do the following:

    • Press the menu button on the remote control.
    • Select “System” and click on “Time”.
    • Select “Sleep Timer” and turn it off.

    On the other hand, in order to turn off the power saving mode, you must follow the steps described below:

    • Using the remote control, press the menu button.
    • Go to settings on TV.
    • Select a power saving mode and turn it off.

    If the above solution still does not solve the problem, proceed to the next step.

    Smart TV firmware update

    Updating your Smart TV software will not only allow you to get the most out of it, but will also solve most of the problems associated with it. The appearance of a black screen on TV is one of the errors that can be solved by updating the device’s firmware. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Press the menu button on the remote control.
    • Go to “Settings” and click “Support”.
    • Click on “Software Update”.
    • Select “Update parameter now”.
    • Waiting for TV to go through the process and new updates to be downloaded and installed on it.

    After the update is complete, the device will automatically reboot, the remote control will flicker and the black screen problem will most likely be fixed.

    Fixing problems with turning on the TV

    Despite the technological perfection of modern TVs, even they are subject to various breakdowns from time to time. Equipment from leading brands can also break down and cause trouble for their owners. Some of them can be dealt with on your own. The appearance of a flashing light can signal both minor and serious breakdowns. To understand the situation in detail, let’s consider the possible reasons for the appearance of such breakdowns.

    Samsung TVs

    If your Samsung TV won’t turn on and the light is flashing, this is a clear sign of a power problem. First, let’s check the wires and the outlet. In this case, the protective function starts to work actively in the power supply unit. Most often these are problems with swollen capacitors that need to be changed.

    Sometimes there are situations when the device, in addition to the blinking indicator, begins to produce extraneous sounds (beeping). This is a clear signal of an internal breakdown, and you need to contact the service.

    When Samsung TVs do not turn on, the red light does not blink, but is on constantly, pay attention to the board.

    To find the answer to the question why Samsung TV does not turn on, first of all, you need to pay attention to several points:

    • Standby mode, or in simple words, sleep mode. After activating this function, the indicator can light up green or red. It must be disabled.
    • Signal problems are sometimes caused by bad weather or a broken external antenna, which also causes a dark screen.
    • Pairing with wireless gadgets, active modes AV, HDMI. Incorrect mode selection is a common cause of breakdown.
    • Samsung TVs often have capacitor defects that cause repeated clicks when turned on. If this kind of breakdown occurs, the TV starts up for a very long time or does not turn on at all. In addition, it becomes impossible to reproduce sound.
    • If the cable box does not work properly, errors occur during signal detection, due to which the TV cannot display the image on the screen for a long time.
    • Reprogramming violations are common in modern TV. Even outdated firmware failure can cause malfunction.

    Other breakdowns

    In addition to the direct breakdown of the TV, there are malfunctions of additional elements:

    • Voltage surges. Any power surge is likely to break. Even when the TV is turned off, some components continue to use energy. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off all operating devices during a thunderstorm. This problem can be eliminated by using a voltage regulator.
    • Breakdown of the remote control. Before you start checking the TV, you need to make sure that the remote control is working. Press the buttons, replace the batteries. When the device is running, the indicator will blink each time it is pressed. If the remote control breaks down, you can use the control panel to turn it on or control it using a smartphone.
    • Access problems. If a child lock has been installed, the control panel on the TV itself is locked and does not respond to any presses. In this case, you need to use the remote control, without which it is impossible to disable the lock.
    • Constant reboot. Smart TV functionality may be disrupted due to a technical failure or incorrect installation of an update. First, you should try reinstalling the firmware yourself. If this does not help, you need a complete equipment diagnostics.

    Other problems, such as backlight problems or a broken power key on the TV, cannot be fixed by yourself. They are often caused by power outages.

    LG TVs

    LG appliances are equipped with many “smart” functions that effectively help to identify a breakdown:

    • If the LG TV does not turn on and the lamp flashes, this is a diagnostic signal. The LED informs that the processor is collecting the necessary data and provides a diagnostic result. The malfunction of the TV is determined by the number of flickers. The model documentation contains a detailed description.
    • Using a flashlight, it is possible to diagnose problems with the backlight, main board or software.
    • If lines appear on the screen, it is worth checking the faulty wires and the presence of a logic error on the main board.
    • Standby indicator when power on indicates power error.
    • Other technical problems include driver malfunction, swelling of capacitors, breakdown of the TV panel.
    • Constant light indicates a malfunction of the control panel.

    In case of physical damage to the LV panel, the cost of repairs may exceed the price of a new device.

    What the indicator says

    The indicator is one of the main indicators of the health of the TV. Depending on its color, you can navigate the reason for a breakdown or the need to update the OS.

    As soon as a problem arises, you need to find out which hardware section is out of order. There are situations when the color of the indicator can change, for example, from green to red, or a continuous flashing of red appears. In case of chaotic blinking of the indicator, you should pay attention to damaged hardware blocks.

    As soon as you press the power button on the remote control, the processor directs the signal to the desired blocks. If at least one of the elements does not give an answer, the startup process stops. Until the broken element is replaced, the TV is inoperative.

    Before contacting a specialist, you need to perform a simple diagnosis for the correct operation of the power supply system, communications and other external components.

    First, we check the correctness of the cable connection, because the lack of connection with the line first of all leads to a “black picture” on the TV screen. It is important to make sure that the cable and the power supply are in good working order. You need to check the status of the coaxial cable and HDMI, for example, by moving from one port to another.

    To check the connection, it is enough to disconnect all cables from the device and reconnect them firmly to prevent loosening of the contact. If the described procedure did not work, we look at other breakdown options.

    Often the problem may be caused by the TV’s output settings. If there is no power, the TV cannot perform its functions. By clicking on the remote control and going to the “Source” tab, you will see all the available inputs and will be able to configure them. It is important to make sure the correct component is connected to the input. This error is very common in Samsung devices.

    Sometimes problems arise when the web source fails. TV may work correctly, but web sources may malfunction. Using the remote control, you need to check the connection with sites such as the Cable Box. To do this, just turn off and turn on the tab again. If this method does not help, you can join an outside web source or try on another TV.

    Also, a black screen may appear due to the enabled sleep timer or power saving mode. First of all, you need to disable these functions. This can be done in the “Settings” menu.

    The problem may occur due to the lack of a Smart TV software update. By updating the firmware, thanks to the remote control, the problem should be resolved.

    Repair without the involvement of specialists

    For each manufacturer, a flickering indicator can indicate different hardware and system failures. Often such problems can be fixed on your own, without any outside help.

    Typically, well-known brands on the market with plasma displays use ionized gas or special plasma to transmit the image. Despite the fact that the designs have significant differences, the basic operations are almost identical.

    Let’s look at the problems of several popular companies.


    Phillips TV owners often complain about TVs constantly going into sleep mode, which causes a number of problems.

    Also, in Philips, PanaSonyk and Sharp TV models, hardware malfunctions are often found, such as damage to the processor, breakdown of the backlight or improper cable connection.

    When the image disappears a few minutes after turning on, this indicates a malfunction of the matrix or inverter. Repair with such a breakdown will cost a round sum, and in this case it is better to rely on a highly qualified specialist.