LG Smart TV install third party app

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Second way

Do you own an LG Netcast Smart TV with WebOS or Netcast? The utility is downloaded through changing DNS:

  • Open the settings in TV and the “Network Connection” folder;
  • Next, click on the method of connecting to TV and Wi-Fi;
  • For a direct connection, click on the desired item;
  • Determine the available access points;
  • Click on the “Advanced options” button;
  • In the line that opens, enter the IP of the DNS;
    smart, install, third, party
  • When connecting via Wi-Fi, we define the wireless view and enter the code;
  • To combine, we define the parameters and enter the IP;
  • The displays will show the mark “Done”.

The first way

Owners of LG Smart TVs with webOS or Netcast operating systems that have been on sale from early 2011 to today have the following instructions:

Fresh dns for forkplayer on LG Smart TV 2021

It should be noted that when installing a widget by changing the DNS, you cannot use the same combinations. Fresh dns for Forkplayer on LG for utility use:

  • 36.222.115;
  • 36.219.195;
  • 36.221. 208;
  • 101.119. 43.

For convenient operation of the widget, you will also need to install Remout Fork.

What is Forkplayer for LG Smart TV?

ForkPlayer is a useful tool for LG technology. It is needed to extend the built-in functions of the set-top box. After turning on the utility, watch various pages, download videos and TV channels. The user needs to weigh all the risks, as incorrect settings can ruin the TV.

Setting up forkplayer on LG Smart TV

To set up ForkPlayer on LG TV with webOS or Netcast 2.0-4.5, follow these steps:

  • turn on the TV settings and click on the line “Network connection”.
  • define a method for connecting the device to Wi-Fi.
  • click on a specific Wi-Fi point or mobile network.
  • click on the “Advanced settings” folder.
  • activate the self-entry DNS section and enter the combination

This option is for LG equipment, which has been sold since 2009, as well as for devices with Netcast:

  • save the archive and transfer to external media, unpack.
  • open the LG Smart TV page.
  • find the folder “My softwares”.
  • click on the USB partition.
  • click on the ForkPlayer line.

Black screen and video not working

Another error appears when viewing media content. Often a black display appears instead of a picture. Breakdown reasons:

  • the desired web page contains codecs that are not accepted by the TV model;
  • fake player format and is configured in “Options” (click on Media and HTML).

Reboot the device and the problem disappears.

Smart TV: Apps for LG TVs

A variety of special programs for LG Smart TVs makes them as functional as possible, going beyond the usual old-style models. Each user has their own preferences. Since everyone has different tastes, everyone has the opportunity to choose for themselves exactly what is interesting and necessary for him, and the choice is very wide. It is not limited to online TV programs and movies. There are also games, breaking news, categories with useful tips, travel and other interesting things. However, in order to access them, you need to know how to do it.

Access to programs in this case is carried out through the LG Apps service. To enter it, you will first need to create a personal account. It is not a complicated procedure, for which it is enough to have a cable or Wi-Fi Internet connection. Next, you need to enter the Smart TV menu and use the profile sign by clicking the function with registration. You will need to fill in the proposed fields, put a mark on agreement with the rules of the service and indicate your email address. After that you need to check it in order to activate the created account.

Since manufacturers initially install special software on new generation TVs, the user immediately has the opportunity to connect his LG to the Internet to view sites, movies, listen to music and use other applications, including Skype and YouTube.

Movie widgets

Since the software installed by manufacturers on a TV becomes obsolete over time and it is not always possible to update it to the latest version of the player, special widgets come to the rescue. So, to watch movies, you can download and install the Fork Player program, which is great for LG Smart TV.

This program is designed to watch movies online. In addition, with its help, you can open and play videos from sites such as tree TV, bigmir, brb.to, kinomax, moiserialy net, hdkinoteatr, ekranka. The functionality of the application has a quick search, and it is also possible to adjust the playback quality for recordings from YouTube.com and VK.com.

To install Fork Player, you need to find it in LG Apps or download it from your computer and install it using a USB flash drive, if the TV has a connector for it. After detecting the flash drive by the TV, you need to click the “Stay” item and go to the menu with widgets, where the desired program should appear. For this, it is important, when copying Fork Player to a USB flash drive, not to throw it into any folder, but simply leave it in the root system. After detection, just click on the application and launch it.

For some TVs, the procedure is slightly different. First you need to go to the section of my applications (lower right corner) and switch the display of the list to “My applications to USB”. Further, the sequence is the same.

Application installation algorithm

Having created your own account in LG Apps, you can enter your personal account, view the range of programs offered and install them on your TV. It should be remembered that the list of LG Smart TV applications for watching TV in each region of Russia may differ from each other.

