Is it possible to turn on the TV through the phone

Instructions for connecting YouTube to your TV in all ways

Now there are many methods on how to connect YouTube to a TV, so we put this topic in a separate article.

Let’s consider these methods as briefly as possible, figure out how they work, and answer the most popular questions …………

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Methods to do it

Agree that it is not always convenient to watch a video on a mobile phone or tablet, but I would like to transfer the picture to the TV in a few clicks and enjoy playback in high quality.

This is possible even though you want to connect YouTube to a Samsung or LG TV that does not have Smart features.

There are a huge number of TVs on the market, some of which already have built-in functionality, while others do not

For example, the easiest way to play videos on modern news with built-in Wi-Fi, which will allow just a few clicks to view the video.

In turn, if you have a regular TV, then first of all, you have to connect an additional gadget in the form of an Android set-top box, Xbox and more.

The main ways to connect YouTube to a TV via Wi-Fi:

  • Playback via computer, phone or tablet ← The essence of the method is that the TV and the device from which the picture is sent are on the same network. If necessary, you click on a special icon in the application and transfer the picture to the screen. this is one of the simplest methods.
  • Play via app ← Many LG and Samsung TVs can connect to YouTube by installing a dedicated app. In this case, you search and view videos through the functionality of the application.
  • Open the service in a browser ← This method is relevant for TVs that have Smart-functions and access to the network. You just go to and watch your favorite videos.

Below we are in fact a few of the main ways to connect YouTube to your TV through your phone, tablet, computer and other devices.

We connect a phone or computer with TV

So, as we already said, the easiest way is to transfer a picture from a phone or tablet directly to a TV.

→ This feature is only available for Chromecast-enabled devices.

Also, alternatively, you can use TVs with:

  • Android support
  • with connected consoles Xbox, Playstation, etc.

The main condition in order to connect a laptop or phone to a TV to watch YouTube is that both devices must be in the same Wi-Fi network.

As a rule, synchronization occurs automatically, but sometimes you need to make settings manually:

  • We go to the YouTube application on the TV and go to “Settings”;
  • After that, select the item “Connect to phone”;
  • A blue code appears at the bottom of the page, which must be entered on the phone.

→ To do this, you must go to the YouTube app settings on your tablet or phone

→ Then “Setting up the connection manually” and enter the appropriate code.

That’s all If something you can watch the video instruction

In a similar way, you can connect iPhone to any Smart-TV.

Guys, how do you like this. do not miss it

Through the app

This is a popular method if you are the owner of a smart novelty from Samsung and so on. the whole procedure is performed through a special application from YouTube (usually installed on most models).

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In this case, everything is simple. you need to go to the application, search and watch the video.

The situation is much more complicated if your TV does not have Wi-Fi or does not have Smart functions at all.

→ In this case, the best option is to use an additional gadget. which will make TV more functional. One of these gadgets is an Android set-top box.

Connect it to your TV, download the YouTube app from PlayMarket and enjoy watching your favorite videos.

The functions are controlled using a special remote control, and in this case, YouTube specialists also tried, because the application is ideally adapted for TV.

Thus, we have covered the main issues related to connecting YouTube to any TV.

Onezap remote

Another very practical, and most importantly inexpensive application for remote control of television equipment. The software database contains over 250 integrated devices: Samsung, Sony, LG, Bose, Pioneer and others.

Users will be able to use the already pre-installed menu or create it from scratch. At the same time, they will be able to choose even the color design of the interface, the size and shape of the keys. When a DVD player is connected to the TV, the option appears to create a separate key or set of keys to control multiple devices.

The capabilities of modern TVs are simply amazing, while manufacturers are constantly surprising the consumer with something new. One thing remains unchanged. this is the control panel, which can break or get lost. At such a moment, many have the question of how to control the TV from the phone. Oddly enough, such a possibility exists, but for this you must have a TV with Smart TV functionality, as well as a modern smartphone. It remains only to figure out the settings and the necessary software.

TV Side View

Sony also presented its software. All keys and working icons look nice, are conveniently located, so operating the TV is quite simple. Immediately after launch, the application independently finds TV and synchronizes.

In general, in terms of functionality, the utility is completely identical to the previous versions. However, there is a zest. this is the ability to type text, watch the current TV program, voice control.

How does the phone connect to the TV

Let’s start by looking at how to control a TV from a smartphone via an infrared port. The connection is extremely simple. Install the required application on your smartphone. We deploy it as a transmitter to TV. As soon as the devices find each other, synchronization will take place. After that, you can use your smartphone as a remote control.

Important! The connection method described above is only suitable for smartphones with an infrared port. If you have a regular phone, use the instructions below.

Connecting via the Internet is a little more complicated. Pairing can be done in two ways:

  • Directly. To do this, both devices must support Wi-Fi Direct technology. It is quite common, it is supported by almost all modern mobile and TV;
  • Through a router. In this case, you will need to synchronize via network connections, having previously installed the desired application.

Immediately after making the settings, you will be able to use the basic functions. Subsequently, the work of any application can be fully customized for yourself.

Apps from manufacturers

Popular TV manufacturers have developed a special application that allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control. If we compare them with the universal ones, then they stand out for their advanced functionality. Given the variety of modern TV and available utilities, consider the most popular options in more detail.

Universal Applications

You can also control any TV from your Android phone using other utilities. It is quite possible that branded programs do not suit you according to certain criteria. In this case, you can use the universal option. Let’s highlight some of the most popular.

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How to control an old TV from a tablet (smartphone)

A rather interesting solution was offered by Xiaomi, known in the gadget market as an organization that produces inexpensive, but high-quality smartphones with high performance and additional “chips”.

