How To Watch A Movie On TV Via Phone

Special software

In addition to connecting directly via a cable, you can use wireless methods, for example, various applications. A prerequisite is the presence of a Wi-Fi network.

This method requires an Android operating system version not older than 4.4. Although no older models are currently being produced.

You can download the application on the official website. The smartphone and TV are connected to a shared wireless Internet network. In the application, you must select the section “Screen and sound broadcasting”.

To interrupt the work, you need to select “Screen and sound broadcast” and then turn off.

The application has many different functions and an accessible interface. Outwardly, Vget looks like a SIMple internet browser. In the search bar, enter the name of the site for watching movies, launch the selected movie. In the window that appears on the phone screen, select DLNA and TV model from the list provided. The broadcast is started via the Play button. The process will be displayed on the smartphone display and SIMultaneously on the TV screen via DLNA.

The main advantage of using Vget is the ability to work on a smartphone and while streaming. You can even turn off your phone. TV will not stop playing.

How to watch a movie from your phone on TV: use a USB cable

The easiest and most affordable way: connect via USB cable. You need to connect your phone and TV with a USB cable. In the smartphone settings, select the activation of USB debugging. After that, select “connect as a drive” as shown in the screenshot below. After that, the TV will independently detect the smartphone as an external storage device and display all the data from the phone, it will be possible to manage the internal memory of the smartphone. Now you can select the desired file and run it. In this method, the smartphone is used as a regular flash drive.

We use a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) cable to connect a smartphone to a TV

Most phones are currently connected using the Mobile High-Definition Link wire. The principle itself is SIMilar to the methods described above, but there is a definite advantage. Using a cable allows you not only to broadcast the picture from the gadget to the TV in FullHD format, but also to SIMultaneously recharge the smartphone. This eliminates the need for a charger. MHL cable combines the function of HDMI cable and micro USB.

How to watch a movie from your phone on TV

In today’s article, we’ll show you how to watch a movie from your phone on your TV. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with several options for connecting an Android device to a TV: using various types of cables, wireless connection and specially developed programs

On modern models of smartphones with the Android operating system, you can download a lot of different information: photos,s, games. Unfortunately, examination of small details is extremely inconvenient on the phone due to the small diagonal of its display. You will not enjoy watching a colorful movie if you decide to enable it on your phone. Sometimes you want to share bright photos taken with high resolution, but the technical capabilities of the smartphone are limited.

All methods can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • Wired connection (USB, HDMI and Mobile High-Definition Link cables)
  • Wireless connection (built-in smartphone capability, web-downloaded broadcast software)

Next, read the detailed instructions for connecting a smartphone to a TV.

Using an HDMI cable

The method is based on duplicating the phone display on the TV screen. Smartphone and TV are connected by HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. The disadvantage of this method is that the phone will quickly lose its charge during this operation. We recommend connecting your smartphone charger at the same time. The presence of a docking station will also solve the problem with a lot of wires or the inconvenience of SIMultaneous charging.

Without software and cables

The display broadcast function is already most often laid down by the developer of modern smartphones. Each manufacturer calls this feature differently. For example, Screen Mirroring is a feature on Samsung devices. The principle of operation is to transfer the image from the phone screen to the TV via Wi-Fi. The obvious advantage is that there is no need for a wired connection. The disadvantage is the possibility of interrupting the connection, as well as delaying the picture or audio. Important criteria are the quality of the Wi-Fi module on the TV, the speed of information transmission and the power of the phone.

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As an example, we offer a Samsung smartphone.

  • In the phone menu, you need to find the item with connections and select “Other networks”. Among them is the Screen Mirroring function. On the TV itself, you must activate the picture broadcast function.
  • An inscription with the TV model should appear on the smartphone. Click on the title. Connection can be made within minutes.
  • The connection is complete. The picture on the phone and TV is the same. Using this function, you can not only views, images, but also run games installed on your smartphone.

We’ve covered five different ways to watch a movie from your phone on TV. Each method has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Check out each of them and choose the most convenient and suitable for your specific situation. Progress does not stand still, programmers are developing the latest ways of transferring information. Perhaps, in the near future, we will be offered new possibilities for connecting a smartphone and a TV. One thing will remain unchanged: the ability to broadcast the phone display allows you to watch movies or photos not on a small smartphone screen, but on a large TV screen. Leave comments on the article if you have questions.

How to Stream Movies from iPhone to TV with Apple TV

To start broadcasting a movie from your phone to your TV using the technology described in this section, you should:

  • Using a TV that supports the AirPlay option, or a special set-top box, which was described above, perform the initial synchronization of the transmitting and receiving device.
  • After you select a file to view, use the button to start screen mirroring. If you want to view photos, you will have to press an additional button in front of it.
  • You can pause the process at any time by tapping the button.

