Is It Possible To Install A Browser On A TV

Mozilla Firefox

This browser is also very popular with consumers. Mozilla Firefox is equipped with great quality extensions that are unique in nature. In addition, the program supports a wide variety of formats.

Is It Possible To Install A Browser On A TV

How to install and configure?

After you have chosen the browser that suits you, you need to start installing and configuring it. This process is quite easy, as the developers create the most detailed instructions for the convenience of users. In addition, on your own and without the involvement of specialists, you can solve any problems (for example, when the browser crashes, does not work or shows other malfunctions).

So, first you need to go to the section for installing available applications (usually this can be done using the remote control or control panel, which is located on the outer case of your device). Here you will see the browsers available for download. Check out all the options and choose the one that suits you best.

Then you need to click on the install button and wait until this process is completely completed.

When the installation is complete, you can customize the application to suit all your needs and desires. So, you can choose a theme and color appearance, set a home page, add some sites to bookmarks, etc. Thus, you can personalize the program as much as possible.

Popular browsers

Choosing the right browser for your Smart TV is a difficult and demanding task. The thing is that today there are a huge number of very different browsers. So, experts identify the best programs for Android TV or for the Windows operating system. Today in our article we will look at the most popular and demanded browsers among consumers.

UC Browser

This browser is less popular than the options described above. But at the same time, the program has an extended set of functions that will attract even the most sophisticated users. UC Browser is able to effectively compress traffic, and also has a convenient panel for quick launch.

Google chrome

If your TV was made by LG, then the Google Chrome browser is definitely your choice. In addition, this program is the most popular not only in our country, but all over the world. The browser is distinguished by a high level of performance, a pleasant external design, a large number of extensions for every taste and for any needs.

How to choose?

When choosing a browser, you need to be as careful and attentive as possible, and you should also rely on some key factors.

So, first of all, you need to install only a browser that will work well with your TV model. To do this, carefully read the operating instructions that come standard with the TV. For some manufacturing companies there are more suitable programs.

If you already use the browser on your smartphone or computer, then install it on your TV too. Thus, you can synchronize the software and conveniently use it on all devices at the same time.

Choosing and installing a browser for Smart TV

In order for a TV with the Smart TV function to fully perform all its functions, you need to install a browser on it. At the same time, many users face difficulties when choosing a specific program. Today in our article we will talk about how to choose, install, configure and update the browser on Smart TV correctly.


This browser is most often preferred by owners of Samsung TVs.

If your TV runs on Android TV, then Opera Mini is the version for you. This program will protect you from unwanted advertisements, viruses and spam.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is perfect for social media fans. With this program you can create PDF files from any page on the network.

Thus, today the market is full of a wide variety of browsers that meet all the needs of modern consumers. Everyone will be able to choose a suitable program for themselves.

The web browser cannot connect to the internet

In situations where the browser cannot connect to the Internet, you should:

  • open the browser and go to the program menu;
  • select the item “general” in the settings;
  • find an offer to reset the settings;
  • reset the previously set parameters;
  • check if the problem is resolved.

The described actions allow you to cope with the problem, since it usually occurs when the program tries to transfer old settings to a new version of the application. This kind of crash is common for all web browsers on all Smart TVs, including Sony and Samsung, so you shouldn’t worry about what happened. The main disadvantage of this problem will be that the viewer will have to re-configure.

Automatic method via the Internet

Automatic downloading of updated software via the Internet is more convenient than manual installation, since it allows you to do without additional steps (searching for a program, connecting a memory card). To get your web browser up and running, you will need:

  • press the button on the remote control labeled “setting”;
  • after opening the menu, find the item “support” among the available sections and open it;
  • find the word “update” among the available actions (the spelling may differ in different models) and press;
  • in the window that opens, click the inscription suggesting “check for an update”;
  • if a new version is found, the download process will remain.
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Important: it is forbidden to interrupt the process of downloading the program and turn off wi-fi, since such actions can lead to malfunctions of the operating system. As a result, a full repair and flashing of the OS will be required.

How to download and install the browser on LG Smart TV?

To download and install a web browser, you need to:

  • turn on the TV and open Smart-hub with a list of applications available for download;
  • find the required program in the proposed list;
  • click on the detected web browser, starting the installation;
  • wait until the process is complete.

After the installation is complete, it remains to enter the main menu, find and run the installed application.

