LG TV does not turn on indicator blinks

LG TV does not turn on indicator flashes. Why, when you turn on Alji’s TV, the red light blinks several times and the screen does not work

LG TV does not turn on, the lamp blinks several times and turns off. I recently encountered such a problem. Less than 2 years after the purchase, my Algie TV stopped turning on, the screen does not work except for the blinking of the indicator. At night, the telly worked fine, but in the morning I didn’t want to turn on, just the red diode blinked 3 times and that’s it.

As I heard, the TV performs self-diagnostics and, if problems are detected, it may simply not turn on, but outputs a certain signal by blinking the red diode allowing you to find out the cause. I called LG support at a toll-free number and asked for a decryption of such a blinking light bulb, to which I was told that they did not give such information to ordinary users and offered to contact the official LG service center.

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Standby Light Blinking and Not Turning ON, LG LED TV Repair (Tagalog)

But since the warranty for the TV has already expired and there is no LG service center where I live, I had to carry the TV for repair to an ordinary TV master. Honestly, I did not expect that the master would so quickly determine the cause of the breakdown of the TV, but he had enough information from me about the flashing of the diode several times when the LG TV was turned on, as he immediately gave out the cause of the breakdown. His answer was as follows. the LEDs of the TV backlight burned out and it is necessary to replace it and showed another disassembled same LG but with a larger screen diagonal in which the same problem.

does, turn, indicator, blinks

Why the backlight on LG TVs burns out, I will write a little below. At first I thought that I had a lot of money and warned that if the repair costs a lot of money, then it is not worth doing it, but the master said that the replacement work would cost 1000 rubles, replacing each backlight element for 200 rubles. As a result, the entire repair with the replacement of 5 backlight elements cost 2,000 rubles. There are a lot of such elements on the TV, but only 5 of them burned out on mine. Perhaps the price for the work and the cost of the backlight LEDs themselves in your city may be more or less.

does, turn, indicator, blinks

The article was posted on May 11, 2018. Edited 19.04.

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Reviews LG TV does not turn on

Author: JURIJ
15 hours 14 minutes.
Please do not mislead. Blinking 3 times of the indicator is for many (I can not vouch for all) LG TVs. This is a normal turn on of the TV and not an indication of an error.
Author: UMID
07 h. 58 minutes.
LG 32ln541u indicator light is on when turned on, the LG logo opens and immediately turns off and the indicator lights up. what to do?
Author: Mikhail
10 hours 33 minutes.
Yesterday I took the TV for the same symptoms, blinking the indicator, in the workshop they offered to replace all the LEDs with improved strips with a guarantee for a year and a question price of 6 thousand rubles.
Author: Artyom
18 hours 08 minutes.
Thank you so much. And today I had the same symptoms: it froze, then I turned off the TV set, and did not turn on. the red indicator blinks three times. sadness. Is it realistic to identify and replace the backlight yourself? I have never repaired telly.
Author: Sergey Vladimirovich
22 hours 05 minutes.
Many thanks to the author for the article. helped. And it was already sinning on the power supply, it turned out. backlight (replaced 4 LEDs. To Viktor Borisovich: spots on the screen. because the reflectors are incorrectly installed after replacing the LEDs. is treated.
Author: Tim
22 hours 51 minutes.
Bring the telly back where the repairs were done, most likely the LEDs were poorly fixed and they moved away from their nests and individual points of light on the screen became visible.
Author: Victor Borisovich
15 hours 40 minutes.
On my TV after repair with the replacement of the backlight, white bright spots are now visible on the TV screen about 5 pieces. The screen itself works and everything shows only bright points of light that interfere with the eyes, now I don’t know if the backlight burned out again, but if it burned out, the TV would not show how it was when I took it to the repair. Has anyone encountered such a problem or needs to be carried back for repair?

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How to fix LG TV Standby Light On But Won’t Turn On || lg tv wont turn on red light flashing