Ipad 2 power button not working

How to fix iPad home button not working

Apple introduced a virtual home button to the iPad. You can head to Settings General Accessibility AssistiveTouch to enable it. To fix Home button on iPad not working you can try the tips below.

fix iPad home button using iPad hard reset

Hardware reboot. This is a troubleshooter where the Home button on iPad is not working. If possible, you should accomplish this on your iPad.

Hold down the Power Home button until your iPad turns off and then the Apple logo appears. After a hard reset, the software issues should be resolved and you can check the Home button on iPad.

How to Get Rid of iPad Home Button Not Working Effectively

There are countless reports on the web of people experiencing problems that the iPad home button stops working. No matter what you do to keep your iPad safe and sound, there is still a chance that the Home button will suffer the effects of normal wear and tear. Beyond hardware, software issues can cause the Home button on iPad to work abnormally.

In this article, we will show you 6 tips to solve this problem effectively.

One-Stop Way to Fix iPad Home Button: FoneLab iOS System Restore

If you tried the above tips and the Home button on iPad still works, FoneLab iOS System Restore can help you get rid of the problem.

FoneLab allows you to transfer iPhone / iPad / iPod from DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphone mode, etc. to normal without data loss.

Why iPad home button isn’t working

There are many factors that can cause the iPad Home button to stop working. Even if your Home button is unresponsive, it is possible that there are no hardware problems at all. When you press a button on your iPad, this is the software that tells your device to complete the task.

So you may just run into a small software glitch when your iPad Home button is not working.

repair iPad home button in portrait / landscape orientation

It’s hard to explain why, but portrait and landscape orientations can solve the problem that the Home button on iPad does not work.

Step 1 Keep pressing the Home button while your iPad is in portrait orientation.

Step 2 While holding down the button, turn on iPad in landscape orientation.

Step 3 Then turn the iPad back to portrait mode. Make sure your iPad screen is rotating when switching between modes.

Step 4 Then release the Home button. Your iPad 2 home button should now work.

Get rid of iPad button doesn’t work with 5-finger gesture

Multitasking. This is an important iPad feature to fix a variety of issues, including the unresponsive Home button.

Step 1 Turn on AssistiveTouch on your iPad, tap Device. Still. Gestures and select finger gesture 5.

Step 2 Tap the screen to enter the multitasking screen and release all background apps.

Step 3 Now try the Home button on iPad to see if it works now.

Why iPad Power Button Doesn’t Work

As an essential part of the iPad, it has to turn off, turn on, perform hard reboots, and more. The more often you use the power button, the faster it is broken. However, there are many factors that can cause iPad sleep button to stop working. In addition to damage to hardware, some software issues can cause the same problem.

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How to fix iPad power button not working

Where is the Sleep or Power button on iPad? The answer is simple, it’s in the upper right corner of the iPad. If iPad’s power button is unresponsive, you can follow these steps to fix it.

How to fix the power button not working on iPad Pro / Air / mini and more

I got my iPad on launch day and it was a great tech until today where the iPad’s power button just stopped working, how to fix it?

If you are facing the same situation, you can complete different tasks using substitution solutions. Also, this article will talk about several solutions to fix iPad power button and keep it working properly.

ipad, power, button, working

Turn on AssistiveTouch to replace the power button

AssistiveTouch. it is a virtual button on an iOS device. It can replace physical buttons when iPad’s power button is not working.

Step 1 Click on your name in the Settings app and go to General Accessibility.

Step 2 Find the AssistiveTouch option and turn on the switch. Then a virtual button will appear on your screen.

Tip: By default, you can find several options by clicking the virtual button once. Alternatively, you can customize the options by going to the Customize top-level menu.

fix Sleep button in DFU mode

DFU mode, also called device firmware update mode, can fix various bugs and software problems. However, without the power button, you cannot enter DFU mode. Some apps like Redsn0w, Recboot, Reiboot etc. can help you.

After entering DFU mode, connect your iPad to the latest version of iTunes. Then restore your iPad to DFU mode. Next, check if the iPad’s power button is working now.

Note: This will erase all personal data and settings on your iPad, so you’d better back up your iOS device.

