How to use your phone to control your TV

Ways to control the TV from a smartphone

One thing combines both methods. you need software to turn the phone into a remote control (remote control).

Universal utilities

What are they needed for? The first point is that not all TV manufacturers develop proprietary utilities. The second is how to control the TV through the phone if there are several TV devices from different brands in the house (for example, KIVI and Panasonic)? For each to install a separate program? Not necessary. There are two versatile options available.

TV Side View

How to use the program after installation:

  • Select the country of residence from the list and read the official agreement by ticking the consent box.
  • 4 digits will appear on the TV screen, which must be entered on the smart.
  • Add a device compatible with the program.
  • Enable TV remote start.
  • Install the required channels.

phone, control

After the simple first steps to set up the utility, you can start testing your phone as a Sony TV remote control. Using a mobile device, you can switch between channels, switch to the “My Library” mode, find programs, receive notifications about the start of your favorite talk show, etc.

Smart View

Multifunctional program for convenient control of Samsung TV (for example, 43TU7090), playback of content from the phone. After starting the program, users will be prompted to decide on the permissions for the application.

Then the possibilities of the software will open:

  • quick selection and launch of Megogo, YouTube, Netflix and other entertainment applications;
  • browsers for searching information;
  • playback of photos, music and other files from the phone;
  • watching content from TV on the screen of a mobile gadget;
  • TV remote control, for example, on / off it.

You can switch between tabs at the top of the screen, a remote control with a trackpad is at the bottom.

6 apps for controlling a TV from a smartphone. how to control from a phone

You can remotely switch TV channels not only with the remote control, but also using a modern telephone. Special applications will help with this. Which ones? An overview of both branded and general programs. in the article.

LG TV Plus

After installation, it will ask for access to the microphone, memory and other sections of smart, such as the P Smart 2021 Midnight Black. To continue working, you need to click “Allow”. Next, you have to read the license agreement and accept it.

The app must be connected to the same network as the TV. The software will automatically find the turned on TV of the required company (you need to confirm the choice) and open the remote control screen to control it. Both standard options for remote control of an LG TV from a phone are available, for example, to make the sound quieter / louder, and advanced: viewing content from a smartphone on a TV screen.

Nuance: The program under this name is used for the latest TVs with webOS. For models released in 2012–2013, you will need the TV Remote program.

Smart IR remote

Turns Smart into a universal device for controlling not only TV, but also a projector, set-top box, air conditioner and other equipment.

In the menu that opens, you will:

  • select the desired device (in this case, click on the icon with the TV image);
  • decide on the brand and model of the TV (choose from the list of available options);
  • a remote control will open, which can be used to control all the options of the selected TV.

Honor’s interface is in English, but it’s so simple that it’s easy to figure out.

The utility is paid and does not work with all brands.

Android TV Remote. Simple and convenient remote

Android TV Remote is a universal home TV control program. The remote works with almost any TV. The basic layout of the remote is pretty straightforward. Firstly, there are 4 buttons for navigation, secondly, it is a virtual keyboard, and thirdly, it is the possibility of voice control. The app connects to the TV via LAN or Bluetooth. That being said, Android TV Remote can be used to control other Android devices that are on the same Wi-Fi network.

And right off the bat, let’s just say a few words about the Amazon Fire TV Remote program. Yes, Amazon gadgets are not very popular in our country, but if suddenly you are one of those few enthusiasts who have purchased the Amazon Fire prefix, then there is a special application for you that will allow you to do without a remote control.

Peel Smart remote. To control your TV and more

Peel Smart remote is another universal TV remote control, but with a much more concise and pleasant design. In addition to a fairly large number of supported models and the ability to work with TVs “unknown” to the program, there is a TV guide here. True, most of the content that the program will advise you is in English. On the other hand, a significant number of people are now starting to watch shows, films and TV series in their original language. So this option can be very useful for such users.

In addition, the Peel Smart remote can control not only the “box”, but also TV-boxes, air conditioners and other smart devices that you have at home. This is a pretty cool feature.

How to control a TV using a smartphone

The TV remote control is one of those things that is constantly lost and in order to find it, you need to move the interior items, see if the remote has fallen under the pillow, if it has flown under the sofa, and so on. But this can be easily avoided, because for a long time there have been applications that can easily turn your smartphone into a remote control for TV and even other home appliances.

Who needs a remote control when you have a smartphone?

