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How to find the trash bin on Android phone

In other devices with Android: tablets, phones, watches, TVs, especially with a “clean” mobile system, the basket is not provided. Although we see it when deleting files from the desktop or main menu, just like on Samsung. When you hold the icons, it appears at the top of the screen. And to remove a shortcut, we need to move it to the small trash that appears. But with such removal of applications, their files are erased forever. Without the ability to restore them from any partition or folder.

By the way, you can find any of the files of your mobile device or TV with Android in the file manager. This application is in the main menu, which is called “File Manager” or “File Manager”. It contains all the folders with files that are available to us. To access the system partitions, you need to get Root rights or superuser rights.

Even if the Android OS does not provide a place from which to delete data, it is possible to get the trash bin using third-party applications. Google Play allows us to expand the capabilities of our mobile devices. You can use the trash bin for Android. Dumpster. It’s completely free. And it gives us the opportunity to get almost the same application for a Samsung smartphone as the “Recycle Bin” in the Windows operating system.

Application Features: Explanation:
Saving data. All deleted data can be saved in the phone.
File protection. Image protection function by locking the screen.
Data recovery It is possible to recover any deleted images, videos, files.
Cleaning. Automatic cleaning function.
Support for different languages. The app is free and available in 14 popular languages.

In addition, the program provides free space for storing deleted data in the cloud. This means that we no longer need to store deleted files on our device. Configure the application accordingly so that the files are transferred directly to the remote server. To do this, you will need to create an account on the Dumpster network.

How to Open Trash on Samsung Galaxy

To open storage for deleted media files:

    Then click on the three dots at the top of the screen;

You can delete them completely from the device or restore them. To do this, click on a file or several files and select one of the two buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The shopping cart on Samsung Galaxy devices is located only in the gallery. There is no separate similar system application in mobile devices.

The Samsung A50 mobile device does not have a special shell. The smartphone, like other models, has an Android system, slightly decorated with proprietary firmware. The question about the trash can arises because when deleting files, the system prompts us to click on the “Move to trash?” “Or” Add to cart? ” Instead of all the usual “Delete”. But where is the same folder. most users do not know.

Contrary to the common misconception that the Recycle Bin does not exist in Android devices, we can say the opposite, the A50 does. This is a separate place where the deleted user files are moved. Besides big apps and games.

To find storage on Samsung:

    If you have deleted an image or video, then the trash can be found in the gallery. Go to it, and click on the three dots located at the top of the window;

This is done so that the user can quickly restore them in the event of an erroneous deletion of data. And this feature is very much in demand. You can also delete files in the recycle bin right away. To do this, select the file with tapom and click the “Delete” button below. This function is necessary to remove confidential, personal user data from Samsung, which should not fall into the hands of anyone.

Other apps for storing deleted files on your phone in the Play Market

Dumpster is not the only program that gives us the opportunity to use full-fledged storage on Android smartphones.

Cart in the gallery

  • Enter the gallery.
  • Click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the window.
  • In the submenu that appears, click on the line “Cart”.

Then a window appears with a list of files and a warning that the information is saved in the basket for 15 days, after which it is automatically erased from the phone’s memory forever. But during this period there is still an opportunity for its restoration.

Note! After successful extraction from the basket, the corresponding message “Image restored” will appear.

To restore the data or delete it permanently, you need to click on the file of interest. After that, you will be prompted to make a choice: restore the file (in the form of a round reverse arrow) or delete (the image of a trash can). The photo will appear in the same place.

The trash can in the gallery can be turned off, but it is recommended not to. When starting to clean your phone, it is better to check right away if it is activated or not. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Enter the gallery.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper corner of the screen.
  • In the drop-down submenu, select the line “Settings”.
  • Opposite the line “Trash” (storing images and videos in the trash for 15 days before final deletion) move the video to an active state.

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Now the data will be moved to temporary storage with the possibility of its return.

Despite the fact that Android phones do not provide for the presence of such a folder, it is still present in some phone models and insures against the loss of important files.

Important! The good news is that it is not necessary to use Google (the main companion of Android), you can use the virtual basket of any other Internet company.


Yandex Disk is another popular cloud storage. On phones with Android platforms, the application is not installed, and you will have to do it yourself using the Play Market services.

The application interface is simple and user-friendly, it allows you to move, rename, copy, clear information, as well as share it on social networks or with other users. In addition, Yandex.Disk contains a shopping cart.

