IPhone Call Recorder Application

Call Recorder Lite

This application is no less user-friendly. However, it is rather a kind of hybrid between TapeACall and Int Call. Since before recording a conversation on the iPhone, you will need to open the application itself and press the record button, then the program will dial a number that will create a three-way conference. After that, you can already dial the interlocutor’s number and combine the calls.

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Saving records is the same: Google Drive, Dropbox, Email. iMessage.

The application itself is free, but you can listen to the recordings only for the first 60 seconds. If you need more, you will have to fork out for the Pro version for 9.99, it provides a credit of 300 minutes and the ability to buy more.

Call Recorder for iPhone

This application is almost the same as TapeACall, but its cost is slightly higher.

For incoming and outgoing calls, the program creates a conference and starts recording. The only downside is that you will have to call the interlocutor from the application. Since, only in this way will the option of merging calls be enabled, and then you will also need to press the merge button to record. It is convenient that the name of the interlocutor and the recording time will be displayed on the screen.

If you pay for a year immediately for this application, then only 4.16 comes out. A free trial is also offered.

It would seem that such a simple and obvious function as call recording on iPhone should not be discussed at all. After all, it is available on almost all smartphones that have a built-in voice recorder. But, Apple has always been the pioneers of various new products and, in this case, they also excelled. Having a built-in voice recorder in the iPhone, the iOS developers considered it unnecessary to provide the ability to record incoming or outgoing calls. over, they even made life difficult for the developers of applications in the App Store, so that they could not so easily make a program for recording calls on the iPhone, which simply connects a voice recorder during a call. And Apple has very serious legal reasons for this.

The thing is that in many countries it is illegal to record phone calls, and the use of various additional devices may even amount to espionage. Apple is very strict about all legal norms, and accordingly, developers of applications in the App Store must also comply with them. But nevertheless, there are a number of methods and even applications that will allow you to make recordings legally. We will talk about them further.

Call Recorder Unlimited

This application is generally almost a copy of TapeACall. Not only does it also use a three-way conference for recording, but also their are practically similar.

The work with the application itself is completely identical, the only difference is in the design. It is possible to save records in storage or send by email.

Monthly cost 3.99, free trial available. Therefore, if the first application did not work for you, then you can try this.

Call Recorder for iPhone Calls

An expensive but good application that will make it easy to record and play voice calls on your iPhone. over, for this it will not use your SIM card. Connections will be made through special online services.

It is extremely easy to use this application, in addition, it will allow you to save and transfer records through social networks, cloud storage or email.

This application is free, but 6 credit coins will be charged for every minute of recording. You can top up your balance at any time: 99 coins cost

programs for recording calls on iPhone from the AppStore

There are indeed a lot of applications for recording calls on the iPhone, even in the AppStore. However, there are still no such simple ones as, for example, a dictaphone. They all work through a second line, conferencing, or a third phone number. The only difference is that in some applications you need to combine calls yourself, while in others everything is done automatically. But they are all paid, although they offer free versions.


Cases and cases like “Just In Case”

It looks like an ordinary anti-vandal iPhone case, but it will have a built-in microphone that is closer to the speaker of the phone. There are also two buttons for recording and pause, a separate battery for 8 hours of recording and a storage for a regular SD card. Recording is carried out in MP3 format, just like on a regular dictaphone. The cost of such covers is different. from 29 to 60.

5 Ways to Record Conversation on iPhone

Sometimes there are situations when recording a conversation on iPhone is an absolute necessity. For example, at work, the management or the client does not want to describe the important points of the assignment for a long time, but decided to just talk about them. In order not to miss anything and not to forget, it would be good to record this conversation. Or, for example, there is a need to record a telephone conversation with scammers, creditors or collectors.

And there is nothing illegal in this, since in our country the recording of a private telephone conversation by one of the interlocutors is not prohibited. If necessary, you can even provide this conversation in court as evidence. Only wiretapping of other people’s phones is prohibited, as well as the dissemination of recordings of telephone conversations in the public domain without the consent of the other party.

PhotoFast Call Recorder Adapter

This is a special adapter that plugs into the Lightning connector or 3.5mm Mini-Jack (for older iPhones). The device is a voice recorder with buttons. Turning on the recording, the application is activated, which will record the conversation and save it. You can also connect an external memory card to the adapter. The cost of such a gadget ranges from 129.

