How To Watch TV Via Smart TV

Digital TV without set-top box

The IPTV application can now also be installed on TVs with Smart TV technology. This program provides access to viewing digital TV channels in improved quality. There are many ways to connect IPTV, and some of them require special equipment. You can install the program on Smart TVs without a set-top box, but if we are talking about TV equipment of 2010 and younger.

To watch TV channels through this application, you need to download and install the nStreamLmod program and configure it:

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control;
  • Then press the Button “A”;
  • Select “Create a work record” and enter your login. develop and the password is 123456:
  • Confirm the correctness of the data entry;
  • Re-enter the data to enter your personal account;
  • Select the “Settings” tab, then “Development”;
  • Enter the IP address. It is different for each TV model;
  • Click the “Synchronization” tab;
  • Run the nStreamLmod program and go to the official site.

For beginners, this tutorial may seem daunting. You should not try to make the settings yourself if you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills. The best option in this case is contacting a qualified specialist.

Applications for comfortable viewing of Smart TV channels

Since the software of Smart TVs is multifunctional, you need to know some rules for using them. It is not at all difficult, but you can still get confused, and then smart technology will turn into useless and not comfortable to use.

To download and install programs on your TV, you need to provide it with Internet access via a wireless or wired connection. You can install already downloaded applications from a flash drive on the TV, but this is not very convenient. The aLGorithm for entering the Smart TV menu and downloading applications is different for each model, but creating a personal account and activating it via a PC is a prerequisite for all TVs. This procedure will provide access to the full list of applications, including paid ones.

If you are suddenly worried that you will not be able to take advantage of Smart TV to watch regular TV channels. you are mistaken, read the detailed material about watching TV channels through Smart TV.

ViNTERA.TV application

This is an application that is currently available on all popular TV models with the Smart TV platform. This program is just as easy to use as a regular TV, therefore it is accessible to almost all users. The main advantage of the service is the absence of the need to register on the sites visited, while to visit the same portals from a PC, the authorization procedure is mandatory. When downloading and installing this application, the user has the opportunity to create his own Play-list, as well as participate in special promotions.

To install ViNTERA.TV, you just need to enter the Smart TV menu and find it in the “” section. The whole process of downloading and unpacking will not take more than 2 minutes. Immediately after installation, you can go to watching television. Please note that for comfortable viewing of TV programs, the application must always have access to the World Wide Web. The data transfer rate also has requirements:

Channel format Internet speed
SD At least 2 Mbps
HD 3 Mbps
3D 4 Mbps

Application installation tips

After creating an account, all manipulations will be carried out through the account from the TV menu. The list of available applications is quite extensive, but depending on the location it can change. This is due to the presence of local TV channels and regional programs.

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The installation procedure is almost the same on all devices, regardless of the features of a particular model, and looks like this:

Do not forget that you need access to the World Wide Web to download applications. You can connect to the Internet using your personal account Tricolor TV.

Interactive television

The program options are SIMple and straightforward: browse, rewind, pause. synchronization with other devices. A movie downloaded on a TV can be watched on a smartphone by logging into your profile on the portal.

The application installation process is extremely SIMple: go to the Smart TV menu, select Interactive TV in the “” section and download it.

Other programs for smart TVs

As mentioned above, nowadays every user will find a lot of useful applications for Smart TV that open access to sites with ilms and TV shows, music and useful information. For example, the MegaFon.TV company is the creator of an absolutely free program for viewing. The application can be installed on almost all TV models with Smart option no earlier than 2013 release.

Another popular application is Like TV. It allows you to watch digital TV channels completely free of charge. All Samsung Smart TV models support this program.

Owners of Smart TVs are presented with a huge range of programs and applications that allow them to use the equipment in full, while saving money on additional services and watching elms in excellent quality and without ads.

Watching TV channels over the Internet on Smart TV

In the modern world, when high-speed Internet is available to almost any city dweller, the need to pay for cable or satellite television gradually disappears, since any program or TV channel that interests the viewer can be watched for free by broadcasting through the worldwide network. And it is not at all necessary to use a laptop or home PC and a monitor for this. It is quite possible to watch TV channels over the Internet on TV.

Watching TV channels through a browser

Despite the fact that the built-in browser on TVs has some external differences from those that are installed on a home PC, their functionality does not differ much. In order to watch TV through the Smart TV Internet browser, you need to open it, use the remote control to enter the name of the official website of the TV channel of interest in the search box and select it from the offered options.

Smart TV capabilities

Of course, only owners of modern TVs equipped with the ability to connect to the network via Wi-Fi or via a LAN cable can watch channels via the Internet. Such TVs are no longer just a device for watching TV channels, but a full-fledged multimedia center, with the help of which you can access almost any film, music content and, of course, television programs. Every modern TV equipped with the ability to connect to the Internet is equipped with a Smart TV function.

The presence of this function provides the user with direct access to large amounts of network media content. Thanks to this feature, you can download various applications for watching movies and TV channels to your TV, as well as search for information through the built-in browser.

Setting up IPTV on LG TVs

You need to start by installing the IPTV application on your existing TV model. The procedure is as follows.

All installed Playlists can be found in the “Settings” section. You can also download a third-party Playlist there. To do this, in the application settings, you need to find the “General” tab, and then click on “Get code”. After a short period of time, a code consisting of letters and numbers will appear next to this button. It needs to be written down.

After that, you need to turn to a PC, laptop or other device where any Internet browser is installed. There you should go to the official site of SS IPTV, where select the item “Users”, and then “Editor Playlists”. It is there that the code that was received in the application on the TV is entered. Then click “Add device”. The gadget will be added to the list, its model name will be displayed in the corresponding window, and the “My Playlist” tab in the “Settings” section will appear in the application on the TV. Further, you just need to download the Playlist you like on the Internet and upload it on the SS IPTV website in the “Open” tab. In the SS IPTV application on the TV, you need to click the “Update” button, and the previously installed Playlist will be loaded there.