Just in case, I would like to note right away that in order for you to be able to use the applications described below, your TV must have the Smart-TV function. Or a set-top box like Google Chromecast or something like that must be connected to the TV. Simply put, your TV must have wireless data interfaces like Wi-Fi in order for the smartphone app to “make friends” with the TV. By the way, it would be interesting to know what Smart-TV options you use. Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

Universal TV Remote Control. Universal remote control

The Universal TV Remote Control app can send commands to over 300 different TV models. But that is not all. Even if your TV is not on the list of supported devices, Universal TV Remote Control still won’t leave you in the lurch. The program has a universal remote control with customizable buttons and a virtual touch panel. All this will give you the opportunity to forget about the usual remote control and use your smartphone. All you need is to connect your smartphone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

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SURE Universal remote. Control the operation of all devices in the house

This app works like a universal remote control that can give commands to a wide variety of devices. over, the list of supported devices includes not only various electrical appliances, but also quite interesting gadgets. For example, smart speakers. In addition, SURE Universal remote can be integrated into a smart home system and generally control everything around from all over the smartphone.

The Google Pixel line of smartphones is truly iconic. Even if the sales of smartphones of the search giant are almost tenfold inferior to the solutions of competitors, they are the ones that are interesting to everyone and say not much less about them than about other smartphones. Until recently, all smartphones of the company received the latest updates. And now the time has come when another smartphone fell off from support. But is it really that bad and can you continue to use it? What will happen to him in general after Google releases the first update, which he does not receive on a par with new products? Not everything is as scary as it might seem, but the situation is still a little sad.

If you follow the smartphone market at least a little, you should know that their tend to go down almost immediately after they appear in retail, reaching a peak in 6-8 months. In this case, of course, we are talking about the Russian market, which is very dependent on gray retail, which supplies devices to the country from Europe, bypassing the official supply channels. Servo carriers have the option of not paying VAT and keeping at a fairly low level. Another thing is that they are very strongly dependent on the exchange rate, which is why the for the products they offer can jump up and down quite noticeably. True, it happens somehow unevenly.

TV Remote

The utility is also a great option in terms of supported Android releases. Its interface is presented in English, making it easy to understand the functionality. Controlled by sending IR signals.


The utility works with smartphones from Philips. Its key advantage is to support the mass of the brand’s TVs in terms of years of release. Another important advantage is the availability of versions of “Android” for the mass, including generation 4.x. Confirmation of this fact is the screenshots in the instructions below:

  • Launch MyRemote, tap on “Manual” to read the instructions, or press “Manage” to connect right away;
  • The search will start immediately, so first make sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi as the TV;
  • Select a device from those offered in the “Available devices” list. Its elements are added with a delay, so not all are displayed at once;
  • Make settings for your TV. After that, the remote control will open, replacing the usual.

Mi Remote

The purpose of the utility is to control the Smart Home represented by Xiaomi products. The supported technology includes a large number of categories, including cameras and projectors. TV customization is also available, and to ensure it, you need to do the following:

  • Switch your gadgets to the same Wi-Fi;
  • Launch Mi Remote, click on the plus button at the top of the screen;
  • Choose the “TV” category from a ton of options;
  • Indicate the manufacturer. Interestingly, devices not only from Xiaomi are supported, in this case the control will be carried out via the infrared port. There is also no need to log into the Mi-account, although at the time of completing these steps you will need to connect to the Network. the list of sections and brands is uploaded online;
  • Find the device in the list and follow the steps on the screen to determine the program. As is the case with some other devices, to connect a TV, you need to check whether the TV receives signals correctly by pressing the same button in different modes.

TV SideView

The principle of using this program is the same as that of the previous one. The difference is expressed in support only for devices from SONY, in addition to the TV industry, which also succeeded in terms of audio equipment. How to connect wireless headphones of this and other brands, there is a separate article on the site.