Any program or game can be installed using the Smart World or Game World virtual directory. The installation sequence is standard:

Sort the proposed options at your own discretion;

Agree with their requirements if everything suits you;

It is worth noting that some applications allow you to watch movies in 3D. In addition, programs with games, demonstration of panoramas of different cities, Gismeteo weather forecasts and a culinary academy with recipes and detailed descriptions of cooking are very popular.

As for watching TV, some applications are supported only in certain regions and the channel package depends on the chosen provider.

TV online

The Peers.TV program is very popular for watching online TV on LG with Smart TV support. Despite the fact that there is very little information and instructions for this application on the “alji” platform, its action is not nominal and there are no problems with the installation. To start working with it, you need to open the Smart World application (creating an account is mandatory, otherwise it will give an error with no access).

When you open an account, you log in from the official LG website. You can also open Smart World via a smartphone. Next, the data is recorded. After opening the application, you need to find the section with the video in it, or immediately enter the name of the desired program. Peers.TV into the search bar. Finding. download and install.

The ability to watch TV shows and films at any time online;

The ability to save TV shows and movies;

Access to the pause function.

Installation on a device

The Wi-Fire app is one of many specially designed programs that run on widescreen TVs. It involves not only television, but also games, films and information sites. In addition, the installation does not require a lot of free space and memory on the TV, since the content is downloaded directly from the server. In other words, the installed programs will not in any way affect the speed of how the LG Smart TV operates. It is also important to note that the application is optimized for less powerful hardware, which allows it to be widely used, resulting in a high-quality image.

The instructions for installing the app on LG Smart TV are as follows:

  • Connect your TV to the Internet;
  • Log in to LG Apps using the button on the remote (“Smart” or “Home” depending on the model);
  • Using the arrow buttons, scroll the menu that appears on the screen to the item with applications;
  • Choose from the proposed Wi-Fire TV options and install by clicking the appropriate button in the menu.

Wi-Fire TV app for LG Smart TV

Modern TVs today can be used not only for watching cable or satellite TV. With the advent of additional equipment, users can even access the Internet from them.

On TVs that support LG Smart TV, you can install the Wi-Fire TV application through the Apps service. Downloading and installing Wi-Fire TV apps for LG Smart TV is absolutely free. It is enough to register and select suitable TV channels for yourself in the form of the proposed packages.

Owners of LG Smart TVs also get ten free TV channels after installing the app. You can choose from packages with a different number and set of channels, which are in different price categories. What is very convenient is the ability to view programs simultaneously on five different devices within a single subscription fee. The application is developed not only for TVs, but also for tablets, smartphones.

The developers of Wi-Fire TV make the use of wireless digital television affordable and convenient. The prefix is ​​no longer needed for this.

Registration and installation sequence

Registration is required to gain access to the LG Apps service, through which Wi-Fire is then installed. It is not a problem to create an account for this service. It is enough to have a working Wi-Fi or an internet connection via a cable. If there is one, you need to enter the LG Smart TV menu and click on the profile icon. Having seen the function with registration on the screen, you must select it and fill in all the fields of the questionnaire that appear. To confirm the registration of an account, you need to activate the link that will come to the e-mail indicated in the questionnaire. Then LG Apps can be used without any hindrance.

Application installation sequence:

Please note that depending on the region of residence, the service shows different lists of offered programs in visual catalogs.

How to Install and Use Apps for LG Smart TV?

Smart TVs have come a long way in our time and are more of a home entertainment center than a peripheral device. To diversify the viewing of television programs, many additional applications have been created, but you need to be able to install them correctly.

App classification for LG Smart TV

  • Global can be used by any Smart TV owner on the planet.
  • Local. widgets available only to users of a specific region.

At any time, you can change the country in the TV settings and install applications that are necessary, but not available in your true region of residence.

Most Popular Apps

Consider the TOP of the most popular and convenient applications for LG Smart TV:

  • Forkplayer is a widget that allows you to access movie sites and other entertainment services for free.
  • OTTplayer is a service that unites a lot of TV channels. Allows you to create and manage playlists.
  • MegoGo is an application for watching movies, cartoons, TV series and TV shows for free. The app also has a paid subscription to watch new films.
  • TwitchTV is an application for watching streaming videos broadcast by various users from all over the world. For the most part, here you will find live broadcasts on a game theme or free communication with the audience.
  • Gismeteo is a widget that stably displays the weather for the next week. Information is updated in the program every 6 hours.
  • Culinary Academy. An app with tons of step-by-step recipes, videos, and tips for experienced chefs and newbies alike.
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How to install apps for LG Smart TV?

Account registration and authorization

Before installing the program directly, you need to know the version of the operating system. Open the TV settings, where the characteristic of the installed operating system is displayed.

