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But for me the main innovation was not the sensor, I was looking forward to the new camera most of all. over, exactly what she became. I have never been a supporter of a large number of MPs, because their quantity does not affect quality. For detail. yes, but only with an increase in quality, and therefore with an increase in the sensor. In this case, the camera has been improved, and quite seriously. And, most importantly, not software, but physically. The size of the sensor was increased by 15%, while leaving 8 MP, and the aperture was increased from 2.4 to 2.2. This means that each pixel has become larger and is able to receive more light, and even an aperture of 2.2.

iphone, many, speakers

In practice, this means better shooting in low light, again, not elongated by software, a more “adult” depth of field, and this is clearly visible when compared with the iPhone 5 in similar shots, and, attention, the absence of purple highlights when shooting with side light It was unrealistic to get in the way when I wanted to get glare, but even under normal conditions, such glare appeared quite often.

Thanks to the more powerful A7 processor and the ISP chip responsible for processing photos, the camera has become very fast-firing. Holding down the shutter button, the camera starts literally scribbling pictures. After that, you can choose the best one or save them all.

iPhone 7 Stereo Speakers vs iPhone 6s Speakers (Sound Test)

Examples of photos taken with the main camera. Left. iPhone 5s, right. iPhone 5

In addition, a double flash appeared. The bottom diode is yellow and is intended to make skin tones more natural when you are photographing with a flash. But that’s not all, a very nice innovation is shooting video at 120 fps at 720p. And honest 120 fps, the recording frequency does not drop even in a dark room. After recording a video in this format, right while watching, you can choose the moment where it will slow down. The effect is simply unreal, now I understand that the skater, the video with which was shown during the presentation, was indeed filmed on the iPhone 5s. Again, I am glad that this is not a function for a function’s sake, this is something that will be used. To record with a frequency of 120 fps, you need to go to the leftmost window of the camera.

The front-facing camera has also gotten better, with a backlight sensor, so taking photos with the front-facing camera in low light will also be better. But here the difference is much less noticeable than in the case of the main camera.

Examples of photos taken with the front camera. Left. iPhone 5s, right. iPhone 5

Let’s go further. The speaker was damaged in the iPhone 5, the sound from it became much worse than it was in the iPhone 4s. Now the situation has improved, the iPhone 5s sounds good. It is not clear only why the speaker is still one.

I was also waiting for the increased capacity of the battery. In the new product, the battery capacity is 1570 mAh, which is 170 more than in its predecessor. This affected the battery life, but you have to understand, I’m comparing it with the iPhone 5, which is almost a year old. It would be more correct to compare the autonomy of the two newly printed models, but I have no such opportunity.

And the last thing I was waiting for was the return of the vibrating alert from the iPhone 4s. That did not happen.

iPhone 6 s how many speakers

Think back to last year, when Apple unveiled the iPhone 5. The first iPhone with a larger display diagonal of up to 4 ″, and at the same time, it was the return of the classic iPhone due to the solid aluminum body. Everything seems to be fine, what questions could there be to him? And they were, and appeared immediately after unboxing. First of all, I was surprised by the quality of processing of the new aluminum case, all the models that I came across within several weeks from the start of sales seemed to be used. There were scratches and chips on the ends of the white model, and the black one lost its presentable appearance after several weeks of use.

After some time, the technological process, due to which the body of the white model suffered, was corrected and the chips disappeared. The painting of the black model was also improved, but, nevertheless, it was not possible to bring it to an ideal state. over time, the paint peeled off from the ends. For comparison, as I wrote in the experience of using the iPhone 5, after 9 months it looks worse than the iPhone 4s, which I used two years ago and now he lives with a friend. It shouldn’t be this way and Apple obviously understands this.

The case is not the only problem of the “five”. In the same experience, I talked about a bad speaker, about a deteriorating camera, about a marriage with the lock key, about dust on the camera matrix, which, as it turned out, not one of me gets there. What we have? Exactly the same as in the case of the iPhone 4. a completely new model, but with a whole bunch of so-called children’s ailments. Remember the iPhone 4s. in it all the diseases of the “four” were fixed and this was my first personal iPhone. Having used the iPhone 5 for a long time, I continued to consider the 4s to be the best iPhone. And my opinion has changed only now. when I met the new iPhone 5s.

Now I know for sure that every iPhone with an additional letter “s” is not an intermediate model, but a refined and completely modified previous one. In the new product, we fixed almost everything that I could find fault with. I’ll start talking about my impressions of using 5s.

The design of the model has remained the same, only the flash has undergone changes, now it is double, and the Home button. But the main thing that has changed is the color of the black model. Apparently, the paint cannot but peel off the edges, therefore, they decided to refuse it. Now there is no completely black model, instead. Space Gray. The aluminum body itself, namely, the side edges and the back wall, are now not painted on top, the part is just gray. The front and back panels remain black. Now I came out, so to myself, “wet asphalt”. my favorite color in cars. For the first time, I will buy myself not a white phone, but a gray one, because it looks unrealistically cool.