The process of use is also simple, which is ensured not so much by the availability of the interface in Russian as by its intuitive clarity:

  • Open the program, read the information on the welcome screen and the terms of use, and then select the country of your location;
  • Establish a connection between your smartphone and TV via the same Wi-Fi network. You can create it even without a router, which is discussed in more detail later in the text;
  • Select the TV among those found by the program by tapping on it;
  • Enter the code found on the label on the back of the device and marked with the inscription “Registration number”;
  • Wait while the TV SideView functionality test is performed. If it is successful, you will see the corresponding modal window, also containing information that the application will consume more power. This is due to its constant work in the background;
  • Perform the initial setup by importing the channel list;
  • If desired, provide a more descriptive name that will be displayed in the device list. This is useful when you plan to link multiple playback devices using SideView;
  • Indicate the TV provider providing the service. If it is not in the list, check “Russia” or “Russia (extended)”;
  • Import channels after selecting the source;
  • Search the channels. Both their names and numbers are supported;
  • Optionally link the product to Sony Entertainment Network for preference-based video lists.

Despite the large order of actions, in fact the procedure takes about one minute. It is also recommended to evaluate other functions available in the program. We are talking not only about automatically generated playlists, but also about Internet television. free broadcasting is organized by STS, Perviy and other TV channels.

Samsung Smart View

The program, as its name implies, is designed to work with Samsung devices. It can be downloaded for “Android” from the proprietary application catalog or on unofficial resources like There are versions for Windows and iOS. They are distributed in the Microsoft Store and App Store, respectively. This is a more interesting application than a simple remote control, because it allows you to create playlists, play media stored in your phone or PC.

To work, you need an OS version not less than 4.1. It is important to note that official support for the utility ended in October 2020, so now it will not receive updates. The replacement is a more versatile SmartThings app that doesn’t work with some older TVs. Nevertheless, Smart View remains functional. you can use the “virtual remote control” as follows:

  • Connect your TV and mobile device to the same Wi-Fi, or use the IR control mode;
  • Download the utility to your phone, making sure there is free space;
  • Run the application, in it, click the “Connect to TV” button;
  • Select your TV from the found devices. It takes time to list them, so at this stage you need to wait a bit;
  • On TV, enter the PIN code that will be indicated on your smartphone to complete the procedure. Or you may just need to confirm the pairing, which is relevant for 2011-2013 models.
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Next, an interface that looks like a remote control will open. Since the device is detected automatically, you do not need to do anything else. you can immediately start using the provided functionality.

Through specialized universal programs

The following are utilities that are released by third-party developers, so they do not belong to the official category. When using any of the mass of software on Google Play, there may be stability problems, however, in the applications reviewed here, this probability is almost zero.

Easy Universal TV Remote

From the name of the application, everything immediately becomes clear. the software is designed to control any devices with an IR receiver. From the same developer, Codematics, there is another version of the program. It features support for smartphones that do not have components that can send infrared signals.

No long-term connections. just choose a device from the offered ones or turn on the mode of enumerating the supported signals, which will take just a couple of seconds. In the case of using Wi-Fi for monitoring, you will not have to be near the TV all the time, but setting up will take a little more time. In its course, you will need to connect both devices to the same hotspot, and only then start searching, pairing.

What is needed to control a TV from Android

The most affordable way is to control via Wi-Fi. you need to download the same applications on both devices connected to the same wireless network and use their functions. Some TVs have built-in proprietary software for these purposes, and somewhere it is released by third-party companies and must be downloaded separately.

In second place in terms of prevalence is the method that assumes the presence of an infrared port in the gadget. Despite the temporarily abated trend of adding these modules to devices, now, on the contrary, it is gaining popularity. In this case, the behavior of the real remote control is completely copied. the commands sent from the phone are transmitted by infrared radiation, which is received on the other side using a photodiode.

TV Remote to control any TV

Universal functional applet suitable for TV from different manufacturers. To control Smart TV, install the application, grant the necessary system permissions, and then select your TV model from the list. To speed up the process, use the search box at the top of the page. To switch TV channels, you can use the usual “arrows” and the numeric keypad. The application is distributed completely free of charge, but from time to time it shows ad units. it is impossible to disable them.

  • Functions that allow you to control the TV from your phone are available in Russian.
  • Ability to add your TVs to your favorites list.
  • Easy model selection and TV pairing.

iSamSmart for Samsung TVs

Smartphone TV control application suitable for Samsung TV owners. It is distributed shareware, you don’t have to pay for the basic set of functions. but you will see pop-up advertising windows from time to time. After downloading and installing, run the applet, give it access to the options it needs to work. just follow the instructions of the system. When everything is ready, a mini-remote will appear on the touchscreen. Press the necessary buttons. and make sure that the TV responds to commands!

