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How to Recover / Erase Screen Time / Passcode in iOS 14/13/12

Pinfinder. it is a good password and time recovery program, but it cannot help you recover forgot password in iOS 13/14. Although in reality most iOS users are using the latest iOS 14 on their device. So how to recover Screen Time password or restrictions in iOS 13/14?

Here we highly recommend Pinfinder’s excellent alternative, iPhone Unlock for you to remove forgotten password on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It has the ability to easily erase any password including iPhone lock screen password, Apple ID password and Time Screen password. You can download it for free and grab the following guide to use this Pinfinder alternative.

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iPhone Unlocker can easily erase the original screen time passcode or restrictions in iOS 14, iOS 13 and iOS 12. After successfully removing the passcode, you can go to the Screen Time feature and use it without a passcode.

This Pinfinder alternative also allows you to directly check forgotten password if you are using iOS 11. Similar to Pinfinder, it will rely on iTunes backup to find your restriction password.

Pinfinder. How to Check / Recover Forgotten Screen Time Limits and Codes in iOS 13/14

Forgot Screen Time or Restriction Password and don’t know how to find it back?

Also known as iOS 14 Limits, Screen Time provides an easy way to monitor various applications on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This allows you to add time limits for some apps and games. It also allows you to monitor and control your child’s device to avoid bad content. However, forgetting the password is very common, especially when the password is different from the password on the lock screen.

Pinfinder. is a kind of Screen Time password recovery tool that can help you find forgotten restrictions or Screen Time password back in iOS 14. Here in this post, we show you how to use Pinfinder to recover forgotten iPhone / iPad / iPod password in iOS 14. What’s more, we will introduce you to powerful iPhone unlock to recover or remove Screen Time passcode in iOS 13 and iOS 14.

  • Recover or Remove Screen Time / Limit Passcode on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Remove any passcode (4/6 digit, Face / Touch ID) including Time Time screen passcode with ease.
  • Safely Find or Disable Screen Time / Password without iOS Data Loss.
  • Support for multiple iOS versions such as iOS 14/13/12/11 and iOS devices including the most recent.

What is Pinfinder. basic information about Pinfinder

PinFinder is a very popular password and screen time recovery tool to help you find forgotten password in iOS 14. This free password recovery software supports Windows, Mac and Linux systems. He can count on a suitable iTunes backup to find your forgotten Screen Time or Restrictions password on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Unlike erasing all data and settings on an iOS device, Pinfinder offers a more practical way to solve forgotten Screen Time password problem. One big disadvantage of Pinfinder is that it only supports iOS 7-12.4. If you are using a new iOS device such as iPhone 11 Pro, 11 or iPhone X which has iOS 14 installed, you can go straight to the third part to recover your forgotten password.

How to Recover Forgotten Screen Time Passcode from Pinfinder in iOS 14

If your iPhone / iPad / iPod is running iOS 12, you can rely on Pinfinder to recover and find your forgotten restriction password using Pinfinder. This part will show you how to use Pinfinder in detail.

After opening iTunes, connect your iPhone to it with a lightning USB cable. Click Conclusion in the left pane, and then click the Back Up button on the right. Make sure you create a new iTunes backup on this computer.

Once you receive your password, you can open the Settings app and return to Screen Time. You must remember this 4-digit password. Or you can change the password that you can easily remember.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pinfinder and Screen Time / Restrictions Password Recovery

Pinfinder. This is a free tool to recover restriction codes and screen time to help you find forgotten password from iTunes backup. Pinfinder source code is published on GitHub and is safe to use.

How to enable Screen Time passcode feature in iOS 13/14?

Unlock your iOS device and open the Settings app. You can scroll down to find the Screen Time option. Click on it to enter its main interface. Then you can tap Use Screen Time Passcode to start using Screen Time on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

How do I download Pinfinder on my Mac?

You can go to the official Pinfinder website and click “Apple MAC OS” on the left to go to the “Pinfinder for Mac OS” page. Then download the latest version of Pinfinder for Mac from the link “Latest version of Pinfinder for Mac”.

