IPhone apps are not automatically updated

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PaulAnnekov commented Feb 4, 2021

After binding the instance and all its devices, their states are shown as dashes (“”). It is worth asking Alice to find out or change the state of a device and it is immediately updated in the UI. After a while, the state becomes outdated, because there are no automatic updates. One gets the impression that Yandex does not periodically request the status of devices at all, it must be trimmed somehow. Is it all this way or just me?

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:

nick2525 commented Feb 20, 2021

It is necessary to indicate in the readme that the password / login is optional. Or you can even make this integration a separate repository.

Device states are not automatically updated in the UI of the Yandex mobile app # 141

glebsterx commented Feb 12, 2021

The problem is that the component does not have functionality that would notify UDYa about the current state of devices by the state_changed event for those devices that are thrown into UDYa using the component. Accordingly, at the entrance to UDYa, there are dashes or irrelevant infa. This can only be defeated by adding this functionality. Then the flags can be adjusted to True. As I understand it, there should be something similar to this, but my brain / experience is not enough to write such a thing.

glebsterx commented Feb 20, 2021

The token is needed to send data, ID too, the name of the skill to find it in the list. Login and password are for the future, so as not to use YandexStaton cookies, but to make your own. And authorization is still needed in order to automatically create a skill, receive a token, and so on. “It is necessary to realize.” almost implemented, see my fork =)

IPhone apps are not automatically updated

Hello everyone today I will tell you what to do if the applications on the iPhone are not updated. Modern apps are, in a sense, alive. They are constantly in need of updates, which add new features and fix bugs. This is especially important for web applications: old versions may simply not work with modern protocols, and vendors are always trying to translate and force users to use the latest software versions. My colleague himself recently became a participant in the situation that at some point he could not update his applications on the iPhone 6 Plus, we read below that helped.

Apps on iPhone won’t update

But what if apps on iPhone won’t update? There are several reasons why your iPhone may not contact the AppStore for updates.

  • Internet connection problems. Try to access the network not via Wi-Fi, but via 3G. If you can connect over the cellular network, delete the Wi-Fi connection on the iPhone and set it up again. If this also does not help, put the router in bg hybrid mode. How to do this. see the instructions for the router. I want to note that if you have an icon with an Internet connected on your screen, then this still does not mean anything, the iPhone can lie the same, try turning it off and on.
  • No matter how trite it may sound, reboot your device, it also cannot work for months without a reboot, in 50 percent of cases it helps.
  • Authorization problems. Try to sign out of your account (iTunes Store, AppStore) and sign in again.
  • Try updating apps via iTunes on your computer by connecting your iPhone via cable. This may require an update of the iTunes version itself.
  • Try uninstalling the apps completely (directly on your iPhone or through iTunes on your computer) and reinstalling them. Often this method helps.
  • Make sure that the applications were purchased (paid or free) under your account. This problem often occurs when you buy an iPhone hand-held: applications installed by the previous owner may remain there. Sadly, if so, you will have to uninstall all applications and games and purchase them again. Otherwise, you will not be able to install new programs or update existing ones.
  • Update the firmware to the latest version available. Apple devices released in 2011 and after support iOS 8.1.1. Even oldies like the iPad 2 or iPhone 4s have not been forgotten: the latest version of iOS optimizes performance. If you have an older device, then, alas, the update may not work for objective reasons.
  • Also, applications on the iPhone may not update if you have less than 50 percent of the battery charge, if so, connect the charger and wait for 50 percent, after which all applications should update normally.
  • I wrote to you above about the inaccessibility of the Internet, but there are situations that it is, but it is so slow that the update process simply falls off after a timeout, so I advise you to check the connection speed, for example, you can read here.
  • You can also help resetting network settings or completely resetting your phone, be sure to make a full backup of your phone before doing this.
  • Make sure that the bank card indicated in your account is issued in the country indicated in your profile. Apple may block accounts that do not match the specified country and the actual country of issue of the card.
  • Continuing with bank cards, applications on the iPhone may not be updated due to the fact that, for example, your SIM card is Russian, and the card attached to it is American, this is called a discrepancy between the location of the iPhone owner and the place of issue of the card

In most cases, the problem is solved by applying one of the above methods. In the case of my colleague, the applications were not updated due to the lack of money on the card, he recently bought the application for 15 rubles, but the money did not have time to be debited at the right time, since they were not there, so I had to replenish the card. If you find another way that solves the problem that applications on the iPhone are not updated, then please write it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will add it to the article, and you 1 to karma.

