LG 49 TV which is better


All TV manufacturers are now fighting to achieve the greatest hanging TV effect. This effect is related to the width of the borders around the edges. Both Japanese and South Korean manufacturers managed to achieve an indicator of 1 mm. over, such parameters can be seen in premium models and budget devices.

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Image brightness

LG devices allow you to fine-tune the color rendition and screen brightness. But the lack of a clear range can complicate this procedure. But with the right approach, contrast and brightness can be set to a high level, which will ensure comfortable viewing of any program.

LG 49″ Super Ultrawide 32:9 5120×1440 display 49WL95C-W (bought, not sponsored)

Sony TVs transmit images well even without settings. This item is present in the menu, but almost never required by the user.

Comparison between Sony and LG TVs

For a more complete picture of the models of each brand, it is better to compare LG and Sony TVs by specific characteristics.

Viewing angle

Until recently, both manufacturers have created plasma TVs with relatively small viewing angles. However, the introduction of OLED technology made it possible to get rid of this problem. Such models make it possible to watch television from almost any angle without changing the color rendition.

LG uses motion transmission technology in its devices, which reduces the effects of glare and eliminates blur. Sony also uses an anti-glare system for these purposes. And despite different approaches to solving the problem, the result is approximately the same.

Sony vs LG TV: making the right choice

TVs are rarely bought, so you need to be careful when choosing them. Many buyers are often worried about whether Sony or LG TVs are better. To make the correct conclusion, it is recommended to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the models of these manufacturers.

It is difficult to imagine a comfortable movie watching without a high-quality speaker system. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to equip their devices with the latest developments in this area. LG offers devices with its innovative Sound Zooming surround sound system. This acoustics makes it possible to hear all the smallest sound effects.

Such a system is also available from the Japanese brand Sony, which achieves excellent sound even with the compact size of the device body.

Both brands use LED displays to take picture quality to the highest level. With this technology, the picture quality is clear and smooth. When choosing 4K TVs, both LG and Samsung boast a very wide range of such models. Still, Samsung makes more TVs with this resolution. Also, Samsung has made a technical breakthrough. 8K images are presented on the market only by their brand.

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I would like to add a few words about the backlight: at Sumsung it is located across the entire screen area, unlike LG TVs, where it is located only at the edges. As a result, we can say with confidence that the picture and backlight quality of Samsung is still slightly better than that of LG.

What the experts say

Experts believe that there is no definite answer to the question of which is better than Sumsung or LG. It is quite difficult to identify a leader, since each user expresses a subjective point of view. A huge number of people will choose Samsung for personal reasons and will provide evidence that their interface, quality, price is significantly better than LG’s. LG supporters, in turn, will prove otherwise.

Experts advise to give preference to TVs with a 4K monitor resolution, no matter which brand you choose.

Remote Control

Each TV has its own remote control: both LG and Samsung. Both brands have also included hand controls on their TVs. Using sensors located on the TV body, the technology detects the movement of the hands or the remote control, making remote control as easy as possible. With a wave of your hand, you can switch the channel or go to the menu.

History of companies

Samsung’s history began in Korea in 1938. Its ancestor was Byung-Chull Lee, who named the company in Honor of his three sons. In Korean, Samsung means three stars. At first, the enterprise was not engaged in the manufacture of equipment and electronics, but in the production of rice flour. And only in 1969 Samsung made a breakthrough in the technical field.

At the very beginning of its development, the company, together with the Sanyo firm, began to produce semiconductors. Later, a workshop for the production of black and white TVs was opened.

Since 1973, Samsung began large-scale production of home appliances. Thanks to the merger of several enterprises, in the same year the company changed its name to Samsung Electronics and started the production of refrigerators and washing machines.

In 1979, the company began to produce video recorders, and since 1983. personal computers. In the same 1983, the company moved to the United States with the aim of producing microwave ovens. In 1998, the production of TVs and DVD-players began.

Interesting! In 1999 the company created its first mobile phone.

49″ LG TV Unboxing and Review. 49UN7100PCA | Clueless Dad

LG’s emergence had nothing to do with electronics. In 1947, Luk Hui Chemical Industries (LHCI) was formed in Korea. this is the name the company originally bore. She was engaged in the production of household chemicals until the mid-1950s. It was at that time that the country needed radio communications, so in 1958 a factory was opened to produce radios that conquered the Korean market.

Following the military coup in 1961, LHCI received state financial support and investment. It was at that time that the production of household appliances began, and in 1962, the supply of equipment for import began.

LG 49UM7300PTA 4K Ultra HD LED Tv Unboxing & Review | A Best 4K SMART LED Tv [Hindi]

In 1965, the company began to actively develop and occupied its niche in the market. The paramount task was the manufacture of new equipment: black and white televisions, air conditioners, washing machines and cassette players.

It is interesting! In 1977, the company released its first color TV.

In the 1980s, the company entered the international market, opening new production factories in other countries.

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By 2005, LG, with the support of Philips, had made tremendous strides in the electronics industry. During their collaboration, the first 20.1-inch LCD TV was released.

Which TV is better: Samsung or LG?

In the modern world, it is impossible to do without technology. TV has become a part of the life of almost every person. They watch movies and cartoons on it, run games on the console and even use it as interior decoration. In this article, we will try to figure out which TV is better: Samsung or LG, based on video quality, sound clarity, price category and many other indicators.

