iPhone or Android what to choose

IOS pros

Support for two “SIM” and microSD-cards

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IPhone owners have always suffered from a lack of memory. Yes, now there are models for 128 and 256 GB, but they also cost accordingly.

Android users, as a rule, have the option of expanding memory out of the box. I bought Smart for 10,000 rubles with 4 GB of memory, bought a card for 2,000 rubles for 128 GB, and you enjoy life.

But the second SIM-card in iPhones is really not enough. Sometimes situations arise when it is simply necessary.

For example, one is used for friends and at home, the other for work. I don’t want to carry two devices with me in order to be always in touch. It’s easier to stick in the second SIM card.

Android can be customized

If the owners of iOS devices can change the minimum for themselves (ringtone, wallpaper, and so on), then there are much more settings in Android.

In it, you can change any small interface element and make it “unique”. The settings sliders are changed, the icons are replaced. But you can download a couple of plugins and change the look of the operating system beyond recognition.

iOS is a secure system

Apple’s operating system is considered secure for a reason. This is a closed “axis”.

Applications are installed only from the App Store, just download the installer from the Internet and install the program will not work.

Therefore, there are no special antiviruses for the iPhone, they are simply not needed. The same cannot be said about Android owners who have a much higher chance of catching a virus.

Pros of Android


With each version of the Android operating system, the interface becomes much simpler. This simplification began with the release of OS version 5. A new technology called Material Design was introduced. All main tabs are presented in the form of cards with smooth rounded edges. In the latest versions of Android 7, 8, 9, navigation has been seriously redesigned, users were finally able to get a convenient and functional interface. There are innovations: menu curtains, badges for applications, etc.

In turn, iOS is a functional system with simple navigation, users can access most of the options with one touch. Everything is done for maximum convenience, but there are some disadvantages: you cannot customize the theme, icons, notifications, etc. Everything is very conservative here, so for lovers of personalization this can be a significant drawback.


The design of the phone has become one of the main criteria for choosing a particular device. Apple has been conservative about changing the look of the device for a long time. But that all changed when phones with bezel-less screens went into the trend. this was the impetus for a cardiac change in the design of the iPhone. iPhone X was a real breakthrough in the design of modern devices and most manufacturers imitate it. Just a few days ago, Apple unveiled a new 10 iPhone lineup. The budget XR series stands out strongly against the background of other gadgets of this company, otherwise the younger models are similar to each other and practically do not differ in anything.

With devices running Android, everything is different, today there are a large number of similar smartphones with a unique design on the market. Many companies create truly amazing phones by constantly experimenting in this area. The line of Android smartphones includes various devices for every taste and color with thoughtful design to the smallest detail.

Manufacturer support and service

Apple’s specialized repair services are found almost everywhere. The service is built to the maximum to ensure the comfort of the owners. Problems are resolved in a short enough time.

In turn, owners of Android devices will have to find a service center for a specific manufacturer. For example, for owners of well-known brands Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo, you can quickly find a service, for others it can be a problem.

Camera quality

The iPhone’s camera is stunning, with the latest 12MP models featuring a hexagonal lens, allowing you to capture high-quality portrait shots. Speaking of Android, only devices from Sony and the new Samsung Galaxy S9 can boast of similar characteristics here (the characteristics are almost identical). Macro shots on the iPhone look good enough. Portrait photos also look very impressive. The noise level when shooting at dawn, dusk, in a dim room is permissible low.

Reliability and protection of the operating system

The iOS operating system is closed source and has an increased level of security. The software for the iPhone is produced exclusively by the manufacturer, which is why maximum compatibility is achieved. Thanks to this, there are a minimum of failures and various breakdowns.

Android is an open source system, manufacturers of some devices are updating the original version of the OS by adding their applications, start screen, releasing updates, etc. In some cases, such systems can be unstable and cause malfunctions. But at the moment. the optimization of the operating system is at the proper level.

iPhone and Android. Comparison of Features and Differences

Smartphones have become indispensable gadgets, with their help people communicate, access the Internet, play, take photos and shoot videos. The market is overflowing with various devices and it happens that it is quite difficult to make a choice in favor of one or another gadget. At the moment, the leading roles in the market are given to smartphones based on the Android operating system and Apple smartphones. In this material, we will get acquainted with the technical characteristics of these devices and talk about all the important aspects of choosing.