It’s so easy to solve the problem if the applications on the iPhone are not updated.

Why apps are not updated in the Play Market?

Try restarting your device and also terminating the Google Play app separately. Clear cache and memory. Try to clear the cache or erase the play market data. Then the application will be downloaded or updated.

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How to turn off automatic Android system updates?

How to prevent Android from updating automatically

  • To turn off Android auto-update, go to “Settings”;
  • Scroll down the menu and open the section “About phone” → “System”;
  • Now find the section “Software update”, and in it a button with three;
  • In the menu that appears, you need to uncheck the “Automatic update” item.

Turn off automatic app updates?

How to turn off Android app updates

  • Open the Play Store app.
  • Click on the menu button at the top left.
  • Select “Settings” (depending on the screen size, you may need to scroll down the settings).
  • Click on “Auto-update applications”.
  • Choose the upgrade option that suits you.

How to enable automatic app updates?

Here’s what you need to do to get all apps on your Android device to update automatically:

  • Open the Play Store app.
  • Click on the “Menu” icon Settings.
  • Click Auto-update apps.
  • Select one of the options: Any network. Wi-Fi or mobile Internet will be used to update applications.

How to turn off automatic app updates on iPhone?

How to enable / disable the automatic update feature in iOS

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to the iTunes Store & App Store.
  • Scroll to the subsection “Automatic downloads” and, depending on the need, activate or deactivate the items “Programs” and “Updates”.

How to automate power saving mode

Downloading the Quick Commands app from the App Store.

Go to the Automation tab and click Create Automation for yourself.

As a condition, select the Battery charge level.

We select the desired action, for example, activating the power saving mode and reducing the brightness of the screen.

iphone, apps, automatically, updated

At the last step, disable the Ask before launch option so that the command will be triggered automatically.

Create multiple thresholds to more aggressively save power at each battery level.

Do not forget to create a reverse condition to disable the specified actions after increasing the battery level.

So you can configure the inclusion of energy saving mode at any convenient charge level and its automatic shutdown.

How to make energy saving mode more aggressive

Even in previous versions of iOS, using the Quick Commands application, it was possible to pump the standard power saving mode well.

In just five minutes, you can tether some iPhone modules to power-saving mode.

So, along with the standard saving mode, you can turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile Internet on your smartphone, reduce the brightness of the display, turn off most of the visual effects and switch to a dark theme, which is more economical for OLED screens.

You can set up a similar aggressive power saving mode according to our instructions.

However, even this method is not very convenient, because it requires manual switching on and off.

Fast Charge Bonus

There are a couple of other automation scripts you can create to charge your iPhone as quickly as possible. We’ve already covered how you can shorten the charging time of your iPhone.

In addition to replacing the power adapter, an effective method is to activate airplane mode while the iPhone is connected to the charger.

We create two automations that would enable and disable airplane mode when connected to and disconnected from the power adapter.

So get the fastest charging of your smartphone.

You can combine the above automation scripts or create your own to set up a handy power saving mode in iOS.

How Standard iOS Power Saver Mode Works

After activating the standard energy saving mode, the following changes occur in the system:

▸ iPhone performance decreases (there are no exact numbers, it all depends on many factors);

▸ the background work of the application and the checking of mail in the standard mailer are turned off;

▸ Apps are not automatically updated, and content purchased on other devices is not downloaded to the smartphone;

▸ the time to automatically lock the screen is reduced to 30 seconds;

▸ some visual effects disappear in the system.

