How Wireless TV Headphones Work

Radio headphones for TV: popular models

Wireless radio headphones are a device with a transmitter that is very popular among those who like to watch TV or listen to music without unnecessary noise, as well as PC users who simply need them.

Radio headphones for TV can work even at a great distance. this is a huge plus that makes these devices so popular. But there is one drawback: such a large distance range is capable of creating extraneous interference and noise during operation.

Before choosing the model you like, and then using it, you need to pay attention to some factors that will help to cope with the task.

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Parameters that affect the selection:

The most popular are radio headphones from SONY, Panasonic and Philips, but they have a high price. You can, of course, also purchase headphones at a more affordable price. They are Logitech and Gembird. The advantage of these models is their low weight and decent quality.

Choosing Bluetooth headphones for your TV

Wireless headphones are gradually replacing classic models. Today in the markets more and more you can find Bluetooth headphones that are distinguished by quality and convenience. Headphones SONI and Senngeiser are in special demand.

Bluetooth headphones for TV have their own advantages over the classic ones. They are very comfortable, work at a distance of 10m, and are versatile. These models have their own memory, battery and player.

Wireless headphones differ from conventional, standard devices in price and weight. However, the fact that they have no wires makes them very convenient. To make the right choice and buy the best model for yourself, you need to know some features.

  • Ergonomics of the device;
  • Food;
  • Battery Type;
  • Range of action;
  • Management.

Wireless headphones for TV: varieties

Wireless headphones are an indispensable headset that should be present in every home, without wires, therefore it is a very convenient device for watching movies, listening to music.

Wireless headphones for TV provide comfort and quality, as well as high sound insulation. With such headphones you will not disturb anyone, and you will also be able to watch TV at a distance of 5-100 m.

The wireless headphones are not connected to the TV with a long cable and are mobile. There are many different types of such models, which differ in the principle of operation.

Wireless headphones and their types:

  • Bluetooth headphones. The principle of operation of this device is that a digital signal is converted to analog. The maximum Bluetooth range is no more than 10m, while the presence of obstacles does not interfere with the operation of the headphones.
  • Headphones. They receive a signal from a built-in radio transmitter using radio waves. They work like an ordinary radio. The range of such a device can be 100m.
  • IR headphones. Here the signal is emitted by infrared waves of the infrared port, which must be turned on on the computer. Radius range is 10m, and if obstacles arise, the headphones will stop working.
  • Wi-Fi headphones. These headphones consist of a Wi-Fi module that is capable of converting an audio-sound signal and then sending it to the speakers. They are the most comfortable.

All these types of headphones are good, they can be connected not only to a TV, but also to a laptop, tablet, music center, smartphone. You can also purchase such headphones for hearing impaired people who are hard of hearing.

Comfortable Wireless Headphones for LG TV: Benefits

Headphones for the TV, which do not have a wire, are very convenient, with them you can freely move around the room. But they are very large, since they have a built-in battery, which must be charged, then the headphones will be able to transmit sound of high quality, without noise and interference.

LG TV Wireless Headphones are the best choice. They allow you to enjoy music or your favorite show at any distance, the radius of which can vary from 15 to 100 m.Such headphones are universal, they are also suitable for other TVs.

What are the best wireless devices for my LG TV? This question can be answered if you make a brief overview of all models, and only then make your choice. The rating of such models is very large, but we choose the best of them. Plantronics Back Beat PRO.

The advantages of this model:

  • Made from quality materials;
  • Powerful battery, can work for almost 20 hours;
  • Universal;
  • The presence of a volume control;
  • Great sound;
  • High quality microphone;
  • Can be connected to two different devices at the same time.

However, these headphones are large and very heavy, and they still do not fold. These disadvantages will create inconvenience if you go to take them with you on vacation.

How wireless headphones work: connection

Headphones, which do not have wires, consist of: a cup, which contains the speaker and all the electronics, ear pads. this is a special pad that fits to the ear, and temples. This is a special device that can connect paired cups. Thanks to this design, the headphones are worn on the head.

How do wireless headphones work? They, using a special wireless channel, are able to connect to source that reproduces sound. The type of connection will affect the sound quality, as well as the transmission speed and its range.

In order to connect TV, wireless headphones to the TV, you need to have a special adapter device and receiver (Bluetooth). In this case, the TV must support the Smart TV function or Bluetooth.