After reading this page, you can learn more information about PinFinder.Also, you can learn how to use Pinfinder to recover forgotten screen time passwords and restrictions in iOS 14. If your iPhone / iPad / iPod is using iOS 13/14, you can choose Recommended iPhone Unlocker to recover or remove preview password Leave us a message if you have any questions.

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If you forgot your iPhone restrictions passcode, read this article to reset and change the restriction passcode on your iPhone (including iPhone 12/12 Pro).

Locked from your iPad? How to remove password from iPad? How to remove password on iPad? Click here for a complete guide to remove iPad password.

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To fix iPhone locked screen, the clear password function can help you. And you can also clear Apple ID or Screen Time password easily.

Backing up to iTunes

We launch iTunes and connect the iPhone with the forgotten password restrictions to the computer. In the top bar of iTunes, click on the iPhone icon that appears.

In the side panel, select. “Overview”. In the backup section, select “This computer” and click “Create a copy now”. The described steps are for firmware up to iOS 11 inclusive. If you have iOS 12 and higher, then before clicking. Create a copy, you must check the encryption box, the fact is that Apple has changed the algorithm for saving the restriction password in new firmware.

The most important thing is that if you have firmware up to iOS 11, so that the “Encrypt local copy” checkbox is by no means ticked, if you have it, then you need to remove it by specifying your backup password. If the backup is encrypted, then the password for restrictions in Pinfinder will not be recognized.

For iOS 12 and higher firmwares, when creating a backup for Pinfinder, you need an encrypted backup, so in new firmware we put a daw. Encrypt local copy. Don’t forget your password that you use for encryption.

The program synchronizes the iPhone and places a backup copy in the computer’s memory. All of the above can be skipped if your iTunes previously automatically backed up your iPhone (with a forgotten restriction password). You can see the availability of backups in the iTunes settings, more details here. “Creating backups in iTunes”.

Pinfinder: Help you quickly remember forgotten password restrictions on iPhone and iPad

One of the most commonly forgotten passwords on iPhone or iPad is the restrictions passcode. The fact is that the phone rarely asks for a password set for restrictions (unlike a regular password), mostly users encounter it when trying to reset the settings (and not only). There is no standard or factory password for iPhone restrictions in the iOS firmware, since this password is disabled by default from the box, the user comes up with it during operation. There is no universal master code for resetting such a password either. What to do?

If you have forgotten the iPhone restrictions password and cannot remember it, then earlier we tried to reset it like this. “Instructions for resetting a forgotten iOS restrictions password”, the method still works. Today, thanks to the commentator with the nickname Vit (thanks to Bro), we will try out another way to restore access to the iPhone restrictions settings. As it turned out, the iPhone restrictions password can not only be reset, removed, erased, but also found out! Go.

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To find out the forgotten iPhone restrictions password (iPad or iPod) you need:

  • Computer with iTunes installed
  • Pinfinder program
  • iPhone with a forgotten restriction passcode (or rather, its backup)
  • You need to know the iOS version of your iPhone or iPad

Before we start, I will briefly explain how the restrictions password will be restored. It’s simple, Pinfinder will decrypt and extract the password from the backup of our iPhone.

Where to download Pinfinder

To decrypt the restrictions password, the Pinfinder program is used, to download it, do the following:

In the browser of a computer connected to the Internet, paste the link below or just click on this link: https://github.com/gwatts/pinfinder/releases

Downloading Pinfinder to remove password restrictions in iOS

In the window that opens, select the Pinfinder version for your version of the Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. If you have Windows, then take into account the bitness of the operating system, how to determine the bit depth is described here. “Windows 32 or 64 bit”.

How to remove Restrictions Passcode on iPhone

Find out iPhone restrictions password in Pinfinder

Pinfinder is 1 megabyte in size. After downloading, you do not need to install the program, you just need to unpack the archive and run the program.

Pinfinder will recover forgotten restriction password. For iPad and iPhone

Once launched, Pinfinder automatically finds the iPhone backup and learns the forgotten restriction password of your iPhone or iPad. The password displays on the right side in the RESTRICTION section. It took about 10 seconds to recover the iPhone and iPad restriction settings password.