Next, we need to log into an existing account, or, if there is none, register a new one. To register for a Smart account, you must:

  • Press the button with the gear image on the remote control (on some remote controls this is the “Settings” button).
  • In the menu that appears on the side, select “Advanced settings” (these are three dots at the end of the list).
  • Then select “General” and find the item “Account Management”.
  • In the new window, select “Create an account” and cancel all the proposed items.
  • Click “Agree” to confirm actions.
  • And, in order to complete the registration process, enter your email address (in the future it will be used for authorization as a login), date of birth and password. Click “Register”.
  • Confirm registration by completing all the necessary actions in the letter sent by the system before creating an account.

If all the points are observed, the account will be successfully created, and you will need to log in by entering your username (i.e. email) and password.

Installing the app

Next, we will focus on TVs released after 2015. They have a modern operating system. webOS. So, before installing apps, check your internet connection and follow these steps:

  • Press the “Smart” button on the remote control.
  • Use the arrows on the remote control to scroll through the tabs until you go to the “LG Store”. Click “OK”.
  • The screen should display a list of applications available in your region.
  • Select the widget you are interested in and click the “Install” button.

If the application is paid, the installation process itself will tell you what you need to do to pay for it.

Applications can be accessed by pressing the “Home” or “Smart” buttons on the remote control (differently named on different models) and scrolling down the menu to “LG Store”.

Usually, installing widgets is not difficult, but the popular ForkPlayer application requires additional manipulations, which are described in the following

For sony

To install the program on a Sony Smart TV running Android TV, you need to:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control and enter the main page.
  • In the section “My applications”, use the navigation buttons of the remote control to select an empty widget with a sign inside.
  • Open the section “All applications”.
  • Select the desired widget with the remote control and press OK.
  • In the window that opens, click “Add to my applications”.
  • Find the installed program and open it.
  • The official Sony website contains information that it is impossible to add an application that is not in the general list of programs on your own. New items are added to the list after the owner of the program contacts Sony for cooperation.

    For Samsung

  • In the window that appears, activate the “Download” button.
  • The system will notify about the end.
  • When you click on “Run”, the installed application starts working.
  • To enter Smart HUB mode, press the RETURN button. Check if the loaded widget appears in the field of installed programs.
  • It is impossible to install a thirdparty application downloaded from the Internet on Samsung Smart TVs. the manufacturer specifically introduced a restriction on thirdparty content in the operating system of the device.

    For LG

    • Enter the menu section “Home page”.
    • Open the section “LG Smart World”.
    • Select the “Login” button (pictogram of a stylized image of a human head).
  • The system displays a notification that a notification has been sent to the specified address confirming the authenticity of the registration data. To complete the registration, open the received letter and activate the item “Complete registration”.
  • The system will offer to enter Smart World. Agree by clicking “Yes”. The Smart World section opens. Now from here you can install the app on LG Smart TV.
  • Select the program with the navigation buttons of the remote control.
  • Click in the pop-up window “Install”.
  • After the download is complete, launch the widget.
  • The installed program will appear on the home page.
  • Just like Samsung, LG has limited the ability to install thirdparty programs on its Smart TVs.

    Types of Smart TV Apps

    There are several main types of programs that are most often downloaded by users to Smart TV.

    • IPTV television programs. Provide access to several hundred TV channels of various topics.
    • Online cinemas. Most work with a paid subscription. However, promotions are often held when access to new films is opened for a low price.
    • To display video content.
    • For streaming the passage of games, e-sports competitions, etc.
    • Clients of social networks. for communication in VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, etc.
    • Services for searching and listening to music: Yandex music, Play music, etc.

    For Philips

    Since 2014, the Android TV operating system has been installed on Philips Smart TVs. Software products are downloaded from the Play Market. In earlier versions, the following sequence of actions is required (for example, IPTV):

    • Open “Configuration” in the main menu.
    • Select “Connect to the network”.
    • Connection type “Wired”, confirm selection.
    • In the “Configuration” item, enter the “Network Settings” section.
    • Open “Network mode” and “Static IP address”.
    • In the “IP Configuration” tab, select DNS 1 and enter
  • On the main page, press the Smart TV (NetTV) button.
  • Open APP Gallery.
  • Select the region “Russia” at the bottom of the page.
  • Find IPTV application, click “Add”.
  • The downloaded widget is available on the home page.
  • In this way, you can add new programs and update already installed ones.

    How to download and install applications on Smart TV

    The algorithm for downloading and installing is similar for all devices, but the sequence of actions for models from different manufacturers is different.

    How to install applications on Smart TV: instructions for different brands of TVs

    Smart TV is a true home multimedia center. This is a cinema with an unlimited Internet film library, a music player of high-quality tracks broadcast by online resources, and a game console. Programs for the implementation of these functions are installed in the device memory at the production stage. You can significantly expand the capabilities of your smart TV by installing additional applications. With the help of this article, you can download and install the application you like on Smart TVs from different manufacturers.