The white model has remained unchanged and, perhaps, this also influenced my choice, for a year I was fed up with the white one. Another color was added. gold, whatever it is called. Despite the fact that it was dismantled the fastest, I am not at all thrilled with it. I think this color was delivered in smaller quantities, so it was disassembled faster.

Touch ID

Now let’s move on to the visual differences, the main thing is the Home key. This is the thing that distinguishes the iPhone 5s in both hardware and software. Back in the 4th or 5th beta of iOS 7, support for a fingerprint scanner was discovered, then it became clear what the emphasis would be. The scanner is built into the Home key, which is why there is no picture on it now. Also, the button has become flat and is now made of sapphire crystal so that no scratches appear on it.

After the presentation, I was interested in how adequately this scanner would work, and now, having used a smartphone for the weekend, I give myself an answer. very adequately. You can turn off the scanner in the settings, but I didn’t have such a desire. The fact is that I clearly understand why I need such security. I have several applications on my iPhone that I password-protected because I don’t want even friends to see, for example, my budget. I used to use Coin Keeper without a password, recently I decided to install it and immediately noticed that even entering 4 digits significantly burdens the process. Now I will unlock both Evernote and Coin Keeper, because no one will unlock my smartphone. Yes, earlier it was also possible to set an unlock password, but, as I said, this complicates the constant use of the smartphone too much, and I unlock it very often.

Of course, there is no need for someone to block the smartphone, but you must admit that everyone is tired of entering the password when installing each new application. Especially when Apple introduced new password requirements. Now you can install applications using your fingerprint. This is cool, no one will buy anything for you, but you don’t need to bother with entering a complex password. Now I really expect a similar scanner to appear on the iPad and MacBook.

You can set up a fingerprint the first time you turn on the smartphone, later this is done in the Basic menu. Scanner and fingerprint. Here you need to enter a password, after which you can add / remove a fingerprint. There are five slots for fingerprints in total, and you can add multiple fingers to one slot. For example, I added my entire right hand to one slot and all fingers are recognized. over, the work of the scanner is such that it recognizes touch in any position, even if you take the smartphone upside down. In one slot, by the way, I saved my nose. Works. I think other body parts will work too.

We recently filmed the unboxing of an iPhone 5s and in this video showed in detail how Touch ID works:


Of course, the new product has a new processor. 64-bit A7, new graphics and new RAM. At the same time, the number of cores remained the same. two, as well as the amount of RAM. 1 GB. In the synthetic test GeekBench 3, the performance gain is twofold.

We made a small comparison of the performance of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 and filmed about it.

As you can see, the difference is far from what we saw a year ago, when the iPhone 4s lost a lot to the top five in launching games, as well as in multitasking. IPhone 5s performance is not something to think about changing for today.

At the moment, only standard applications and the game Infinity Blade 3 support 64-bit, but Apple promises a “painless” transition to the new architecture and other developers. How this will affect users is not yet clear to me.

One thing is clear. the difference will be visible only a little later. Then we will understand the need for another node in the new iPhone. the M7 coprocessor, which combines a gyroscope, an accelerometer and an electronic COMPASS. It should help save battery power when navigating, as well as in applications that track the position of the smartphone. I really hope that substitutes for all kinds of health bracelets will start to appear.

As I said, this is not a review in the form in which you are used to seeing it on the cedar, and I will not dwell on what you could read in the iPhone 5 review for a long time. The arrangement of the elements of the two smartphones has not changed, the display has also remained the same Speaking about the latter, I cannot say that it is outdated. Aside from the ppi race, the iPhone 5s has a very high-quality 4 ″ display.

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IPhone 5s Specifications

Summing up a small summary of all of the above, I note: Apple has exceeded my expectations. Although I’m not 100% happy with the updated iOS design, the smartphone itself turned out to be great. There are no controversial features in it, about which one would think that they will disappear after a couple of generations as unnecessary. I think both the scanner and the M7 will be further developed by Apple, moreover, similar solutions will soon be seen in devices from other manufacturers.

Personally, I liked the novelty, first of all, with the new camera. I will not tell you why this is so important to me, if you follow the cedar, you yourself should know. We were also very pleased with the scanner and the new color. gray. This year I do not hesitate a bit if I need to update, definitely. yes.

How many speakers on iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s

Starting with the earliest iPhone models, that is, 3g / 3gs, people could not really understand how many speakers are installed.

And when the iPhone 4 came out and two grids on the right and left could be seen from the bottom of the phone, then the number of users with such a point of opinion increased significantly.

To be honest, I thought so myself when I first bought the phone. But if you play the song and listen, you will see that the sound comes only from the right side. And no matter what generation iPhone you have. 4.5 or 5S, they are all arranged according to the same principle: on the left is the microphone, on the right is the speaker. The same can be said for the latest 6 and 6S models. Only now on the left we see just a dot, and on the right there are many holes.