Android applications for recording phone calls

Utility for recording and storing conversations

Call recorder with excellent technical capabilities

A program for recording conversations with functionality in English

Favorite among call recording programs

Record phone conversations simply

Allows you to record your calls from almost any device

Application for recording telephone conversations

Sometimes you may come across a situation when it is necessary to save a telephone conversation. To do this, we recommend using the program for recording calls on Android 9, 10 and older versions.

The following programs can be distinguished for recording telephone conversations:

Call Recorder. Automatic

Another application that deserves your attention. The main goal is to keep records of a telephone conversation, both automatically and with the ability to select a specific subscriber.

  • call recording;
  • the possibility of both automatic and manual recording;
  • applying a password;
  • nice and accessible interface;
  • works with two SIM cards at once;
  • deleted files are stored in the trash for a certain time.

Before using the application, it is necessary to conduct a test recording, since on some phones the recording takes place from the microphone, so it is better to record the conversation in the “speakerphone” mode.

CryOk. Call Recorder

Professional call recording software that uses advanced technology to ensure the reliability of your phone call recording quality.

In addition to the standard features, the application also has additional:

  • using a password or fingerprint to avoid unauthorized access to files;
  • adding notes, saving to favorites;
  • phone numbers that do not need to be recorded;
  • the record contains a photo, the name of the subscriber;
  • geolocation during a call;
  • the ability to record from two SIM cards at once;
  • delayed recording of outgoing calls.

But at the same time, the application does not support VoIP calls using WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and others;

For high-quality recording, you need to use only one recording application, as it has incompatible parameters with others.

Cube Call Recorder ACR

The program is distinguished by a high degree of recording, it has functional settings, for example:

  • automatic recording of Android conversations with both all and selected contacts;
  • the ability to record certain conversations at the touch of a button;
  • the presence of a listening function;
  • easy transfer of records.

When connecting a premium package, additional opportunities are opened:

  • to keep your entry confidential, you can use a PIN-code;
  • availability of additional audio formats;
  • the ability to store on an SD card;
  • automatic cleaning of data that is not marked as favorites after a certain time.

Record my call

A program that can be used to record a telephone conversation, but all functionality is in English. At the same time, even if you have only basic knowledge of the language, you will easily figure out the program settings, since everything is extremely simple and accessible.

Like the previously described programs for recording a telephone conversation, this one allows you to save telephone conversations that are relevant to you, using several modes.

It is important to note that in order for the quality of the recording to be high enough, it is necessary to conduct it in the hands-free mode, since it is carried out using the built-in microphone.

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This application has the following characteristics:

  • call recording in different formats;
  • storage of files in the phone memory, in the cloud;
  • multifunctional sorting of records;
  • automatic deletion of records according to certain criteria that you set in the settings.

Of the features, we can highlight the ability to use the “incognito” mode, which will allow you to record the conversation unnoticed by the interlocutor.

Truecaller. call recording, blocking numbers

We would also like to draw your attention to such an application for recording telephone conversations as Truecaller. its main purpose is to identify unknown numbers and, if necessary, block those whom you would not want to hear. But the developers added another one to the functionality. automatic call recording, which is available only in the paid version. Note, in order not to buy a “pig in a poke”, you can install the application and use it for free for two weeks and only then decide whether it is worth your time and finances in the future.


  • determination of the number;
  • audio recording of telephone conversations;
  • fixing users who went to your profile, while your views will not be displayed to others;
  • 30 requests to add to contacts per month and most importantly. no ads

Note that the app has a High rating and is popular with more than 250 million people, which is a good indicator of its quality.


This program for recording conversations has additional features, besides the standard call recording, you can use a dictaphone and a player. Of the features of the program, three formats of sound files can be distinguished.

As with other applications of this kind, you can use a cloud service to store your records. In addition, control is performed by shaking the mobile device.

Record a phone conversation on iPhone

From the title of the article, it is easy to guess what will be discussed, but we will immediately upset most of iPhone owners: you can fully record phone conversations only on those Apple devices that have been jailbroken. That is, only by installing Cydia and downloading third-party applications, you can normally record calls.