    For Dexp

    Pure Android is installed on the Smart TV, so applications are installed both from the Play Store and from thirdparty resources. Installation sequence (using Forkplayer as an example):

  • Download the Forkplayer installation file through any installed browser (not built-in).
  • Use the remote control to open the “Downloads” section, open the downloaded file and click “Install”.
  • At the end of the installation, click “Finish”.
  • Select Forkplayer and click OK.
  • For the second installation method, you need a pre-formatted USB flash drive. Download the installation file of the Android program with the APK extension via a computer to the drive from a reliable site (official website of the developer, forums of registered users, etc.).

    An important condition is that the system requirements of the software product must match the Android version on the TV device.

    Be sure to check the downloaded content with the latest version of the anti-virus program with the latest virus databases. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector on the TV, find the downloaded file through the system explorer and install it.

    LG Smart TV Apps: Find and Install

    If you have purchased an LG Smart TV, you may have questions about how to find and install programs to use on it. This is what will be discussed in this article.

    Smart TVs have achieved a lot today. They make it possible to watch TV programs in excellent quality, which, of course, implies the ability to record and pause the broadcast. In addition, at the moment there are many additional programs that diversify the pastime in front of the television screen. In fact, the TV has become more than just a peripheral device, but a home entertainment center. On TV, you can not only watch a movie through the corresponding application, but also find out the weather forecast, read news, find a recipe or play.

    LG Smart TV runs on the webOS operating system

    LG Smart TV runs on the webOS operating system. Various widgets are already preinstalled on this platform, and in addition, there are thirdparty programs that can also be used when using the TV. To do this, however, you need to know how to access them, how to install and use them. And, of course, only a few of them are freely available.

    Widgets and programs for webOS

    Widget for LG Smart TV is a graphic module, a small and light application that can perform one function or another, for example, show the date and time, exchange rates, weather, TV programs. In the end, it may just be a shortcut that makes it easier to access the application In general, everything is the same as in a PC or smartphone.

    To install the program on LG Smart TV, your TV must be connected to the Internet

    By purpose, all applications used on LG Smart TV can be divided into the following groups: social networks, IPTV, Internet telephony, games, weather widgets, e-learning, programs through which you can watch movies and videos in 3D, and also allowing you to search for specific videos.

    How to do it all

    You need to turn on the TV and find the Smart Home item in the main menu

    Step one: you need to turn on the TV and find the Smart Home item in the main menu.

    Step two. You need to select the LG Smart World section and go to the account created in advance. Now on the TV screen you will see the lists of applications that are available in Russia.

    To do Step three, select the program you are interested in and click the “Install” button. If the application is paid, the installation process itself will tell you what you need to do to pay for it.

    After installation, the program will appear in the folder. which is located in the Smart Home section. Additional configuration is usually not needed.

    Manual installation of applications

    Before downloading any application to any device, you should always make sure that it is possible in principle, that is, that the device and the program are compatible. Otherwise, the installed program will simply not start, it will have to be removed. You can find out the characteristics of LG Smart TV by using the remote control to enter the Settings menu.

    If for some reason the automatic download for some reason did not start, and you nevertheless need the application, you can try to install it manually. To use this option, you need a computer or laptop connected to the Internet, as well as a USB flash drive.

    Installing via USB is more complicated and time-consuming, but there is nothing complicated about it. First, the downloaded programs are copied to the USB flash drive, then it must be connected to the USB connector of the TV. If it is not on the TV interface panel, then it can be connected additionally. So, the flash drive is connected. Now, if you click on the corresponding icon, a window will open, which displays all the files saved on the flash drive, by clicking on which the installation process will begin. Then the installed application or widget can be applied as usual.

    Apps for LG Smart TV search and install

    Today TVs with Smart function are at their peak. From an ordinary TV set, they turned into an entertainment complex. Thanks to the available additional services, you can play your favorite clips and movies, weather forecast, recipe for Honor, as well as play, communicate with friends and family. LG Smart TV supports various kinds of applications. Most of them are already installed at the factory. The rest will need to be downloaded by yourself. How to do this, we will consider further.

    Via USB

    In case of manual installation, you need to make sure that there is a program for displaying IPTV. Next, you need to make sure that the downloaded file is compatible with the version of the TV’s operating system. If the listed requirements are satisfactory, follow these guidelines:

    • Download the program’s boot file from the Internet, unzip it and write it to a flash drive.
    • Insert the device into the corresponding USB port of the Smart.
    • After selecting the window that appears, the contents of the flash drive will be displayed on the screen.
    • After selecting the installed widget file, start the installation.
    • After completing the steps suggested by the installation, the program will be successfully downloaded to the TV.
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    Thus, the downloaded thirdparty application is successfully installed on the TV. The described method takes a little longer than the previous one. However, it is not difficult.