So we said goodbye to the 3.5 mm headphone jack and Apple decided to immediately compensate for this by the presence of stereo speakers. Now a new era of iPhones begins, naturally starting with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, when there will be two speakers: one in the place we are used to, and the second in the area of ​​the earpiece. The sound is now twice as bad.

How many speakers on the iPhone

I would like to go straight to the very essence of the issue, and then just a little thought and additional information.

“All models, including the iPhone 6S, have one speaker.”

How many speakers on the iPhone

Today we will deal with a very simple but delicate issue. It goes like this: “How many speakers are on the iPhone?” Let’s talk about all iPhone models and their number of speakers.

We will start with the very first iPhones and end with today’s models, which are the flagships of the moment.

Sound quality and speaker life

As you know, the main advantage of iPhones is music. Many of today’s users of these smartphones have bought phones just for the sound quality of the music.

If you do not drop, make sure that as little moisture as possible gets there, then your speaker will live happily ever after. The iPhone 7 is a little simpler, it already has moisture protection.

What are the implications of charging iPhone 6 with an uncertified charger

The most common symptoms are very slow battery charging or no battery capacity up to 100%, continuous 1% battery charge, inability to charge the phone after it is discharged.

The consequences of charging without MFi certification can occur after the first charge or only after a few months, depending on compatibility, which can range from 0% to 100%.

It’s worth mentioning at the outset that non-certified accessories can damage the battery or the motherboard, and the symptoms in both cases are almost identical.

In the future, a simple replacement will not help. You must diagnose and fix the defect and then charge your phone with a certified device to avoid damaging it again.

How much does a native original charger cost on an iPhone 6 or 6s on the Apple website

It turned out that the 12W charger for the iPhone 6 and 6s on the Apple website costs 1,617.00 rubles ( 25).

over, such are even put on a set. a car charger is also included in the bargain. Not bad true.

At the same time, it is mentioned several times that this is exactly the original original charger. Let’s see what the threat of using a fake.

Do I need to use the original native charger in the iPhone 6 or 6s

The answer isn’t necessarily that premium brands like Hedo offer much better value for money.

Of course, the key condition when choosing a replacement is MFi certification. What is MFi Certificate?

MFi is short for Made for iPhone, iPod, iPad. In simple simplification, this ensures that the charger with cable or the cable itself meets all of Apple’s strict standards to ensure that the accessory can be safely used with your device.

Manufacturers display the certificate as a white rectangular image with the development of the MFi acronym.

How much does a native original charger cost on an iPhone 6 or 6s

I just asked how much the original original charger costs on the iPhone 6 or 6s and was very surprised.

Below I will show you how to distinguish the original charger for iPhone 6 / 6s from the Chinese one and dispel all your doubts.

The first thing I did was look at how much a native charger costs on the Apple website and then compared the prices.

How to distinguish an original charger and cable for iPhone 6 and 6s from a fake

Apple recommends using only certified accessories. Since it is not easy for “third party companies” to counterfeit Apple devices, they pay more attention to accessories.

Apple’s USB cable has the words “Designed by Apple in California” and “Assembled in China”, “Assembled in Vietnam” or “Assembled in Brazil”.

Approx. 18 cm from the USB connector. The serial number of the original cable is 12 digits long. Fake ones also have their own serial numbers, only they usually consist of 13-17 numbers.

The original USB cable does not have a gap in the cable connector and USB port, and you can always find a gap in fakes.

You may also find rips and irregularities in the metal on the USB port. In the OEM version, as shown in the figure below, it can be seen that it is smooth, while in the copies. 3 and 4 there is a significant difference.

Looking at the cable, you can also notice that the gold contacts on the connector are smooth, but in the “third-party” version they are rough.

It can be difficult to find without a magnifying glass, but we should feel it easily by touching the surface with our fingers.

There are also other tips to find the difference, such as the thickness and flexibility of the wires, but it often happens that customers cannot see it with their naked eye.

The easiest way to check if a USB charger is counterfeit is to compare the copyright strings. In the original USB charger, they are bright and easy to read.

There is also a line with serial numbers inside the USB port, which can be used to distinguish the original device from the copied one.

Differences can be seen by the serial number and direction of printing, only the quality of their products deteriorates over time, but checking the font itself is still the best way to convince yourself of the originality of the product.

Unsurprisingly, fake devices tend to be raw and straight on the outside, but if you’re unsure after inspection, it’s worth taking a look inside.

The metal blocks inside the native device are designed in such a way that the cable cannot easily slip out and unplug the iPhone.

Therefore, it is worth connecting the cable and in practice check whether the device has resistance when connecting the cable.

You might think that the USB cable and charger are not essential accessories, but it really matters.

If they are of poor quality, then the charging may be stopped due to low current, which also leads to slower and more damage to the motherboard.

Copied devices that do not meet the requirements may also explode unexpectedly. This is why Apple recommends purchasing them from trusted locations. Success.

