Install Vink app on Smart TV

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Standard installation

When the account is created, all further actions will go through your personal account from the TV menu. The list of available programs is quite large, however, in each region it may be slightly different, since there is a regional

applications, local channels, and so on. Despite the variety of TV models, the application installation algorithm is generally the same and consists of the following stages:

Speaking of applications designed to watch TV channels and movies online, it is worth noting the presence of such programs that allow users to view videos in 3D. TV channel packages are directly dependent on the provider.

In order to choose the best option for yourself, you need to spend a few minutes on a small overview of the most relevant offers today.

ViNTERA.TV application

The program for Smart TV called ViNTERA.TV is available today on TVs LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Philips and some Panasonic models. Using this application is no more difficult than using an ordinary TV, so the service is more than affordable for a wide range of people. The peculiarity of this program is that you do not need to register on the sites to view programs through it, while registration is required when entering the same sites from a computer. The user can create and change his playlist, within the proposed provider, and use special offers.

  • SD channels. 2 Mbps;
  • HD channels. 3 Mbps;
  • 3D channels. 4 Mbps.

A local network for watching TV from a provider requires speeds up to 100 Mbit / s, and today this is no longer a restriction for anyone.

Some features should be taken into account when referring to your TV model. So, you can find the ViNTERA.TV application from Samsung TVs in 2017 in the category video section, and in LG 2012-2013. Smart World. At the same time, for the same LG 2014 this will already be the AppsGames video section, Philips. App Gallery, Toshiba. Toshiba Places.

Smart TV: Apps for watching TV

Since TVs with Smart support run on multifunctional software, you need to know how to use them correctly. There is nothing complicated about this, but without being aware, you can get confused and make a modern “smart” TV very uncomfortable.

To download and install applications, you need an internet connection via cable or Wi-Fi. As a last resort, you can install them from a USB stick, but in fact, you don’t have to resort to this very often. The entrance to the menu for each model of the device is different, just like some of the nuances in installing the same program on different TVs. A common feature is that every Smart TV user must create an account on their TV and activate it from a computer or smartphone via email in order to have access to download paid and free applications.

Interactive TV program

Another equally convenient Smart TV application for watching TV for free is worth noting. Multiscreen, which allows you to use your account on the Interactive TV website regardless of location. To use it, you just need to install the Interactive TV program on an LG or Samsung TV (mobile devices on the Android platform, iPhone and iPad also support it), enter it, log in and use.

The functionality of the program is very simple. watching movies, the ability to pause and watch it from a stopped place on another device, that is, synchronizing, for example, a TV with a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

To download the application to an Internet-connected TV:

This app is only available for 2012 models. As for synchronization with devices on the Android operating system, its version must be at least 4.0, and for iOS. at least 5.0.

IPTV setup

The IPTV TV channel app is now also available for Smart TVs. This program provides access to digital television, that is, to a better picture and soundtrack. There are several options for connecting this application, and in many cases a special prefix is ​​needed, but you can also do without it.

If we consider the installation of this program on Samsung Smart TVs, without a set-top box, then it should be noted right away that this is possible only for models not younger than 2010. To watch TV via IPTV, you need to download the nStreamLmod application. The setup sequence is as follows:

  • Login to Smart Hub through a dedicated button on the remote control;
  • Pressing button A from the remote control;
  • Go to the point of creating a work record and enter the develop login and password 123456;
  • Confirmation of data entry by pressing the button “Create work record”;
  • Entering a username and password to enter the account;
  • Pressing the Tools button from the remote control and selecting the “Settings” section;
  • In the open window, select the “Development” item;
  • Enter the server IP address through the setting. Each TV model has its own. For Samsung it is or;
  • Pressing the application synchronization item (this action can remove all previously installed programs except the standard ones);
  • Upon completion of the process, launch the nStreamPlayer application and enter the address in the Playlist URL 1 field.

Additional applications

There are many additional applications for watching TV programs and movies online. So, one of them is an offer from the MegaFon.TV provider. This program is free and is supported by LG Smart TVs not earlier than 2013 (including TVs from v1.2.0 OS webOS), as well as Samsung Smart TVs from 2013, with the exception of those running on the Tizen operating system.