    If there is not enough memory on the TV or if the installed widget is unnecessary, you can delete it. To do this, go to the TV menu in the installed services section. Select unused or unnecessary programs and click the “Remove” button. The program will be automatically uninstalled, and the occupied memory will be freed.


    When deciding to install a service from LG Apps Market, you will first need to check for a connection to an Internet provider. Then follow these steps:

    • Enter TV menu and go to Smart Home.
    • Find the LG Smart World section, go to it and log in to your account.
    • After identification in the account, a list of available applications will be displayed on the screen.
    • After selecting the program of interest, click the “Install” button. If the selected program is paid, proceed according to the proposed payment methods.

    After the installation is complete, the downloaded application will be displayed in the “” folder in the “Smart Home” section. As a rule, the program does not require additional settings. You can go into it and use.

    Why applications are not installed

    There are situations when the system generates an error when installing an application. This can happen for several reasons. For instance:

    • the TV is not connected to the Internet;
    • the application is not compatible with the firmware version;
    • there is not enough memory in the device to install the program;
    • you are not logged into your account.

    Here are the main problems that arise when downloading a widget. If it is impossible to fix the error yourself, contact a professional.

    However, if you cannot download the program, you can use it online. To do this, you need to go to the official page of the application through the browser search engine.


    Before proceeding with the installation process, you will need to see the version of the operating system. To do this, go to the TV settings and open information about webOS. The characteristic of the installed operating system of the TV will be displayed on the screen. The next step is the authorization in the account. If there is no registration, then you will first need to follow the steps to create an account. Let’s consider further how to do this.

    LeanKey KeyBoard

    Sometimes using the best apps for LG, Samsung and many other TVs with Smart TV functions, you come across the same program. It is slow and complex input, implemented by a standard remote control.

    In order to somehow solve this problem without connecting a keyboard, you can install KeyBord for yourself.

    This is a very handy virtual keyboard designed for smart TVs. Due to such an application, you can significantly speed up the entry of data, numbers and other information into the appropriate fields. Additionally, you can use all the buttons on the remote control by making them shortcut keys.

    Here, each user customizes the virtual keyboard for himself.

    If a person actively uses all the capabilities of Smart TV, regularly driving in some data for search, registration and other operations, then it is better to immediately switch to this application.

    How exactly to proceed, here everyone will make a decision for himself.

    Rating of the most useful and popular applications for Smart TV

    Buying a smart TV, the user expects to get much more from the device than from a regular TV to which cable TV is connected.

    Smart TV is a special technology that turns the TV into a multifunctional and very useful device for solving various tasks and just for entertainment.

    Objectively, it’s very difficult to make a short selection of the best Smart TV apps. After all, there are a huge number of programs, and each of them may be useful, interesting and necessary in one case or another.

    Therefore, the list of the best applications for Smart TV included those that are popular and are really useful, according to a large number of users. There will be no binding to a specific section or category. Just the top 10 noteworthy apps that will be useful not only for Smart TV owners, but also for those who have a Smart set-top box.

    SlyNet IPTV

    But LG Smart TV has its own best applications, including this program. When installed, the user has access to all kinds of videos collected from various sites.

    In fact, there are more than enough programs like this for smart TVs. But SlyNet is the most popular, advanced and functional.

    SlayNet supports about 800 TV channels and over 1000 radio stations. It has its own repository where you can find movies and music.

    Special thanks to the developers for the Russian-language interface. Here, users have access to the highest quality content. But if you want to start viewing in 4K format, then you will have to additionally install a special player. We are talking about the XMTV player. High quality video will not play without it.

    Until recently, this application for Smart TV had a rather limited range of uses. And it was included only in the lists, where the best developments specifically for Android are collected.

    Now VLC appears for other smart TV platforms, including Samsung’s proprietary Tizen shell.

    This player is used by many owners of smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets. And what was their joy when VLC became available for many Smart TVs.

    An extremely user-friendly player with broad functionality. For example, through it you can watch sports video broadcasts online. All this is achieved due to the huge number of pre-installed codecs. With their help, video of various formats is played, including streaming.

    Tv bro

    In fact, this is an analogue and alternative to the built-in browser in a smart TV. This application was developed specifically for Android TV. This is the main and only drawback.

    Control can be carried out using a remote control or voice commands. An important advantage should be considered the most correct display of all pages when they are opened on a large TV screen.

    Downloads and supports various content.

    If the user is not satisfied with the standard web browser, then you just need to install this application. This should be done if only for the sake of comparing the capabilities of the base browser and TV Pro. The vast majority of users will end up with TV Bro. This is proved by the statistics of downloads and installations.