IPhone 6 speaker replacement

If you have problems with the speakers, you should not try to fix the smartphone yourself using the online instructions. The lack of the necessary tools and the appropriate qualifications only leads to the aggravation of breakdown.

The sixth iPhone has two speakers. One of them is located at the bottom of the gadget next to the charging connector. It is used when talking on a speakerphone, turning on the alarm, playing music, or ringing. The second speaker is located at the top and serves for talking on the phone. with the help of it we can hear the interlocutor.

IPhone 6 speaker replacement in Voronezh

To understand that the speakers in the sixth iPhone are not working correctly, you can understand by the following signs:

  • you do not hear the interlocutor well or, conversely, the interlocutor does not hear you well;
  • extraneous noises are heard in the speaker;
  • during a conversation, the sound is constantly interrupted.

Most often, such malfunctions occur due to moisture or dust getting inside the case, due to mechanical damage, and also due to wear of the main parts. Complete failure of the speakers can be caused by the following factors:

  • software malfunction,
  • failure of the working loop,
  • problem with the motherboard, etc.

In any case, if you have any problems with the speakers, you should not try to fix the smartphone yourself under the guidance of online instructions. The lack of the necessary tools and the appropriate qualifications only leads to the aggravation of the breakdown.

Some are in no hurry to repair a faulty speaker and use a headset as a replacement. However, you need to understand that this is only a temporary measure that does not eliminate the main problem.

“Р-Connect”. the benefits of iPhone 6 repair

Instead of wasting time looking for a repair shop, come to an authorized P-Connect service center. Experienced specialists who have extensive experience working with high-tech electronics will carry out a full diagnostics of the gadget to identify the exact cause and location of the breakdown. The repair price is made up of the corresponding items in the price list and depends on the combination of the following factors:

  • the level of difficulty of breaking the speakers of the sixth iPhone model;
  • the presence of additional breakdowns in the structure;
  • the cost of components that need to be replaced;
  • total repair time.

In order to replace the speaker as accurately as possible, the service center uses highly specialized equipment that is focused on working with Apple products. Only original spare parts are used as replacements. After repair, each client receives a guarantee.

One (left) speaker not working in iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XS, XR, X, 8, 7: explanation

With the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, “immersive surround sound” is not the least on the list of important options for new Apple smartphones. However, its implementation misleads users who mistake two pairs of decorative grilles at the bottom of the case for a stereo system. But in fact, there is no stereo there.

Since 2016, the iPhone has said goodbye to the headphone audio jack. that’s a fact. Instead of the previous round hole, the lower edge is decorated with two grilles. It is logical to assume that there are hidden speakers, with the help of which a stereo effect is created when the speaker system of a smartphone is operating. Alas, this is self-deception. if we look at the specification on the official Apple website, we will find that only a microphone is located behind one (on the left side of the Lightning connector) of the decorative grilles. And behind the second (on the right side) there is a single end speaker and an additional microphone.

Stereo sound in iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XS, XR, X, 8, and iPhone 7 is created using the speaker next to the hearing aid, which is located at the top of the device.

When you speak on the phone, an acoustic wave is transmitted to your ear from only one of them, and if you turn on the music at full volume, both devices will start working. Twice as much energy. twice as loud as the sound, which is also noticeable when using a speakerphone. Plus Apple hints that the latest iPhones have “increased dynamic range” compared to older models.

Why, then, is the symmetrical grill at the bottom of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XS, XR, X, 8 and iPhone 7?

For beauty, literally. precisely, perforation was vital for the microphone to function properly, so the designers simply added the same pattern on the other side for symmetry. And dust lumps will surely accumulate there.

It should be noted that with the release of the iPhone XS, the grilles at the end have become asymmetrical.

In the photo below, the ends of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

Constant “headphone mode” (even when they are not). iPhone, what are you doing?

Hey! I face a similar problem, if not every month, then every six months for sure. He loves to smell my iPhone 5S (and the constant “headphones mode” is still “flowers”), nothing can be done 🙂 And given the fact that this malfunction is easily solved, it never even occurred to me to write instructions on this topic.

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But quite recently, a small reason did appear

An acquaintance approached me, showed me the iPhone 6 and asked the question: “Why is there no sound from the speakers?” We tried to increase the volume, and the iPhone shows that headphones are connected to it and adjusts the volume in them. At the same time, of course, there are no headphones and cannot be. the 3.5 mm jack is empty.

Looking ahead, I note that we fixed the problem in just 1 minute. The man left happy, but I thought that a small note on this topic still needs to be written. So, we bring the iPhone to life and turn off the stuck “headphone mode”. Let’s go!

Some kind of long introduction came out, but don’t worry, in 95% of cases the solution will be very quick 🙂 And here’s what you need to do

  • Reboot. An elementary action, but it is worth starting with this. over, the so-called Hard Reset helps the best (how to do it for different iPhone models). Don’t worry, your data won’t be lost.
  • Clean the connector. The fact is that sometimes 3.5 mm or (if your iPhone model is “seven” and older) the Lighting connector may “glitch”. the phone will think that the headphones are turned on even when they are not physically present.