In general, that’s all. Having learned the restrictions password, go through. Settings. General. Restrictions and enter the password. Here you can disable this password or change it to a new one. Now you know another way to quickly recover and remove restrictions passcode in your iPhone.

Forgot iPhone restrictions passcode? 2 ways to remove this code!

Hello everyone! Recently, an interesting situation happened to me. in order to respond to a comment, I needed to rummage through the settings of my iPhone and see if it was possible to set restrictions on a certain program in iOS. As usual, I open “Settings. General. Restrictions”, run into the sign “Enter the restriction passcode” and understand that


I just don’t remember these four numbers!

Of course, in the end everything ended well, but a similar situation made me think about this If even I, a person constantly poking around in the iPhone and iPad, somehow managed to forget the restrictions password, then what can we say about an ordinary user who uses this setting once a year, and even then on major holidays?

Most likely, many will not even remember the fact that they put this code at all. Not to mention some numbers there. And now what i can do? So go without access to all the settings? Of course not. There are two ways to solve this problem. Go!

By the way, remember. there is no “factory”, “factory”, “standard” password. The code is set by the user himself when opening the restrictions settings for the first time.

Remove password completely

There is only one way to delete the code without knowing it. by restoring the firmware. There is nothing difficult about this:

  • Connect iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed.
  • Click restore.

But no. This method has very big disadvantages:

  • Yes, you get rid of password restrictions. But absolutely all information will also be deleted from the device.!
  • Thinking of restoring data from a backup? Here, too, has its own “troubles”. After all, if the copy was created at the moment when the code was already installed, then when it is restored, the restrictions password will be returned to the device.

In general, the method is working, but not very convenient. there are too many reservations when using it. Fortunately, there are other options

Find out the code

Yes it is possible. And most importantly, we don’t even need to strain our memory and remember a forgotten password. A special program will do everything for us!

This very program “pulls” the code from the backup. Accordingly, the computer must have at least one copy that includes the restriction password. If you don’t have one yet, just create it right now through iTunes.

  • Follow the link and download the latest current version for your operating system.
  • We launch the program and after a few seconds we see the required four digits.

Victory! It remains only to remember them and never forget 🙂 And finally, a few questions and answers:

  • Is it a safe program. can it be used at all? Can. Especially considering the fact that it is openly posted on GitHub (the world’s largest resource for hosting IT projects and their joint development).
  • What versions of iOS does it work with? I have tested it working on iOS 10, 11 and 12. everything is fine. However, judging by the description, absolutely any firmware version is supported starting from iOS 7 (inclusive).

As you can see, everything is very simple, multifunctional and safe. Nothing complicated! However, if something does not work out for you or if you have any questions, be sure to write in the comments, we will try to figure it out together and find a solution.!

Updated! I completely forgot one very important thing when using PinFinder. Since the password is “pulled” from the backup, you need to remember this. this very backup should not be encrypted. Otherwise PinFinder will swear and give an error. How do I remove encryption? It’s simple. connect the iPhone, launch iTunes and uncheck the corresponding menu item.

However, at the moment this setting (encryption) is no longer relevant, since

Updated 2! To be honest, I did not even expect such attention to my modest blog, but the author of the program (Gareth Watts) unsubscribed in the comments (for which he thanks a lot!) And said that a new version of PinFinder 1.6.0 has been released. Support for encrypted backups is declared. now it is not necessary to disable encryption in iTunes in order to find out the iPhone restrictions password. Just super!

Updated 3! A new version of the program has been released. PinFinder 1.7.1. What’s new? There is support for iOS 12. now you can find out the “Screen Time Passcode” (formerly “Restrictions”) without any problems. Hurrah. True, in iOS 12 Apple slightly revised its security policy and now the Screen Time passcode can only be retrieved from an encrypted backup. Remember this and be careful!

Apple ID password

The Apple ID password is set when you create your account. We will not write here how to register an Apple ID. there is an article on our website that explains in detail. pressing is the question of recovering a forgotten Apple ID password.

