LG TV does not see wi-fi

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Correct TV connection to Wi-Fi

First of all, you should make sure that the TV is connected to Wi-Fi correctly. To avoid problems with the connection, you need to perform a certain sequence of actions:

  • Turn on the router and make sure that the Wi-Fi network is working and available for connection.
  • Go to TV settings.
  • Select the “Network” section.
  • Click on the line “Network settings”.
  • In the item “Connection type” put a tick next to the inscription: “Wireless connection”.

Correct TV connection to Wi-Fi

  • In the list of available networks, select your home network and click the “Next” button.
  • Enter the password, wait for the connection and complete the connection procedure.
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    Next, you should check if you can go online. In case of failure, you need to consider possible solutions to the problem, which will be described below.

    Updating the TV’s firmware

    Smart TV firmware needs to be updated in a timely manner. Errors can accumulate in the process of work, as a result of which difficulties arise when connecting to the Internet via WI-FI. Depending on the TV model, the update can be done in several ways:

    • Through a wireless network;
    • Using the cable Internet;
    • Via an external USB storage device (USB flash drive or hard drive).

    If WI-FI does not work on Smart TV, use the second or third option to download the new software version. Detailed instructions for updating the software are usually posted on the website of the company that released the TV. Possible names of the required section: “Help”, “Support” or “Help Center”.

    While the utility is running, it is important not to disconnect or de-energize the device. Any interruption may affect the further functionality of the Smart TV. Do not use third-party firmware to avoid loss of warranty service.

    Why the TV does not see the Wi-Fi router

    Very often, people who have bought a new TV for themselves face such a problem. when trying to set up the Internet on it, they do not see the router, or they see, but do not connect to wi-fi. There can be many reasons for this, so it makes no sense to list them all. For this reason, we will look at the most common ones.

    • First, you need to determine whether your TV directly sees any wi-fi device (for example, a smartphone) on which the software is installed. This will give you the ability to determine if wi-fi works at all on your TV.
    • The TV does not have automatic network discovery turned on. In order for the TV to see the router, you must enable this function in the menu. After that, the TV will start searching for available routers in automatic mode.
    • The TV does not see the router even when network detection is on. Perhaps the reason for this lies in the router itself. Try to properly configure your router by contacting your ISP.
    • The router works fine, the Internet is available on other devices, but the TV still does not see it. In this case, you should start looking for the problem in the TV itself. To do this, disable DHCP on the router for a while. The TV itself has network settings that must be specified in accordance with the parameters of the router. For example, if the router’s gateway address is standard, then on the TV we indicate the following parameters:
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    IP address
    Subnet mask

    In most cases, with these settings, TVs begin to see the router and connect to the Internet via wi-fi.

  • Your TV model may not support wi-fi network connectivity. In this case, you can solve the problem by additionally purchasing a special wi-fi adapter. Please note that there are a lot of adapters, and not all of them will be able to fit your specific TV model. Therefore, before purchasing, consult a specialist.
  • If you’ve just set up a wireless connection and the TV still can’t see the router, try restarting the router and turning the TV off and on. This in some cases helps devices to see each other.
  • Everything is configured correctly on the TV, the router has Internet, but the TV does not see it. In this case, you should start looking for the problem in the router itself. The fact is that there are very few network settings on the TV, but there are plenty of them in the router. Contact your provider and clarify what exactly needs to be changed in the router settings.
  • If you tried all of the above, and nothing helped, then we recommend that you contact the TV Service Center to specialists in the repair and setup of TVs. Only they will be able to determine exactly what is the real reason that your TV does not see the router and does not connect to wi-fi. Timely contacting our masters will allow you to avoid many problems in the future, since self-changing some of the TV’s settings may even lead to its breakdown. In addition, it is very convenient to contact TV masters, since you do not have to take your TV anywhere, and experienced specialists will carry out full diagnostics and eliminate all problems right at your home.

    There are 10 main ways to restore WI-FI to work on modern TVs. Most of them are related to correcting wireless settings. Required settings on Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony devices can be changed at home without contacting a service center.
    Let’s take a look at all the main ways to fix configuration errors in turn:

    Reboot equipment

    First of all, you should restart your TV and router. To restart the TV, you must unplug it (and not turn it off with the remote control), wait half a minute and turn it on again.

    Perform a complete hardware reset

    How to fix LG smart tv Wi-Fi connection issues / press like

    The router is also turned off for 20-30 seconds, after which the new Internet connection will have zero settings. After turning on both devices, try to connect again.

    Resetting the network in the TV settings

    This function is not available on all TVs, for example, only newer models support it on Samsung devices.

    To reset the network, you need to go to the settings and select the “General”. “Network” section. There you need to find the item “Reset network settings” and confirm the action. After reset, try to connect again.

    Resetting network settings on newer Samsung TVs

    Full factory reset

    Sometimes it makes sense to reset all settings to factory defaults. On different models, a full reset is carried out in different ways:

    • On LG TVs you need to go to “Settings”, select the section “Advanced”. “General”. the item “Reset to factory settings”.
    • On Samsung devices, go to the “Support. section” Self-diagnosis “-” Reset “.
    • On Panasonic models, go to “Settings”. select “System Menu”. “Initial Settings”.
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    A factory reset will reset not only network settings, but also custom settings for picture, sound, and other functions. Accordingly, it is recommended to write down or remember these settings beforehand.

