Internet Does Not Work On Smart TV

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Reasons for lost connection

There can be many reasons. Often there is a SIMple failure of the equipment, router or the TV itself. Also, there may be a problem with the service provider. The first step is to eliminate these problems. In the first case, it is recommended to restart the associated devices, and in the second, contact the provider’s technical support. It is necessary to clarify the reason for the lack of communication, whether any technical work is underway.

Note! If the problem is on the part of the provider, then the user will not be able to do anything, he will only have to wait for the end of technical work.

The problem can also occur with the cable connection, their integrity and insulation may be violated, especially if there are children and animals in the house. Or is it all in the wire that left the nest.

If the Internet is slow, then this immediately indicates technical problems of the operator or user. You can run a speed test and contact support if it is much lower than stated.

You should not exclude various failures in the settings of the router or TV, as well as commonplace reasons, for example, when one family member changed the password for accessing the network and forgot to tell the rest.

No communication with direct connection

If the service provider uses a dynamic IP address without binding by the so-called MAC address, then connecting the cable to the TV should work immediately. However, if this did not happen, then you should clarify the information about the technologies used on the provider’s website or by calling the technical support service. In this case, several options are possible:

  • if a dynamic address is used, then the connection should occur immediately after connecting the wire without settings (only if there is no binding by MAC address);
  • if the address is static, then you can set it in the network settings, on the TV device;
  • when one of the technologies is used, PPPoE, L2TP, or PPTP, then such a connection cannot be configured on the TV. Only using a router can help.

Note! If there is a binding by MAC address, then you can specify it in the Lji models as follows: “Support”. “Product Information”. For models from “Samsung”, “Philips”, “Sony Bravia” and others, you can view the address in the same way, only the names of the settings items may differ.

Setting up Smart TVs

When a user connects to the router for the first time via wire or wireless, special configuration is required. It can be automatic or manual. In the first case, it is quite SIMple, you only need to follow the device prompts, in the second, the data is entered manually, and for this you need to check with the provider.

Automatic step-by-step:

  • after turning on the TV, you need to select “Network” in the settings;
  • click on the item “Network settings”;
  • then click on “Select the type of network”. From the two options, you need to choose “Cable” or “Wireless”. In the first case, the setting will be completed. In the case of a wireless connection, a list of available networks will appear;
  • select your home network and enter your username and password. After that, you can access the Internet from the TV.

Manual tuning is carried out as follows:

  • first select “Network”, and then “Network settings”;
  • choose the type of connection: via wire or Wi-Fi;
  • in the case of a wireless network, a list of available networks will appear, from which you need to select the required one;
  • enter a password;
  • if the TV itself does not determine the parameters, a window will appear with the following lines: “IP address”, “Subnet mask”, “Gateway” and “DNS server”;
  • If all values ​​have already been entered, then just continue. If the lines are empty, you need to enter all the data in accordance with the settings of the router. After that, the TV should start to catch the network.

Important! An example of settings is for a Samsung TV. For other brands, the item names may differ, but the sequence is identical.

Communication equipment check

If the TV does not go to the Internet, you need to check the communication equipment. A router is often used in home networks. To check it, you can connect another device, such as a smartphone, to it. If the phone or tablet was able to connect, then the reason should be sought in the TV settings.

If no device connects, this definitely indicates a problem with the router or its network settings. Also, the problem may be on the side of the provider, in order to exclude this, you should contact the hotline.

Note! Physical damage to the wire that goes to the router is possible, which is recommended to be inspected along with all connections. Perhaps the connectors were swapped, or some plug has come off.

You can find out the method for checking the settings of the router on the official website of the manufacturer or other third-party sites, where all possible parameters are described step by step.

Lack of connection when connected by wire

If the device is connected to the network using a wire, then the lack of connection may be for the same reasons as with a router. The only exceptions are a few factors:

  • physical damage to the wire at the user’s home or outside. In the first case, you can try to check the integrity of the cable in all visible areas. There should be no cracks and breaks in the insulation, strong bends and other damage. In the second case, everything is much more complicated, since it is almost impossible to physically check the condition of the wire outside the apartment or house;
  • lack of contact in the places where the cable and TV are connected. It is recommended to check all outputs. The cable must be tightly fastened without play or the possibility of free disconnection.