How to put

Setting a password on the lock screen is done as follows:

Step 1. Go to “Settings “IPhone, find the section”Password “And follow it.

Step 2. Click on the item “Enable password “.

Step 3. Come up with a 4-digit combination and enter it twice.

After that, the lock password will be set.

Pay attention to the other options present in the section “Password “. For example, through the menu “Password request »You can set the time period. For how long the gadget will have to stay locked in order to ask for a password.

This option allows the active user of the gadget to avoid the need to waste time entering the digital code several times per minute. The optimal time interval for requesting a password is 5 minutes.

You can also set a 4-hour period. however, in this case, do you need a password at all ?

Apple warns: the shorter the time period for asking for a password, the more secure the data on the iPhone.

Another interesting option is “Erase data “. The slider for its activation is located at the very bottom of the “Password “.

If the option “Erase data »Is activated, then after 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, all information stored on the mobile device is destroyed. Needless to say, a user who ventured to enable this option should back up data on a permanent basis.?

How to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it

You can reset your Apple ID password in 2 ways: via email or by answering security questions. The reset is done as follows:

Step 2. Enter in the appropriate fields your Apple ID (mailing address to which the account is attached) and captcha. Pay attention to the customer focus of Apple: a user with a bad one can force the service to name the captcha. if he clicks on the item “For the visually impaired “.

Having entered the captcha, you need to click “Proceed “.

Step 3. On the next page, select the option “I want to reset my password “And click again on”Proceed “.

If you want to protect your child from unwanted actions or content, you can set a passcode for iPhone restrictions. Where to find it and what it is all about. written in this article.

What is the default restriction passcode code in iPhone by default

How to know if you forgot

If you’ve forgotten your restrictions passcode, you don’t have to reset your iPhone. You will be able to find out the password using special software. Pinfinder will do. which you can download. The utility weighs only 1 MB and is downloaded in archive format. therefore, to use it, you need to have WinRAR on your PC.

You can find out the forgotten restriction password using Pinfinder by doing the following:

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Step 1. Back up iPhone data via iTunes. If you have already done a backup that includes the restrictions password before, you can skip this step.

Step 2. Open the archive and run the executable file Pinfinder.exe.

In the column “Backup time »Lists the dates of the most recent backups. Find the current date, then pay attention to the combination of numbers that appears opposite it in the column “Restrictions Passcode “. This combination is the current restriction password.

Restriction and Lock passwords are 4 digits long, so users often use the same combination. If you forget the restriction password, you should first of all try to enter the unlock code instead. maybe this will give a result.

IPhone Lock Screen Password

The owner of the iPhone enters the lock password many times every day, so cases when this code is forgotten are rare. Any combination of 4 digits is suitable for the role of the lock password, but it is better to avoid very primitive ones (like 0000). The user needs to remember that the lock password protects his photo, among which there may be compromising evidence.

How to change / disable passcode on iPhone

You can change the unlock code in the same section “Settings “. Go to it and enter the current password. Then click on the item “Change Password “.

Re-enter the valid code, then enter the new combination twice.

The user can set as a password not only a combination of 4 digits, but also a more complex set of symbols. including letters and punctuation marks. To do this, you need to translate the slider “Simple password “To inactive position.

iPhone will ask you to enter a valid security code. then it will give you the opportunity to set a complex password.

The complex password entry screen looks like this:

It is very easy to remove the passcode from iPhone. You just need to click on the item “Turn off password “And enter the current security code once.

IPhone Restrictions Password

Apple technology users have problems with passwords for restrictions all the time. You have to enter the restrictions password much less often than the unlock code, so forgetting it is as easy as shelling pears.

Password reset

This is probably the first decision that comes to everyone’s mind. We have many different senses when it comes to how we protect our devices. It is not uncommon for people to forget access codes. This is why we mention the most likely solutions in the first place.

First you need to go to “Settings”, “General” and then to “Restrictions“.

You will now be prompted to enter a passcode.

Now you have to click “Disable Restrictions”, after which you re-enter your password.