This mode can bring real benefits if you turn it on in advance. about 50-40% of the battery charge. If you activate the yellow battery at the level of 10-20% of the charge, you will get a rather modest increase in the autonomy of the smartphone.

In addition, the mode cannot be activated automatically. If you skip the notification about the low battery, you can completely forget to turn on the saving mode.

How to Automate Power Saver Mode in iOS 14

The weak point of modern smartphones is the short battery life. Manufacturers add all kinds of chips to the system to increase the autonomy of the gadget.

So in iOS, a few years ago, a power saving mode appeared. However, it doesn’t work perfectly, it requires a little tweaking and automation.

Fortunately, with the release of iOS 14, you can do everything yourself.

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Ten ways to fix the problem

On-off flight mode

There is a possibility of resumption of injection with a short transition to normal aviation mode.

How to fix: On the unlocked screen, move your finger from bottom to top and tap on the airplane icon. Wait a couple of moments and turn off the mode with a single click on the liner image.

What to do if apps are not updated on iPhone?

“Under Steve Jobs, this could not have happened,” is the first thought that comes to mind when, for the second hour in a row, you try to reanimate the dead gray icon of the utility loaded from the app store.

Concerning the difficulties with updating the software for the iOS system and glitches when downloading from the official server. Apple does not comment on why applications sometimes fail to download. Users themselves have to look for answers to questions, one by one they try the stages: from the simplest to the most difficult.

Note: If there is a problem with the “gray waiting icon” and there are errors while downloading the application from the app store, we recommend that you follow the instructions.

Check your internet connection

It may also be the case that the iPhone does not update the widget due to a lack of remaining traffic in the tariff plan or problems in the operation of the Wi-Fi router. LTE, 3G, or Wi-Fi connection icon not indicator.

How to fix: Open Safari and go to the first available page. If the connections are in order, go to the next step.

Install the second program in parallel

How to fix: Go to the app store and download any program. With the start of the download, the frozen program can automatically continue downloading.

How to turn automatic updates on or off on iPhone or iPad

The question of how to remove auto-update on the iPhone has become relevant with the advent of the 7th operating system. At the same time, a function appeared that allows you to update the software. When an updated version of the application is released, it is downloaded and installed without asking for permission from the user. This approach is convenient for getting up-to-date content on time. However, some phone owners prefer to do everything on their own.

How to turn off auto-update on iPhone:

  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • Find the subsection “iTunes Store and App Store”;
  • Go to the “Startup” menu. activate or stop the “Programs” and “Updates”.

For those who prefer automated updates, but do not want to waste mobile traffic, it is possible to conduct it over wireless networks. Auto-update occurs when the iPhone or ipad is connected to a charger.

To configure over Wi-Fi, you must turn off the Cellular Data icon. After that, changes in state will only take place when the device is connected to a wireless network.

Important! How you can turn off auto-update of applications on the iPhone: go to “Settings”, then to “iTunes App Store”, then to “Startup” and switch the slider located next to the “Updates” column to an inoperative state.

Waiting state or continuous download

The gray color of the icon requires you to stop the application update. In some cases, resuming allows you to solve the problem, the software will start to swing.


If all the previous options did not help resolve the issue, then the smartphone or tablet needs to be restarted. The procedure involves holding down the shutdown key to turn off the device. After the end of the procedure, the injection can be restored.

How To Set Automatic Updates For Apps On iPhone (Turn On/Off)

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Reasons why apps on iPhone won’t update

Users often wonder why apps won’t load on iPhone. There are several reasons for device malfunction.

Updating apps on iPhone via computer

The answer to the question of how to update a game on an iPhone is also simple. If you are not connected to wireless networks and there is not enough mobile traffic, you can use iTunes. To convert outdated data, they go through the following path:

  • Launch an application on a PC.
  • Open the “Store” and select the sub-item “Authorize this computer”.
  • Enter password and Apple ID.
  • Search the sidebar for the category “Programs”.

The window will display a list of applications that are already installed on the iPhone. You need to press the button “check for updates”, wait for the system response. If they are available, the corresponding information will appear on the screen.