Note! In all other cases, communication problems are almost identical to those that would occur with a wireless connection, except for problems with the router.

Checking if the TV is properly connected to wireless equipment

Sometimes problems with connecting wirelessly do not bother users, since almost all TV models only need to correctly establish the type of connection, that is, Wi-Fi.

Most of the problems arise in the router itself or its physical connections with the provider’s cable, as well as when connecting a TV with a router wired. In this case, the network cable of the TV device must go into the LAN port, and the neighboring WAN ports are intended for cable entry from the street and gain access. Check that all wires are connected correctly.

How to fix internet connection problems on your TV

If the Internet does not work on the TV, this is not a reason to get upset and panic. First you need to determine the true cause of the problem. Often, as practice shows, in almost half of the cases, restarting all connected devices, for example, a TV and a router, helps. If this does not help, then you need to further figure out what to do and how to check other ways to fix the problem.

Resetting network parameters

If the TV has lost the Internet, it is recommended to reset the settings. They should be reloaded in this way:

  • select “Support” in the menu;
  • open “Self-diagnosis”;
  • click on “Reset”;
  • enter your PIN. If it has not changed, then it is often equal to four zeros;
  • after that there will be a complete reset of the network parameters.

If Internet is not working on TV, there are some troubleshooting steps to take. However, first you need to establish the reason.

Note! It is recommended to first check all wired connections and exclude problems with the provider. Then proceed to the parameters of the router and TV.

The Internet does not work well on the TV

Why Smart TV freezes and slows down on TV and what it does. “Where is better”

Why Smart TV Slow Down and Freeze

  • The Internet does not work well on the TV
  • Your LG TV has a Smart TV and built-in Wi-Fi?
  • Connect right now!

Connect right now!

Another reason for poor TV performance is overheating of its internal parts. Because of this, the Internet slows down on TV “Samsung”, LG and Philips. For normal functioning of the TV, you should periodically turn it off so that the temperature regime of the device returns to normal and does not overload the system. Note! Due to problems in Smart TV / set-top box or Playlist. If only some channels work poorly, then the reason is in the list of playable files. You need to select another Playlist and install it. Thus, the poor speed of the Internet connection on “Samsung Smart TV” can be fixed if you thoroughly understand the reason. Why does my Smart TV freeze and freeze. connect by phone: 7 7 order a free consultation Why Smart TV freezes: possible reasons. Since Smart TV is a complex device, there are many reasons why the equipment may not work at full capacity. Some of them can be solved by a SIMple reboot, while others can only be solved by specialized specialists. If you notice deviations in the operation of the equipment, it is preferable to contact technical support. This will not bring additional damage and will help correct the situation while maintaining the factory warranty, if it is still valid. About the service Press For Rightholders Contact Us For Authors Advertisers For Developers Terms of Service Privacy Policy Rules Security How YouTube Works New Features.