Connecting headphones to a TV:

  • Connect the adapter to the TV via the USB connector;
  • Be sure to charge your headphones;
  • Connect the receiver to the adapter;
  • Turn on the TV;
  • Turn on the headphones;
  • Using the TV remote control, you need to enter the menu and make the necessary settings.

After connecting the headphones, you need to check the sound quality and make sure you did everything right. Be sure to check the instructions that come with the kit. It will be easy to use the headphones in the future.

How to choose wireless headphones for your TV

The newest and most convenient accessory is wireless headphones. Thanks to them, you can turn on the TV at full volume, while you will not disturb others. You can also find remote devices that work using the control panel.

Wifi headphones for tv

Modern wireless headphones for Smart TVs work using Wi-Fi connection. If your TV is not equipped with a dedicated unit for receiving and transmitting Wi-Fi signals, you must purchase it separately. Wi-Fi earbuds provide good signal range, wide range, excellent sound quality, convenience and ease of use. The only drawback is the small selection of Wi-Fi headphones for the TV.

How Wireless TV Headphones Work?

The ways in which wireless headphones for TV receive sound signals are different:

  • radio channel in the VHF range. provides a stable, reliable connection;
  • infrared connection. carried out using a high-pulsation signal within the line of sight;
  • Wi-Fi. works in the area of ​​the router, they have good coverage and a stable signal;
  • Bluetooth. provides a connection with a TV and other equipment, works at a distance of up to 10 meters.

TOP wireless headphones for TV

Many people are afraid to buy wireless headphones due to fears that they need to be recharged very often or they will break quickly. The TOP of the best wireless headphones for TV includes only cool models that have proven their durability and convenience:

  • Sony MDR-RF865RK. wireless headphones for TV with a transmitter with 3 channels, use a radio signal for reception, battery life. more than 24 hours, very long range. 100 m.
  • Sennheiser RS ​​175. excellent wireless headphones for TV use a radio signal, are distinguished by their power and high sensitivity, and they value this model for its durability.
  • LG TONE. wireless headphones for LG TV, signal transmission is carried out via Bluetooth, reception radius is 10-15 m, easy to operate, provide good volume, look interesting.
  • Philips SHC8535. model with neodymium magnets, known for attractive power, use radio signal for reception, good noise reduction.
  • Plantronics BackBeat PRO. versatile Bluetooth headphones that can also be used with a smartphone, durable, excellent noise canceling, wide range, microphone included.
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Is it possible to connect wireless headphones to a TV?

Such a gadget as wireless headphones for a TV appeared recently, until that time people used ordinary wired headphones, which limited movement and did not allow them to leave the screen. With wireless headphones, the user has the ability to move away from the screen if the distance over which the signal is valid is maintained. You can connect wireless headphones for a TV in different ways, depending on what technology the manufacturer used.

How to choose wireless headphones for your TV?

In addition to the method of transmitting information, wireless headphones have other criteria that you should pay attention to when buying. How to choose wireless headphones for your TV. technical parameters:

  • frequency and frequency range. these criteria are important if the user is going to listen to music and the sound quality is important to him;
  • impedance. this parameter shows the signal impedance at the input, which directly affects the volume of the headphones;
  • sensitivity. the depth of sound depends on this parameter, the higher the sensitivity, the better;
  • coefficient of nonlinear distortion. demonstrates possible distortion of sound, the less THD, the better.

Performance characteristics of wireless headphones for TV:

  • Convenience. the headphones should be tried on to assess how comfortable it is to move, sit, lie in them.
  • Power source. headphones can operate on batteries or rechargeable batteries, the second type of accessory is more expensive, but more economical.
  • Weight. a device that is too heavy will be uncomfortable for long-term use, the headphones are lighter with batteries than with rechargeable batteries.
  • The coverage area is a criterion that determines how far you can move the headphones from the TV.
  • Noise cancellation. the presence of this function improves sound quality by damping extraneous noise.
  • Volume control is a convenient option that allows you to decrease or increase the sound without a TV remote control.
  • The ability to control headphones from a mobile device, listen to the radio, switch to a wired connection. These enhanced comfort features are found in higher cost wireless headphones.
  • high-quality signal reception can be interfered with by obstacles and other equipment;
  • batteries can be discharged at the wrong time;
  • batteries and rechargeable batteries may make the headphones too heavy and too large;
  • the price of such headphones is higher than wired ones.