Like TV, a free program that opens access to viewing IPTV on Samsung Smart TV (all TV models), is also a relevant application today.

Control buttons on the remote control:

  • Ch List. viewing the list of TV channels;
  • SmartHab. entrance to Smart Hub;
  • Return. return or OK;
  • D. additional functions of the application.

To install Like TV, press the Smart Hab button on the TV remote control (if an update is offered, press OK), then go to the Samsung Apps section (a similar section for other models), enter the name of the desired program in the search bar, press the download button and wait for the application to be installed Upon completion, we return to the main menu, look for the application widget and launch it. You don’t need to configure anything to use it.


  • High quality picture and excellent soundtrack. This is essential for watching movies, so you don’t have to look for your favorite TV show on other platforms.
  • The program of all programs is designed in such a way as to minimize the time of searching for the required material.
  • There is a function to control the playback process. If you need to pause or rewind the video, it will be very convenient. You can also place your favorite video in a special archive.
  • Create one account that will be available on all devices. You can watch interactive TV anywhere!
  • Since all devices are united by one account, you can pause on one of the devices and continue watching from this place on any other.
  • List of channels. more than 200, which go live.
  • Thousands of films and TV series for every taste, constant new movies, a wide range of choices for children and adults. Presented both Russian and foreign film premieres.
  • A huge filmography presented in the library is always available for viewing.

Method 2

This option is simpler. On our website you will find a special archive containing an.APK file, an emulator and detailed instructions for the entire procedure. This will make your task easier, and will help you complete all the steps correctly. You can easily install Wink for Windows and start watching exciting movies and educational TV shows right now.!

About the app

Wink is all TV shows and movies on one device! Here are collected the best TV programs for both children and adults. Cheer for your favorite sports teams at Eurosport, explore the world with Discovery, create your own mood with TNT. And many other great TV shows and a huge library of movies in one application! To make you feel comfortable, you should download Wink for your computer and enjoy excellent quality behind a large screen.!

Rostelecom has developed a unique application that helps to keep abreast of your favorite TV shows and movie news. After analyzing the current media market, the developers were able to create an excellent platform and include all the latest innovations in it.

For example, the synchronization of your account with all devices through which you can watch Wink became a pleasant surprise. If you download Vink to your computer, you will be able to stop the movie in the required place and continue watching it on any smartphone. Any actions with the account will be saved regardless of the platform of its use.

The program features a wide range of channels. There are TV shows for every taste. You can follow your favorite sports news, watch online broadcasts of any matches provided within this channel. For movie lovers, thousands of libraries have been created, choose the movie you like and have fun.


  • This interactive television is provided on a paid basis.
  • Some TV channels require a VIP connection. Provided at an increased rate.

Despite some disadvantages, there are many more advantages. Stay up to date with all new movies, install Vink on your PC and relax while watching your favorite TV series!

How to install Wink on your computer

To feel comfortable watching your favorite TV shows, you should install Wink on your computer. However, first you need to download the highly functional PlayMarket emulator for Windows, with which you can download any applications you like. The installation process does not take much time, even an inexperienced user can handle it. There are two installation options, which will be detailed below.

How to install IPTV on Smart TVs

You can set up free channels on Smart TV for viewing by following these steps (relevant for TVs Samsung, LG and others):

  • Turn on your TV and connect to the Internet;
  • Press the “Home” button on the TV remote control;
  • Now go to the search bar and search for “Smart IPTV”;
  • Select the “Smart IPTV” application that comes with the following logo;

Watch free Smart TV channels. what you need for this?

In the vast majority of cases, free channels on Smart TV can be obtained using IPTV, a digital multimedia service that broadcasts television channels over the Internet. Unlike traditional cable methods, streaming media content is stored on dedicated servers so that users can access their favorite channels at any time.

IPTV runs on Internet Protocol technology and multiple users can access a single IPTV subscription at the same time. The service is available on most popular platforms including Windows OS, Android OS, iOS, Mac, Linux and many others. Along with the above, IPTV is also available on Smart TVs, streaming devices (FireStick Roku) and game consoles (Xbox and Playstations).