The whole point is that recording conversations is prohibited by US law without notifying the second interlocutor. And actually it’s no secret that Apple has American roots, so the program for full-fledged recording of conversations in the Apple Store is clearly not worth waiting for.

At the same time, all other Chinese and European manufacturers stuff their phones with similar applications, and completely on a legal basis. But before proceeding to hacking for full-fledged call recording, it is worth noting that there are still programs for Apple gadgets, albeit with reduced functionality.

Official (truncated) options

For example, the iPhone Recorder app is one of the official call recording apps that can be found in the AppStore. In addition to the functions of a regular voice recorder (by the way, it can record sound perfectly), you can use it to record calls.

But here the whole “trick” is that you can record only outgoing calls. It is simply impossible to record incoming calls. After recording the conversation, you can listen to it or send it to the e-mail you need. The program itself has an intuitive interface, very similar to a regular iPhone dialer, and records audio in good quality, which you definitely won’t complain about.

The second option is to record conversations using Google Voice. Follow the Google Voice link, register there to download the so-called voice recorder and install the application.

After installing the application, go back to the site and find the icon in the form of a gear, where you will need to select the “Settings” item, and there we select another subsection “Calls”. Immediately, all you need to do is put a tick in front of the “Calls” item, after which you can record conversations without any problems after pressing the “4” key during a conversation. To stop recording a conversation, you will need to press the “4” key again. However, when recording a call through this program, there will be a nuance.

Before each recording of calls using Google Voice on the iPhone, the “young lady” will inform you and the interlocutor that the call is being recorded. At the same time, it is simply impossible to remove this annoying little thing. Actually, to view or download all recorded calls, you need to go back to the Google Voice website, press the “” key and click on it. After that, another key “” will appear, after clicking on which a list will come out, where you can select the entry you need.

If recording only outgoing conversations or recording conversations in which the interlocutor will be notified of this is not suitable for you, then we pay attention to the following, not truncated option.

A complete conversation recorder for iPhone

We will not describe the jailbreak process for your iPhone. you can read about it in other articles on the site, but we will get straight to the point. Enter the name of the “Audio Recorder” utility in the search bar and download it. Then you need to go to the settings of your iPhone, where you can find all the settings of the installed application.

After installing the application, call recording will be in off mode. To turn it on, just move the slider to the side. Immediately after that, a window will pop up in front of you, in which a warning pops up stating that the recording of telephone conversations is prohibited in some countries, and the creators of the “Audio Recorder” application completely disclaim responsibility. We read this notice and click “I Agree”. After that you can choose the type of recording. automatic or manual.

The recommended option is automatic recording of telephone conversations, but it’s up to you. As soon as you receive a call, the recording indicator will immediately light up after the first seconds of the conversation. If you chose to record in manual mode, then in this case you simply have to press the record button located near the digits of the call duration. In general, everything is implemented almost like on a dictaphone.

Actually, if you go to the menu of your iPhone, then you can find the icon of this application. Opening it, you will immediately see all the recorded telephone conversations sorted by time, date and incoming / outgoing calls. All records are stored immediately in the memory of your iPhone, which is very convenient, and they weigh a little at all. They are recorded in m4a format, they can be easily sent by e-mail or dropped onto a computer for a more detailed listening to the recording.

It is worth noting that this program is almost the only one of its kind for the iPhone, where everything is implemented very simply and clearly, without the use of various, not immediately understandable dictaphones. An important point: if, for example, a dictaphone recording can record everything that happens around, then applications for recording conversations can only record one active line. Simply put, if you are recording the main conversation, and the second line calls you, you should not answer it.

It is not easy to become a super agent using an iPhone, but we helped you with what we could. Dare!

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Key features:

▪️ To record a voice call, you will have to talk on the speakerphone
▪️ Recordings can be quickly synced to iPhone

This method works in the same way as recording a conversation using an iPhone or Mac. There are two differences: in this case, the recording device is always worn on your wrist, and you need to install a third-party application on it from the link below.

During a voice call on the iPhone, you just need to activate the speakerphone (“Speaker”), and then turn on the recording in the “Dictaphone” on Apple Watch.

After the end of the recording, you can immediately listen to it right on the watch, and after a couple of seconds you will see it in the application library on the iPhone.

It is a pity that Apple Watch does not have a built-in voice recorder, it would work more simply and stably.