The most common causes are moisture, oxides and dust clogging.

A simple example. Carry your phone in your dust is clogged. iPhone thinks that dirt is headphones.

  • We take a piece of paper, a match, a toothpick, a cotton swab, etc. Attention! It is not necessary to use metal objects (knitting needles, needles, pins), as the contacts can be damaged.
  • Carefully (carefully!) We take out all the dirt.
  • Some even dip a cotton swab in alcohol and clean the connector that way. over, it seems to help. But in my opinion, doing this is not worth it. after all, if you overdo it with liquid, then the consequences will be unpleasant. We don’t need that 🙂

Interesting fact. Since Apple technical support cannot advise you to poke around in the connector with various objects, they have another solution for this case. They suggest inserting and removing the headphones several times. Repeat the procedure until the iPhone stops constantly showing connected “ears”.

Honestly, this could have ended, but there are those very remaining 5% who will not be helped by all of the above. And that’s why.

iPhone 6S Loud Speaker Replacement

The fact is that the reason for the lack of sound from the speakers and the problem of “always connected headphones” can be internal damage to the iPhone. The headset connector is located on the so-called top ribbon cable (iPhone 4S and younger) and the lower ribbon cable (iPhone 5 and older).

In especially advanced cases (for example, prolonged contact with liquid), one external cleaning is not enough. you will have to change the whole train. Fortunately, this rarely happens, the repair is not very difficult, and the cost is not prohibitively high. they will do it quickly and will not take a lot of money. But I, as usual, sincerely hope that in your case everything will be solved in the simpler ways described above.

Note. I finished the article and thought that I did not even advise the standard things (which absolutely everyone writes about). update the firmware, restore iOS, etc.

So why did the author do this and hide this “very important information”? Yes, because if the iPhone stuck in headphone mode due to a simple “glitch” of the system, then rebooting is more than enough. And flashing and updating is already too much. In any case, there have never been such stories in my memory. Although if all else fails and you are going to carry the iPhone for repair, then as a last resort, you can try. Why not?

Failed sensor on iPhone 6s

Have you noticed that the phone “slows down”, responds poorly to pressing and performs spontaneous commands? This means that the Touch controller stopped working correctly under the influence of moisture or shock. To fix the breakdown, you need to repair the iPhone 6s touchscreen by replacing the microcircuit with a new one.

Frequent breakdowns of iPhone 6s and features of their repair

IPhone 6s repair. it is a complex of diagnostics and corrective actions. At Royal-Service, we guarantee high quality of work and the shortest possible time to restore the functions of your phone.

Home button not working correctly on iPhone 6s

If you have problems with the Home button. its working capacity is being restored. To do this, specialists will replace the button and the cable from the button itself to the processor.

Network, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi not working on iPhone 6s

The phone does not see the network, but the SIM card is working? This means that the reason is in the communication modem. Using the exact desoldering method, professionals will replace the damaged microcircuit with a new one.

Malfunctions in Wi-Fi operation occur through the Wi-Fi module. We advise you to start solving the problem with Bluetooth with a correct flashing. If the breakdown still remains. iРhone 6s diagnostics will help to establish the exact cause. Most often, these are problems on the motherboard.

Sound or speaker not working on iPhone 6s

Perhaps the most “annoying” problem, because it is very difficult for us to live without communication. Usually breakage occurs through dust in the case. But moisture, shock, damage to the sound chip, or software glitches may also be possible.

We start repairs with cleaning the phone. In case it didn’t help. it is necessary to change the loop itself. It all depends on the degree of pollution and the time during which the phone worked in this state.

Replacing glass and display on iPhone 6s

This problem occurs most often because any of us in a hurry or inadvertently can miss the phone. Mechanical damage is one of the main causes of broken glass and display malfunction.

If you see external defects, but the sensor is working properly. iPhone 6s glass replacement is needed. Our professionals will clean the iPhone from the last remnants and glue the new glass.

In the case when there are defects in the image and the phone does not respond to commands. we are replacing the display of iPhone 6s.

The most common causes of iPhone 6S breakdowns

Constant interaction with the device will sooner or later lead to its physical wear. We must not forget about the violation of the operating rules that speed up this process. It is not careful attitude to the smartphone that is the most common reason for the need to repair the iPhone 6s.

The main causes of problems in the operation of the device are:

  • Penetration of liquid under the body of the device. The ingress of moisture inside the smartphone leads to oxidation of metal elements and a short circuit;
  • The impact or fall of the smartphone, leads to damage to the external fragments of the case, internal parts, breakage of the display, disruption of the functions of the built-in gyroscope;
  • Physical deterioration of connectors and ports, charging cable and charging socket;
  • Breakdown of sound playback devices: microphone or speakers;
  • Battery and charging module malfunctions;
  • Device software error;
  • Flash memory malfunctions;
  • Breakdown of communication transmitter devices, lack of WI-FI signal, modem and GPS;

We strongly advise against trying to fix a broken iPhone yourself. The reason for this is the high likelihood of additional malfunctions caused by unskilled intervention.