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First of all, the choice between the two devices should be based solely on the purpose for which the device is needed. It is necessary to understand the difference that Android is the platform used by the overwhelming majority of modern devices (on the site kantarworldpanel.com you can see the share of Androids on the market by country). iPhone is exactly a smartphone that operates under the iOS operating system. It is illogical to compare a smartphone and a platform, so by Android we will mean absolutely all devices using it.

Many users cannot give preference to one of the phones, since it is difficult to say that it is better than iPhone or Android, each has both advantages and disadvantages. Next, let’s take a closer look at the main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a smartphone.

Operating system version support

If support for new versions is important for a person, then speaking about which is better. Android or Apple, yet the latter again surpasses the “green man”.

One of the advantages of the iOS operating system is a certain nuance. The point is that the new version can be installed even on those devices that were released three or four years ago. For Android, this is really an unaffordable luxury. Therefore, you should think about which is better. “Android” or Apple?

The Nexus line has the operating system for which the update comes out most often, but it cannot boast of such long-term support. If we talk about a large number of manufacturers, then it should be noted that, as a rule, they do not like to install the most current version of the operating system on budget models.

Nuances of software

Even with the above nuances, iOS and Android have their own advantages. For example, 3D Touch capabilities are built-in, which allow you to add a photo to Instagram or in just one click. It’s a pretty handy app that doesn’t require a lot of movement.

There is a useful Continuity feature that is now found on Android. However, it is more and more successfully implemented on iOS. It also allows you to easily transfer settings from any application from your phone to your computer. It should also be noted among the advantages of the iPhone that you can sync everything with any of your devices, which also run on iOS. If a person starts writing a letter or a note on one device, he can always continue to do so on another. And this applies not only to mail and any built-in applications. You can receive calls on iPad when your phone is out of reach. It is also allowed to send and receive messages via a tablet or computer.

Preferred option

Talking about which is best. “Android” or “Apple”, describing this issue, it should be said that the second is simpler. It has one button and no other menus. Returning back or additional functions, as well as extra keys are not here. For an advanced user, this will clearly cause discomfort, but for those who are just starting to master smartphones, acquaintance with the operating system from Apple will be much easier.

iOS vs Android – Which One Should You Choose? [Simple Guide]

But there are some disadvantages to be noted. With each passing year, these two systems borrow from each other’s pluses and minuses. Unfortunately, one of the latest versions of iOS “pleased” all its users with the fact that it has a lot of bugs, and distinguished itself by unstable work. If we talk about “Android”, then, as a rule, it is more flexible, and in order to fix any bugs, it is enough to install a third-party shell. However, if you nevertheless compare them in terms of the simplicity of the interface, then Apple is noticeably superior here.

Additional options

Therefore, speaking of which is better. “Android” or “Apple”, however, it should be said that the iPhone operating system is much more efficient. It has the Airdrop function, which allows all Apple device owners to send and receive any file. This system is analogous to Bluetooth, which, in principle, is not installed on phones. However, the modern utility has more simplified functionality, it is easier to use, and it also received a high transfer speed. With AirPlay, you can play music from one device to another. This all works without installing any third-party applications and dancing with a tambourine, as Android requires. Therefore, each person must decide for himself which smartphone is better to choose. Apple or Android?

Of course, all of the above can be used on Android as well. However, this will require a lot of effort in making software settings and finding the necessary utility. By the way, it should be noted: it is not a fact that it will be possible to implement a more or less workable application, since Android, in principle, is not designed for such options.


It should be noted that Android is more susceptible to viruses. This is not to say that they all come through Google Play, but the fact that the system is not secure is a fact. It should also be noted that many high-quality applications first come out on iOS, only then analogs for Android are developed.

No matter how supporters of “Android” admire this system and try to convince that Google Play is more optimal, however, if in this matter you choose which phone is better. “Android” or “Apple”, the latter should be preferred.


It should be noted that at the moment about 80% of all Apple work phones that have ever been released operate on iOS 10. On version 9, about 16% are left, and about 5% are using an earlier modification of the operating system.

Speaking about why it is better to choose Android instead of iPhone, it should be noted that at the moment almost every tenth device running on “Android” still operates on the firmware that was released in 2012. Now about 31% of users use Marshmello and slightly less than the oldest Lollipop.

Which is better: Android or iOS?

It’s no secret that Android and iOS can be considered the main mobile operating systems today. True, it is worth considering that Android OS is by no means more popular than iOS. after all, it is used on most smartphones around the world, while iOS is used strictly on Apple devices.