    TV Remote

    Choosing the best programs designed for Smart TV, it would be wrong to pass by this tool.

    Yes, the program is designed for smartphones. But it is focused specifically on controlling Smart TV using a phone. Very convenient, useful and functional.

    Turning your Android smartphone or tablet into a remote control has many benefits. It is much more convenient and faster to enter through the phone screen. Here you can switch between channels, perform a number of actions and tasks without using a regular remote control.

    Installing and using the software is extremely simple. You need to download the application, set up the connection to the TV and get started.

    An application with a concise and understandable name TV The remote control is used in combination with Smart TV and set-top boxes from different manufacturers. These can be Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, etc.

    365 Body Workout

    The concept of this app is truly unique. An excellent choice for those who take care of their body and adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

    It is a replacement for all sports and health videos that can be searched for endlessly on the web.

    Within the framework of this application, everything that can be useful to an athlete is collected. And of any level. from beginner to advanced pro.

    The application contains courses on street workout, home workouts. Here they will tell you in detail, show and write down how to eat right, gain and lose weight, dry yourself. There is also a lot of information about the benefits and rules of using food additives.

    The exercises that are suggested to be performed in front of the TV have interesting and visual animation. You just need to repeat and put yourself in order.

    There are 2 options for content. These are free and paid features. over, there is not so much paid content, and not everyone will need it.

    Truly one of the most useful apps that has been developed for today’s smart TVs. Visual proof that in front of TV you can not just lie and eat, but also improve your health, pump muscles and develop in all directions.


    Selecting the best online cinema format applications installed on Smart TVs and Smart set-top boxes, you definitely need to tell about Megogo.

    Quite often, this application is the basic one when buying many modern smart TVs. There are paid and free modes. In the latter case, the service limits the amount of content available.

    The subscription is inexpensive, but it opens huge catalogs of films, TV series, cartoons, documentaries and more.

    Despite the need to pay for use, the application earned its high place in the rating due to its cross-platform, practicality, friendly interface and wide functionality. It is convenient to work with him. There is a personal account.

    In addition to movies and TV series, Megogo allows you to watch online broadcasts and watch TV.

    Twitch TV

    One of the applications that is regularly included in the top programs for Smart TV. over, they are free, since all the functionality is available without payment.

    The program is designed to open access for viewing streams and competitions in computer and console games. Since the audience of the network is mainly young people, and they are the ones who use various applications, it is not surprising that Twitch for Smart TV occupies such a high position.

    Twitch deservedly ranks among the best and most popular Smart TV apps. This is due to several reasons:

    • it is one of the best and most popular streaming services in the CIS countries;
    • a paradise for gamers and those who like to follow the broadcasts of the competition;
    • there is a function for saving broadcasts;
    • a chat is provided for communication;
    • installation is completely free;
    • you can subscribe to the most interesting streamers.

    Really good and noteworthy app.

    If we talk about the most popular and most relevant applications available for Smart TV, then this list will definitely include IVI.

    One of the leading services for watching TV series and films. over, it is completely legal.

    The catalogs contain tens of thousands of films, TV series, cartoons. While many of the movies are paid, it’s not hard to find movies with TV shows to watch for free. The content is updated with enviable popularity. A great way to be the first to see what has only recently been shown in theaters. And in excellent quality.

    The application allows you to create your own account, add films and series, track your browsing history and more.

    On Samsung

    • Go to “Smart Hub” through the menu or by using the corresponding button on the remote.
    • Open the “Samsung Apps” section.
    • In the list of widgets, find the Twigle application.
    • Click on the “Download” button to download.
    • Then click “Install”.

    If Twigl is not in the list of available programs, you can download it by first downloading it to a USB flash drive from your PC. On TV devices of the Samsung brand, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

    • Format the USB flash drive connected to the computer in the FAT32 system.
    • Open, create the “userwidget” directory at the root.
    • Download the widget as an archive to your computer.
    • Without unpacking, copy to the created folder.
    • Install the USB stick into the USB port on the TV.
    • The program will be installed automatically. You just need to wait for the end and the inscription “Package is done”.

    How to install Twigle for Smart TV

    Let’s take a look at how to download and install TVigle after downloading on different TV models. First, you need to register your device on the manufacturer’s network and create an account to provide an Internet connection. After authorization, proceed to download and install.

    Download TVigle to TV

    The modern free portal Twigle will give you the opportunity to watch your favorite films from its diverse film library. Here you will find both Soviet films and world bestsellers that have received an Oscor and recognition from moviegoers all over the world. Of course, you will not find new films here, but there are definitely recognized hits in the catalog. Many people need help installing the application. Let’s consider how you can download the TVigle application for free on your TV and watch its video if you have the Internet and a device with Smart TV.