Some Apple gadgets do not work with this feature. If incompatibility is identified, we recommend that you do not waste time trying to eliminate it, but instead try any other of the broadcast methods given in the article.

Cast a movie through your Chromecast

The list of ways to transfer a movie from a phone to a TV does not end there. Let’s talk about a few more interesting techniques that involve the use of special attachments or cables.

The first one is available to owners of Google consoles. Let’s make a reservation right away that instead of original products, you can use analogs that are much cheaper and at the same time provide a sufficiently high-quality broadcast. Connection is via a cable that plugs into the HDMI connector on the front or side, and sometimes the back of the TV. The technology allows you to broadcast live, as well as open all kinds of additional multimedia content on a wide diagonal, including presentations and e-books.

How to use the prefix:

  • You connect the device in the described way, using any of the free ports.
  • Download the Google Home program using the built-in browser, unpack it, and then follow the clear built-in instructions to complete the server installation.
  • When the connection is successfully configured, start broadcasting data from your smartphone.

The method we have considered allows not only opening the movie through the phone on the TV, but also making a complete duplication of the picture. Note that 4K consoles are more expensive than regular HD models.

TV Assist app

Compared with the previously described program, this one has an undeniable advantage: the Russian interface, which greatly SIMplifies the search for the desired option. In addition, it is distributed and works completely free of charge. On the other hand, the applet does not work on some TV models, which forces users to choose other options.

The procedure for working with the application is SIMilar to the one given above. Let’s briefly tell you how to watch a movie from your phone on your TV using this program:

  • Having launched the main window of the program, you select the desired item. In our case, since it is planned to watch. these will be “Files”.
  • Mark by pressing the title of a movie or that you would like to broadcast on the big screen.
  • After the connection with the TV is established, start watching.

Unfortunately, for all its SIMplicity, the technology implemented in the program often fails. In such cases, the connection cannot be made even if a cable is used to communicate with the network. Do not rush to abandon the method: it may well turn out that the problem is solved by SIMply restarting the TV. Try it several times. and only then draw conclusions.

How To Watch A Movie On TV Via Phone

In addition, it sometimes happens that it is impossible to start watching a movie from the phone, but it turns out to open the files displayed on the screen directly from the TV.

There is another great app that may also fail to launch on some TVs. It is called C5 Stream DLNA, it works well even on old iPhones and, which is good news, has a completely Russian interface.

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The program is distributed completely free of charge, does not impose subscriptions and premium features, but from time to time it shows ad units. Sometimes it happens that after connecting to the TV, a list of files appears on the screen that theoretically can be played, but this does not go further: the broadcast SIMply does not start. In this case, nothing will be fixed. you just have to try some other applet.

IPhone Screen Mirroring over Apple TV

To use this technique, also available on most modern mobile phones from the manufacturer, you will need to perform the following manipulations:

  • After both TV and iPhone are connected to a shared wireless network, launch the already known Control Center:
  • For iPhone X and newer users, swipe down from top to right.
  • Owners of older versions. swipe up on the touchscreen.
  • Now you can already watch a movie from your phone to your TV. To do this, tap on the “View screen” button.
  • Determine which of the devices found during the scan should be broadcast. It can be either directly TV or a set-top box.
  • If required, enter the passcode to link the TV and phone.

Please note that most likely the aspect ratio will not be automatically adjusted to fit the large screen format. You will have to complete the task manually to get rid of black stripes at the edges or top and bottom.

You can always pause the broadcast of the movie or stop it altogether by using the corresponding buttons on the touchscreen or control panel. In the same way, the display can be continued. and, of course, in the same way you can switch to playing another file.

What you need to show a movie from your phone to your TV

The answer to the question depends on which method you choose from the ones suggested below. Most often, for normal functioning and the ability to transfer a picture from a smartphone to a wide diagonal, the Smart TV function is sufficient. It allows you to quickly and without additional steps set up the broadcast, displaying any series on the screen: from full-length films to self-mades. The connection is made via a Wi-Fi network; configure it and make sure there is a signal in advance.

All modern TV models, regardless of the manufacturer, are equipped with this option. with the exception, perhaps, of the most budgetary solutions.

If your TV does not support Smart TV, in order to transfer a movie, you will have to use a special cord or a set of wires. In this case, as you might guess, one end of the cable is connected to the phone, and the other is inserted into the corresponding connector on the front, side or, more often, the back of the TV.

Another fundamental point for those who are looking for how to connect a phone to a TV to watch a movie is the quality of the stream itself. The picture resolution, like the bit rate, can reach values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are SIMply incompatible with your TV. In this case, broadcasting or playing the SIMply will not work. To fix the situation, you will have to either do the re-encoding of the movie, or download another, “lighter” version. However, today even the SIMplest TVs work quietly with 720 / 1080p resolutions, which is quite enough for comfortable viewing.