IPad 2 power button not working fix

iPad Power Button Recovery Using FoneLab iOS Recovery System

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to fix iPad power button not working, try FoneLab iOS System Recovery.

  • Fix iPad Software Issues in Recovery Mode or DFU.
  • Available for a variety of situations, including unresponsive power button.
  • Protecting personal information and settings while troubleshooting.
  • Compatible with iPad Pro / Air / mini / 5 and earlier.

FoneLab allows you to transfer iPhone / iPad / iPod from DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphone mode, etc. to normal without data loss.

  • Fix Disabled iOS System Issues.
  • Extract data from disconnected iOS devices without data loss.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

In short, iOS System Recovery. this is the easiest way to fix your iPad and make it work fine.

Home button not working on iPad, you want to know why, the answer is here

Are you facing a problem? Home button not working on iPad? Please contact our service center to eliminate this problem. We carry out repairs of any complexity in the shortest possible time, since all components (only original) are always available. We purchase parts only from the manufacturer, not resellers, therefore our are among the lowest.

Why the Home button on iPad doesn’t work?

  • In most cases, this happens as a result of liquid entering the device. If the user did not ask for qualified help in time, then the contact oxidation process has started, as a result of which the button ceased to function. Will need to replace the button on the iPad.
  • As a result of any mechanical damage, the on-button membrane may be pushed or moved. In this case, it will also be necessary to completely replace the home button on the iPad 4, 3, 2, air 5, mini 2.
  • Also, from moisture, strong shocks and falls, there can be various reasons why the Home button on iPad 4, 3, 2, air 5, mini 2 does not work. As a rule, it is almost impossible to independently determine the cause of the malfunction. In order to properly repair the equipment, first of all, we carry out complex diagnostics, and absolutely free of charge. If liquid gets under the cover of the iPad 3, 2 case, oxides form over time on the internal parts, which can only be removed during the cleaning process, and this is a rather serious process that can only be entrusted to a master.
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In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Seize the moment: Seasonal discount 40-70%. Detailed price list here Price list for post. clients
Photo problem the name of detail
The repair time is indicated without crimping, with crimping 4 hours
2, 3, 4
iPad Air 2 iPad Air iPad mini
1, 2, 3, 4
Home button with loop
Fault: breaks down from strong pressing and from water.
(from 2 hours)

The specialists of our telemama service center carry out only high-quality repair of the home button on the iPad 3, 2. The occurrence of additional problems is completely excluded.

How to reduce the cost of repairing your iPad?

  • If you encounter any problem, for example, the power button on the iPad does not work, we advise you to turn off the device and do not operate it. You need to be especially careful if liquid gets into the device, we do not recommend continuing further operation, since more and more components will fail every day, and along with this, the cost of repairs will also increase.
  • If the Home button on iPad 3, 2 is stuck and you immediately asked for help, then the cost of repairs will be minimal. In 99% of cases, at first the Home button on the iPad does not work and only it, it will not be expensive to replace it.

Tip 2. How to prevent the iPad home button from breaking?

  • Do not let liquid get inside the device.
  • Don’t push her hard.

If you still need to replace the iPad 3, 2. power button in our workshop, the telemam will do it quickly, reliably and efficiently, since only highly qualified specialists with experience and all the necessary knowledge work here. We will repair Apple iPad 2 3G Wi-Fi 64gb, 32, 16 with high quality, as soon as possible and at the most affordable price.

Touch glasses for:
iPad Air 1,2. 3670 2980
iPad 4. 2300 1990
iPad 3. 2300 1990
iPad 2. 2300 1990
iPad mini 1,2. 3250 2780
iPad mini 3. 3250 2780
Installation. 680
(original 1 year warranty)

Replacing parts on iPad:
Speaker. 1600 950
Microphone. 1600 950
Home button. 1400 950
On button. 1500 950
Camera. 1800 950
WI-FI antenna. 1600 950

Power button not working on iPad 4, 3, 2, 1

If the power button on the Apple iPad 2 or 1. does not work, the reasons for the breakdown can be different: from a common error in the operating system to serious damage from the fall or oxidation of the lock button. Our Apple gadgets repair center will help you solve the problem with a non-working Power key in 30 minutes!

Why is the power button not working on iPad?