Now you can go ahead and enable restrictions where you can enter a new password. Make sure you don’t forget it next time.

Features of dr.fone. Phone backup (iOS)

  • All it takes is one click to back up all your data.
  • You can preview the item before deciding whether to download it or not.
  • You can also continue restoring, exporting or backing up data from any date you want.
  • None of your important data will be lost during boot and restore.
  • It is fully compatible with various old and new iPhone models.

You will walk through all the steps of backup and restore if you forgot iPhone restriction passcode.

One of the main reasons that we feel dr.fone is a good choice, you can not only back up all your important data through it, but also restore it. You won’t need to use multiple apps to complete the process. If you are not sure which data is useful and which is not, then all you need to do is. is to view the data and then restore it.
What happens if I have already backed up data via iCloud or iTunes?
The main problem if you are using iCloud or iTunes is that it overwrites all passwords. This means that all previous passwords will be saved on your phone again. It will even be one that you would have forgotten. So, you will go back to the first step again. But using a doctor. A background would help solve all these problems without any hassle.

If the data is really important to you and you want to keep it at any cost, you can use dr.fone. Data Recovery (iOS).It will not only help you when you forgot the password restrictions on iPhone, but also help you to preview and then download only the selected files. You can access all the data through this app and scroll until you find the data you were looking for. You will need a computer to which you can back up all your data and from where you can restore it all back to your phone. dr.fone. recovery is wonderful too Recover Snapchat messages a tool that can easily Recover and Recover Lost iPhone Contacts.

Solutions In Case You Forgot iPhone Password Restrictions

Everyone has a password on their phone these days. Not only does this help keep people from spying on your phone, but it also helps protect your personal information from strangers or people who might use it. Often Someone Forgot iPhone Restrictions Passcode or iPhone Screen Black.

Apple’s iPhone. one of the best gadgets you can find. IPhone sales are at an all-time high. It is often said that IOS is the most reliable system among all the others. It is very safe and secure. We often set strong passwords to prevent our loved ones from guessing. But often people forget the iPhone password limits.

Before we find ways to work around this, we must first learn a little about restrictive access codes. There is a 4-digit or 6-digit PIN that parents or guardians set on the kids’ phone so that they know which apps are being downloaded, etc. Restrictions can be set for a variety of reasons. For example, this can be done so that a child or person does not spend a lot of money on unnecessary things.

This is a useful feature that allows you to protect your interests and keep an eye on young people at the same time. And you can also learn about how to jailbreak iPhone from computer. Below are the solutions in case you forgot the restriction passcode on iPhone.

Mac computer

Note. This is a more technical question than the previous one. But it will help to get iPhone back after you forgot iPhone restriction passcode. This method doesn’t always work, so we put it in the last section and added some solutions that will work.

You need to connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

Go to iTunes if you forgot iPhone restriction passcode, then back up. Remember the exact location where you saved all the data.

Download iPhone Backup Extractor as it can read and determine the restriction password. Once downloaded, you can unzip, then install and run the program.

Scroll down, select “iOS Files” and click “Extract”.

From the extracted files, find a file called “com.Apple.springboard.plist”.

Right next to SBParentalControlsPin you will find the numbers 1234. This is the password you forgot. Remember this.

It’s also a great step if you’ve forgotten your iPhone Restriction Passcode and wanted to retrieve it.

Reset restriction password

You will need a computer to complete this step. If you don’t have it, you can borrow it from someone else as it won’t take long.

This method may not work only if you have already enabled Find My iPhone, because it provides additional security for the device. This will not help in this particular situation, since you forgot the restriction passcode on your iPhone. So, you need to go to Settings and manually disable Find My iPhone, which you can find in the iCloud section.

Selecting “Delete all settings and content” will not fix the problem. You must provide your Apple ID password as well as the restrictions password. This will get you back to normal and you will also lose all data.

First of all, you need to make sure that the “Find My iPhone” option is disabled.

Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and go to iTunes. Download the latest iTunes before moving on.

Now you can go to the “Summary” option and after that click “Restore iPhone“.