Note! To move an unnecessary file to the trash can, you just need to tap it, click on the three dots at the top of the screen and select the “Delete” function. Files in this folder are kept for 30 days.

If you go into it, you can easily restore data or delete it permanently. To do this, you just need to click on the image in the window that appears, which contains a proposal to delete or restore the information, and select the required one. Everything is extremely simple.

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“ES Explorer”

ES Explorer (EStrongs File Explorer) is one of the most advanced file managers with very powerful features:

  • delete and move files;
  • erase residual files from applications that have already been removed;
  • compress and archive files;
  • manage phone data via Bluetooth;
  • and many more interesting options.

To find the basket in “ES Explorer”, you need to go to the application, click on the three strips in the upper left corner and in the drop-down menu find the line of the same name.

The application not only stores data, but gives a chance to restore it.

Google drive

Google Drive is one of the cloud storage solutions. On each Android, the developers have provided a built-in Google Drive or Google Drive application.

Note! When creating a Google account, the system offers to use its cloud services. If you have an application and a Google account, you can easily use them, especially since up to 15 GB is allocated for storage completely free of charge.

In order for the file to remain in the Google Drive trash, you first need to upload it to the cloud. To do this, you should:

  • Sign in to the Google Drive app.
  • Click on the plus sign in the lower right corner.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Download”, after which a list of recently used files will open. It can be photo, music, voice recorder and other information.
  • If the required file is not in the list, you should click on the three strips in the upper left corner of the screen and from the new list of applications select the path that contains the required data.
  • Select a file and just click on it, it will instantly be uploaded to the “My Google Drive” folder.

Shopping Cart (MVVM). Adding Products to Cart

  • Go to the application.
  • Select an already unnecessary file by tapping it.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the “Delete” line, after which a warning message “Move to trash?” Will appear. After consenting to deletion, the file is moved to the cloud trash.

With the data contained in the shopping cart, you can do the following:

  • reestablish;
  • delete permanently;
  • view file information, properties and history.

As you can see, using the Google Drive application is easy and convenient, the phone memory is saved, and the necessary folders will not disappear without a trace.

How to Find Trash on Android Samsung, Huawei, Honor and Other Smartphones

For your information! This option is present in smartphones Samsung, Huawei, Honor, LG, some Xiaomi and other models, but not everything that is deleted is included in it. Exceptions are games and files with a large volume. You can find the basket and the data contained in it in the “Gallery” section.


Dumpster is offered for download in the Play Market for free. This program is capable of storing and restoring:

  • photos of any format and with any extension erased from the phone’s internal memory or memory card;
  • video;
  • music of any format;
  • zipped files;
  • text files deleted from android.

Also in Dumpster you can view the contents of the cart.

Important! Contacts and SMS messages, this application is not yet able to save and, accordingly, restore, but even without this the range of possibilities is quite wide.

There are no expiration dates in the application. The data will be saved until the user himself decides to clean the memory and get rid of them completely.

How to empty trash on Android manually

  • Go to the corresponding application storing the deleted data.
  • Select an unnecessary file.
  • In the window that appears, select the delete permanently function.

Also, if the technical characteristics of the application installed on the smartphone allow, you can put a checkmark in front of all the files stored in the folder for deletion, and erase them at the same time, or click on the “Empty Trash” button

Dumpster app

This application allows you to get a shopping cart on your mobile device. After downloading, installing and activating the program, all file formats selected in the settings will be placed in a special folder after uninstallation, and not completely erased from the internal or external storage. The main features of the utility include:

  • easy transfer of deleted documents to the Android trash;
  • instant file recovery to the device memory;
  • automatic cleaning of the selected directory after a specified period of time;
  • uploading recycle bin files to cloud storage to save disk space on your smartphone (available only with a paid version);
  • password protection for previewing erased photos;
  • multilingualism.

You can install the application in the usual way through the Play Market.

Add a basket to Android and tell you how to empty it. the best app

It should be said right away that the basket function is not implemented by standard means in the Android operating system. Until recently, it was not in Apple products either, but due to numerous requests from users, the option was nevertheless added.

There is no doubt about the need to have a basket on your mobile phone, because it is thanks to it that the threat of accidental deletion of an important photo, video or document is eliminated.

Having a similar function on your smartphone, you do not have to use special programs that recover erased files. Their use is associated with a number of inconveniences, moreover, there is no guarantee that all the necessary data will be returned.