You can control the TV via your phone using the product for an unlimited time. You can switch between applet windows without having to restart the application.

  • 8 presets for quick access to your favorite channels.
  • Work in home Wi-Fi and infrared transmitter mode.
  • Displaying a list of channels connected to Smart-TV.

How to control a TV from your phone

The question of how to control a TV using a phone is faced by a TV owner who has lost or broken the remote control. or who wants to control the process using a smartphone or tablet on the Android OS. This is a universal solution for models from Samsung, LG, other manufacturers, as well as some Smart TV set-top boxes. Connection to TV is carried out using a home Wi-Fi network or IrDA, which is still present on all smartphones.

Controlling the TV from an Android phone is possible using a program downloaded to a mobile device. The applets presented in the article are available free of charge, are easily configured and connected to TV, and have the entire set of functions necessary for comfortable viewing of television. The article from the “Good Deeds Service” lists the best applications. choose the one you like, download and start browsing!

Controlling your TV from the LG TV Plus App

A program for controlling a TV from a phone, designed specifically for owners of LG equipment. It is distributed with a full set of options for free. Support for most TV models is included; the list is constantly updated. When the applet is downloaded, installed and launched, issue the necessary permissions at the request of the system, including access to internal and external memory. Next, you need to activate the LG Connect APPS option on the TV and pair the devices by entering the proposed access code. now you are ready to control the TV via your smartphone!

  • The ability to display on TV video, audio files stored in the memory of the gadget.
  • Synchronization with TV every time you turn it on.
  • Convenient numeric keypad for quick channel selection.
  • Panel that simulates the touchpad of the remote control.
  • Several nice color schemes.

Mi remote controller

A truly universal application that helps to control the operation of both TV and other household appliances that require remote control from a smartphone. Supports many TV models, works on a home Wi-Fi network or via an IR transmitter.

To start controlling TV from your smartphone, download the program, select the category of equipment you want to control, wait until the TV and phone are paired. Everything is ready to go. a remote control will appear on the touchscreen with buttons that allow you to switch between channels, increase or decrease the volume, start recording, set a timer.

Still have questions? Call or write to the “Good Deeds Service”. we will tell you how to turn your smartphone into a full-fledged remote control!

TV control technology from the phone

Technology is constantly evolving. If earlier an ordinary user could be surprised by switching television from an ordinary watch, now it is considered normal to use a mobile phone as a remote control.

Depending on the communication capabilities of the TV, you can control it through:

  • Wi-fi or bluetooth connection. The option is available to SmartTV owners when connecting an Android set-top box to an outdated device;
  • infrared port. Suitable for any TV.

They are available in the Play Market and have a clear interface. But there are also universal solutions that allow you not to think about the TV brand, which is especially important if the user interacts with models from different manufacturers.

Management programs

The ability to control all devices in an apartment with one remote control is the desire of everyone who appreciates comfort:

  • there is no need to regularly search for the remote control;
  • store the remote control for household appliances on the sofa;
  • hide from small children, pets.

As a result, brands such as Xiaomi offer a high-tech smart home solution that connects all devices into a single ecosystem, which is controlled by a smartphone and an Android tablet.

But there is also a simpler software solution. a special application that has a user-friendly interface capable of transmitting understandable commands to the TV. The most famous:

  • TV Remote Control;
  • TV assistant;
  • OneZap Remote;
  • Easy Universal TV Remote;
  • “Samsung Universal Remote”.
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With the help of any of the programs, you can: change channels, adjust the sound, manage content, get access to all the features of TV.

TV assistant

A program where management is conveniently implemented. Its installation turns your Android smartphone into a wireless functional mouse. You can not only switch channels, but also use applications installed in the memory of the Smart device.

The plugin developer is Xiaomi, known for its ability to create user-friendly software products. TV assistant is capable of:

  • run programs;
  • move through the menu items;
  • communicate in chats, social networks;
  • take screenshots from TV, saving them on the phone.

For all its advantages, users also note a number of disadvantages. The functions do not always work properly, the facts of freezing and freezing of the mouse are periodically recorded. The problems are related both to the hardware features of a single smartphone and to the insufficient level of software implementation of the developments.

Easy Universal TV Remote

The app is offered as free, but users will occasionally come across adware. There is no way to remove them.

A basic set of control tools is available to the user: turning on the panel, changing channels, setting sounds. To set up, just select a compatible TV model and type of signal transmission.

