How To Watch The Phone On A Smart TV

How to watch Twitch TV on Smart TV?

Twitch is a popular site for computer gamers and eSports fans. On its channels, millions of viewers watch live or recorded gameplay, comment, communicate with streamers. Users have long come to the conclusion that watching the walkthroughs of their favorite games looks much more impressive on a large TV screen. The article tells how to connect to the site and watch Twitch using installed applications on Smart TV, describes possible problems and ways to solve them.

How to watch broadcasts on TV through your phone

To watch Twitch TV on a big screen, you can use a smartphone and Smart TV working in the same Wi-Fi network and synchronized with special software. With this method, the content for viewing is selected on the site not on the phone, and the broadcast on the smartphone screen is duplicated on the TV screen. The solution is convenient, since the pairing of gadgets is fast, additional cables are not required for connection, the image quality is high.

There are several ways to broadcast a picture from your phone to your TV set.

Twitch App for Smart TV

To watch Twitch TV on Smart TV receivers, you must:

  • Download the Twitch TV program designed for installation on Smart TV. For devices using Android as the operating system, it can be downloaded from Google Play or from the Twitch TV website in the Download section. In the same section there are programs for installation on mobile devices, as well as TV and game consoles from various manufacturers. To watch Twitch TV on Smart TV devices with other operating systems (Tizen for Samsung, webOS for LG, Vida for TOSHIBA, etc.), you must use other methods.
  • Install the app according to the instructions of the smart TV device. After that, the Twitch widget appears in the installed programs section.
  • Go through the registration procedure when you first open the program. It practically does not differ from SIMilar procedures on other online services. The developers took care of security: if the password is not strong enough, the system offers to replace it.
  • After registering, the user can choose different sections. channels broadcasting the passage of games, e-sports competitions, recordings of previously liked gameplay, etc. Here you can also watch reports from computer exhibitions and presentations, music, art history, culinary streams from around the world. It is possible to create your own broadcast, for which you need to give permission to use the camera and microphone. This is a real Twitch Smart TV resource with great interactive capabilities.

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    Miracast connection

    A method SIMilar to the previous one, but using a Wi-Fi router. TV receiver and phone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Some manufacturers carry Miracast by other names: Screen Share at LG, Screen Mirroring at Samsung. Not all smartphones directly support this function. In this case, you need to download Miracast. Wi-Fi Display from Google Play. Connection aLGorithm:

    • in the TV settings in the “Network” section, activate Miracast (Screen Share or Screen Mirroring);
    • start broadcasting on your smartphone. If there is no function, open Miracast. Wi-Fi Display and enable image transmission;
    • select the TV device displayed on the screen;
    • use the remote control to confirm the connection request in the TV receiver. The phone will start transferring the image to TV.

    Ways to Install App on Samsung TVs

      View through the built-in browser. Enter the address in the search bar, go to the site, select the broadcast of interest and watch. This is the least convenient way. the browser does not do well with streaming. there will be constant slowdowns, stops, departures from the broadcast.

    Install Forkplayer on the TV. The app also plays streaming content, but unlike Ottplayer, it has already added links to many sites, including Twitch. The problem is that Forkpleer is missing from Samsung Apps. You will have to look for it on third-party resources.

  • Using Ottplayer. This is a TV streaming player.
  • Ottplayer usage aLGorithm:

    • download from Samsung Apps to Ottplayer TV;
    • register on the website;
    • go to the Twitch Playlist generation site. Using your twitch login and password, create an individual Playlist;
    • open again. and load the created Playlist;
    • install Ottplayer, enter the same username and password as when registering on the site;
    • watch Twitch. With this method of watching broadcasts, you have to frequently update the Playlist. The image sometimes slows down, the picture quality may spontaneously deteriorate.

    How to install and configure Twitch on LG Smart TV

    Owners of smart TV devices LJI, as well as users of Smart TV devices Samsung, use Ottplayer and Forkplayer to watch broadcasts from Twitch. Their installation on LG TVs differs little from installation on Samsung Smart TVs.