  • netflix installed on the second LG UFV TV both online and in the MGTS network and via cable via Wi-Fi shows the same bad results (netflix on the blue-ray player shows the same results). On the forum of my area, a person shared his Internet speed results in the netflix application for android TV (sony) on the MGTS network (tariff /): from 60 to 90 Mbps (!!) depending on the time of day. Please help, the situation is 10 times less for the Internet tariff of 30Mb / s on the TV! exactly 3 mb / s, there is no talk about viewing HD channels, even some ordinary channels are not shown on Smart TV, I checked it on a laptop via Wi-fi and by cable, I checked the speed of mb / s on the phone, on the TV even on.
  • 2 Slows down the Internet on LG Smart TV. 3 Hangs up and reboots. 4 The remote control does not respond. 5 What to do if LG Smart TV slows down? Reboot. Internet and its connection. Software Update. Hello. I regularly clean the memory and update the software version. But the internet is getting worse and worse. For example, Yandex maps do not open, there is a message that you have an outdated browser. And so on many sites, although some time ago everything worked more or less. I exclude viruses for the reason that this happens on five SMART LG TVs in different apartments, with different Internet networks. On one TV, in general, very little was connected to the Internet (this is me on the question of viruses).
  • Smart TV is a new generation of TVs that are distinguished by clear picture and high performance when surfing the Internet. But there is one question: “Why does Smart TV sometimes slow down if everything was normal before?”.
  • The connection itself. Connecting a TV to the Internet is no more difficult than connecting a computer. Of course, each device has its own unique features, but the idea is the same everywhere. Setting up the connection. Next, you have to deal with the settings on the TV itself. But if you connected and the signal is bad, even with interference, then it makes sense to dig further. Wi-Fi channel in the router settings. Due to the fact that interference appears on the channel, many problems arise in the operation of the Internet over Wi-Fi. We are talking about router channels, yes, there are such channels! HOWEVER, I think that everything should work well in auto mode. If there are any problems, then you can restart the router and it will choose a different channel.
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What to do if Wi-Fi is not working on the TV. Change the settings of your router and Smart TV to connect to a wireless network. Restore TV factory settings and update firmware. Top 10 Ways to Check and Repair Wi-Fi on TV There are 10 main ways to restore Wi-Fi to work on modern TVs. Most of them are related to correcting wireless settings. The required settings on Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony devices can be changed at home without contacting a service center. Let’s take a look at all the main ways to fix setup errors in turn: 1. Reboot the TV and router. Log in to Yandex to rate the experts’ answers. At one time I had a problem with a Samsung telecom with SmartTV. Regularly, two or three times a week, the connection of the TV set to the Network via Wi-Fi was lost. in the TV settings, every time I had to drive in the password from the home grid, YouTubes were unexpectedly interrupted. By Google. I found some useful tips (I will list them below). having applied them, the TV has not lost its Wi-Fi connection for about a year, the IPTV player (I use in conjunction with the self-updating online Playlist of IPTV channels) no longer interrupts broadcasting. Themselves tips: 1. Rename your home Wi-Fi network to any new name.

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Why Smart TV freezes: possible reasons

Good afternoon. The most preferable way to use Internet TV does not work well on the TV is to connect the TV through a router to the Internet. A fast connection will be available within minutes. Confirm by clicking ok. The Internet does not work in the browser or in the applications on the TV. To expand the capabilities of the information TV, it is more difficult to connect to the Internet than a computer.

Reboot your TV and router

Reboot your TV and router

  • Wi-Fi on TV, I’m sure such a “miracle” won’t surprise us.

Wi-Fi on the TV, I’m sure such a “miracle” will not surprise us anymore.:

  • 2. Manual specification of connection data
  • Solving the most popular problems associated with setting up Smart TV.
  • Why Smart TV freezes: possible reasons
  • Why LG TV does not see Wi-Fi network?

There are 10 main ways to restore Wi-Fi to work on modern TVs. Most of them are related to correcting wireless settings. The required settings on Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony devices can be changed at home without contacting a service center. Let’s take a look at all the main ways to fix configuration errors in turn: The first steps to take if Wi-Fi is not working on the TV is to restart the Smart TV and the router. The malfunction can be programmatic and can be easily corrected by reinitializing the device drivers.

Reset Smart Hub

Resetting Smart Hub settings removes all downloaded apps and reinstalls the factory ones. Reset deletes all application data and settings, and with them errors.

Make sure the TV is certified for Russia before resetting Smart Hub. Look at the manufacturer’s label of the TV, the certified technician model code should have the XRU model code ending and the EAC mark.

If the model is not for Russia, after the reset, Smart Hub may lock up.

Select “Support”.

Select “Self-diagnosis”.

Select “Reset Smart Hub”.

Enter TV PIN (default 0000).

Internet Does Not Work On Smart TV

Wait for the end of the reset.

After reset, exit the menu. Go to the main screen, select the “APPS” panel. A new window will appear with information about the initial setup, click “OK”.

Select “I accept all” and click “OK”.