In a window full of updates, you can install a general update or convert one file at a time. For the last action, you must press the button labeled “Get Update”. it is located next to. For a general update, click “Download all free updates” and wait for the file to stop loading and install.

Important! With a good internet speed, the file will be updated as soon as possible.

Synchronization is required to display changes on the gadget. In the window on the computer, they click the “synchronize” icon, but you can use another technique:

iPhone Apps Not Updating in App Store after iOS 14.2 [Fixed]

  • Connect the tablet, find it in the application on the PC in the “Devices” section.
  • Go to the “Programs” section.
  • Click “Update”. the button is located near the software for which there is an update.
  • To synchronize, click the “Apply” button.

If there is no update, then instead of the offer “Update” the inscription “Delete” will be lit next.

Updating apps on iPhone via computer

How to turn off automatic app updates on iPhone?

Go to the Settings menu

Go to iTunes Store, App Store

Scroll to the Automatic Downloads section

Deactivate the Update switch

Here, at the same time, you can turn off the automatic download of music and programs, which will help if you are an active user of several Apple devices. After turning off automatic app updates, which we just did, remember that all updates will have to be done manually from the App Store app. You shouldn’t worry, because if a new version of an application is released, a number will appear on it and you will understand that it is time to update.

If the automatic update is still to your liking, but you do not want to waste mobile traffic, then there is a solution in this case as well. Developers from Apple have provided the ability to automatically update applications only when you are actively connected to a Wi-Fi network and it is easy to activate this feature.

How to turn off automatic app updates on iPhone?

The charge of your iPhone simply flies before our eyes, mobile traffic is always at zero and you notice that applications never require updating? Congratulations, you’ve become hostage to one of the new iOS features. automatic app updates. In this article, we will tell you not only about how to disable this feature, but also give valuable advice on how to properly configure it.

In theory, the automatic app update feature is a very useful thing. But unfortunately, not all users have a cellular tariff that is tailored for downloading even small updates from the Web (not to mention multi-megabyte game updates). For others, the function may not be to their liking due to the lack of a sense of control, and it is always interesting to find out what kind of update came out for a favorite application. In any case, it is necessary to understand the function of automatic updating of applications on the iPhone.

How to set up automatic app updates on iPhone over Wi-Fi only?

Go to the Settings menu

Go to iTunes Store, App Store

Activate the Update switch

Turn off the Cellular Data toggle switch located at the very bottom of the screen

Done! Now, when you connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi, which, for example, is available at your home, your applications will be automatically updated and you will not have to think about the safety of mobile traffic once again.

iphone, apps, automatically, updated

Why apps won’t launch on iPhone yet

For example, as in the video below. The device seems to be working, but the Mail application does not start.

Mail isn’t the only program that doesn’t work when your iPhone runs out of memory. In particular, problems are observed with third-party applications like Instagram, and even Uber. Due to the fact that the warning about the lack of memory does not appear, users are puzzled about what happened to their smartphones.

The answer lies in “Settings”. “General”. “Storage and iCloud”. Here you can see that there is almost no free space on the device, and there is only one solution. to clear the memory so that the applications can work again.

How to do it? There are many options. You can use special utilities, clean up “Other”, delete “Documents and data”, at worst, remove unnecessary applications.

So if you suddenly stopped opening certain applications, this is a sign that it’s time to clean up on your device.

Apps stopped opening on iPhone? There is a solution

When your iPhone runs out of free space (owners of smartphones with 16 GB of memory will understand me), the system, as a rule, warns about this with a special message. However, sometimes, for some unknown reason, this does not happen, which entails far from the most pleasant consequences. In addition, applications on the iPhone crash not only because the device has run out of free memory: sometimes the problem may be in the incompatibility of the program version and the iOS version, as well as in the SDK of third-party services used, for example, for authorization.