Download on the App Store (free purchases: a whole set from 75 to 149 rubles each)

Key features:

▪️ You need an extra person with additional devices
▪️ Your operator must support the second line
▪️ Call recording must be turned on before starting a call

Going even further, you can even use an additional person to record the conversation. To do this, you will also need the support of a second cutter line, which you need to talk to your service provider about.

First, you need to call your friend, co-worker, or colleague. After that, you press the “Add” button and select the subscriber whose conversation you want to record. When you call him, press “Combine” to arrange a conference.

Now your accomplice hears both you and the interlocutor. It can use either an Android smartphone with the ability to record voice calls, or a speakerphone on an iPhone and any additional device with a voice recorder.

This is the most troublesome trick, but it will give you the ability to record a conversation without speakerphone and third-party services.

Ask to write it through the second line

Record a conversation with Voice Recorder on Mac

Use the TapeACall mobile app

TapeACall Conversation Recorder Application

How to Record Conversation on iPhone: 5 Options

Everyone has a friend with Xiaomi, who records absolutely all calls. It is difficult to talk to such a person on the phone: it is impossible to get rid of the thought that every word can become compromising evidence and be used for personal gain.

All jokes, but things are really more complicated for Apple, and the standard recording of conversations on the company’s devices will never appear. However, this did not stop us from finding as many as 5 ways on how to record a conversation on iPhone. You are welcome!

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Information from the article is presented for informational purposes only. We are with the laws of the country you are in before recording calls.

Key features:

▪️ Light weight: only 11 grams
▪️ There is a memory card slot so as not to take up iPhone memory
▪️ Supports iPhone 5 and newer Apple smartphones
▪️ There is a headphone port

In nature, there are also separate devices for recording calls on the iPhone. If you need it often for work or for fun, think of something like this.

The device is inserted into the Lightning port, after which the iPhone will offer to install a special application to control it. Now you need to call and press the record button on this thing here. Voila!

The device even works on iPhone 5, but it will work for more recent Apple smartphones and even iPad.

You can plug headphones into it, but you won’t be able to listen to recordings through it without an iPhone.

Key features:

▪️ No additional devices required
▪️ Your operator must support the second line
▪️ Call recording must be turned on before starting a call
▪️ There are not cheap monthly or yearly subscriptions

IPhone call recording apps work through the second line. Apparently, it is because of this that they are scolded in the App Store. But apart from this, there are no other ways to fix a call without additional devices.

Before trying this app, you should also make sure that your service provider supports the second line exactly on your tariff: some operators turn off this service on prepaid basis.

After a short setup, you can start using the app. When you press the record button, the program will call a special number within your country. After that, you need to click “Add”, select the subscriber number to record the call and use the “Combine” button.

It turns out that first you call a special service station, after that you call the person for an important conversation and combine the calls with him. As soon as the call ends, the application will download its record.

Download on the App Store (free subscription: a week for free, 329 rubles per month, 849 rubles for 3 months and 2,050 rubles per year)

Easiest way to get another iPhone or Mac

Standard “Voice Recorder” on an additional iPhone

Call Recorder Unlimited

The service was developed by TellTech Systems, and has similarities with TapeACall, however, it has one advantage. the ability to translate the recording of the conversation into text. Subscription for a month of using this application costs 129 rubles.

Clarification: Before using Call Recorder Unlimited, please make sure your mobile operator supports 3-way conferencing.


TapeACall, a service developed by Epic Enterprises, allows you to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls. The free version allows you to record calls of a minute duration, and TapeACall Pro has no time limit. You can track the progress of the call recording by going to the application menu by notification. The resulting recording of the conversation can be renamed, and also saved on the iPhone, it is also possible to share it by sending it to email, some social networks (FB and), Google Drive and cloud storage.


This program for recording conversations on the iPhone belongs to Russian developers. The Callwrite method is as follows: during telephone conversations, the service must be connected to the call using the principle of conference calls. At the end of the call, the iPhone will receive a notification that the telephone conversation has been recorded, the resulting copy has been saved. However, to listen to the recording, enter your personal account and pay for this service, the company tells us.

Note: To use Callwrite, first make sure your carrier has 3-way conferencing support.