Sign in to your Samsung account or click Skip.

Select the applications you want to install and click “Finish”.

After reset, try running the app.

Make sure all preinstalled applications have loaded before launching applications. Their icons should not be highlighted in dark colors.

The download speed of the application depends on the speed of the Internet connection.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

App does not work in Smart Hub on Samsung TV

If the app won’t open or a black screen appears, try the recommendations below. Other applications should work correctly.

Reset your TV

A reset will return the TV to its factory state and remove any errors.

Make sure the TV is certified for Russia before resetting. Look at the manufacturer’s label of the TV, the model code of the certified technician should have an XRU model code ending and an EAC mark.

If the model is not for Russia, after the reset, Smart Hub may lock up.

After reset, try running the app.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Change the DNS server address

Besides the ISP, the problem may be in the DNS server. To check this, change the DNS server address on the TV.

Select “General” if your TV has one. If there is no such item, go to the next step.

Select “Network”.

Select “Network Status”.

Make sure Internet access is available.

Select “IP Settings”.

Click on “DNS Settings” and select “Enter manually”.

Select the DNS Server field and enter or Click Finish, then the Back button.

Click “OK” to save the parameters.

After saving the settings, make sure the TV is connected to the Internet.

Restart your TV and check the application after restarting.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Update your TV’s firmware

If there is a new firmware for the TV, install it. If there is no new firmware, go to the next recommendation.

After updating the firmware, try to launch the application.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Connect the TV to a different Wi-Fi hotspot

The application may not work due to the fact that the provider blocks some IP addresses that the application is accessing.

To check this, connect the TV to a different access point. The easiest way to do this is by turning your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and connecting to it.

Check application work.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, the problem is with the Internet provider.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Reboot your TV

To restart, unplug the TV for 2 minutes. Then turn on and try to run the application.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Reinstall the broken app

You can reinstall the application only on TVs J, K, M, N, Q, LS (2015. 2018 release) on OS Tizen. If you have a different TV, go to the next recommendation.

Go to the “APPS” application panel and select it with the central button of the remote.

Among the installed applications, select the one that does not work.

Press and hold the center button of the remote control (or press the “Tools” button) until an additional menu appears.

Select “Reinstall”.

Wait for the reinstallation to complete. Time depends on internet speed.

After reinstalling, try running the app.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Contact the app developer

If the recommendations above did not help and the application still does not work, contact its developer.

In the window that opens, try to find the developer’s contacts: usually a website or email.

Try to connect to the network manually

First, find a subscription service agreement. you will need the data provided by the provider to connect to the network. Enter Menu, then Configuration, Network Settings, Static IP, Static Configuration. All data received from the provider must be accurately and accurately entered in the settings. After that, click OK and try to reconnect Smart TV.

If the malfunction repeats and the same notification about unsuccessful connection attempts appears on the screen, call the service provider and tell them that you have changed the equipment. The operator will need to provide the MAC address, which can be found in the Network Settings menu.

I need to update the router firmware

The problem may be caused by an outdated firmware version. In this case, the situation will be resolved after updating the firmware of the router or the TV itself.

For some TV models, there may be a problem with a mismatch in the MTU level. precisely, you can find out this question from your provider. If there is such a problem, the customer support service is sure to already know about it. It is likely that they will tell you how to fix the situation. Lowering MTU sometimes helps. Start decreasing by a few units and see if getting better with the Internet. If you receive a notification about an invalid MTU when you try to connect, you must change it to the specified.

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External electronic devices that have emitters of electromagnetic waves, such as a microwave oven, can also interfere with signal reception. It is advisable to place the TV and the router as close as possible and so that there are no large metal objects between them. Even an ordinary refrigerator can serve as an obstacle to the transmission of wireless Internet.

Smart TV does not work: instructions for solving the problem

What to do if Smart TV doesn’t work? After turning on, a message appears about attempts to connect to the Network, but the connection does not occur for a long time.

If possible, you need to check if the Internet is working. It is likely that the provider’s servers are carrying out maintenance work or the equipment and software are being updated. To find out exactly what is happening with the network, you need to call the technical support of the provider.

