How To Watch TV On Samsung Smart TV

IPTV capabilities on Samsung Smart TV

When the owner of a Samsung product with the Smart function sets up his device for viewing channels in the digital format of IPTV, a completely different side of television will open before him:

  • a picture of excellent quality;
  • improved sound;
  • interactivity. you don’t need to be dependent on the flow. In this format, you can pause, stop the, rewind it, record your favorite TV program and much more;
  • unlimited lists of TV channels (for different tastes, any country in the world).

These capabilities are achieved by transferring data over the Internet protocol from the network provider. Therefore, before starting the installation, you need to make sure that he provides such a service.

Applications for viewing IPTV channels

To expand the capabilities of IPTV for Smart TV Samsung, you can download some applications that allow you to diversify the existing content, as well as watch: television, online movies and much more.

Among Samsung users, the most popular widgets stand out:

  • OTT-Player;
  • Peers TV;
  • SS IPTV.

Peers tv

This program has a ton of features:

  • opens access to over 150 channels;
  • watching films, TV series;
  • it can be synchronized with a smartphone;
  • a convenient player in which it is comfortable to control the viewing (pause, rewind, etc.).


This player is convenient when watching IPTV, it allows you to records, stop broadcasting, decode some signals of paid channels, create Playlists that can be opened on any other device. To install, you need:

  • Register on the site
  • Activate mail
  • Go to your personal account
  • On the main page, click “How to watch”
  • Select device
  • Select player
  • Make settings by following the instructions in your personal account


The technology is the fastest among all of the above. For its implementation, you will need two conditions:

  • PlugAccess support by home router.
  • Regular flash drive (must be formatted).

If you have all this, you can start setting up:

  • insert a removable drive into a router;
  • one of the lamps should blink on the tethering device. When the flashing stops, you can remove the card from it;
  • insert the USB stick into the TV and leave it there until the connection is made.

Which TV models support IPTV

All Samsung TVs above the fifth series and released after 2010 can support digital TV. You don’t need to buy any additional set-top boxes for this.

You can check a specific device using a small diagram. To do this, you will need its code series (indicated by the manufacturer on the back of the case).

It is better to write out the code on a piece of paper and compare the resulting letters with the decoding. Let’s look at the example of Samsung UE42ES7507. In this case, each value has its own meaning:

  • the first two letters. type TV (U. LED), and place of manufacture (E. Europe);
  • diagonal size (42 inches);
  • year of issue. Each letter characterizes a certain year, the calculation starts from 2008. its letter A, then 2009. B, etc. In our example, there is E, that is, it was made in 2012 and such a TV supports the IPTV application.
  • the next number indicates the series, it must be greater than 5.

When the check has been completed and it turned out to be convinced of your Smart TV, you can start setting up.

How to set up IPTV

It remains to install IPTV on your Smart TV. The setting for different Samsung TV series may differ, but the steps are almost the same.

To do this, you need to do several manipulations:

  • find the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control, press it;
  • press button A (also on the remote control);
  • a login window will open, where you need to select the “Create an account” item;
  • in a new tab, you will need to enter the default login for all. develop and password. 123456;
  • select “Create”;
  • specify the username and password again (the same);
  • press the “Tools” button on the remote control, go to the “Settings” section;
  • a small window will open where you need to select “Development”;
  • the next item will be the need to enter the server “Setting the server IP address”. You can get it from your provider or use the standard:;;
  • then you need to select “Application Synchronization” and when the necessary actions are completed, press “Enter”. After synchronization, all previously installed applications are removed;
  • open an application called nStream Player, specify the address in the line “Playlist URL1” (

IPTV on Smart TV Samsung: ways to tune and watch high quality TV channels

High-quality broadcasting of TV channels has long supplanted the methods of broadcasting familiar to everyone. But what needs to be done in order for the IPTV player for Samsung Smart TV to work correctly, because all previous installation attempts ended in failure: it was not possible to find a convenient application, the TV did not want to go online, or it was not at all sure whether it supported such a novelty.