Call Recorder, created by Telestar, in addition to recording outgoing and incoming calls within the country, also allows you to record telephone conversations with foreign subscribers. The audio recording is saved in the iPhone memory and can be shared in the same way as in TapeACall. The indisputable superiority of this service is that it is possible to hide the phone number during a call. IntCall is a free application, however, credits are required to use it. One loan will cost 79 rubles, and 50. 3790 rubles.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Sometimes there are situations when a person needs to record a telephone conversation on the iPhone. This method is used by journalists interviewing. People who are trying to prove something using a recording of a conversation. Did you think that only special services can listen? No, iOS also has programs that can be written. Situations happen different, and in this article we will tell you in detail how to record phone conversations on iPhone.

Apple protects user privacy, so there are no built-in features or apps on iOS (in the starter kit) that can record iPhone conversations while on a call. Therefore, you need to either use external equipment, for example, a computer microphone, another mobile device, or download third-party applications for recording phone conversations on the iPhone, which will now be discussed.

In the first two cases, everything is clear: turn on the loudspeaker and record. The quality of the recording will be affected by the speaker of the phone (pretty decent for iPhones) and the recording tool (a membrane microphone will do, on a computer use the AudaCity app).

However, before starting, we recommend that you make sure that the person with whom you are going to record a conversation is notified of this, as recording, storing and distributing telephone conversations. criminal activity (if recording without consent, then do not distribute the recording).

Let’s start with jailbreak users. For them, there is such a solution as the AudioRecorder2 tweak, which is used for more advanced and serious recording of telephone conversations.

If your phone does not have a jailbreak, we advise you to pay attention to one of the following methods of recording phone conversations on iPhone.

Google voice

The first important note is that the Google Voice service can only work in the United States. With it, you can record incoming calls. The work goes through a Google account, so you need to create one if you don’t have one. The big advantage of the app is that phone calls are recorded for free. To change your location in the USA, use special services or browsers. Only their services are paid in most cases.

The article lists the most popular ways to record phone calls on iPhone, at the moment all programs are working and support the latest version of iOS. Use carefully, we remind you that recording, storing and distributing telephone conversations is punishable by law. Do not use applications for personal gain, do not distribute audio recordings unnecessarily.

How to install the program

The order of downloading applications for recording calls on iPhone is the same for everyone:

Links to download the information in the table:

The name of the program Installation path
REKK https://apps.Apple.com/ru/app/rekk-%D0%B7%D0%B0%D0%BF%D0%B8%D1%81%D1%8C-%D0%B7%D0%B2% D0% BE% D0% BD% D0% BA% D0% BE% D0% B2 / id1475739728 #? Platform = iphone
TapeACall https://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/tapeacall-pro-call-recorder/id577499909?mt=8
IntCall https://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/call-recorder-intcall/id521680097?mt=8
Call Recorder Unlimited https://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/call-recorder-unlimited/id1169625397?mt=8
Call Recorder Lite https://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/call-recorder-lite-for-iphone/id637819447?mt=8
Call Recorder for Phone Calls https://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/call-recorder-for-phone-calls/id1166474681?mt=8
Google voice https://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/google-voice/id318698524?mt=8
CallRec Lite https://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/callrec-lite-intcall/id645245002?mt=8
Transcribe by NoNotes https://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/transcribe-by-nonotes/id1273539277?mt=8
iPadio https://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/ipadio/id316553962?mt=8

Why you might need to record a telephone conversation

The recording may be required by the user in different situations:

  • clarification of family relations;
  • subsequent appeal to the court for the restoration of rights;
  • solving various issues.

The question of the legality of the entry is relevant. Technically, you can record a conversation from any smartphone. But from a legal point of view, you can turn on the voice recorder track only if you warn the talking subscriber about it.

If everything is done according to the law, such evidence is taken into account even when considered in court.

  • the need for a reminder of the agreement. Most often, the practice is used in working with Partners, especially if there is no written confirmation of the agreements made by phone;
  • the work of the customer support center is based on an ongoing recording process. It may be required by both the operator and the subscriber. Especially if you need to prove the wrong one or the second person. It is widely used in banks, mobile operators;
  • problems with neighbors. If you are worried about constant noise, you can call and ask to eliminate it. When contacting the competent authorities. proof that they tried to negotiate peacefully;
  • deception. relatives, subordinates, employer. It is more common among relatives, especially in the case of division of property;
  • the ability to re-listen to conversations.