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    On LG

    • Press the “Home” or “Smart” button on the remote control.
    • Scroll through the sections until you reach the “LG Apps”.
    • Next, go to the line “Applications”.
    • Choose the category “Best Free” or “All”.
    • You will not need to download TVigle ru for Smart TV if it is among the options offered. In this case, go to his page.
    • Give the command “Install”.
    • Then activate the “Run” button.

    If the free TVigle channel is not present in the app catalog on the device, use the USB flash drive method. But it will only work if there are several USB ports on the TV:

    • Download the cinema archive to your computer.
    • Format flash media to FAT32.
    • Create a folder in the root and copy the downloaded archive into it.
    • Connect the USB stick to the TV via the top USB port.
    • Go to the section “My Apps”.
    • Open the contents of the flash drive.
    • Click on the file to install and start the installation.

    Where to download TVigle app for Samsung, LG and other devices

    • Smart TVs with Smart TV brands: Samsung, LG, Philips, Toshiba.
    • Dune PS3, PlayStation 4 consoles.
    • Mobile gadgets.

    It is best to download the TVigle cinema to your Smart TV from the official website TVigle.ru. This can be done for free. Some devices already have a movie service, you don’t have to download and upload it.

    If the manufacturer has not provided the Twigle program in the list of device applications, you will have to download it yourself. You can download TVigle for Smart TV through the following services:

    • play.google.com.
    • forkplayer.TV.
    • of. site of a specific brand.

    In addition, each brand recommends installing using special widgets and programs:

    • Samsung. Flash, Explore 3D, Cinema Search, Easy POOL.
    • LG. DriveCast, 3D World and Skylanders Battlegrounds.
    • Android device. Download All Files.


    If you are the owner of a smart TV, Russian and foreign entertainment films, shows, TV programs are available to you, which can be watched for free through the Twigle service. With our tips, you can download TVigle for Smart TV hassle-free.

    What speed is needed for Smart TV

    For watching videos in HD quality. 3 Mbps will be enough. If you watch video in better FullHD quality, 7 Mbps will be required. For 4K video, 10 Mbps or more will be optimal. Therefore, already a low speed will allow you to watch videos without freezing. These indicators are considered normal for watching movies at home online, for example, on okko or YouTube. The above speed can be provided by any provider at a rate higher than 30 Mbps.

    Below is a table that determines what Internet speed should be for Smart TV

    Good internet speed Provided video quality
    2 Mbps SD Video (DVD)
    3 Mbps HD movies
    4-7 Mbps Full HD, Ultra HD video programs
    10 Mbps Streaming 3D video
    15 Mbps 4K video streaming

    Internet speed for Smart TV

    This article will talk about Internet speed for Smart TV. In particular, we will consider it using the example of an LG Smart TV webos TV connected to a router via WI-FI at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.This is the most common connection and most often the signal is lost on it. But if the Internet is connected using an Ethernet cable, the steps below will also help determine the Internet speed on a TV with Smart TV function.

    How to check Internet speed on Smart TV

    There are several ways to check Internet speed on Smart TV. And there is no need to bring your PC to the TV and check the speed on the computer. This can be done directly on the TV.

    This application is supplied completely free of charge. It is a very easy to use tool for measuring internet speed.

    • Shows the IP address and the nearest test server
    • Measures download and upload speed
    • Shows detailed test progress
    • Based on the results, it determines what video quality is optimal for your Internet speed

    After starting and pressing the start button, the application will show your internet connection speed.

    The second way is to check the speed through your Smart TV browser. The TV already has a built-in browser, so no installation is required. It can be accessed from the bottom row of apps on the home screen of LG Smart TV. It’s called “Web Browser”

    In the address bar we drive in the site address speedtest.net.ru/run-speedtest.html

    After loading the page, the GO button will appear, by clicking on which the site will show your Internet connection speed.

    How to increase internet speed on Smart TV

    If the speed matches the speed that the Internet provider provides you, this means that the signal is good and the speed is not lost anywhere, otherwise you need to understand how to fix this problem, low speed, which as a result leads to freezing when watching videos. Perhaps the video slowdown occurs for another reason and you need to clear the cache or remove unnecessary applications, but this is a topic for a separate article.

    • A common problem with freezing is that the speed that the provider promises for your tariff does not match the actual one. To do this, you need to change to a tariff with a higher speed. Almost all providers now offer speeds up to 100 Mbps.It is also possible that the provider itself has problems, so you need to call him to make sure that the problem is not on his side.
    • The router is in the back room and the signal is therefore weak, which reduces the speed of the Internet at times. Make an additional access point using another router, which you place next to the TV. Or use a repeater in the next room, which will receive the signal of the router and distribute it further
    • There may be a problem in the settings of the router itself, the speed is cut off programmatically. You can ask a specialist to reconfigure the router, adding speeds for your TV and cutting down the speed for other receivers, such as a phone or computer.

