How to watch TV on an honor phone

How to turn your phone into a webcam in 5 minutes: 3 easy ways

Modern people have long been accustomed to the fact that a smartphone is a multifunctional device with which you can solve the widest range of tasks. But the user may not even guess about some of the capabilities of his mobile gadget. For example, in a situation where a webcam is required for video calling, it can be replaced with an Android phone camera.

Turning your phone into a webcam comes in handy if you need to:

  • Make an urgent video call via Skype, but you don’t have a standard camera at hand, or it’s broken;
  • Install an additional webcam for webcasting;
  • Create Remote Surveillance Using Your Phone.

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Even a phone with a broken screen can be used as a webcam. The main thing is that the front or main camera module is in working order. For different ways to connect your phone, you will need:

  • USB cable;
  • Wi-Fi access point;
  • Programs for pairing phone and computer or laptop.

How to use your phone as a USB webcam

This software will work in conjunction: the Android application will configure the phone as a webcam, and the PC program will receive and process the signal from the mobile device.

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step phone setup:

  • Install the DroidCam Wireless Webcam application on your smartphone;
  • Open the page in your browser, download the distribution kit and install it on your computer or laptop;
  • Turn on developer mode on your phone. You can read about how to do this in our article “10 most useful hidden functions of Android”;
  • Run the USB Debugging function. To do this, select the “For Developers” menu item in the phone settings and press the button in the corresponding item.
  • Launch DroidCam Wireless Webcam App;
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable;
  • Launch the DroidCam client on your computer;
  • Press the USB connection button;
  • Check the checkboxes Audio and Video;
  • Click on the Start button.

An image from the phone camera will appear on the client’s screen. In the settings of the DroidCam Wireless Webcam application, you can select the front camera as the main one for connection, as well as assign the phone’s microphone to capture sound.

How to use your phone as a webcam over Wi-Fi

DroidCam Wireless Webcam allows you to set up your phone as a webcam over a Wi-Fi connection. To do this, follow points 1 and 2 of the above instructions. Then go through the following steps:

  • Start Wi-Fi on your phone;
  • Open the DroidCam Wireless Webcam App;
  • Open DroidCam on PC;
  • Click on the Wi-Fi connection button;
  • In the Device IP line, type in the number that will be displayed on the main screen of the Android application in the WI-FI IP item;
  • Check the checkboxes Audio and Video;
  • Click Srart.

After that, the application will capture the video signal from the phone camera and transmit it through the client to the computer. The free version of the application only connects the phone and PC, and also contains ads. The paid DroidCam application does not display advertising banners and allows you to adjust the contrast and brightness, change the resolution, and so on.

Please note: There are many recommendations on the Internet for applications that allow you to use your phone as a webcam. The second most popular program is the USB Webcam Android application. It should work similarly to the DroidCam utility, that is, you need to download the application to your smartphone and the PC program from the official website. The problem is that, although the application is still available on Google Play, the client’s developer’s offsite has ceased to exist, and downloading the distribution kit from a third-party source is fraught with the introduction of a dangerous virus on your computer.

We turn a smartphone into an IP camera for remote video surveillance

To set up your phone as a webcam, you need:

  • Install the application on your smartphone;
  • Install the adapter on the computer;
  • Set up a camera for video capture in the application;
  • Set video resolution and quality;
  • Change advanced settings: video orientation, focus and flash mode, white balance, color effect, and so on;
  • Select in the application the item “Start broadcast”.

Further, the user has three available ways to watch the broadcast from the smartphone camera:

  • Through a browser;
  • Via VLC player;
  • Via Skype.

To view the video in a browser, enter the device’s IP address and port into the search bar. This information can be found by clicking the “How do I connect” button in the application. Indicate that you are connecting directly and choose the connection method: via a mobile network or Wi-Fi. In the pop-up window, the application will report the desired number, for example, Next, on the video broadcast page, select the viewing and listening mode.

  • Install the distribution kit;
  • Open the player;
  • In the top menu, select the item “Media”;
  • Click “Open URL”;
  • Type in a line with the address indicated in the application and add the word videofeed, for example, like this:;
  • Click Play.
  • Open the adapter program;
  • Type in an address similar to the one used for the VLC player;
  • Specify the resolution 320×240 (if the signal does not connect, increase the resolution to the next level, for example 640×480);
  • Click “Apply”;
  • In Skype, open Video Settings;
  • In the “Select webcam” select MJPEG Camera.

The IP Webcam application differs from DroidCam Wireless Webcam in extended functionality and simpler connection, which does not require the installation of additional drivers for your phone.