The thing is very convenient. But remember, if further transmission of the conversation to the competent authorities is required, then do not forget to inform that recording is in progress.

Best Free Call Recorder Apps for Iphone

Mobile phones, previously intended only for talking, sending SMS, are now widely used for other functions. The iPhone has a large number of applications that help the subscriber in different situations. Often used programs to record incoming calls on the iphone.

TOP 10 best programs for recording conversations on Iphone for free

The iPhone recording function allows you to create an audio file of both incoming and outgoing calls. You can choose any format for playback that is convenient for the user. When downloading third-party applications, it is possible to configure automatic activation.

Let’s take a look at the most popular apps requested by iPhone users:

Instructions for using the call recording software

Almost all applications for recording calls on iphone work in automatic mode. After an incoming call is received, the function is activated and notifies the owner.

There are programs that are launched in manual mode, for example, Call Recorder Lite.

User reviews

Learn how to record a phone conversation on iPhone from

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AudioRecorder 2 with Jailbreak

A program that, in terms of its functionality, will suit the majority of iPhone users. The utility interface is fully adapted into Russian and has intuitive control. Also a feature is the ability to customize manual and automatic control. In the program menu, you can independently select a user or, if you wish, set a conversation record for all calls from the contact book of the smartphone owner.

It takes into account not only calls made through the phone mode, but also allows you to identify and record calls that come from instant messengers. The storage of the resulting materials is supposed to be in the “cloud” installed on the phone or downloaded from Google. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the service supports work on all device models, starting with iPhone 5, 6 and newer. For generations that came out earlier, the telephone conversation for recording will have to be transferred to the external speaker of the device through the “hands-free” mode. Requires Jailbreak to work.

Let’s see how to use the application:

  • To start working with the service, you need to download AudioRecorder 2. You can download it from the official website limneos.net or after connecting the repository.
  • After installing the application, the user will need to configure the service and allow access to the microphone and speakers of the device. Also choose the type of data storage. This can be done through the “Settings” section. Utility activation mode is also located here.
  • After activating the application, the user will receive an automatic message informing that the action of the program may be illegal and entail punishment.
  • After agreeing to the user agreement and confirming the consent to inform (to complete the confirmation, you need to click the appropriate item in the pop-up notification), a new entry window will open on the main screen of the service. It is required to click the item “” located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the window that opens, click on the icon located at the bottom of the screen and activate the recording.

TapeACall Pro

The utility is not in great demand in Russia, as it is a paid application. The one listed on the iTunes site is a year-old subscription that is automatically debited from the subscriber’s account at the end of its life. Here, the client does not need to be limited during the conversation and can last exactly as long as the user needs. TapeACall Pro is easy to use and has a dedicated help window that can be accessed whenever needed.

OpenGsm PRO-X

The application is completely Russified, so there are no problems and questions in the management even for new users who have not used such programs before. OpenGsm PRO-X is a paid application, despite this it is popular in Russia. Good ratings of the program are associated with its extensive functionality, here you can: make and receive calls to the subscriber’s number, record a conversation, save the resulting material in the desired format, carry out cloud storage and upload to resources, and there is also the ability to hide the number.

Spoof Card

The app allows you to make calls from your personal number through the app. Here the subscriber can not only record the conversation, but also, if necessary, change his own voice using the “distortion” function. Also an additional option is the ability to hide the number when making outgoing calls. Spoof Card is not very popular with Russian subscribers due to the lack of Russian language interfaces in the management, despite this, working with the utility is simple. using and setting up the application is intuitive.


The utility is intended primarily for managing calls and data transmission, but also, in addition to the general functionality, allows you to record telephone conversations. It provides for storing records directly in the application, which makes it easier to use and allows the client of the service to opt out of cloud storage.

The resulting material can be uploaded to a computer as a separate audio file, and the transfer of material by e-mail is also provided. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. Also, through the program, the user can make calls using ip-telephony. You can download Google Voice through the official website of the developer.

Conversation recording adapter

The Call Recorder Adapter is a device that, after two-way connection to the computer and the phone, supports the iPhone call recording function. Thus, all communication is recorded directly to the computer. There are adapters with internal memory that allow you to store some material in your own memory.

