LG Smart TV install third party app

Sound problems

Many webOS users are complaining about various audio problems. The most common problems are sound distortion on certain audio tracks, or out of sync between sound and image. What to do in such cases?

How to watch videos and photos from your phone on TV?

In the webOS operating system, it is possible to view content from the phone on the TV screen. To do this, it is necessary that the phone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network (!), Install the LG TV Plus application on the phone. it must work with TVs with WebOS from version 3.0 (download from Google Play)

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If you have an older version of the operating system (1.0, 2.0, etc.), then you need the “LG TV SmartShare-webOS” application (this is it, and not the usual SmartShare. do not confuse it!). You can download it (.APK file) from our Yandex.Disk.

On the TV, in turn, you need to launch an application called “Connection Manager” and follow the instructions of the wizard

Please note that video quality over 1080p may stutter or stutter if you are using a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network. For correct viewing, you need to switch to 5Ghz.

How to tune channels manually?

Channel search in manual mode is described on the official website of LG. LG.com/ru/support/product-help/CT20206007-20150479796813-others

What is LG Sound Sync Wireless?

LG TVs have several options for sound output (TV speaker, external speaker, LG Sound Sync Optical, LG Sound Sync Wireless). Specifically LG Sound Sync Wireless is a wireless connection designed to work with LG soundbars and subwoofers via Bluetooth, so as not to physically connect them to the TV. All this economy is available through the “Home” menu. “Sound”. “Sound”. LG Sound Sync (Wireless). The technology works only with LG devices, so you won’t be able to connect other headsets, headphones or sound bars.

Every day asks for an update! How to remove a notification?

Updating the TV’s firmware and software is an important part of its stable operation. At least that’s how it should be. But, often, when releasing a new release, the developers are not always able to improve the existing situation. Therefore, some advanced users deliberately do not go for the TV upgrade, working on the old version, sometimes for the sake of compatibility with any applications.

In general, everyone has their own goal not to update, but everyone has one question. how to remove the constant notification about the need to update the software. First, uncheck “Allow automatic updates” in the “TV Details” category

But this may not always help. updates will not be installed automatically, but a reminder about this will keep popping up. The method used to block ads will help here. It is necessary to block the URL in the router (see the very beginning of the article)


Improving the picture on 4K and 4K OLED TVs

To enter the TV picture settings, you must select Menu. Settings. Pictures (or Menu. Settings Picture).

Distorted sound with clicks

A common problem with LG is sound crackling after a certain period of time.

Sound can click, stick, and display other strange artifacts. Basically, they start to face this when watching high-quality, high-bitrate films with soundtracks in the DTS format. The better the quality of the movie itself, the better the quality of its audio track.

The amount of distortion directly depends on this. If the movie uses sound AC3, 2 ch, 192 Kbps, then you can hear clicks once a minute or two, and if already DTS MA, 48.0 KHz, 6 ch, 2181 Kbps, then you can prepare for constant interruptions in sound.

What exactly is the problem is still unknown. Perhaps a TV with a large amount of data (specifically for us. sound) begins to convert it into a form that is more fertile for its processor, as a result of which artifacts appear. Either this defect manifests itself due to the imperfection of the codecs that are built into the TV.

What can be done to remedy the situation? Try to set it in the PCM audio output settings. Auto and disable LG Surround option (Settings-Sound-Surround). But, as a rule, this solves the problem quite rarely.

Varieties of widgets

Today there are a huge number of Web OS widgets. All of them can be divided into several groups:

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Buying LG Smart TV on Webos in Russia, you can be sure that the TV firmware installed on it will have Russian-language applications, as well as other widgets that are especially popular in Russia.

Also, all existing widgets for Webos can be divided by purpose into:

  • Services capable of searching for the video requested by the user and displaying it. These services include Omelet, Play, NOW or IVI;
  • Services with games;
  • IP telephony. For example, Skype;
  • Programs through which you can access videos of certain topics;
  • IP television services;
  • Information services such as news, weather, exchange rates, maps, navigation and more;
  • Social networks like. YouTube. Picasa, etc.;
  • Websites promoting development and education;
  • Applications for viewing 3D videos.

How to install

To begin with, in order to install applications from a flash drive, your LG Smart TV on Web OS must already have a program designed for viewing IPTV. If there is such a program, then you should then connect a USB flash drive to the TV, on which the archive with the widget you need was previously downloaded and unpacked. After the flash drive is connected, the corresponding icon will appear in the upper right corner, starting on which a window will open in front of you with a list of applications on the Web OS available for installation.

What is Web OS?

First, you need to figure out what the Web OS operating system is. This operating system is used on all modern TVs from LG, which have been produced since 2014. The code of this system is open, which means that anyone who wants to create a program for Webos can do it, having certain skills.