If the Network works normally on other computers, there may be problems with the firmware of the router, with the adapter and TV settings. If the router normally distributes the network, the adapter finds a connection, but Smart TV still does not work, the TV settings could be lost.

Software problems

A common problem with Smart TV is that outdated software is not compatible with updates on the provider’s servers. And if there is no Internet, where can I get the new software? All that remains is to look for a working Internet on another device, for example, on a stationary computer, search, record on a flash drive and from where to install it on a TV.

The reason for problems with Smart TV can be an elementary lack of work of the Internet channel or a weak signal. The problem will fix itself after a while. over, the provider’s customer support staff themselves may not be aware of the violations.


With a wireless connection, the very first thing you can do is disconnect the router and TV from the network. Remove the plugs completely from the sockets and wait a few minutes. Then connect the router from the beginning and wait until it enters normal operation. After that, you can turn on the TV and try to connect to the Network.

If restarting the equipment does not lead to a positive result, you can try to start checking the TV.

  • Enter the Menu;
  • Further Configuration;
  • Cleaning Internet Applications;
  • Clean up application memory.

Nothing has improved? Call the technical support of the service provider and tell them what messages appear, what exactly TV says about connection problems.

Router malfunction

The router could have broken down, and the TV settings are not to blame. Maybe someone you know has a router and it will be possible to connect your device from a new device. If the malfunction really lies in the router, after replacing it, the Internet should connect and configure automatically, without additional manipulations.

If the router has been in operation for a long time, there might have been some innovations in the methods of signal transmission. And then the old router SIMply won’t work on the new system. There is an opinion that equipment manufacturers and Internet providers purposefully carry out such manipulations in order to stimulate narrators to timely purchase more modern equipment.

Some routers will need to be manually connected and configured for each TV, while others with factory firmware easily find the network.

Network failure, no network, no internet access

Everyone has the same problem. there is no Internet connection on the TV, although the rest of the devices in the house are regularly connected to the World Wide Web.
The temporary solution to the problem (until Samsung fixes the problem) is as follows:

In the network settings, set the DNS server manually and set the value:

The settings window images may differ depending on the model:

Smart TV does not work. Possible malfunctions and their elimination

Equipment manufacturers are trying in any way to facilitate the process of connecting and configuring their equipment. Smart TVs are no exception. It would seem that it is easier. they took it out of the box, plugged it into a DC network, connected it to the Internet and you’re done! But everything is not always as SIMple as it seems. In this article, we will determine why Smart TV does not work, the main problems with setting up and connecting the TV, and also show you how to fix them.

Connecting Smart TV to the Internet

Smart TV Internet Connection Diagram

The most common scheme for connecting home devices to the Internet is through a Wi-Fi router, into which a cable from your Internet provider is connected. Routers come in different models, colors and shapes, but the principle of operation is the same for all. to receive the Internet from the provider and transmit the signal to the devices via Wi-Fi or cable.

The preferred method of connecting the TV to the router is cable. It is the cable connection that can provide the necessary speed for streaming. No matter how good your home Wi-Fi router is, know that the data transfer speed over Wi-Fi will definitely be lower than through a cable. The further the device is from the router, the older the router itself, the lower the speed.

And so, most likely you already have a router at home that “distributes” the Internet via Wi-Fi to all your devices. laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Everything works great and no problems arise. But when you try to connect the TV to the Internet through a router, problems begin to arise:

    As practice shows, about 35% of users do not remember the password for their Wi-Fi. How to be? Remember the master who set up the router, call him, ask for a password? Reset router to default settings? There are SIMpler solutions. If the apartment has a laptop that has already been connected to Wi-Fi with Windows XP / 7/8/10 installed on board, then you yourself can easily spy on the saved password. To do this, just go to the Network and Sharing Center. Manage wireless networks. Properties of the Wi-Fi network we need. the Security tab and check the item “Display the entered characters”


As it was established. as a result of a failure that affected almost ALL the available series of Samsung Smart TVs, the TVs cannot connect to the Internet.