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View through dedicated Smart TV apps

Sometimes it is more convenient to watch TV programs using the appropriate applications. Their number is very large. It can also be applications for viewing individual channels, for channel packages, for films or cartoons. For example, Channel One, STS, Rain and many others have their own applications for Smart TV. It is very convenient to watch TV programs through the Youtube application, because all new programs, news releases or episodes of the series are posted on the network using this platform.

Any Smart TV apps need to be installed on your TV. Depending on the TV model, some applications may already be installed (the same Youtube), but most of them need to be downloaded. It’s easy to do.

Viewing via IPTV

The possibilities of this broadcasting option are extremely high. One of the main advantages is that you do not have to pay for connecting cable or satellite television, since most of the channels included in the standard Playlists of providers are available for viewing via IPTV.

Another important advantage of this technology is interactivity: when watching a TV show, you can pause it, “rewind” it or watch it later, after its broadcast on the channel. Also, TV content can be recorded on any medium, systematized by genre, rating or alphabet, choose the broadcast format, image quality, receive extended information about a TV show or movie. However, this advanced functionality is not always free. But in order to just watch TV channels via the Internet, as a rule, you do not need to pay.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung

  • TV allows you to watch programs in full screen mode and in small window mode, add your favorite channels to your Favorites in order to quickly return to them. In addition, it can change the aspect ratio of the screen image. Currently, about 180 channels are available for free viewing in the application.
  • Peers.TV has a TV program and program archive function. The program is archived for a week. Also, in this application, you can add your own Playlists by prescribing the URL addresses of IPTV channels from the provider in the corresponding paragraph.

IPTV is the best option for those who want to have access to all television channels, but do not incur significant financial costs in this regard.

The advantages of this method

As a rule, films and serials stored on sites are heavily “pinched”. to save space on servers, the quality was cut and additional audio tracks, if any, were removed. In torrents, you can find movies of almost any resolution and picture quality. up to BDremux 4k with 7.1 multi-channel audio with different translation. And the Android Smart set-top box can display losslessly on the TV screen, without using the built-in memory and without downloading the entire movie. A movie or TV series, even with FullHD resolution in WebDlrip quality, looks much brighter and more colorful on the screen. And one more significant advantage is that there is almost no advertising “sewn” into the film for all boring casinos.

Which Smart set-top box is right?

To watch movies from torrents, you need a Smart TV Box on a more powerful and modern processor, for example, Amlogic S905X-2, Amlogic S905X-3, or set-top boxes from the manufacturer Zidoo, Ugoos, Himedia. The latest Smart consoles are good in that, in addition to powerful stuffing, they have built-in system players for playing “heavy” ones with autoframe and multi-channel audio output to external receivers. What you need to set up

There are two ways to set up viewing online torrents on a Smart STB. The first method uses the Kodi media combine and the Elementum plugins installed in it. a rather tricky way to set up for inexperienced users. Second way. using the Torrserve application is much easier to configure and faster, and we will consider it in this article. To configure, we need Torrserve itself and a torrent search program. You can use the paid version of HD Videbox, which opens access to torrents, or install NUM. The NUM application displays new items, and various selections and sorting of films. If you want to find a movie that came out earlier than 3 months ago. you will have to use the paid version of HDbox, or another application to find torrents or Magnet links. You also need a fast Internet connection, since the files are large and you need a stable channel to view them. It is desirable that the set-top box be 100 Mbps or higher. For films in 4k resolution and “weighing” 60-120 gigabytes, the Internet connection must be at a speed of 200 Mbps and higher. If the speed is not enough. movies will slow down, especially in dynamic scenes with many small details.

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Watch Torrent Movies on Smart TV Box

Smart set-top box provides a lot of opportunities for watching movies and TV series from the Internet. There are many applications for accessing movie databases, one of which is known to almost all users. HDbox. You can also download movies from various sources to internal memory or flash drives and hard drives for later viewing. One of the most progressive ways is to watch movies and TV series from torrents online without completely downloading the file.

How To Watch TV Via Smart TV

Setting up

Download and install two applications on the Smart set-top box, which are presented above. It is advisable to install a Kodi player to play movies. this can be done from Google Play or Aptoide. After that, you need to configure the engine for torrents Torrserve.

Start the Torrserve application. the start menu will appear.
In the menu, click the second item “update” and then “Install the latest server version from the network”
When the server version is updated, you will understand by the scrolling line, go back one point and click “settings”
Select the top item “server setup”. there will be two lines at the top, one with the number 200, the second with 20. These 20 must be changed to 200 or more. this is a buffer in RAM, into which the movie will be loaded as it is viewed. For movies in 4k, you can put 300-350 for comfortable viewing. In the future, you can change the number by empirically choosing the best option for your prefix. The larger the buffer. the more stable the viewing, but it will take longer to load the movie into it.
Then press the item “select player” and specify the desired player to watch the movie. The best option for Zidoo consoles will be the built-in system one, for the rest you can choose Kodi. Server setup is completed and now you can try watching a movie from torrents online without downloading.
To do this, open the NUM application and select a movie. A menu will appear. select the “torrent” tab and there will be torrents that you can watch. Click on the selected torrent. a context menu will open, in which you need to select “play” and you can check the “remember” checkbox so that the system does not ask in the future. Loading a part of the movie into the clipboard will start and after a while the movie will automatically open in the player selected in the Torrserve settings. In the future, you can use HDvideobox with activated torrent access or another application that can transfer magnet links to third-party applications. If you like the programs. you can donate a certain amount to developers for the further development of projects.