    Resetting your TV

    A quick way, which in some cases helps to solve problems with WI-FI operation on Smart TV, is to restore factory settings. Before executing it, it is advisable to rewrite the values ​​of the main parameters not related to the network. After the reset, you can get them back based on the recorded information. Menu path for restoring factory settings on popular TV models:

    • LG: “Settings. Additionally. Are common. Factory reset “.
    • Samsung: “Support. Self-diagnosis. Reset “.
    • Panasonic: “Settings. System menu. Initial settings “.
    does, wi-fi

    Note! Factory reset will return more than the default network settings. Picture, sound, power saving and other Smart TV settings will not be saved.

    Changing the Router Location

    Problems with the wireless network on the TV may be due to poor signal reception from the router. If possible, move the router closer to the Smart TV and install it so that there is less interference in the path of radio waves. Signal barriers are walls, furniture, and working appliances.

    Installing an access point on an elevated level will help ensure a better WI-FI connection. For example, you can put the router on top of a cabinet or hang it over a door. If you cannot move the router closer to the TV, connect a more powerful antenna to it. The higher the antenna gain, the better the network will work on Smart TV.

    Replacing the adapter

    Here we come to a hardware malfunction. If the TV stops connecting to the wireless network, the reason for this may be a faulty built-in radio module. In order not to repair it, but at the same time to get access to the Internet, you can use an external adapter. To do this, the device is simply inserted into the corresponding socket on the TV.

    In the event of a breakdown of the radio module, you can also connect the TV directly to the router using a cable. To do this, one end of the wire is fixed into the socket of the receiver, the other into the socket on the router. After that, you can log on to the Internet. This is a temporary measure and when the opportunity arises, it is better to repair the module.

    When the TV does not connect to the network, it is not necessary to immediately contact a service center. You can try to solve the problem yourself by trying different methods for this. You should contact the specialists if none of the options above helped to eliminate the malfunction.

    Write in the comments which method helped you. If you know more solutions to the problem with the wireless connection of TVs, I will be glad if you share!

    Manual data entry

    If Smart TV does not connect to WI-FI, you can try to enter data for connection manually. What do we have to do:

    Replacing the WI-FI adapter with an external one

    This method will not correct the problem with the internal radio. But if it is because of them that errors occur when connecting, use an external device. The form factor of such a WI-FI adapter resembles an ordinary USB flash drive. Like most other devices, it works when connected to a TV via USB.

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    On sale there is another type of adapters for receiving WI-FI. They have an external multi-directional antenna that provides better signal reception from the router. It is recommended to connect such modules via a USB extension cable, placing them at some distance from the TV. Thanks to this connection, interference from a working Smart TV will be minimized, and the data exchange speed will increase.

    Important advice! Before purchasing an external adapter for connecting to a wireless network, check the list of supported devices in the instructions. This information can also be found on the manufacturer’s website or in technical support.

    TV does not connect to WI-FI: Samsung and LG cannot see the network

    Modern TVs with Smart-TV function allow not only watching TV programs, but also going online. This makes the receivers a multifunctional device. To fully enjoy TVs with Smart TVs, an internet connection is required.

    The easiest way to access the network is with a router. Usually there is no problem with this. However, it may happen that the TV does not connect to WI-FI. In most cases, you can solve this problem yourself. The main thing is to find the cause of the problem and fix it.

    Educational We connect the TV to the WI-FI network

    For LG TV

    To update the firmware, follow these steps:

    • log into the official website of the brand;
    • drive in the name of the model of the device;
    • redirected to the “Support” sub-item;
    • open the “Software” tab;
    • the newest option is selected from the presented list;
    • download software to a laptop or computer;
    • a new folder is created on the screen where the downloaded file is sent;
    • the folder is copied to the drive, after which it is inserted into the corresponding slot of the device;
    • confirm the process of updating the program after a request by the system.


    If restarting and reconnecting doesn’t work, you can try a factory reset. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to solve the problem with the receiver’s network connection. The method of resetting to factory settings depends on the model of the device.

    To reset the settings of an LG TV that refuses to connect to WI-FI, we do this

    • go to the settings menu;
    • from there to the sub-item “Additional”;
    • click on the inscription “General”;
    • click “Reset to factory settings”.

    If the Sony TV does not connect to WI-FI, then here it is also recommended to solve the problem with a factory reset. To return to factory settings on a Sony device, you need to:

    • go to the TV menu;
    • get into the subsection “Settings”;
    • click on the inscription “Storage reset”;
    • click on the “Factory data reset” column;
    • reset settings and confirm action.

    To factory reset your Samsung receiver:

    • go to the “Support” menu;
    • select the sub-item “Self-diagnosis”;
    • click on the inscription “Reset settings”.

    For TV, Samsung has found video instructions for you:

    Solutions to the problem

    There is a solution for any problem, you just need to figure out what the breakdown is. If the TV does not catch Wi-Fi, then it is necessary to carry out diagnostics. You should always start with the simplest. For example, check the presence of electricity and a router signal, the integrity of the cable with a wired connection.