This article will detail the answers to all possible difficulties that a person might encounter trying to set up IPTV on a Samsung TV with the Smart TV option.

  • IPTV capabilities on Samsung Smart TV
  • Which TV models support IPTV
  • How to connect the Internet to a TV for IPTV
  • LAN connection
  • Wi-Fi
  • Using WPS
  • PlugAccess
  • How to set up IPTV
  • Applications for viewing IPTV channels
  • OTT-Player
  • Peers tv

How to connect the Internet to a TV for IPTV

Any IPTV setup on a Samsung Smart TV should start with its internet connection. This can be done in several ways:

  • a wire from the router;
  • via Wi-Fi;
  • using WPS;
  • using PlugAcces.
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Each method has its own nuances, so we will consider step-by-step instructions for each of them.


Another quite successful application, which is loved by the user for its extremely convenient category “Cinema”. There are a large number of sites on which you can watch movies and TV shows for free.

For fans of traditional television, channel packages are provided, among which there are both paid and free. You can add your own Playlist.

Free channels on Smart TV

All free channels on Samsung TVs are available by entering the desired address in the TV menu. The addresses include a certain Playlist (a set of channels), which can be viewed for free when connected to the Internet. The actual addresses of Playlists are placed by IPTV providers on their websites.

What you need to watch

You can watch TV on Samsung Smart TV through special programs or through IPTV. The basic IPTV package for Smart TV is often provided by an Internet provider. In this case, the amount of payment for using the connection may increase compared to the standard mode. Therefore, it is difficult to call this approach free, despite the fact that it is extremely convenient.

The program consists of external and internal directories. There can be an unlimited number of external ones, while there is only one internal.

To add a new directory, do the following:

  • go to the “Content” section;
  • go to the “External” tab;
  • click the “Add” button;
  • enter the directory address and its name.

To add an internal list, press the Get button in the General section. The list will be able to function for a specific code only for a day. After that, you will need to copy the new code from the SS IPTV website.


A convenient service that allows you to quickly find films of interest and watch them online. There is no limitation in signal sources. With the same convenience, you can use online movie libraries, removable media and Playlists with channels.

How To Watch TV On Samsung Smart TV

In addition to viewing the contents of the Playlist, the user can also create his own list of TV channels. It is these qualities that allowed the program to gain recognition from Samsung Smart TV owners.

To expand the capabilities of the application, you can use an additional program called RemoteFork. nStreamLmod. This software will allow you to comfortably watchs from hosting, access online cinemas and run files from torrents without first downloading. It should be noted that for the full functioning of this set of programs, it is advisable to combine a TV with a computer.

The program is paid, but has a trial period of 30 days.

How to set up free channels on Samsung Smart TV?

Smart TV functionality on Samsung TVs allows you to use the capabilities associated with the transfer of media files over the Internet. Smart TV can provide the user with a certain set of channels that will not need to be paid for separately. Free channels on Samsung Smart TVs are not that difficult to set up, but adjusting the broadcast settings can be difficult. So it’s better to get acquainted with the specifics of the connection in advance and learn how to properly configure the channels.

Setting up free channels on Smart TV via IPTV

When using software from a provider, the user will not need to worry about the stability of the connection, since the service provider has done everything possible to provide full access to Internet TV.

First of all, the TV must be connected to the Internet. The connection can be either wired or wireless. After connecting the Internet, you need to configure it first. Information about the IP address and personal information about the user may be required. As soon as the connection is successfully established, the device will prompt you to sign in to your account. You can create a new account or use an existing one.

But it is absolutely not necessary to pre-activate a special tariff from the provider in order to watch TV channels. You can save some money by using third-party software. For its installation and subsequent use, you will definitely need an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter which type of connection you use (wired or wireless). The most important thing is that the speed is sufficient for playing streaming from the Internet. Wired interfaces usually guarantee higher signal speed and stability, but they are not very convenient for placing a TV in a room.

Upon completion of the installation, the user will be able to launch the program and start using various Playlists. All names and addresses of Playlists are entered manually. It is not as convenient as using TV from the provider, but does not require additional payment.