LG web browser won’t launch

If the web browser does not turn on, and instead of the sites the user sees an error message, the program should be initialized by matching it with the already installed software. This will require:

  • open the “support” section and find the “initialization” item;
  • start the procedure for combining the firmware with the system;
  • wait for complete completion and check if the desired result is obtained.

Usually, the above steps are enough to restore the program’s operation and gain access to the network without a computer. Sometimes it is necessary to reinstall updates and flashing the software, but it is not recommended to reflash the TV yourself without the appropriate skills. To avoid troubles, it is wiser to entrust this matter to professionals.

What to do if you have problems after updating?

If the TV malfunctions after downloading the updated software, it means that the application was not installed correctly or the subsequent setup was performed with errors. In such a situation, you need to find out the causes of the problems and try to fix them yourself. If you cannot restore the web browser to work, you will have to contact the service center. It should be borne in mind that an incorrect manual installation of the software leads to the withdrawal of the warranty, since in this case the breakdown occurred through the fault of the buyer (owner of the equipment). That is, in such situations, repairs will require money, and it will be pointless to count on free warranty service.

Manual update using removable media

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

If the system did not find the updated version of the application on the Internet, and the user is sure that it exists, you will have to install the browser update on the LG Smart-TV manually. For this you will need:

  • download the required program using a computer (laptop);
  • transfer it to a bootable USB flash drive;
  • connect the USB flash drive to the TV;
  • wait for the memory card to open;
  • then it will remain to start the installation of the program.

The previously described option is suitable for installing third-party browsers. If the owner of the TV needs to flash the entire operating system or basic programs, visit the official LG website and download the required firmware from there. This requires the TV model number, which can be found in the TV menu (product information section).

How to update the web browser on your LG smart TV

How to update the browser on an LG Smart-TV TV. to understand the question posed, you do not need to be a TV master, since every viewer is capable of coping with the update. Users just need to free up a little time, make sure that the update is really necessary, and prepare a file with the desired version of the program. However, you can skip the last step: a reliable internet connection will replace the file. By connecting the TV to the network, the owners will download the updated version of the program. After downloading, they will have to follow the instructions of the system and not interrupt the process of installing new software. That is, if you do not rush to make decisions, the owners of Smart-TV will not have any difficulties.

Features of LG TV

Smart-TV differs from the usual television by additional functions that allow technology owners to use the Internet and online applications. The basis for accessing the network was the Webos operating system, which was released for free use in 2012, and was already used by LG a year later. If you focus on the features of TVs, it turns out that they:

  • allow gesture control using MagicRemote remotes;
  • support voice control;
  • allow you to create your own local network for quick access to third-party devices;
  • able to combine several active functions at the same time (for example, watching TV and playing).

There are other features that make LG technology stand out from the crowd.

How to update web browser via LG Smart-TV menu

After installing the program, users should keep it up to date by updating it after the release of the latest firmware. If you do not think about installing an updated version of the software, over time, your web browser will become outdated, which will affect the quality of its work. As a result, the speed of opening sites will decrease, freezes will become more frequent, and certain information on open portals will be inaccessible.

There are 2 main ways to update the software installed on the TV:

  • the first is to independently search for the desired firmware and manually download the software;
  • the second allows you to start the update installation process in automatic mode.

Both proposed methods allow you to achieve the result, so users are able to choose the one that seems more convenient.

How to update browser on LG TV

Now you don’t need to go to your computer to access the network. It is enough just to use the TV, of course, if the software and browser are updated on time. Modern LG Smart TV is almost a full-fledged computer only in a television case. Naturally, it requires updating programs, keeping track of their relevance, and then the extensive capabilities of the device will be preserved.

If you ignore this question, then very soon the picture will start to freeze, various errors and inaccuracies will appear. Of course, it gets in the way. And if nothing is done, then soon the device will stop working altogether as it should.

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How the browser is updated on an LG TV using the Internet

This method is much SIMpler, since it does not require the use of foreign objects. you only need a TV and reliable access to the Internet. As a rule, new software will occupy 500 megabytes or more. By the way, you can provide the Internet for downloading it in three ways:

Wi-fi is the SIMplest and most convenient, as it is wireless and provides high speed;

4G modem is a less practical option, but it is also often used if there is no alternative;

Network cable. connecting it may take a little time, but, in fact, the method is also not the worst for LV TVs.

