Iconbit Kick Scooter Unicorn Electric Scooter

IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn: the first electric vehicle for a child

IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn is a self-powered electric scooter with adjustable steering wheel. It is constructed from durable fiberglass and has a convenient foldable design.

IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn Specifications

Maksim. load50 Kg
Maksim. speed6 km / h
Maksim. ascent angle5 °
BatteryLi-ion. 2.0 Ah (44.4 W / h)

IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn has a top speed of 6 km / h. However, this is a declared parameter, in fact, the scooter is able to move faster. But even this is quite enough to move around city parks and bike paths. The wheels of the electric scooter are small, 5-inch, so there is no need to talk about high cross-country ability. Nevertheless, IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn is quite capable of overcoming the maximum ascent angle of 5 degrees, and this is already something.

It should be noted that IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn is intended for use by the younger generation, as it is designed for a maximum weight of 50 kg. And the complexion of this electric scooter speaks for itself. it weighs 4.7 kg, so not only a teenager, but also a child over 5 years old can easily lift and carry it. The dimensions are 74x36x95 cm, this is a compact device that can be transported without disturbance to others in a bus, metro or taxi. The IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn has an adjustable steering wheel. drops to 85 cm and rises to 95 cm, but only after loosening the special lock.

The electric scooter has a built-in lithium-ion battery (2.0 Ah, 44.4 W / h). Smart BMS (Battery Management System) technology protects IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn from overcharge, deep discharge, short circuit and other vicissitudes of life. It also improves on motor technology. a lightweight brushless motor specifically designed for a powerful yet lightweight device. Thanks to Field Oriented Control technology, IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn accelerates smoothly and quietly, making children feel comfortable.

The controls for IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn are pretty simple. First you need to grasp the rubberized handlebars with both hands and gently push the scooter forward, after which you will hear a single beep and the power will turn on. Then place one foot on the black, rounded area that contains a microswitch that activates the power, and push off with the other to accelerate. If you need to slow down, there is a rear wheel brake, and to stop completely, you need to remove your foot from the rounded platform and the engine will turn off.


IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn is the perfect electric scooter for young city dwellers. Its compact size and easily foldable function make it convenient to transport it on public transport. You just need to take into account that the scooter deck, although strong, is guaranteed to be designed for a load of no more than 50 kg. IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn provides maximum safety for the child: the electrical components are completely insulated, there is no accelerator button, the deck is made of durable plastic. Considering the price of less than 10 thousand rubles, we recommend this electric scooter as a good gift for children from 5 to 12 years old.

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We are awarding the IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn children’s electric scooter with the Editor’s Choice medal!

The electric scooter for children. IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn. is small, lightweight and quiet. This electric scooter will be a great gift for your child.

The frame of the electric scooter is made of durable ABS plastic, which is why the weight of the Kik Scooter Unicorn reaches only 5 kilograms, and the maximum load on the frame is 50 kg. The electric scooter is foldable, which allows you to carry it, if necessary, or put it in the trunk of a car and go for a walk with your child.

The steering rack is telescopic, it is fixed in three positions. 85 cm, 90 cm and 95 cm.

For safety, the electric scooter has the following technologies.

  • Smart BMS. protects the electric scooter battery from deep discharge and overcharge, and also prevents the risk of short circuits.
  • Field Oriented Control. This feature provides smooth, smooth acceleration without jerking.

The motor of the electric scooter is 120 watts, the maximum speed is 6 kilometers per hour. Mileage on a single charge. up to 10 kilometers, battery capacity. 2 ampere-hours. Such a battery is charged from 0 to 100% in just 1.5 hours.

The electric scooter does not have the usual steering wheel controls. The gas button is mounted on the deck in the form of a small rubber pad. A child, stepping on it, activates the electric scooter motor. At the same time, when the rider jumps off the deck, the wheel motor stops functioning and emits a sound signal, warning of a stop.

Unfolded dimensions. 74x36x95 centimeters.

The small electric scooter is ideal for children. It is small, moderately high-speed, with a power reserve, which is quite enough for fun trIPs for a child.

Test and review: iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn

Considering that iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn is designed for children, the scenarios for its use do not differ much from the already familiar gyro scooters and ordinary scooters: rides in parks and yards, as an option. short walks with a child to nearby locations (3-5 km there and back). Note that the maximum speed of the scooter is limited to 6 km / h (however, in reality it accelerates to 9-10 km / h), which is still noticeably faster than the average speed of a pedestrian, so it is better to warn and reassure grandparents in advance. and explain the basic rules to the child movement on city streets.