An ordinary user will also be able to easily connect any additional devices to his TV with the Smart TV function and the Webos operating system, as well as make the necessary settings. Built-in animated assistant guides you through all the necessary actions, giving you valuable tips and other information you need.

The Web OS interface is a menu in the form of a line at the bottom of the screen, which can be scrolled to select the required program or service. At the same time, you can watch not only terrestrial, but also Internet channels, as well as play any media files.


A widget on LG Smart TV Webos is a small graphic module that performs a specific function. Such a module can display the exchange rate, calendar, weather, display a television program, or act as a shortcut for quicker access to a specific program. Widgets do not clog the TV’s built-in memory, as they are relatively lightweight.

Basically, widgets in LG Smart TVs with Web OS are used to expand the number of functions and adapt it to the interests, preferences and habits of the user. When you buy a Web OS TV, it already has a certain set of programs and widgets. But the basic set may not be enough for many people. To expand the capabilities of your LG Smart TV on Web OS, you can download the applications and extensions you are interested in from the Internet.

Webos: widgets and apps

Modern technologies are becoming more convenient and simple for users every day. This applies not only to computers, smartphones and other information technologies, but also to common household appliances such as televisions. Today TVs from LG have a modern operating system Webos, which are filled with a variety of programs and widgets. In this case, you can not only use the initially built-in applications, but also install them yourself. About what widgets and programs exist for Smart TV on the Web OS platform, as well as how to install and use them, we will take a closer look in this article.

If you don’t have an account

It is impossible to install an application or a widget on a Smart TV based on Web OS without an account, so first you need to create an account. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Press the Settings button on the remote control;
  • Next, select the “Fast” item and click on “Account Management”;
  • After that, you need to pull out the item “create an account” and select all the items that appear;
  • After you have done this, you should click on the “Agree” button;
  • Now you will need to enter your email address (identifier), which will act as your username, your date of birth, and a password. After that click OK;
  • Then you should go to your mail and confirm that you have registered;
  • In the end, you need to log in to the Web OS database. To do this, enter your email address, password and click OK.

After you have an account, you can install any widgets and applications for the Web OS.


It is impossible to recommend free Smart TV apps without mentioning Kodi. Kodi is a complete media center that allows you to work with images, music and videos, as well as transfer and store them on multiple devices at once. The app works on a variety of platforms and supports a wide variety of video formats. If the built-in capabilities are not enough, the user also has add-ons that can significantly expand the functionality of the program. Their purpose ranges from simple interface changes to quick access to torrent trackers and Twitch streams.

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Smart YouTube TV

Many smart TVs often have problems with the most common task. playing YouTube videos. At least, this was the case before the advent of the Smart YouTube TV application, which differs from the standard YouTube client in advanced functionality, good performance even on weak hardware and the ability to watch videos in any resolution, including 4K. The application supports the Russian language, is controlled by “native” remotes from TVs and TV-boxes, and also pleases with a pleasant interface.

The developers adhere to the idea of ​​free software, so their application is distributed free of charge, open source, no ads and no paid subscriptions. This means that you cannot find Smart YouTube TV in the playmarket. you will have to download the APK file from the developers’ website. It is worth knowing that the application will not be able to change the default region, which is not very convenient if you want to watch a video blocked in Russia.

TuneIn Radio

An application specially for those who like to listen to the radio. Here are collected all the major radio stations in the world, which are divided by theme and style, which greatly facilitates the search. Install and enjoy the air of your favorite radio stations and discover new ones, there is plenty to choose from.

TuneIn also has its drawbacks, for example, an outdated interface that developers are in no hurry to update, as well as small jambs like playing only in active mode instead of background. However, the developers are actively correcting the shortcomings, and no worthy alternatives to TuneIN have yet appeared. You can find the application in the playmarket and the Samsung Apps Store both in the free version, which has not been without ads, and in the Pro version with a dark interface, a large number of radio stations and the ability to record your favorite broadcasts.

Free applications for Smart-TV: TOP-10 of the best

The vast majority of modern TVs support Smart TV technology, but many owners of “smart TVs” do not use even a hundredth of their capabilities, limiting themselves to access to YouTube and paid channels. You can fully unleash the capabilities of Smart TV and turn your home TV into a full-fledged media center using third-party applications. And our today’s top, which includes the best applications for Smart TV of 2020, will help you navigate in their variety.

Fry! TV

Another good app to watch TV for free is Fry! TV. Provides access to more than 1,700 channels in high quality, and without embedded ads. Movies, cartoons, sports, Animal Planet and National Geographic are just a few of the content that Fry! TV offers for free. There is an opportunity to control playback using a standard remote control, adjust the image and sound quality. Favorite channels can be added to Favorites. At the same time, you do not have to search and download playlists, everything works out of the box. You will have to install Fry! TV by downloading the APK file, and you will also need a third-party player for it to work, for example, the aforementioned VLC.

