Is it possible to connect headphones to a Samsung TV

How to connect wireless headphones to a Samsung TV

Technologies are developing more and more rapidly: their diversity gives us new opportunities for comfortable work and leisure. Bluetooth headphones are another technology that makes using your computer, phone, or TV much easier. They allow you to watch your favorite programs or play games without disturbing others, while staying mobile and doing something in parallel. If you want to know how to connect wireless earbuds to your Samsung TV, keep reading our article.

Connecting wireless headphones to a Samsung TV

Modern headsets are activated in a variety of ways. Let’s take a closer look at how to connect wireless headphones to a Samsung Smart TV, depending on their type.

Possible problems

Problems with connecting wireless accessories to the device lie in the accessories themselves, more precisely in their manufacturer. The optimal synchronization process is possible between Samsung devices. Others may require drivers or special parameters.

The same situation with the transmitter. we recommend, if possible, to purchase everything from one manufacturer so that the settings sewn into their interface do not conflict with each other.

With bluetooth transmitter

If from the previous point you found out that your model does not have a function for connecting Bluetooth gadgets, a special Bluetooth transmitter will solve this problem. You can purchase a one-pair model, as well as more expensive adapters for connecting two or more pairs. The transmitter is debugged as follows:

  • Connect the conductor directly if available with an RCA connector or using a pre-purchased adapter.
  • Turn on the transmitter if required. many of them turn on automatically upon connection. The launch is indicated by a special sensor on it.
  • The connection between the headset and the conductor occurs immediately, since by default they are tuned to the same frequency. If the sound does not turn on, reset the settings by pressing the special button and turn it on again.

Connecting bluetooth headphones with Samsung Smart Tv without any adapters; secret menu; EXCLUSIVE!

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Via built-in bluetooth

This feature is available on all new generation Samsung TVs that support the Smart TV function. It’s very easy to connect a headset in this way.

To get started, turn on the device itself into pairing mode. hold and hold the start button on the headphones until the indicator starts blinking.

In the TV menu, go to the “Sound” menu, find the “Speaker Settings” tab and find the line of Bluetooth headphone settings. If this line is absent, your screen does not support this function.

The device will automatically search for gadgets to pair with. After establishing contact between devices, start debugging audio for changed speakers.

and more companies are introducing wireless technologies into their processes, because they really make our life easier and brighter. Now you have learned how to make the process of watching your favorite programs even more comfortable.

Wireless headphones

There are a lot of wireless headphones for TV. Different in appearance, convenience and connection method. However, the views under consideration, in a priori, should be suitable for any TV. But this is not the case with Samsung. The company deliberately made sure that customers grab the original products, and not buy a competitor’s headset. To do this, all Samsung TVs have the ability to connect only with their own products. How to connect a headset via Bluetooth, consider below.

What to do then with the rest of the wireless headphones, because you don’t want to buy a new headset because of a new TV. There is an exit. You can purchase a Bluetooth transmitter with which you can connect any wireless headphones. These transmitters differ only in the number of connected devices, from which their differ.

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Where is the headphone jack on TVs?

Any Samsung TVs have a headphone jack. If earlier, TVs were oversized, and the headset input was located in front of the screen, now technologies are moving forward. Screens get bigger and more limitless, and all necessary connectors are located at the back.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Samsung TV

Answer: The 3.5mm headphone jack on Samsung TVs is located at the back and is not difficult to find. A headphone icon is drawn next to it.

Which headphones are suitable for Samsung TVs?

The South Korean company has tried to equip its Samsung TVs with all the latest innovative solutions. Therefore, according to many users of the latest Samsung TVs, there should be no problems with connecting headphones. over, this applies equally to both the original headset from the company itself and to other manufacturers of headphones for TV sets.

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However, if you do not have the latest version of the TV, then there may be problems with connecting third-party wireless headphones to the TV. This means that these items are suitable for connection only with their own headset made by Samsung. As for the wired options (headset with a long wire), there are special solutions to the problem. precisely, not even solving the problem, but simplifying it, whereby connecting headphones to the TV will become easier and more convenient. We will discuss further where to find the socket for connection.

Wired headphones

As already mentioned, the process of connecting wired headphones to the TV is simple. We find the necessary connector at the back, plug in the wire. The sound went into the headphones. The only thing is inconvenient to do it regularly. Firstly, the socket may become loose and then you will have to drag the TV set for repairs, and secondly, for many users, TVs hang tightly against the wall, which does not allow getting the ill-fated connector.

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In this case, a special device. a “digital converter” can help, which will have to be connected to the TV once, and all subsequent times to establish a wired connection with it directly, and not to climb behind the TV.

Or there is a second solution, which is even simpler and more convenient. using a wireless headset.

Headphone connection

If it turns out to be not difficult to find the connector, then many people succeed in connecting the headset itself not the first time. This is due to certain features of this process.

Correctly connecting wired headphones to your TV is not difficult. We stick the wire into the connector and that’s it. But with wireless, you often have to tinker, especially if you do it yourself at random. Then you have to wander for a long time in the vastness of the TV set menu. Therefore, it is better to use this article and understand how to properly connect any headset to Samsung TVs.

Connect any headphones to your Samsung TV

It often happens that a person comes home late from work and is tired. However, before going to bed, I want to watch TV, but how, because the whole family is asleep, and I don’t want to wake anyone up. The only correct solution in this matter would be headphones for Samsung TV: wired or wireless. A convenient solution will allow you to watch TV in complete silence for others, without disturbing anyone.

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If wired headphones are limited by the length of the cable, then wireless ones function within the same room and even outside it. Despite all the comfort from using such a headset, it still needs to be connected. How this is done, what difficulties may arise and how to solve them, we will consider below.

How to connect to the Smart TV system?

The most modern Samsung TVs (series 5-6) have a built-in Smart TV function equipped with a Bluetooth module. Connecting headphones to TVs with Smart TV function is carried out according to the principle:

  • You need to turn on the headphones by selecting the pairing mode. How it happens is usually written in the manual for using the device. This happens by pressing a button, holding it, etc. Everywhere is different. The result will be shown by an indicator light: red or blue flashing will show you that the headphones are on.
  • Turn on the TV, enter the menu (do not be alarmed if it differs from the illustrations in the article, each model has its own panel design) and go to the “Sound” section.
  • Go to the “loudspeakers” tab, then to the “list of Bluetooth headphones”. The TV set will automatically start searching for similar devices with a specific operating protocol. A list of found devices is displayed. If your headphones are not displayed, then you need to move them closer to the TV set and click “update”.
  • Next, you need to click in the list of your headphones and “pairing and connection”. Sometimes you need to enter an access code, it can be: “0000” or “1234”. The connection will be established soon and you can enjoy the sound through your headphones. To switch the audio signal from the headphones to the standard TV speakers, you just need to turn off the headset. When you no longer need to use an external headset, you can remove the automatic connection in the system settings. Then a notification will not pop up constantly on the TV with a proposal to transfer the sound to the headphones.