Difficulties of repairing a smartphone at home

Qualified repair of iPhones model 6s has some nuances that make it difficult to perform this kind of work at home, namely:

  • The need for certain tools designed for Apple technology. Special tools allow you to carry out repair work without leaving traces of interference on the device and without damaging the cords, fasteners and cables during disassembly / assembly of the device.
  • It is necessary to remove the modules of the device in strict sequence, this also applies to assembly. Incorrect installation of parts will damage the device. Only an experienced specialist can competently carry out such a procedure.
  • Effective repair work is associated with accurate diagnostics to identify the problem. If there are breakdowns in several modules, it is impossible to carry out such actions at home.

Distinctive features of the iPhone 6S

Perfectly executed design and high technical performance have brought the iPhone 6 model and its modification iPhone 6s well-deserved approval from all fans of Apple products. The design of the device makes it easy to use all available functions.

Despite the identity, the 6 and 6s models have a number of differences that affect the performance of the device and, as a result, its price:

  • The screen of the device in the modified model uses 3d Touch technology, which analyzes the force of pressure on the display. The function simplifies interaction with the device, adding the ability to interact with applications using the force of pressing.
  • iPhone 6s is powered by the Apple A9 dual-core processor first used on this particular model.
  • The upgraded model has a 21 megapixel camera using an innovative pixel tuning design.
  • Security settings for access to the device, as well as the fingerprint recognition sensor have also been improved.
  • The outer casing of the later model of the device is more robust than its predecessors.

Why you should entrust us with the repair of your smartphone

Our service center is one of the leading in Ukraine in terms of the quality of Apple equipment restoration work. By contacting us, you can be sure of:

  • The performed diagnostics will reveal all existing breakdowns;
  • Our repair cost is one of the best in Kiev;
  • All replacement parts are original, we do not use low quality copies of original parts;
  • After the completion of the work, you will receive a fully functioning device, without traces of interference;
  • All work will be carried out by experienced, qualified specialists and completed before the agreed date.

Speaker repair on iPhone 6S Plus (iPhone)

Noticed wheezing when playing music and video files? Or are similar signs noticeable during conversations with interlocutors? Or are there no sounds at all? Then we advise you to contact a certified technician to replace the speakers on the iPhone 6S Plus. The procedure is not easy, it requires a knowledge base and good skills. Don’t be put off. Timely contacting the service center will protect your device from possible further damage.

Be that as it may, you need a quality top or bottom speaker replacement for your iPhone 6S Plus at a low cost. We recommend contacting one of our workshops. We employ qualified specialists who have eliminated even more serious malfunctions. Therefore, speaker repair will not be a problem for them. Plus, you get a long-term repair guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about anything.!

The price of replacing the speaker on the iPhone 6s plus: 850 rubles.

  • Our advantages:
  • We’ve been fixing Apple for 5 years. thousands of satisfied customers;
  • Repair with you. 72% of repairs we manage to do in 35 minutes;
  • Free diagnostics;
  • High quality parts;
  • Guarantee for all works.

Why you may need to repair the earpiece or polyphonic speaker on the iPhone 6S Plus?

Apple smartphones are famous for their build quality and quality of spare parts. However, even they are not eternal and sometimes fail. The most common cause of malfunction is mechanical stress. These include falling onto a hard surface from a height, as well as ingress of moisture. In either case, the loop or the speaker itself may fail.

Often, the speaker repair procedure on the iPhone 6S Plus ends with a simple cleaning of dirt. In any case, before the master starts repairing, he will diagnose. After that, the specialist will tell you the exact price for the repair and the waiting time. Typically, it takes no more than 15 minutes to replace the hearing and polyphonic speakers on the iPhone 6S Plus.

Top and Bottom Speaker DIY Repair

We think that you yourself understand perfectly well: repairing yourself with your own hands is not the best idea. After all, you have neither professional equipment, nor related skills, nor high-quality spare parts. Plus, the internals of Apple devices are complex in and of themselves. Components are located close to each other, and therefore during repairs, you can damage something due to inexperience.

In this regard, we advise you to turn to professionals with extensive experience. Our workshops, operating since 2013, will gladly fix your smartphone. In addition, if you do not have free time to come to one of our SCs, you can call a wizard to repair the speaker on the iPhone 6S Plus at home. A specialist will arrive at a convenient place and time for you with equipment and spare parts in order to restore the correct operation of the device.

Think about volume

There is no single volume level advice that will suit everyone. The volume may seem different depending on your headphones and EQ settings. Some experts advise adjusting the volume in a quiet room, reducing the volume if you cannot hear other people speaking, avoiding increasing it to drown out external noise, and limiting the time you use headphones at high volumes.

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How many speakers does iPhone 6 have?