So, when the Internet connection is made, you can start the most important part of the work. the update process:

On the remote control you need to find the “SETTINGS” button;

Open the “Support” menu;

Select the sub-item “Update”;

Check for updates;

The number of the new firmware on the LG Smart TV should be displayed;

If everything suits you, you can click on “Update”.

The download starts, during which the TV will work.

When finished downloading, the TV will automatically start updating by turning off all systems. At this point, it is important not to disconnect the device from the network and do not make unnecessary manipulations. If the procedure is successful, a window will appear on the screen with the inscription “There is no need to update”.

Update using removable media

First, let’s look at the SIMple rules of work that should be followed when updating the browser:

When the flashing process takes place, it is better not to turn off the TV, because in this case the procedure cannot be completed correctly;

Before starting the procedure, you should make sure that the browser version is suitable for the TV model;

When the update is in progress, you can not pull out the media;

It is advisable not to press any buttons to avoid program crashes.

To check the TV software series and not look for instructions, you can use the remote control by pressing the “SETTINGS” button. It will open a menu where you need to stop on the “Support” tab by selecting “Product / Service Information” there. This should include the software serial number of the LG TV in question. The user needs to download the updates and install them so that the device works like new.

Media preparation and installation is a fairly straightforward procedure that a beginner can handle. As a rule, owners of such devices have a formatted flash drive. If not, you need to format it. Next, for convenience, you need to create a LG folder with system files used to update the browser.

After the data has been copied, you can install the USB flash drive into the TV. As soon as the media is inserted, the data with its contents appears on the screen. If the user is sure that he can cope, click on the “Execute” button, and follow the recommendations that appear on the screen. They are intuitive, therefore they will not cause difficulties.

What to do if you have problems after updating?

LG TVs are a rather capricious technique, especially modern devices in which only one name remains from the old configuration. Not surprisingly, even after all the manipulations are perfect, the system can sometimes crash the Web browser. But what to do in this case? Initialization usually helps.

To complete it, you do not need many skills:

Find the item “Support”;

Next, select “Application Initialization”;

Select which application you want to initialize, for example, the Yandex browser, and click “OK”.

Now you have to wait for the TV to reboot. If everything went well, your favorite browser will work properly, and messages about an outdated program will not spoil your work on the Internet. But if even this did not help, it’s time to turn to professionals.


The salvation can be the purchase of a model of the device with the Smart TV function, on which the messenger is still left, and work with the old version of Skype. Please note that the app is not updated. Currently, there is not even a hint that the developers will ever return to the TV version.

Another option is to use the online version of skype.

For this it is necessary that:

  • the TV was connected to the Internet;
  • the user was registered in the messenger.

Samsung on Tizen OS

One of the most popular TV brands is Samsung. In order for Skype to work on it, to start the broadcast, you need to connect a special webcam, download and install the messenger itself.

But before proceeding with the installation, let’s say right away that you will not find the installation file on the official Skype website. Since 2016, the version of the messenger for TV has not been released. Earlier, having bought a Samsung skype ready TV, you could see a pre-installed program in the settings, and in the usual manual you could find instructions on how to use the messenger. Now all this is not. The management of the messenger has published a special notice of the end of support for the TV version of skype.

However, you can still install the app on a Samsung TV with Tizen operating system and smart TV function.

  • check the TV firmware. the relevant information can be found in the menu. It can be T-GFP, T-GFS, T-MST14, T-NT14U;
  • find the installation program corresponding to the firmware. It is not on the official Samsung website, you will have to look in other sources. But it will be free. Copy it to a flash drive;
  • remove the old Skype from the TV, if it is already installed;
  • unplug the TV. As soon as the light on the front panel goes out, turn it on again;
  • go to the menu, open the flash drive, select Install Skype, start the installation. If the messenger icon does not appear on the screen, turn off the TV again, re-insert the flash card with the installer into it and turn it on;
  • that the installation has completed, you can find out by the appearance of “ok” at the end of the last three lines;
  • Click “Exit” and in the TV menu check if the “Instant On” option is disabled. If enabled, disable. You can find it in System / General;
  • unplug the TV from the socket, wait for the lamp on the front panel to turn off;
  • turn on the TV, click the skype widget, making sure it has a built-in camera or connecting an additional.
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How to install skype on a TV and set everything up correctly. step by step method for all TV operating systems

Hello dear readers! Today, the Internet has almost completely replaced television broadcasting. you can watch shows, interesting films, play, listen to music. And, nevertheless, the TV is very popular. Many game consoles are connected to it. It is used to communicate in skype. How to install skype messenger on your TV, set it up, and we’ll talk today.