While exploring the ways in which a phone can be made a webcam, we used a model of a gadget from the Fly company.

Since 2003, the British company Fly has been a stable manufacturer of high-quality smartphones, in which engineers try to take into account all the requirements of modern users. The company focuses on creating budget smartphones that are not inferior in quality to mid-range models. Even in a gadget for 7-8 thousand rubles, the user will find a powerful 4-core processor, a capacious battery, an excellent camera, a high-quality IPS-screen, and all that is framed by a stylish design.

For a while, we turned the Fly CIrrus 9 smartphone into a webcam. Since the testing took quite a long time, we needed a gadget with a capacious battery, a large screen, a high-speed Internet module and a smart processor. And the Cirrus 9 smartphone came up for every point. On the large 5.5-inch IPS screen, it was very convenient to manage application settings and learn instructions for managing programs. A powerful 4-core 1.25 GHz processor ensured stable system operation while downloading and running multiple applets at the same time. The 4G LTE module made it possible to instantly download the most voluminous application, and a capacious 2800 mAh battery kept the smartphone on full alert all this time.

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Wi-Fi (SmartTV only)

This function is available only in relation to modern Smart-TV. The option does not require a lot of time and special knowledge, therefore it is also the first on the list, classified by simplicity. So, we are writing step-by-step instructions:

  • launch the settings section;
  • go to wireless networks;
  • select the line with Wi-Fi;
  • in the dialog box that opens, tap on the inscription Wi-Fi Direct;
  • the system starts the process of searching for a device, wait until the end;
  • after the desired device is found, connect to it.

At the time of connection, make sure that you have chosen your Smart TV, as you risk interfering with the viewing of neighbors.

Also in this mode there is a special WiDi option that allows you to use mobile gadgets not as a storage device, but as a multimedia set-top box.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Additional Information

Remote app

Modern Huawei and Honor phones have a built-in remote control. It allows you to fully replace the classic management tool and use it for:

  • TVs;
  • air conditioners;
  • set-top boxes;
  • cameras;
  • projectors;
  • DVD players;
  • multimedia sound systems and more.

Chromecast (for TV without Wi-Fi)

Google Chromecast allows you to provide a regular or outdated TV with the functionality of a modern Smart-TV.

Chromecast is a media player that contacts the TV through the HDMI connector, and the settings take place over a general Wi-Fi channel. If you bought such a set-top box, then by connecting it you get the opportunity to broadcast a picture from the screen of a PC or mobile device wirelessly.

  • the device itself;
  • the newest version of Google Home;
  • registered account with Google;
  • TV with HDMI jack;
  • smartphone;
  • active and stable internet signal.

Further step-by-step instructions for connecting:

  • turn on the Chromecast into the outlet and into the TV;
  • download Google Home software on Android;
  • check that all devices are connected to one access point;
  • go to Google Home, and select the device you need there;
  • connect to it;
  • specify the Google account to which the media player will be linked;
  • configure some geolocation extensions;
  • activate device search;
  • if the desired device was found in the list, tap on it and save it;
  • establish a connection by comparing the code on the screens of both gadgets;
  • click “Yes” after making sure that the codes match;
  • set your region in local settings;
  • indicate the room where the TV is located;
  • select a video to learn how to broadcast content;
  • all is ready.

Why connect your smartphone to TV

First, let’s look at situations in which you may need Android and TV communication.

  • Broadcast videos or movies from your phone to the big screen. This is very convenient today, when most people have modern mobile devices. Such a connection allows you to forget about the problem of losing the remote control forever.
  • View photos or videos on a wide monitor. On a large TV it is possible to see even small details of pictures in high quality.
  • Broadcasting games. The most favorite item for avid professional gamers. This is a great opportunity to transfer familiar gameplay from a small display to a large size. On a huge screen, details are more clearly visible, and effects, graphics look more realistic.
  • Phone instead of PC. Some of Honor and Huawei phones can be used as a personal computer. This option is not available on budget models, but from the middle class and above, such a tool is provided. You can clarify what exactly the capabilities of your model have in the instructions or in the reviews.
  • The phone is like a TV remote control. Honor and Huawei have such an option, as well as other smartphones, starting from the Android 4.4 budget class. In order to switch channels, a special infrared port is located on the top of the device. It’s like a laser on a remote control. The contact between the phone / remote control and the TV is not visible to the human eye, however, it occurs, and therefore the channels are switched.
  • Other purposes for which you need to create a connection between a mobile gadget and TV.