Smart TV problems

Sometimes it happens that the TV seems to be connected to the Internet, but still does not go into Smart. After making sure on another device that the problem is not in the Internet connection, we begin to look for problems on the TV:

  • Technical work on the manufacturer’s servers. You just need to know that someday it may happen. Nobody will warn you about the start of work, and you will only know that everything is in order the next time you turn on the TV # 128578;
  • Outdated smart tv firmware is also a common problem. Usually, TVs are automatically updated via the Internet, but there are also crashes. Then you have to either start the update manually via the Internet, or download the update file to a USB flash drive and update from the flash drive. Old firmware can cause non-working applications, for example youtube on Philips TVs. Attention! You only need to download the firmware designed specifically for your TV model! Installing the wrong firmware can harm your TV.
  • Hardware malfunction of the TV. If software errors can be corrected at home, then, in case of problems with hardware, it is better to contact a certified service center (especially if the TV is under warranty).

We hope this article will help you at least a little with solving smart TV problems. Our experts are always ready to help you. Contact!

What to do if Philips TV writes no signal?

If your Philips receiver shows a no signal alert, it is most likely one of the following:

  • The receiver is broken. Start the device, study the performance of the technique. If the modem signal disappears, then a failure has occurred. Receiver not showing connection? Most likely, the breakdown is associated with the plate or cable, as well as with a connection failure. We recommend restarting the equipment.
  • Switch AT or HDMI mode. Set the desired mode depending on the type of connection. It is possible to switch parameters using the control panel.
  • When reconnecting, scan for TV channels. To activate the “automatic search” click on “Home”, start the “Configuration” tab and go to “Install TV channels”. Determine the country and activate the function. Confirm the operation.

Hardware faults

Crashes occur on the TV itself. In such a situation, diagnostics are carried out using special equipment. It allows you to detect broken parts. Most likely, the reason for the lack of Smart TV was a malfunction in the Wi-Fi router or interruptions on the server. It is possible to establish the breakdown and replace the damaged part in the service center. Diagnostics is carried out in a couple of minutes with a special device.

Clean up application memory

Use Control Center and clear the cache. Click on the “Home” key and go to the settings. Follow the instructions:

  • select the “Settings” folder and click on the “Network Settings” section;
  • activate the item “clear mm memory or internet memory”.

Thus, the download information is completely deleted. Reactivate TV and connect to Smart TV.

Try a wired connection if using wireless

In such a connection, various problems arise. Technique can contract or depend. Various obstacles are interfering with the wireless connection. In this case, use a fixed wire. Plug the cable into your TV and set-top box and start the technique.

Why Philips Smart TV does not work: reasons what to do?

Why isn’t my Philips Smart TV working? Many users of the TV of the same name are faced with a SIMilar layer. This question is common in user forums and chat rooms. Here, the owners of various equipment share advice on buying devices, learn information about the performance of TVs, set-top boxes and much more. On this page, we will understand the reasons for the failure and find solutions. A quick guide will save you a lot of problems.

Why Smart TV doesn’t work on my Philips TV?

Smart TV won’t turn on on Phillips TV? Do not despair. There are many methods to determine the cause. Let’s analyze each of them separately.

Make sure the time is correct

To check the configured option, follow these instructions:

  • take the control panel;
  • click on the “Home” button;
  • then go to the “Settings” section, after “TV settings”;
  • now start the folder “Preference”, activate the item “Section”;
  • in the window that opens, select the “Automatic clock mode” option and click on the “Set manually” folder;
  • check the correctness of the written data and enter the date and time again.


Make sure the following parameters:

  • a wired or wireless connection must be available on the device;
  • when operating a wireless signal: the indicator of the same name connection should be about 80% between the TV and a router, adapter or modem;
  • a few minutes before turning on the Smart TV portal, the TV device worked for several minutes.