OneZap Remote

The program is from the paid category. There are more than 200 brands of TVs in the list of supported models. Minimum requirements for a mobile phone. “Android4.0” and higher.

The user can not only use the standard menu, but also create his own. Available for customization:

  • size, shape of buttons;
  • colors of the virtual remote control of the application;
  • the ability to add on a single screen control DVD-player, set-top box.

Samsung Universal Remote

Program. the development of a South Korean brand, focused primarily on the management of models of its own production.

If there are several TV panels in the apartment, you can create several virtual remotes. The functionality of the application allows you to:

  • create your own remote control, combining several household appliances in it;
  • configure macros that allow you to execute commands with one click;
  • enter custom infrared codes into the database;
  • clone settings to other mobile phones, tablets;
  • create a widget for easy access to TV controls.

The developer declares that he will refund the full cost of the application if it turns out to be incompatible with any TV model.

Features of TV control for different phone models

TV manufacturers offer their own software solutions for their devices. The proprietary application provides access to all the panel’s features, works without glitches, is regularly updated.

For example, LG TV can be controlled by voice commands, shaking the smartphone. If the phone receives a call during viewing, the panel will stop playing the content.

To continue browsing, just shake the phone slightly. The application provides for the creation of macros, with which you can create personal scripts, commands.

Sony TV Side View works over Wi-fi, offering not only a functional remote control, but also a program guide, multimedia access.

Lg plus

Like the previous version, this virtual remote control for LG TV from your phone is created exclusively for one brand. In the description of the application, you can find out which LG TV models are supported by this program.

After you have made the first launch of the application, it needs to be granted permission to use media files. This significantly expands the functionality, as it allows you to play music and videos from the phone’s memory (or memory cards) directly on the TV.

This is followed by the initial setup of the application. On the TV, you need to go to the Network section and then LG Connect Apps. By enabling the function, you start an automatic search for devices. After synchronization, you can start controlling the remote control from your smartphone. The features of the application include the ability to play multimedia files. Implemented support for entering and switching channels from the keyboard, as well as a numeric pad for search.

Samsung TV Remote

This program is designed exclusively for controlling Samsung TVs from your phone. over, you will not be able to connect to TVs of another brand using such a virtual remote control. First, you need to download the application to your phone and make basic settings. The application is offered exclusively for Android and will not work with other OS.

Immediately after the first launch of the application, you must allow access to multimedia documents in the phone memory. You can then turn on the TV and connect it to the same network that your smartphone uses. Finally, you need to make basic settings and you can use the program.

Such a remote for Samsung TV via phone offers a number of advantages. These include the ability to play music and videos from the phone memory. over, streaming is also supported, when several files are selected for their sequential download.

In addition, the developers have provided the ability to view images from a smartphone on the TV screen and turn on the device. Finally, the Samsung TV remote app can be configured to go to sleep when the TV is turned off at a specific time.

AnyMote Universal Remote

Another TV remote control application. The program offers a wide range of settings, including the appearance of the remote control. You can configure macros to perform multiple actions in one click. In terms of device support, according to the developers, the app works best with Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Xbox, Xfinity.

Android TV Remote Control

The app is used to control TV from Android phone. Before the first launch, you need to connect the TV to the WI-FI network. Further, after launch, the user grants all the necessary permissions, including access to multimedia. From the list of devices, you need to select the appropriate TV and you can start using the remote control.

The features of the application include security, localization (there is support for the Russian language), technical support from Google. Controlling your TV from your Android phone with this app is easy and simple.

SURE Universal Remote

With this application, you can remotely control your TV and other household appliances. As is the case with other software products of this type, at startup you provide access to multimedia files, as well as select the type of connection. It is possible to work both through a wireless network and through an infrared port.

ZaZa Remote

Another universal virtual item with basic functionality. As in the case with the previous application, ZaZa allows you to work not only with a TV, but also control other household appliances. The interface is in English, but even those who do not speak foreign languages ​​will be able to understand it.

Immediately after the first launch, instructions and location requests are offered, as well as access to media files. After entering, you need to synchronize with the TV. To do this, select the desired model and type of device.

The software product is offered free of charge and is supported by all versions of the Android operating system. ZAZA has a user-friendly interface and a large number of device models in the database. Pairing with a TV is fast enough. With the app, you can also control the projector from your phone. Can be installed on a tablet.