    Using the connection of all your devices to one router and using them at the same time, reduces the data transfer speed. This is another reason for low internet speed.

    Varieties of widgets for webOS

    Widgets developed for LG Smart TVs increase the capabilities of the gadget, improve its functionality and are fully customized for a specific user. But the programs built into the TV are not enough and you have to download and install them yourself.

    All widgets are global and local.

    LG Smart TVs have both global and local apps built in. But, in practice, people looking for an application do not even think about what kind of application it belongs to.

    Therefore, widgets for Smart TV LG are divided into the following varieties:

    • games;
    • social networks;
    • IPTV;
    • Internet telephony;
    • informative;
    • educational;
    • for watching movies in 3D format;
    • search applications.

    Installing APK applications from a USB flash drive manually

    For old LG TVs with the NetCast operating system, the instructions for installing applications from a USB flash drive are standard: you need to download the application, unpack the archive onto a USB flash drive, insert the USB flash drive into the TV and the new application will appear in the “My Applications” section in the “USB” subcategory.

    But users of later LG TVs running webOS often run into problems.

    To install an application from a USB flash drive to a TV with webOS before 2017 release, follow these steps:

    • Download the archive with the required application.
    • Format USB flash drive in FAT format.
    • Unpack the archive to the root of the flash drive.
    • On the TV, log in with your SmartTV LG Store account.
    • Insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector of the TV. If a window appears with a USB flash drive connection, you need to cancel it.
    • The app should appear on the home screen.

    If nothing happens at startup, you need to:

    • Log in to the LG Store.
    • In the lower right corner, click on “My Page”.
    • Select “Purchased Applications”.
    • Launch the application.

    For LG TVs with the webOS operating system from 2018, to run applications from a flash drive, you must first log in to your account.

    If all else fails and the applications still do not start from the USB flash drive on the TV, all that remains is to try to install the desired application through the developer mode. This method is very complicated and unsafe. Only specialists can figure out all the settings. And if something goes wrong, LG service centers will refuse to repair your TV.

    How to install, procedure

    Installing from LG Apps Market

    If your LG Smart TV has an Internet connection, then you can start installing software for webos. They do it as follows:

    • after connecting the TV to the network, you need to enter the Smart Home section;
    • in the LG Smart World section, you enter your account;
    • in the list of applications that appeared as a result of the manipulations done, they find what they need;
    • be sure to get acquainted with the information about the program and specify its price;
    • at the next stage, you need to click the “Install” button;
    • to install a paid application, follow all the instructions that appear on the TV screen;
    • all operations are confirmed with the “Ok” button;
    • after the program is installed, open it by going to Smart Home and clicking on the folder

    If the application does not work, then you should fix possible errors. And this could be:

    • lack of internet connection;
    • the application is not suitable for this model;
    • the TV does not have enough memory to install a new application;
    • user is not logged in.

    If, after correcting these errors, you still cannot install the program, then you should definitely contact a professional. If there is not enough memory on the device, you can delete applications that you have not used for a long time. To do this, enter the section of installed services and click on the “delete” button next to the selected program.

    Installing Apps on LG Smart TV

    After that, you need to connect to the Internet and log in.

    If there is not enough memory left on the device, then the application can be installed from a USB flash drive. But this is much more difficult to do. For this procedure, you will need an IPTV program. The only condition is that the folder with applications must be unpacked in advance. If everything is done correctly, a list of applications for installation will appear in the upper corner of the screen.

    Can you install third party apps on LG Smart TV?


    Since it is not possible to install applications without an account, it is imperative to create an account. To log in to the system, you need to do the following:

    • On the remote control, the “Settings” button is pressed.
    • In the “Quick” section they find the “Account Management” button.
    • Create an account.
    • At the end of registration, click the “Agree” button.
    • To enter the system as a login, it is recommended to use an email address and enter a password.
    • The next step is to confirm your email and registration is complete.

    In order to make it convenient to create an account, it is recommended to connect a computer mouse to the TV. Then it will be easier to enter text.

    You can use the browser on your TV to confirm your email, but your best bet is to use a computer. To do this, go to your mailbox and follow the specified link to the LG Smart World website. An inscription will appear here confirming the completion of registration.

    After carrying out all the manipulations, you can log into your account on the TV. To do this, enter the email address and password specified during registration in the login window. If the data is entered correctly, then the screen will display information notifying about the successful login to the account. After that, you can start installing the APK on webos.

    Installing webOS applications on LG Smart TVs for a pleasant pastime

    Television has become one of the main ways of spending leisure time. LG Smart TV is a versatile device for watching your favorite movies or videos, playing games and even communicating with family and friends living in other cities. To do this, they use webOS applications, the number of which is increasing every day.