Using and configuring Dumpster

Immediately after starting, the program will offer to go through a brief instruction on the functionality. The whole point is that the files are placed in the allocated disk space and displayed in the Dumpster interface.

On the main screen, you can choose which file types to display in the recovery list. Also here you can set their sorting by date of addition, size, type and name. The side menu contains the following items:

    Improve. leads to the purchase page of the paid version.

Empty Dumpster. this option allows you to permanently delete all files stored in the recycle bin or move them to the cloud to save memory space. The latter option is only available to Premium Members. Also, opposite the line, the amount of disk space occupied by deleted documents is displayed.

Settings. opens the program options. This section contains the following items:

    1. Trash settings. provides a choice of file types that should be placed in the trash before completely deleting them.

By default, all items are activated: images, video, audio, documents, others (archives, APK, php, etc.)

  • 2. Cloud storage. opens a window with settings for synchronization with a remote server.
  • 3. Auto cleaning. In the pop-up window, you can set how long items will remain in Dumpster before being completely removed. By default, the option is disabled, but you can set a period of 1 week, 1 or 3 months.
  • 4. Screen lock is a paid feature that protects documents from viewing by unauthorized users.
  • 5. Notifications. sets the display of messages in the status bar after deleting a file.
  • 6. Language. selection of the program language.
  • Themes. here you can set the appearance of the application. 4 color options available for free.
  • How to empty trash on Android?

    The cleaning of items stored in Dumpster is performed according to the following scheme:

    • Find the required file.
    • Press and hold until a special menu appears, in which you can select multiple files. You can mark all documents using the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, which displays the number of selected items.
    • Click on the trash can icon. It will be completely deleted without the possibility of further recovery.
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    A complete trash can also be emptied from the Empty Dumpster sidebar. In it, you should mark the line “Delete all” and click the “Empty” button.

    The first option, how to empty the trash on Android, provides selective deletion, the second one implies a complete emptying.

    Returning the files back to the gallery of the mobile device will work in the same way, only at the third stage you need to click on the curly arrow located next to the bucket icon.

    The presented material gives an idea of ​​how to find a basket on Android, or rather, install it using a special application. The functionality of this tool almost completely copies that used in Windows, so there should be no problems when using it. When emptying the Recycle Bin, keep in mind that no further file recovery will be possible.

    How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

    To restore images, photos erased from the gallery on the phone or SD card of any device, special programs are required, we have described them in this section. However, Android data recovery methods are applicable not only to photos, but also help to recover files to Android, Word documents and other content. We have tried to list recovery methods, the best programs for these purposes and step-by-step guides, respectively, for the described applications.

    How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Smartphone, Phone, Android Tablet

    There are tools that can help you find deleted files on Android: applications, pictures, PDF documents, and other miscellaneous information. But you should always try to prevent loss! Be careful to regularly back up your apps, games, contacts, messages, calls, settings, bookmarks, calendar entries and so on.

    I faced a harsh reality just yesterday, when, in a fit of emotion, wanting to free up a small amount of memory on one of my disks, I deleted a folder with 5 GB of data: images, applications. This catalog contained all the valuables that I have collected over the years and used on a daily basis. As you know, all documents less than one gigabyte are sent to the Trash, but if you destroy a large file, it is erased at that very moment, you select “Yes” in the Windows system dialog. When I found out that 5 GB had been permanently removed, I was completely desperate.

    Download a program to recover multimedia and other types of files deleted on a smartphone or tablet. Recuva. The instruction to the program is attached.

    Run this recovery application as administrator on your PC. Insert the memory card into the card reader and connect it to the computer. Refresh the window to see the memory card disk and the data on it. Highlight it and click on the “Start” button to scan. Select images, thumbnails and click “Recover” button to search deleted files on Android OS.

    How to Recover Lost Data on Android: Pictures, Music, APK Apps on Phone? For example, Dumpster. an app that works like a Recycle Bin only for an Android device. The main feature of the Dumpster program and its difference from monotonous counterparts. search for deleted files is carried out in the internal memory of the mobile device.

    Recovering deleted files on your hard drive

    Apparently, each of us faced a problem when, after a while, we scratch our heads: damn, the information is gone forever! However, it is not always clear under what circumstances the deletion occurred.

    But the point is not how and when it happened, but how you can get back, restore deleted files. You need to warn you in advance that the main thing. do everything on the “cold hand”, without panic and unnecessary haste.