Unofficial applications for watching TV over the Internet

There are many programs that allow you to watch TV channels absolutely free of charge over the Internet. Consider the most popular software.


A handy TV widget with an extensive library of movies and TV series. Digital television is also available, for which there is no charge for it. You can find popular terrestrial channels, as well as some thematic channels that are usually available with a cable connection.

For users with a weak Internet, it is possible to set the quality of the TV signal transmission.

Free m3u IPTV Playlists from the SlyNet team

On the Internet, you can find many resources offering Playlist lists for viewing various TV channels. Some of them are sewn directly into the program for viewing content, while others need to be updated periodically by yourself.

On thematic forums, m3u playlists from the SlyNet team are widely distributed, which unite a set of TV channels of a SIMilar orientation.

The Samsung Smart TV offers an impressive TV experience. But you should always remember that the provision of channels is absolutely free, which means that there are no guarantees here.

How to increase internet speed on Samsung Smart TV

Internet and its connection to the device

Many users wonder why Smart TV slows down over Wi-Fi. The answer lies in the fact that the Network may have been incorrectly connected to the TV.

  • Wireless via Wi-Fi router. You need to open the “Menu”, where you select the “Wireless” connection option and write down the password and login from Wi-Fi in the fields that will be displayed on the screen. After the performed actions, the TV instantly connects to the network. If, during the setup process, a message appears on the screen that the device cannot connect to the network, it is recommended to update the router’s firmware.
  • Wired with cable. Difficulties may also arise when choosing this method. The protocols used by the ISP play an important role here. It is more profitable for the consumer to use a dynamic IP provider, since it will only be necessary to connect the cable to the TV and in most cases the Internet will work automatically. But today Internet service providers use PPPoE, PPtP, L2TP protocols, which implies that the user enters a password and login to set up on the Internet TV.
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Note! Users find that connecting via a Wi-Fi router is much easier and more intuitive than a wired connection.

Solved: Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to Internet (Wi-Fi and Ethernet). Page 3

I am trying to fix my parent Samsung F6500 TV which stopped connecting to the internet after a few weeks. Here’s my diagnosis: The TV doesn’t connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet through its regular ISP. When I use my 4G phone as hotspot, the TV connects normally.

These are the solutions I’ve already tried, but they didn’t work:

I have the following questions:

I have no options and Smart Hub is useless now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Software crash

It so happens that the TV is successfully connected to the router, but the user cannot switch to Smart TV. However, an error is displayed on the TV screen. And many Smart TV owners ignore most of the potential of this function, stopping at regular viewing from a flash drive or connecting a computer to a TV.

Often the reason for the drop in the speed of Smart TV functioning is internal software errors. In this case, you need to do the firmware of the TV. You can do this yourself by downloading a special program from the manufacturer’s official website. But it is important to remember that TV firmware is only possible with the latest software version.

Note! If you have doubts about the presence or absence of a system error, it is better to contact the professionals who will help you configure access to the option.

Reasons for slowing down the Internet

Most consumers are faced with the fact that their Internet freezes on “Samsung Smart TV”, namely / music, the loading of web pages is interrupted. Most often the problem is TV settings.

Common reasons why the Internet slows down on TV:

  • the TV is connected to a slow Internet or it is not available at all;
  • loaded with a huge number of widgets that are very memory intensive;
  • overloaded cache in the browser;
  • TV software hasn’t been updated for a long time.

Device setup

If you press the buttons on the remote control in a random order, the TV after such actions will not be able to work normally. Most often this happens if there are small children in the family who really like to play with the TV remote control. If suddenly such a situation occurs, do not despair, as there is a function to reset the settings to the factory settings. Fortunately, this option is available on all Smart TVs.

If the device does not have enough memory, then you should delete widgets that are not needed. In addition, it is recommended to clean the cache at least occasionally, and even better, use the built-in web browser as little as possible.

Note! If all of the above did not help the TV owner to cope with the malfunction on his own, then you should contact the specialists at the service center, who, for a certain fee, will decide why the Wi-Fi is slowing down on the TV.