Performing a power cycle

This method involves performing the following actions. The user needs to reboot the TV in this way:

  • turn off the device;
  • remove the TV connection cable;
  • wait 5-10 minutes and reconnect the wire;
  • activate the device.
  • check your TV.
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Why Smart TV doesn’t work on my Philips TV

Modern TVs from world brands have amazing technologies and useful features, thanks to which the device turns into a full-fledged computer. Smart TV allows you to watch movies, play music files, use Internet search engines, watch paid high-quality channels. over, there is no need to carry out lengthy settings and install additional software, it is enough to connect the TV to the mains and find your access point. It would seem that everything is very easy, but there are unforeseen situations, for example, Smart TV does not work on a Philips TV even after performing all the actions specified in the instructions. Let’s figure it out.

How to check your network connection

If there is a connection to the Internet, then you can immediately go to watching movies to watch high-quality television. Otherwise, the verification activities should be continued. The Philips TV connection test is almost the same as Samsung, except for a few commands. If you have any problems with Smart TV, then be sure to check the network settings of the TV.

Click on the button with the image of the House and go to “Configuration”. select “Network Settings”. After clicking on “View network settings”, you can see all the network characteristics of the device. Pay special attention to the “IP-address” field, there should be a number in the format 192.168.Х.ХХ. This will mean that the TV and the router have found each other. If this condition is met, but Smart TV still does not work, then you should proceed to check the router itself.

Often, the router is far from the TV, which prevents it from connecting to the network. Therefore, it is necessary either to install the router in a different place, or to purchase a more powerful model. Sometimes the TV refuses to connect to the router, even though all other equipment successfully uses the network. At the same time, the Samsung TV can have Internet access, but Philips does not, many will think that the problem is in the TV, but in fact it is hidden in the router. The solution is to update the firmware or install an alternative version for very outdated models.

Sometimes a specific app or feature does not work in Smart TV, so there are several options to check when checking the connection.

Where to begin

The first problem faced by the user is the connection of the TV to the Internet. As a rule, this happens using a Wi-Fi router. These devices differ in shapes and colors, but the principle of operation is identical for all models. receiving a signal from the provider and then transmitting it to the end user literally “over the air”.

If the TV is connected to the Internet

In some cases, even if there is a network, the application refuses to function properly. If other devices are stably accessing the Internet, then faults should be looked for on the TV:

  • It is possible that scheduled maintenance is being carried out on the manufacturer’s server. You can find out about this on the official resource or from the company’s consultants.
  • Smart TV is an application that should be updated automatically, but sometimes it crashes, because of them, it does not work correctly. The solution is to replace the firmware, but it is better to do this in a specialized center.

How to quickly connect your Philips TV to the Internet

  • You must go to the main menu. Click on the key that shows the House (hereinafter “Home”).
  • Go to “Configuration”.
  • Choose “Connect to the network”.
  • Next, you should select the type of connection. There are two types here: “Wired” and “Wireless”. The first one involves connecting to the Internet via a network cable that connects to the router, the second one uses Wi-Fi directly.
  • When connecting with a wired method, use a network cable and router. If you did everything correctly, a corresponding notification about the working Internet will appear on the screen. Connecting via Wi-Fi is almost the same, only without a network wire. you should select your access point from the list of networks and enter the password from it.
  • Then you need to update the firmware, this will fix all the errors made in the old version of the software. Press “Home” and again “Configuration”.
  • But only now we select “Program update. provision “.
  • Next, select the installation source: from the network or flash drive.
  • The TV will check for updates itself. If there are any, he will offer to continue the installation, you must agree with the further update. If there is no new software, a message will appear, which will mean that you have the latest version.
  • Now you can directly go to Smart TV, to do this, press “Home” and select “Browse Net TV”.

When you buy a used Philips TV, it may retain the network settings from the previous owner, so it is advisable to reset all settings, since this often does not work smart TV on Philips and Samsung TVs. In addition, such a solution will allow you to adjust the contrast, channel location, brightness “for yourself”.

Most recently, there was a massive glitch affecting almost all Samsung TVs, making it impossible to connect to the Internet. Now the problem has been solved, users are once again happy with all the benefits of Smart TV.