Now every modern person constantly walks with at least one gadget. Someone has a phone, someone has a smartphone, someone has a tablet, someone has a laptop, etc. One of the most popular manufacturers of these same gadgets is Apple. Its smartphones, tablets, laptops and players are the most promoted and one of the most demanded in the whole world. Accordingly, the sounds that their devices emit are recognizable by almost every person.

On this page you will find various sounds of the iPhone (iPhone), which can be downloaded for free, as well as listen to online.

In this article, we tried to collect all the most relevant iPhone sounds, thanks to this you can use them on your gadgets by setting new sounds instead of standard SMS or calls.

Now let’s move on to listening and downloading iPhone (iPhone) sounds. Perhaps you will also be interested in other computer sounds, for example, the sounds of viber, Telegram, ICQ.

One of the standard ringtone options on iPhone 6:

How many speakers are there in an iPhone?. this question appears to almost all users after purchasing a phone. The fact is that when visually examining the bottom of any Apple iPhone model, holes are observed on both sides of the USB connector. These holes look the same, so many people think that it is here that two speakers are built in under the mesh or plastic (depending on the model), creating a stereo effect. This opinion is wrong.

Today, any iPhone model is equipped with 2 speakers, the first is located above the touchscreen display of the phone and serves to receive the voice of an incoming subscriber. The second speaker is located at the bottom of the iPhone, it is used to use the speakerphone mode, listen to music and other sounds used in the phone. Therefore, stereo sound in the iPhone can be heard only in the headphones of the complete headset or third-party ones, with an iPhone interface.

Having bought a phone, many people think that the second speaker located at the bottom of the iPhone does not work, but this is not a speaker at all, it is a microphone.

Sound travels like a wave. These waves occur when an object, for example, a stereo speaker, creates an area of ​​increased pressure around itself, and vibrations begin to propagate through the air. Acoustics specialists use concepts such as frequency and amplitude to describe sound waves.

You can easily adjust the maximum volume on your iPod and iPhone. Click. for answers to frequently asked questions about maximum volume.

Sound and our hearing

We are able to hear because our ears convert the vibrations of sound waves in the air into signals that our brains perceive as sound. When the vibrations of the sound wave reach the ear, the eardrum and several small bones inside the ear (the well-known malleus, incus, and stapes) amplify these vibrations. In the inner ear, these amplified vibrations are picked up by phonoreceptors, which convert the vibrations into nerve impulses that are sent to the brain. The brain then recognizes these nerve impulses as sound.

Exposing our ears to too much sound pressure can damage the small phonoreceptor cells in them. If these cells are damaged, they lose their ability to transmit sound to the brain. This can result in noise-induced hearing loss. Symptoms may include distorted or muffled sound perception and difficulty understanding speech.

Noise-induced hearing loss can result from a single exposure to an extremely loud sound (such as a gunshot) or from repeated exposure.

Take care of your hearing

Most of the research into noise-induced hearing loss has focused on long-term exposure to loud noises experienced by workers in industry. Not much research has been done on the effects of loud sounds during rest. However, when listening to music and other audio files through headphones connected to an iPod, computer, or other audio source, follow these simple guidelines.

The Science of Sound

The frequency of the sound waves determines the pitch. Frequency is usually measured in hertz (Hz). One Hz equals one full cycle of sound vibration per second. The human ear is capable of distinguishing a wide range of frequencies, from approximately 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Amplitude is a characteristic of the strength of a sound wave. As the amplitude of the sound wave increases, the volume of the sound increases. Music is a mixture of different frequencies and amplitudes.

The loudness of the sound heard by our ears is usually measured in decibels. In the science of sound, decibels are used to measure the amplitude of a sound wave. The decibel is a useful unit when measuring sound, as it can reflect the huge range of sound loudness perceived by the human ear on a convenient scale. On this scale, the quietest sound that a person can hear has a loudness of 0 dB. Each 10 dB increase corresponds to approximately doubling the perceived sound loudness.

Keep track of the time

You also need to keep track of how long the music is playing at high volume. Remember, over time, you can get used to loud sounds without realizing that it can be harmful to your hearing. Professionals warn that noise-induced hearing loss can also result from repeated exposure to loud sound. The louder it is, the less time you can listen to it without harming your hearing. If you hear ringing in your ears or other people seem to be muffled, stop listening and have your hearing checked by a doctor.

Blocking types

Before moving on to the main question of the article, and find out how much it costs to unlock iPhone 4s and later models, let’s figure out the types of locks for Apple smartphones. Phone owners face problems in three cases:

  • Forgotten numeric iOS login password.
  • The smartphone is tied to someone else’s Apple ID and its owner has activated the account lock.
  • iPhone is locked for a specific operator.

In the first case, the problem can be solved on your own, and for the last two, you will need to contact the service center or Apple support.

Unlocking at service centers

The mechanisms for locking iPhones of different models are similar, therefore, to find out how much it costs to unlock iPhone 5s, se or newer smartphones, you do not need to specify a specific model. The cost of services in the service center, as a rule, does not depend on the iPhone number.