HD VideoBox

HD VideoBox is the best online cinema for smart TV on Android. This is one of the first applications for free viewing of all kinds of content, which is a convenient catalog of a huge number of films and TV series. High quality video, regular and timely catalog updates, browsing history, functional but not overloaded interface, customizable search. all this greatly simplifies the life of fans of digital video content. HD VideoBox can also play videos from torrents.

The regular version of the application contains unobtrusive ads, in order to get rid of it, you will have to purchase the Plus-version, which, among other things, provides a quick search for popular torrents and creation of playlists. The application requires a third-party video player. HD VideoBox itself can be found on specialized forums as an APK file.

TV Bro

Through Smart TV, you can also use the regular Internet, that is, visit sites. The most convenient way to do this is with the help of special software. One of the best browsers tailored specifically for TVs is TV Bro. It has everything a good browser should be able to do: fast page loading speed, tab and bookmark support, voice search, built-in download manager, browsing history, keyboard shortcuts and much more. Most importantly, TV Bro’s interface is perfectly optimized for remote control.

Unfortunately, installing TV Bro from Google Play will not work on all devices. many of them will be listed as unsupported. However, you can always install the app by downloading the APK file from a verified third-party site. For example, in the relevant topic on w3bsit3-dns.com.

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Torrent Stream Controller

An application for watching TV using ACE Stream technology, which allows you not to wait while the movie is being downloaded from a torrent, but to play it online in live broadcast mode. Works with any torrents, just download the required torrent file and run it through Stream Controller. Also in the application itself there is access to a variety of TV channels and video streaming services. Any video player is suitable for the application, for example, the previously mentioned VLC.

The program has its drawbacks, including specific settings, some of which may seem too confusing to an inexperienced user. Initially, the program is free, but it has advertising and certain restrictions, when buying the full version, advertising will disappear, and the user will be able to add channels to favorites, access to the browsing history, search by the names of channels, TV shows and other pleasant little things will appear.


  • global (available to users around the world);
  • local (intended for users of a specific region).


Before proceeding with the installation process, you will need to see the version of the operating system. To do this, go to the TV settings and open information about webOS. The characteristic of the installed operating system of the TV will be displayed on the screen. The next step is the authorization in the account. If there is no registration, then you will first need to follow the steps to create an account. Let’s consider further how to do it.

Why applications are not installed

There are situations when the system generates an error when installing an application. This can happen for several reasons. For instance:

  • the TV is not connected to the Internet;
  • the application is not compatible with the firmware version;
  • there is not enough memory in the device to install the program;
  • you are not logged into your account.

Here are the main problems that arise when downloading a widget. If it is impossible to fix the error yourself, contact a professional.

However, if you cannot download the program, you can use it online. To do this, you need to go to the official page of the application through the browser search engine.


To register for a Smart account, follow the instructions below:

  • Find the button labeled “Settings” on the remote control and press. Smart settings will open.
  • On the panel that opens, find and select the item “Fast”.
  • In the new section, find “Account Management”.
  • In the window, select the item “Create an account”. To proceed, you will need to mark all the proposed items.
  • To confirm the operation, click “Agree”.
  • To complete the authorization, you will need to enter an email address (in the future, it will act as a login to enter the system), date of birth and password. After entering the data, click “OK”.
  • To confirm registration, enter your mail. System send a letter to finish creating an account.

Apps for LG Smart TV search and install

Today TVs with Smart function are at their peak. From an ordinary TV set, they turned into an entertainment complex. Thanks to the available additional services, you can play your favorite clips and movies, weather forecast, recipe for Honor, as well as play, communicate with friends and family. LG Smart TV supports various kinds of applications. Most of them are already installed at the factory. The rest will need to be downloaded by yourself. How to do this, we will consider further.


If there is not enough memory on the TV or if the installed widget is unnecessary, you can delete it. To do this, go to the TV menu in the installed services section. Select unused or unnecessary programs and click the “Remove” button. The program will be automatically uninstalled, and the occupied memory will be freed.


When deciding to install a service from LG Apps Market, you will first need to check for a connection to an Internet provider. Then follow these steps:

  • Enter TV menu and go to Smart Home.
  • Find the LG Smart World section, go to it and log in to your account.
  • After identification in the account, a list of available applications will be displayed on the screen.
  • After selecting the program of interest, click the “Install” button. If the selected program is paid, proceed according to the proposed payment methods.

After the installation is complete, the downloaded application will be displayed in the “” folder in the “Smart Home” section. As a rule, the program does not require additional settings. You can go into it and use.