Why does the Internet slow down on a TV with Smart TV: reasons and solutions

Currently, TVs with the Smart TV option are very popular with consumers. With this function, it becomes possible to watch movies, pictures, web pages directly on TV and listen to music online. In addition, users can synchronize it with the smart home system, since the TV has built-in USB connectors and much more. There are many advantages to Smart TV, but there are also disadvantages. The most common disadvantage is frequent errors in connecting to the Network. And this article will tell you why the Internet slows down on the Samsung Smart TV and how to solve the problem.

Solved: Wi-Fi connection issues. Smart TV. Page 14. Samsung Community

I have a 4K Series 7 and 4K Series 6 TV connected to the same Google Wi-Fi router (I only have one router, not 2 or 3). Series 7 keeps losing Wi-Fi connection. Turning the router off and on has no effect. Powering the TV off and on and off solves the problem, but the connection drops the next day. It started after 1303 software update hung up the Series 7 TV and had to turn the TV off and on again to fix it. If I check the google router app on my phone when the TV dropped the connection it is not listed in the router client list. while a Series 6 4K TV with 1206 software is always present (both at 2.4GHz). Resetting the network on Series 7 does not fix the TV reconnecting to Wi-Fi. I’ve learned the hard way not to reset Smart Hub as it erases your configuration (accounts, passwords, etc.) and doesn’t reconnect the TV to Wi-Fi.

Solved: Re: Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to Internet (Wi-Fi and Ethernet). Page 20

I am trying to fix my parent Samsung F6500 TV which stopped connecting to the internet after a few weeks. Here’s my diagnosis: The TV won’t connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet through its regular ISP. When I use my 4G phone as hotspot, the TV connects normally.

These are the solutions I’ve already tried, but they didn’t work:

I have the following questions:

I have no options and Smart Hub is useless now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The Peers.TV widget is available for Samsung TVs of 2013-1014 (Orsay TV) and 2015 and older (Tizen TV). In this case, the steps required to install the software are different.

After starting the application, a list of TV channels available for viewing opens. At the bottom of the TV screen, tips for operating the utility will be placed, as well as additional functions are listed. By clicking on the “My Playlists” button, the user can specify the URL to download the Playlist with IP channels from the provider or from other sources.

The “Popular” section contains the most viewed content for the current day or week. In addition, an archive of broadcasts for the last seven days is available in the application. And when you turn on football, movies or shows, you can use options such as rewind or pause.

IPTV setup

To set up IPTV on a Samsung TV, you need to connect the equipment to the Internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

After going online, you will need to register in the Smart Hub service and download one of the many free applications for displaying IPTV, after which you can start watching interactive channels.

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Public channels

To tune free channels on Samsung Smart TVs, you need to connect an antenna to the device, and then use the auto-tuning function, which will not only find them, but also arrange them in a certain order. On TV receivers of different series, this option is launched differently, since their interface is different: individual sections may be absent or have different names. For example, consider the sequence of actions performed during automatic channel tuning on Samsung SmartTV R series TVs (2019):

  • first you need to connect the antenna cable to the input marked “AIR / CABLE” on the back of the TV receiver;
  • then you should turn on the device, press “Source” or “Home” (depending on the type of remote control), and then. “Source” and set “TV”;
  • the next step is to open the TV panel menu by pressing “Menu” or “Home” on the remote control, and then. “Settings”;
  • then you need to go to the “Broadcast” tab, select “Auto-tuning” and “Start”;
  • in the “Antenna” section, you will need to select “Antenna” (if the cable comes from a common house or internal antenna) or “Cable” to watch cable TV;
  • then you should indicate the “Type of channels”. “Digital”;
  • for cable TV in the field “Operator selection” you should mark “Others”, and in the line “Search mode”. “Full”;
  • the last step is to click “Scan”, wait for the end of auto-tuning and click “Close” when the process is over.