Infrared Headphones for TV

Not only remote controls can work through the infrared port. To successfully use infrared wireless headphones, you need to connect the IR block, which is included with the device, to the TV. When using them to watch TV, you cannot go far. any obstacle immediately degrades the signal.

What are the wireless headphones for TV?

Before answering the question which wireless headphones are best for TV, you should find out what they are:

  • compact plug-in. very small, but not always convenient for many hours of use;
  • on-ear. headphones with a headband, lightweight and comfortable;
  • full-sized. covers the entire auricle, but may be too heavy.

Radio headphones for TV

It is very convenient to use a TV with wireless headphones operating in the radio range. the gadget provides excellent sound quality and a significant reception range, which is not available for other varieties. Most modern TVs are already equipped with the blocks necessary for transmitting the radio signal to the headphones. Experts call the only drawback of radio headphones a weak resistance to interference that may appear due to the operation of devices or equipment using a radio signal.

Philips SHC8535: neodymium magnet headphones

It is customary to watch TV with full-size headphones. Such headphones are Philips SHC8535. They work using a radio signal, which allows them to receive a signal stably even at a great distance. However, the transmitter is not the best used here. it uses frequencies in the range from 863 to 865 MHz. Roughly speaking, you may encounter interference from time to time, especially if you live in a high-rise apartment building. Another problem may be that the autonomous operation of the headphones is provided by AAA batteries, which may not be at hand at the right time.

  • Neodymium magnets are used;
  • Strong radio signal overcomes any obstacle;
  • The sensitivity is 100 dB;
  • Greatly protects against external noise;
  • Great sound in movies.
  • Working time does not exceed 15 hours;
  • AAA batteries are used;
  • No Bluetooth support;
  • Signals from neighbors can be caught;
  • Not the best quality plastic is used.

10 best Chinese wireless earbuds

Sennheiser RR 840 RF: nape earplugs

Not everyone wants to use massive on-ear headphones when watching TV. Sometimes it is much easier to insert the plugs. The problem is that most often such devices work using Bluetooth, which is not found in many TVs. Fortunately, there is a way out. it is to buy the Sennheiser RR 840 RF. These are gags, complemented by an occipital arch, thanks to which they will never get tangled or lost. Headphones use a radio channel, while interference during many hours of watching TV, if it occurs, is extremely rare. The set includes two pairs of interchangeable ear pads. in case the size of the standard ones does not suit you.

  • Almost not felt on the body;
  • Perfect protection against external noise;
  • The volume control fits on the headphones;
  • Decent sound in both movies and music.
  • Overpriced;
  • Easy to break;
  • Interference sometimes does occur.

The best headphones for TV using radio signal

Denon AH-GC20 Headphones with plastic case included

Some of the most expensive wireless headphones you can use to connect to your TV. They have a foldable design and a very attractive appearance. They work using Bluetooth technology, thus receiving a signal and even transmitting it (there is a microphone here). The headphones are ideal for watching concerts and listening to music. If necessary, they can be connected to professional equipment. for this, a cable with a 6.3 mm adapter is supplied in the kit. The buyer will also receive a plastic case and an adapter for the aircraft. In a word, these are very expensive headphones, but they will suit even a music lover!

  • You can use a microphone;
  • Nice design;
  • Perfectly working active noise cancellation system;
  • Cable and 6.3mm adapter can be connected;
  • The kit includes an adapter for an aircraft and a case;
  • Operating time from a single charge reaches 20 hours;
  • Performs well when listening to music.
  • Astronomical price tag;
  • Without noise cancellation, the sound quality is slightly degraded;
  • The microphone does not work when the wire is connected.

8 best Sony headphones

Sennheiser RS ​​175: the most powerful radio headphones ever

  • Stable signal reception in almost any conditions;
  • Able to serve for many years;
  • Operating time on a single charge. about 18 hours;
  • High sensitivity;
  • There is a digital optical input;
  • External noise is almost inaudible.
  • Not everyone can afford it;
  • Powered by AAA batteries;
  • Some people find headphones too heavy.