    Wi-Fi Direct Connection

    A prerequisite is the support of this function by both devices. Advantage of the method: no need for an additional Wi-Fi router and additional software, high quality transmission. Disadvantages: synchronization distance of several meters, fast drain of smartphone battery. Follower of actions:

    • go to the Wi-Fi section in the phone settings;
    • select “Wi-Fi Direct” and activate;
    • on the TV go to the “Network” or “Network Connection” section. the names may differ;
    • find and activate the “Wi-Fi Direct” tab;
    • select the smartphone with which you want to connect from the list of displayed gadgets;
    • approve the received auto-request for synchronization on the phone.
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    What to do if Twitch doesn’t work

    If Twitch stops working on the TV, the reason may be a software error or incorrect operation of an online resource. To eliminate bugs, you need to take the following measures.

    For TV devices with Android operating system and official application:

    • Reboot TV device. This is often enough to get the application up and running again.
    • Check memory for free space. If necessary, clear it by clearing the cache and deleting unused programs.
    • Check the version of the Twitch app and update it if necessary.
    • Update Android version (if the system prompts you to do this).

    If the TV has streaming TV players, to restore the broadcast, you need to update the Playlist or change the DNS address to an alternative.

    General scheme. PlugAccess

    PlugAccess is developed by Samsung. To access the Internet in this way, it is necessary that this technology is supported by both the router and the TV (this option is not common). The connection is configured like this. you need to take an empty USB flash drive and insert it into the router connector. As soon as the corresponding indicator light starts flashing on the display of the router, you need to remove the USB device and switch it to a port on the TV receiver. When the connection setup is completed (it happens automatically), you should remove the USB flash drive.

    Smart TV setup

    Once an Internet connection is established, you need to set up Smart TV.

    Samsung SmartTV

    To set any parameters on the Samsung TV set, go to the “Smart Hub” section using a special key on the remote control. If this is the first time the function is being launched, a message prompting you to register will appear on the screen. In this case, you will need to select “Create an account”, accept the terms of the user agreement, and then come up with a username and password. Next, you should specify a valid E-Mail address, and then go to your e-mail from a computer or phone to follow the link and confirm the registration. Now you need to go back to the TV and log in to access all the functions.

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    Toshiba SmartTV

    In a SIMilar way, but with minor differences, registration is performed on the Smart TV portal from Toshiba TVs. First you need to select a language, and then accept the user agreement, after which access to the content will be obtained. Some of the modern TV models of this brand are released on the Android platform, on which the setting is performed a little differently (will be discussed below).

    Connect and setup on a Smart TV

    The built-in Smart TV technology turns the TV receiver into a real entertainment center, allowing you to watch not only TV channels, but also online movies and series. In addition, on the big screen via the Internet, you can surf the sites, install and launch applications with games, chat on social networks and much more. But for such opportunities to become available, it is necessary to connect the TV panel to the Network and set up Smart TV on the TV. All this is in our material.

    How To Watch The Phone On A Smart TV

    LG SmartTV

    Setting up “smart” functionality on LG TV receivers is done in much the same way as on Samsung equipment. You need to open the Smart-menu and click on the profile icon at the top of the screen to register. After confirming via E-Mail, the user can log in to the service.

    To install free and paid games, you need to visit the “LG Game World” section, for applications. “LG Smart World”. By concluding an agreement with a service provider, you can set up interactive television (IPTV) on the TV receiver by downloading and downloading a special program.

    Smart TV connection

    Connecting a TV to the Internet is performed in the same way on equipment from different brands, be it Samsung, Haier, Telefunken or Kivi. It can be wired or wireless (via Wi-Fi). Both methods have their own nuances, strengths and weaknesses.

    On other brands

    Today, many manufacturers of Smart TVs (and Smart Boxes), such as Sony, Toshiba, Philips, Saturn, Akai, Bravis, Thomson, Hisense, TCL and others, release their devices based on Android or Android TV. The second platform is based on the first, but adapted only for TV sets, while Android is installed on both TV and mobile devices.

    To use the capabilities of Smart TV based on Android, the user will need to register on Google Play. If he already has an account for a mobile device, you can log in using it.