This is not a complete spectrum of cases. On Huawei and Honor phones, contact is established without downloading additional software. Other versions may require downloading programs.

MHL Technology Support Verification

To scan the functionality of this method, download another application. Check MHL. It is available in the standard Play Store. Open it and click on the big “Check” inscription. Wait for the result.

If you have a different phone, then this particular software is not always suitable. It is permissible to use SlimPort as an analogue.

How to connect Huawei tablet to TV

Android tablets do not differ in the connection method from standard smartphones. Therefore, choose the most convenient option from the six suggested above, and establish interaction with the tablet.

What else you need to remember

After viewing in the “Multimedia” mode, do not forget to re-enter the source selection menu and return to what was turned on, for example, it was the Antenna or HDMI input, especially if you enjoyed your photos at someone’s place. It’s not good to leave the owners without a TV if they don’t know how to get everything back. Believe me, it happens. So make sure the TV is showing TV programs again.

What’s next?

When everything is connected, we take up the TV remote control. Our task is to switch it to reading media files.

How to do it? Here everything will depend on the TV manufacturer, different companies organize this path in different ways, some have a “MULTIMEDIA” or “USB” button right on the remote control.

Another very common option is to find the “SOURCE” button on the remote control; it is often indicated by a rectangle with an arrow pointing inward. Click on this button and get into the menu for selecting signal sources, for example this.

Menu for switching TV inputs, in this example you need to select the third item “USB”

But I repeat in different brands of TVs it will be in its own way, the general principle remains. “You need to choose USB as a signal source, or this item can be called” Multimedia “

We choose and most often we find ourselves in another menu where we are asked to choose what type of files we want to view. “Video”, “Audio” or “Photo”, select the desired one and view what we want. In fact, with such a connection, your smartphone acts as a memory card or flash drive, so if you had to view files from a flash drive on the TV, then you can handle the phone without problems, everything is the same, only a phone is connected instead of a memory card.

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The advantages of this method are availability. a standard charging cable is used, a widespread thing. And also the fact that your phone will be charged at the same time. The disadvantages include the fact that this method only allows you to view the files saved in the phone, but you cannot, for example, surf the Internet and display all this on the TV screen.

You cannot display a picture from a smartphone screen on a TV screen. But there are other ways for this.!

How to connect and what gives the connection of the phone to the TV via HDMI connectors

The next easy way to connect these two devices is via the HDMI port. And if your phone / smartphone has this connector, then there are no problems at all. Externally Micro-HDMI (and the phone will have “Micro” sometimes “Mini”) is very similar to “MicroUSB”, but it’s not the same thing. However, this type of video output is not very common and there are not so many devices that have it.

For such a connection, you will need a MicroHDMI. HDMI cable. We connect the phone and the TV with a cable using the free HDMI port of the TV. On the TV, we enter the menu for selecting signal sources (more about this was a little higher in the text) and select the HDMI item that corresponds to the number of the HDMI port to which you connected. This is if there are several of these ports, for example HDMI 1 or 2. Often on the TV screen, the desired connected port is highlighted, so you won’t be mistaken.

The image from the phone screen should appear on the TV, if suddenly this did not happen, then perhaps the problem is in the phone settings. Usually everything happens automatically, but if this does not happen, you can configure it manually. Go to phone settings and select the HDMI section. then we are looking for HDMI format. In the window that appears, select the resolution and frequency that your TV supports.

Advantages of this method: Everything on the screen of your smartphone is on the TV screen, surf the Internet, watch a movie online, videos, play everything will be reflected through the big screen.

The disadvantages are that not all mobile devices have an HDMI output, as well as the fact that the phone will not be charged through this connection, you will have to connect the charger at the same time.

By the way, modern computers and laptops also have an HDMI port and it can also be used to connect them to a TV that has the same port. But here there is one important subtlety, not taking into account which you can disable both the TV and the computer. Read more about this here.

However, whatever one may say, the methods described above can already be considered outdated, they were replaced by new formats MHL, SlimPort and wireless technologies.

How to connect and what gives the connection of the phone to the TV via USB connectors

The simplest possible connection is via the USB port. Your smartphone certainly has a MicroUSB port, I hope that your TV also has such a port, only without micro, just USB. We are talking about flat-panel TVs, you don’t need to look for it in older models.

The next ingredient we need is a connecting cable with a MicroUSB connector on one end and a USB on the other. This is the same cable that you use to charge the phone, only now the end of the cable that you inserted into the charger must be connected to the USB port of the TV.