20 best wireless Bluetooth headphones

Ritmix RH-707: high sensitivity disposable headphones

Another cheap headphone that uses a radio channel. Due to the low cost, they received a number of disadvantages, which makes their purchase, if not pointless, then very strange. For example, the headband here is made of thin plastic. it can easily break after the first fall to the floor. The batteries used here also raise questions. at first they work for a long time, but gradually the battery life is significantly reduced. What you can’t find fault with here is the sensitivity of 110 dB.

  • High sensitivity;
  • Very light weight;
  • The minimum price tag;
  • Ears get tired only after a very long time;
  • In films, the sound does not cause any complaints;
  • Auto tuning.
  • The radio channel uses low frequencies, which causes interference;
  • They practically do not save from external noise;
  • Very high signal-to-noise ratio;
  • The “little finger” batteries are used.
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6 best big headphones

How wireless headphones work and how to connect them

Wireless headphones how to use them and connect to various devices: an Android smartphone or an iPhone, a stereo speaker, a TV, a game console, a computer or other electronic devices without using a wire or cable. They transmit sound via radio or IR (infrared) signals, depending on the device.

Wireless headphones give you freedom! They are popular with gamers because they allow you to move freely. The freedom of movement with wireless headphones is also appreciated by those who exercise in the gym or in front of the TV in the living room. They are also ideal for late-night TV enthusiasts as they allow others to stay out of the way.

The wireless headphones are connected or paired with the device in use using radio or infrared signals. To simplify the connection, many devices use Bluetooth technology. Devices with Bluetooth technology can connect and exchange data over very short distances using RF communications. Bluetooth headphones also allow you to connect to multiple devices at the same time.

Connecting wireless headphones to the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 supports two different types of wireless headphones, with and without Bluetooth. The first method describes how to connect wireless headphones without Bluetooth support, and the second. with Bluetooth support.

How to use wireless headphones

A Bluetooth technology product has a tiny computer chip that contains a Bluetooth radio and software that enables communication between devices. Therefore, when Bluetooth-enabled products such as a cell phone and headphones are in close proximity to each other, they establish a connection or pair. This allows you to talk on the phone or listen to music wirelessly.

Connecting wireless headphones depends on the device you are using, but once you’ve mastered this procedure, you can easily do it later. Below is the procedure for connecting wireless headphones to the most commonly used devices.

Xbox 360: Bluetooth Headphones

  • Connect your wireless headset to your console to install the latest headphone drivers. You must be connected to Xbox Live to complete this step.
  • Make sure your headset is charged. You can charge its battery by connecting a headset to the device. If you charge your headset through your console, it will usually connect automatically. If the connection is not automatic, first turn on the console and put the headset in Bluetooth mode.
  • Press and hold the power button for two seconds until the green light starts flashing. Then you should hear a startup sound. When it appears, press and hold the connect button for two seconds.
  • After releasing the button, press and release the connect button on the console within 20 seconds. Otherwise, the connection will not be established. If the connection is successful, the green LEDs flash three times.

Connecting wireless headphones to a TV

First, make sure the base is plugged in and the headphone batteries are fully charged. Make sure the headphones are close to the TV. Turn on the headset. Open the TV settings menu and turn on Bluetooth. Find your headphones among the Bluetooth devices on the TV screen. The sound of a TV show should appear in them.

How bluetooth headphones work

The basic principle of operation of Bluetooth headphones is data transmission via the Bluetooth interface. This type of connection works on almost all devices. The main feature of the connection is considered to be a high signal transmission rate and stable sound quality. In the presence of a signal, data transmission occurs within a radius of 10 meters from the source. Obstacles such as walls and other obstructions do not affect pairing.

The design of wireless headphones has a special element that acts as a receiver for the signal. A Bluetooth signal is essentially a radio communication between devices with built-in modules. These devices require energy to run smoothly, so a wireless headset usually has a built-in battery in the case.

The battery can also be found on the neck strap. It depends on the model.

Progress does not stand still and the technology is gradually improving. At the moment, Bluetooth technology is widespread. It is possible to connect wireless headphones to a computer, phone, speakers, home theater system or TV. If for some reason your TV or computer does not have a built-in transmitter, you can purchase a Bluetooth adapter. The device connects to all wireless headsets.

Some headphone models have an auto-connect option. The device is capable of automatically pairing with the device with which it was previously connected. In this case, the headset must be within range of the signal source, and Bluetooth must be activated on the paired device.