Usually, when purchasing an adapter, the user is also provided with a special plug-in that must be installed on a computer to configure the interaction of devices.


The resource is a Russian development created specifically for users of the iPhone and other devices that support the operation of the iOS operating system. The interface is aimed at Russian-speaking users. Has the ability to record not only outgoing and incoming telephone conversations made from the device, but also Callwrite has the ability to record conversations outgoing from a landline phone through conference calls.

To store material, users are offered in the cloud or inside the program, with the ability to upload individual files to a computer. It should be noted that the duration of a recorded conversation cannot exceed half an hour.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone!! (FREE & No Jailbreak)

Purchase an application

  • Transcribe by NoNotes. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and then translate them into text (transcribe). 20 minutes of recording per month. free, subscription costs 579 rubles.
  • TapeACall. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls by pressing one button. You can record in the background. The app costs 849 rubles, but you can record unlimitedly.
  • IntCall. The application also writes any calls, and in addition, it allows you to hide your number during a call. Subscription costs 379 rubles per month.
  • Call Recorder Unlimited. Something in between the first and the third. Very similar to TapeACall, but can also transcribe audio. The cheapest subscription, only 115 rubles.

Transcribe. Record phone calls on iPhone

You Can’t Get Out: How to Record a Conversation on iPhone

You have an iPhone and want to record an incoming or outgoing call? We’ll tell you if it’s legal, and also show you five ways to record conversations on iPhone.

Do you want to catch your interlocutor at his word? Five ways to record a phone conversation on iPhone are in our article today. Use wisely.

Let’s immediately reassure those who are thinking. is it legal?

Recording private telephone conversations is not a crime. After all, the interlocutor already knows what you talked about with him. Only secret listening to other people’s conversations is illegal, in particular. with the help of “bugs”.

If necessary, you can safely submit the recording of the conversation to the court as evidence. The only thing is that the entry should not violate other people’s secrets prescribed in the Constitution, for example, commercial or family secrets.

Caution is also needed when publishing a recording of a telephone conversation in the public domain. It is better to agree in advance with the interlocutor that the recording will be broadcast publicly. for example, if it is a telephone interview.

Otherwise, everything is in order. How to record a conversation on iPhone, read below.

The one-stop solution for any iPhone problem works here as well. If a jailbreak is made on your iPhone (access to the file system is open), then you can install several “tweaks” that allow you to record conversations.

In particular, these are the Audio Recorder 2, CallRecorder and Super Recorder extensions. On iOS, they are installed via the unofficial Cydia software installer. It’s free.

Audio Recorder 2 for iPhone

All of these extensions work on the same principle: a button is added to the built-in Phone application to enable recording. By pressing the button, you can start and end the call recording.

You can also turn on Auto Record so that all conversations are automatically saved to audio files. You can listen to them later through the same extension.

Recording headset

Eavesdropping on other people’s conversations with the help of a “bug” is illegal, but recording your own is very much even. For this case, there are headsets with an audio recording function that connect directly to the audio input of a smartphone or via Bluetooth, like mobile speakers. For example, like this:

Esonic RecorderGear PR200. headset for recording calls

However, given that starting with the iPhone 7 Apple got rid of 3.5 mm audio jacks, this method is suitable mainly for older devices. For new ones, there are Bluetooth headsets or, as an option, adapters for the Lightning connector.

Mac recording

Another way to record a conversation on iPhone is to pair your iPhone and Mac via Wi-Fi and then record the conversation using a PC app. To do this, you need the following:

  • iPhone for receiving and making calls;
  • Mac laptop for recording conversations;
  • Wi-Fi network through a router;
  • Allowing calls from other devices on iPhone (Phone Settings on other devices);
  • Enabled FaceTime on iPhone and Mac with Calls from iPhone checked;
  • Call Recorder for FaceTime app for Mac.

Call Recorder for FaceTime in action

Install CallRecorder, turn on auto-recording in the settings, receive a call via Mac, or dial the subscriber ourselves from the computer. The call will be automatically saved to an audio file. Then you can listen to it through the Ecamm application, which will be installed along with CallRecorder.

5 Banal and free way

Answer or make a call on iPhone and turn on speakerphone. Then take the smartphone away from your friend and turn on the recorder on it. The conversation will be recorded without any effort and tricks.