When the “Refresh Window” window appears, click “Next” and then click “Agree”.

You will have to wait for iTunes to download; the update will take a couple of minutes.

Once that’s done, you can go ahead and access your phone even if you’ve forgotten iPhone password restrictions.

If you decide to continue following the steps that were mentioned below, you should understand that this can lead to the loss of important data, therefore it is recommended that you create a backup of all data that is important to you so that valuable information or data can be saved on your phone later.

If you have forgotten the restriction password on iPhone, then you will need an app such as dr.fone Phone Backup (iOS), and if you are thinking of retrieving data via iCloud or iTunes, then they will ask you to enter the password you already forgot. Backing up your data with an app that is an expert in the field will help keep your information safe and also help you get the information back whenever you want without any hassle.


First of all, you need to download the tool and then install the iBackUp tool on your Windows computer.

Next, you will need to connect your iPhone to your desktop. Then go to iTunes, find the phone icon you want and click on it. Then you have to click on “Summary” and then click “Back up now”.

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Launch the iBackUp tool and go to System Files, after which you will need to go to Home Domain. Once there, click on “Library” and then “Settings”. These steps will help you if you forget the password restrictions on iPhone.

Now you need to find a file named “com.Apple.springboard.plist” and then click to open the file through Notepad or WordPad.

Once the file is open, you will need to find these specific lines.

Once you find them, it is suggested to add these lines in case you forgot the restriction password on the iPhone you want to retrieve. SBParentalControlsPIN

Just copy and then paste it, it will be easier and more accurate.

Now you can save the file and close it.

You may not understand what exactly you did, but if you want to know what it was, then you edited the backup folder by changing the “Restriction Password” to 1234. Then you went and restored the backup, which no longer contains the restriction code.

Using dr.fone Data Eraser (iOS) if you forgot password restrictions on iPhone

You have an alternative solution that you can use if you like. It’s called dr.fone. Data Eraser (iOS) This app helps you to erase iPhone and completely erase all personal data on iPhone, which includes password restrictions. Once that is done, you can use the tool mentioned above to restore all data back to the phone you want. But to recover your data, make sure you download it first.

Download, install and launch the application on your PC. You will see a toolbar where you can see “Data Eraser” To erase data.

You need to connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Once the computer detects this, you can click the Erase All Data option.

All data will be completely erased from your device, so they will ask you to confirm.

Keep your device connected while dr.fone gets to work.

When the process is completed, you will be able to see it on the screen of the window that informs you about it.

The device is now as good as new. You can customize it as you like. This would be a great option if you’ve forgotten the passcode restrictions on iPhone.

Forgot iPhone or iPad restrictions passcode

He began to think and study all possible ways to reset the password. It turned out that in any iPhone or iPad, the password for restrictions can be reset in two ways:

  • Restore iPad to iTunes (Erase All)
  • Change password manually (all information remains)

In general, Afanasy performed the recovery in iTunes and sold his empty iPad 2, which no longer had any applications or passwords.

But sometimes there are situations where forgetful iPhone or iPad users do not want to lose information when resetting restrictions passcode. First, they wander the Internet in search of a standard default password, then they try to remember what password they set for restrictions, if they don’t remember, then they get here and read this instruction.

As a result of our experiments, we came to the conclusion that it is impossible to find out the forgotten code, but the restrictions password can be reset (by changing it to your own) in any iPhone, iPad or iPod. This can be done with or without a jail, both in the old iOS 5.1 firmware and in the new iOS 7.

Reset restrictions passcode in iPhone or iPad without jail

As an experiment, we put a password for restrictions on a device without jailbreak with iOS 7 and will try to reset it without losing information.

To carry out the experiment, we need:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without jail with 7th (or other) firmware
  • Computer with iTunes and iBackupBot installed
  • Standard USB cable
  • A little care

All steps to reset password restrictions are similar to the previously discussed instructions. “Turn on percentages on iPod touch”.

We connect our iPhone or iPad, we connect iPod touch to the computer using a USB cable and launch iTunes

In the iTunes program, so as not to get confused in the future, we deleted all previously made backups, (iTunes. Settings. Devices).