USB connection

How to connect your phone to a TV, via USB or HDMI

It seems quite recently that mobile phones have burst into our lives, and now no one is surprised that a modern phone is no longer just a phone. In terms of its capabilities, a modern smartphone surpasses the technology used by the air defense forces of the North American continent in 1965.

In fact, we are witnessing the fastest introduction of technology into our lives in history, and often we cannot keep up with all the possibilities of our gadgets. Therefore, in this article we will try to figure out how to connect a phone to a TV.

Why is this needed? Well, it’s probably a good idea to watch your files on a big screen, such as photos or videos. A modern smartphone connected to a TV, in fact, can be used as a compact media player.

There are several different ways to make such a connection, which one is right for you depends on your devices and their technical parameters. But let’s start in order. I will try as much detail as possible, since my experience shows that some users do not know, for example, how to make the necessary switchings on the TV.

But what about the adapter that allows you to connect MicroUsb to HDMI

There is a misconception that you can buy an adapter that just plugs into the MicroUsb connector of your mobile device, and voila! At the output, we have an HDMI signal for connecting to a TV. This is not entirely true, everything is somewhat more complicated and different. Read more about this in the next article.

Duplicate Honor phone to TV wirelessly

Don’t want to fuss over any wires or cables, there is always the option to use duplication.

It is the process of broadcasting all content wirelessly. To do this, first I recommend lowering the shutter down and see if there is a “Wireless projection” icon there.

Not all Honor have it, but if it does, then you are definitely in luck. nothing needs to be installed.

Naturally, it should be not only a Smart TV, but also connected to the same WI-FI network as a smartphone.

Is it all there? Then turn on the TV, and click on this icon. Now it only remains to wait for the pairing, which is usually displayed on the TV set from the bottom right.

In practice, you just have to wait, although sometimes only photos and videos are launched. Then it’s tedious directly on the phone screen, choose not to display photos, but to project onto the screen.

If there is no such function (the icon is not displayed), then it does not matter either. You need to install Screen Sharing Screen Share with Smart TV app.

I will show everything what to do with it in the video below. There is only one moment that is not very visible on the video.

After pressing the start button, you need to click on the ellipsis at the top right, then put the bird and you will immediately see all the TVs nearby.

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Now press that required device and wait for pairing. usually 10. 20 seconds no more.

You can also click on the gear on the right, and then click done, but it seems not necessary to do this.

How to connect Honor phone to TV via WI-FI and cable via USB

Want to connect your Honor smartphone to your TV with Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, dexp TV, it’s now easier than ever before.

At the same time, many of us do not know how easy it is to exchange content between them, since we assume that it is very troublesome.

In fact, you can connect almost all Honor 10/10 Lite / 10i phones, Honor 9/9 Lite / 9x smartphone, Honor 8a / 8x / 8c / 8s, Honor 7 / 7a / 7c / 7a pro, Honor 6, Honor 20 / 20 Lite / 20 Pro.

Such a connection opens up many convenient ways. streaming and viewing not only metafiles, but everything that is happening on the screen of your phone.

At the same time, you can show some holiday pictures to your friends and family, broadcast a YouTube clip or video file with a higher resolution than your phone, or continue to play the show on a large one using a USB cable.

If you want to project the contents of the phone screen, then you will need to install an external application, since the manufacturer Honorov did not provide for this, as did the Korean giant Samsung.

Then you will be able to see the game on both displays. on the phone and on the TV, and that’s not all the possibilities.

How to connect Honor to TV with USB cable

When connecting with a cable via USB, everything is simple, but there is a drawback. you can only view photos and watch movies.

Apps and games or browsing the Internet will not work this way. With this, you don’t even need to change the settings on the TV.

You just specify them from the phone screen. I also recorded this process in the video, which I will post below.

Much better with a cable via HDMI. this is comparable to the first wireless method, but this cable, and often you will also need an adapter, will have to be bought separately. they do not go with Honor when buying.

That is, in fact, all I wanted to say in the text version, and in the video below you will see the whole process.

Naturally, as it always happens, someone will not succeed. Then comments to help. Thanks for visiting! Success!

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I pretend that he will not eat anything, but it means that he eats what the prefix will give him, then he will show. What blinks, then his system completely does not correspond to the figure.

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For me, the video recorder was connected to Slavutych c 208, while the TV set from 1999 to 2003 was used. There was a black-and-white image, then they drove to the studio, put a decoder and voila: a video recorder after giving a color image. So it is possible, and with the attachment it is possible?

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