First launch of Smart TV

When you start it for the first time, the terms of service will appear on the screen, with which you must agree. Next, you need to make small settings, these are one-time manipulations. After agreeing to the terms, you must carry out SIMilar actions with Cookies. Next, you will be asked to register with Philips, this is an absolutely voluntary matter that you can skip if you wish. The next window will offer the function of storing the viewed material in order to further recommend materials for viewing.

Now you can choose whether to block applications that have a limit of 18. The list of settings has ended, the next time you start Smart TV, they will no longer be there. After that, a special window will open where you can go to watching TV, choosing an application or go to the browser.

Setting up your Philips Smart TV is very SIMilar to setting up other brands of TVs, such as Samsung or LG. Therefore, if you have experience using such a technique, then you will probably cope with this situation. The main thing is to adhere to certain rules and recommendations! Smart TV is a very useful function, because it allows you not only to view paid materials, such as Rostelecom, but also to use the completely free benefits of the Internet.

Why the Internet does not work on the TV when connected via a network cable (without a router)?

After buying a modern TV with Smart TV, you probably immediately want to connect it to the Internet. This is understandable, Smart TV without an Internet connection is an almost useless feature that you shouldn’t even pay extra for. In this article, I will write about the possible problems that most likely arise when connecting the TV to the Internet via a network cable, not through a router, but directly. When the network cable is from your provider, we immediately connect to the TV.

There are several nuances, because of which, the Internet may never work on TV. Almost everything depends on your provider.

Let’s go in order. If you have a configured Wi-Fi router at home that successfully distributes the Internet, and your TV has Wi-Fi (built-in or external adapter). then you can connect to the internet wirelessly. If it is not possible to connect via Wi-Fi, then we connect to the router via a network cable (LAN). If the TV has a Smart TV, then the network connector should definitely be.

What if there is no router? If the Internet is directly connected to a computer, for example, or is there just a cable from the provider in the house? It’s SIMple, we can take the network cable that the provider laid for us and connect it to the TV. This can be done in any case, but whether the Internet will work with such a connection is a separate issue, which we will now try to figure out.

Internet does not work on Smart TV with direct connection

If your provider uses the Dynamic IP connection technology, and does not use MAC address binding, then immediately after connecting the cable to the TV, the Internet should work.

If you connected the cable to the TV (a cable that does not come from a router, but from an Internet provider). and the Internet does not work, then most likely your ISP uses Static IP, PPPoE, L2TP, or PPTP connection technology. And / or binds by MAC address.

The best way is to call the ISP’s support and ask what technology they are using and if they do MAC bindings. Or look at the official website of the provider.

  • If the technology is Dynamic IP, then the Internet should work immediately after connecting the cable, without any settings (provided that there is no binding by MAC address).
  • Static IP technology. you can set this very static IP (which your provider should give you) in the network settings on your TV. How to set these settings, I wrote in this article (for example, LG TV).
  • If PPPoE, L2TP, or PPTP, then such a connection cannot be configured on the TV. At least for now (maybe not on all TVs). But, as far as I know, such a connection cannot be raised on the TV. What to do in this case? You need to buy a router, set up an Internet connection on it, and from it already distribute the Internet via cable, or via Wi-Fi to your TV, and other devices. For example, an article on setting up TP-Link TL-WR841N.

If the connection is by Dynamic IP, or by Static IP, but the Internet on the TV still does not work, then there is a possibility that the provider binds the Internet to the MAC address (this should be checked with him). What to do in this case?

Go to the TV settings and go to the Support. Info tab. about the product. This is in LG TVs, if you have, say, Samsung, Sony, Philips, or another manufacturer, then these items may differ slightly there. Look at the MAC address there.

Call the support of your Internet provider and ask to register a different MAC for your contract. Tell them the MAC of your TV. Or, change the MAC through your provider’s personal account, if possible. Everything should work.


I think that we managed to figure out the issue with the direct connection of the TV to the World Wide Web. It is with a connection not through a router, but directly from an Internet provider.

If you just bought a TV, and you haven’t connected the Internet yet, and don’t plan to install a router, then choose a provider that distributes the Internet using Dynamic IP technology. There should be no problems with this connection.