After deleting the backups, here in iTunes we create a new backup of our device, for this we right-click on the iPhone or iPod and select. Create backup. All this happens in the left sidebar, if you don’t have it in iTunes, then read and turn on.

Change the forgotten restrictions password to a new one

The backup has been created, now, using the iBackupBot program, we will reset the old password, replacing it with a new one. We launch iBackupBot, the shortcut of which appeared on the computer desktop, immediately after installation. We see our only backup copy in the program, in it we need to find the com.Apple.springboard.plist file, it is located in the following path: System Files / HomeDomain / Library / Preferences.

If you cannot find this file yourself, then use the search in iBackupBot.

As soon as you find the com.Apple.springboard.plist file, we recommend that you save a copy of it (right side of the mouse. Export Selected item) just in case.

On the found file, click twice with the mouse, in the appeared registration window, select. Cancel, and proceed to editing.

Scroll down and look for a place to insert our new restrictions password. We inserted our code between the commands shown in the picture, i.e. after the closing tag (above which ContryCode and ru). If you don’t have anything similar, then you can paste the code at the very bottom of the file, before the two closing tags and

The four zeros indicated at the bottom of the code are our new restrictions password, which we can use upon successful completion of our actions.

After the code is inserted, you need to save the edited file, for this you can click on the floppy disk in the upper left corner or Ctrl S (for Windows users). After successfully saving the appended file com.Apple.springboard.plist, you can close the iBackupBot program and reopen iTunes.

In iTunes, we need to restore our device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) with an edited backup. To do this, in the iTunes program, click on our device and in the General tab in the Backups section, click the button. Restore from a copy. Select our only copy and click. Restore.

After the restore is complete, the iPhone (and in our case, the iPod) will reboot. Now you can check whether the old forgotten password of restrictions has been reset, for this we launch the Settings. General. Restrictions application and enter our new password: 0000. If you did everything correctly, the new password will work and you will see the restrictions menu. If the new password of four zeros does not work, then you did something wrong, in which case we read it carefully and try again. In the meantime, we will tell you about an easier way to reset restrictions passwords for iPhones, iPods and iPads with an executed jail.

What to do if you forgot the restrictions passcode on your iPhone or iPad

Apple specialists are constantly improving the protection of their iPhones, iPods and iPads, and they are doing it at a fast pace. In the iPhone 5S model, in addition to passwords, there are already Touch ID fingerprint scanners, in general, everything is serious. But today more about passwords.

Any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can be password protected, it is quite easy to set a password to unlock the device, but you can also set a password for restrictions. We came across a password restriction on the example of protecting applications from accidental deletion from the iPhone.

Today we are going to tell you how to reset the restrictions passcode on your iPhone or iPad. Indeed, very often there are cases when a user simply forgot his restriction password and cannot remember it.

Change Forgotten Restrictions Password in iPad with Jail

If you’ve forgotten your restrictions password, but your device is jailbroken, you can reset your password much faster and easier. This does not require a computer or iTunes, you will need:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod with jail
  • Installed file manager iFile

The advantage of this method is that you do not need to mess around for a long time to make backups and restore. Just run iFile.

Go along the following path right in the device: / var / mobile / Library / Preferences, look for our com.Apple.springboard.plist file in this directory, click on it and select. Text Editor.

We see the code in order to start editing it, press the Change button at the top

And according to the principle described above (in the method without jel), insert a magic code into it that will change the forgotten password for restrictions on your iPad or other device to four zeros. The main thing is not to make mistakes when pasting the code. After that, in the upper right corner, click. Save and confirm with the button. Done.

Voila, go to the restrictions settings and check our new restrictions password, which we put in place of the forgotten one. What code and where to insert is shown on the screenshots and described in the first method. The two ways to reset the restrictions passcode discussed today can be applied to iPad, iPhone and iPod, while all data must be preserved.

After you enter the restrictions settings using four zeros, you can disable the restrictions password or change it to a new one that you will never forget. See you friends, train your memory!