The version of the interface protocol is also responsible for the accuracy of data transfer. At the moment, the latest version is Bluetooth 5.0. For full use and high-quality sound, it is necessary that both devices have the latest version.

Another key aspect in the work between devices is the connection via an encrypted channel. Each device has its own identification number, which is responsible for pairing.

Connecting wireless headphones is easy. To activate the interface, the indicator light on the case must be on. The LED indicates readiness for connection. Search for available devices on the device to be paired.

To get a stable signal, the earbuds can be added to the trusted list.

Once paired, audio will play through the headset. Honor should note that Bluetooth headphones require more power during operation and much less power consumption in standby mode.

It is worth focusing on the principle of operation of Bluetooth headphones for a computer. A modern headset requires a Bluetooth connection to a computer via a USB connector or mini jack 3.5. To activate the connection on the headphone case, you need to hold down the button. When Bluetooth is turned on, the LED will flash. A window will appear on the computer monitor, in which there will be a list of available gadgets. You must select a device. Then you can listen to music, watch movies and play games.

professional models for a computer are supplied with a CD with installation software, which may be needed for synchronization via Bluetooth.

Wireless TV models work the same way. First you need to make sure that the TV receiver is equipped with a built-in module. Then turn on the Bluetooth headphones and set up the connection on the TV. In the wireless settings, click on the Bluetooth item and select a device. After pairing, the sound from the TV will appear in the ear headset.

The principle of operation of headphones for a phone depends on the model and OS of the gadget. As a rule, the tuning algorithm is practically the same. To set up the work of the headset, you need to turn on Bluetooth on the phone and activate the function on the headphones by long pressing the button on the case. After that, search for devices on your phone. When the headset is found, a signal will be transmitted. After that, you need to confirm the connection. It will take a couple of minutes to connect.

It is recommended to fully charge the earbuds before use. For full functionality, the headset must be charged according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The charging process and its features differ depending on the model.

How radio models work?

Sound reproduction through wireless headphones is possible through radio waves. This method of signal transmission has a wide range of action. The radio frequency range of the devices is from 800 MHz to 2.4 GHz. Wireless devices are capable of picking up radio waves at a distance of up to 150 m from the signal source. But it is worth noting that the distance range affects the sound quality. In addition, the device will be quickly discharged due to the work of radio waves.

The principle of operation of wireless headphones through the FM channel is based on connecting to a sound source and further broadcasting to the headphones. These wireless models come with a stand-alone stand that serves as a charger.

How wireless headphones work?

Wireless headphones are a device for those who are bored with wires. The devices are convenient and compact. There are many cordless models available for your phone, PC or TV. This article will discuss the principle of operation of Bluetooth headphones and models with radio and IR channel.

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How IR works?

The signal transmission via infrared port is distinguished by the sound quality. The principle of operation of wireless headphones through the infrared channel is a high-frequency pulsation of the sound signal output. The built-in infrared port receives the signal and amplifies it, after which it plays.

The distance between devices should be much shorter than for a Bluetooth connection. But this is considered a minor issue. The advantages of models with infrared channel are also low cost and low power consumption during operation. The disadvantage of the interface is the occurrence of interference in the presence of walls and other obstacles.

If you go to another room while listening to music, the sound may be distorted or completely disappear.

Most often, the infrared port is used when watching TV, since the signal reception must take place in the field of view of the transmitter. Despite the above advantages, such a wireless headset is a bit outdated. In addition, now you rarely find models of headphones with an IR channel.

To connect any wireless headphones, you need to determine the presence of the module on the paired device. The version of the protocol is also important. Incompatibility of Bluetooth versions may result in connection error, interference, poor sound quality. Don’t forget about headphones with FM channel and infrared port. Models are not very common among users, but they have their advantages.

Summing up, it is worth noting that wireless headphones have a long service life, unlike their wired competitors.

The principle of Bluetooth operation is described in the following video.

How are they charged

Wireless headphones have rechargeable batteries that need to be recharged periodically.

Attention. When charging, follow the manufacturer’s advice. It is required to ensure the required level of charge and not allow a complete discharge, so as not to damage the product.

The charging principle is similar for all models, but there are certain features. To maintain the device’s performance, you should connect the headphones with a cable to the power supply. Charging is carried out using a 220 V power supply or low-current systems from a USB connector. Most models should be charged for no more than 3 hours. Many manufacturers use light indicators that indicate the charge level. Instructions from manufacturers will help to decipher the signals.