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Users often ask themselves the question. what to choose, iOS or Android? In fact, the choice is not that difficult: if you want an iPhone, then in any case you have to be content with iOS. If you decide to buy, say, a Samsung Galaxy, it will have Android OS installed on it. It’s simple. Nevertheless, in our article we will look at the pros of each of the operating systems. And let’s start with iOS.

IOS pros

It may seem ridiculous to some, but iOS can be safely considered the first mobile operating system for smartphones in their current form. Yes, yes, Android OS entered the market later, which, however, did not prevent it from gaining world leadership.

iOS VS Android. Did You Make The Right Choice?

Since iOS is used only on Apple’s mobile devices, of which there are not so many, the company, when developing the OS, is working out every detail, every element of the system, so in terms of stability of operation, iOS will be one step ahead. Errors on the screen of the same iPhone are rare, and even if such an error occurs, you just need to restart the application. The iOS optimization is so good that it allows the company to use less RAM, which, oddly enough, is enough in almost all cases. Despite this, when new versions of iOS are released, device owners often complain about certain shortcomings, which, as a rule, are eliminated along with the next update.

It is impossible not to mention the applications and toys that are released on mobile platforms. It just so happened that often the same games are first released specifically for iOS and only then appear on Google Play. How important it is is up to you. In general, this whole story with applications and games resembles a “struggle” between Xbox and Sony Playstation: there are exclusive games for each console, while others are released first for one console, and after a while for another. The same is true in the case of the confrontation between iOS and Android.

Pros of Android

A huge number of settings. If we are talking about a device purchased in a communication store, then the number of settings will not boggle your imagination. But everything will change at the moment when the user gets superuser rights (Root-rights). he is given access to the file system of the device and he can do whatever he wants with it. For example, you can change the clock speed of the process or change the picture on the welcome screen. The main thing is to act strictly according to the instructions, since incorrect changes in only one parameter can turn the device into a “brick”.

A large number of firmwares are supported. This does not apply to every manufacturer and not every device, but for many models, you can use completely different firmware, even if they are all based on Android. they can differ significantly in their appearance and functionality. In addition, some firmwares make the device faster, while others allow better battery conservation.

Huge selection of devices on the market. You can choose, say, the same smartphone strictly to your liking. Now let’s remember Apple: how many smartphone models does it have? At the time of this writing, there are only two, the design of which, by the way, is very controversial. In the case of devices from other manufacturers, you will not have problems with choosing a device to your liking: there are a great many models, for which start from just a few thousand rubles.

What to choose?

It all depends solely on your taste and the size of your wallet. If you want exactly iOS, then you don’t have much choice. If you are looking to buy an Android smartphone, there is a huge selection of devices. I would like to note that each OS is good in its own way, so we will not convince you of what is better and what is worse. The choice is solely yours.

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Which is better. iPhone or “Android”?

Having decided to get a new smartphone, you are likely to face a choice, which is better. iPhone or “Android“. Of course, both smartphones have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, in order to make the right choice, you should take into account all these nuances.

Understanding what is better. iPhone or “Android”. it is important to note one more nuance. Android developers have tried to simplify and optimize information exchange functions as much as possible. Regardless of where the user is, be it a browser, player, photo gallery or other application, he can use the Share function and choose from an impressive list of social services and networks (including, e-mail, etc.). ) necessary.

Apple fans often mention that Android forces users to tinker with interface customization for a long time. But let’s look at the situation from the other side: the user can always customize the display of the widgets that interest him, arrange the icons in any way, add the necessary ones or get rid of the unnecessary ones. The iPhone, in turn, cannot provide such freedom of action. The most you can do is arrange all the desktop icons in different folders. However, these folders themselves, regardless of your desire, will remain on the desktop.

When talking about which is better. iPhone or “Android”, many pay attention to the keyboard. Many people find it difficult to get used to the so-called virtual keyboard after the usual buttons. Android smartphone owners can experiment in this regard, install and try using a wide variety of keyboards with a wide variety of button layouts. As you probably already guessed, apart from the standard keyboard, iOS devices cannot offer anything to their owners.

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The next factor that will be “under the gun” is additional memory. There is no doubt that 64 GB, which Apple gives to every iPhone owner, is enough for most people, as they say, with their heads. However, if you still need additional memory, you will not be able to insert a convenient tiny micro SD card, as in any Android smartphone, as the developers simply do not provide one.

