Is It Possible On A Samsung Smart TV

How to turn on your Samsung Smart TV with the remote. Controlling Amazon Fire Stick with Samsung Smart TV Remote

thanks for the idea. but I don’t think it will solve the problem. I will definitely try this. But, as I understand it, in this case another problem will arise. Let me explain the scenario.

(using Samsung Smart Remote only at all stages)

with samsung remote control i switched to “Fire Stick” as source. the AMazon home page is displayed

Open the application file from “Fire Stick”. the application is launched from the “Fire Stick”

Press the HOME button. Smart Hub will open (Amazon home page has not opened)

question. how can i open here the Amazon homepage in step 3?

Now, as per your solution, I switch the Fire Stick to a different HDMI port and then go to step 3. Now if it goes to the Amazon Home page after pressing the Home button, then how can I open Smart Hub “?

Please try to understand the scenario.

Samsung is introducing Remote Access, allowing users to control connected peripherals through their Smart TVs. Samsung Global Newsroom. Samsung TV blog. QLED TV | Frame | Premium UHD TV

Not sure how to connect laptop to TV?

Presenting in the office often requires two things: confidence and a TV connection. SIMilarly, if you want to see something on your laptop at home on the big screen, you will also need a TV connection. ‡ Lucky for you, with QLED TV you have two options for connecting your computer to your TV! You can download the Smart View app to your computer and connect in the same way as with a mobile device. Wow, it’s that SIMple. Or you can use an HDMI cable to connect, which is also very easy because you just plug it into the One Connect Box.

Advanced smart remote control for smart entertainment

Do you want your entertainment to be convenient? Gadgets designed for pleasure shouldn’t be cluttered, just think of all the remotes you can put away in this crowded box where old technology is dying. Your Quantum Dot TV with one remote and auto-detect knows how to make it easier to access and control multiple devices for smooth, enjoyable entertainment, not to mention a clean living room table and fewer battery changes! Isn’t it time for you to take a closer look at Samsung Smart TV, which is a quantum dot TV with one remote control?

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From not very smart to really smart remote in 60 years

there are almost as many as televisions themselves. If you have relatives familiar with the leading television technology of the 1950s, they might just remember the first (but finicky) wired TV remotes that could trip your pets or kids. In addition, there were remotes that worked fine if you pointed them correctly at the sensor, and over time, more and more TV-connected devices became more popular. Your grandparents may never have had the need or desire to plug a new device into their then “newfangled” TV, but you or one of your tech-savvy friends probably hooked at least one such device to the TV you knew. Nowadays, after making a few twists and turns on the road to television technology, we have a new standard: a single remote control and automatic detection. In short, One Remote Control and Auto Detection make it easy to watch your favorite shows on a Samsung Smart TV, and we’re confident that once you experience it yourself, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without it.

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Just plug and play for consoles

When you have purchased the latest game console or new media player, you are immediately on to the fun. Well, QLED TV is about to change your life. Here’s how to connect your DVD player to your TV (or Blu-ray!). Connect its HDMI cable to the One Connect Box. This is it. Or, if you’re wondering how to connect your gaming devices to your TV, it’s the same thing. Connect the One Connect Box and get ready to win. It’s that easy!

Wait What is One Connect Box?

Have you met yet? Let me introduce you to your new best connection friend. Pick up an invisible connection and follow it to the end. There is no pot of gold, but QLED TV does have a One Connect Box, a small box of ports that sits at the end of an invisible connection. § This is what allows you to move devices out of sight. Let’s see what else you can connect to One Connect Box.

Do I need to update the firmware on Samsung Smart TV?

Software installation is required for any TV. It provides normal operation without crashes and glitches. There are several methods to download new versions. The first is when using additional storage. The second. using the Internet and a browser.

The developers recommend updating the STB’s firmware. Otherwise, permanent failures are possible. After a while, all functionality will stop working. The device will be constantly buggy and freeze. You won’t be able to watch the series either. Alas, users do not attach importance to this process. In fact, there are no difficulties here. To complete it you need a little free time, external media and access to the free Internet. Updates provide an opportunity to fix problems that were present in earlier versions.

