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Connecting the remote control via Bluetooth Instructions: Re-look Reduction of DVB-C, T2, ATV channels Instructions: Peer-look Updates of factory adjustments Instructions: Re-look Re-install software protection: Redesign

Provide instructions according to your system Android TV 6 HR-FR gray without bluetooth: Check out

Android TV 7 Pervinne nalashtuvannya: Look over

Android TV 9 Pervinne nalashtuvannya: Look over

Provide instructions according to your system

To fully use the advanced features of your Smart TV, you need to authorize the Google Play Store application.

How to authorize?

First you need to create a Google account on any device (smartphone, tablet, PC). It is most convenient to carry out this process directly on TV using a pointer remote control.

After creating a Google account, launch the Google Play Store application and enter your account in the proposed field

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Next, the application will ask you to enter a password

Read the terms of the privacy policy.

Next, read and accept the Google Play Store App Terms of Service

To install the app using the Google Play Store, enter it

On the right side of the screen you can see the applications available for installation, however, in order not to go through all of them, in search of the one you need, use the search. Press the cursor on the remote control “Up” and confirm “OK”. The search mode with a microphone will be automatically turned on (it will light up red), but since this function is not available in our TVs, for the pop-up keyboard to appear, just press “Right”, then enter the name of the application you are looking for.

After the application is found (in our example, it is OLL.TV) open it and install

When the installation is complete, check if it appears on the home screen under Applications. As we can see, the application was successfully installed.

First, find and download the installation file of the application you need to your PC. The file must have the APK extension, which is used by the Android OS. Transfer it to your flash drive and plug it into your TV. After connecting, TV will detect the flash drive and offer to open it. Agree.

Next, TV will open a window in which the flash drive (USB port) and the internal memory of the device will be defined. Select USB

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After selecting, TV will show you the contents of the flash drive. You need to find the installation file with your program (in our case, this is the Team Viewer QS application)

Then move the cursor to the file and press “OK” TV will offer to install the application

At the end of the installation process, you will receive an “Open” or “Finish” message. Select as needed.

Make sure the app is installed in the Apps section. To do this, return to the main menu by pressing “House” on the remote

As we can see, the application has been successfully installed. Enjoy your use!

Important: Please note that third-party applications that you install from a flash drive may not be compatible with the TV operating system and will not be installed. This is due to the fact that these applications were developed to work on other devices and are not adapted to work on TV.

You can only change your YouTube account by changing your Google Play account. To do this, you need to reset the TV to factory settings and, when re-authorizing in Google Play, indicate the account that you would like to see in the YouTube application.

Provide instructions according to your system

Observe instructions, depending on your model Android TV 6 Setting up digital cable TB (DVB-C): Take a look

Setting up digital terrestrial TB (DVB-T2): Take a look

Channel editing (digital and analog): Look

Android TV 7 Setting up digital cable TB (DVB-C): Take a look

Adjustment of digital terrestrial TB (DVB-T2): Take a look again Adjustment of analog TB: Take a look

Android TV 4 Instructions: Look at Android TV 6 Instructions: Look at Android TV 7 Instructions: Look at Android TV 9 Instructions: Look at

Take a look at the instructions, based on your Android TV model 4 Instructions: Re-look Android TV 6 Instructions: Re-look Android TV 7 Instructions: Re-look Android TV 9 Instructions: Re-look

Setting up your Kivi TV

Remote pointer Kivi

For the convenience of using the Smart functions of the Kiwi TV, you can use special pointers (may not be included with the TV set). To use the remote control, you first need to connect the radio module and insert the batteries.

Remote pointer Kivi AK86. it is a compact and convenient TV cursor control device that operates on a radio connection.
Also on the Kivi AK86 remote control there are buttons for on and off, program switching, volume control, video playback, menu control and selection confirmation, a Home button and a Mouse button.

Remote pointer with keyboard Kivi K1. it is a slim and convenient module with maximum functionality, which also works on a radio connection, has a built-in battery, backlit buttons and a QWERTY keyboard.
Also on the Kivi K1 remote control there are On / Off buttons, Volume up / down, Mute, Cursor activation, Browser, Navigation and Confirmation buttons, Home, Back, KIVI TV activation, Menu / Options, Back, Picture modes, Playback control. Backlight.