Since we are interested in free channels on Smart TV, then to implement our plans we need:

  • TV with Smart-TV function;
  • Internet connection;
  • Mobile application (IPTV player), which will need to be installed on your TV;
  • Playlist with a list of IPTV channels (in the case of working with an IPTV list).

The IPTV setup is generally similar on different Smart TV models. Let’s consider its typical installation.

Using alternative apps for TV channels

If you do not want to deal with IPTV because of the constant need to work with playlists, we recommend that you turn your attention to applications with simpler functionality. The latter offer the user a specific list of channels, which is convenient to view without having to perform any additional actions.

Applications: Description:
“Vintera TV” Provides viewing of hundreds of television channels from the Internet and local IPTV networks. Great selection available completely free of charge.
“Pluto TV” Excellent English-language service offering access to watching over a hundred channels on your device.
“Tubi TV” Provides access to a variety of streaming, movies and premium shows, all completely free.
“NewsON” Streaming news and more.

Fork Player. will help you watch channels on Smart TV without paying

A popular way to watch TV for free on Smart-TV is to use the popular Fork Player program. We will need Smart TV and an Internet connection (Wi-FI or Ethernet), as well as the “Twigle” program usually installed on the TV.

We will also need a smartphone on which it will be necessary to install two programs “Ace Stream Engine” and “RemoteFork”.

  • Go to TV settings;
  • Find the network settings there (for example, “Network / LAN Connection”). We need to set up an internet connection;
  • In the network settings, we need to change the DNS server address. We go down in the network settings below and click on the “Change” button;
  • We register the DNS server data. (you can also try;

“SS IPTV”. app for setting up free channels

Another popular option for working with IPVT on Smart TV is to use the SS IPTV application.

To work with it, you need to do the following:

As we wrote above, you will need to add playlists yourself in the settings. To do this, you will need to either manually register the address of the Playlist, or use Wi-Fi to synchronize your TV with a laptop, and work with playlists via a PC.

To load an external playlist, go to the “Content” submenu, select the “External” option, and then click on “Add”. It remains to enter the name of the channel list and a link to it.

If you want to add an internal Playlist, then open the “General” section of the program, and select “Get Code”.

The received code must be entered on the SS IPTV website in the playlist editor section, then click on “Add device”.

How to set up free channels on Smart TV

It seems cable TV is going out of style. and more people are moving away from monthly cable viewing fees, opting for free Internet TV. If you have a TV with Smart TV, then the procedure is even more simplified. It is enough to install one of the IPTV applications on your TV, load a fresh playlist into it. And enjoy a huge variety of TV and Internet channels for free. How can this be done? Below we will analyze how you can watch free channels on your Smart TV, and what we need for this.

In our material, we have analyzed how you can watch free TV channels on your Smart TV, and what steps and tools will help us with this. The most effective tools for watching free TV are IPTV applications installed on your smart TV. You can also use other alternatives described in this article.

What is this service and why is it needed?

In short, Vink is an ordinary interactive TV that has become available on a variety of devices working with one account. Even if you do not consider yourself a technically advanced person, using the platform you can easily access your favorite TV shows, channels, series and movies, wherever you are. And the device that is at hand will help you with this. Television goes far beyond your home TV and becomes available to you wherever there is internet.

Already in the first months of its development, Wink made it possible to watch more than 200 TV channels. Also, users can legally watch more than 12 thousand films and TV series.

over, the service provides the maximum possible list of services: from rewind or pause to the “Parental Control” function. The platform is constantly evolving and replenished with more and more new features.

How to install an application on a TV or set-top box

The installation process described below is suitable for any Samsung TV models from 2013 with Smart TV installed. With minor differences, this process also takes place when working with Android TV and Apple TV set-top boxes.

There are some screenshots in the next instruction. The interface may look slightly different depending on your device model. But the principle of operation is the same, so you should easily figure it out.

What is Wink from Rostelecom? Everything you need to know about the app!

In September 2018, a completely new multimedia platform was presented, which can rightfully be considered the next round of development of the Interactive TV service. This is the Wink platform from Rostelecom. Its main purpose is to provide convenient access to multimedia content for subscribing customers, wherever they are.