  • oneFree diagnostics brought-
    device you or our courier.
  • 2We make repairs and also give a guarantee for newly installed parts. On average, repairs take 20-30 minutes.
  • 3Get a working device yourself or call our courier.

If you notice that the Power button in Ayped 4 does not work correctly, you need to identify the cause of the malfunction. Due to a non-working key, the user has a lot of inconveniences, since it becomes simply impossible to use the tablet normally.

The most common cause of button failure is mechanical damage. This could be:

  • a fall;
  • moisture ingress;
  • strong pressing;
  • wear;
  • manufacturing defects.

If the power key does not work well initially, most likely the cause of the malfunction is a factory defect. But, if the problem appears over time, it is most likely that it has undergone physical damage. Aiped 3 is a rather fragile device that does not tolerate sharp shocks and moisture. As a result, problems begin not only with the Home, Shutdown and volume buttons that need to be fixed. It can also lead to more serious problems with the hardware of the gadget.

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The reason for the breakage of the lock key may be due to the wear of its mechanism or clogged contacts. In this case, it may not work correctly, jam and stick.

If the Home button does not work, this may signal a breakdown of the loop, so do not hesitate to repair it. Otherwise, delayed repairs will cost many times more and take longer.

What to do when the lock button doesn’t work on iPad

In order to solve the problem with a disabled shutdown key, there are several options, namely:

  • temporary solution;
  • button replacement;
  • top loop replacement.

If you urgently need to fix the key problem, you can use a temporary solution. You will be able to transfer the on / off function to a virtual button that is displayed on the screen. To do this, go to Basic Settings in the Universal Access column and find here an item called Assistive Touch. After activating the mode, a visual button will appear on the display, which manually sets the functionality of the faulty key.

Select model

Symptoms of malfunction: the protective glass is broken, the sensor is broken, the sensor does not work, does not respond to pressing, spontaneously pressed. Eliminated by replacing the damaged touch glass with a new one. Repair time 2 hours.

Symptoms: No picture, iPad won’t turn on, black screen, stripes on the screen, smudges on the display, no backlight, dim image. The display usually fails due to physical damage. Repair time 2 hours.

Symptoms: iPad won’t turn on, won’t charge, run out quickly, won’t hold a battery, charge quickly. Battery replacement time 1 day.

Symptoms of malfunction: poor Wi-Fi signal, sees the Wi-Fi network only near the router, cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network. Repair time 1 day.

Symptoms of malfunction: not charging, not detected by the computer, you need to catch the position of the charging cord, the connector is loose. Eliminated by replacing the connector with a new one. Repair time 1 day.

Symptoms of malfunction: does not see the headset, does not see the headphones, does not see the speakers, one earpiece does not work, the headphone plug comes off, there is no sound in the headphones. Repair time 2 days.

Signs of malfunction: the back cover is bent, the corners of the case are bent, the back cover is damaged, the case is damaged, deformation. Repair time 2 days.

Symptoms of malfunction: does not record sound, cannot be heard in Skype, there is no sound in Skype, voice search does not work. Repair time 1 day.

Symptoms: no sound, no music playing, distorted sound, quiet sound, speaker wheezing.

Symptoms: Home button not working. Repair time 1 day.

Symptoms of malfunction: does not turn on, does not turn off, does not unlock, does not block, you need to press hard to turn on. Time to replace the power button 2 hours.

Symptoms of malfunction: the sound is not regulated, you need to press hard to decrease or increase the sound. Repair time 2 hours.

Symptoms: the camera does not work, the camera application does not start, bad photos, smudges on photos. Eliminated by replacing the camera. Repair time 2 days.

Symptoms of malfunction: bad photos, distortion in the pictures, the camera does not focus, spots in the pictures. Camera replacement time 2 days.

Signs of malfunction: tablet diagnostics, cleaning, soldering contacts, drying tablet parts.

Symptoms of malfunction: does not charge, does not see charging, charges slowly, gets very hot while charging, quickly discharges the battery. Repair time from 7 days.

Signs of malfunction: the case is damaged, deformed, cracks on the case. Repair time from 3 days.

ipad, power, button, working

Symptoms of malfunction: iPad does not load, takes a long time to load, application errors, freezes, slows down, glitches, reboots. Flash time 3 hours.