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On our website you can download the TV Remote
location and labeling of remote control buttons.

Very bright standby indicator

06/06/2020 Kivi 50730 Dnipro How to remove bright blue light from the TV in the lower left corner of the screen. The TV is in the bedroom and you have to unplug it every time.

Unfortunately, this indicator cannot be disabled.

Qiwi TV Channel Tuning

From the Digital or Analog TV menu, press the Options button to display the settings menu. Select the first item Channels to search and configure channels.
1.1 Antenna Type Press Left or Right to select External Antenna or Cable Connection.
1.2 Auto Tuning Press OK to go to the country selection menu. Select the search type: Analog \ Digital \ ATVCTV. Select the region of interest using the arrows and OK. After selecting the country, click OK to start the search.
1.3 Manual tuning of Digital TV Press OK to enter this menu and select the desired channel number, its parameters, to start the search by the specified parameters.
1.4 Manual setting of analog TV Navigate through the menu, adjusting the necessary sub-items using the arrow buttons, as well as adjusting the picture. At the bottom of the menu, click “Save” after finishing the adjustment.
1.5 Edit Channels Navigate through this menu to lock channels, add to favorites, change names, and more. Changes can be made with the colored buttons on the remote control. To change the order of channels, press the yellow button on the remote control on the channel and drag it to another position, then press the yellow button again. Use the green button to rename the channel.

Controlling your TV with the remote control

03/12/2020 Ivanovo Tell me how to connect the kivi rc 18 remote control to the Kivi 24HR50GU TV manually.

This remote control works via Bluetooth. Synchronization is required, which occurs when you first turn it on. You can repeat the first power-on mode by resetting to factory settings. It can also be manually connected via the settings menu.

22.22.2019 Kivi 24HR50GU Kryvyi Rih how to switch channels for example from 5 to 62
01/09/2020 Novosibirsk How to change the serial number of the Kivi 24HR50GU channel? For example, from 48 to 16
8.4.2019 Pavlograd How to find the menu of Kivi 24HR50GU channels for quick selection of channels after configuring them
40UR50GR How to quickly switch a channel for example from 5 to 123, except how to press one at a time, are there any other options? 06/03/2018, Mariupol.
4.18.2019 Kivi 32FK30G Moscow how to immediately dial a channel (for example 45)

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On your remote control, you need to use the Aspect button (bottom left) on the remote control to call the “quick menu” mode. Using the navigation keys and the selection key, select the item: “Switch to channel number”.

02/09/2020, Chernomorsk 32HK30G Khabarovsk Please tell me which remote control with the mouse function is suitable for the Smart set-top box. 02/09/2020, Chernomorsk
Is it possible to replace the supplied remote control with a remote control with numbers and Qwerty. 12/18/2018, Losino-Petrovsky

Kiwi TVs are compatible with standard remote controls with Bluetooth or infrared control (depending on the model). You can also use your smartphone as a remote control. You need to download the Kivi Remote app from the Play Market or App Store and follow the steps to install it. For correct operation, the smartphone and TV must be connected to the same home network.
There are no special requirements for Smart set-top boxes, the TV is connected via HDMI or AV port to the set-top box and works as a simple monitor.

When is it worth updating the software

9.25.2019 Aikhal 40FK30g Digital channels get confused, tuned up and after a while disappear.
5/9/2019 Borovaya 32FP50GU The TV turns on, the screen shows the launch of the Android OS, and then the screen goes off abruptly and it turns off
10.4.2019 Ufa 55UC30G Videos periodically freeze on YouTube. You have to disconnect only through the outlet.

Kivi TV Firmware Update

Updating the software firmware is a procedure prior to contacting the service center. The TV started to junk, some functions disappeared, the control changed, etc a reason to update the software. The new firmware should be taken from the manufacturer’s official website for the TV of your brand and your serial number.

If flashing the device fails, try to take another flash drive, or insert it into another USB port.
If nothing can be done, or the update procedure went well, but the problems persist. contact an authorized service center.