Apps won’t open on iPhone

In addition to lack of memory (we’ll talk about this below), applications on the iPhone can crash due to problems with the SDK of third-party services. For example, the SDK of a social network can cause spontaneous crashes of applications in which it was embedded. It is used by many applications. from messengers like Viber to Yandex.Navigator. As a result of the crash, all these applications simply stop opening on the iPhone.

As a workaround, you can run one of the VPN services. see here how to do it. Developers, as a rule, quickly fix such failures, but if you do not have time to wait, a VPN will be an excellent way out of the situation.

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How to turn off syncing between Apple devices?

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Select “Settings” [your name].
  • Click iCloud.
  • To turn iCloud on or off, click the toggle next to it.

How to remove a software update?

How to stop downloading a new version of iOS

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “General” → “iPhone Storage”.
  • Among all applications, the iOS update that is being downloaded will be shown.
  • Click on it and then tap the “Uninstall Update” button. The system will ask you to confirm the action. To do this, click the “Delete update” button again.

Turn off automatic app updates?

How to turn off automatic updates

  • 1 Open Play Store.
  • 2 Click the menu icon or slide your finger from left to right.
  • 3 Scroll down the menu and select Settings.
  • 4 Find “Auto-update apps” and select it.
  • 5 Select “Never”.

What to do if the application is not installed on the iPhone?

The reason why the application may not load or update may be a banal lack of Internet traffic or problems in the operation of the Wi-Fi wireless network around you. The icon of a working Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE still says nothing. Solution: Open the Safari browser and go to any web page.

iphone, apps, automatically, updated

What to do if apps are not updating?

  • Open the settings, go to the “Applications” section.
  • Find Google Play. Go to the program parameters.
  • Delete updates and cache, wipe data.
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How to update Apple ID settings?

Make sure you’re signed in to Apple TV with the same Apple ID that you signed in to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Click Update Apple ID Preferences on your Apple TV. Then follow the instructions that appear on the screen of your iOS or iPadOS device.

Synchronize purchases with Mac / PC

If none of the above points helped, and the application still flatly refuses to load (there is no way to either pause the installation or uninstall it), you need to synchronize with the stationary version of iTunes.

Check internet connection

The reason why the application may not load or update may be a banal lack of Internet traffic or problems in the operation of the wireless Wi-Fi network around you. The icon of a working Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE still says nothing.

Solution: Open the Safari browser and go to any web page. If everything is in order with the connection, we move on.

Reboot iOS device

As another option for treating a “gray” application that is stuck and stuck on loading, you can resort to restarting the device.

Solution: Hold down the Power key and unplug the device. Once turned on again, the application can automatically start the installation. Alternatively, use a hard reset: hold down the Power and Home keys for a few seconds.

Remove app and reinstall

Complete removal of the application (if possible) with further reinstallation can help in this situation.

Stop loading

A hanging gray icon that remains in the “Waiting” or “Downloading” status for a long time is a reason to stop downloading.

Solution: Tap on the icon, thereby stopping the download. Repeated tap can solve problems and the application will start loading.

Full factory reset

You can resume downloading the application in a drastic way by performing a full reset.

Solution: Start small and do a Network Settings Reset: open Settings. Reset. Reset Network Settings. In case that doesn’t help either, get ready for a complete reset of all settings. Back up your iOS device before performing this step. Open Settings. General. Reset. Reset All Settings.

Logging in to your account again

You can reanimate a frozen application by logging out of the account with re-authorization.

Freeze and crash

There have been several reports that the Apple Watch turns off randomly or does not respond to requests (“crashing” and “freezing”). To keep your watch from freezing, here’s what you can try.

Try turning off your watch by holding down the side button and sliding the switch to the right. Press the button until the Apple logo appears to turn it on. Most likely, a reboot will only help temporarily.

If your watch is unresponsive, try holding the side button with the Digital Crown for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Open the Watch app on your smartphone, go to the “My Watch” “General” “Software Update” tab and check if you need to update.

Falls can be caused by a specific application. If you notice a connection between frequent use of a particular application and unstable operation of the device, uninstall this program. Open the Watch application on your smartphone, select the problematic program and turn off its display in the watch.