Watching interactive television will be an excellent solution in the case when it is not possible to connect a television antenna, or it is already being used by another TV receiver. In order not to use a splitter and not to pull the cable through the apartment to a second TV receiver, thereby deteriorating the quality of the picture, the best solution would be to watch TV online via the Internet. The maximum that is needed for this is to connect the equipment to the Network and download a special widget for showing IPTV.

TOP-3 applications for free IPTV viewing

The most famous widgets for watching live TV on Samsung SmartTV are Vintera.TV, Peers.TV and OTTplayer. These programs have collected the largest number of positive user ratings and, at the same time, have practically no complaints about their work.


It is a well-known platform for watching live TV channels on TVs, mobile devices and computers. This software allows you to watch for free:

  • television channels from the public Internet;
  • open TV channels from local networks of IPTV operators and Internet providers.

In addition, you can subscribe to paid packages of well-known TV channels. These capabilities (for viewing on a computer) are fully opened after registration on the official website of the creators of the application. After setting up an account, the user will be able to add or change the Playlists of TV channels by himself.

The application interface is very SIMple, any user can quickly figure it out. Three sections are available on the main page: “Internet TV” for opening TV channels from the public Internet, “TV provider” for IPTV from interactive television operators or providers that provide Internet connection, and the “Favorites” tab, where the user can add favorite content and new Playlists. Control tips are available at the bottom of the screen.

Ways to Watch Free TV Channels on Samsung SmartTV

There are several ways to watch free TV channels on Samsung SmartTVs. As with SIMple TV receivers, terrestrial digital channels can be tuned through a regular antenna, but if you establish an Internet connection, you can download special applications and set up interactive television with much more content.

Which models support IPTV

All Samsung SmartTVs, from Series B with a Smart Hub section, support IP channel broadcasting. In different models, depending on the year of production and the platform, parameters such as the interface of the Smart Hub service, applications in Samsung Apps, and the methods of their installation change. For this reason, on different lines of Sansung Smart TV receivers, only loading widgets and setting up IP TV will differ slightly.

Set up free TV channels on Samsung Smart TV

Despite the many additional options related to Internet access, the main function of smart TVs is still television broadcasting. Therefore, after purchasing Samsung equipment, users often ask how to watch TV channels on Samsung Smart TVs for free. In this material, we will answer this question in detail.


In addition to the flash drive, you can download the application to Samsung TV sets in another way, which differs depending on the series of Smart-devices.

No. Series C Series D Series E
1. Click on the remote control “Internet @ TV” and open “Settings”. Open “Smart Hub”, press “A”. Click on the “Smart Hub” remote control, click “A” to enter the profile.
2. Create an account, specify “develop” in the “User type” field, enter “PIN code” in the “Pin-code” field. Create a “develop” profile, specify the pin code “Pin code (6 digits)” and click “Ok”. Enter “develop” in the “Samsung Account” field. The password will be added automatically. Click “Login”.
3. Restart the TV receiver, re-enter the “Internet @ TV” section and log in to the profile specified above. Click “Ok”. Press “D” on the remote control, select “Developer” and in the “Server IP” field enter “”. Press the “Tools” button, go to the “Service” section, open “Settings”, select “Development”.
4. In the “Settings widget” go to the “Developer” tab, select “IP Address setup”, enter “”. Click “Synchronize” to install OTTPlayer. Click “Setting the server IP address”, enter the IP “”.
five. Return to the “Settings widget” section, then “Developer” Exit to “Smart Hub”, press “A”, leave the “Develop” profile. Open “Service” again, then “Settings” and “Development”.
6. Click “Synchronize user applications”, and then. “Ok” Close Smart Hub. Click “Synchronize user applications”.
7. Re-login to the center Smart TV page.

For E and H series:

After installing the utility, you should register on the software developer’s website and confirm the validity of your E-Mail by clicking on the link. Next, you need to log into the application. Now the user can download and upload IP-Playlists from the provider or from other sources, edit them, delete or perform other actions with them.

So, you can watch free TV channels on Samsung Smart TVs in two ways: through an antenna or via the Internet by connecting an interactive TV. The second method is more convenient if there is a stable connection to the Network, since it does not require the installation of an antenna, and also offers a larger number of television channels.