    So, if you are facing this most common problem. you should go to the “Recovering Deleted Files” section in the menu, where we consider the tools and methods for searching, scanning, analyzing information on the HDD. If you want a versatile program, try this one:

    Recover deleted photos

    If files have been deleted on your phone’s memory card or SD card, the excellent DiskDigger utility will help you. In this video tutorial, I show you how to use this application.

    DiskDigger allows you to search for files without root access. The tool mainly specializes in image recovery, although other types of data are also supported.

    How to recover deleted files in Windows OS and on a memory card

    To search on your computer is your first appointment. Cart: The information you need may still be there. If so, then there is only one option. select the command to recover lost or deleted files.

    If that doesn’t work, try going back to the folder. Right click on this folder and select “Restore Previous Version”. This method will only work if you have erased one or more items or subfolders within the directory. But if you deleted a 1GB folder, you should try the following method to get it back.

    So the first step. make sure you don‘t save or download anything else. It is likely that the “culprit” is still hidden somewhere deep within that hard drive. The program for recovering files deleted accidentally, which I used, is called Restoration.

    All there is to it. this is to launch the application to recover files deleted by accident, then select the disk where the data was located, the deleted item and enter its / their name (or directory).

    If you are using external Micro SD cards on your phone or tablet and want to recover deleted files on Android (as an example), please follow the steps below. Turn off the device and remove the SD card. Now insert the card into the card reader slot. Just plug it into your computer. Expand the list of programs and select the drive that shows your memory card. Then follow the instructions above.

    Frequently asked Questions

    Samsung phone, accidentally deleted the photo folder from the camera in the gallery. Installed the Dr Fone program. When connecting, the Superuser Request does not appear. What to do in this case?

    There may be 2 reasons: either your phone has already granted access rights to the application (however, this is hardly possible in automatic mode), or the Dr Fone application simply cannot detect the phone or does not respond to the connection to the PC.

    You should install USB drivers for your mobile device (this is the most important tip) and also use the latest version of Dr Fone available from Wondershare website.

    The video folder is missing. Filmed with a tablet camera. All recovery applications are incomprehensible. What is simple and easy to understand?

    Have you saved files to your phone memory card or internal memory? In the first case, any program can help restore files to Android, including the well-known Wondershare dr Fone for Android and CardRecovery applications, as well as Recuva.

    It is less likely that the video captured with the camera was saved in the internal memory of the Android mobile device. The Undeleter mobile application will do to find Android data and disappeared files.

    I decided to hide the photo. I entered the password. They could not be deciphered in reverse. And when you click on “encrypt”, they disappeared to no one knows where. How can I make sure that they are NOT?

    In principle, what you have described is impossible. Something is missing in the description. The fact is that after encryption, all folders remain in place and are available on the same device where the encryption was performed. If the folder disappeared, then it happened, most likely by accident by your own mistake. Try to find files in the phone memory manually, using any manager, in the search by setting the condition: only image files.

    I can’t find the “Trash” on my smartphone. How can I restore Android without it?

    By default, Android does not have a staging area that stores files marked as deleted. However, you can install a third-party Android app called Dumpster. it adds the exact Trash you need to your phone.

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    Tried to free up space, but instead deleted the photo on the internal external memory. Can data be recovered? They are very much needed!

    The problem is standard. In this regard, we cannot suggest anything new. read the instructions on our website. You have not specified where the files were deleted. in the internal memory of the phone or on the SD card. Depending on this, various techniques are used.

    As for the programs for recovery in Russian. contact Recuva. This program is simple and easy to understand for a beginner.


    Dropbox. it is a free cloud application that helps us to back up and manage our data at the same time. Since the free version only supports 2GB of space, it’s a good idea to clean up junk files from time to time in the Dropbox Android app

      Open the Dropbox app and from its home folder go to the Trash folder. Just click the trash can icon in the toolbar.

  • This will open a list of all deleted data in Dropbox. Select the files and folders you want to get rid of from the Trash folder and click the delete button again.
  • At the end, just confirm your choice and wait a little while the selected files are deleted.
  • 1.Google Photos

    Google Photos. it is a proprietary application developed by Google for Android devices. With it, you can backup and manage your photos in a variety of ways. When we delete something from Google Photos, it is moved to the Trash folder. If you want to get rid of these deleted images, you need to visit its trash bin in Android.