Sometimes, a hard reset can help sort out these issues. In the watch, select Settings, General, Reset, Erase All Content and Settings. After that, you will have to re-configure the clock.

What to do if Apple Watch won’t turn on, won’t pair, won’t update, and Mickey Mouse won’t tell the time out loud?

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Remember Apple’s viral 2002 ad with Ellen Face relaxingly explaining under the influence of Benadryl how reliable Apple products are? The days when this video was relevant are irrevocably gone. This is especially true of the Apple Watch Smart-watch, the forums of the happy owners of which are full of annoyance and messages about bugs, errors, and shortcomings. Some issues bother users more often than others. Here is a list of the 10 most common problems and how to deal with them.

  • Bluetooth is frequently disconnected or cannot be paired at all
  • Watch battery runs out too quickly
  • IPhone battery drains in hours
  • Watch not charging
  • Freeze and crash
  • Doesn’t monitor daily activity
  • Not included
  • No notifications appear
  • Not updated
  • Are too slow
  • Mickey Mouse doesn’t tell the time
  • Can’t connect to Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, etc.)

Doesn’t monitor daily activity

Some users reported that their watch did not count steps correctly and did not take measurements during exercise. Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with this problem.

On your smartphone (connected to the watch), launch the Watch application, select the “My Watch” “General” “Wrist recognition” menu. Turn it on if it’s off.

Make sure the strap of your watch is not loose on your wrist. Tightening the strap will allow the watch to better monitor activity. Buy a dedicated sports bracelet for Apple Watch.

Update your weight and height information because Apple Watch calculates metrics based on that data. Open the Watch app on your smartphone, select “My Watch” “Health” and change the values ​​for “Height” and “Weight”.

Your watch should be re-calibrated. Start the process by selecting the Watch app on your smartphone and navigating to the menu items “My Watch” “Settings” “Privacy” “Movement and Fitness” “Reset Calibration Data”. Re-calibrate according to Apple instructions.

Are too slow

A large number of users complained about the slow operation of the device. There are several ways to improve its performance.

First, make sure the software on your Apple Watch and paired iPhone is up to date.

Break the pair “watch. smartphone” and recreate it.

Performance slows down when there are too many apps installed on Apple Watch. Open the Watch app on your smartphone, go to the My Watch menu and scroll down to see installed programs. Click on the name of the app you don’t want and turn off Show on Apple Watch.

The presented list of problems and problems, of course, is far from complete. For more rare and exotic problems, contact Apple technical support (on a weekday and preferably not on Monday). Or, alternatively, pay attention to “smart” watches on Android: there are more of them, they are cheaper, and are now compatible with iOS.

Not updated

Some users were unable to update their watch to the latest watchOS. The problem is so common that Apple has issued official instructions.

Restart the watch, but not forcibly (without holding down the Digital Crown). Reboot your watch-linked iPhone. Try updating your watch software again via your smartphone.

If the installation does not start and does not load, select the Watch application on your smartphone, select the menu “My watch” “Basic” “Use” “Software”, delete the update file and try to download and install it again.

The watch is not charging

Some users have complained that the smart watch they have purchased does not charge. Before you panic, you need to remind yourself of the following: when the watch is completely discharged, the charging icon will not appear on the screen immediately, but after a couple of seconds. If this does not happen, you can try several ways to get rid of the problem.

If the watch is new and fresh out of the box, check if there is any plastic wrap on the watch or on the charger.

Use only the magnetic charging cable and USB power adapter that came with your Apple Watch.

Check if both surfaces (watch and charger) are clean and remove any unwanted objects from them.

Try plugging the cable into a different port on your laptop, desktop PC, or power adapter.

Press the side button on Apple Watch and turn off the watch. Hold it down again and turn them on.

Press the side button and turn off the watch. This time to turn on, hold down the side button and the Digital Crown for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Last resort: open the Watch app on your smartphone and go to My Watch General Reset Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings. The same “full reset”, but through a smartphone.

If all else fails, you will have to contact Apple technical support.