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The scooter copes well with small slides (up to 5-6 degrees), but with a long climb, the battery sits down noticeably faster. Off-road and dirt are clearly not recommended for iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn, small wheels (5 “) of which GoPro are not capable of forcing deep puddles, gravel, protruding tree roots, etc. In general, you cannot jump on them over curbs. children’s scooter iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn should be considered for the spring-summer season in good weather and relatively flat terrain.To maintain the warranty, it is necessary to avoid flooding the motor / battery with water, prolonged operation in high humidity, especially in wet mud and dust.

Of the models announced on the Internet for children from 5 years old, the following electric scooters were also found:

  • EclIPse EX. steel body, weight 9.5 kg, speed up to 12 km / h price from 6.900 ₽.
  • Razor Power Core. steel case, weight 9.9 kg, speed up to 16 km / h price from 13.900 ₽.
  • Airwheel Z8. aluminum body, weight 6.5 kg, speed up to 10 km / h, price from 15.000 ₽.

The first two cannot be compared with iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn due to weight and speed, being more likely designed for teenagers 10-12 years old. Parents will find it difficult to carry / transport such a scooter in everyday life (for example, bringing the scooter into an entrance / elevator or on a bus / subway) and worry about a child who will certainly squeeze the maximum out of his scooter. This is not safe! In addition, both models have a lot of “extra parts” and have an accelerator.

Airwheel Z8 is closer to “ideal”, but also loses to Iconbit Kick Scooter Unicorn in weight and ergonomics. Instead of an assist mode, the Z8 has a conventional accelerator button with a charge indicator on the steering wheel, that is, everything that a child is likely to break in the first place. And, of course, than one and a half times more expensive. This fact greatly expands the circle of potential owners of iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn.

Testing iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn

Children 5 and 12 years old were chosen as potential owners of iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn. This is, in fact, the minimum and maximum range of the scooter’s target audience.

Iconbit Kick Scooter Unicorn Electric Scooter

A 12-year-old girl (who previously used adult models of electric scooters) noted that the steering tube, even in the maximum position, is slightly low. Nevertheless, she liked the scooter for its good maneuverability and the fact that during the ride there was no need to be distracted by the indicators and hold the accelerator button. We filmed the test in a shopping center, and the young “racer” confidently maneuvered between inanimate and animate obstacles.

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A 5-year-old boy (had never used such devices before) took some time to learn to steadily stay on the iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn deck while moving, but after 5-10 minutes he was already quite confidently driving a scooter.

No problems were found during testing of the iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn, so the list of shortcomings of this model can only include the inability to travel long distances.

Below you can watch a short of testing iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn

IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn Field Test

To finally dot the i’s, we also decided to try iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn without waiting for the warmer and see how it will show itself in the April cold. A 6-year-old child weighing 30 kg was chosen as the user, the air temperature was 6 degrees (this is important, since the lower the temperature, the less autonomy!).

Below are the results of a test ride performed using the fitness activity tracking program

iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn was a pleasant surprise with test results. than 6 km non-stop for 40 minutes, and even with a peak speed (of course, downhill) over 14 km / h is an undoubted success. Considering the relatively low ambient temperature. excellent!


IconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn advantages:

  • Simple and solid construction, good build quality
  • Optimal weight (4.7 kg), comfortable for children and mothers
  • Sophisticated traffic safety system
  • Three color options

Disadvantages of iconBIT Kick Scooter Unicorn:

  • Battery capacity does not require long travel

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Features electric scooter IconBit Kick Scooter UNICORN black

Main characteristics
1. Type:children’s electric scooter
2. Gender of the child:for boys, for girls
3. Child’s age:4.6 years old (height 104.116 cm)
4. Options:adjustable steering wheel, foot brake
5. Frame material:plastic
6. Foldable:Yes
7. Engine power:120 watts
8. Maximum speed:6 km / h
9. Maximum load:50 Kg
10. Mileage on one charge:10 km
11. Charging time:5 h
12. Battery:Li-Ion
13. Battery capacity:2.2 Ah
Dimensions and weight
14. Height of the steering rack:85.95 cm
15. Package Contents:– electric scooter ;. Charger.
16. Length of the scooter:74 cm
17. Weight:4.7 kg
18. Quantity:2
19. Wheel size:diameter 127 mm