    • First, launch the Google Photos app on your device and navigate to its options by clicking the hamburger icon at the top.
    • In the list of available folders, click on the “Trash” option. This will display all deleted images in Google Photos.
    • Select the photos you want to get rid of permanently and click the trash can / delete icon to delete them.

    Controlling Downloaded Music

    Music can be a lifesaver for your device and chances are that you’ve downloaded a lot of songs. If you want to free up space on Android, try visiting the Music app on your phone and checking your playlist. From here, you can simply erase the songs you no longer need. Also, if you are using a music streaming app such as Spotify or Google Music, try not to save songs offline, as this will build up more storage space on your device.

    How to empty trash on Samsung Android

    Where to download Dumpster for Android

    The Dumpster app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. The link leads to Google Play, where the full free version of the Dumpster app is available.

    The latest version of the Dumpster application was released on December 14, 2017, the number of downloads reached 10,000,000, which clearly indicates the demand for the Trash on Android.

    Dumpster is installed on a smartphone as a regular application and can work without root. At the same time, activated Root access will allow you to use the Trash on your phone more efficiently.

    You can check the Enable root access checkbox by granting superuser rights on the next screen. If you don’t have ROOT rights, it’s time to get them.

    How to empty Android Trash with Dumpster

    If you want to manually delete all Dumpster. Empty Trash, open the application menu (in the form of three dots) and select Delete All. This will empty the contents of the Dumpster Recycle Bin. Be careful: by emptying the Trash, you will destroy all data placed in the Trash on your phone!

    Note. This feature is available through a subscription (2.9 / month). You can store up to 20 GB of files in the cloud. Along with this feature, you disable ads in the Dumpster app.

    Deleting and restoring files from the Trash

    As soon as you delete a file on your smartphone or tablet, it is moved to storage in Dumpster. The files are available on the main page of the application. For convenience, you can use a filter (drop-down menu with a list of file types). Also sorted by date, size, type and name.

    If you click on any file and select Restore, your files will be restored from the Recycle Bin back to Android, to their original folder, as if nothing had happened. Batch file selection is also available. Tap on one file and tap on other items to select them.

    Configuring the Auto Empty Recycle Bin

    The auto-cleaning function helps keep your Android smartphone / tablet clean and tidy. At the same time, you will be insured against the sudden deletion of files: nothing will happen to them and you can restore them in an emergency.

    In the sidebar, select the Autovacuum section. Here you can configure the interval when Dumpster will empty the Recycle Bin of files. The maximum retention period is 3 months, but you can also manually clean files on Android.

    Dumpster mobile app

    But there is a great way to fix this flaw. The Dumpster mobile application is a complete analogue of the Recycle Bin. After installing Dumpster, you can safely delete files, empty the Trash of unnecessary files as it fills, store deleted files in the cloud, and much more.

    The main features of the Dumpster app:

    • Recover deleted photos, videos, music (all possible media formats are supported), other formats
    • You do not need superuser rights to install the Trash on Android
    • Recover Deleted Android Apps
    • Preview (preview) photos before restoring them to their original place
    • File protection with a blocker
    • Storing deleted files in the cloud
    • Auto-emptying feature: After a specified time, the Android Trash is emptied automatically

    Note. By the way, Apple developers have implemented the Recycle Bin on iOS devices, making concessions to numerous users; they experienced understandable inconveniences in the absence of a mobile analogue of Recycle Bin. So, there is a separate Trash for applications like Mail and Photo.

    Selecting files to store in the Trash

    In the settings of the Dumpster Recycle Bin, you must specify the types of files that need to be taken under control: Photo, Video, Music, Applications, etc. files.

    By default, all the boxes are checked, so immediately uncheck the boxes next to those types that you do not need to store in the Trash on Android.

    After that, the program will scan the memory card and the device to add to its database all files that can move to the Trash. Give the application time to complete this procedure.

    Where is Trash on Android

    The shopping cart on a computer works like this. For example, you delete files and folders by pressing the Del key or choosing Delete from the context menu. The data you kind of

    erase, in fact they are not deleted, but moved to another area of ​​the physical disk. If there is not enough space, it is easy to empty the Trash. If you do not do this, the files can be restored within a month or more, depending on the settings and the size of the Recycle Bin specified by the user.

    Where is Trash in Android OS? Unfortunately, the phone does not have a Recycle Bin. at least by default. Respectively. If you deleted files, then you can restore them only with the help of special programs, and even then not always.