Depending on the type of blocking, change in the following way: the cheapest and fastest option is to reset your password via iTunes or iCloud. Average If you need to contact Apple technical support, it will increase as Well, the most expensive option will be the option of physical intervention in a smartphone when bypassing the operator lock. In addition, decoupling from a specific telecom operator can be carried out through official channels, remotely. In this case, depend on the operator contracted for when purchasing the iPhone. Average Well, keep in mind that the price in the regions may slightly exceed the market average.

Is it possible to remove the password from the iPhone by yourself

If you have forgotten the numeric code from your smartphone, then do not rush to find out how much it costs to unlock iPhone 6, 7 or 8 plus. You can reset your password yourself. In some cases, it will be possible to save all the information on the problem device, but in difficult situations you will have to sacrifice the phone data.

When setting up an account, iOS offers a few security questions just for when you have lost your password. Try to remember the correct answers to them, and the password will be sent to your mailbox. If you do not remember this information, then recovery via iTunes can help.

If you have already synchronized the device, then when you start the update and recovery procedure, the program will reset the password and you can change it. In all other cases (including when reset in DFU mode), all information from the phone will be erased.

Unfortunately, in cases where iCloud Activation Lock is activated or the smartphone is locked for a specific operator, it will not be possible to remove the lock yourself. You will need to contact a service center (preferably an official one) or Apple technical support.

How much does it cost to unlock an iPhone

There are several ways to protect personal data on a smartphone. But even when using Touch ID and Face ID, you need to enter an additional password for an alternative authorization option. In cases where the code is rarely entered, or you have inherited your smartphone from relatives and friends, and you simply don’t remember the password, an unpleasant situation arises. you cannot use the phone, and you have to figure out how to unlock the iPhone. In the article, we will look at possible ways to solve the problem and tell you how much it costs to unlock an iPhone using the example of various models.

Unlocking cost of different models

For convenience, we have summarized the price options in a table. We consider the average for unlocking according to the offers of various service centers both in St. Petersburg and in the regions.

Resetting your Apple ID password

Unlink from Apple ID and iCloud (iPhone not in Lost Mode)

Operator detach (operator dependent)

Screen on iPhone 6s

The screen on the iPhone 6s offered users a new approach to managing their smartphones. Thanks to the development of the 3D Touch sensor, it is now not only the location that matters, but also the pressure on the sensor. This approach was previously only used in tablets for professional designers. And even then, the sensor was installed in the stylus, and not in the display module.

The screen diagonal of the iPhone 6s remains the same as on the sixth models. 4.7 inches. Traditionally, Apple did not chase numbers, but focused on convenience. The screen size of the iPhone 6 and 6s was selected in such a way that at a distance of 30-40 centimeters (that is, under standard conditions of use), the screen resolution of the iPhone 6s at 1334×750 pixels looked no worse than the Full HD displays of competitors. And it worked.

The capabilities of the screen have significantly increased, but the problems remain the same. the phone is easy enough to break. The display is protected by Gorilla Glass, “the world’s toughest smartphone glass,” according to the developers. Despite this, the facial blocks are beating and scratching with enviable regularity. It’s no surprise when you remember what screen size the iPhone 6s has.

How to replace iPhone 6s screen. options and prices

Unfortunately, Moscow service centers do not hesitate to cheat either. Under the guise of new, you may be sold a refurbished-screen. That is, a display module with an old matrix and a new front glass. This is pure deception and it is used for the latest generations of Apple smartphones, no matter how many inches are in the screen of the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 or the fifth model.

By purchasing new screens from service centers with experience and reputation, you protect yourself from fraud, loss of money and device performance. There are three options for replacing the iPhone 6s screen:

  • The original display module. The same capacitive TFT IPS with multitouch that is installed when assembling new phones. After replacing the broken screen with the original one, the device has all the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. The only drawback of this option is the high cost.
  • An analogue of the screen on the iPhone 6s. It performs all the functions assigned to it, is assembled at the factory, and is repeatedly tested for quality. Difference from the original in the absence of high-tech “chips” Apple. However, this does not affect the operation of the screen, and not everyone will notice the difference. Analog is a good way to save money on repairs.
  • IPhone 6s front glass replacement only. If the LCD matrix and sensor remain intact, VseEkrany.ru specialists will re-glue the broken glass. You will receive a refurbished phone, the cost of repair in this case is the lowest. We do not pass refurbished modules as new ones, but we tell the client the truth.

What screen the iPhone 6s will have after repair is up to the owner. But keep in mind that replacing the display module is a complex technological process, and one careless press (even with a finger) will lead to cracks in the IC chip, broken cables or a matrix. Entrust repairs only to experienced and qualified craftsmen.

VseEkrany.ru specialists will advise you free of charge on all issues related to the repair and operation of Apple equipment. Smashed your smartphone to smithereens or forgot how to turn on the screen lock on iPhone 6s. we will help. Call the indicated phones or use the online form on the website.