In addition, the bandwidth of the equipment must be considered. For example, the most widespread HDMI 1.4 standard today is not capable of adequately, without strong braking, transmitting a number in 4K format. This means that you have to purchase a more modern cord. or choose a in a worse resolution.

The next important question is the broadcast format itself. For example, if you plan to play data already recorded in the phone’s memory, you can safely use any of the following methods to connect your phone to a TV. If you plan to broadcast online, you will need to use the HDMI cable data standard or any wireless technology. otherwise you will not be able to play a movie from your phone to your TV.

As you can see, for every situation, including using an old TV, you can find an adequate solution. Remember to take into account the specifics of the equipment at your disposal. and carefully follow the instructions given in the following sections.

How to watch movies on TV through your phone: 8 ways to bring a movie to TV from your smartphone

The easiest way to enjoy. downloaded to a smartphone, on a big screen. connect your phone to a TV and watch a movie.

The process is carried out relatively easily, with the use of a minimum number of additional devices or even without them. No special knowledge or experience is required to make the connection. just follow the instructions in the following instructions carefully. Choose any of the proposed options. and if it doesn’t work, try using another.

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Having learned how to transfer a picture to a large screen, you will be able to:

  • Watch movies ands, both recorded in the device’s memory and broadcast online.
  • Display on TV not only clips, but also photos, as well as slideshows.
  • Use your phone as a portable plug-in storage. In particular, after connecting from it, you can play music files and open text documents.

All these methods are interconnected. having learned how to broadcast films, you will learn all the other manipulations. The instructions given in our article relate specifically to viewing data. but before proceeding with the story of how to switch a movie from a phone to a TV, we will list the necessary conditions for connecting equipment.

Transfer movie from YouTube

You can watch movies through your phone on your TV online in several ways. Some have already been listed above, and now let’s talk in more detail about the order of watching films saved on the most popular hosting:

  • After the program is launched, be sure to enable the main option used: Watch on TV. As a result, if all previous manipulations were performed correctly, a detailed interactive guide will appear on the screen.
  • On TV, mark the connection “Manual”. This method will allow you to avoid errors that slow down the setup.
  • Enter the passcode that appears on the screen as needed. You only need to do this once. After the password is entered, add the gadget to the trusted list.
  • Determine which TV the movie will be broadcast to. and start watching!

Transfer movie via DLNA app

To use this technique, you will need to make sure your TV has DLNA functionality. For Smart-TV it is; in other cases, you will have to choose some other way of transmitting the stream for broadcasting. So that there are no questions left, just look at the instructions or pay attention to the factory box: there will definitely be a mark about the availability of the option. With a phone, everything is easier: any modern device supports wireless data transmission. of course, if it is in good condition.

One of the advantages of this method is the ability to connect even if the TV and smartphone to be connected are connected by different methods, for example, using a network cable and a wireless adapter.

In order to use the described technology to distribute a movie from your phone to your TV, you will need:

  • Router pre-connected and configured.
  • Smartphone on Android or iPhone, from which the picture will be transmitted.
  • TV that can be connected to the network in any convenient way.
  • Any of the data transfer applications.

To play files with high bitrate without interference, we recommend connecting at least one device via a cable. this will significantly reduce the load on the router.

The second important advantage of the technology under consideration is the complete absence of the need to purchase additional devices. You don’t need any special adapters or attachments; just two devices on the same network are enough.

There is also a drawback: you can only broadcast multimedia data in the described way: photos, music files and, of course, films and clips. It will not work to read a book on a wide screen, as well as copy files to the TV memory.

Now let’s start connecting on Android (applications for iPhones are discussed in the corresponding section of the article describing how to broadcast images from the phone’s display to the TV). We advise you to proceed in a few SIMple steps to eliminate surprises and erroneous decisions:

  • After installing the applet, open the main window and select the item that allows you to create a new multimedia server. Make it out with any suitable name; it is best if it matches the name of the home wireless network.
  • Now we will tell you how to bring a movie from your phone to TV. First, refer to the Root tab; here, tap on the name of the folder in which the files for viewing are located. Save your changes before exiting.
  • As you can see, the server you have recently created is now present on the main page of the program. It remains to run it by tapping Start.
  • To start playback on the TV, you should select the media server that you prepared and launched as the signal source.
  • As a result, you should see on the screen a list of available files and / or subdirectories. You can freely open any. the main thing is that the TV supports the recording format.

You can just as easily start the broadcast if you use an iPhone instead of a smartphone. The procedure will be approximately the same. you just have to use other applets.