Is it possible to connect a modem to a TV

Using a Wi-Fi router

possible, connect, modem

Before doing this, read the instructions for the TV you purchased. Check out its performance characteristics. Newer TVs have built-in wireless mechanisms. Although there are models without these mechanisms. Then an external device is required. It must have the same manufacturer as the TV.

Go to the TV settings. Connect it to the network via Wi-Fi. Just select your network from the list provided and enter the password.

If there are no such settings, then there is no integrated Wi-Fi module either. Will have to use a cable connection or an external adapter.

USB port and modem

Modern TV models have USB connectors. And when buying, people are interested in whether it is possible to connect a modem to a TV of this type.

Experts say that it will not be possible to directly connect this device through the specified port. The manufacturer does not provide such an option by default.

But you can synchronize the modem with the TV using a router or cable.

The following are methods for the practical implementation of such a connection.

Suitable TVs

Internet connection is only possible with a TV model that has the Smart-TV option. In models without this option, there are no applications for watching videos and opening sites.

There are modifications without Smart-TV. However, they do have an outlet for a power cord. LAN. And access to the network is possible via cable. I need a router. But Smart options are missing.

Here, the LAN port is provided not for accessing the network, but for viewing video and photo content and listening to audio files from devices. In this case, the processes occur only within the local network. Uses DLNA technology.

Question on TV without Smart options

Do you connect the modem to TVs that do not belong to the Smart category? The answer is negative. This issue is solved by connecting a special attachment.

An HDMI cable is used to connect it to the TV. The set-top box displays an image on the receiver. It itself runs on Android. In this way, the TV is converted into a kind of tablet.

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Usually, manufacturers of such set-top boxes create a very comfortable interface for settings. Also, the operating system of the devices is optimized for operation on a large screen.

Their price tags are democratic. The bestseller is the Xiaomi Mi Box 3, which works with 4K.

Such a device is connected in one of the classic ways: via wire or Wi-Fi. The following is a detailed example of the connection p. 4.

HDMI cable connection

This cable goes to the corresponding port (HDMI) of the set-top box. Connect the power wire.

In the absence of such a port, it works with a component video cable.

The principle of connecting its connectors on one side to the connectors of the TV receiver is as follows:

  • The green connector connects to the Y connector.
  • Blue connector. to Pb.
  • Red. to Pr.

The connectors on the other side of it go to the appropriate sockets of the attachment. Its audio ports connect to the appropriate receiver ports. This requires an analog audio cable. Connects and power cord.

Most popular methods

  • Through cable.
  • Via Wi-Fi.

To implement them, you need a high-quality USB modem. It must support 4G technology.

And often people who have this device in their arsenal ask themselves the question: how to connect a modem to a TV? After all, this should also result in a high-quality connection.

To do this, the kit must be replenished with a router. And direct connection of the modem with the TV will not bring the intended result.

Wi-Fi connection

The USB modem should be inserted into the router connector. If you need to configure a router, then you need a computer. Internet connection parameters are opened in the WEB interface through a browser.

What you need to connect a TV to a modem

You can connect the modem to the TV using wires. The connection will be reliable, high-speed with minimal interference and interference. Disadvantage. extra wires in an apartment or house.

  • Ethernet cable with LAN output;
  • any brand router. Tenda, Zyxel, Asus, D-Link, TP-Link;
  • USB modem;
  • computer for setting up the router.

In order not to increase the number of cables in the room, to get rid of the need to hide or cover them, Smart TV is connected to the router via Wi-Fi.

Equipment should be selected that can work with each other. Modems and routers from different manufacturers are not always designed to work together. Therefore, before buying devices, you need to check with the seller for interaction options.

The connection speed should ensure uninterrupted transmission of information by the equipment. You should choose the right bandwidth of equipment, mobile data operator and a suitable tariff.

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Setting up your TV

Having achieved the presence of a network in the computer, they set up Wi-Fi on the TV. To connect the TV receiver to the Internet, you need:

  • go to settings;
  • in the Network section, select Wireless connection;
  • specify the name of the home network in the list;
  • enter the password by pressing PIN;
  • the device will connect to the network.

Advice! You can use automatic connection. For example, on an LG TV, you need to press the WPS button, and then make the IP settings.

Rules for connecting a TV to a USB modem

To watch content from the network on the big screen TV receiver, the device must be connected to the Internet. If there is no wired Internet in the apartment or house, the user may have an idea to use a USB modem for this purpose. At the same time, many try to connect the modem directly to the TV and configure it to work. This procedure is incorrect.

Wired connection

The data transfer rate over the Wi-Fi radio channel is lower than with the cable connection. To connect a USB modem to a TV, you need:

  • connect the router to a TV receiver using an Ethernet cable;
  • insert the modem into the router;
  • configure the equipment.

Router output channels are most often colored yellow. Blue indicates the wired input from the provider (if any). WAN port. Some TV receivers only support wireless connection. If there is no free LAN port in the router, you can purchase a hub.

To set the parameters of the TV with Android OS, you need to follow these steps.

  • Login with the HOME button.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Network and its parameters.
  • Go to the Simple tab.
  • Click the Wired LAN option. wired LAN.

Is it possible to connect a USB modem to TV directly

A modem is an information transceiver operating over a mobile network. To do this, a SIM card of a cellular operator is inserted into the device. Such devices are used to access the network wherever there is coverage of the selected cellular network. Most often they are used for laptops, netbooks, tablets, i.e. mobile technology.

Modern TV models from Samsung, LG or BBK with the Smart TV function contain a USB connector in the case. But the TV receiver software allows you to use this input only for pairing with a storage device. a USB flash drive. Receiving a 3G and 4G mobile network signal from an external modem on the TV’s USB connector is not provided.

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Some experts are changing the TV’s firmware and expanding the functionality of the universal serial bus. But most use other possibilities to turn TV on the network.

Configuring a router with a USB modem

Most often, the router address is Different manufacturers use different IP (,, etc.). In the case when it is impossible to enter the interface of the router, you must return to its factory parameters using the reset button.

The setup procedure using TP-Link as an example is shown below.

  • In the parameters of the router, 3G is set: 4G.
  • On the Network tab. 3G / 4G modem should be defined. it says Identified opposite 3G / 4G USB Modem.
  • Choosing a region and provider.
  • Click Enable.
  • In Advanced Settings, enter a password, username, phone number. You can change the name of the wireless connection. All changes should be saved by clicking Save.
  • In the Wireless Security section, you need to create a password to protect the network.

After the process is complete, the router is rebooted: the Reboot button in System Tools. Reboot. After rebooting, the device will automatically distribute the Internet “over the air” and connect to a USB modem.

Problems and solutions

If the router does not connect to the Internet, you should check the signal strength. You may need to move the device, purchase a ready-made antenna, or make your own antenna. In some cases, you can use a USB extension cable to position the modem in a suitable location. Sometimes it is possible to restore the connection by overloading the device.

At a weak signal level, the influence of various kinds of interference increases. The image may freeze. The radio signal strength in 3G / 4G networks is load dependent. During peak hours, levels can drop due to the increasing number of users. Therefore, the final setting of the TV is best done at difficult times in order to ensure good picture and sound quality.

Advice! Most of the settings are more convenient to make by connecting to the router via a computer or smartphone. After the appearance of a stable network, you should go to the TV settings.