How to update Samsung TV via USB stick?

In this technique, you need to download the appropriate firmware. Each device has a specific list of programs. They are designed for some TV models. Before starting the installation, check that the settings match the device type. We recommend downloading programs from official sites. Do not use pirated versions from the Internet. Such files can damage the receiver and the TV device. Detailed information related to the software can be found on the company’s website.

Check the language of the software before starting the operation. Otherwise, the instructions will be in Chinese. After downloading, transfer the file to a “clean” USB flash drive.

  • Unzip the document and open it;
  • We connect the external storage medium using a USB cable;
  • Launch the “Menu” item of the console;
  • Open the “Support” page and go here;
  • Click the remote control on the update section;
  • Choosing a method using the USB connector.

After that, we carry out the operation. We wait a few minutes, then turn on the TV. Rebooting the device will complete the procedure.

How to update software on a Samsung Smart TV via the Internet and a USB flash drive

There was a question “How to update Samsung Smart TV?” The article will help you understand the problem and find solutions. The software is installed for different models of TV devices. Smart TVs are equipped with internet. They do not need the help of third-party equipment. Because of this, you need to constantly update the parameters and download new firmware.

What to do if an update is not available on your Samsung Smart TV?

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

How to update your Samsung Smart TV over the Internet?

This method is relevant for devices with built-in Smart TV. Other models require the use of external media or a USB stick. The steps are pretty SIMple:

  • We connect the TV device to the Internet. Checking the signal quality. Note! Bad WI-FI will not handle the load during updates.
  • Using the control panel, launch the device menu and go to the “Technical support” folder.
  • In the drop-down list we find the item “Software update”.
  • Click on the “Update now” button and move on.
  • The TV will start adjusting the new settings. In case of an error, the screen will display a signal.
  • We confirm the operation and click on the “OK” button. The device will reboot and turn on again.
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This method is free and SIMple enough. There is only one drawback. Power may be cut off during the update. In such a situation, the settings will fail. You won’t be able to fix the device yourself. We’ll have to resort to the help of specialists. Despite this, the system needs to be constantly improved. Introducing new settings will help you sync multiple devices together with your TV. Now, spend time on social networks without opening from watching a movie or TV series.

Which firmware to choose and where to download it?

Use trusted services. Avoid questionable services and platforms. We do not recommend following the links on the forums. Instead of updates, you will receive a lot of malicious viruses that will destroy the equipment’s performance. Take a look at the Samsung website. Once opened, go to the “Technical Support” page. Find your TV model in the list. Then click on the “Downloads” menu item. Scroll to the end of the page and open the list of current firmware. Click next to the desired file. Start the download process and wait for it to complete. Before that, select the folder to download.

Which TVs can be upgraded?

First, determine if the technician needs new software. Find out information on the official website of Samsung. Another option is to look at the sticker on your TV. It is located on the back panel. It says the model number. These data must be entered in a separate field on the electronic page. Use the data to understand if a vehicle is subject to upgrade.

Application update instructions

Set new parameters throughout the STB. This will help you update apps automatically. Also install a system that will independently improve the firmware.

How to update the TV firmware

Connect your TV to the internet.

Enter the TV menu.

How to enter the menu

Press the “MENU” button on the remote control.

On R, M, N, Q, LS, K-series TV, press the “HOME” button. swipe left and select “Settings” on the TV screen.

Press the “MENU / 123” button on the J-series Smart TV remote control and select “Menu” on the TV screen.

Press the “KEYPAD” button on the H-series Smart TV remote control and select “Menu” on the TV screen.

Press the “MORE” button on the Smart TV remote control of the F-series and select the “Menu” item on the TV screen.

Select “Support”.

Select “Software Update”.