Setting up the messenger on different models is the same. over, the process is the same as for setting up Skype on smartphones and computers.

When you first log into the app, do the following:

  • start the messenger;
  • enter your registration data. username or password;
  • adjust the microphone. make sure that your voice is transmitted without interference;
  • check the speakers;
  • configure the camera and check the connection. If you have problems with its work, read our article on how to check the camera on Skype.
  • upload your avatar;
  • go to personal settings, check if the information is correct;
  • add friends.

Sometimes, however, users are faced with the fact that Skype does not open. But this is a separate conversation.


Owners of Android TVs, for example, Sony KD-55XF9005, will also have to be disappointed. skype for Android TV is also not available.

To install and run it on Sony, we use the previously discussed methods:

  • copy the installation file to a flash drive and install the messenger on the TV from it;
  • we launch skype through the browser. At the same time, you can play a console, for example, an x-box, and communicate.

Recently, skype developers have been doing a lot of interesting things, which, however, are not always clear to users. For example, only many are accustomed to, sitting comfortably on the couch, chatting with friends and family using a large screen, as Skype said that the version of the messenger for TV is no longer supported. However, you can still find a working program and install it yourself.

How to install browser on Samsung Smart TV?

ALGorithm for installing the browser on Samsung TVs:

  • To go to Smart Hub, press the button with the colored logo on the TV remote control.
  • Find the program you want.
  • Press “OK” on the remote control.
  • Click “Download”.
  • Open a new browser via the “Launch” button.

How to install browser on LG Smart TV?

Downloading third-party applications on LG TVs is performed through a dedicated program LG Smart World.

  • Open the directory;
  • Choose your favorite browser from the list;
  • Open the description of the program with screenshots;
  • Click “Download”;
  • After the installation is complete, launch the browser.

LG tv

New LG TVs already have a pre-installed browser from the company.

The brand is a pioneer in Smart TV, it started producing devices with this function back in 2009.

LG’s browser offers:

  • viewing pages in high resolution;
  • social networks, for example. YouTube, Picasa and others;
  • saving pages in “Favorites” with one button on the remote control;
  • convenient and intuitive web browser menu;
  • saving visited resources in the Journal.

If the user lacks the capabilities of the “native” browser, you can install an additional.

Installing and updating the browser on Smart TV

Each TV comes with an operating system on board: Android TV, webOS or others.

They have one significant drawback. standard browsers are often slow and inconvenient.

In this article, I will show you how to install and update any browser on Smart TV. Consider using the example of Samsung and LG branded shells.

  • Samsung App TV
  • How to install browser on Samsung Smart TV?
  • How to update browser on Samsung Smart TV?
  • LG tv
  • How to install browser on LG Smart TV?
  • How to update browser on LG TV?

How to update browser on Samsung Smart TV?

From time to time, the already installed browser needs to be updated for faster and more correct operation.

You can do this yourself, but the built-in browser is updated only along with the firmware.

Nevertheless, it is possible to do this:

  • Open the Menu.
  • Go to the “Support” section.
  • Find “Software Update”.
  • If an update is available, click “OK”.

The update is fast, only the speed of the Internet connection can affect the process.

  • Go to Smart Hub.
  • Open the directory of downloaded applications.
  • Find the browser you want.
  • Run the update.

In fact, updating a browser on a Samsung Smart TV is no more difficult than an app on a smartphone.

Samsung App TV

Most models of this brand have a proprietary browser.

It has many advantages:

  • stepwise movement between page elements;
  • installing widgets on the TV directly from the network;
  • support for 1920 by 1080 expansion;
  • the ability to control from a smartphone synchronized with TV;
  • entering information into the search bar directly from the remote control.

If you are not satisfied with this option, you can download another browser.

How to update browser on LG TV?

The preinstalled browser is updated via removable media along with the TV’s firmware.

How to do it:

  • Press the “Settings” button on the remote control.
  • Select the Support section in the menu.
  • Open the “Update” item.
  • Check for available updates.
  • If there is a new firmware. install it.
  • After booting, restart your device.

You can update the installed program from LG Smart World there:

During the update process, do not turn off the TV or perform other complex procedures. this will affect the correctness of the process.

The stability of the Internet connection and its speed also play a role, which can increase the update time.