The matrix

Samsung and LG use different technologies that differ significantly from each other: the former uses VA, and the latter uses IPS. VA technology dramatically improves color saturation and picture quality, but at the same time significantly reduces the viewing angle of the screen. With IPS technology, everything is a little different: lower quality display of the picture, but wider viewing angle of the screen.

In the most expensive TVs, both companies use QLED technology, which allows the use of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which significantly increase contrast and color depth. In this matter, there are no significant differences between brand models.

A good TV must have not only a high-quality picture, but also a clear sound. Samsung’s latest TVs boast a new adaptive sound system. Artificial intelligence chooses sound settings by itself, depending on the size of the room, the type of sound reproduced and other factors. LG TVs do not have such advantages: they require an audio system. Samsung TVs are undoubtedly the best in sound.

3D support

The ability to support 3D images is called 3D technology. It is represented by both Samsung and LG. However, their technologies are still different. In the first system, the glasses are equipped with a special shutter, which is directly connected to the TV, changing the pictures so that they are displayed in the lenses in three dimensions. LG has simplified this system: their TV screens have a special coating that changes the image when viewed through glasses. Thanks to this technology, LG was able to lighten the weight of the glasses, but at the same time lost the quality of the three-dimensional image.

How to choose a TV?

You are faced with the choice of a new TV, but you find that technology has advanced a lot. To help you figure it out, we have collected on this page the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a TV.

You are faced with the choice of a new TV, but you find that technology has advanced a lot. To help you figure it out, we have collected on this page the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a TV.

Smart TV

“Smart” TV differs from the usual one in that it can be used to watch movies online without a computer, surf the Internet, play games. In addition, it plays video files and music from a flash card. over, Smart TVs work in tandem with smartphones: you can play video and music from a smartphone, as well as remotely control the TV.

In LG TVs, webOS is responsible for the Smart TV functions. a progressive operating system with an intuitive interface, which can be easily understood even for a viewer who is far from modern information technologies.

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Magic Remote

A smart TV requires a smart control system, and for LG Smart TV, this role is played by Magic Remote. This device can work not only as a regular remote control, but also as a wireless 3D mouse.

By moving the Magic Remote slightly in space, you can control video playback, web browsing, or online game actions. In addition, the Magic Remote has a built-in microphone that allows you to search for information on the network by voice.

TOP-25 rating of TVs in 2020-2021. An overview of the highest quality and most reliable models in different categories

Ultra-thin, functional and highly reliable. this is how a modern TV should be.

Manufacturers tirelessly develop high-tech gadgets, equipping them with large screens and powerful speakers for perfect sound.

Thanks to their work, it will not be difficult to find the best model for yourself, you just have to study the selection criteria and popular devices.

Samsung T32E310EX 31.5 ″ (2016)

A classic model with all the necessary options for comfortable viewing of your favorite TV shows.

A machine with several preset profiles that differ from each other in image parameters.

A feature of the device is the ability to simultaneously view different TV programs.

To do this, you just need to use the PIP function. by clicking on the button, the user can place the second picture in a small window.


  • screen diagonal. 31.5 ″;
  • format. 16: 9;
  • sound power. 20 W;
  • resolution. 1920 × 1080;
  • memory. 2 GB;
  • dimensions. 72.1×42.5×5.3 cm.
  • the presence of a headphone jack;
  • convenient fastening of the structure to the wall;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • progressive scan.
  • uninformative instruction;
  • uneven backlighting of the screen at the edges;
  • poor performance of the stand.

Samsung UE50NU7002U 50 ″ (2019)

4K capable device with advanced features for smooth operation.

Advanced model with Smart TV, latest speaker system and LED backlighting.

For comfortable operation, the manufacturer has supplemented the device with an automatic volume leveling function, thanks to which, when watching video files, the owner will be able to feel like in a movie theater.

If necessary, the structure can be placed on a bedside table or hung on the wall.


  • screen diagonal. 50 ″;
  • format. 16: 9;
  • sound power. 20 W;
  • resolution. 3840×2160;
  • memory. 4 GB;
  • dimensions. 112.3х65х7 cm.
  • stylish and modern design;
  • surround high-quality sound;
  • ultra-thin body;
  • intuitive interface;
  • low power consumption.
  • lack of a protection system against young children;
  • the inability to listen to audio through a wireless connection;
  • inconvenient remote control.


LG 49UM7300 49 ″ (2019)

Ultra-slim, attractive design for long-lasting performance in all conditions.

A mid-range model with an audio system that consists of front speakers and a stereo tuner.

The design of the device is laconic and elegant. Clear straight mowing lines, thin borders and deep black color. all this allows you to install the gadget in a room with any interior.


  • screen diagonal. 49 ″;
  • format. 16: 9;
  • sound power. 20 W;
  • resolution. 3840 × 2160;
  • memory. 8 GB;
  • dimensions. 111x65x8.1 cm.
  • wireless connection type of devices;
  • virtual reality function;
  • universal remote control;
  • the device is suitable for use in hotels;
  • sophisticated design.
  • increased power consumption;
  • slight heating of the case;
  • there is a risk of scratching the screen.