If the “Software Update” item is not available, unplug the TV and wait 5 minutes.
Turn on the TV on the source “TV” and try again to open this item.
If the item is still not available, make sure the TV is connected to the Internet.
Then exit the menu (do not turn off the TV), wait 5 minutes and try to open the item again.

Select “Update Now” or “Online”.

The TV will check for new firmware.

If there is a new firmware, a message will appear. Click “Yes”.

Wait for the TV to download the new firmware.

Do not turn off the TV while the firmware is being updated.

When the firmware is updated, the TV will turn off and on again.

Antivirus for Smart TV

Nobody forbids installing a protection program for your Smart TV, but first you need to prioritize:

  • Without hacking, you will not be able to equip your device. You can perform such operations with the device only at your own peril and risk, since such manipulations “reset” the warranty conditions, and in general can lead to damage.
  • Do you need an antivirus for your TV at all? Most of the new TVs run on new operating systems, which have a number of differences from android devices. One of these differences is the closedness of the file system. This feature is the main protection against intruders, therefore the manufacturers themselves do not release any antivirus software for their products. What for? Such a system cannot be penetrated.
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How to clean your TV from viruses (“Samsung”)?

Is it possible to catch viruses on Smart TV?

Theoretically, yes. Many TVs run on the android operating system. But cases of interference in the system are rare, so we can conditionally say that viruses for Smart TV practically do not exist. Most errors are caused by system crashes, which are “fixed” by the following methods.

What caused the out of memory error??

Errors of this kind can also be associated with “real” clogging of the system. Many users are happy to clog the TV’s memory with third-party applications and widgets that they practically do not use. In this case, you should go through the list of installed applications and remove those that you deem necessary.

On a very important issue that requires attention: viruses. If we are used to dealing with them when using computers and mobile devices, then we cannot even think bad on TVs. And in vain, because you can catch viruses on the TV! This problem is relevant for modern models equipped with the Smart TV function. Are there ways to secure the operation of the device and is it possible to clean the TV from interference from third-party software? How to clean the TV from viruses (“Samsung”) and other issues will be discussed in this article.

Clearing LG TV Memory

Very often TVs are equipped with a small amount of memory, so it is advisable to immediately “clean up” traces of browser exploitation and regularly delete browsing data through its settings.

So how to clean your TV:

  • First, you need to quickly dial the combination on the remote control when the TV is turned off. It is a quick press on: info, menu, mute, power.
  • Your device will start to turn on and the English-language menu will be available on the screen, in which you need to find and select the item “SmartHab Reset”.
  • The option is initially disabled and set to off. We have to run this option and replace off with wait.
  • We wait a couple of minutes, then turn off the TV and immediately start it back.
  • Now you need to start “SmartHab” and the browser again. The installation of various updates will begin, here you will need to be patient and wait for the end of all operations.
  • After this procedure, you need to restart the browser and see that everything works.

Virus cleaning

How to clean Smart TV and how to clear cache if TV slows down? There are various ways to achieve this goal. First, let’s try to work on the device’s memory, perhaps it needs to be freed.

Other cleaning methods.

How can I clear LG or Samsung memory using other methods? If your TV is equipped with an external hard drive, you can do the following:

  • Detach media from device.
  • Connect it to a personal computer using a USB cable.
  • Open the antivirus that is installed on the PC. Scan the disk for threats.
  • Remove detected threats, if any appeared after analysis.
  • If you cannot get rid of the problem, you can carry out preventive formatting of the media.

Check out our other article to also learn how to uninstall an app from your Samsung Smart TV.

Is It Possible On A Samsung Smart TV

For the same prevention, you can install an antivirus that will secure the operation of your TV.


Now you know that most of the problems that may arise when working with such devices are related to the “improper” operation of the device and you don’t have to think about how to clean the TV from viruses, it doesn’t matter if it’s “Samsung” or “LG”. Try to keep the memory of your TV clean, install only trusted applications and stop watching multimedia through a standard browser. Compliance with these SIMple rules will help you enjoy watching Smart TV, because you will not need to fix your mistakes forever.