What are the features of this system? What opportunities does it provide?

Registration and authorization

The registration process is possible from any device. But the most convenient is registration on a computer. Therefore, we cite it as an example. You can repeat the process on the device that is currently available to you. The principle is the same everywhere.

  • Go to the official Wink website.
  • Click on the link “Login”
  • Enter your mobile phone number and click on the “Next” button that appears after entering the number
  • If this phone number has never been used for registration, a corresponding message and a button “Register” will appear, which must be clicked
  • An SMS with a code will be sent to the phone number you specified, which must be entered in the appropriate field and click on the “Login”
  • Registration completed!

The authorization process is exactly the same. You don’t need to remember any passwords. You just enter your phone number, wait for the access code by SMS and enter it in the appropriate field.

Additional subscriptions

  • CinemaVIP
    Number of TV channels: 120
    Number of films and TV series: 1500
    What’s included: than 120 channels in digital and HD quality and access to thousands of movies from the ViP Play library
    Subscription price: 379 rubles / 1 month
  • MATCH Premier
    Number of TV channels: 1
    Includes: Live broadcasts of matches of the Russian Football Premier League, analytical programs about football
    Subscription price: 379 rubles / 1 month
  • MATCH! Football
    Number of TV channels: 3
    Includes: Live broadcasts of top European championships, UEFA
    Subscription price: 380 rubles / 1 month
  • Adult
    Number of TV channels: 5
    What it includes: The best erotic TV channels with movies and TV series, explicit shows. Strictly 18!
    Subscription price: 329 rubles / 1 month
  • Discount on films 25%
    What it includes: An advantageous offer from the service, which makes it possible to watch your favorite films and TV series at a special price. You can connect a subscription and watch whatever you want on your device with a 25 percent discount
    Subscription price: 99 rubles / 1 month
  • Cinema mood!
    Number of TV channels: 4
    What it includes: Includes masterpieces of foreign and domestic cinema, as well as high-profile premieres. In this subscription everyone will find for themselves what they love
    Subscription price: 299 rubles / 1 month (first week of use. free)
  • Amediateka Home of HBO
    Number of TV channels: 4
    Number of films and TV series: 4000
    Which includes: “Killing Eve”, “Walker”, “Game of Thrones” and other series premieres together with the whole world in the video database and 4 TV channels.
    Subscription cost:
  • more TV
    Number of films and TV series: 7000
    Which includes: “Get the Shorty”, “Prodigal Son”, exclusive Russian and foreign novelties before TV broadcast or simultaneously with the whole world
    Subscription cost:
    Number of films and TV series: 5000
    What it includes: The best erotic TV channels with movies and TV series, explicit shows. Strictly 18!
    Subscription cost:
  • Concerts
    Number of TV channels: 5
    Includes: Stingray Qello Concerts: World Music Stars and Spectacular Concerts
    Subscription price: 299 rubles / 1 month (first week. free)

What devices does the application support?

  • TVs. The app runs well and works on all Samsung TVs released since 2013. The main requirement is the presence of SmartTV.
  • TV set-top boxes. If you have a different TV model, then don’t be upset. The application will work on any set-top box from Apple, starting from version 10.0. A set-top box with AndroidTV version 5.0 and higher is also suitable.
  • Smartphones and tablets. Electronic devices running Android (since 4.4) and iOS support this platform well.
  • Computer or laptop. Any computer with Internet access is also suitable for using the platform. You don’t even have to install special software for this. The service will start directly from the browser

Thus, wherever you are, you can always continue watching your favorite TV series or movie, using the device that is at your fingertips.

Features of the application for mobile devices

The official mobile version of the platform is available as a Wink app for mobile devices. They can be downloaded for free on Google play and the App Store. It is more convenient to use applications than to enter the service through a browser window. over, it provides several important benefits:

  • The image is broadcast in the best quality;
  • The sound is also transmitted in good quality;
  • You can easily control the viewing;
  • There is a TV program;
  • The application can be easily installed on any mobile device, even on a weak one in terms of performance;
  • Registration in the service through the application is very simple and convenient.
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