To keep your battery in good working order, you need to properly charge it. Complete discharge must be avoided. This can lead to a loss of battery capacity, and therefore a decrease in battery life. The lack of a full charge can provoke the failure of the charge controller. Depending on the type of battery, a complete discharge is possible to start the product in working mode. It may take several cycles. This information is indicated by the manufacturer in the documentation.

What are wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are a device based on various technologies for receiving sound from source. Depending on the operating conditions, the most suitable models are selected.

Reference. It has been proven that data transmission technology does not harm the body. Devices meet safety requirements.

  • Full-size products are more often used for home use. Thanks to the design, good isolation from extraneous noise is created. Universal headphones allow you to broadcast high-quality sound without distorting music. The emitter is located on the outer surface, therefore, there is no harm to hearing with proper use from such devices.
  • The on-ear headset snaps into place on the outside of your ear. Models are more often equipped with a folding mechanism for convenience. The main difference from full-size products is that the device does not completely cover the user’s ear. The emitters are powerful. Thanks to this, you can get high-quality sound.
  • Plug-in models can be used on the road or when playing sports. Compact devices allow you to get smooth operation and high-quality sound transmission. A neckband connected to the main unit can be used to receive the signal.

To get good sound, pay attention to frequency range, sound quality and impedance.

Important. To ensure long-term performance, it is necessary to properly care for the equipment. It is important to store products in a special case or case. The surface should be cleaned regularly.

For wireless headphones, the operating time without recharging, the type of battery and the presence of control buttons are also important. Modern models can switch tracks, adjust volume and manage calls on the phone.

How wireless headphones work

Wireless headphones are a convenient solution for listening to music. There is a wide range of products. Each model differs in the way of data exchange and characteristics. You should study the principle of operation and features in more detail.

How wireless headphones work

The principle of operation of a headset is to receive a signal from source using several wireless technologies. Depending on this, the models are connected to different devices.

  • Radio communication is a stable connection. The range of such models can be over 10 m. The channel is used to transmit sound with a frequency of up to 2.4 GHz. The products are not portable, as for operation, you need to install the transmitter. This design is inconvenient to carry with you.
  • Bluetooth is a versatile data transmission technology. The frequency is usually 2.5 GHz. Headphones can connect via this protocol to any gadget that has this module. Such devices are stable, do not lose connection. It is convenient to take products with you on the road. Special encoding protects data from interception.
  • Infrared products work on the principle of high frequency pulsation signal transmission. The product has a built-in receiver that is able to amplify the received sound signal. The models are not suitable for mobile listening to music, because data transmission module requires 220 V connection.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones connect very easily to gadgets. For this, the signal LED on the product must be lit. It means ready for pairing. Next, on the portable device, you should search for available connections. To keep the connection stable, headphones are added to trusted devices. After that, the sound will be broadcast to the headset, and not to external speakers.

What’s included with the headphones

Manufacturers are ready to offer models with different characteristics. The standard package for wireless headphones includes a list of necessary devices and documentation required for stable operation of the device. But the original and most requested models are not meant for Android.

Important. It is required to use only original chargers and additional accessories for the headphones. Unsuitable products can damage the product.

What gadgets are compatible with

Bluetooth headphones are compatible with almost any gadget. Many portable devices have built-in Bluetooth that transmits data to the headset. If necessary, you can install an external device.

Popular gadgets:

  • Mobile devices are most often used in conjunction with portable headphones. The operating system Android and iOS are suitable for connection. Some models support older mobile systems. To connect, just create a pairing in the menu. The connection will be made automatically.
  • The tablet PC also supports wireless headset connection. Connection is similar to setting up smartphones and mobile devices.
  • A stationary computer or laptop is connected using a built-in module. For the device to work stably, you may need to install specialized software. The device is turned on using standard operating system tools.
  • The TV can also be equipped with a Bluetooth module. Headphones are searched through the menu. Wireless devices are used to watch movies, TV shows and listen to music.
  • Players and various audio systems that can transmit sound wirelessly. Different headphones are selected depending on the models of the audio system.

To connect to gadgets, it is more convenient to use products precisely on the basis of the wireless principle of signal transmission. In this case, the likelihood of damage to the wiring and connector is reduced. Wireless headphones have proven to be a convenient accessory for various portable devices.