Another burning question is directly related to screen sizes. Fans of the “apple” do not have much choice here. older models have a diagonal of 3.5 inches, and the new iPhone 5. as many as 4. However, in the model range of Apple smartphones there are also more options (very convenient for those who want, for example, watch movies), and more compact phones.

And, finally, we will conclude our article on how the iPhone differs from “Android” with one more fact. It is worth mentioning the ability to exchange files between the smartphone itself and the PC. Which is better. “Android” or iPhone. in this regard? In the case of Android, everything is as simple as possible: you can view, edit, add and delete files just like in any other folder on your hard drive. What about the iPhone? Firstly, without iTunes, which is difficult for unaccustomed users, none of the above can be done. And this is not to mention the fact that Apple smartphones support only a strictly defined number of video, picture and audio formats, while Androids have this list several times longer. What do you think is better. iPhone or “Android”. in fact?

Which is better smartphone or Android phone?

First, let’s figure out what is the difference between a smartphone and a phone with the “Android” operating system:

  • A smartphone is a mobile phone that has the functions of a computer. A feature of such a device is the presence of an operating system with great functionality, which is open for the integration of third-party applications. This device is also used as a mobile multimedia device.
  • The operating system is, in fact, the “heart” of the smartphone. Without it, the device is just a shell that is of little value and unusable. There are dozens of operating systems for phones today. Some of them gain popularity and become famous, others stop their development, as they are not able to compete with more functional and popular platforms.

Important! An example of such a system is Symbian, known from smartphones from Nokia, or the MeeGo project.

The following operating systems remain relevant today:

  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Windows 10 Mobile;
  • BlackBerry OS;
  • Sailfish OS;
  • Firefox OS;
  • Ubuntu Touch
  • Tizen.

Among such a wide range of operating systems, the question arises, which is better. Android or a smartphone, and why? Android is much more popular than other platforms, but perhaps less good?

Important! A distinctive feature of an android smartphone is the ability to almost completely customize the device to fit your needs. It is with this platform that smartphones are most often produced now, since its functionality and capabilities are much greater than other operating systems. We do not, of course, take into account the main competitor in this area. the “bull’s-eye” phone system.

Which phone is better. iPhone or Android?

The operating systems iOS and Android are considered to be the closest competitors, and nevertheless, they have significant differences. They will be discussed further.


The question, iPhone or smartphone. what to choose, decides not in favor of the first and the organization of memory:

  • Access to memory in phones with “apple” is limited. It is impossible to navigate through it freely, like on a personal computer. It is also not possible to expand the memory using a memory card or USB drive.
  • There are no similar flaws in Android.

Important! However, it should be noted that the creators of smartphones with this platform are also gradually abandoning the installation of a MicroSD slot, but more and more devices are equipped with USB OTG support.

IPhone Benefits

At first glance, Android is better and more convenient in everything. But there are a number of important aspects that do not allow giving the palm to this platform. In search of an answer to the question of which is better. an iPhone or a Chinese smartphone, the cost of the device plays an important role.

On the basis of “Android” phones are many times cheaper, however, you should take into account the reason for the decline in prices. Often, savings are made at the expense of the OS, its subsequent support with updates. As a result, the consumer gets a cheap, but “raw” device, which is distinguished by the unstable operation of the operating system.

Large manufacturers like LG or Samsung are less famous for such actions, and only in the case of budget devices. However, their reputation is also suffering, and fans of the “apple” argue that the fault of the unstable and flawed Android system.

Important! Such statements cannot be considered 100% true, but as a result, iPhones have similar disadvantages to a much lesser extent.

A positive aspect of the iPhone can also be considered a strict selection of software, since any program loaded in the AppStore functions stably on 1 GB of RAM. In the Play Market, there are applications that slow down even the 2 GB RAM.

Which is better. iPhone or smartphone?


  • The graphical shell of the Apple platform has an attractive appearance, but it has limitations in functionality. iOS does not support widgets on the home screen, and desktop control is not to everyone’s taste. The iPhone user has to pay the price for the beautiful appearance of the system by giving up useful functions.
  • Android, on the other hand, allows the use of third-party graphical shells. There are a lot of similar applications in the Play Market.

Important! If desired, the user can make his operating system look like the same iOS, or any other platform. IPhone owners do not have this option.