Is it possible to connect bluetooth to TV

Features of choosing a Bluetooth transmitter

Television today cannot be imagined without watching programs alone, sitting in an armchair with headphones, while not being distracted by noise from the outside and without disturbing your family. However, the main difficulty that one has to face is the capabilities of the TV, which either does not have a Bluetooth connection at all, or it is, however, the headphones are not connected to it, because the module is often adapted for connection to specific devices, or only branded accessories. Attempts to pair headphones with such a TV fail and, as a rule, some kind of error is given.

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Bluetooth transmitter devices allow you to receive a signal from a TV, using a 3.5 mm Jack, RCA (tulip) cable, or an optical audio output and then play it via Bluetooth using headphones, a speaker or speaker system, etc.

Compact blocks, with built-in BT modules and connected to different sound reproducers (PC, TV, phones) with separate audio input / output or to devices to receive sound (music centers, speakers, speaker systems, etc.).

The Bluetooth transmitters available on the market operate in both receive and transmit modes, i.e. two in one.

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The devices operate in TX (transmitter method) and RX (receiver method) modes:

  • TX Mode. this is when the transmitter transmits sound to the headphones via Bluetooth, receiving it from the TV, PC via cable;
  • RX Mode is when a phone, tablet, laptop is connected to the transmitter using Bluetooth, and the sound is output through the cable to speakers, a stereo system, a radio tape recorder, or other device.

What is a Bluetooth adapter

Bluetooth adapter for TV is a device for providing wireless communication between various devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, TVs, etc. They create a stable connection for high-speed exchange of files and other useful information.

To do this, the Bluetooth adapter performs the following steps:

  • Receives a signal;
  • Converts it into a format understandable for the Bluetooth receiver;
  • Matches, for example, with headphones;
  • Sends a signal via radio frequencies.

Reference! The choice of the adapter is directly dependent on the solution of the tasks for which it is purchased.

Expert opinion

The table below shows some of the technical characteristics of the above modules:

Bluetooth B6 (Transmitter Receiver) ATPX-HD set-top box Bluetooth Excelvan B5
Version 2.1 5.0 4.1
Power supply via Battery via Battery via USB
Battery Hours 8 hours. up to 75 hours via AUX and up to 12 hours via optics
Accept audio signal Audio Out 3.5mm RCA Fiber Optic Audio Out 3.5mm RCA Fiber Optic 3.5mm audio out
Estimated price 1950 3850 1000
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Bluetooth B6 (Transmitter Receiver)

This product is for both reception and transmission, i.e. the device is called two in one. Sending and receiving all audio signals is free.

Transmitter attachment ATPX-HD

Wireless BT module v5.0 high quality audio receiver and transmitter works in 2 positions:

  • audio reception via Bluetooth and transmission via cords of a Jack 3.5mm (AUX) cable, RCA or optical Toslink audio to any device suitable for this audio input;
  • signal transmission from TV, media, audio player, to any device with bluetooth.

Sound quality is reproduced without distortion and delays, making it possible to simultaneously receive visual sensations.
It is possible to use 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time, i.e. wireless sound becomes available for two.

Battery life 75 hours via AUX, optics. 12 hours. It takes 2 hours to charge.

How to choose a Bluetooth adapter for your TV

TV manufacturers are always lagging behind when compared to electronic products in other areas. Bluetooth headphones have appeared on the market for a long time, and there are still few TVs with such capabilities. Even a Smart TV does not have enough of them, although such a block module is inexpensive, and its dimensions are small. A way out of this situation helps to find auxiliary devices.

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Ways to connect the Bluetooth adapter

TV models are different and all can be divided into 2 types: those with a BT module and those without. And if everything is clear with the first type, then with the second it is not quite, namely how to connect the adapter to the TV. Let’s look at two examples:

  • for a Samsung TV, you need to go to the settings and in the “Sound” section select “Speaker Settings”. After that, you need to turn on the headphones with the BT module and install near the TV, which is in the search and connect mode. When the TV finds wireless headphones, click on the name and pairing occurs.
  • connecting headphones to an LG TV can be done by going to the section “Sound” and “Sync sound” (wireless).