Is it possible to connect a USB flash drive to an ipad

Is it possible and how to effectively connect a USB flash drive to an iPad

Is it possible to connect a USB flash drive to an iPad, iPhone?

The need to quickly transfer files from one device to another using a flash drive appears for many iPad and iPhone owners. To solve this problem of connecting third-party devices. make it possible to special devices.

Using docking port adapters, you can free up memory on your ipad by moving the captured video footage to a USB flash drive.

Also, it is possible to connect a scanner, external hard drive, keyboard, printer, camera, USB hub and other devices that are compatible with a tablet or smartphone at the software level.

Connection process

So how do you connect a USB flash drive to an ipad? One of the main reasons why the iPad cannot replace a laptop is the inability to connect a USB flash drive. Apple does not approve of the data acts and tries in every possible way to discourage users from connecting peripheral devices to their products. But, despite this, the Camera Connection Kit is sold on the company’s shelves.

At the very beginning, this set of two adapters was designed to connect a camera or memory card to the iPod. As planned by Apple, using this device, you will be able to transfer supported photo and video formats to the tablet. The following limitations come from standard positioning:

  • Files can only be copied to a tablet.
  • Video and photo files are supported (i.e. those that the iPad reads without jailbreak).
  • During copying. photos are “cropped” (this process may be familiar to everyone who wanted to import content to gadgets with iOS.
  • Of course, you can connect a USB flash drive to an ipod, but with such shortcomings, the product does not look very attractive, but the great Jailbreak can work wonders. A tweak from Cydia called iFile can be used to achieve a much better effect.
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So, let’s start connecting the USB flash drive from the iPad:

In the Cydia program, download iFile (there are many repositories, for example After respring and installation, connect the Camera Connection Kit to your iPad device and insert a flash drive there. It should be noted that recently there have been many copies of this device, which sometimes exceed original.

Then you can wait a little until the message “The attached USB device is not supported.” then click “Dismiss”.

How to use USB drives with and iPhone or iPad

Run the iFile program and wait until it appears on the screen as a new removable storage.

Remember that through the Camera Connection Kit you can connect more than just flash drives. Also, you can connect a keyboard and other devices (if supported by the iPad) USB. It is difficult to say something about compatibility, since the method is considered unofficial and each individual device must be tried.

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Is it possible to connect a USB flash drive to iPad, iPhone?

The need to transfer files using a flash drive arises for many iPhone and iPad owners. To solve the problem of connecting peripheral devices, special devices and software tools allow.

Using docking port adapters, i-device users can free up memory on a smartphone or tablet by transferring the captured video to a USB flash drive. It is also possible to connect a scanner, keyboard, external hard drive, printer, camera, TV, USB hub or other devices compatible with a tablet or smartphone at the software level.

Extending CameraConnectionKit with the iFile App

The Camera Connection Kit is used to connect cameras or memory cards to the iPad. The device allows you to import photo and video files of supported formats to the tablet and open them in standard iPad applications.

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To use a USB drive with a tablet, you will need to additionally install the iFile file browser from Cydia. After connecting the flash drive to the device through the adapter and launching the iFile program, users will be able to view all information on external media, move and copy files in any direction. to a tablet or removable drive. To view and comfortably edit some types of files in the settings of the iFile application, you will need to activate the function of displaying encrypted file names, as well as use special programs, for example, AVplayer, Buzz Player and iFunBox.

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How to use USB drives with an iPad/iPhone

iUSBport. accessory for wireless work with external drives

The iUSBport device is designed to connect removable storage devices to tablets and smartphones. Compact and easy-to-use accessory organizes full-fledged data exchange with flash drives over 8 GB without jailbreak.

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iUSBport provides the ability to simultaneously interact with up to three connected Wi-Fi devices, including iPad, iPhone, Mac / PC. To work with Apple equipment, the standard functionality of the iOS system is used. Additionally, you can install applications from the manufacturer, available for free and for a fee in the App Store, or programs from other developers designed to work via FTP. It is also possible to connect via a web interface using any convenient browser.

Working over Wi-Fi, the iUSBport device organizes its own connection point or connects to an existing wireless network. With the help of such a connection, users can access any external drives that are connected to the iUSBport through the USB connector located on its case. The ability to integrate the device into an existing Wi-Fi network allows you to simultaneously work on the Internet and constantly have access to a flash drive or hard disk without switching the network. Users can also organize work with cloud data storage.