Through the built-in infrared port, Xiaomi smartphones have the ability to control old television devices that do not have Wi-Fi. This control method applies to air conditioners, projectors and other equipment. If you are the owner of a TV without Smart TV support, you can purchase a Xiaomi cell phone and control the device via infrared.

If we consider the features of connecting a phone to a TV, there are no difficult points in the software issue. Perhaps you thought that you have to connect the TV to the PC, thereby activating the program. Everything is much simpler. You will need to download the application to your mobile device, depending on the operating system, then connect your smartphone and TV, make adjustments to their work and that’s it.

The first step is to find the official applications for the correct operation of the television device. When buying a model from the LG brand, you will need to familiarize yourself with the company’s website. If the company is no less well-known, then you need to find universal software. Most often, such applications contain the phrases Remote Control or Remote TV. For example, consider the following applications:

When the user does not want to depend on the wireless Internet, plus he also bought a cell phone from Xiaomi with an infrared port, it may not be necessary to perform additional steps. The official Mi Remote app must be present on the mobile phone. The program is quite simple and easy to use.

You can proceed to the study of applications that, in force majeure situations, can easily perform the functions of a real TV remote control after installation on the phone.

LG TV Remote

The South Korean brand again rose to the occasion, created a high-quality program with advanced features. Controlling your LG TV from your mobile phone is extremely simple and straightforward.

To sync with TV, we activate scanning, the application will immediately find the desired device. As soon as the connection is stable, two screens will open on which buttons for controlling the TV are located. The software works without glitches and glitches, and the distance does not matter. By the way, similar software works stably on the iPhone.

  • First screen. Basic or large keys. volume control and switching TV channels. Small buttons. allow you to open the desired channel, view available applications, list of broadcasts and much more.
  • Second screen. Used to work with selected applications. However, most of all it will appeal to game lovers, since the controller mode is available.

The application has only one drawback. there is no key that allows you to completely turn off the TV.

Smart IR remote

It attracts users with a user-friendly interface and constant updates. Application developers improve their product, making it more functional and efficient. A definite plus is a huge database of supported devices.

How to connect your phone to your TV to watch videos and listen to music from the “big screen”?

In one of the previous articles, we told, how to display an image from a phone to a TV and examined in detail the WI-FI settings for Sony, Samsung and LG TVs.

Here we will talk about how to connect a phone (smartphone / tablet) to a TV to transfer images and watch video files in good quality.

It should be noted right away that all functions are tied to the technical capabilities of the device: you should not impose equivalent requirements on modern flagships and devices that are currently technically outdated.

So, now directly about the methods of connecting and making settings for broadcasting video from the phone to the TV.

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How to connect a phone to a TV via WI-FI?

  • 1. You can use Wi-Fi Direct to watch movies from your phone on your TV. The capabilities of this technology apply to:
  • – transfer of multimedia files between devices and their playback;
  • – broadcasting images from the phone screen to the TV using the “Miracast” technology.

However, the synchronization of the phone with the TV via Wi-Fi is possible only if both devices support the Wi-Fi Direct technology: if the devices are equipped with this function, you can go directly to setting up the connection.

So, to display a picture from a phone on a TV, you should:

AND). Connect to TV by manually entering the wireless network name and password:

  • – on the TV, go to the “Settings” tab. “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  • – then “Option” or “Parametrs” (depending on the TV model). “Manually”;
  • – specify the name and password for the network being created (for safety reasons, it is better to write down this data);
  • – in the smartphone settings, go to the “WI-FI” section, in the search, find the wireless network created at the previous stage and connect to it by entering a password (security key).

B). Alternatively, connect your phone using automatic setup using WPS technology:

  • – in the same way, go to the “Wi-Fi Direct” settings on the TV;
  • – in the subsection “Parametrs” select a network, click “WPS” and wait for synchronization between devices.

This connection is quick, simple and takes a minimum of time. But what to do if the “magic” function “Wi-Fi Direct” is not provided?

How to connect your phone to a TV via USB?

This option is more interesting because:

  • – power is supplied to the phone via the same cable, which avoids the battery discharge at the climax of an interesting movie (and this problem is very relevant, since when watching video files it is easy to forget about the device’s charge level);
  • – allows you to receive control signals from the remote control.

It is also worth paying attention to the competitor of the MHL standard. Slimport, which has become widely used in LG and Nexus gadgets.

The cable for such a connection remains the same. “microUSB. HDMI”.

How to connect your phone to a TV via HDMI?

It is logical that for such a connection a “HDMI” cable is used. this is a standard connector for a TV (while for a smartphone there are “micro” or “mini” connectors).

Depending on the technical capabilities of the device, installation of third-party software may be required.

To transfer the image, you only need to connect the devices with the above cable and select the appropriate “HDMI 1” or “HDMI 2” mode on the TV (in accordance with the connector to which the cable was connected).

Other ways to watch a movie from your phone on your TV

Connection is reduced to a simple connection of devices through the appropriate connectors: on a smartphone it is “Lightning”, on a TV. “HDMI”.

  • 5. Some manufacturers of TVs and smartphones are equipped with proprietary synchronization technologies: this is “Samsung” with its “AllShare” or “LG” with “Smart Share”.

Setting up a connection usually comes down to minimal steps on your part:

  • – registration of an account and a file-sharing resource;
  • – and, in fact, moving files to a kind of file sharing.

Thus, connecting a TV to a phone usually comes down to an elementary connection of devices with a cable and a few manipulations in the settings using the remote control.

However, at the present time, wireless connection is more relevant, which moves the outdated cable connection “to the long-term plan”, therefore, with an eye to the future, it is worth paying attention to modern wireless standards.